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Summary of The Book of Joshua

1. Chapters 1-5: Preparation and conquest

The first 5 chapters of Joshua detail the preparation for the conquering of the Land.
Gods word to Joshua in Joshua 1: 5- 9 has been a source of strength and
encouragement to thousands of Christians over the centuries. These verses lay the
foundation for Joshuas success and indeed ours.
Chapter 2
Rahab hiding the spies and receiving instructions to mark her house with a scarlet
(brilliant red) cord speaks to us about the blood of Jesus and the enormous role it plays
in our salvation and protection. The Israelites marked their doorpost with blood when
God delivered them from Egypt. Rahab was doing a similar thing.
Chapter 3
The crossing of the river Jordan in Chapter 3 is another very significant event. It mirrors
Israels deliverance from Egypt when they crossed the Red sea. It is a beautiful picture of
salvation. God takes us out of the world to bring us into His promises. It is a timely
reminder to all of us not to get stuck in the wilderness.
Chapter 4
The memorial stones taken from the river Jordan, as ordered by God, to remind the
Israelites of their deliverance is a vital lesson we should all learn in chapter 4. Never
forget the goodness of God. The things we forget can get us into trouble. Anytime Israel
forgot the goodness of God they always went back into sin and idol worship. Are you
keeping stones of remembrance in your life?
Chapter 5
Chapter 5 brings us to the height of the Israelites preparation. Here Joshua comes face
to face with the Commander of Gods army. Despite everything that Joshua had
received he still needed this spiritual warrior to lead him into battle. Let us learn never
to place our confidence in our own spirituality. God fights for us. He equips us to follow
him. Yet it is He who works through us to bring the victory.
We would do ourselves a great benefit to study and learn from Joshua. He was a success
right to the end. He never fell. The first five chapters of Joshua tell us the secret of his
success. Learn from them, as they will help you through the battles of life.

2. Chapters 6 - 13: The main battles and conquest of the land
Chapter 6 - 8
Jericho was the first city to fall. All the spoil were taken into the house of the Lord. Only
Rahab was spared. However greed got the better of Achan and he kept some of the
garments, silver and gold for himself. His sin led to the defeat of Israel when they went
to attack the city of Ai. This was Israels first mistake. Achans sin was exposed and he
faced the judgement, suffering a horrible fate. Ai was eventually defeated.
Chapter 9
Israels second mistake is when they made a treaty with the Gibeonities. The Gibeonities
deceived the Israelites into thinking they lived far away and were not part of the land of
Cannan. Without consulting God, Israel made a treaty never to attack them. Something
they lived to regret.
Chapters 10 - 12
The battle for Jerusalem, which also involved the king of Hebron, King of Jarmuth, King
of Lachish and the king of Eglon is a fascinating and revealing story. This is where Joshua
commanded the sun to stand still in order to aid him in winning the battle. Chapters 9
and 10 contain the details.

3. Chapter 13- 24: dividing and settling in the land
Chapter 13 - 20
With the land conquered Joshua goes about dividing the land among the tribes of Israel.
Six cities of refuge were also allocated for those who are awaiting judgement after
committing a crime. An offender who made his way to that city was given a refuge from
the consequences of his or her sin until proper investigation and judgement could be
carried out.
They were safe in the city as long as the High Priest was alive. Thank God we have a High
priest who never dies. See the details in chapter 20.
Chapters 21 - 24
A misunderstanding between the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half the tribe of Manasseh
on one side and the rest of Israel on the other nearly lead to a civil war. Read the full
account in chapter 22. How often have misunderstandings led to break ups and civil
wars in the church these days.


The book of Joshua is an excellent book in bringing us understanding in spiritual warfare
and how to prosper in the will of God. To prosper for Joshua did not mean making a lot
of money but to accomplish everything God had in store for him. You could easily spend
a year studying this book and the lessons you would glean from it would be enormous.


CHAPTER 1-The Lord speaks to JoshuaHe is commanded to be of good courage, to
meditate upon the law, and to keep the commandmentsHe prepares Israel to enter Canaan

CHAPTER 2- Joshua sends spies to JerichoThey are received and concealed by Rahab
They promise to preserve Rahab and her household.

CHAPTER 3- Joshua leads Israel to JordanThe Lord cuts off the water of Jordan; it stands up
as a heap, and Israel passes over on dry ground.

CHAPTER 4- Israel places twelve stones to commemorate crossing of JordanJoshua is
magnified before Israel as they cross JordanAfter priests bearing the ark pass over, the river
returns to its course.

CHAPTER 5- Inhabitants of Canaan fear IsraelMales of Israel are circumcisedIsrael keeps
the passover, eats fruit of land, and manna ceasesCaptain of the Lords host appears to

CHAPTER 6- Jericho is taken and destroyedOnly Rahab and her household are saved.

CHAPTER 7- Israel defeated by people of AiJoshua complains to the LordAchan and his
household destroyed because he disobeyed the Lord in taking of spoils of Jericho.

CHAPTER 8- Joshua uses an ambush, takes Ai, and slays its inhabitantsHe builds an altar in
Mount EbalWords of law, both blessings and cursings, are read to people.

CHAPTER 9- Gibeonites by craft obtain a league with IsraelJoshua makes them servants to
congregation of Israel.

CHAPTER 10- Israel defeats Amorites and their allies, and the Lord casts stones from heaven
upon themSun and moon stand stillDivers kings and cities destroyedThe Lord fought for

Joshua and Israel conquer whole land, destroying many cities and nations.

CHAPTER 12- Two kings on east of Jordan, and thirty-one on west, are conquered by Israel.

CHAPTER 13- There remains some lands yet to be possessedSome inhabitants not
expelledInheritance of Reuben, Gad, and one half of Manasseh confirmed.

CHAPTER 14- Land divided by lot among nine and a half tribesCaleb inherits Hebron as a
special reward for faithfulness.

CHAPTER 15- Judah given inheritance in CanaanJebusites dwell with Judah at Jerusalem

CHAPTER 16- Children of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) receive their inheritanceSome
Canaanites continue to dwell among Ephraimites.

CHAPTER 17- Manasseh and Ephraim both receive an additional inheritanceEphraim to drive
out Canaanites from the hill country.

CHAPTER 18- Tabernacle of congregation set up at ShilohBenjamin receives inheritance by

CHAPTER 19- Simeon, Zebulun, Issachar, Asher, Naphtali, and Dan receive their inheritances
by lot.

CHAPTER 20- Six cities of refuge appointed for those guilty of manslaughter

CHAPTER 21- Levites receive forty-eight cities with their suburbsThe Lord fulfills all his
promises and gives Israel rest

CHAPTER 22- The two tribes and a half are dismissed with a blessingThey build an altar of
testimony by Jordan to show they are the Lords peopleIt is not an altar for sacrifices or burnt

CHAPTER 23- Joshua exhorts Israel to be courageous; keep the commandments; love the
Lord; and neither marry among nor cleave unto remnants of Canaanites who remain in land
When Israel serves other gods, they shall be cursed and dispossessed.

CHAPTER 24- Joshua recites how the Lord has blessed and led IsraelJoshua and all the
people covenant to choose the Lord and serve him onlyJoshua and Eleazar dieBones of
Joseph, taken from Egypt, are buried in Shechem.