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In this lesson we will be looking at 4 different tags to create that you can print, punch or
cut out to create all the great gift tags, goody tags, or any label.
These instructions were created using Microsoft word 2003.
Instructions might not match location of items as the same as your version of word exactly.

1. You will first figure out the dimensions of the punch you are using for these
instructions I will be creating this tag to be punched out with the Stampin Up’
Wide Oval Punch.
2. You would measure length wise and then height. This one is 2 ½ x 2.
3. You will go to the bottom of your word doc. Click on auto shapes / basic shapes/
oval. (if you drawing tool bar is not shown at the bottom you my turn it on by right clicking within the field at the top
of the screen where it list by name your items (file, edit, view and so on). A drop down menu will appear. You will click
on drawing. A check mark should no be shown by it and it should be at the bottom of the document).

4. You will notice the box that was created around the shape. You will click on the
shape and drag it out side of the box, click on the box and delete the box. I do not
know why this gets created when you insert your artwork, but you do not want it
6. You will then size your shape. You want to be sure that you create the shape
slightly smaller than your punch. Right click on the shape and click on format
autoshape. If you double click on the shape the format box will pop up this way

7. Your shapes format box will pop up. Click on the size tab at the top.

8. This is where you can manually enter your sizes. You can also click on the shape
and stretch it to the size you want. I find it easier this way so that I know my
measurements are correct. For this example height is 1.32 inch and width is 2.25
inches. This is to work in the 2 ½ wide oval Stampin Up punch.
9. Once your measurements are set you will then click on the colors and line tab
10. This is where you will choice your line color, dash, style and weight. For this
example I have chosen black for the color and no fill nor the fill color / Long
dash dot dot for the dash / 3/4pt for style and .75pt for the weight

11. Your first layer is now created.
12. You will insert another oval autoshape and get rid of the box again like previous
oval. (You will need to do this for all shapes you insert).
13. This time you will make the size slightly larger than the first one and change the
Dash to solid and the style to double line 3pt.
14. You will change the fill color to no fill
15. You will then drag this new shape over the first one to be able to group them
together. (to move the oval in small increments to match all side at the same
distance you will hold down the ctrl key and use the arrow keys to center them
around each other.)

16. Next you will select both shapes and group them together. To do this you will
click on one shape hold the shift key down and click on the next shape. Still
holding the shift key down right click on the image. A box will pop up. Go to
Grouping / group and your two images will then be grouped and you can now
move them around together.

17. Now we will create the wording or phrases for the center of the oval using
18. You will click on the Wordart Icon at the bottom of the page to insert your word

19. The Wordart box will pop up

20. You will choose the 1st one in on the top row. This will allow us to change the
shape later on. The Wordart size and style box will pop up. You will choose the
font you want. At this point do not worry about the size. Click okay.
(Very IMPORTANT that when you are typing you words and you want the 3 separate lines you need to hit enter after you
have your first line and then your send. If you don’t it will all be on one line)
Sending Goodies
“The Hebert’s”
To your home from our

21. Your Wordart will now show.

22. Now you will format the Wordart to fit into the center of the oval shape.
23. First you must set the text wrapping. Right click, click on format Wordart once
the popup box shows you will then click on layout.

24. Click on Advance to show more options.
25. You will choose through. This will allow you to be able to place the Wordart
anywhere in the document. You will notice that the editing filed changes from
hard black lines to now edit point.

26. You want to be sure that your Wordart edit features are listed in the top menu bar.
If it is not you will turn it on by following the same steps as above for the drawing
features. (if you wordart tool bar is not shown at the top you my turn it on by right clicking within the field at the
top of the screen where it list by name your items (file, edit, view and so on). A drop down menu will appear. You will
click on wordart. A check mark should no be shown by it and it should be at the bottom of the document).
27. Now comes the creative part. First we will set the colors. Right click on the
Wordart and select format Wordart. (you need to be sure the Wordart is selected
when you right click).
28. You will fill in your word art with the same color as you line. I have chosen to
keep it black.
29. Once your colors are set we will now work on the formation of the text direction.
Be sure your Wordart has been select by clicking on it and then go to the top of
the tool bar and select Wordart Shape.

30. You will choose Circle Curve 3rd one in second line.
31. You will notice that the top and bottom words become arched and curved.
32. You will now fix the font size by double clicking on the word art and making
your size to the size you need it to fit into the oval frames. I have this one set to

33. Once you have set your size you will then drag the word art to the oval frames
and will then begin to size it to fit into the frame by working with the nods as seen

34. The nods are the white circles that appear when you click on the Wordart. You
will drag in or out to get the desired size. If you click hold and drag on any of the
white circle nods you will be able to shape it.
35. Now that you have them all together and set at the correct size you will now
group all of them together once again.
36. You can now copy and paste as many as you want into your document and move
them around in straight lines to print out and punch with your punches.



The next one was done using different word art and the circle Wordart shape to create
the outside word wrap. I have left the document unprotected so that you can click on
the labels to see the format and what styles Wordart I used.