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Volume 2, Issue # 14
November 16 to 20, 2009
Student Bulletin
November 16 to 20, 2009
Monday, November 16 Regular Schedule
Tuesday, November 17 Regular Schedule
Wednesday, November 18 Student Late Start
MS Assembly (11:40 A.M., FAT)

Thursday, November 19 Regular Schedule
Friday, November 20 Regular Schedule

Dear Students:

Are you looking for some good books to add to your collection? The PTA New Book Fair will take place everyday this week in
the FAT Lobby. Stop by to get a good book. During the MS Assembly we will have a guest speaker, Amado Angelo
Rodriguez Lacuesta (a.k.a. Sarge Lacuesta), who will talk to us on the topic What Inspired Me to Be a Writer. Mr. Lacuesta is
a Filipino writer and winner of several awards for his short stories, including the Philippine Graphic Award, the Palanca
Memorial Award and the NVM Gonzalez Awards. We look forward to welcoming Mr. Lacuesta to ISM. The PTA has also
planned a book trivia contest so be prepared to answer some questions.

There is a K-12 Dance Recital this Saturday, November 21 at 3:00 P.M. in the FAT. Come to see the amazing talent we have
here at ISM.

Remember to recycle your waste and keep our Middle School clean. It is much more pleasant to study in a clean environment
and shows responsibility for our surroundings.

Do you like rugby? There will be some exciting international games on the HS field after school on Tuesday, November 17
and Thursday, November 19. This is a good chance to see some talented competition. See the schedule for more details

Ms. Fredericks and Ms. Sayson

Upcoming Events in the Middle School PowerSchool
Grade Update
November 16 to 20 PTA New Book Fair (FAT Lobby)
21 K-12 Dance Recital (3:00 P.M., FAT) Nov. 27 - Grade Update
Dec. 11 - MS Progress Reports
27 School Holiday
30 School Holiday
December 02 to 04 MS Musical Auditions
03 MS Parent Coffee (7:45 A.M., LT)
03 MS/HS Beginning Groups Concert (5:30 P.M., AMR)
Congratulations to those who made it to
AMIS and ISTA Festivals!
AMIS International Asian Middle School Honor Band
27‐31 January 2010
Shanghai American School Pudong

Ji Min Park
Jun Woo Jang
Jin Young Lee
Jim Kang
Jae Woo Jang
Chae Woon (Brian) Kim

AMIS Asian Middle School Honor Girl's Choir Festival
7‐11 April 2010
Jakarta International School

Eve Caudill
Soraya Tavakol
Roshni Bagli
Malvika Subramaniam
Camila Doherty
Nicole (Seoyoung) Yoon
Clara Shin
Jae Youn Park
Ysabel Capua

Isabel Quah
Shareen Sethi
Asia Peters

ISTA Middle School Festival
Presbyterian Ladies College, Perth Australia
19‐21 March 2010

Allegra Cox
John Du
Kristin Eriksen
Bianca Fuentes
Harry Gaskin
Jacob Hobbins
Charlene Mamaril
Zehn Mohammed
Gaea Morales
Martin Neumann
Shivani Phadke
Dominique Purdue
Cristian Saguil
Robbi Sy
Daniel Toze
Valerie Toze
Zoe Ferenc
There is a service learning trip to PCF on SATURDAY NO-
VEMBER 21ST. Please sign up with Ms. Pavic in room
2040 if you are interested. It will be a great day at a great
organization and we will be delivering the ring pulls we
have collected thus far!

The PAWS trip for November 28th is
now full, and sign up has begun for
the January 16th trip. First come,
first served. Go to room 2040 for the
sign up sheet with Ms. Pavic.

• November 12 to 15 - ISM Golf team at Jakarta for twilight matches under lights on our HS field. Next week ISM
IASAS Golf Exchange will host two evenings of International Rugby as a part of this
• November 14 - Swim meet at ISM years series with four teams participating. This year four of
• November 13 to 15 - ISM Varsity Touch team at Singa- our ISM varsity boys’ team have made it to the Philippine
pore for All Asian Touch Tournament Eagles squad and will be playing in the games. This is a
• November 18 to 22 - ISM MUN group to Bangkok for great achievement for them and will be a terrific experience
IASAS MUN for them to play international rugby at this level.
• November 27 to 28 - IASAS Basketball Exchange at
ISM I hope you are able to make it to some of the matches to
watch and cheer for them.
ISM Basketball Exchange, November 27-28, 2009
The four ISM HS reps are: Fergus Mitra, Shay Nielson,
Boys Draw Venue: HS Gym
Brian Liston and Noriyuki Fukuyama.
Friday, 4:00 P.M. ISM vs. Jakarta
Friday, 6:00 P.M. Brent vs. Shanghai This game may Should be some great rugby on display next Tuesday and
be played earlier at Brent Thursday after school!
Saturday, 8:00 A.M. ISM vs. Shanghai
Saturday, 10:00 A.M. Brent vs. Jakarta PRFU/IRB International Rugby u/20’s Series:
Saturday, 12:00 P.M. ISM vs. Brent
Saturday, 2:00 P.M. Shanghai vs. Jakarta Round One: Tuesday, 17th November at ISM
Saturday, 4:00 P.M. Final 1 vs. 2 after round robin 5:00 P.M. - Philippines vs. Laos
play! 6:40 P.M. - Pakistan V Iran

Round Two: Thursday, 19th November at ISM
Girls Draw Venue: MS Gym 5:00 P.M. - Philippines vs. Iran
Friday, 4:00 P.M. ISM vs. Jakarta 6:40 P.M. - Pakistan vs. Laos
Friday, 6:00 P.M. UST vs. Brent
Saturday, 8:00 A.M. Jakarta vs. UST At third round of matches will be played Saturday afternoon
Saturday, 10:00 A.M. ISM vs. Brent November 21 at Nomads Sports Club in Merville.
Saturday, 12:00 P.M. Jakarta vs. Brent
Saturday, 2:00 P.M. UST vs. ISM Season Two Sports: all 2nd season sports have made a
Saturday, 4:00 P.M. Final 1 vs. 2 after round robin good start after tryouts; please consult the ATAC and or the
play! school divisional web page for the games schedule to be up
to date with the latest match fixtures. This schedule does
change on a regular basis.

International Rugby at ISM next week: We are seeking more MS girls from Grades 5-8 to join our
MS girls’ tennis team. Please check the practice schedule
Those who were here last year may remember ISM hosted and go to the rooftop courts to meet the coach if you are
an IRB International U/20’s Rugby Test Match between Phil- interested.
ippines v Guam. It was a great promotion for the start of our
rugby season and we had a good crowd of interested stu-
dents, faculty and ISM community members turn out for the
Congratulations to the Middle School Academic Bowl teams for coming 1st and 2nd at the competition held at
Faith Academy School on 11th November 2009. A total of six teams were involved from Brent International,
Faith Academy and ISM.

The ISM team members were:

Green Team Gold Team
Alexei John Acacio – Grade 8 Alyzza Acacio – Grade 8
Joseph Hadaway – Grade 7 Nicholas Ching – Grade 8
Jacob Hobbins – Grade 8 Prakhar Jain – Grade 8
Seong Yoon Kim – Grade 8 Jae Woo Jang – Grade 8
Shivani Phadke – Grade 8 Je Yun (Bryan) Kang – Grade 6
Adilet Segizekov – Grade 8 Shin Won Kim – Grade 7
Beatrice Saban – Grade 8 Eric Manalac – Grade 8
Daniel Toze – Grade 8 Erin O'Reilly – Grade 7

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