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Jakarta, March 10

Attention To:
Human Resources Department
Doctor Rabbit
Dear Sir/Maam,
Ha!in" kno#n about a $ob !acanc% &rom one o& %our emp'o%ee, ( am intereste in the position o&
)iner"arten Teacher *
( am a 24 %ear o' &ema'e, "rauate &rom a +ocationa' Hi"h Schoo' an no# stu% at ,ni!ersit%
o& (nraprasta -.R(, ha!in" ski'' in /n"'ish, both #ritten an spoken an a'so operatin" computer*
( am a har #orker, ab'e to #ork in ini!iua' an in team*
( #ou' "'a'% #e'come an opportunit% to ha!e an inter!ie# #ith %ou at %our con!enience* ( hope
m% ski''s can be one o& %our compan%0s assist* ( am 'ookin" &or#ar to hearin" &rom %ou in the near
&uture* Thank %ou &or %our consieration an attention*
Sincere'% %ours,
Maria Ester Anugerah
/nc'osures :
1 2urricu'um +itae
1 2op% o& (D 2ar
1 2op% o&
1 -hoto
-a'emban", Ma% 23
Attention To:
Mr* Aman Mau'ana
-T* 4umi Sentosa Damai
J'* 2enra#ashi 5o* 62A
Dear Mr* Mau'ana,
( am a "rauate stuent in 2omputer Science at (nonesia ,ni!ersit%, an ( #i'' be a#are an M*S*
e"ree in Ju'% 2012* ( am current'% 'ookin" &or a position re'ate to Database/.raphics -acka"e
Desi"n in the research an e!e'opment epartment o& a ma$or compan%*
4e&ore comin" to (nonesia ,ni!ersit%, ( esi"ne, super!ise, an comp'ete a 2AD s%stem* The
&unction co!ers !ector, character an cur!e "eneration, #ino#in", shain", an trans&ormations*
At (nonesia ,ni!ersit%, m% research #ork in!o'!es 2ompi'ation o& Re'ationa' 7ueries into
5et#ork DM8* To enhance m% back"roun, ( ha!e taken some courses in computer "raphics an
atabase, an ( ha!e e9perience in an an unerstanin" o& the esi"n o& atabases* :ith this b
back"roun, ( certain'% be'ie!e that ( am competent to meet cha''en"in" tasks an can make a "oo
contribution to %our compan%*
/nc'ose is m% resume, #hich inicates in some etai' m% trainin" an e9perience* ( sincere'% hope
that m% ;ua'i&ications are o& interest to %ou an that an inter!ie# mi"ht be arran"e at %our
Thank %ou &or %our consieration* ( 'ook &or#ar to hearin" &rom %ou soon*
Sincere'% %ours,
Rossa Elvira
4anun", June 23
To: Mr* Amin Risman
Human Resources Department
-T* -ersaa 4umia Terpau
J'* Ra%a Sukama$u 5o* 11
Dear Sir,
<n this "oo opportunit%, ( #ou' 'ike to app'% as an English Teacher in %our compan%* M%
name is Maria Ester Anugerah, 24 %ears o', &ema'e, sin"'e, ener"etic an hea'th%* ( am a
Control System Engineer an graduated from Universitas Indonesia (UI) on May 2!2 "ith
#$A %&'(& ( #ou' 'ike to ha!e career to e9pan m% e9perience*
M% persona'it% as a har #orker an &ast 'earner t%pe o& person #ou' brin" bene&it to %our
compan%* ( #i'' be !er% appreciate i& %ou cou' "i!e in opportunit% to #ork in %our compan%*
Here#ith ( enc'ose m% curricu'um !itae, #hich #i'' "i!e etai's o& m% ;ua'i&ication*
( hope m% ;ua'i&ications an e9perience merit %our consieration an 'ook &or#ar to %our rep'%*
Sincere'% %ours,
Aang Su)riatna
Tasikma'a%a, Ma% 23
Attention To:
4ai 5u"raha
Resources Mana"er
-T* Aman Sa'a#asna Sentosa
J'* )a'imantan 5o*=>
Dear Mr* 4ai 5u"raha
( #ish to app'% &or the position o& Accountin" Sta&& that #as a!ertise on Tempo, Ma% 12, 2006*
( ha!e o!er one %ear e9perience as an Accountin" #ith -T* 4ossan ?inance an ha!e e9perience o&
a #ie !ariet% o& pattern techni;ues* M% computer ski''s are !er% "oo, an ( ha!e an e9ce''ent
recor as a re'iab'e, proucti!e emp'o%ee*
( am 'ookin" &or ne# cha''en"es an the posistion o& Accountin" Sta&& souns the per&ect
opportunit%* @our or"anisation has an en!iab'e recor inno!ation in in!estor &inancia' cosu'tant,
an an e9ce''ent reputation as an emp'o%er, makin" the position e!en more attracti!e*
( enc'ose m% 2urricu'um +itae &or %our inspection an 'ook &or#ar to hearin" &rom %ou soon* (
am a!ai'ab'e &or inter!ie# at %our con!enience
Sincere'% %ours,
Rani Sumirna
@o"%akarta, Ma% 23
Attention To: Human
Resources Department
-T* 5usa Meia
J'* 4riptu 5orman 5o* 4=
Dear Sir/Maam,
( ha!e rea &rom %our a!ertisement at )eau'atan Rak%at that %our compan% is 'ookin" &or
emp'o%ees to ho' some position* 4ase on the a!ertisement, ( am intereste in app'%in"
app'ication &or /n"ineer position accorin" #ith m% back"roun eucationa' as /n"ineerin"
M% name is (s#ani 8ubis, ( am t#ent% three %ears o'* ( ha!e "rauate &rom /n"ineerin" -h%sics
Department (ST5 on Apri' 2012* M% specia'iAation in /n"ineerin" -h%sics is (nstrumentation an
2ontro' specia'ist* ( consier m%se'& that ( ha!e ;ua'i&ications as %ou #ant* ( ha!e "oo moti!ation
&or pro"ress an "ro#in", ea"er to 'earn, an can #ork #ith a team Bteam #orkC or b% m%se'&*
4esie that ( posses ae;uate computer ski'' an ha!e "oo comman in /n"'ish Bspoken an
:ith m% ;ua'i&ications, ( con&ient that ( #i'' be ab'e to contribute e&&ecti!e'% to %our compan%*
Here#ith ( enc'ose m% :
1* 2op% o& 4ache'or De"ree BS11C 2erti&icate an Acaemic Transcript*
2* 2urricu'um +itae*
D* 2op% o& Job Trainin" 2erti&icate &rom ,noca' (nonesia 2ompan%*
4* Recent photo"raph #ith siAe o& 49>
( #ou' e9press m% "ratitue &or %our attention an ( hope ( cou' &o''o# %our recruitment test