Monthly Lessons Archive 2002

January 2002
“Think how you answer people — in order to hurt yourself. You always get yourself back.
You must escape the walls of the intellect; mind cannot understand spirit. The higher choice
must be made. t comes automatically when the false !" is dissol#ed at last. $hen spirit and
intellect %oin& it"s an e'plosion of insight. (trength alone sur#i#es. (o ha#e a right attitude& and
want to know from spirit alone what spirit already knows. You ha#e to be what it is. The
spiritual life starts right now)*
“The way you think is the cause of your problem) (ee that you really don"t ha#e any life at
all and are the sla#e of your preferences. You"re going to ha#e to straighten out your life.
You"re going to ha#e to make some e'periments. +or e'ample& note how you pro%ect onto
others how they should respond to you. ,s an e'ercise& be with others and want absolutely
nothing from them. (tart by seeing how you ha#e all the time been sending out your
preference — hoping it will come back to you. t"s e'tremely subtle. ,nd you don"t see how
you"re still in the mire of wanting to be liked. -o wonder you"re psychologically drained by
the end of the day. You must ne#er get psychologically tired) .#en when the body is tired& the
mind must be alert. ,s you do/e off& use this period to work on yourself. (tay alert to what is
going on inside you& also to your physical discomfort& and let go of the body. $hen it rela'es&
it will send a message to the mind and emotions. (ee how you can do nothing for yourself& but
allow what can help you to do so. ,nd you will feel the new displace the old. +irst a slower
mind& then a silent mind) Your preferences are lying in wait for you& but Truth is lying in wait
for them. 0ake slight changes of position to help shake off dark thoughts that want to sleep
with you. ,s you rela'& what has been trying to take you o#er builds to attack. 1pen your eyes
and look around the room — and that will help to break it. -ight after night& your night2work
will connect with your old habit of demanding something from him or her& and ask yourself&
“$hy did want that person"s appro#al3* ,nd that will be the end of that preference. Then
you will see things as Truth sees them. ,nd perfect seeing brings a perfect life)*
“.#ery time you break down& which is whene#er you get negati#e& remember that you
must ne#er enter the lunatic asylum to try to straighten out the inmates — they will only
combine to attack you.*

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