Logic has interpreted that which is complementary as

contradictory. And logic rules our education, our minds, so
whenever we see two complementary things, immediately
the idea of contradiction arises. Otherwise, in one inter-
related existence how could there be contradiction?

Complementariness is essential. For example, the day
and night are not contradictory; they are complementary to
each other. Nor are life and death contradictory; they are
complementary to each other. They make one whole, one
circle, complete and entire. But seen through the eyes of
logic, it is hard to believe that life and death are not

It seems obvious that death is the end of life; that is not
true. Death is only a beginning of a new life, refreshment,
rejuvenation. The old body is tired. You need more
experiences to become mature. You have to move through
many other forms of life, and there are millions of forms of
life. Moving through all these forms of life, learning by and
by, step by step, inch by inch, you arrive at humanity.

Humanity gives you a new opportunity of transformation,
to jump out of the circle of life and death and to become part
of the eternal. Those who achieve it have really lived. Those
who have missed may have to learn again the old route. No
one knows how many lives it takes to recognize that
humanity is a point of departure, not only from death, but
also from life, life as you know it, to a new immortality, to a
life which can be equivalent to godliness.

Logic has created many misunderstandings. It goes on
insisting on the duality of things without seeing the
interconnecting link. It is Aristotle who created Western logic,
who divided the world into two: the material and the spiritual.
But Aristotle could not understand this complementariness.

When your enemy dies, something in you dies too; you
are no longer the same. The enemy was also part of your
being. You may not have thought about it in that way, that he
was complementary to you. On a wider scale the whole
existence is complementary.

In the East, there is a totally different logical approach. It
is in tune with life. Those who are not accustomed to it will
say it is contradictory, it is inconsistent. But those who can
understand, they can see the underlying connectedness. At
the surface the answers are inconsistent, illogic, but at the
core they follow the same purpose: to destroy the prejudice,
to destroy the belief and to bring those people who raise the
questions to real, authentic experience.

The work of a master is very complex because he is
working with so many people of different prejudices, different
conditionings. To support anybody’s prejudices it is very
unkind, the master has to destroy his prejudices, he has to
shatter them all and make people absolutely clean, just as
they were born, knowing nothing. But that knowing nothing
was such a beautiful flower in the child. It filled him with
wonder. Knowledge kills wonder. Not knowing fills you with
mysterious experience.

Logic is not the way to life – it leads away. It is the
instrument of a thinker. The path that leads to life consists of
clarity just like that of a mirror: it reflects everything but holds
on to nothing. A thinker cannot come to conclusions which
can be true. Only in appearance they seem true. Only the
sage can see reality as it is.

Existence is one. You may divide it arbitrarily for certain
purposes, but never for a moment forget that your division is
arbitrary. Existence is one solid whole. Matter is nothing but
spirit condensed; spirit is matter which has come to blossom
– the difference between the seed and the flower. It is not a
difference, because the seed contains the flower and the
flower contains many seeds. So it is a circle, it is not a

But people want definite answers. But existence is a flux,
it is not definite; it is changing, it is moving. It has all aspects
possible. In some way you can say, “Yes, it is true.” And in
some way you can say, “It is not true.”

If you watch life, you will find so many things which
logically don’t fit. But that simply means you have not gone
deep enough; otherwise they have to fit. They are part of this