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Chazz Dennis

Senior Seminar
11/12/13 Proposal

Statement of interest
I am interested in completing my project because it affects my daily life. To spread the word
about air pollution and how the simplest things can improve our environment is one of the goals
of my project in hopes of trying to change our environment for the better. Making people aware
of their actions can greatly change our future and improve the Earth's status.

Topic and Essential Question
Topic: Air pollution
Essential Question: What is air pollution, its causes, its effects, and possible solutions?

Project Overview
Research Project- This will explain what air pollution is, what can cause air pollution, and the
solutions of different companies are. This can also explain what people can do to reduce
pollution in the area and pass the information to other people.

Actionable Change Product- An assembly explaining what air pollution is, how is it caused, the
effects it can have on the environment and people, and how everyone can reduce the amount of
pollution, I will have a video showing all the changes they can make in order to keep the
environment clean.

Technology- Show actual harm that air pollution can do to a person and what health problems
can occur for people who already have breathing problems as well as for people who do not have
any. I will use statistics about how much damage people and companies are actually doing to the
area around them.

Presentation- What I am going put in my presentation is the explanation of air pollution, the
elements that causes air pollution, and the solutions that people can use to reduce the

Primary Research
In the article Air pollution, National Geographics noted that there are different types of
greenhouse gas that goes into the airspace. Also that sulfur dioxide can help the Earth by
blocking the Suns rays, cooling down its temperature.

Multi-faceted Approach
I would have an assembly. Yes. Show the effects of air pollution and what people can do to
reduce it.
Actionable Change Product
In my ACP, showing people the causes, effects, and solutions of air pollution are crucial. Many
people are unaware of what they are doing and how that can affect them negatively, so informing
the public about what to do to reduce it will play a major role.


I will have an environmental company help me show how dangerous air pollution really is.

I will have another person who is doing a similar topic to help get the word out.


For this piece, a video will be shown of the harmful effects of air pollution since it is better to
show a person what will happen the to try to explain and they will not understand.


-1/7: I will be completing my rough draft of my research paper

-1/31: My revised copy of the research paper is due

-2/21: Final copy of the research paper is completed

-3/18: My draft of my technology project is done