To The Unknown Martyr—The Persecuted Christian

Who can argue the toss when the judge has decided; When they insist on a veneer of morals and righteousness. Who can restore the loss to the person behind it who must spend year after year counting out the cost; Held hostage to the whims of games far bigger than he is where there are never any wins only a multiplication of tears. And when we try to appease it turns back and stings while we're forever teased by the promise of better things Now he'll never escape from the shifting currents of politics and hate. Whenever there is an occurrence of a strain or a rift we'll just have to expect that he'll be caught in the rip. His life has been wrecked by millenia of wrong by plants left to grow until they're far too strong. It has caused so much pain to millions along its march and has left in its wake many questions to be asked. Each victim could tell a story

of tragedy, loss and injustice —each one has a personality and is a story on which to focus. Each one had a life full of problems —a life full of hurts which cannot be shared —no matter how common and which cannot be repaired. It's easy to be callous to these billions of stats but each one has suffered loss and seen senseless attacks.

And so, Unknown Martyr, you will be forgotten Your name will be lost in the tide of history the system will become more rotten and only after death will you gain your victory But please don't give up nor abandon your morals. Appeal to the Final Judge who will award eternal laurels, to those who didn't let go of their conscience and faith —who continued to say no to the sin on this Earth despite missing out on the joy and the mirth that belong to those who flout morals and good sense and who use their position

to keep the innocent in prison.

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