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Thirty-Second Sunday of the Year [CYCLE B]

[This is for reference only. Please do not read it at Mass]
The liturgy today draws our attention to a very exciting truth, one that many true disciples have
discovered first hand: God helps those who trust Him and obey him.
The widow of Zarephat obeyed God even when it came to giving away the last of her food. God
rewarded her with the miracle of the multiplication of food. Jesus commends the widow in the temple who
gave her all.
We recommend enacting the first reading, using a narrator and a few actors who mime the story. This
will make a lasting impression on the children. We encourage them to be generous to God and say yes to
him, trusting him to look after them.

Celebrant: Children, have you ever heard people say, ‘God helps those who help themselves’? Some
people feel that they must always take care of themselves. They are always worried about themselves and
never give to others. That is because they don’t know a wonderful secret.
Shall I tell you the secret?... It is: ‘God helps those who trust him and obey him.’ Today we are going to
see how a poor woman found out this secret and how happy it made her.
First Reading: 1 Kings 17:10-16.
This reading is mimed instead of being read in the usual way.]
Psalm: 146:6d-7b, 8d-9abc.
Commentator: Now we will hear about another poor widow
who loved God and trusted him. Jesus saw this widow and he
was very happy with her.
Gospel: Mark 12:41-44.
• Children, do you agree that God helps those who trust in
him, and obey him? There are many, many people who
have seen that this is true. Those who always try to do
what he wants often see God working miracles for them.
• Let’s try to be like the widow in the story. Even if God asks you to give all you have, say ‘Yes’. You
will see how he looks after you.
[The celebrant could share a personal experience of giving to God and seeing his provision]

ENTRANCE: God is Good! We Sing & Shout It. • Practice the readings.
OFFERTORY: I Surrender All • Practice enactment of the first
COMMUNION: God’s Love is So Wonderful reading. The actors do not speak at
RECESSIONAL: Give to Others and God Will Give to You all, but only mime the story. You
OR Seek First the Kingdom of Heaven will need 3 voices to tell the story.
Make sure the words in italics are
not read!
FIRST READING: A story from the first book of Kings:
Narrator: Once upon a time, in the land of Zarephat, there lived a poor
woman and her little son.
The woman was a widow. That means her husband had died. That is why
they were very poor.
[Woman and son enter and sit down on the floor. A small table stands on one
Placed on it are a flour bin, oil bottle, rolling pin and vessel for mixing flour.]
There had been no rain in their land, so food had become very costly. The
widow and her son were very hungry. One day, she looked into her atta
dabba and saw that only a handful of atta was left in itl
[Woman looks into bin and lifts out a handful of flour sadly.]
She looked at her bottle of oil and found that there was only a tiny bit of
oil left in it.
[She lifts the bottle and looks at it.]
She opened her purse and found that it was completely empty.
[Woman turns over a cloth pouch and shakes it out, then shakes her head.]
There was only enough food to make four chappatis! This will be our last
meal, and then we will die! She thought sadly. The woman went out to
gather sticks to light her stove and cook their last meal.
[Woman walks to centre and starts gathering sticks]
Suddenly she heard a voice speaking to her.
Man’s voice: Woman, bring me some water. I am very thirsty.
Narrator: When the widow looked up she saw a man rough-looking man
standing in front of her.
She was a kind woman and she saw that he was looking very tired and
thirsty. At once she turned back to fetch some water for him from her
house. But the man spoke again.

Man’s voice: Wait! There’s one more thing I need! Bring me something
to eat as well!
Narrator: The woman stared at the man. She didn’t know what to
answer him. Then she said,
Woman’s voice: I am telling you the truth! All I have at home is a
handful of atta and a little oil. That is only enough to feed me and my son
for one meal. I have just come to gather some sticks to cook our last
meal. After this we will both die.
Narrator: But the man said to her:
Man’s voice: Don’t be worried. Make some chappatis and bring them for
me. Then go and make some for yourself and your son. God will feed you
until the rains come again and you will be able to get food for yourself.
Narrator: Now the woman realised that this man was a prophet. He was
God’s servant. She thought to herself:
Woman’s voice: I will help him because I know God wants me to. I’m
sure God will look after us.
Narrator: The woman went home and emptied out her atta bin. She
PSALM: Response: Praise the
Lord, my soul!
God always keeps his The Lord sets prisoners The Lord loves good
word, free people and looks after
He gives justice to the and heals blind eyes. strangers.
poor and food to the He gives a helping hand He defends the rights
to everyone who falls. of orphans and

ALLELUIA: Alleluia, alleluia. Blessed are the poor in spirit; the kingdom
of heaven is theirs. Alleluia.

GOSPEL: A reading from the holy Gospel according to St.
Jesus was sitting in the temple near the offering box and
watching people put in their gifts. He noticed that many rich
people were giving a lot of money.
Finally, a poor widow came up and put in two coins that were
worth only a few pennies. Jesus told his disciples to gather
around him. Then he said:
“I tell you that this poor widow has put in more than all the
others. Everyone else gave what they didn’t need. But she is
NB. All Readings are taken from the ‘Lectionary for Masses with Children’