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1. Asking Her What Turns Her On
Learn How To Communicate

Women are always saying that they want a man who knows how to communicate. So it only
makes sense that a lot of guys think that if they just ASK a woman how to satisfy her, that she'll
appreciate it.

And if you ask a woman about this, she’ll probably tell you, “Yes! Of course. Any woman
would appreciate you asking her how to satisfy her.

Unfortunately, this could not be more wrong.

Even more than leading in dancing, women expect, appreciate, and are turned-on by men who
LEAD in bed.

You are probably very interested in what turns her on and what she really wants beyond just
changing positions every now and then...

But for most women, it will be hard for her to tell you these things unless you develop the skill
of getting her to open up to you first.

If you just ask her "What turns you on?" you might get a good answer. She might even like it
when you ask her. But there is a strong chance that, on some unconscious level, she will feel a
WEAKNESS in you and be disappointed.

And she will be less turned on by the entire sexual experience with you.

A Woman Wants A Man Who KNOWS What She Wants

But, to be fair, we can't read minds and different women can like very, very different things.

The key is learning the skill of opening her. A lot of my book focuses on that skill… Learn how
to get her to TELL YOU, without asking.… and do it in a way that TURNS HER ON.

T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

2. Not Knowing How To Be Sexually Attractive
Most Men Believe That They Can’t Control How Attractive They Are...

All things being equal, everyone likes sex better when they are more attracted to their partner.

Sexual arousal flows from sexual attraction, so obviously one factor in being better in bed is be-
ing more sexually attractive to the woman that you are with. And what most men don’t realize,
is that how sexually attractive you are is something that you have a LOT of control over.

For us men, our level of sexual attraction is mostly about what a woman looks like... like how big
her breasts are or how pretty her face is.

But when a woman says that a man is SEXY, what does she mean?

Well, she is usually NOT talking about what he looks like.

Many women say that actors like Vin Deisel or James Gandolfini are sexy… or back in my par-
ents generation it was men like Humphrey Bogart... None of these men are obviously good
looking in the way that Tom Cruise or a Brad Pitt (or Rock Hudson) are. So clearly, sexy for a
woman is far more than a pretty face.

Think about it... haven't you sees lots of really beautiful women with average looking or even
below average looking men?

Of course you have.

And if you were thinking that it was because he had lots of money and drove a nice car, think

That's a big myth made up by insecure guys who feel a pang of jealousy when they see a man
walking down the street with an attractive woman that they wish they could have gotten.

After all, you also probably know at least one really rich guy who can't get a date with an attrac-
tive woman to save his own life.

Now if all it takes is money to be sexy, why doesn't that guy have a hot girlfriend?

So if it's not looks and it's not money... what is it?

Sexy to a woman is usually about CONFIDENCE and PASSION.

A lot of people talk about confidence, but few mention SEXUAL CONFIDENCE, and even
fewer ever talk about passion.

Unfortunately, most men are embarrassed by their own passion...

That's a shame, because women respond to men that are moved deeply, not moderately.
T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

The funny thing is, most men DO feel strongly about things. They are passionate on the inside.
They are just too timid and fearful of humiliation to release their passions.

It take massive confidence to display passion.

So in a way passion is really just another form of displaying confidence.

For women, men who aren’t afraid to display these qualities are a huge turn-on in bed. Women
are more attracted to confident men and they feel more at ease with them sexually-- which in
turn allows them to feel more sexual arousal.

And the good news is that, unlike physical appearance, which you can’t really do that much to
change, it is not difficult to learn a few simple things to dramatically increase the way women
perceive your level of confidence and passion.

Learning how to display them and "send the right signals" is essential.

T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

3. Not Knowing When She’s “Faking It”
Is Your Woman Faking It?

70% of all women in America report that they have never had an orgasm from vaginal sex, yet
ask ANY guy if his girlfriend is sexually satisfied and he'll say,"Hell yeah!"

What's going on here? Are 70% of these guys… lying?

Well, sure, some of them are… but for most of them, it’s just that she’s been faking it. And
probably she’s been faking it since the very beginning of the relationship.

But why? Why wouldn’t a woman tell you the truth when she’s not being sexually satisfied so
that you can work together to improve things?

What you may not have considered is how embarrassing this little fact can be for WOMEN.

First they have the covers of all those fashion magazines constantly telling them that if they
aren’t having “The Big O” that there is something wrong with them.

But worse is the pressure they get from the men in their lives. Since most guys are pretty inse-
cure about their sexual ability, they can put a lot of pressure on the girl that they are with. If she
isn’t having an orgasm, he immediately feels inadequate and becomes defensive and passive-
aggressive with her. After sex, men are always desperately trying to figure out if she's satisfied
or not, and if she’s says she’s not… again… more defensive behavior and insecurity that only
make him less and less sexually attractive (see #2 above) and less likely to get her aroused the
next time.

And worse, if the guy that she is with is like MOST guys, she knows within a few seconds that
no matter how long he keeps going at it... she is just never going to have an orgasm.

Like most men, he just doesn't know how to make the right connections for her.

So if she tells him he’s not satisfied, he’ll just keep going and going and trying and trying… do-
ing the same things that don’t work… when at that point she’d prefer it if he just got it over

And so, for most women, is it any wonder that they just fake it? The desire to avoid embar-
rassment and all of those awkward situations of dealing with the male ego has led them to be-
come extremely good at "faking it."

That's why most guys out there have no idea how really clueless they are at satisfying women in
bed. Even guys that are actually way BELOW AVERAGE compared to the other men that she's

T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

been with sometimes believe they are great because they can't tell the difference and she never
says anything about it.

And that’s a shame, because there are fool-proof ways to tell if a woman is faking it.

And, MUCH more importantly, there are simple things that any man can learn so that never has
to fake it... because she is actually having plenty of orgasms and enjoying it completely.

T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

4. Worrying That She’ll Compare You To Other Men
Yes… She Will

Here’s the cold hard truth:

She will, in fact, compare you with every other man she has ever been with. It’s just human

Not only will she compare you to other guys that she has been intimate with, but she'll compare
you to the BEST sexual experience that she's ever had... or even fantasized about… because
that's the one that she's hoping to relive.

And let's face it, with competition like that, there's a good chance she'll be disappointed with
your performance.

But that’s not the mistake… that’s just reality.

The mistake is... WORRYING ABOUT IT.

Worried is the opposite of confident and passionate. And confident and passionate is what she
wants… No woman is turned on by worry.

The surest way to ENSURE that you don't compare well with her fantasy guy is to worry about

But there is some good news here:

The bar is set very, very low. Most guys have no real idea about what turns women on. There’s
a reason that 70% of women have never had an orgasm during intercourse. So chances are, the
best she's ever been with... was not all that good.

With only a few little pieces of information about women and their sexuality, you can easily ex-
plode her expectations of what kind of sexual pleasure is possible for her and you’ll be GLAD
that she is comparing you to other men, because you’ll be the best she’s ever been with.

T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

5. Believing That “She Just Has A Low Sex Drive”
It Is Biologically Natural For All Humans To Crave Sex

If the woman in your life says that she “just doesn’t like sex that much,” or that she “has a low
sex drive,” it is usually a big warning sign that something is not working right in the relation-
ship or in your sex life.

Do women ever cheat on their boyfriends because they are not sexually satisfied?

Well, the short answer is "yes, of course," but it’s important to also understand that it's usually
more complicated than that.

Have you ever worried that maybe your girlfriend is secretly fantasizing about what it might be
like to have sex with some guy that she met while she was out with her friends? Or some man
she admires at work?

Unfortunately, for most guys, having a wife or girlfriend cheat on them is a cold and harsh real-
ity. It’s at over 50% in marriages in the United States, and much higher in many other places.
And it's one of the most painful things any guy can ever face.

It can shatter your ego and seriously mess up your future sexual relationships for years to come.

But most guys never take the time to get into a woman's head to think about WHY she is cheat-

Here's a hint though: From HER point of view, it probably was NOT her lack of integrity or loy-

Most women that cheat feel that they are missing out on something important that life has to
offer... something that they feel they are entitled to… and they usually feel like they honestly
tried to get it from within their relationship before giving up on it. We just usually fail to read
the signs.

FACT: Women who are fully sexually satisfied don't cheat.

I'm not saying she won't break up with you...

Obviously relationships and relationship health are far more complex issues than just good
sex... though generally speaking, if you know an attractive woman who stays with some guy
even though he is a total jerk, I is almost always because the sex is great.

But as far as cheating goes, women don't cheat because their boyfriend doesn't help with the
housework. They don’t cheat because some other guy was just irresistible. And they don’t
cheat because they just have no morality.

They cheat because they feel that their life lacks real intimacy and excitement... in other words:

T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

SEXUAL intimacy and excitement.

The reasons for this may or may not have to do with their partner’s ability in bed. Intimacy
breaks down for a lot of reasons. But when it does, usually one of the first places that it shows
up is in bed, and that's when a woman is most likely to be tempted by "other possibilities."

That's why if your girlfriend or wife is "not in the mood" more and more often, you should not
ignore it or think that she just doesn't have a high sex drive. You should take it seriously as a
sign that something might be wrong with the relationship or that there is something that can be
improved in the way you are communicating or making love.

Women have options.

If you are not satisfying her, I'm not saying that she will cheat on you... but I AM saying that it is
certainly not good for the health of your relationship and that you should take action to make
things better.

T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

6. Using “Techniques” To Please Her

Obviously you want to know some techniques...

There are endless books and articles on "secret techniques" and magic sexual positions that are
supposed to drive women wild or hit her g-spot in just the right way...

Most of them will have the opposite effect.

Of course, it is very important to know your woman's basic anatomy, and you should certainly
know how to find her clitoris, her g-spot, her c-spot (above the cervix), and all of her favorite
personal spots, unique to her body, that turn her on or bring her to orgasm...

But when you use a technique that you read in an article or book, what is really happening is
that you are using a technique that worked on some other woman. Usually that means a tech-
nique that worked on the writer of the article (since most of these articles are written by
women), or worked on the writer’s girlfriend. And, unfortunately, odds are, it is not going to be
completely congruent with what YOUR woman likes.

Every woman is different.

What works for one, often doesn't work for another. Sometimes a technique that brings one
woman to orgasm will be uncomfortable and unpleasant for another woman.

And here’s another, even more important truth: When you are using some technique on her,
she probably KNOWS it.

When you hit the path of true Sexual Mastery, you'll be much less concerned about "tech-
niques" and much more concerned about connections...

Because orgasms don't come from the vagina or any other secret spot that you stimulate on her
body... they come from the brain...

And unlike men, women usually can't have an orgasm from genital stimulation alone... you've
got to know how to make them feel sexual, connected, and that magical thing called "sexual

When you learn the techniques that earn her sexual trust instead of the techniques for touching
her body, you will give her the most powerful orgasms of her life and easily unlock her FULL

T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

Multiple Orgasms

Extended Orgasms

Female Ejaculation

Heightened Orgasmic States

And much more…

Want proof?

Then think about this… for women who have never experienced an orgasm there is tremendous
societal pressure to have her first “Big O”. There are articles every month in women’s maga-
zines on the subject. If she hasn’t had it, she probably feels inadequate or even “broken.”

So you better believe that most of these women have read EVERY ONE OF THESE ARTICLES
and books about techniques to give her an orgasm. And since she is a “woman who has never
had an orgasm,” it should be very obvious that none of those “techniques” worked.

What does work in almost every case is learning the basic and simple-to-do skills for building
sexual trust that allow her to finally surrender to the experience.

It was my discovery of this simple truth and these techniques that first compelled me to write
my book, Revolutionary Sex

T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

7. Not Dealing With Sexual Insecurities And Anxiety
Virtually Every Man Has Some Degree Of Sexual Anxiety…
Almost None Of Them Ever Make The Effort To Deal With It

Two of the most humiliating things that men deal with are “premature ejaculation and “per-
formance anxiety.”

Not being able to "get it up" or ejaculating too soon when you are in bed with a beautiful
woman can crush your ego.

But at one time or another it happens to everyone.

The first time it happened to me I was in college and I was out with a gorgeous girl who was a
few years older than me, and she was very sexually forward.

Because I didn't want her to know that I wasn't as experiences as she was, I was trying to pre-
tend that I was cool and make her think that I knew EXACTLY how to please a woman.

But then when we got to the bedroom, I suddenly realized that I was about to be exposed as the
fraud that I was. I wasn't as cool or as knowledgeable as I was pretending to be.

I really felt the PRESSURE TO PERFORM.

And as every guy knows, that is the surest way to make it, well, impossible to perform.

It was a pretty humiliating experience.

Most guys when they are out on a date with a girl try to play Mr. Cool. We all want women to
think that we "get it" and that we're sexually savvy. Every guy wants a woman to believe that if
she goes to bed with ME, she's going to have the ride of her life...

But the bottom line is, once you actually succeed in convincing her, once she actually likes you
enough or trusts you enough and agrees to have sex with you, there is no way to hide the truth.

And no guy wants to be exposed as a fake.

Which is why it is so mysterious to me that most men won’t make the small effort to just learn
the basic skills for dealing with and getting complete control over sexual anxiety.

T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

8. Thinking Of Women As The “Obstacle”
We Are Conditioned As Men To Be Competitive And Tend To Treat Our Woman As The
Competition When It Comes To Sex

Can you remember when you first realized that the girls in your school had secret places on
their bodies that you wanted to see, touch, and possess?

For most guys, there comes a time in childhood when they realize that the girls (the kids in their
class that are no fun to hang out and have long hair... the ones that don't do anything fun and
don't play sports), these girls are the gatekeepers of this one thing that is suddenly, weirdly, more
important than anything else in the world.

And worse still, most girls grew up with the idea that their sexuality was something that they
had to guard and protect from the boys.

The result is that if you're like most of us guys, you grew up feeling like the girl was the "enemy
guard" that stood between you and the magic prize between her legs.

But nothing could be farther from the truth.

Women are not the enemy when it comes to sex. In fact, women crave sex, GOOD sex, as much
or more than you do.

And if she is in bed with you, then she very much wants that good sex to be with YOU.

For a lot of guys, this wrong-headed idea that we want sex and it's the woman’s job to prevent
us from getting it, is one of the most difficult things to re-program out of our brains.

Learning that you don't have to trick a woman into sex, and really believing that it's not some-
thing that you talked her into, or that she's just doing it for your sake, is one of the keys to sex-
ual confidence.

When we don’t internalize this belief, then even when we are bed with her, we are not having
sex with a woman… but only have sex with her vagina while the woman who owns that vagina
is simply the person who must be there to give consent. And if she isn’t having an orgasm, it is
like a competition to get the woman to come so that we can win.

Overcoming those beliefs so that you fully accept that she is not the competition… but that she
is on your team… connecting to her on that level of togetherness… getting past her own nega-
tive beliefs and guilt... will allow her to experience her most powerful orgasms with you.

T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

9. Not Knowing The Sexual Language Of Women
Sexual Communication… Foreign To Most Men

The single biggest mistake that most guys make during sex is doing what they THINK works,
or what somebody TOLD them works, or what they READ somewhere works, or even what
worked on some OTHER girl... rather than understanding how to read the signals that she is
sending about what REALLY works on her.

Have you ever "gone down" on a girl, and thought you knew what you were doing, but
couldn't make her come? Or maybe it just started to feel like she was bored or that she was hop-
ing you'd finish already?

Or have you ever been making love to a woman and she seems to be getting more and more ex-
cited and then just as you thought she was about to come, she pushed you away or stopped
you... and you didn't know why?

Do you ever feel like you want sex more than your girlfriend does, or that she's just not that into
it anymore?

These girls are sending you all sorts of subtle signals and communication… and you are NOT
LISTENING to them because they are not in a language that you understand.

All girls are different.

Ultimately, the more you think that you understand women, the more you will fail to under-
stand any one particular woman.

Learning how to listen to a woman's body, learning the language of female sexual communica-
tion, and paying attention to what she is trying to tell you, is the single most indispensable skill
to giving her the most incredible sexual experience she has ever had.

It's essential that you learn this skill if want to be a great lover, and it is so important that I refer-
ence and explain its application in almost every chapter of Revolutionary Sex.

T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

10. Not Doing Anything To Fix It
The Biggest Mistake Of All...

This is the mistake that prevents most men from ever having the kind of amazing sex with a
woman that will completely blow her mind… the kind of sex that she will brag to her friends
about… the kind of sex that will keep a smile pasted on her face all week long.

I know how it is.... most guys don't ever want to ask for any kind of help about anything. We
always want to think we can go it alone.

That's true of even just asking for something like driving directions or fixing a leak in the faucet.

Imagine how much more difficult it is for a man to ask for help with your sex life...

Most men simply don't have the guts to admit that they could benefit from the help.

Trust me, I've been there myself and I know how hard it can be.

But I spent the last 15 years studying sexual secrets and sexual practices from around the world,
and I've logged hundreds of hours talking to women and couples...

One thing I kept hearing over and over from women was how truly pathetic most men are at
satisfying them sexually.

Don't believe me? Ask any woman for yourself and she'll tell you that most men are clueless in

Or better yet... ask a bi-sexual woman how her male lovers have stacked up against their female
lovers... and watch her have a good laugh at the expense of our gender.

My 15 years of obsession have given me some amazing knowledge, some amazing distinctions,
and I have had the pleasure of teaching many men how to give their wife or girlfriend her first

I'm a student. And I’m a man, so I love making love to a beautiful woman that I have an inti-
mate, emotional connection with, and giving her more pleasure than she even knows she can
take. I love blowing her mind. And I am always listening and learning and enjoying becoming

And now that I am in a committed, loving relationship for years now, I love that I have the
knowledge and skills to keep it fresh, exciting, and hot forever.

And if you're still reading this, then I know that you are a student too. That you are open to
learning more about how to be great in bed and how to really blow a woman's mind the very
first time you sleep with her... and still be able to completely rock her world after years of love
and happiness and commitment.

T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

More than one woman that I have talked to has asked me to write a book on the subject so that
they don't have to keep being disappointed by the man in their life… the man they love and
want so desperately to be satisfied by.

And so, finally, I started sending out my free Sexual Mastery Newsletter, "The Allman Report"
But the really great news is...

I have put everything I know into a downloadable ebook that you can download right now and
be reading in literally minutes from right now.

It's called: "REVOLUTIONARY SEX: How To Give A Woman The Mind-Blowing Sexual Experi-
ence She's Always Dreamed Of"

It is jam packed with solid information, ideas, philosophies, and straight-up techniques that can
make you sexually confident in a way that girls can SMELL... and everything you need to know
to give the woman in your life the kind of brain-melting orgasms that are so powerful that she
probably isn't even aware that she is capable of experiencing anything like it.

Download Your Copy of My On-Line eBook Here:

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I know I'm not going to get rich on this...

The truth is, most men will NEVER get this information, because most men don't have the cour-
age to admit that they want the help in the sex department.

But that's okay. It will be YOUR secret weapon.

I have spent a lot of time, effort and energy across YEARS of my life to create a book that any
man can understand and start using IMMEDIATELY to improve his relationship with the
woman in his life.

I'm not the best looking guy, I don't have a HUGE anything, and I don't have the endurance of
an Olympic marathon runner.

I believe that ANY man can become AMAZING in bed and I get emails from guys (and couples)
every single day who have read my book and said it literally changed their lives (and the lives
of their wives and girlfriends).

Frankly, there are a million techniques for touching a woman. There have been thousands of
books written on the subject, from the "Kama Sutra" to "The Joy of Sex." (Believe me, I've read
them all).

Anyone can give you tips on sexual positions, bringing fantasy and role-playing into the bed-
room, or exercises to make your penis harder. And any of them, I'm sure, will work just fine.

T h e 1 0 M i s t a k e s R e p o r t Revolutionary Sex

And while all of that stuff is important (and I do explain all of the best of those "techniques"),
they do not address the most important aspects of really plugging into a woman's sexual world
in a way that will allow you to give her Earth-Shattering Orgasms that will leave her completely
worn out from pleasure.

As unbelievable as it may sound, this inexpensive ebook that you can download to your com-
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Your friend,

Alex Allman

P.S., I know that we've all got busy lives and it would be easy for you to just get on with some-
thing else right now and not take the steps necessary to handle the sexual issues you are having
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