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1) The employees are fully aware of the EPMS.

2) I am able to fill up and submit the online EPMS on time.
3) The online system of EPMS is convenient.
4) The EPMS is an improved form of EPAS which was followed earlier.
5) The EPMS if very different from EPAS.
6) The EPMS is a convenient system to follow.
7) The EPMS is a management tool to reward good performance.
8) The EPMS helps to gauge the future growth potential of the employees.
9) The EPMS helps me to timely manage my tasks.
10) The EPMS helps in planning work and setting expectations.
11) The EPMS helps in continually monitoring performance.
12) The EPMS helps in developing the capacity to perform.
13) The EPMS helps in periodically rating performance in a summary fashion.
14) The EPMS helps in rewarding good performance.
15) The EPMS helps the employees to determine the areas of training and development.
16) The EPMS is time consuming.
17) The EPMS is a transparent system.
18) The grading given through the EPMS is fair and justified.
19) The appeal system funcions properly.
20) The EPMS system helps in developing your competencies as an employee.
21) The EPMS is a complex process.
22) The organization provides me with the necessary infrastructure to participate in the
performance evaluation.
23) The EPMS helps in improving my productivity as an employee.
24) The EPMS helps in improving my skills as an employee.
25) I get sufficient time to fill up my KPAs online.
26) The division of KPAs into routiene and non-routiene are helpful in goal seting.
27) The weighted KPAs are helpful in setting your KPAs for that year.
28) The KPAs that I set for myself are quanitifiable.
29) The assesment by reporting and reviewing officers is fruitful.
30) The grading system is highly subjective.
31) The relative assesment based on performance of employees is done properly.
32) The categorization of employees based on High, good and low performance is justified.
33) The Goal- allignment workshop is conducted properly.
34) The Goal- allignment workshop helps me in setting up my KPAs.
35) The Goal-allignment workshop helps me to understand the organizational goals better.
36) The EPMS is very important for my reporting officer.
37) The EPMS is very important for my reviewing officer.
38) The mid-year review helps in my progress towards my goals.
39) The mid-year review helps me in rectifying the errors.
40) The mid-year review helps me to overcome my weaknesses.
41) The final review helps me to improve my weak areas.
42) The final review discussions are very important.
43) The final review discussions are very helpful for improving my performance.
44) I am able to match my performance with my potential.
45) The Performance Review Discussions (PRD) help to reflect back on my performance.
46) The Performance Review Discussions (PRD) are held twice a year.
47) The EPMS helps me to idenify my capabilities and utilize them.
48) The EPMS helps in my self development.
49) The EPMS helps me maximize my conributions.
50) The EPMS helps in the improvement of team performance.
51) The EPMS helps me to allign my personal goals with the organizational goals.
52) I regularly update my performance diary.
53) I honestly do my self assesment.
54) I am able to properly frame my Performance Development Plans.
55) My reviewing and reporting officers and the HOD ensure the implementation of my
Performance Development Plans.
56) I am able to assess and develop competencies for the future.
57) I trust in the decisions of the Performance Management Committee (PMC) regarding the
performance evaluaion.
58) My individual contributions are related to my departmenal and organizational goals.
59) The EPMS benefits RDCIS as an organization.
60) The EPMS is a modern system over EPAS.
61) The EPMS can be linked to modernization at RDCIS.
62) The Grading system is clear and understandable.
63) The grades given by EPMS positively affects my performance as an employee.
64) The grades are free of any biases.
65) The EPMS makes my work even more challenging.
66) The EPMS is essential for me to manage my performance as an employee.
67) The EPMS helps me to achieve my targets on time.
68) The EPMS portal is easily accessible.
69) The EPMS helps me to identify my areas of development.
70) I need the EPMS to improve my performance as an employee.

1) Fairness/objectivity
2) Transperancy
3) Satisfaction satisfaction of the employees with respect to the EPMS
4) Appropriateness/ suitability how suitable is the system for this particular organization
5) Acceptance Acceptance by the employees
6) Responsiveness capacity to adapt to changes in markets, technologies or funding sources
7) Productivity Productivity of the employees
8) Longivity How long can you sustain the system
9) Implementation whether the system is properly implemented or not
10) Design
11) System compliance