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Tuesday, 16th July 2013

Dear Labelfish Stakeholder,

Thank you for your interest
The LABELFISH project aims to set up a network of entities with interest in the development of a
common strategy in the use of standardised, innovative analytical techniques to control genetic
traceability and labelling of seafood products. Thus, the project is of value to both European seafood
consumers and all other stakeholders involved in fisheries in Atlantic regions. Your interest in the
LABELFISH Project shows that you value the goal of a fully-traceable, sustainable future for European
seafood. Were glad to be able to share information on our project with you to help ensure a unified
approach to seafood traceability across Europe, in national policy, laboratory testing methodologies
and at every stage of the supply chain from catch to consumer. If you have colleagues that you feel
should be included in our mailing list of stakeholders please direct them to our Stakeholder Database
page where they will find details on how to subscribe as a stakeholder to receive newsletters and
emails with updates on LABELFISHs work. Funded by the European Regional Development Fund
through the Atlantic Area Transnational Programme, LABELFISH is coordinated by CSIC- Consejo
Superior de Investigaciones Cientficas (Spain) and partnered by organisations across Europes
Atlantic area (see our Partners page for more detail).
We invite you to check our website,, regularly for new content particularly the
Dissemination section where you will find details of how were raising awareness of LABELFISHs
various initiatives. Of particular interest are our stakeholder workshops which will be held over the
projects life, the first of which was held recently in France. In the near future we will be updating the
look and functionality of the website so be sure to check back with us regularly.
Project Background
Demonstrable traceability of fish and seafood has been mandatory since 2005 within the EU. Full
implementation of EU regulations requires adequate management of information and the availability
of genetic lab techniques which allow verification of product information. One key aspect of the
verification of traceability and labelling legislation is the capability to identify and authenticate
biological species. In recent years substantial research has been invested in the development of
genetic methods for the identification of commercial fish. There is a need to standardise these
genetic methodologies across laboratories and to update databases and genetic profiles of
commercially relevant species. In this way, LABELFISH aims to detail/provide a standardised set of
methods across European countries and laboratories.
What is happening in LABELFISH?
After a very successful and productive first LABELFISH stakeholder workshop held on May 29th at
IFREMER (Nantes, France) we would like to thank all those that contributed to its success. To find a
list of the presentations given on the day, as well as links to these presentations go to Successful First
LABELFISH Workshop at IFREMER Nantes. While a list of all presentation abstracts, both in English
and French, can be found at Workshop Presentation Abstracts.
There is a wide variety of work being carried out within the LABELFISH project, falling under a variety
of different headings. From a techniques point-of-view, the project is running well compiling
information on the genetic and molecular methods used in laboratories across the partner countries,
as well as carrying out its own studies on selected fish species from each of these countries. There is
work being carried out on the legislative framework used to apply European traceability law, and how
disparate national policies could be streamlined into a coherent, single approach. There is work on
how to raise awareness of the issue of seafood traceability and labelling through stakeholder/network
workshops as well as numerous other lines of promotion. If there is any aspect of fish traceability or
labelling that you would like to discuss with us, we urge you to involve yourself by contacting the
LABELFISH consortium at
Whats to come next?
As well as continuing our varied work within the consortium we are again looking outwards to spread
the LABELFISH network, looking forward to our next workshop which is scheduled for this November
2013 at Salford University, MediaCityUK Campus, Greater Manchester in the UK. Further details
will be available very soon on the website, but in the interim if youre interested in taking part or want
more information please contact us and register your interest ( or our Contact Page).
Co-hosted by the U.K. and Irish partners of the LABELFISH project, anybody from either country with
an interest in the issues surrounding seafood traceability and labelling should attend. Presentations
will be given by speakers across sectors with interest in seafood traceability, labelling and genetics,
with the day finishing on a panel discussion allowing the audience to ask questions of a select group
of experts. Following the successful workshop at IFREMER for French stakeholders this workshop is
sure to be well-attended and an important opportunity to share information on fish traceability and
labelling. We hope to see you there!
Thanks and best regards,
One of the LABELFISH projects aims is to integrate stakeholders from across Europe's Atlantic area on the topic of seafood traceability and
labelling. If at any stage you wish to be removed from this mailing list please send an email with this request to