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Thirtieth Sunday of the Year [CYCLE B]

[This is for reference only. Please do not read it at Mass]

Today we speak to the children about eyes and sight. The gospel story is that of blind Bartimaeus, who
asked Jesus to give him his sight. We observe that it was after he received his sight that he began to
follow Jesus.
We all need to ask God to help us see: to be able to see with the inner eyes of faith. Mother Teresa
was able to see Christ in the Eucharist as well as in the poor and suffering. That is why she was able to
follow Jesus so closely.
We too are encouraged to ask God for sight, as the beggar did. We ask him to open our inner eyes, or
eyes of the heart. Then we will be able to see Jesus and to follow him better.

• Children, look around the church and tell me what you can see… [We can see the altar, flowers,
candles, statues, windows, a golden box.. which is called the tabernacle… the priest, teachers,
friends.] That’s good! You can see all this because your eyes are open and working well.
• Maybe there are some people here who can see
something more… Something that others can’t see
so well. That is because their inner eyes are open.
We sometimes call them the eyes of our heart.
Today we will be talking about eyes and about

Commentator: God is a loving father. He wants to
gather his children and bring them home. He gathers
even the blind and the lame, because he wants all of
them to come home.
First Reading: Jeremiah 31:7-9.
Commentator: As the people were coming home, they
sang a happy song. We also will sing that song.
Psalm: 126:1-2ab; 4-5;6.
Commentator: Now we will hear the true story of a
beggar called Bartimaeus. He had heard about Jesus,
but he couldn’t go and search for him because he was
blind. But one day, as he was sitting at the side of the
road in his usual place, Jesus came by.
Gospel: Mark 10:46-52.
• Were you listening to the story about the blind beggar? What was he doing before Jesus came by?
[Sitting at the side of the road, begging.]

• Then when he heard that Jesus was passing by, he shouted out at the top of his voice, “Jesus, Son of
David, have pity on me!” Jesus stopped and told the people to call him. How happy Bartimaeus was!
He threw off his cloak and ran to Jesus as fast as a blind man could. Then Jesus asked him, “What do
you want me to do for you?” and Bartimaeus answered, “Master, let me see!” Jesus healed him. His
eyes were opened.

• Do you remember what the beggar did next? [He followed Jesus along the way.]

• Dear friends, Jesus wants all of us to follow him, just as Bartimaeus did. But many of us are blind,
and so we cannot follow Jesus properly. Why am I saying that we are blind?

• When I asked you at the beginning of the mass what you could see, you told me flowers, statues,
people… but no one said, “I can see God!” And yet, God is here! He is here in the tabernacle. He is
here in all of us. What kind of eyes do we need to see God? [We need our inner eyes: the eyes of our

• Last week you heard about Mother Teresa, and how she and her sisters looked after the dying. One
man called her a ‘goddess’ because he could see something very godly in her.

• Mother Teresa’s inner eyes were open and working well, that is why she was able to follow Jesus so
well. When Mother came into a church she could see Jesus in the tabernacle. When she received
communion, she could see Jesus coming into her. That is why she would sit for many hours in the

• Mother could also see Jesus outside the church. When she saw sad, poor, hungry, or sick people she
saw Jesus. And so she would wash them, feed them and look after them.

• Children, Jesus wants you t follow him, and if you ask him to [just as the blind beggar did], he will
open your inner eyes.

• Everyday, when you wake up say, “Jesus, open the eyes of my heart. I want to see you!” If you do
this every day, you will start seeing Jesus. You will be able to pray better. You will become more
loving to others. You will see him smiling at you in a beautiful tree, or in a kind friend. Then like
blind Bartimaeus and like Mother Teresa, you will be able to follow him closely.


ENTRANCE: God Our Father Looks On Us With Love • Practice the readings.
OFFERTORY: What Can We Bring to Offer • Make poster and put up.
COMMUNION: Open the Eyes of My Heart/
Open My Eyes Lord
RECESSIONAL: One More Step Along the Way I Go
FIRST READING: A reading from the prophet Jeremiah:
The Lord says, “Celebrate and rejoice for Israel, the greatest nation of
all.” Praise him and shout, ‘The Lord has saved his people. He has saved
those who are left of his people.”
“I will bring my people back from that country in the north and from
everywhere else. The blind and the lame will be there. Expectant
mothers and women who are about to give birth will return and be part
of that great crowd. They will cry and pray as I bring them home. They
won’t stumble as I will lead them along a level road to streams of water.
PSALM: Response: The Lord has done great things for us;
Itwe are filled
seemed like awith joy.Our Lord, we ask you to We cried on the way
dream bless our people again, to plant our seeds,
when the Lord and let us be like streams but we will
brought us in the southern desert. celebrate
back to the city of We cried out as we went and shout as we
Zion. out bring in the crops.
to plant our seeds.
Now let us celebrate
ALLELUIA: Alleluia, alleluia. Our Saviour Jesus Christ has
done away with death
and brought us life through the gospel. Alleluia.
Celebrant: Dear friends, God wants us to see him everywhere and to
follow him. But we are a bit blind. Let us ask God to open the eyes of
our hearts so that we see him better.
Response: Lord, open the eyes of our hearts!
1. Think of all the fathers of this church, or any other priests you know.
Think of sisters and missionaries. Ask God to open the eyes of their
hearts. (Short silence) Let us pray together.
2. Now bring all your family members before God. Imagine them
standing here in front of the altar. Also bring your friends, your
neighbours. Ask God to bless them. Let us pray together…
3. Last of all, bring yourself before God. Ask God to help you to see him
GOSPEL: A reading from the holy Gospel according to St.
Jesus and his disciples went to Jericho. As they were leaving, they were
followed by a large crowd. A blind beggar whose name was Bartimaeus,
son of Timaeus was sitting beside the road. When he heard that it was
Jesus of Nazareth, he shouted, “Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!”
Many people told the man to stop, but he shouted even louder, “Son of
David, have pity on me!”
Jesus stopped and said, “Call him here!” They called out to the blind
man and said, “Don’t be afraid! Come on! He is calling for you.”
The man threw off his cloak as he jumped up and ran to Jesus. Jesus
asked, “What do you want me to do for you?” The blind man answered,
NB. All Readings are taken from the ‘Lectionary for Masses with Children’