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The First Movie Shot on
Who is the racist, Obama or Murdoch? a Canon 7D? It's About
Zombies, Of Course!
By Simon Denyer (Front Row Henry Louis Gates Jr. for
Washington) breaking into his own home. [Film]
At the time Obama admitted he
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:07:22 AM By Mark Wilson (Gizmodo)
did not know all the facts of the
So is U.S. President Barack case but it was nevertheless clear Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:20:00 AM

Obama a racist? Or is Rupert the white policeman had acted
Boy have zombies made a
Murdoch? stupidly. He later apologized.
comeback lately, right along with
Well the Australian media So who is the racist here, Obama
teenage vampires. Regardless,
mogul appears to think that the or Murdoch?
indie zombie flick Dead Season
president made a “very racist The Huffington Post, perhaps
is the self-proclaimed first film
comment” and agrees that he not surprisingly, is backing the
shooting on the$1700 Canon 7D.
hates white people. president. It has launched a
(Warning, gore ahead.)
But that apparently doesn’t make petition demanding Murdoch put
The camera quality is sort of a
him a racist. an end to Fox’s race-baiting or
mixed bag for the bloody
Confused? Me too. openly declare he supports it.
independent film. High
The News Corporation “Mr. Murdoch, more and more it
resolution coupled with gorgeous
chairman, one of the most appears that Fox’s problems with
depth of field tricks emulate
controversial figures in the media race starts at the top, with you,” it
Hollywood (or at least, TV-level)
world, has never minded hitting writes.
production. But, while you can
the headlines in his own right and The election of America’s first
call me old fashioned, blood and
this week was no exception. black president was certainly a
guts only look better in low-fi.
First, in an interview with Sky “He did make a very racist about, he was right.” massive step forward, but
Best of luck to the group
News in Australia, he chose to comment about blacks and whites Ah, but hang on a minute. A perhaps loftier dreams of a new finishing the film. These dailies
back conservative Fox News and so on, which he said in his quick backtrack soon followed. post-racial era might have been a from week one have some nice
commentator Glenn Beck. campaign he would be Murdoch “does not at all, for a little overblown. moments. [ Thanks Super
Remember that back in July, completely above,” Murdoch said minute, think the president is a Click here for more Reuters Greene!]
Beck boosted his ratings of Obama. racist”, a News Corp. spokesman political coverage
dramatically when he accused And of Beck’s remarks: “That then told Photo credit: Reuters/Fred
Obama of having “a deep seated was something which perhaps Beck’s original comments came Prouser (Murdoch), Reuters/Jim
hatred for white people and white should not have been said about in the midst of the row about the Young (Obama)
culture.” the president but if you actually arrest of African-American
Murdoch’s reaction is worth look at what he was talking Harvard University Professor
printing in full:
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The First Draft: What if Congress Fall in number of new
turned Republican on Obama? swine flu cases in
By David Morgan (Front Row
Washington) England
Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:47:11 AM
By Owen Bowcott (World UK a total of 182 people have
news and comment from the died: 124 in England, 14 in
A Republican-controlled Guardian |
Congress could be a real Wales, 33 in Scotland and 11 in
possibility for the second half of Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:21:38 AM Northern Ireland.
President Barack Obama’s four- Sir Liam Donaldson, the
year term, according to the latest T h e n u m b e r o f p e o p l e government's chief medical
Gallup poll. contracting the virus this week officer, said he was making a
The poll of 894 registered dropped to 64,000 from 84,000 "strong recommendation" to
voters suggests Republicans last week pregnant women to have the jab
would win the U.S. House of T h e n u m b e r o f p e o p l e as they are at higher risk of
Representatives by 48 percent to contracting swine flu in England c o m p l i c a t i o n s t h a n m a n y
44 percent if the 2010 this week dropped to 64,000 m e m b e r s o f t h e p u b l i c .
congressional election were held from 84,000 last week, according • Health
today. to Department of Health figures. • Swine flu
The Republican lead is well points out, the poll measures only challenge for a 2012 Obama The number in hospital with the • Flu
within the poll’s 4 percentage voter preference, not likely voter reelection campaign. condition also fell from 848 last
point margin of error. But the turnout. Tangible risks for Obama’s week to 785 this week. Owen Bowcott
results indicate that Republicans But a revival of Republican agenda could also lie closer at The fall may only be temporary,© Guardian News
might have some momentum popularity could spell trouble for hand, if the whiff of electoral due to the school half-term break. & Media Limited 2009 | Use of
after gaining steadily on Obama, given that the GOP defeat encouraged enough In Scotland figures for new cases this content is subject to our
Democrats since July. appeared to gain ground as the Democrats today to avoid White of infection with the H1N1 virus Terms & Conditions| More Feeds
People who participated in the president’s main domestic House initiatives that might have rose to 21,500 people. Across the
survey were asked only about priorities — healthcare and political consequences tomorrow.
their local House districts, so the
results mean little for that other
climate change reforms — gained
public attention. Meanwhile,
Click here for more Reuters
political coverage
Google plans Chrome Mac
congressional chamber, the U.S.
Democrats slipped 6 percentage
points overall and plunged 12
Photo Credits: Reuters/Jonathan
Ernst (U.S. Capitol);
beta for December
It’s way too early to gauge the points among independent voters. Reuters/Jason Reed (House By Stephen Shankland browser in early December. Be
outcome of a congressional Republicans would be in a very R e p u b l i c a n l e a d e r J o h n ( careful about changes to the
election that won’t be held until strong position to shut down Boehner); Reuters/Jim Young Submitted at 11/11/2009 2:53:00 PM extensions technology until then,
November 2010. The primaries much of Obama’s agenda if they (Obama) though.
that choose the parties’ respective won control of the House for Google plans to release the first Originally posted at Deep Tech
candidates don’t even begin until 2011 and 2012. A Republican beta version of its Chrome
early next year. And as Gallup House would also pose a greater

Clicker launches for all--watch it
By Rafe Needleman This online video directory engine we've seen.
( service is the best TV search
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Obama walks in rain-soaked
cemetery of U.S. war dead Analyst upgrades, downgrades
By Alister Bull (Front Row
Washington) and initiations: ARO, AZN, BNI,
Submitted at 11/11/2009 12:37:40 PM
President Barack Obama walked By Eric Buscemi overdone. The firm keeps a
in the rain among the graves of (BloggingStocks) $26.50 price target on the stock.
U.S. casualties from the Iraq and • Mobile TeleSystems ( MBT)
Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:00:00 AM
Afghan wars at Arlington was upgraded to buy from neutral
National Cemetery and took an Filed under: Analyst reports, at UBS.
unscheduled detour into section A n a l y s t u p g r a d e s a n d • HSBC ( HBC) was raised to
60, a thicket of simple white downgrades, Analyst initiations b u y f r o m h o l d a t S o c i e t e
headstones, to mark Veterans Analyst upgrades: Generale.
Day. • Redwood Trust ( RWT) was
Underscoring the poignancy of • G o l d m a n u p g r a d e d upgraded to outperform from
the visit, Obama was due to hold Aeropostale ( ARO) to neutral m a r k e t p e r f o r m a t J M P
a war council later on from sell. The firm, which has a S e c u r i t i e s .
Wednesday as he tries to decide $34 target on the stock, cites the
whether to send thousands more recent sell-off in shares for the Continue reading Analyst
troops to Afghanistan, where upgrade. upgrades, downgrades and
U.S. forces experienced their • Janney Montgomery upgraded initiations: ARO, AZN, BNI,
bloodiest month in October. Consolidated Water ( CWCO) to BRCD, HBC, MRK, TIF ...
The president, accompanied by buy from neutral on valuation Analyst upgrades, downgrades
first lady Michelle Obama, bent Michelle Obama hugged. “In this time of war, we gather a n d o n e x p e c t a t i o n s t h e and initiations: ARO, AZN, BNI,
down briefly at the headstone of The president, confronted by here mindful that the generation company's earnings will recover BRCD, HBC, MRK, TIF ...
19-year-old Specialist Ross fading public support for the war, serving today already deserves a in 2010. The firm has a $15 o r i g i n a l l y a p p e a r e d o n
McGinnis, who was awarded the is expected to decide in coming p l a c e a l o n g s i d e p r e v i o u s target on the stock. BloggingStocks on Thu, 12 Nov
United States’ highest military weeks about boosting U.S. troop generations for the courage they • W u n d e r l i c h u p g r a d e d 2009 11:00:00 EST. Please see
decoration for valor, the Medal of levels in Afghanistan, even as he have shown and the sacrifices Transmontaigne Partners ( TLP) our terms for use of feeds.
Honor. draws them down in Iraq. that they have made,” he said. to buy from hold on valuation as Permalink| Email this| Comments
McGinnis was killed when he His stop at a section of Arlington More than 4,300 U.S. soldiers it believes the sell-off on the
threw himself onto a grenade Cemetery in Virginia that is the have been killed in Iraq and some c o m p a n y ' s Q 3 r e s u l t s i s
during a patrol in Baghdad in burial ground for U.S. military 900 in Afghanistan.
The first couple, bareheaded and
personnel killed in Iraq and Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin
Afghanistan followed the somber Lamarque (Obama in Arlington
Twitter issues mulligan on
ignoring the miserable weather,
spoke and shook hands with
Veterans Day ceremony at which National Cemetery to mark
Obama acknowledged the cost of Veterans Day) new 'retweet' feature
visitors they found by the fighting in both places. By Caroline McCarthy reveal that fresh new feature was
gravesides, one of whom ( pulled temporarily to fix some
Submitted at 11/11/2009 3:56:00 PM
Originally posted at The Social
Twitter developer chat logs
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Will latest polls weigh on Obama? Advanced Micro
By Sue Pleming (Front Row
Submitted at 11/11/2009 1:44:45 PM
Devices rallies after
President Barack Obama
summoned his war council today
settling Intel tiff
By Elizabeth Harrow
for what may be a pivotal (BloggingStocks)
meeting as he decides what to do
Submitted at 11/12/2009 12:00:00 PM
in Afghanistan.
While Obama weighs up Filed under: Law, Intel (INTC),
his options on whether to send in Advanced Micro Dev (AMD),
more troops — with most money Options, Technical Analysis
on about 30,000 more – he might Advanced Micro Devices (
also glance at the latest round of AMD) soared to a new annual
public opinion polls on high Thursday morning after the understand how the operating
Afghanistan. A CNN/Opinion Research go the way of Goldilocks and chipmaker settled its antitrust conditions in the processor
One by the Pew Research Center Corporation survey released take the middle road, or will case against rival Intel ( INTC). business have changed. But make
put Obama’s favorable job rating today found that 56 percent of there be a surprise? Under the terms of the no mistake -- they have
on Afghanistan at 36 percent, respondents opposed sending Click here for more Reuters agreement, Intel will shell out changed."
sharply down from 49 percent in more U.S. troops to Afghanistan political coverage $1.25 billion to AMD, and will Continue reading Advanced
July. while 42 percent supported Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed abide by a new set of rules for Micro Devices rallies after
On troop levels in Afghanistan, additional forces. (Obama making statement about conducting business. The pact settling Intel tiff
40 percent say there should be Which way are you leaning? Fort Hood shootings) also includes a renewed cross- Advanced Micro Devices rallies
fewer U.S. soldiers, 32 percent More troops, less, the same? license agreement between the after settling Intel tiff originally
approve of an increase while 19 Stay, go, the status quo? As two chip titans. appeared on BloggingStocks on
percent say current troop levels commander-in-chief, will Obama In prepared comments, AMD Thu, 12 Nov 2009 12:00:00 EST.
are satisfactory. CEO Dirk Meyer called the Please see our terms for use of
settlement a game-changer. "We feeds. Permalink| Email this|
are optimistic that it will usher a Comments
new era for our industry," he
said. "We recognize that it will
take time for people to

HMS Holdings (HSMY): Breakout in health care
By Steven Halpern technician Leo Fasciocco looks million, HMSY helps ensure that annually and avoid billions of appeared on BloggingStocks on
(BloggingStocks) for "breakout" stocks; his latest healthcare claims are paid dollars more in erroneous Thu, 12 Nov 2009 11:20:00 EST.
Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:20:00 AM
feature is HMS Holdings ( correctly and by the responsible payments. Please see our terms for use of
HMSY), which coordinates party. Continue reading HMS Holdings feeds. Permalink| Email this|
Filed under: Newsletters, Stocks b e n e f i t s f o r g o v e r n m e n t "As a result of the company's (HSMY): Breakout in health care Comments
to Buy, Obama Picks healthcare programs. services, government healthcare HMS Holdings (HSMY):
In his Ticker Tape Digest, "With annual revenues of $185 programs recover over $1 billion Breakout in health care originally
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Get ready, America: Here comes Macy's tops estimates,
Sarah Palin but market not
By Steve Holland (Front Row
Washington) impressed
Submitted at 11/11/2009 1:04:07 PM
By Steven Mallas
Get ready, America. Like her or
not, Sarah Palin is coming to a Submitted at 11/12/2009 10:40:00 AM

city near you.
Last year’s Republican vice Filed under: Earnings reports,
presidential nominee is starting a Wal-Mart (WMT), Target Corp.
book tour next week to promote (TGT)
her memoir, “Going Rogue: An Macy's( M) reported third-
American Life.” quarter numbers on Wednesday,
Is it a thinly-veiled bid to test the and although the bottom line beat Total sales declined 3.9%, and
waters for a possible 2012 estimates, shares of the retailer same-store sales contracted 3.6%.
Republican presidential bid, or plunged over 8% on high Continue reading Macy's tops
So far she is steering clear of Click here for more Reuters
simply an effort to make money volume. And I don't blame the estimates, but market not
major cities, going to smaller political coverage
and cement her celebrity status? market whatsoever for deciding impressed
places like Fort Bragg, North Photo credit: Reuters/Mike
Only time will tell. Carolina, home of one of the Blake (Palin when Republican to sell the company down. Macy's tops estimates, but
For now, the opening stops of Macy's said it lost, on an market not impressed originally
biggest military bases in the vice presidential nominee in
her tour in Michigan, Indiana, adjusted basis, 3 cents per share. appeared on BloggingStocks on
country. November 2008)
Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, The call was for a loss of 7 cents Thu, 12 Nov 2009 10:40:00 EST.
“I’ve decided to stop in cities that
Virginia, North Carolina, per share, according to Please see our terms for use of
are not usually included in a
Alabama and Florida, could be typical book tour,” Palin said Okay, I guess we feeds. Read| Read| Read|
valuable if she later decides to can say losing less money than Permalink| Email this| Comments
this week on her Facebook page.
run. expected is a good thing.
For the whole story click here.
However, looking at the sales
numbers really makes me pause.

Bank of America chairman sails away while company seeks
new CEO
By Zac Bissonnette is stepping down before the end who is leading the search, is Bank of America chairman sails
(BloggingStocks) of the year. currently on vacation on a ship away while company seeks new
Submitted at 11/12/2009 12:20:00 PM
In an article on Bank of and will not be reachable until CEO originally appeared on
America's murky succession Nov. 23, according to Morehouse BloggingStocks on Thu, 12 Nov
Filed under: Management, Bank plan, USA Today buries this College, where Massey is 2009 12:20:00 EST. Please see
of America (BAC) newsworthy factoid seven president emeritus. our terms for use of feeds.
Bank of America ( BAC) is in paragraphs down. From the "You Continue reading Bank of Permalink| Email this| Comments
the midst of a frantic search for a can't make this stuff up" BofA Chairman Walter Massey, America chairman sails away
CEO to succeed Ken Lewis, who department: while company seeks new CEO
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BA shares rise amid claims Iberia merger agreed
By Dan Milmo (World news However, Iberia said in a a successful conclusion. BA and loss in the three months to the
and comment from the statement: "No decision has been Iberia confirmed talks about end of June this year. Their
Guardian | taken and there are no guarantees strengthening ties between the global rivals are faring just as
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:03:12 AM that a deal will be reached." BA companies in February last year, badly, with the International Air
was equally cautious in its two months after a joint takeover Transport Association predicting
• Spanish newspaper El País statement, warning that there was bid for Iberia by BA and private an industry loss of $11bn
claims deal already agreed "no guarantee" of a deal, equity firm TPG collapsed. (£6.6bn) this year.
• Website says BA's Walsh will although the airline's board is The merger discussions became Both airlines are proposing
head merged group expected to back a deal in strained last December when BA restructuring plans as a
Shares in British Airways soared principle. announced merger talks with consequence. BA faces the threat
today after it was reported that The combined airline will, in Australia's Qantas, prompting of strikes by cabin crew over new Amazon's Blu-ray Sale
Spanish carrier Iberia had agreed terms of sheer scale, appeal to expressions of surprise from working practices including the
to a merger. investors keen to see both Iberia. The Qantas talks ended removal of one air steward on
as Good an Excuse as
The companies' boards were carriers stave off the effects of a before Christmas, prompting BA long-haul flights and the proposal Any to Own Robocop
meeting today to talk over the deep recession and increased to concentrate on Iberia and a of a two-year pay freeze. Iberia [Deals]
merger proposals and Iberia c o m p e t i t i o n f r o m n o - f r i l l s looser tie-up with American has made the most radical
confirmed that it was discussing operators. BA and Iberia carry Airlines, which would see BA, proposal, to replace its domestic By Adam Frucci (Gizmodo)
a deal which would give it 45% 61.5 million passengers a year AA and Iberia colluding over and European programme with a Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:38:46 AM

of the new company – leaving between them, with 420 aircraft, fares and scheduling. new and as-yet unnamed airline.
BA with 55%. revenues of around £13.8bn and The Spanish and British national • British Airways Amazon is currently having a
T h e w e b s i t e o f S p a n i s h a workforce of 60,282 people, carriers have been forced into • Airline industry pretty great Blu-ray sale, with
newspaper El País claimed that although cost savings will be one exploring a merger by cut-throat • Mergers and acquisitions titles such as Robocop and
Iberia's board had already agreed of the main drivers of a deal and competition from low-budget Terminator available for a mere
the deal and that its chairman, the employee count will be carriers on their short-haul routes Dan Milmo $9.99. Come on, don't fight it. [
A n t o n i o V á s q u e z , w i l l b e expected to fall. and a severe recession that has© Guardian News Amazon]
chairman of the new company. BA shares rose 8.25% to 216.5p pushed both airlines into heavy & Media Limited 2009 | Use of
According to the report, BA chief amid hopes that the long-running losses. Last week BA posted a this content is subject to our
executive Willie Walsh will merger talks, which have been record first-half loss of £292m, Terms & Conditions| More Feeds
retain his post at the head of the h e l d u p b y d e b a t e s o v e r during its traditionally profitable
new airline, which will be valuations and BA's estimated trading period, while Iberia
headquartered in London. £3bn pension deficit, are close to recorded a net €72.8m (£65m)

Ad pages at Conde Nast down nearly a third
By Tom Johansmeyer interpret as positive, but this released on Wednesday. Ad Conde Nast down nearly a third
(BloggingStocks) doesn't extend to the media pages have plunged 30% this Ad pages at Conde Nast down
Submitted at 11/12/2009 12:40:00 PM
industry, it seems. Condé Nast's year. Cost cutting has been used nearly a third originally appeared
ad page results are out for its to offset the revenue declines, on BloggingStocks on Thu, 12
Filed under: Time Warner 2009 issues, now that the last with more than 450 positions Nov 2009 12:40:00 EST. Please
(TWX), New York Times'A' issue of the year has been sold removed this year and several see our terms for use of feeds.
(NYT), Media World for each of them ... and the magazines shuttered, including Permalink| Email this| Comments
T h e b r o a d e r e c o n o m y i s situation is grim. this year, according to a report Gourmet and Modern Bride.
showing signs that we can at least Condé Nast lost 8,359 ad pages Continue reading Ad pages at
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Pirate-busting 'stinger' device for ships launched
By Steven Morris (World news the pirates, unaware that they board a ship you start creating a The Buccaneer certainly did stop
and comment from the have been fired on, speed over it whole lot of other problems. pretend pirate Murray Pulman in
Guardian | and find their propellers "Take an oil tanker – the last his tracks. For yesterday's
hopelessly tangled. thing you want to have is demonstration in Portland
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:30:39 AM
It is a sort of marine version of explosive weapons. For other Harbour a launcher was mounted Activision has sold
Device aimed at stopping pirate the spike strip – tyre-puncturing vessels, too, there's a danger your on to a flat-decked harbour
ships without use of weaponry by devices police forces use to stop own crew will get hurt in an workboat. As Pulman
many copies of
tangling an attacker's propeller in cars – prompting some to dub the exchange of fire. You're approached in his make-believe Modern Warfare 2
ropes Buccaneer the "Somalian essentially fighting a war at sea pirate skiff, three or four ropes
In pictures:'Somalian stinger' stinger". It is already attracting and that's not what the civilian were fired out creating a sort of By Nicholas Deleon
On a blustery Dorset afternoon, interest from shipping companies marine industry is about. Leave spider's web around the
the green-grey waters of Portland around the world. that to the experts – to the navies workboat. Sure enough, Pulman's Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:00:51 AM

harbour stood in for the sea off A major problem captains of that patrol the waters. This is propeller got entangled and he
S o m a l i a a n d a n e l e c t r o n i c merchant ships have when faced something that provides a ship's had to be towed back to shore by Activision’s Modern Warfare 2
engineer called Murray played with pirates is that they are master with time to react and get racked up $310 million in sales
a friend. It took about 45 minutes
the part of a ransom-hungry constrained by international laws help fast." for him to untangle things, by across the U.S. and UK during
raider. about what force they can use. In There may be other land-based which time his intended victims the first 24 hours of availability.
Then with a roar and a whoosh, any case, there is obviously a uses for the Buccaneer, such as should have been out of sight. That makes it the biggest video
a device aimed at protecting huge risk in opening fire on protecting ports and for maritime • Piracy at sea game launch ever. Hooray for
merchant ships from the growing pirates because they are more events, and perhaps even the • Somalia war simulators!
hazard of piracy called the than likely to fire back. Olympic sailing competitions, It works out to 4.7 million units
Buccaneer Ship-Borne Shore Jonathan Delf, marine sales which are taking place in Steven Morris sold across the two countries.
Launcher was unveiled. manager of BCB International, Weymouth and Portland. The© Guardian News These are Activison’s own
The idea is that if a pirate skiff the company that has produced company has experimented with & Media Limited 2009 | Use of numbers, by the way, not some
approaches, a length of strong the Buccaneer, said: "There are firing other non-lethal weaponry this content is subject to our wacky Wall Street analyst or
rope can be fired into the path of problems with arming civilian such as paintballs loaded with Terms & Conditions| More Feeds anything like that. (Official
the vessel from the Buccaneer. A vessels. It's not something the pepper spray, or bean bags, or worldwide numbers aren’t
small parachute makes sure the marine industry is very happy even golf balls, although it available yet.)
300m long rope flutters down on about doing. As soon as you start admits such tactics would further That said, an anylsyt for the
to the surface of the water and putting weapons systems on anger the pirates. Cowen Group said that he
expects to see the final

United Technologies fires up a deal with GE worldwide number to clock in at
around 7 million.
That really is ridiculous when
By Tom Taulli is solid, it's simply not big GE you think about it: 7 million
(BloggingStocks) enough to keep the company's United Technologies fires up a copies (maybe) of that game sold
Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:40:00 AM
interest. In such an industry, it's deal with GE originally appeared within 24 hours. That’s just
critical to be the industry leader. on BloggingStocks on Thu, 12 under 300,000 copies sold per
Filed under: Deals, General So this week, GE agreed to sell Nov 2009 11:40:00 EST. Please hour.
Electric (GE), United the unit to United Technologies ( see our terms for use of feeds. In other words, it’s a good time
Technologies (UTX) UTX) for $1.82 billion. Rumors Permalink| Email this| Comments to be an Activision stockholder
While General Electric's ( GE) of the deal have been buzzing Continue reading United
Technologies fires up a deal with right now.
fire alarm and security business since the summer.
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Tit-for-tat expulsions as Cambodia's feud with
Thailand simmers Apple Responds to
By Adam Gabbatt (World arrested and returned to Thailand fugitive. particularly among the rural poor
news and comment from the to serve his prison sentence. But in a speech today the former in the north. His supporters claim
Microsoft's New Retail
Guardian | Cambodia rejected the request, Manchester City football club the political elite is ignoring the Stores [Blockquote]
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:29:12 AM saying Thailand's legal case owner insisted both countries fact he was democratically By Mark Wilson (Gizmodo)
against Thaksin was politically would gain from his acumen. "A elected because it feels its own
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:07:52 AM
Diplomats sent packing in row motivated. prosperous neighbour means privileges are threatened.
over adviser's role for Thaksin Today Cambodian foreign better opportunities for us to The former leader provided Ron Johnson, Apple VP of
Cambodia expelled the senior ministry spokesman Koy Kuong grow together," he said. "Of critics with more ammunition on retail, had this to say in response
serving diplomat at the Thai said the first secretary of the Thai course, not all my compatriots Tuesday in a newspaper to Microsoft's move into the
embassy in Phnom Penh today embassy had been given 48 hours see it that way right now. Their interview which allegedly world of retail stores during
and Thailand responded tit-for-tat to leave the country for carrying domestic political compulsions criticised the Thai royal family. Apple's Manhattan store opening
in the simmering feud between out activities inconsistent with force them to false patriotism. Thai officials are reportedly today.
the two countries. his official duties. He refused to Let's pray that they too will one considering charging Thaksin
Thai officials were angered by say what the activities were.
the announcement last week that Thailand responded by ordering
day appreciate this partnership
for progress."
with lèse-majesté – insulting the
monarch or treason – a crime Yes, it's
Thaksin Shinawatra would advise o u t t h e f i r s t s e c r e t a r y o f The two countries have carrying a 15-year jail term in the
the Cambodian government and Cambodia's mission in Bangkok,
prime minister. Kuong said.
skirmished over their border
recently and as the conflict over
• Cambodia
coming: The
The former Thai prime minister After Thaksin's new role was
was sentenced in his absence to announced on 5 November
Thaksin has escalated, Thailand
has torn up an agreement over
• Thailand Boxee Box
two years' jail last year after he Thailand recalled its ambassador maritime boundaries. The row Adam Gabbatt By Scott Stein
allowed his wife to buy state land in Cambodia and said it would has heightened fears that the© Guardian News
at a discount price. Thaksin was review all agreements between violent dispute over the Preah & Media Limited 2009 | Use of Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:17:00 AM

ousted as prime minister in 2006 the two countries. Critics, Vihear temple on the shared this content is subject to our
in a military coup and has since including Thailand's current border could flare up again. Terms & Conditions| More Feeds The set-top internet TV software
been living in self-imposed exile. government, have portrayed Thaksin won two landslide without a set-top gets a set-top.
He flew into Cambodia on Thaksin as a traitor for accepting election victories before he was Originally posted at Crave
Monday, prompting Thailand to the Cambodian appointment and ousted in a military coup, and is
request yesterday that he be attacked Cambodia for hosting a still hugely popular in Thailand,

Check out pics from the $26,000 Leica S2
By Matt Burns (CrunchGear) professionals out there that view don’t expect to be blown away. camera. Definitely don’t take my
Submitted at 11/12/2009 7:18:15 AM
DSLRs like the Canon 5D and Here’s the thing. I don’t see word for it though. Click over to
Nikon D700 as entry-level anything special. I mean, they are dpreview for the full res shots,
Have you ever wondered what because they have flashes that good photos and maybe I don’t but I think I’ll stick with a Nikon
pictures look like from a camera cost more than those cameras. know what to look for, but some for a while.
that costs more than many cars? I Well, DPReview got a hold of posted some sample pictures, but of them look like they could have
have. I know there are a lot of the$26,000 Leica S2 and just been taken with a $200 pocket
E-reader Newspaper World/ Gadgets/ 9

Gender pay gap narrows - but women still earn far
By Owen Bowcott (World 4% to £153, with women earning to see the private sector falling The TUC calculates that there is
news and comment from the £156 compared with £144 for even further behind the public a part-time gender pay gap of
Guardian | men; they were highest in sector. Most women work part- 35.2%, based on comparing the
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:54:52 AM London at £627 and lowest in the time because they juggle the hourly earnings of men working Video
North East - £436. This important work of looking after full-time (£16.07) with women
The hourly pay of women represented a 2% reduction in the children and older relatives. working part-time (£10.40). Unboxing: Palm
working full-time rose by 4% last gender pay gap, which now That's where the discrimination A spokesman for the Equality
year, while the rate for men rose stands at 13.2%. Part time really bites. and Human Rights Commission Pixi for Sprint
only 2.8% weekly earnings were highest in "The equality bill will help said: "The improvement in the By Greg Kumparak
• Datablog: What do people get London at £627 and lowest in the women make even further gender pay gap is something to (CrunchGear)
paid? The latest salary survey North East - £436. progress. We will ban secrecy be welcomed and we hope this
Submitted at 11/12/2009 7:21:34 AM
results For full-time employees' the pay clauses, which exist in nearly a trend will continue. However, it
The pay gap between what men gap (calculated on median quarter of workplaces, so that continues to be a concern that We'll have our full review up in
and women receive for working h o u r l y e a r n i n g s e x c l u d i n g women can challenge unfair pay, women who work full-time can just a few hours - in the mean
narrowed over the past year, overtime) also dropped to 12.2%, and we'll make public authorities expect to earn 16.4% less per time, join me as I hyper-actively
official figures have revealed. down from 12.6% in 2008. The report on gender pay. We will hour on average than their male unbox the Palm Pixi with the
Hourly wage rates, compiled by gap for full-time workers was ask businesses to report on colleagues." help of a few pilgrim children.
the Office of National Statistics highest in the south east and gender pay, but if voluntary • Equality
(ONS), show an increase last lowest in Northern Ireland. measures do not work by 2013, • Gender
year for full-time female workers Pay in the public sector we will use our legal power to • Women
of 4% to £13.43, while the rate increased by 3% to an average of require it." • Pay
for men rose by only 2.8% to £ 5 3 9 a w e e k , w h i l e t h e The TUC general secretary
£16.07. The resulting gender pay comparable figure in private Brendan Barber said: "It's Owen Bowcott
gap of 16.4% represented a f i r m s w a s £ 4 6 5 , u p b y encouraging to see the gender© Guardian News
r e d u c t i o n o f 1 % o v e r t h e 1%.Harriet Harman, minister for pay gap narrowing but it is still & Media Limited 2009 | Use of
previous year. women and equality, welcomed unacceptably high. The day when this content is subject to our
Average weekly earnings for the narrowing of the gender pay men and women are paid equally Terms & Conditions| More Feeds
part-time workers increased by gap but said: "It's disappointing looks as distant as ever."

The Boxee Set-Top Box: It's Coming [Boxee]
By John Herrman (Gizmodo) Boxee's post on the box has We'll get to see the matter what the source a way to get Boxee in their living
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:11:28 AM
nothing in the way of details yet, box—assuming it's not just this * give content owners, rooms, no matter whether it's on
so I'm just going to have to take a Boxee-compatible Myka number aggregators, and developers the a Connected TV, game console,
Boxee's fantastic connected WILD guess at what this thing we saw a few days ago—come tools to create unique experiences set-top box, BluRay player,
media center software has always will look like: It'll be a box, with December 7th, when it gets the with a variety of business models computer, etc.
been just that: fantastic connected an Ion chipset, a medium-sized full unveiling treatment. Also * enable CE companies to Multiple Boxee Boxes! Boxee
media center software. Today, HDD, HDMI-out and a Boxee interesting, though probably a enhance their Connected devices Boxen! [ Boxee]
the company says its going to sticker and a $200 price tag. little aspirational: This will be the first connected
announce hardware—a Boxee Why? Because nothing else * make it easy for users to device running Boxee, but the
Box, even. would really make any sense. consume and find content – no idea is to provide consumers with
10 World/ Gadgets/ Tech/ Politics/ E-reader Newspaper

Gordon Brown to attend Copenhagen Qualcomm chips promises 1GHz
speeds in 'mainstream smartphones,'
climate change conference simultaneous HSPA+ / LTE support
(World news and comment today that he had accepted the Dutch prime minister, Jan By Darren Murph (Engadget)
from the Guardian | Rasmussen's invitation, adding: Peter Balkenende. "Although there is much to be President Luiz Inácio Lula da
Submitted at 11/12/2009 12:36:00 PM

Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:29:01 AM done in the next 30 days, clearly Silva of Brazil has indicated he Qualcomm's Snapdragon has
this is one of the issues which is might come to the conference, brought about a new wave of
The Danish prime minister, Lars top of the prime minister's mind and a spokesman for the German possibilities for smartphones, but
Lokke Rasmussen, wrote to 191 at the moment." chancellor, Angela Merkel, said evidently those chips are just too
leaders, saying their presence He said Britain has accepted that she is keeping the date open. exclusive to slip into so-called
would be 'pivotal' it will not get the legal treaty on Brown wrote to Lula today to "mainstream smartphones." In
Gordon Brown confirmed today carbon cuts that Brown was congratulate him on announcing order to remedy such a tragedy, 3G / LTE, which ought to make
that he will attend the UN climate initially hoping for at an ambitious target to cut Brazil's the outfit has today introduced those champing at the bit for a
change summit in Copenhagen Copenhagen, but believes that a greenhouse gas emissions by the MSM7x30 family of speedier WWAN highway
next month after the Danish political agreement leading to a 38%-42% by 2020. solutions, which uses an 800 exceedingly giddy. Hit the links
prime minister, Lars Lokke clear timetable on a legally The prime minister has been MHz to 1GHz custom below for all the technobabble.
Rasmussen, issued invitations to binding deal would be "from our "hitting the phones" in recent superscalar CPU based on the Read- MSM7x30 solutions
191 world leaders. point of view, a result". days, speaking to Rasmussen and ARM v7 instruction set. The Read- Dual-carrier HSPA+ and
Brown was the first world leader Obama said on Monday that he leaders of a range of countries to chips support 720p video Multi-Mode 3G/LTE chipsets
to announce in September that he will attend the summit if he push for agreement at encoding / decoding at 30fps, Filed under: Cellphones
was ready to go to Copenhagen believed "we are on the brink of a Copenhagen, as well as meeting integrated 2D and 3D graphics Qualcomm chips promises
to help secure a deal. He will be meaningful agreement and my the UN secretary general, Ban Ki (with support for OpenGL ES 2.0 1GHz speeds in 'mainstream
hoping that other prime ministers presence in Copenhagen will -moon, said Downing Street. and OpenVG 1.1), 5.1-channel smartphones,' simultaneous
and presidents – particularly make a difference in tipping us • Copenhagen climate change surround sound, a 12 megapixel HSPA+ / LTE support originally
Barack Obama – follow his lead over the edge". conference 2009 camera sensor and built-in GPS. appeared on Engadget on Thu, 12
and go to the Danish capital. In his letters, sent out to heads of • Climate change In related news, the outfit also Nov 2009 12:36:00 EST. Please
The prime minister and other state and governments around the • Green politics announced that it is sampling the see our terms for use of feeds.
world leaders are expected to world by diplomatic channels • Gordon Brown industry's first chipsets for dual- Permalink| Email this| Comments
attend the final days of the two- today, Rasmussen said their • Carbon emissions carrier HSPA+ and multi-mode
week summit on 17 and 18 attendance "is a pivotal
December, when he hopes that
political agreement will be
contribution to a successful
outcome" to the December© Guardian News
& Media Limited 2009 | Use of
Dobbs Goes Fox?
reached on a post-Kyoto conference. this content is subject to our (Little Green Footballs) News, it makes total sense:
framework for reducing the At least 40 leaders have said Terms & Conditions| More Feeds Submitted at 11/11/2009 6:30:24 PM
Update: Lou Dobbs to Quit
carbon emissions blamed for they plan to attend the CNN.
global warming. conference, including the French If Lou Dobbs is moving to Fox
Brown's spokesman announced president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and

Apple updates Safari for security
By Seth Rosenblatt A security update from Apple makes it hard to judge how Download Blog
( fixes multiple security holes in severe the threats are.
Safari, but a lack of transparency Originally posted at The
E-reader Newspaper World/ Gadgets/ 11

Hands-on approach to sex education
By Giles Tremlett (World news sex, even on their own, for non- departments.
and comment from the reproductive reasons. "The campaign is simple, clear,
Guardian | "This is an intimate subject that natural and easily understood by
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:47:00 AM should be dealt with at home," the people it is aimed at, who are
complained local opposition aged between 14 and 17," said
Officials launch campaign to leader Hernández Carrón of the Laura Garrido, president of the
teach young people about 'sexual rightwing People's party. "We Youth Council of Extremadura.
self-exploration and discovery of have become the laughing stock Commentators questioned why
self-pleasure' of Spain." the poorest region in Spain was
It is a subject that would make "They are interfering with the paying for a campaign to
most governments blush, but right of parents to educate their promote onanism.
officials in the Spanish region of own children about a matter as "Extremadura should be pleased
Extremadura have launched a important as their sexuality," with itself," sniped Pilar Rahola,
major programme to encourage agreed the conservative a columnist in the Barcelona-
what could be described as a
more hands-on approach to
Confederation of Fathers and
Mothers of Schoolchildren.
based La Vanguardia newspaper.
"It may have the most
Boxee inks deal with
The region's socialist
government has launched a
Officials from the neighbouring
region of Andalucia have
expressed an interest in copying
unemployed young people in
Spain, but they will be the best at
first hardware partner: a
€14,000 (£12,600) campaign
aimed at teaching young people
the programme.
The campaign includes leaflets,
• Spain
• Sex education 'Boxee Box' is coming
how best to set about "sexual self flyers, a "fanzine" and workshops • Catholicism By Darren Murph (Engadget) mockups and the like will be
-exploration and the discovery of for the young in which they presented at the Boxee Beta
Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:48:00 AM
self-pleasure" – or to put it less receive instruction on self- Giles Tremlett Unveiling on December 7th. Oh,
delicately: masturbation. pleasuring techniques along with© Guardian News Color us shocked and elated. and as if you aren't excited
"Pleasure is in your own hands" advice on contraception and self- & Media Limited 2009 | Use of Boxee, the white-hot startup that enough already, chew on this --
is the slogan of a campaign that respect. this content is subject to our h a s r i s e n f r o m n o t h i n g t o the company has informed us that
has sparked political controversy Extremadura's government is Terms & Conditions| More Feeds everywhere thanks to its internet they believe "this will be the first
and challenges traditional Roman funding the campaign through its TV software portal, has just of several living room devices
Catholic views on people having youth and women's affairs announced that a deal has been you'll see running Boxee in
i n k e d b e t w e e n i t a n d a n 2010," so don't be shocked if
Apple patents some kind of pen- undisclosed "hardware partner." your favorite game console or
If you'll recall, we actually heard B l u - r a y p l a y e r g a i n s a n
that the outfit was mulling the embedded Boxee app in the near
based digital ink thing production of its own set-top-box future.
back in January, and now it looks Boxee inks deal with first
By John Biggs (CrunchGear) “chunks.” like Roku, Apple TV and a host hardware partner: a 'Boxee Box'
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:30:41 AM
UnwiredReview found the patent of other mini PCs will have yet is coming originally appeared on
and shared it with the whole wide another formidable rival vying Engadget on Thu, 12 Nov 2009
Clearly this is either an old world. for space underneath the tele. The 11:48:00 EST. Please see our
patent or a Macguffin because sort of tablet app for recognizing firm isn't spilling any details terms for use of feeds. Read|
whatever this thing is it’s not the pen input in phrases instead of in whatsoever on the so-called Permalink| Email this| Comments
iPad. Basically you’ve got some "Boxee Box," but we are told that
12 Gadgets/ Tech/ E-reader Newspaper
Supreme Court Justice
Your Next Body Is Growing In a Lab Right Now Kennedy Teaches
Wrong Lesson On
[This Cyborg Life] Freedom Of The Press
By Mark Wilson (Gizmodo) and heart failure. There are many By Mike Masnick (Techdirt)
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:20:00 AM
challenges to overcome—and the Submitted at 11/12/2009 2:34:00 AM
timeframe is impossible to
At TEDMED, I witnessed video predict—but we do see promise You would think that a Supreme
clips showing science I never in these technologies. Court Justice (and the people
knew was so advanced. Dr. In 20? (I know, totally nuts, but who work for one) would know
Anthony Atala has been growing that's what makes it so fun.) better than to tell any sort of
human tissue and organs, in a I don't know how long it will news publication -- even a high
lab, for nearly two decades. He's take, but I do foresee a future school newspaper -- that he
even printed kidneys from a cell- when organs will be available off needed to approve any articles
stuffed inkjet printer. -the-shelf, ready to "plug in" and written about a speech he gave,
The footage below is from the replace injured or diseased but that appears to be exactly
Wake Forest Institute for organs. I believe we'll have a what happened with Justice
Regenerative Medicine, one of boutique of technologies that will Anthony Kennedy and a recent
the world's largest labs dedicated includes tissue engineering and speech to Dalton High School
to regenerative medicine—a field cell therapies and doctors will students in Manhattan. The
interested in repairing or select the ideal treatment based people who work for Kennedy
replacing human tissue so the on the patient's needs. are now trying to claim that this
body can self-heal. [ Lead image: A human bladder was just to make sure the quotes
This collection is sort of a is engineered in the laboratory were accurate, but those who
greatest hits of Dr. Atala's last 20 using a biodegradable, three- work for the school paper say
years of research (no, none of dimension scaffold that supports they were under the impression
this was done overnight on a bladder cells while they multiple they needed full approval of the
whim), though almost none of and develop. A technician is article first. It's amazing that
what you'll see has left the lab for "seeding" cells on the scaffold. whoever made the request
clinical trials. Karen Richardson, (Wake Forest Institute for (whether Kennedy himself or
Sr. Communications Manager at laboratory-grown bladders are o r g a n s i n t h e l a b o r a t o r y , Regenerative Medicine). For some staffer) didn't realize how
the lab, walks us through the being tested in children with including blood vessels, heart more information on these bad that would look, especially
videos in the gallery below. spina bifida and adults with valves, bone, muscle, kidneys projects, go here.] from a Justice who has always
Watch the clips, then scroll down spinal cord injuries and will soon livers. Scientific progress isn't This week, Gizmodo is been a strong proponent of strong
for our Q&A with mad (but be tested in patients with bladder always linear, so it's impossible exploring the enhanced human First Amendment rights...
completely sane) scientist Dr. cancer. Tissue engineering to predict how long it will take to future in a segment we call This Permalink| Comments| Email
Anthony Atala. technology has been used to reach our goals. Cyborg Life. It's about what This Story
Interview With Dr. Atala repair narrowed urethras, the tube In 10? happens when we treat our body
What can we do in organ that empties urine from the body. In addition to tissue engineering, less as a sacred object and more
growing/generation today? What will we be doing in 5 our lab and others are working as what it is: Nature's ultimate
Laboratory-grown organs and years? toward cell therapies to benefit a machine.
tissues are already benefiting We are currently working to variety of conditions, from
patients today. For example, engineer 22 different tissues and diabetes to urinary incontinence
E-reader Newspaper Gadgets/ Tech/ 13

Fox News debates video game Facebook app developer
violence rejects App Store, irony
By John Biggs (CrunchGear)
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:40:04 AM
boys and girls of all age groups,
according to a new study. In
“Age and Violent-Content Labels
little to correlate events like the
shooting at Fort Hood and 9/11
to violent video games.
Fox News held a fair and Make Video Games Forbidden Violence stems from – or a lack By Joseph L. Flatley
balanced debate over Modern Fruits for Youth,” researchers of – human interaction in a
Warfare 2, the popular new FPS tested 310 Dutch children in nurturing and mental health Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:01:00 AM

that lets you play a CIA operative three groups: 7 to 8, 12 to 13 and context. To ascribe any sort of
tasked with helping Russian 16 to 17 years of age. behavior to media is a cop out for We always said that if Apple's
agents clear terrorists out of an Participants read fictitious video the pundits and for the aggressor. arbitrary, inconsistent, and quite
airport. In the game, it turns out game descriptions and rated how That said, I would recommend frankly baffling approval process
that the Russian had turned on much or how little they wanted to children not watch Fox News didn't get straightened out soon,
you and forced you to kill play each game. An important because it encourages damn fools the defections were going to pick
innocents in the airport. It’s a finding for parents, pediatricians to come to presidential speeches up pace -- and what do we have
depiction of USA-funded and policy-makers is that age and wearing guns, but that’s neither here? Joe Hewitt, the developer
terrorism. It is not a murder violent-content labels do not here nor there. of the well-loved and highly
simulator. prevent young children from Sadly, Jon Cristensen at regarded Facebook iPhone app,
The debate here, if it can be playing games with objectionable SlashGamer was too tongue-tied has flipped the script and rejected
called that, seems to rotate content. In fact, they have the to respond to this criticism and the App Store. And, as you'd
around the correlation between opposite effect. Study authors it’s rarely the gamer that comes expect, our man is not mincing
video game violence and real suggest that video games should out ahead in these sorts of his words, stating that his
violence. The old man in this not be forbidden in Europe or the ambushes. The bottom line: "decision to stop iPhone
debate mentioned an American United States because that will violent games are not for young development has had everything
Association of Pediatrics only make the games more kids just as pornography, beer, to do with Apple's policies," and
statement. Here it is: attractive, and parents should cigarettes, handguns, lighters, that he's "philosophically
VIOLENT VIDEO GAME help in selecting appropriate spray paint, and knives are not opposed to the existence of their
C O N T E N T M O R E games for their children to play. for kids. There is a time and a review process." While Hewitt Way to give 'em hell, Joe!
ATTRACTIVE TO YOUTH This amazing bit of news – kids context for each of those things can't comment on specific future [Via TUAW]
Restrictive age and violent- like stuff they can’t have – is an and to rail against them shows a projects (he's still at Facebook, Filed under: Cellphones
content labels increased the obvious by-product of our lack of judgement and clarity. but the app itself has been handed Facebook app developer rejects
attractiveness of video games for neophilic instincts and does very UPDATE – A cool response: off to another developer) he has App Store, irony ensues
mentioned that he'll be devoting originally appeared on Engadget
Google hopes Go will give a browser boost his time to web development for
mobile devices. As you know,
on Thu, 12 Nov 2009 11:01:00
EST. Please see our terms for
By Stephen Shankland Client technology to speed Web- there is no approval process for use of feeds. Read| Permalink|
( based programs. the world wide web (which is Email this| Comments
integrate its new Go Originally posted at Deep Tech apparent if you've spent any time
Submitted at 11/12/2009 4:00:00 AM
programming language with its on Geocities back in the day).
The Net giant is working to Chrome browser and Native
14 Gadgets/ Tech/ Politics/ E-reader Newspaper

Intel shells out $1.25 billion to settle all AMD
Give a
litigation microdonation to
By Darren Murph (Engadget) this exceptionally bitter rivalry,
Submitted at 11/12/2009 10:38:00 AM
and we highly doubt Intel wrote a your favorite charity
check this large while grinning By Don Reisinger
Intel sure sells a lot of chips, but from ear-to-ear. That said, we're (
man -- it sure blows a lot of that eager to see what AMD does
Submitted at 11/11/2009 2:58:33 PM
profit on lawyers. Just months with its newfound cheddar, and if
after it got nailed with a$1.45 we had our druthers, we'd sit If you're in the mood to give a
billion fine from the EU in an back and watch it invest heavily little something back this holiday
AMD antitrust case, nearly two into beating Intel to the punch season, you can do it with some
years after AMD hit Intel with with its next few platforms. social-donation sites. We take a
another antitrust probe and nearly Filed under: Desktops, Laptops look at some of those in this
1.5 years after the FTC sparked Intel shells out $1.25 billion to roundup.
up an investigation of its own, settle all AMD litigation
Intel has finally decided to pony originally appeared on Engadget
up in order to rid itself of one of disputes" with AMD. In fact, the focus all of our efforts on product on Thu, 12 Nov 2009 10:38:00
those back-riding monkeys. In an pair went so far as to say the innovation and development." EST. Please see our terms for
admittedly brief joint following: Aside from AMD's coffers filling use of feeds. Read| Permalink|
announcement released "While the relationship between up with cash, the agreement also Email this| Comments
simultaneously by both firms the two companies has been gives both firms patent rights
today, Intel has agreed to cough difficult in the past, this from a new 5-year cross license
up a whopping $1.25 billion in agreement ends the legal disputes agreement. Of course, we're
order to settle "all antitrust and IP and enables the companies to betting that this isn't the end of

The Boxee Box will rock your sox!
By Matt Burns (CrunchGear) December 7th right around the probably don’t really need the online video sites and share
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:15:41 AM
corner from John’s house where super-user friendly interface viewing data with friends. It’s
we should learn more. I’m found on Boxee. It’s the people really HTPC software 2.0.
Boxee, everyone’s favorite already excited though. Just think that don’t have any idea what the Hopefully the upcoming box
H T P C s o f t w a r e , j u s t what this means. hell Boxee is that really could will bring all the goods at a fair
announced that the company just Boxee is amazing program and benefit from the program. price. Considering just about any
partnered with its first CE many people geeks are already Boxee is by far the easiest HTPC system that can output HD can
company. But that’s all the using it on their Apple TVs, software to use. But not only run Boxee, I wouldn’t expect the
company is saying. We don’t HTPCs, and other devices. But it that, the system is about as robust box to cost all that much.
know anything else. However, deserves so much more. The the necessary skills to get Boxee as you can ask for with the ability
there is an event coming up on irony here is that the people with o n t h e i r H D T V s c u r r e n t l y to stream media from countless

Wednesday Night Music: Jimmy Wahlsteen, 'Its Your Favorite'
(Little Green Footballs) This is from Swedish guitarist 181st Songs, a tune called “It’s recording at the iTunes
Jimmy Wahlsteen’s great album Your Favorite.” (Here’s the Store.)[Video]
E-reader Newspaper Gadgets/ Politics/ Tech News/ 15

Intel Pays AMD $1.25 Billion To End Antitrust, Judge Napolitano
on the Alex Jones
Patent Wars [Antitrust] Show Again
By John Herrman (Gizmodo) AMD no doubt helped spur (Little Green Footballs)
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:23:10 AM
investigations by the European Submitted at 11/11/2009 1:52:11 PM
Commission and New York
In case you were wondering if Attorney General into Intel's The crossover between Fox
Intel's business practices were as business practices, and as part of News and the farthest reaches of
shady as the European the agreement AMD is the kookosphere proceeds at an
Commission and the NY withdrawing their complaints accelerating pace, as frequent
Attorney General think they are, with both agencies, but the EC Glenn Beck guest host and Fox
look no further than this: Intel is issued their $1bn+ fine quite a contributor Judge Andrew
paying $1.25 billion—plus while ago, and from the looks of Napolitano has an extended chat
frills— to avoid fighting. it, the AG's office is eager to with conspiracy monger Alex
Here's how Intel describes the move forward with their Jones about their mutual enemy,
settlement: investigation too. In other words, the US government: YouTube -
Intel Corporation and Advanced this probably isn't the end of the Judge Andrew Napolitano on
Micro Devices today announced anymore, and the mountains of companies will live in harmony,
pain for Intel. Alex Jones Tv 1/2:The
a comprehensive agreement to patent and antitrust disputes are cross-licensing technologies and
That, kids, is why you don't Government Doesn’t Care About
end all outstanding legal disputes resolved: Intel will pay this competing, but softly! Great.
engage in anticompetetive YOU!!
between the companies, ridiculously large sum of money Well, sort of: Intel's biggest
practices in a two-company
including antitrust litigation and to AMD, and agree to not engage problems right now don't come
industry. [ WSJ Law Blog]
patent cross license disputes. in anything even resembling from other companies, but from
So, they're not fighting directly monopolistic behavior, and both governments: complaints from

“Green Tap”: NEC develops energy-saving power strip
By Serkan Toto (CrunchGear) sports four outlets, can be used for air conditioners or heaters,
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:00:03 AM
by both offices and private automatically setting the
homes. temperature in a room, for
NEC subsidiary NEC System The device can be used for all example. It will even cut off
Technologies has developed a kinds of electric appliances. The power supply in case of an
power strip[JP] with a built-in sensor monitors various data earthquake (the sensor has a built
processor, sensor (the device such as the luminosity, -in accelerometer).
pictured on the right) and remote temperature, humidity or human NEC System Technologies plans
control that can cut power heat around it. If you’re out of infrared signal to the remote it off completely. If you return, to start commercializing its
consumption by as much as 15% the room in which you placed control, which then makes the the TV will be turned on again. technology in 2011 but hasn’t
and more. The company says the your TV, for example, the sensor TV go into standby mode or turn The Green Tap works similarly decided about pricing and other
so-called Green Tap, which makes the power strip send an details yet.

Nov 12, 1946: The Abacus Proves Its Might
By Priya Ganapati (Wired Top It's a classic showdown of The bottom line depends on the
Stories) abacus versus electric calculator. speed of data entry.
16 Gadgets/ E-reader Newspaper

TomTom to bring free lane
guidance, text-to-speech, iPod
control to iPhone GPS app
AMD spells out the future: By Darren Murph (Engadget) audio warnings and iPod player
control. Not a bad list of
Submitted at 11/12/2009 12:12:00 PM

heterogeneous computing, Bulldozer additions for the grand total of
TomTom's probably still dizzy $0.00, but we wouldn't expect
from the hit that Google laid on it anything less given the lofty
and Bobcats galore just a few days ago, but it has admission price.
somehow managed to get its Continue reading TomTom to
By Darren Murph (Engadget) "workloads are divided between where Intel currently reigns. b e a r i n g s l o n g e n o u g h t o bring free lane guidance, text-to-
Submitted at 11/12/2009 10:17:00 AM
the CPU and GPU"), it's the Frankly, we're jazzed about the announce that a slew of gratis speech, iPod control to iPhone
forthcoming platforms that really possibilities, so hit the links updates are incoming for its GPS app
Believe it or not, it's just about have us worked up. For starters, below for a deep dive into what highly-hyped iPhone navigation Filed under: Cellphones, GPS,
time for AMD to start thinking AMD is looking into Accelerated just might be powering your next app. Following in Navigon's Storage
about its future. We know -- P r o c e s s i n g U n i t ( A P U ) (or next-next) PC. footsteps, the outfit has today TomTom to bring free lane
you're still doing your best to configurations, which "represent [Via Digitimes] stated that a free update has been guidance, text-to-speech, iPod
wrap that noodle around Congos the combined capabilities of Filed under: Desktops, Laptops submitted to Apple for approval, control to iPhone GPS app
and Thubans, but now it's time to [practically any] two separate AMD spells out the future: and when (er, if) it clears originally appeared on Engadget
wonder how exactly Leo, Llano processors." We're also told that h e t e r o g e n e o u s c o m p u t i n g , Cupertino's ambiguous review on Thu, 12 Nov 2009 12:12:00
and Zambezi (to name a few) can the firm may actually introduce Bulldozer and Bobcats galore process, it'll deliver advanced EST. Please see our terms for
fit into your already hectic its Bulldozer (architecture for originally appeared on Engadget lane guidance, text-to-speech, use of feeds. Permalink| Email
schedule. At an Analyst Day m a i n s t r e a m m a c h i n e s ) a n d on Thu, 12 Nov 2009 10:17:00 "Help Me," updated map / safety this| Comments
event this week, the chipmaker Bobcat (architecture for low- EST. Please see our terms for cameras (in select European
removed the wraps on its goals power, ultrathin PCs) platforms use of feeds. Read| Permalink| nations) databases, customizable
for 2010 and 2011, and while it's more hastily than similar ones Email this| Comments
still focusing intently on have been rolled out in the past,
Fusion(better described as which demonstrates an effort to
heterogeneous computing, where really target the consumer market
E-reader Newspaper Gadgets/ Tech/ 17

What If You Could Recreate Live
Performances By Dead Artists On A
By Mike Masnick (Techdirt) company takes into account just talking about the legal mess
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:01:00 AM
everything from how an artist associated with's
strikes a note to their hand claims that the music it offers
Via Shocklee comes this story of movement, how they play when from its site for sale are not the
a company that claims to have tired (yes, it can recreate fatigue) original works by bands like the
Inside the Apple Temple created software that can recreate and even, as for the case of Jerry
live performances by famous Lee Lewis, how they play with
Beatles, but an entirely new
recording through a "psycho-

[Apple] musicians(even dead ones). their feet. For the guitar there is
Basically, the software learns (or even more to take into account,
so its creators claim) exactly how like pad placement, fingernails,
acoustic simulation."
So, now, take this software that
supposedly can perfectly mimic a
By matt buchanan (Gizmodo) glass, the sheer space rob it of certain musicians played, and
and bending of the strings, the certain musician's playing, and
any sense of warmth or feeling. then can mimic that style exactly.
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:36:55 AM list goes on. have it record a song. Say it's a
The only sense of life in room is Here's how Pocket Lint describes
The result is that songs recorded new song. Who owns the
While every Apple Store is in the products. It's a temple to it: Zenph Studio's approach is to
100 years ago can and will be copyright? What if it's adding
some sense a place of reverence, them, really. work out how the musician and able to be re-recorded with John Lennon to a Rolling Stone's
the new Upper West Side store The beating heart, where things the instrument acts and responds,
unabashedly evokes that feeling: modern recording equipment, song? Who owns the copyright?
a c t u a l l y h a p p e n i s t u c k e d then get a computer to play that
allowing old songs to be What if it's an old song, updated
The top floor's a vast open space, underground. The Genius Bar track again as a real-time, real-
revitalised and enjoyed once in some slight way? Who owns
enclosed by spartan stone walls and personal training space is the life performance, which in turn
more "in surround sound or the copyright? What if it's just
which support a massive glass biggest ever in an Apple store, can be recorded using modern
headphone listening". And, of the same song but "remastered"?
ceiling. a b l e t o h a n d l e u p t o 1 0 0 techniques. The new track isn't a
I can't tell you—and the pictures course, the technology goes well Who owns the copyright? The
customers at once. It's pretty r e - m a s t e r i n g , b u t a r e -
beyond just remastering. In legal questions raised by this
can't show you—how utterly much like any other Apple store performance, as if the musician
theory, you could create entirely kind of software are going to
open and expansive the room down there, just bigger. was actually playing it even new recordings by long-dead keep copyright lawyers busy for
feels. To give you an idea of the It's impressive. Especially though the artist may or may not
artists, matching their exact a long, long time.
space, the walls are 45 feet tall, considering that it used to be a be dead.
and could fit 11 Apple Cubes styles. As the article suggests, Permalink| Comments| Email
Victoria's Secret. It opens The technology works by you could toss John Lennon into This Story
inside. The spareness is Saturday, and they're giving ascertaining how an artist strikes
a Rolling Stones song.
breathtaking. It's cold. Not away 2500 commemorative a note and then recreating that
Of course, if this sounds sorta
literally, but the stone walls, the shirts, if you're that kind of crazy. note again. For the piano, the
familiar, that's because we were
18 Gadgets/ Tech/ Tech News/ E-reader Newspaper

Vestax Spin might just be the USB-based DJ rig Dwarf-Planet
of your dreams, only shinier Contest
By Donald Melanson and center, along with a full Filed under: Peripherals By Alexis Madrigal (Wired Top
(Engadget) multi-channel audio system Vestax Spin might just be the Stories)
Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:25:00 AM
complete with the requisite USB-based DJ rig of your
Submitted at 11/11/2009 5:00:00 PM
sliders, mic input (and included dreams, only shinier originally
Your USB-based DJ-ing options microphone), audio output, and appeared on Engadget on Thu, 12 Pluto may be a dwarf planet
aren't exactly all that limited of course that USB connection, Nov 2009 11:25:00 EST. Please now, but that's nothing to be
these days, but there's few rigs which also eliminates the need see our terms for use of feeds. ashamed of! Pluto and its four
out there quite as eye-catching as for a power adapter. On the Read| Permalink| Email this| fellow dwarfs just need a better
this new Spin controller software side of things you'll get Comments name for their category of
developed by Vestax and Algoriddim's djay 3 mixing celestial bodies — and we need
Algoriddim. Designed for Mac mix. Sold? Then you can snag
application, plus some out-of-the- your help coming up with one.
users only, this one packs two this one right now for $250.
box integration with iTunes to let
touch sensitive jog wheels front [Via OhGizmo!]
you easily pull tracks for your

STATS: Has Twitter Flatlined Just Short of Mainstream?
By Stan Schroeder that’s exactly what’s been size), and Twitter is not. You can your tweets back and forth. After
(Mashable!) happening to Twitter: according chalk it up to Miley Cyrus’ all, it has a search deal with both
Submitted at 11/12/2009 2:11:24 AM
to Compete, it has flatlined for departure, to some cosmic Bing and Google, and that’s
the last four months, showing anomaly, or you could just say bound to drive some traffic their
Somewhere around this date, absolutely no growth as far as that Twitter was always too way.
every month, we look at the stats uniques, visits, or rank go. And geeky for the wide mainstream However, I’m interested in your
from various web analytics it’s not just Compete: Quantcast audience. But it’s odd for a theories on why its traffic has
companies, and check how the paints pretty much the same service to grow so explosively stopped growing. Is it just an
most important social media and picture, and Twitter CEO Evan and to be featured in the media so anomaly? Have users grown tired
social networking sites are doing. Williams has recently admitted ideas built around Twitter in the much, and then to stop growing of it? Has it failed to engage a
And don’t get us wrong: these that their traffic has stalled in the past two years. Twitter has been all at a sudden without a clear certain key demographic, for
stats can be biased ( Compete, for US. adding a lot of new, important reason. example teens? Please give us
example, is US-biased) and they It’s interesting, because it’s hard features lately, the latest of which I still believe that this won’t your theories in the comments.
can be wrong (sometimes they to find a reason why this is has been the retweet function. matter in the long run; Twitter Image courtesy of iStockphoto,
will report a fall or decline in happening. Twitter has entered T h a t ’ s g o t t o c o u n t f o r aims to be a ubiquitous service – Norebbo. Reviews: Facebook,
traffic even when the reality is pop culture, it’s been the web something, right? the new SMS, if you will – that Twitter, iStockphoto
quite the opposite). buzzword of the year, everyone In some ways, Twitter is more acts almost as a part of the net’s Tags: compete, trending, twitter
But when we see a trend that from NFL players to rock stars mainstream than Facebook. And infrastructure. It doesn’t have to
goes on for four months, there a r e t w e e t i n g . W e ’ v e s e e n y e t F a c e b o o k i s g r o w i n g be popular, it merely needs to be
must be something to it. And hundreds of exciting services and again(despite its huge audience there, behind the curtain, sending

Behind-the-Scenes Video: James Cameron's Vision for 'Avatar'
By Video Take a behind-the-scenes look at
Department (Wired Top director James Cameron's vision
Stories) for 'Avatar.'
E-reader Newspaper Tech/ Politics/ Tech News/ 19
The Death Rattle For
Universities reject Kindle over inaccessibility for Non-Innovators: Asking
'Who Else Is Doing It?'
the blind By Mike Masnick (Techdirt)
(CNET Although students are still Submitted at 11/11/2009 10:01:00 PM

Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:08:00 AM
evaluating the devices, she said,
the university has "no plans to Taking risks can be scary,
The National Federation of the purchase any more of these units because they can fail. But if no
Blind is applauding the decisions in light of the fact that they are one takes risks, then it's pretty
of Syracuse University and the inaccessible to blind students. If hard to innovate -- and that's the
University of Wisconsin- Syracuse University decides to situation many newspapers find
Madison not to's use e-book technology on themselves in. Jay Rosen points
Kindle DX as a textbook campus, we will require us to Alan Mutter's musings on
replacement. technology that can be used by how so many innovative ideas for
Kindle DX(Credit: Amazon) all of our students, including newspapers have been killed off
The universities cited the those who are blind." by the simple phrase"who else is
Kindle's inaccessibility to the Marc Maurer, president of the doing it?" Very few people want
blind as the problem. National Federation of the Blind, to be the first. That's why so
The federation said Wednesday said his organization commends many newspaper execs have
that while it appreciates the the universities' rejections of talked about putting up paywalls,
Kindle's text-to-speech feature, "broad deployment of the Kindle but few do (not that I think
the "menus of the device are not classes. device would include better DX in its current form because it paywalls are innovative, but it
accessible to the blind...making it "The big disappointment was "accessibility, higher-quality cannot be used by blind students does show why there's so much
impossible for a blind user to learning that the Kindle DX is g r a p h i c s , a n d i m p r o v e d and therefore denies the blind talk, and so little action). That's
purchase books from Amazon's not accessible to the blind," Ken navigation and note-taking. I e q u a l a c c e s s t o e l e c t r o n i c not the only thing, of course, but
Kindle store, select a book to F r a z i e r , t h e U n i v e r s i t y o f think that there will be a huge t e x t b o o k s . " it does highlight that newspapers
read, activate the text-to-speech Wisconsin-Madison director of payoff for the company that Mauer pointed out that the have been around for centuries
feature, and use the advanced libraries, said in a statement. creates a truly universal e-book federation does not oppose without having to do much
reading functions available on the "Advancements in text-to-speech reader." electronic textbooks and believes innovation at all. So, perhaps it's
Kindle DX." technology have created a market Pamela McLaughlin, director of that "they hold great promise for understandable (even if
Amazon did not immediately o p p o r t u n i t y f o r a n e - b o o k communications and external b l i n d s t u d e n t s i f t h e y a r e unfortunate) that they've been so
respond to request for comment. reading device that is fully relations at Syracuse University, a c c e s s i b l e . " slow to embrace the internet in a
According to the federation, the accessible for everyone. This said in a statement that her school This content has passed through reasonable way.
U n i v e r s i t y o f W i s c o n s i n - version of the Kindle e-book bought two Kindle DX units to Permalink| Comments| Email
Madison experimented with the reader missed the mark." see if it could replace hardcover This Story
Kindle in upper-level history Frazier added that a suitable textbooks and course materials.

Honoring Those Who Served Emmerich Rewrites History, the
(Little Green Footballs) for their contributions and Future (After Destroying Earth)
Submitted at 11/11/2009 3:04:28 PM
sacrifices. By Scott Pierce (Wired Top and The Day After Tomorrow,
( Google does have a very nice Stories)
As always on Veteran’s Day, we Roland Emmerich will destroy
special logo for this Veteran’s
take a few moments to thank all the veterans of our armed forces the world for the third time in the
Day, for which we thank them.) Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:21:00 AM
apocalyptic fantasia 2012. But
Following Independence Day that's it. Really. No More.
20 Tech/ E-reader Newspaper
Romance Publishing
Facebook app developer is through with the Giant Offering Ebooks
Without DRM; Reporter
iPhone, blames App Store approval process Upset By This
By Michael Rose (The the same August blog post where the lives of every software By Mike Masnick (Techdirt)
Unofficial Apple Weblog he called for the elimination of developer." Submitted at 11/12/2009 12:33:00 AM
(TUAW)) review, he promised "I will not Losing the talent behind the top
Submitted at 11/11/2009 11:00:00 PM stop developing for Apple's social networking app in the store Kevin Cummings writes in with
platforms or using Apple's is bad for users and bad for the the news that romance novel
Filed under: Analysis / Opinion, products as long as they continue platform, but I don't imagine that publishing giant Harlequin is
Developer, iPhone, App Store to produce the best stuff on the Apple is going to give up the setting up a new ebook division
It would have been nice for the market." A few months later, he's lockdown of review anytime to offer digital books directly
App Store's public relations team announced that he's handing off soon. Is there a way around this from the company's own
if the biggest news in the past the Facebook app to another logjam that will let developers websites, as well as via various
few days was the introduction of developer, and he's reached the innovate at Internet speed while online retailers. That, by itself,
a more transparent progress point where his frustration has still giving Apple some isn't a huge surprise these days,
report for applications under overcome his willingness to semblance of control? Here's one but the article does note that the
review, giving developers some continue working on the iPhone. idea... publisher decided to go without
of the feedback they need to see [Commenter 'Gak' points out that Continue reading Facebook app DRM on the books. Now, that
where their apps are in the Hewitt's open-sourced Three20 developer is through with the seems like a smart, consumer-
pathway towards approval and library for iPhone devs has been iPhone, blames App Store friendly move that should be
release. Unfortunately, that minor flagged for use of private approval process applauded. However, the
but tangible step toward a more frameworks, which may have TUAW Facebook app developer reporter who covered the
o p e n a p p r o v a l p r o c e s s i s been one of the final straws.] is through with the iPhone, announcement claims this move
overshadowed by a story of Hewitt spoke to TechCrunch blames App Store approval is "troubling," which seems like
frustration and disaffection from earlier today, and his attitude is process originally appeared on an odd statement. How could
one of the platform's rising stars: clear: The Unofficial Apple Weblog treating customers with respect
Joe Hewitt, the man behind "My decision to stop iPhone opposed to the existence of their (TUAW) on Wed, 11 Nov 2009 be "troubling"?
Facebook's popular iPhone app, development has had everything review process. I am very 23:00:00 EST. Please see our Permalink| Comments| Email
is mad as hell and he's not going to do with Apple's policies. I concerned that they are setting a terms for use of feeds. This Story
to take it anymore. respect their right to manage their horrible precedent for other Read| Permalink| Email this|
Hewitt's frustration with the app platform however they want, software platforms, and soon Comments
review process isn't new, but in however I am philosophically gatekeepers will start infesting

NASA Debunks 2012: Phew, The World Won’t End After All
By Stan Schroeder right? the future: you can never be “Impressive movie special effects
(Mashable!) I hope you didn’t believe that completely sure), it’s a cool aside, Dec. 21, 2012, won’t be
Submitted at 11/12/2009 5:49:35 AM
line of reasoning: not only doomsday theories that are reference because it actually the end of the world as we know.
because it’s flawed, but also circulating over the web, mostly contains some interesting It will, however, be another
The pre-Columbian Maya were because the Maya calendar related to the movie 2012. scientific facts related to the winter solstice.”
smart people. They got a lot of doesn’t really end on that date. Of course, even if you never movie 2012 and the most popular Tags: 2012, NASA
things right. So, if their calendar It’s sad to think that such a thing really believe the world will end doomsday theories. Here’s a
ends on December 12, 2012, the is necessary, but NASA has set in 2012 (that’s the problem with sobering quote that only a
world must end on that date, up a page debunking most of the scientific mind can create:
E-reader Newspaper Tech/ Tech News/ 21

Psystar alienates the Hackintosh Once Again, You Don't
community, too Compete With Innovative
By Mike Schramm (The New Services By Being Lame
Unofficial Apple Weblog By Mike Masnick (Techdirt) to have. How is that a better
Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:28:00 AM
experience then, well, anything?
Submitted at 11/12/2009 10:00:00 AM If you want a movie that can be
A couple years back we pointed downloaded, why not just let
Filed under: Hardware, OS, out how the entertainment people download it at home?
Software, Apple Say what you industry kept trying to "compete" Why have people go out to
will about Psystar, the with new (legal and not-so-legal) download it?
community that continues to sell online services, but always Then we have a story sent in by
computers running OS X, despite seemed to do so by being Loydster, about how Sony
bankruptcy, constant legal claim against Psystar; this will be about how to make this work," incredibly lame. And, you don't Pictures is offering owners of
problems with Apple, and a case one of the topics at today's Rudy says, "because it's all compete by being lame. It new Sony/Bravia HDTV's the
so slim even their own legal team summary judgement hearing in wrong." appears that this message still chance to download and watch
gave up. Sure, they're out of California. Nice. Way to alienate the one hasn't quite gotten through to the movie Cloudy With a Chance
reason, out of room, and way out But the kicker in all this is the group, the one community that some yet. With the movie of Meatballs before the DVD
of line, but at least they've got statement that Rudy Pedraza might still support your cause. I industry facing new challenges release. While that is actually a
plenty of cojones, as the locals makes about the famed wish Psystar the best of luck -- concerning online distribution nice tie-in between Sony's
say. Hackintosh scene-- a community not, mind you, because I need to and innovative services like content business and its
Why else would they say the of people who persist in running buy or run any of their machines Redbox, here are two stories of consumer electronics business,
things they do in this Miami OS X on hardware and devices (I buy Apple because I appreciate old school players trying to Sony (of course) has to screw it
Times article? Our friends at that it wasn't supposed to run on both the hardware and the "compete" but missing out on the up. That's because the company
Engadget lay out just what's (not nearly as much of a problem software), but just because their part where they make their thinks it can charge $25 to
wrong with that piece, from to Apple, as they don't sell the story continues to be so darn offering compelling. download the movie. The
Robert and Rudy's Pedraza's capability like Psystar does, but entertaining. The first comes from Josh in company seems to admit that it's
claims that they "cracked the still not technically allowed by TUAW Psystar alienates the CharlotteNC, who points out that charging this much because it
code" behind OS X, to the the license agreement). Surely, Hackintosh community, too Blockbuster is trying to compete doesn't want to piss off its retail
suggestions and hints that what you might think, this is where the originally appeared on The with Redbox and its widely partners(like WalMart), but it's
they're doing just might not be a Pedrazas could find friends; Unofficial Apple Weblog available kiosks (and Netflix with difficult to see why it's worth
contract violation. Whether or surely, despite all of the (TUAW) on Thu, 12 Nov 2009 its larger library of downloadable doing the project at all if the
not Apple's EULA is enforceable commotion they're causing, this 10:00:00 EST. Please see our movies) by setting up kiosks in pricing is going to be so
is, of course, one of the is the place where they could find terms for use of feeds. its stores where you can ridiculous.
arguments at issue in Psystar's a kind ear and a helping hand. Read| Permalink| Email this| download movies. But... you can Experimenting with ways to
case, even though plenty of Nope. From the article:"The first Comments only download them to compete is good... but being so
shrinkwrap licenses have been thing you have to do is unlearn proprietary SD cards, and then it obviously lame is not.
upheld in court before. Apple's everything you've read online can only play on special Permalink| Comments| Email
also got a copyright infringement proprietary hardware that This Story
participants in this program need

The Fight for the Ninth Planet
By Alan Boyle (Wired Top Read an exclusive excerpt from by Alan Boyle.
Stories) the new book, The Case for Pluto
22 Tech/ Tech Tips/ E-reader Newspaper

Microsoft Office 2008 & 2004 updated
By Michael Rose (The Entourage database went belly-
Unofficial Apple Weblog up and had to be rebuilt. Once the
(TUAW)) rebuild was done and Entourage
Submitted at 11/12/2009 12:00:00 PM was relaunched, more badness
ensued; due to a yet-to-be- SaveEveryWay Sends
Filed under: Software The isolated issue, all of the mail,
productivity suites for Mac from contacts and calendar entries in Daily Reminders to
Microsoft, past and present, my connected Exchange 2003 Save Money [Saving]
received a patch this week to account went poof and had to be
By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
resolve security issues and restored from a backup. Not my
improve performance. While the best day ever. Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:00:00 AM

2004 version only got the I'm inclined to believe that this
A recent study showed that daily
security patches, the 2008 update, snafu was specific to my bloated
SMS reminders have real impact
to version 12.2.3, boasts the database file and my Exchange
on saving. The folks behind
following fixes to all apps in the config, and not something likely
SaveEveryWay were inspired,
suite: to hit most users... nevertheless,
and now offer free daily quotes
you might consider backing up
and reminders to save, delivered
• Security is improved. This your Office 2008 Identities folder
by SMS, RSS, email, or Twitter
update fixes vulnerabilities in (which contains your Entourage
Office 2008 that an attacker can mail & PIM data) prior to the
It's only been up and running for
use to overwrite the contents of update.
a few days, but SaveEveryWay
your computer's memory with contain the correct text spacing passel of bug fixes for the TUAW Microsoft Office 2008 &
intends to continue delivering
malicious code. For more when they are opened in Office (relatively) new Microsoft 2004 updated originally appeared
inspirational quotes, reminders,
information, see the security 2008 for Mac. This update fixes Document Connection for Mac on The Unofficial Apple Weblog
and other thoughts about savings
bulletin that is listed earlier in text spacing issues that occur utility. The 350MB updater (TUAW) on Thu, 12 Nov 2009
for free. The updates are
this document. when you use Office 2008 for requires Office 12.1.0 or later 12:00:00 EST. Please see our
delivered at 8:11 Pacific every
• Stability is improved. This Mac to open a Windows Office and Mac OS X 10.4.9. terms for use of feeds.
day, and they're just a way to
update fixes an issue that causes document to which an OLE While my experience is probably Read| Permalink| Email this|
keep a regular reminder about the
Office 2008 applications to close object or a metafile is attached. idiosyncratic, I did have a rather Comments
value of putting aside cash in
unexpectedly when you open or nasty sequence of events after
your pocket. Thanks Greg!
use Office 2008 applications. There are also specific tweaks to updating my home machine to
• Windows Office documents to the individual suite apps, and a the new Office version: my
which metafiles are attached now

Facebook as the Future of Micropayments
By Pete Cashmore Facebook’s virtual goods W i t h F a c e b o o k C o n n e c t That’s the topic of my CNN
(Mashable!) economy is thriving. spreading its tendrils all over the column this week. Check out the
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:47:19 AM
Meanwhile, Facebook Connect web, and Facebook’s internal c o l u m n a t C N N . c o m > >
has been implemented on economy gaining momentum, R e v i e w s : F a c e b o o k
Electronic Arts’ acquisition of,, could the social network
Playfish in a deal worth up to W a s h i n g t o n P o s t . c o m , T h e and numerous other media sites. transform itself into a leading
$400 million signals that Huffington Post, micropayments platform?
E-reader Newspaper Tech/ Tech News/ 23

U.S. Army orders bridges made of recycled plastic
(CNET Recycled Structural Composite Army has previously built plastic
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:08:27 AM
(RSC) developed by Axion in bridges for Fort Bragg and Camp
conjunction with scientists at Mackall in North Carolina using
An M1A1 70-ton tank crosses a Rutgers University. materials and structural design
b r i d g e m a d e f r o m A x i o n ' s The railroad cross-ties will be that allowed for a bearing load of
thermoplastic composite at Camp made entirely of a plastic 73 tons for tracked vehicles and
Mackall in N o r t h composed of recycled materials 88 tons for cars and trucks. To
Carolina.(Credit: Photo Courtesy f r o m b o t h c o n s u m e r a n d demonstrate its strength a 70-ton
of U.S. Army/Dawn Elizabeth industrial plastic waste. Axion M1A1 Abrams tank was driven
Pandoliano) asserts that its recycled plastic across the bridge at its official
Axion International Holdings railroad ties are actually longer- unveiling in September.
has won a $957,000 contract to lasting that typical creosote- The design and engineering of
provide the U.S. Army with two treated wood railroad ties. the bridges is being be done by
b r i d g e s m a d e f r o m a Both the 40-foot and 80-foot Parsons Brinckerhoff and
thermoplastic composite and bridges to be built will each have Centennial Contractors
Transportation Corps, the branch something moves." It's also the
recycled plastic, the company a high-loading rating of 130 tons, Enterprises.
of the Army responsible for location of the U.S. Army
announced Wednesday evening. and be used to transport both This content has passed through
coordinating the movement of Transportation Museum.
The two bridges, which are locomotives and freight traffic,
personnel and cargo. The Fort But this is not the first military
replacing old wooden ones, will according to Axion.
Eustis motto is Einstein's famous bridge to be made out of plastic
be constructed at Fort Eustis in The location is significant. Fort
quote " Nothing happens, until by Axion for the military. The
Virginia from a proprietary Eustis is home to the U.S. Army

NASA launches Web resource for 2012 predictions
(CNET On an FAQ page called, " 2012: Earth in 2012." The scientists decades, Earth will not cross the apparently is a great deal of
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:26:00 AM
Beginning of the End or Why the wrote on the page that "our galactic plane in 2012, and even interest in celestial bodies, and
World Won't End?" NASA wrote planet has been getting along just if these alignments were to occur, their locations and trajectories at
Over the past few weeks, we've that much like the Y2K scare a fine for more than 4 billion years, their effects on the Earth would the end of the calendar year
heard more and more about 2012 decade ago, the end of the world and credible scientists worldwide be negligible. Each December the 2012. Now, I for one love a good
when, according to some, the won't come in 2012. know of no threat associated with Earth and sun align with the book or movie as much as the
world will end. Responding to all "Impressive movie special effects 2012." approximate center of the Milky next guy. But the stuff flying
that talk with a healthy dose of aside, December 21, 2012, won't But it's further down on the page Way galaxy but that is an annual around through cyberspace, TV,
skepticism, scientists at the be the end of the world as we where the scientists bring out the event of no consequence." and the movies is not based on
National Aeronautics and Space know," NASA scientists wrote on big guns. They said although the In the end, it was a simple science."
Administration have launched a its 2012 page. "It will, however, myth surrounding 2012 contends comment from NASA senior This content has passed through
Web page to dispel the myths be another winter solstice." planets will align and crash into research scientist Don Yeomans
surrounding the momentous According to NASA scientists, Earth, "there are no planetary that might sum up the agency's
occasion. "nothing bad will happen to the alignments in the next few feelings on 2012: "There

Exploring the Non-Planet: Journey to the Rim of the Solar System
By Hadley Leggett (Wired Top In 2015, NASA's New Horizons solar system to get a closer look something we haven't imagined.
Stories) spacecraft finishes a 3-billion- at Pluto. Astronomers think the
mile journey to the edge of the most exciting discovery will be
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HACKED: Britney Spears Twitter Can A Moron Driving A Porsche
Recognize The Difference Between
Account Hijacked The Car And A Pair Of Crocs?
By Ben Parr (Mashable!) likely, her account was hacked by By Mike Masnick (Techdirt) point out: Now few people would
Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:41:40 AM
someone and taken over. probably confuse Crocs Cayman
Submitted at 11/12/2009 7:51:00 AM
However, another possibility is sandal for the Porsche Cayman.
UPDATE: Her Twitter account that someone that already has Reader Sceptic alerts us to a new After all, one sells for $29.99 and
has been reverted, but with her access to the account decided to lawsuit that seems perfect (on the other starts at $51,000. Of
profile picture and background hijack it for some reason. various levels) for the old "moron course, this is apparently taking
stripped, most likely until the This is not the first time her in a hurry" trademark test. p l a c e i n G e r m a n y , a n d
Spears people can deal with the account has been compromised. Automaker Porsche -- for drivers (tragically) the moron in a hurry
situation. As one of the world’s most in a hurry -- has sent a cease-and- test (as far as we know) has still
- “I give myself to Lucifer every recognized celebs (and a top 10 desist letter to footwear maker only been used in the UK, the US
Unless Britney Spears secretly day for it to arrive as quickly as Twitter user), she’s always going C r o c s , c l a i m i n g t h a t t h e and Canada. But here's a perfect
worships satan, it looks like her possible. Glory to Satan!” to be a target, which means it’s company's use of "Cayman" for opportunity for its introduction
T w i t t e r a c c o u n t “i hope that the new world order even more imperative for the one of its shoes is a violation of (in a hurry) in Germany.
(@BritneySpears) has been will arrive as soon as possible! - people that manage Spears’ Porche's trademark on the same Permalink| Comments| Email
hijacked by hackers with hijinks Britney” account to work with Twitter to term. As the folks at Footnoted This Story
in mind. And here is an image of her improve her account’s security.
About one hour ago, two new Twitter account as it now looks, We’ve contacted Twitter about
tweets appeared in the Britney c o m p l e t e w i t h I l l u m i n a t i the situation and will update you
Spears stream. In addition, her wallpaper (this was not the when we learn more, including
profile picture and Twitter wallpaper she had an hour ago): whether other celebrity accounts
background were altered. First, It’s tough to tell what exactly were affected. Reviews: Twitter
here are the tweets: happened. We think that, most Tags: britney spears, twitter

Microsoft manager admits to copying 'Mac look and feel,' MS
By Aron Trimble (The gone on record and admitted the was more stable than OS X. one lying down.
Unofficial Apple Weblog source of some of Windows 7's Update: It looks like the [via Engadget]
(TUAW)) prettier bits and pieces. Windows team had a few things TUAW Microsoft manager
Submitted at 11/11/2009 7:30:00 PM Simon Aldous sat down with to say about Simon's earlier admits to copying 'Mac look and
PCR for an interview and when remarks, noting that "his feel,' MS denies originally
Filed under: OS We've been he was asked to comment on the comments were inaccurate and appeared on The Unofficial
saying it for years, but everyone agility of Redmond's latest uninformed." It is, in my opinion, Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Wed,
thought that we Mac-heads had a operating system, he had this to difficult to deny that the OS X 11 Nov 2009 19:30:00 EST.
chip on our shoulder from the say: feel." While I am glad that people Dock has had a positive impact Please see our terms for use of
once-sour relationship with "What we've tried to do with at Microsoft are finally accepting on how people use their feeds.
Microsoft. Finally, however, the Windows 7 - whether it's the superiority of OS X, it still computers -- whether they be Read| Permalink| Email this|
truth has come to light; a group traditional format or in a touch stung a little when Simon started PCs or Macs. That being said, Comments
manager from Microsoft has format - is create a Mac look and to backtrack saying that Vista I'm glad Microsoft didn't take this
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Orange UK Sold 30,000 iPhones on Dobbs Didn't Exactly
Launch Day Quit
By Stan Schroeder should compare Droid’s 100,000 (Little Green Footballs) opinion.
(Mashable!) to iPhone’s original launch day. Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:55:12 AM
Mr. Dobbs told viewers that he
Submitted at 11/12/2009 7:43:46 AM
And though iPhone still wins the was resigning from his CNN job
battle – around 270,000 units It turns out that financial immediately. Sitting before an
Well, this definitely puts were sold in the first 30 hours – analyst/nativist Lou Dobbs didn’t image of an American flag on his
Verizon’s 100,000 sold Droids Droid fares much better in that quit his CNN anchor job studio set, he said “some leaders
on its first weekend into comparison. completely of his own volition. in media, politics and business
perspective: Orange UK has Going back to Orange’s 30,000 He was given an ultimatum by have been urging me to go
announced it has sold 30,000 iPhones, it shows that iPhone is CNN president Jonathan Klein. beyond the role here at CNN and
iPhones on the first day of and Orange still managed to sell still wildly popular, and that Months ago the president of to engage in constructive
launch. 30,000 units on the first day. many customers haven’t picked it CNN/U.S., Jonathan Klein, problem solving as well as to
As Orange’s comms team man Take into account that Droid is a up yet simply because their offered a choice to Lou Dobbs, contribute positively to the great
Conor Maples tweeted after the completely new device, and US carrier of choice didn’t have it. the channel’s most outspoken understanding of the issues of our
launch, “Orange UK had sold is a much bigger market, and A s i P h o n e e x c l u s i v i t y anchor. Mr. Dobbs could vent his day.”
more than 30k iPhones, smashing 100,000 units suddenly sounds agreements expire, driving opinions on radio and anchor an UPDATE at 11/12/09 8:58:19
what we believe is the previously rather puny. iPhone’s overall sales (which are objective newscast on television, am:
published first day sales records However, it doesn’t mean that stellar to begin with) higher, or he could leave CNN. Dobbs’s replacement will be
for a phone in the UK!” 100,000 sold units is bad; it only Apple’s mobile phone market For a time, Mr. Dobbs did tone John King, current host of
Think about it: iPhone (in its g o e s o n t o s h o w h o w share is bound to get even bigger. down his TV rhetoric, but on CNN’s Sunday program State of
various iterations) has been flabbergastingly huge iPhone is. Tags: apple, iphone, orange uk Wednesday he made a more the Union.
around for over 2 years; it’s been Let’s add some perspective to drastic decision: He chose
present in the UK since 2007, these numbers. To be fair, one

Awaken 1.2 for iPhone adds options to alarm clock app
By Dave Caolo (The Unofficial and more. alarm clocks, the app needs to be adds options to alarm clock app
Apple Weblog (TUAW)) Then I had kids, and Awaken running to activate the alarm originally appeared on The
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:00:00 AM
slipped off my radar; the sound (you can use sleep mode to drift Unofficial Apple Weblog
of screaming is even more off to music). (TUAW) on Thu, 12 Nov 2009
Filed under: Software, iPhone, effective (but less customizable) There's much more to version 08:00:00 EST. Please see our
iPod touch A couple of years ago t h a n m y f a v o r i t e p o d c a s t . 1.2 which you can check out terms for use of feeds.
I used the Mac version of Therefore, I missed Awaken for here, including some pesky bugs Read| Permalink| Email this|
Awaken from Embraceware to iPhone and iPod touch. Earlier loving the 8-bit), and three new squashed. Awaken for iPhone Comments
get myself out of bed in the this week, Embraceware released flashlight modes, including a and iPod touch is available now [
morning. It's a well-done app that version 1.2 with a number of clever CF bulb for the eco- iTunes link] for $1.99US. And if
uses your computer as an alarm i m p r o v e m e n t s , i n c l u d i n g anxious. Shake the phone to turn that won't get you out of bed, try
clock with lots of programmable landscape mode, new "8-bit" and the flashlight on and off. As is having some kids.
options, a tidy full-screen mode "Classic LCD" display mode (I'm the case for all third-party iPhone TUAW Awaken 1.2 for iPhone
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Clicker Launches with Premium TV Underdog Planet:
Why We Love
Content from Netflix and Amazon Pluto
By Barb Dybwad (Mashable!) search suggestions for finding By Betsy Mason (Wired Top
Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:12:58 AM
content similar to what you Stories)
already like, and an interesting Submitted at 11/11/2009 5:00:00 PM
Television search engine startup “search within” function that lets has been in private you find episodes that contain
Apple Adds Some
Alan Boyle, author of The Case
beta for several months, and sees specific topics or people within for Pluto, talks with Wired Transparency to App
its public launch today. individual shows. Science about why Pluto matters, Store Approvals [App
Positioning itself as a “TV Guide If you’ve had a chance to check how the former planet got Store]
for television content online,” out Clicker during the beta, let us demoted, and what might be in
Clicker has indexed over 400,000 major upgrade. The company know what you think of the its future. By Whitson Gordon
episodes from 7000 television describes the new update as service and the improvements (Lifehacker)
shows, making it a veritable one “Tivo for the internet,” with the made since the beta. If you’ve Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:00:00 AM
stop shop for finding legally- ability to queue up shows to been hankering for an invite, you
available TV shows online. watch, set up season passes, and can now head on over and sign There's been a lot of controversy
With the full launch the site also get alerts when new episodes up for the site directly. Is Clicker surrounding Apple and their
incorporates indexed premium become available online. a useful entertainment guide for practice regarding the iPhone
content from two major partners: Other new features since the beta internet television? App Store, like multiple app
Netflix and Amazon. And in include a 33% bump in content Tags: amazon, clicker, internet, bannings (including the Google
response to feedback received indexed, Facebook Connect netflix, television, tv Voice fiasco), inconsistent rules,
during the beta test, the integration, the ability to add and a lack of communication
playlisting feature will see a commentary on episodes, related with developers. A few days ago,
Apple decided to take a step in

Even in media capital, plenty willing to pirate the right direction concerning the
latter point (albeit a small step),
giving developers the ability to
(CNET unscientific poll of 100 read the paper online would those polled said "all the time." 5
see the status of their submitted
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:46:00 AM
pedestrians found in Manhattan's affect the Times, 65 answered said never." 38 said only if they
apps. When they log into the Dev
SoHo district and it revealed that it would make it less miss a show on TV. 12 asked
New York is the center of book Center, they can see if their app
some startling and humorous successful. "What the hell is a torrent?"
publishing, all four music labels is "in review," "waiting for
results. The good news for the music When it came to books, the
have headquarters here and the review," or "ready for sale,"
Few of those polled are willing industry was that 34 of the respondents were much more
country's largest general complete with a timestamp for
to pay for The New York Times. respondents say they pay for all willing to pay and don't appear to
newspaper is The New York when that status was updated. It's
Asked whether they subscribe to their music. The bad news is that be Kindle fans. Check it out.
Times. very simple, and, like I said, a
the paper, 79 said no. Asked how 61 acknowledged obtaining at This content has passed through
But even here, plenty appear small step—but hopefully a step
much they would be willing to least some of their music
unwilling to pay for media. in the right direction,
pay to read the paper online, 63 illegally.
" New York" magazine nonetheless. Now let's just get
percent said "nothing." To the As for downloading TV shows
conducted an apparently Google Voice approved already.
question of how charging a fee to illegally via BitTorrent files, 7 of
Apple Begins Fixing the iPhone
App Store Approval
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More HD movies hit Prosecutors Claim 'Innocence
iTunes' virtual shelves Project' Journalism Students
By Erica Sadun (The
Unofficial Apple Weblog
Paid Witnesses
(TUAW)) By Mike Masnick (Techdirt) (found via Romenesko). Of
Submitted at 11/12/2009 4:40:00 AM
course, reading the details, it's
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:00:00 AM not so clear cut. The students
Filed under: iTS, Apple TV
Last month, we thought it was admit that they paid for the guy's John King to Replace
quite excessive that states' cab fare, but it sounds like there
Apple has added many new HD attorneys in Illinois were asking was money left over from the Lou Dobbs on
movie titles to iTunes, according
to former TUAWian David
for all sorts of information on the cash they gave the cabbie, and he Weekdays At CNN
students who were involved in gave it to the interview subject
Chartier's post for Macworld. the Medill Innocence Project -- a (who then used it to buy drugs). By Bill Gorman
David, who is an HD-aficionado, journalism school investigative That certainly makes it a little (TVbytheNumbers)
noticed that the iTunes Store just reporting effort that has helped more clear as to why prosecutors Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:27:16 AM
recently stocked both classic and TV units that were not available f r e e w r o n g l y c o n v i c t e d were looking for more info, but it
new release HD movies, bringing to rent from the normal iTunes individuals. The prosecutors still seems like the overall Following yesterday’s news that
the HD movie collection to Store. It's unclear at this time were asking for information on request went beyond what was Lou Dobbs had stepped down at
nearly 300 titles. whether Apple will continue this the students' grades and private reasonable. It certainly looks CNN.
The new HD content is sold at a policy of exclusive Apple TV notes, which seemed to go more like an intimidation tactic John King will replace Lou
premium price (typically $20), rentals, or will expand the iTunes beyond what seemed reasonable. than any attempt to get to the Dobbs at 7 p.m., beginning early
and as far as we can tell that store-based rental system to However, now the prosecutors bottom of the case. next year, CNN said Thursday.
pricing stands regardless of match the Apple TV offerings. are claiming that the students Permalink| Comments| Email via Broadcasting & Cable.
whether or not the movies offer TUAW More HD movies hit may have paid witnesses for their This Story This content has passed through
iTunes Extras. A few titles, iTunes' virtual shelves originally interviews, which could raise
mostly items that were already appeared on The Unofficial questions about their authenticity
available on iTunes, sell for less - Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Thu,
- such as Terminator 2 [ iTunes 12 Nov 2009 09:00:00 EST.
link] for just $13.
Until now, Apple has offered feeds.
Please see our terms for use of What You Missed Last Night: Jimmy
some of its HD content as Read| Permalink| Email this|
exclusive Apple TV rentals. Comments
Items could be rented from Apple
Fallon shoots a gun and makes quips
By Bob Sassone (TV Squad) character was ultimately rejected. SlashControl.]
The Droidie community looks at tethering Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:50:00 AM
Luckily there's still footage of the Filed under: Late Night, Video,
scenes. Watercooler Talk, Talk Show,
(Scripting News) Apparently there was a big video They should have given Jimmy Reality-Free
Submitted at 11/11/2009 11:51:07 AM
n-android-tether-today-for-0- game released yesterday. Galaga more time to get out of his outfit Permalink| Email this| |
extra/ or something? Last night Jimmy though. Comments
And gets the answer. Blogging at it's besssst. Fallon disclosed that he filmed [Watch clips and episodes of
scenes for the game but the Late Night and other shows at
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Windows Mobile Users Apple previews Broadway store for
Get an Online App press
By Michael Rose (The
Store Unofficial Apple Weblog
5th Ave store. Yowza. More
pictures here from ifoAppleStore
cover the store's unveiling.
By Adam Ostrow (Mashable!) If you're planning to attend the
Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:15:00 AM
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:12:45 AM store opening on Saturday, drop
Filed under: Retail It's scheduled us a line or send in a link to your
Users of Windows Mobile to open to the public on Saturday photos & videos.
devices have a new way to morning, but Apple gave a sneak TUAW Apple previews
browse apps: their web browser. peek of its newest US retail outlet Broadway store for press
Microsoft has rolled out the to press and photographers this originally appeared on The
Windows Marketplace for morning -- no, I wasn't invited, Unofficial Apple Weblog
Mobile website, where users can that different from iTunes and its and yes, I did ask nicely. (TUAW) on Thu, 12 Nov 2009
browse, purchase, and download app store, sans the download and Gothamist is there, though, and 11:15:00 EST. Please see our
applications, which are then a few tens of thousands of snapping some snazzy pictures of 'big.' terms for use of feeds.
delivered to their handset. applications. In addition to the grand glass roof and huge How big is this new store? Ron Read| Permalink| Email this|
As Microsoft explains, “we’ve categories, you can check out sales space. The word that comes Johnson tells the site that the Comments
heard great feedback on the popular and new apps, plus your to mind is 'dramatic,' and then the ground floor could fit eleven of
Marketplace experience on purchase history. next word that comes to mind is the iconic glass cubes from the
Windows phones, sometimes Windows Mobile users, will you
people just want the benefits of a
shopping on a PC.” Those
benefits obviously would be the
use the web version of your app
store? Users of other mobile Yes, it's coming: The Boxee Box
platforms: do you want your (CNET
speed of using your Internet smartphone provider of choice to
connection versus your wireless offer a similar option? Let us
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:17:00 AM

carrier, and the convenience of know in the comments.
using a web browser versus a Boxee Box: more fun than
Tags: microsoft, Mobile 2.0, kittens?(Credit:
mobile browser. windows mobile
The interface doesn’t appear all Even though Hulu Desktop and
other software have stolen its
ACORN says US funding cut thunder a little, we love Boxee. It
was one of the first and best ways
was unconstitutional (AP) to browse streaming media from
multiple outlets on a big screen,
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) (Reuters) and we like its indie spirit, even
Boxee's first hardware partner in Brooklyn will give a lot more
9 s e c o n d s a g o 2 0 0 9 - 1 1 - though some content providers
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:06:26 AM
have given it a hard time. has been found, and we are details including mock-ups, and
already guessing as to what the CNET will be there. Look for
Phil buzzed up: The anti-swine This content has passed through Rumors of a Boxee Box--an
actual piece of hardware to free Boxee Box will have inside. more then. Until that day, enjoy
flu holy water dispenser
the software from a PC--have More importantly, how will it the kittens.
been floating for a while, but it's compare with Roku? Or, could it This content has passed through
becoming real very soon, possibly be...
according to the Boxee blog. A launch event on December 7
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Will Levi Johnston and
Washington Times Shutdown? Sarah Palin Sit at Same
(Little Green Footballs) the Times said they fear major Times radio network. Table for Thanksgiving?
Submitted at 11/11/2009 11:40:04 AM
changes and that the Moon And the paper itself reported this (ETonline - Breaking News)
family feud that’s driving the week that “an independent
Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:44:00 AM
TPM’s Ben Frumin reports that paper’s turmoil could lead to the assessment and leadership team
the Washington Times may be on Times shutting down in the has been organized to address the ET has the latest...
the brink of a shutdown: Is The coming months — with some practicalities of daily operations, Levi Johnston responded to
Washington Times’ Continued suggesting that Preston Moon, and ultimately, the future claims Sarah Palin reportedly
Operation In Jeopardy? the reverend’s son who serves as sustainability of the news made during her visit to "The
Things seem to be going from c h a i r m a n o f N e w s W o r l d organization.” Make Yourself Eligible
Oprah Winfrey Show."
bad to worse at the Washington Communications, the parent Still, acting president and While in New York to accept the for an Office 2010
T i m e s . A n d t h e c o n t i n u e d company of the Washington publisher Jonathan Slevin told award for "Crossover Star" at the Starter Beta [Office
operation of the newspaper, Times, came close to that Times employees that “there are Fleshbot Awards, Johnston
which is owned by Rev. Sun decision last weekend. no plans to shut the company
revealed whether Palin has
Myung Moon’s Unification Others believe the paper, with its down.” extended an invitation for him to By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
Church, seems to be in serious relatively modest circulation, Slevin did not return a phone join her family's Thanksgiving Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:00:00 AM
doubt. could pursue an online-only call seeking comment today, and feast. He said, "Not that I know
There’s already been plenty of strategy to harness its growth in declined to talk to TPM when we of. I haven't heard it." Microsoft Office 2010 will offer
speculation that the paper might that area. They also remain reached him yesterday. a free, ad-supported "Starter"
fold or go online-only. Sources at pleased with the new Washington edition, in addition to its regular,
rather pricey offerings. Beta

EasyBCD Makes Tweaking Your Windows invites are already going out, and
you can increase your chances at
a spot by filling out a quick
Bootloader a Snap [Downloads] online survey.
By quick, we mean three
By Jason Fitzpatrick something that could be difficult minutes or less. The survey asks
(Lifehacker) to undo. For additional what type of computers you use
Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:30:00 AM
information you can visit the at home, what kind of internet
EasyBCD wiki. connection you have, and
Windows Vista/Windows 7: If Note: Although we didn't have whether you've used Office in the
you're running multiple operating any problems doing some minor past six months. Intriguingly, it
systems—and if you weren't tweaks on our test machine with also asks if you've used Google
before the release of Windows 7 the current public release of Docs or OpenOffice in the same
you most likely are EasyBCD, if you're doing any time period.
now—EasyBCD is an simple heavy overhauling you'll want to Filling out the survey won't
application for tweaking your play it safe and download the guarantee a place in the 2010
bootloader through a clean GUI beta release. The beta officially Starter beta program, but it
and well-detailed prompts. certainly won't hurt, if you're
enabling PAE mode or run with with a bootloader, EasyBCD supports Windows 7 and is
With EasyBCD you can edit the itching for a chance to give it a
the debug process enabled. makes the process fairly simple. available here.
names of entries, add and remove go. Microsoft Office 2010 Starter
EasyBCD includes support for By default the application is in Have a boot-related trick or
entries onto the bootloader menu, Program Nomination
adding Windows, Linux, Mac, basic mode instead of expert tweak? Let's hear about it in the
change the timeout on the Form[Microsoft via Digital
NeoGrub, and WinPE loaders. mode—in expert mode it won't comments. EasyBCD is freeware
bootloader selection menu, and and works with Windows Vista Inspiration]
If this is your first time tinkering prompt you if you're doing
tweak boot-related items like and up. EasyBCD[via gHacks]
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Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu in Perfect Harmony [Dual
By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) installs on a clean system; more
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:30:00 AM
if you've got a lot of data to move
Windows 7 and Ubuntu, despite
their opposing missions, can get Setting up your hard drive
along like best pals on a single If you've got nothing installed on
computer. Here's how to set up a your system, or you've got your
dual boot system that lets you data backed up and you're ready
enjoy the best of both worlds in to start from scratch, you're in a
perfect harmony. great position--skip down to the
By default, Windows 7 takes "Partition your system" section.
over your boot-up process and If you've got Windows already
wants to be your only OS, and installed, you can still make a
Linux treats Windows like a spot for Ubuntu, though.
weekend hobby you keep in a (Only) If Windows is already
shed somewhere on your hard installed: You're going to
drive. But I've been dual-booting "shrink" the partition that
Ubuntu and some version of Windows 7 installed itself on.
Windows 7 for nearly a year, and Before we do that, clean out any
I've learned a lot about really unnecessary applications
inconveniences, annoyances, and and data from your system (we
file-sharing necessities, and now like Revo Uninstaller for doing
I'll walk you through how to set this). Also, open up "Computer"
up your systems to achieve a worry or inconvenience, and boot rather gray-area route. Then You'll need one of these for and take note of how much space
peaceful union of your dual-boot into either system without having again, there's probably not a burning the Ubuntu ISO, or remains on your main hard drive,
OSes. (Both with Windows 7 to worry about whether Windows person on this earth that doesn't loading it for USB boot. If you're presumably labeled "C:". Head to
already installed, and with a is going to get mad at you. Plus, have a licensed copy of XP or going the thumb drive route, grab the Start menu, type "disk
clean system ready for a new when Ubuntu 10.04 or Windows Vista somewhere in their past. UNetBootin for Windows or management" into the search
dual-OS existence.) 8 come along, you'll find it much • Ubuntu 9.10 installation image: Linux, plug in your USB drive, box, and hit Enter.
Follow through this guide, and easier to install either one You can grab an ISO at and load it with the downloaded Windows 7 probably put two
I'll explain how to rebuild a without having to start over, or hit "Alternative ISO image. partitions on your hard drive:
system from the ground up with entirely from scratch. What you'll download options" to reveal a • All your data backed up: Even one, about 100 MB in size,
Windows 7 and Ubuntu, with need (usually very fast) BitTorrent if you're pulling this off with holding system restoration data.
either a backed-up and cleaned- • Windows 7 installation disc: link. You'll want to get the Windows 7 already installed and We don't want to touch it. Right-
out hard drive (recommended) or For clean installations, either a ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso your media and documents click on the bigger partition to
Windows 7 already installed. full installation copy or an download for 32-bit systems, or present, you'll want to have a the right, and choose Shrink
When we're done, you can work upgrade disc is needed. If you ubuntu-9.10-desktop- fallback in case things go awry. Partition.
and play in either operating own an upgrade disc but want to amd64.iso.torrent for 64-bit on Which they shouldn't, but, After a little bit of hard drive
system, quickly and conveniently start from scratch, there's a way AMD or Intel systems (despite natuarlly, you never know. activity and a "Please wait"
access your documents, music, to do a clean install with an the name). • Free time: I'd reckon it takes
pictures, and other files without upgrade disc, though that's a • Blank CD or empty USB drive: about 2 hours to pull off two OS DUAL-BOOT page 31
E-reader Newspaper 31
continued from page 30

window, you'll get back the size Administration menu and system from the pull-down menu the beginning of your hard disk, the folders below and hit
you can shrink your Windows GParted under it. in the upper-right corner. not the NTFS-formatted "Remove" on the right-hand side.
partition by. You'll see your system's hard If Windows is already installed: media/storage space we made Now hit "Add" and select the
If the space Windows offers drive and its partitions laid out. If you've shrunk down its earlier: corresponding folder on your
doesn't jibe with what your You're going to create partitions partition for free space and Work your way through the Storage drive. Do the same for all
Computer view told you was for Linux and your storage space, booted into a live Ubuntu or Windows 7 installation, all the your music, pictures, videos, and
"remaining," you might need to but not Windows—we'll let the GParted, click on the way until you reach the Windows other media folders.
hit Cancel, then head back and Windows installation carve out "Unallocated" piece next to the desktop. Feel free to set up Want to add another library for
defragment your hard drive, and its own recovery partition and two "ntfs" partitions that whatever programs or apps you quick access? Right-click
take some of the steps laid out by operating space. On my own represent your Windows 7 want, but what we really want to somewhere on the desktop,
the How-To Geek. Run the Disk system, I give Windows 15 GB installation and system recovery do is set up your Storage choose New->Library, and
Management tool again and try a of unallocated space, and Ubuntu tools. Create a 15(-ish) GB partition to house your pictures, follow the steps.
Shrink Volume operation again, another 15 GB of space right unformatted partition, and give it music, video, and other files, and That's about it for Windows.
and free up as much space as you after it, with whatever's left kept a label like Ubuntu. If you've got make your Libraries point to Now get your Ubuntu CD or
can. as storage space. Then again, I've a good deal of space left, format them. USB stick ready and insert it in
Partition your system: You're only got a 100 GB hard drive and it as "ntfs" and label it something Hit the Start menu, click your system. Ignore whatever
aiming to set up a system with don't run huge games or like "Storage." If can just barely Computer, and double-click on auto-play prompts appear, and
three partitions, or sections, to its applications, so you can probably fit the Ubuntu partition, you can the hard drive named "Storage" restart your system. Installing
hard drive: One lean partition for give your two operating systems just keep your media files in the (assuming you named it that and configuring Ubuntu
the Windows operating system a bit more space to grow. Windows partition—until you earlier). In there, right-click and Restart your computer, this time
and applications running from it, Click on the unallocated space can remedy this with a full wipe- create new folders (or hit booting from your Ubuntu Live
another just-big-enough partition and hit the "New" button at the and-install down the line. Ctrl+Shift+N) for the files you'll CD or USB boot drive. When
for Ubuntu and its own far left. In the "Free space Experienced Linux geeks might be using with both systems. I your system boots up, choose
applications, and then a much preceding" section, click and be wondering where the swap usually create folders labeled your language, select "Try
larger data partition that houses hold the up button, or enter a space is going—but don't worry, Documents, Music, Pictures, and Ubuntu without any changes to
all the data you'll want access to number of megabytes, to leave we'll create one, just not in its Videos—I could also see folders your computer," and you'll boot
from either one. Documents, space for Windows at the front. own partition. Installing and for saved games and data files into a "live" desktop, run entirely
music, pictures, application When you've got the "space configuring Windows from big software packages. off the CD or USB stick. Once
profiles—it all goes in another preceding" set, set the actual size Grab your Windows 7 Copy your media files into these you're booted up, try connecting
section I'll call "Storage" for this of the Ubuntu partition in the installation disc—either a full folders now, if you'd like, but to the internet from the network
tutorial. "New Size" section, and leave copy or modified upgrade disc, we've got a bit more tweaking to icon in the upper-right—it helps
How do you get there? We're "Free space following" alone. and insert it into your DVD pull off. during the installation process,
going to use GParted, the Linux- Choose "unformatted" under file drive. If your system isn't set up In the left-hand sidebar, you'll ensures your network is working,
based uber-tool for all things system—we'll let Ubuntu do the to boot from CD or DVD drive, see your "Libraries" for and gives you something to do
hard drive. You could grab the format itself and hit "Add." Back look for the button to press at documents, music, pictures, and (Firefox) while the system
Live CD if you felt like it, but at the main GParted window, start-up for "Boot options" or video. At the moment, they point installs.
since you've already downloaded click on the space to the right of something similar, or hit up your to your Public shared folders and Click the "Install" link on the
an Ubuntu installer, you can your two OS spaces, hit "New" system maker's help guides to the My Pictures-type folders on desktop, and fill out the
simply boot a "live," no-risk again, and set the file system as learn how to change your boot your main Windows drive. Click n e c e s s a r y
session of Ubuntu from your CD "ntfs." Give it a label like order in the BIOS settings. once on any of the Libraries, and language/location/keyboard info
or USB stick and run GParted "Storage," hit "Add," and at the Follow through the Windows 7 at the top of the main panel, (most U.S. users can skip through
from there. Once you're inside main GParted window, hit the installation, being sure to choose you'll see text stating that this the first 3 screens). When you hit
Ubuntu, head to the System checkmark button to apply your "Custom" for the installation library "Includes: 2 locations ...". the "Prepare disk space" section,
menu in the upper left when you changes. Once its done, exit out method and to point it at that Click the blue text on "2 DUAL-BOOT page 32
get to a desktop, then choose the of GParted and shut down the unallocated space we created at locations," then click on each of
32 TV/ E-reader Newspaper
continued from page 31

select the "Specify partitions Windows can't read. Click once Software Center. If you've got location they suggest putting the
manually" option, then hit on any of those folder, then right- the "Storage" or Windows 7 swap file—/mnt/swap/ for the
Forward. Select the free space click and hit Remove. partitions mounted, head to any place your Storage is
that's after your first two You should see your "Storage" location in Places and then click held—/media/Storage, in my
Windows partitions with ntfs partition in the left-hand sidebar, the eject icon next to those drives case. Share Firefox profiles and
formats, then hit the "Add" but without that name—more like in the left-hand sidebar. Now more
button at bottom. Your partition "100GB filesystem." Double- head to the System- That's about it for this guide to
should already be sized correctly, click it, type in the administrator >Administration menu and pick setting up a harmonious
and the only thing to change is
set "/" as a mount point. Here's
what your screen should look
password you gave when
installing, and you'll see your
Documents, Music, etc. Click
the NTFS Configuration Tool.
You'll see a few partitions listed,
likely as/dev/sda1,/dev/sda2, and
Windows and Ubuntu existence,
but I recommend you also check
out our previous guide to using a
Lou Dobbs
Click OK, then finish through
and drag those folders into the
space where the other folders
the like. If you only want your
storage drive, it should be listed
single data store when dual-
booting. It explains the nitty-
with the Ubuntu installation. If it
catches your Windows 7
were, and now you'll have access
to them from the "Places" menu,
as/dev/sda3 or something similar-
-just not the first or second
gritty of sharing Firefox,
Thunderbird, and Pidgin profiles CNN
installation, it might ask if you as well as any file explorer options. Check the box for between Linux and Windows for By Bill Gorman
want to import settings from window you have open. "Add," click in the "Mount point" a consistent experience, as well (TVbytheNumbers)
inside it—you can, if you'd like, Ubuntu won't "mount," or make column to give it a name as a few other dual-boot tricks.
Submitted at 11/11/2009 3:44:16 PM
but I usually skip this. Wait for available, your Windows 7 and (Storage, perhaps?), and hit You might also want to consider
the installation to finish, remove Storage drives on boot-up, "Apply." Check both boxes on creating virtual machines with Lou Dobbs, the longtime CNN
the CD or thumb drive, and however, and we at least want the next window to allow VirtualBox for those moments anchor whose anti-immigration
reboot your system. constant access to the Storage read/write access, and hit OK, when you're in one OS and need views made him a TV lightning
When you start up again, you'll drive. To fix that, head to and you're done. Now the drive to get at the other. Ubuntu is free rod, plans to announce
see a list of OS options. The only Software Sources in the System- with all your stuff is accessible to to create as many instances as Wednesday that he is leaving the
ones you need concern yourself >Administration menu. From Windows and Linux at all times. you want, of course, and network, two network employees
with are Windows 7 and the top- there go to Applications, then the Adding swap to Ubuntu Windows 7 (Professional and said.
most Ubuntu line. You can Ubuntu Software Center at the "Swap" memory is a section of Ultimate) are very friendly with via Media Decoder Blog –
prettify and fix up this screen, bottom. Under the "Ubuntu the hard drive that your system's non-activated copies—not that
change its settings, and modify Software" and "Updates" memory spills over into when it either can't be otherwise In the 7pm cable news ratings
its order later on. For now, let's sections, add a check to the un- gets full and busy. Until recently, activated in cases where it's just a race, Lou Dobbs Tonight usually
head into Ubuntu. checked sources, like Restricted, I'd been creating a whole separate double-use issue. What'd I miss trailed The Fox Report
We're going to make the same Multiverse, Proposed, and partition for it. Recently, though, that makes Windows 7 and substantially, but was typically
kind of folder access change we Backports. Hit "Close," and agree I've found that swap isn't always Ubuntu 9.10 get along even close to that hour’s Hardball w/
did in Windows. Click up on the to Reload your software sources. necessary on systems with large better? What needs clarifying or Chris Matthews. Yesterday, it
"Places" menu, choose "Home Finally! Head to the amount of memory, and that fixing? Tell us your questions was CNN’s #3 primetime show
Folder," and check out the left- Applications menu and pick the swap can simply be a file tucked and solutions in the comments. in the adults 25-54 demo targeted
hand sidebar. It's full of links to Ubuntu Software Center. In away on your hard drive by news advertisers.
Documents, Pictures, and the there, search for "ntfs-config," somewhere. This content has passed through
like, but they all point to and double-click on the NTFS Follow the Ubuntu help wiki's
locations inside your home Configuration Tool that's the first instructions for adding more
folder, on the Linux drive that result. Install it, then close the swap, but consider changing the
E-reader Newspaper Tech Tips/ Entertainment/ 33
Chuck Wicks
Lower Your Out-of-Pocket Medical Costs by Acknowledges Break Up
Rumors with Julianne
Asking [Health] Hough
By Sarah Rae Trover for that amount. (ETonline - Breaking News)
(Lifehacker) Asking a doctor to meet or lower Submitted at 11/12/2009 4:30:00 AM

Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:30:00 AM
the price to closer to what your
insurance will cover, although Country music star Chuck Wicks
Even if you've got medical bold, is a good way to cut corners took a break from his duties as
insurance, a bill with your name on your medical bill. Chances are ET's special correspondent at the
on it can still end up in your you can't haggle your way into a CMA's Wednesday night to
mailbox after a visit to the free set of X-rays, you still have acknowledge the rumors that are
doctor. Stacy Johnson, author of some freedom to ask for a lower circulating about his relationship
the book Life or Debt, shares price. Even if they turn you down ending with Julianne Hough.
how to lessen your out-of-pocket on the discount, it's still worth He told ET exclusively,
cost. your time to ask next time you "Obviously there's been a lot of
on the cost of procedures, tests, they'll pay 80% of what they rumors about Julianne and I and
Photo by Brittany G find yourself in the ever-dashing
and services they offer. Johnson think is reasonable for that our breakup and what's going on
Doctors, like many businesses backless gown. Way to Save #65:
has this to say on the matter: procedure, not 80% of whatever with that, but tonight is about the
around the country, depend on If your health insurance provider it costs. So find out what your Don't Let Your Doctor Cost
your patronage to keep their You[Money Talks News] music."
agrees to pay 80% of covered insurance company is willing to "Julianne and I are going to
practices alive, and quite often
procedures, that generally means pay and if your doctor can do it address what's going on in our
they're willing to work with you
personal life together. I think

JetPack Gallery Opens with No-Restart-Needed that's the only right way to do it
and we'll make a statement on
that. But tonight, I'm hosting with
Firefox Extensions [Firefox] ET, we're rocking it, we're doing
it. Julianne is actually my date
By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) or selected text with a status bar tonight, so it's all good man.
Submitted at 11/12/2009 7:00:00 AM
click. There's also a JetWave We're going to have a good time
n o t i f i e r f o r G o o g l e W a v e and we will address it together,
JetPack, the Firefox add-on messages, and a sidebar tweak, but right now we're going to have
system that uses only HTML, Thumbtabs, that offers Opera- a lot of fun," he continued.
JavaScript, and CSS, has opened like visual browser tab
up its own gallery of apps. The thumbnails in a pop-out sidebar.
pickings aren't exactly plush, but Found a favorite JetPack to
there's some neat stuff that share? We'd love to see the link
doesn't require a restart to try out. Firefox's chrome and bring up install—just a site refresh. in the comments. JetPack
JetPack, as we've previously dialogs if you've got JetPack At the gallery, you can install Gallery[Mozilla Labs via
summed it up, falls somewhere installed, but they don't require a JetPack and try out some neat Download Squad]
between the site-specific scripts total browser restart or stuff, like the GTranslatifier,
of GreaseMonkey and full-blown compatibility check to which can translate entire pages
Firefox add-ons. They can add to
34 Tech News/ E-reader Newspaper

Twitter Data Dump: InfoChimps Puts 1B Connections Up For
By Marshall Kirkpatrick putting on sale: "83% of all households are online penetration of these new
(ReadWriteWeb) Tweet #38 in the History of today and 92% of likely voters, technologies. We're riding a
Submitted at 11/11/2009 9:57:12 PM
Twitter: "oh this is going to be so with online polling we are bucking bronco." Use Cases
addictive" - by@dom today about where the country The conversation metric data
Data extracted from 500 million • Hashtags, links and smiley was with telephone penetration InfoChimps is selling is the most
Twitter messages was released emoticons used across Twitter on can see some interesting patterns, when telephone surveys started. exciting to me. Imagine a 3rd
today by a tiny Texas startup an hour by hour basis. I n f o C h i m p s ' P R r e p J o s h Social networking is not as party app using historical social
company that forward-looking • @ messages, RT and favorites Dilworth told us. ( Dilworth is representative as online access conversation data to filter Twitter
geeks have been watching for a and who they came from - 1 known as the most data-savvy PR [ i n g e n e r a l ] y e t , b u t I ' m or other messages based on the
year. Austin-based Infochimps Billion relations making what the guy in the Web 2.0 world and comfortable with caveats: that strongest social connections that I
announced this afternoon that it company calls a "conversation also represents Wolfram Alpha you can do a random sampling, or other people have. Imagine,
is now selling two important and metric." and Twine.) so long as you claim that's what for example, social Q&A service
very large sets of Twitter data. • A useful if less exciting set of The company hopes that it can your universe is, as long as you Aardvark combining the Twitter
Limited samples of the data are data that will help developers sell the data derived from sitting d o n ' t e x t r a p o l a t e t o a l l Lists API with this InfoChimps
available for free and a third, map user ID numbers from on the Twitter API as a Americans, etc. It has data set for a scenario like this:
most important, set of data still s e a r c h . t w i t t e r o v e r t o t h e demonstration of the value that tremendous, tremendous value. "You have a question about stock
won't be ready for a few more different ID numbers used in the this and other data sets have. "I know that the landline era is options? How would you like us
hours. primary Twitter API. These InfoChimps says it can help coming to an end - not today or to find a person who knows
"What we want is to see people systems were never merged and companies monetize data that tomorow but we've got to find about that, is regularly conversed
use this to build web apps," it can require a lot of API calls to they'd otherwise be paying to new and different ways of doing -with by people on Robert
Infochimps co-founder Flip merge user data. serve up through repeated API our work. It's the same kind of Scoble's Twitter list of Venture
Kromer told us today. "You take calls, if at all. cross roads as the 70's when we Capitalists and is available right
this data, mash it up with any The company believes it is From sentiment analysis(not yet moved away from the door to now?" That sounds pretty great
other very large corpus of data capturing about 10% of the total an option with the current door, mail-in the results, to the to me.
with timestamps - and you've got data on Twitter right now but InfoChimps data set) to social land lines. The possible applications are
a web app." Kromer says that he believes he graph discovery(definitely an " O n l i n e , f r a n k l y j u s t l i k e many. "I see Twitter as a data
Sponsor can ramp that up to 30%. Data o p t i o n ) , w e ' v e w r i t t e n telephone, doesn't have the acquisition device for what
This is particular, extracted data As a Pot of Gold extensively here before about the minority population, but for people talk about and how they
though - not the full text of InfoChimps is a bulk data impacts that social data could market surveys you may be relate to each other," InfoChimps'
Tweets. "We're trying to be marketplace with more than 5000 have on business, social and looking for a different kind of Kromer says.
careful," Kromer says, "we are data sets in its catalog so far. political policies in the future. consumer. Right now InfoChimps is selling
not yet exposing the contents of The vast majority are free and John Zogby, founder of polling "We know that the landline the hashtag and link dataset for
tweets." And this data isn't were added by the company's firm Zogby International, talked phone is pushing us away, we $8,000 and the social metric data
cheap, if you want the numbers own staff, but not all. The to us at length (in a separate know that we can't use the set for $9500. Eventually the
broken out by the hour instead of decades-old polling firm Zogby phone interview several months cellphone in the same way, and company will likely move to a
the month. International, for example, is ago) about the value of using we know that we've got to subscription model. How They
This is a very big move because selling some Iraqi polling data online social networks to reinvent this industry [of Got the Data
most developers struggle to get through InfoChimps. Cross- measure public opinion. "We've measuring public opinion]. How did InfoChimps get the
access to a large quantity of data reference that polling data with been particularly known for W h a t ' s h a p p e n i n g a r e data? The company hits the
from Twitter. publicly available data about innovating and polling new simultaneous new technologies
Here's what InfoChimps is civilian casualties in Iraq and you technologies," he said. and at the same time growing TWITTER page 37
E-reader Newspaper Tech News/ 35

How Demand Media Produces 4,000 Pieces of Content a Day
By Richard MacManus Amazon, eBay, Apple. unique roles- touch a piece of that "quality is based on
(ReadWriteWeb) Think about that: how many of content as it flows through relevance" - a quote he attributed
Submitted at 11/12/2009 3:10:00 AM
you had heard of Demand Media Demand Studios. The company to Wired editor Chris Anderson,
before this year? Amazon, eBay argues that this, along with who wrote the books The Long
In August we reviewed Demand and Apple are all household community rating of content, Tail and Free.
M e d i a , o n e o f t h e l a r g e s t names. Demand Media (along produces quality content. Who then are these people that
producers of content on the Web with another fast-growing mega But does it, actually? write and shoot video for
today. Wired Magazine recently content site, Next Page: The Quality Demand Media? They're
compared Demand Media's could be a household name soon Question... Demand Media: Is professional freelancers and
content business to Henry Ford's too, if its current growth rate This Really Quality Content? they're paid anywhere from $15-
production line for cars. Demand continues. Demand Media is sensitive to 30 per piece of content. This isn't
Media currently produces 4,000 Behind this remarkable growth criticism of the quality of its a great deal of money for a
new pieces of content a day. is a very large output of content picks up a story, it gets written content. It's a question that freelance article. But according
What's more, it's increasingly each and every day, fueled by up, goes through a fact checking ReadWriteWeb has raised a few to Demand Media, there are
syndicating this content to media thousands of freelance writers and copy editing process times and which Wired picked up hundreds of such freelancers
sites outside of its own network and content creators. (including a plagiarism check), on in its October profile. earning thousands of dollars per
of vertical websites. In other So how does Demand Media and finally the editorial team At the end of that article, Wired month from Demand Studios
w o r d s , D e m a n d M e d i a i s produce so much content every approves the completed article. noted that Demand Media is (although this would be the top
becoming a very large content day? 4,000 new articles a day is a The article is eventually "trying to place a new emphasis of the range). 4,000 New Articles
production factory for third party quantum leap above the 20-30 published and the writer gets on quality." However it Per Day - What Percentage is
sites such as Yahoo. new posts a day that the most paid. concludes by saying that Demand High Quality?
In this follow-up post, we dive feverish of professional blogs This is a simplification of the Media is "not moving far from The trouble with the term
deeper into Demand Media's p u m p o u t . A b o u t D e m a n d Demand Studios process, which [the] Henry Ford model." 'quality' is that it's both variable
content production model - and S t u d i o s happens 4,000 times every day! I asked Demand Media CEO and subjective. I've seen
ask questions about the quality of Demand Media produces so The system appears to be an Richard Rosenblatt about this examples of Demand Media
the output. much content with a system it efficient mix of automation and criticism. Bristling, he responded work that are poor - e.g. this
Sponsor calls Demand Studios. It's a human labor. As we'll see on by pointing to two things. eHow article about how to get
This article is based on an proprietary editorial system Page 2 of this post, the editorial Firstly Rosenblatt claimed that Twitter followers.
interview I conducted with which is part human-processed process isn't foolproof. But even many of Demand Media's content Step 3 reads as follows:
s e v e r a l D e m a n d M e d i a and part automated. so, the scale of this system is creators are professionals. He "Engage in discussions. If
executives, including founder The system starts with an impressive. said that 75% of them have been someone on your timeline says
Richard Rosenblatt, at the Web automated process, crunching As at the end of October, published in magazines or something interesting or says
2.0 Summit in September. Will data and running it through an Demand Studios had created newspapers, 25% have written a something that you can put input
D e m a n d M e d i a S o o n b e a algorithm to identify story ideas more than one million original book, and 25% have held into, do it. There's nothing worse
Household Name? that have the best chance of pieces of content, both text professional marketing roles. than Twitter followers who
In our previous posts, we've success. The algorithm factors in articles and videos. There are Example of Demand Media follows for no reason. Even if
noted that Demand Media is audience type, ability to attract more than 6,000 active Demand content, on Yahoo! network site you don't get responses some of
rapidly rising up the comScore advertising and potential for Studios freelance creators - 'Shine.' the time, it doesn't hurt to try and
list of the top 50 web properties traffic. including writers, filmmakers, Secondly, Rosenblatt noted that the people you're following will
in the U.S.- in July it was #24, in For a written piece of content, title proofers, copy editors. Demand Media content creators know you're attemption to
September it was #15. At this human editors will then check the In my meeting with Demand have choices in the market - but converse and are more likely to
rate, Demand Media will soon be top story contenders. Potential Media executives at the recent they choose to work for Demand follow you back."
one of the top 10 Web properties titles are placed into a pool for Web 2.0 Summit, I was told that Media.
in the U.S. - right up there with writer selection. Once a writer an average of 11 people- and 15 HOW page 36
What's more, Rosenblatt said
36 Tech News/ Twitter Trend/ E-reader Newspaper
Google Chrome OS Browser to Mimic Windows continued from page 35

There are a couple of bad typos
Explorer? in that paragraph (where were the
copy editors?), but worse is that
By Sarah Perez DownloadSquad blog, a site that drive to act as the middleman the advice is mediocre. It's
(ReadWriteWeb) often scours through Chrome OS when it comes to importing relevant content to many people,
Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:01:38 AM
code to uncover hidden gems, external content hosted on other b u t i s i t g o o d c o n t e n t ?
we've learned that the new drives and getting it posted to the Apparently it was to the people
When Google announced its operating system will monitor for Web. Wait a Minute... Didn't We who've read it, as it has 5 stars...
plans for a new cloud-based new devices attached to your Already Decide This Was a Bad The bigger question is: there are
operating system built around the system. As Sebastian Anthony Idea? surely many examples of good
Web browser, there was some points out in the blog post, the As exciting as that sounds, a Demand Media content on the
c o n c e r n a b o u t t h e O S ' Chrome Web browser can commenter on the blog post Web, but how many of the 4,000
capabilities. Although a lot of our already access your local file points out that a browser that acts articles it produces every day
computing can now be done in system(e.g. Windows users can like this could mean serious aren't?
the Web browser these days just type C:\ in the address field security issues for the new As we posited in our previous
thanks to online applications and to see a list of files), so this new Your Drives, What Could You operating system. Would a article, the concern with fast-
services, quite a few operations feature would simply extend the Do With Your Files? malicious Web page be able to growing content factories like
still need to take place on the browser's current functionality. More importantly, what does tap into this feature to wreak D e m a n d Media and
hard drive - running iTunes, for Anthony then speculates that in this mean for the end user? If the havoc on your system? We know is that quality is
example, or importing photos Chrome OS you may be able to browser can "see" your attached that Google has said that security taking too much of a back seat to
from a digital camera. How launch a new tab in the browser devices and the files they contain, is one of the key aspects of the quantity. Let us know your
would a Web-based operating to see a real-time view of "My how would they then display OS, but we also know that thoughts in the comments.
system handle these sorts of C o m p u t e r , " c o m p l e t e w i t h them to you? If you plug in a hackers are extremely crafty as In our next post, we will look
tasks? Based on what we knew of attached devices and the files USB flash drive containing well. No matter how good the into the type of content that
Google Chrome OS, it seemed they contain. Or perhaps a new spreadsheets and text documents, security measures Google puts in Demand Media is producing -
like the OS just wouldn't be able window would pop up showing w o u l d C h r o m e O S l a u n c h place to limit this sort of access, and what it plans to do with it
to do them. you the drive you've just inserted Google Docs to display them? Or nothing would provide 100% next. Discuss
But a new discovery in the into the netbook's USB slot. would it allow you to preview protection. And isn't this the
Google Chrome OS browser That would certainly be an them in HTML, as is possible in same sort of functionality that
code base points to a "mount unusual trick for a Web browser Gmail? Or both? Microsoft ditched in Internet
library" that monitors devices to handle; navigating your local And what about when you plug Explorer years ago with the
inserted in the computer. Would file system is a task usually left in a digital camera? Would launch of IE7 due to these very
Chrome OS be able to see your to file explorer programs like Chrome OS prompt you to same security concerns?
iPod? Your camera? And what Windows Explorer and Mac OS' import your photos to Picasa? What do you think about this
would it do then? Finder. But because the interface Your videos to YouTube? new feature? Is it a great feature
Sponsor for Chrome OS is the Web I f s o , C h r o m e O S w o u l d for the Web browser or a security
Chrome OS Code Reveals browser, it appears that the overcome one of the perceived hole just waiting to be exploited?
"Mount Library" browser will have to step in and stumbling blocks of being a Let us know in the comments.
T h a n k s t o s o m e s e r i o u s do the OS' job in this case. If cloud-based operating system - Discuss
sleuthing on the part of the Chrome OS' Browser Can See the need for the computer's hard

Is Facebook the future of micropayments? -
By twitter:@NewMediaBuzz Is Facebook the future of
(TweetMeme) micropayments? - CNN 0 comments Source:
E-reader Newspaper TV/ Entertainment/ 37
TWITTER Carrie Underwood &
continued from page 34
Celebs Open Up to
Twitter Developer API 20,000 adorn each link with info at the releasing a large collection of That's nice that Kromer feels so Chuck Wicks on CMA
times an hour (the standard for end of the link and acrue it with scraped Twitter data. assured, but his attitude seems a
developers) but takes big swaths the person at the head of the link. The InfoChimps blog post read: little unrealistic. Red Carpet
of data each time it does. "I have That breaks conventional "Big huge thanks to We asked technology journalist (ETonline - Breaking News)
a priority queue," Kromer told databases; the plumbing is hard. they have given us permission to Robert Scoble what he thought of
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:25:00 AM
us. The math is easy but when you share this freely. Please go build the dilemma and his opinion was
"I can set a search term, for each do it a billion times a billion tools with this data that make pretty clear. "If Twitter wants to ET has gone country with the
search term I can get 1500 tweets times it starts to get interesting. both and yourself be a platform they have to behave help of singer and former
per API call. If I get 1500 tweets You have to be careful and rich and famous: then more like a platform," he said. "Don't "Dancing with the Stars"
at a time then the number of clever. We plan to do stuff that corporations will free their data." be king-makers, let the contestant Chuck Wicks! The
wasted tweets at the end of a is structural, a clustering co- But then Twitter founder Evan marketplace choose the winners. country crooner was on the red
series of searches is the smallest. efficient, true pagerank." Williams asked InfoChimps to If they are going to say nobody carpet of the "43rd Annual CMA
If I'm searching for a term and Ultimately it's about take those data sets down until a should study the data because Awards" to chat with his fellow
get less than 1500 results back, specialization and data as a Terms of Service for them could we're going to sell that, that's not musicians including Carrie
then I forecast how long it will service. "The people we need to be figured out. That never being a platform. Twitter tries to Underwood, Tim McGraw and
take to fill that number of results come in and connect this info happened, and communication pick the winners and it pisses me Nicole Kidman's husband Keith
back up to the maximum and with human beings," Kromer between the two companies off. They admit that they are Urban.
move it down the priority queue says, "aren't the people who hasn't progressed very far over king-makers. All that does is Wicks was a natural at the
accordingly. On the lowest should be wasting their time on the last year. make everyone vote against them hosting gig, joking with CMA
priority I have searches for RT or the math. And the guys who are InfoChimps does not have and hope a competitor comes host Underwood by asking her
http. There will always be 1500 good at doing these things should Twitter's permission to do what it around." how she puts up with her co-host
results for that. It's only API not be building web apps." But did today, but Kromer says Perhaps time will tell - but these Brad Paisley. "It's not as hard as
calls that limit me. As is, it's like Can They Get Away With It? Twitter hasn't contacted them are very early days in what looks it looks ladies and gentleman,"
a fisherman setting nets, what There's some question whether either. No one from Twitter to be an era of widespread Underwood teased.
matters is that dinner is tasty." Twitter will allow InfoChimps to headquarters has responded to innovation built on top of social Wicks got teased himself for his
Does that sound so hard? Worth sell data based on Twitter data. our request for comment yet. data analysis. Discuss "DWTS" stint by Urban who told
thousands of dollars? Here's Kromer says he'd much rather "We talked to our lawyer about his fellow performer, "I'm not
what Kromer says: resell the data on a commission this a lot," Kromer told us, "we dancing so you got me beat on
"It's not magic. If you talk to than have to do all the work he's are on absolutely solid ground that."
people who use Hadoop and do done to set up the extraction with regards to copyright, user
social networking analysis this is system. But it was a year ago privacy and use of the API. This
underwhelming. You take 30 that InfoChimps caught the eye is clearly for the benefit of their
million users, 1 billion links, of people who love data - by community."

Review: Nip/Tuck - Abigail Sullivan
By Jonathan Toomey (TV I don't really have a ton to say played out but only to the extent Continue reading Review:
Squad) about this episode; suffice to say that it sent Sean off into this Nip/Tuck - Abigail Sullivan
Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:15:00 AM
that it wasn't my favorite. I delusional "what the hell am I Filed under: OpEd, Nip/Tuck,
argued last week that I hoped doing with my life" haze. I'll Episode Reviews, Reality-Free
( S06E05)"Why is it that we see Teddy's run in with John Doe (I have a lot more respect for what Permalink| Email this| |
what we want to believe and we don't think we caught his name) happened in "Abigail Sullivan" Comments
don't believe what we see?" - didn't turn into an easy way to what happened. I liked how it as long as the consequences are
Sean end her story and that's exactly worth it.
38 Tech News/ Entertainment/ E-reader Newspaper
Interview Gets Heated as
Waveboard 2.0 Will Offer Push Notifications for Carrie Prejean Accuses
Larry King of Being
iPhone 'Inappropriate'
By Sarah Perez iPhone. but for others it's just a chaos- (ETonline - Breaking News)
(ReadWriteWeb) Sponsor inducing mess. That may change Submitted at 11/12/2009 7:46:00 AM

Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:59:44 AM
According to a post on the in the future, though, when
GetWaveboard blog, the next waves on the app's icon, the push G o o g l e i m p l e m e n t s t h e Carrie Prejean was on " Larry
If you're not one of the fortunate e d i t i o n o f t h e W a v e b o a r d notifications feature will tap into "whitelisting" feature which will King Live" Wednesday night via
few to have gotten your hands on application(iTunes link) has been the iPhone's ability to display pop allow users to create an approved satellite to discuss her new book
a Google Wave invite, then you submitted to Apple and is now -up alerts on your device. As new list of fellow wavers where only but instead found herself in a
probably don't have too much use awaiting App Store approval. text is entered into a wave, the people on that list will have the heated moment where she called
for Waveboard, an iPhone-ready This process usually takes a few iPhone will display the additional ability to contact you. the newsman "inappropriate"
interface for Google's new real- weeks, but in the meantime a text in a push notification There's no word yet on if or how multiple times when he asked her
t i m e c o l l a b o r a t i o n s y s t e m . couple of video previews let us message: you'll be able to manage the new about why she settled with the
However, if you've recently see what's to come. Quick Inbox Of course, depending on the push notifications feature in the Miss USA pageant.
become a member of the Google One of the new features of number of waves you're involved app's settings. If there were When the subject is dropped the
Wave cult, you may have already Waveboard 2.0 is something in and how heavily they're used, configuration options that let you show goes to a caller and that is
forked over the 99 cents for this called the "Quick Inbox" view. this feature could easily become exclude some waves (like public when Prejean takes off her
mobile app so you could create, Since Google Wave loads a little an annoyance. Unfortunately, ones for example), then it could microphone and tells King he's
browse, and respond to "waves" slowly on the iPhone - something G o o g l e o f f e r s f e w c o n t r o l be even more useful. being "extremely inappropriate"
while on the go. developer Dirk Holtwick says is mechanisms for managing the In any event, the app will now and that she was "about to leave"
While some early testers of the out of his hands - he's come up waves you belong to at the have some selling points that the show.
Waveboard app complained that with a workaround for a speedier moment - something that can provide the value-added features
it didn't do anything more than launch. The new "quick inbox" lead to serious information that make it worth the $0.99
what the iPhone optimized feature offers a fast-loading overload for Wave users. For being charged. Stay tuned to the
website already offered, the next overview which displays the example, anyone can add you to GetWaveboard blog for more
release of Waveboard may have waves that have changed, as you a wave - even without your details in the coming days about
those naysayers changing their can see in the following video: permission. This can lead to an the new features and how they
mind. In Waveboard 2.0, there Push Notifications inbox crowded with waves which work. Discuss
are a few new features, but the Even more exciting, perhaps, is you don't really care about
one that will grab everyone's the push notifications feature. In following. For some, this feature
attention is its ability to now addition to displaying a badge is a key selling point for Wave,
offer "push" notifications on the showing the number of new

Ex-Mistress to Former ESPN Analyst Steve Phillips Breaks
Her Silence
(ETonline - Breaking News) the story Thursday morning, analyst and the fear that, she Phillips' wife, Marni, making a 911 call after the fact -- was a
Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:54:00 AM
speaking out as to why she sent says, kept her in the relationship. 911 call were all "just an avenue similar fear to how I felt."
the cryptic four-page letter to Hundley told "Good Morning to get people to pay attention."
Brooke Hundley, ex-mistress to Phillips' wife detailing her affair America" correspondent Kate "The same fear that I heard in
Steve Phillips, gave her side of with the former ESPN sports Snow that her actions that led to [Marni] -- and I listened to the
E-reader Newspaper Tech News/ TV/ Entertainment/ 39

Cloud Computing In Plain English Balloon Boy's
By Alex Williams
Parents Will
Submitted at 11/12/2009 12:39:44 AM Plead Guilty
Almost three years ago, Lee and (ETonline - Breaking News)
Sachi LeFever created their first Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:11:00 AM
video to explain RSS.
They called the video RSS in ET has the latest...
Plain English. They used paper ET has confirmed that Richard
cut outs to explain the XML and Mayumi Heene, parents of
format. It became an instant hit. the so-called"Balloon Boy"-- will
Tens of thousands of people plead guilty.
watched it. Today their company, Mayumi will plead guilty to
Common Craft, make all sorts of false reporting to authorities,
custom videos. They've built a which is a class 3 misdemeanor,
business around explaining while Richard will plead guilty to
concepts. attempting to influence a public
Their latest video explains cloud servant, which is a class four
computing. loves to poke at it. It's the hot explaining what they do? What if were writing about them! felony.
Sponsor topic so it is refreshing to see Lee companies did something like Here's a challenge. Make a video Both Mayumi and Richard could
"Cloud Computing in Plain once again explain the topic in what Common Craft did for about what your enterprise face up to 90 days in jail along
English," tells the story of a simple terms that pretty much Twitter or with Google to help software does. Show us a page with probation.
florist whose business grows. She anyone can understand. It makes explain Google Docs? with all sorts of ways we can
learns about cloud computing everyone's job a bit simpler. We covered indicee yesterday. learn what you are all about. If it
and realizes that perhaps maybe Which takes us to the last point Why? We think their product really does explain what you do
she should not have to worry of the day. We get so many looks pretty valuable. But you then that will deserve some
about fixing broken servers. pitches from companies. The know what set them apart? They mention here. Just leave a
video services are explained in terms made a great video. It was comment pointing to where we
Cloud computing is one of those that often need deciphering. compelling to watch. It made us can see what you've done and
topics that confuses and What if more companies in the laugh. We started to think about we'll get back to you. Promise.
confounds people. Larry Ellison enterprise space spent more time what they do. Pretty soon we Discuss

Review: The New Adventures of Old Christine - Nuts
By Jason Hughes (TV Squad) be shacking up in Matthew's old out of the way, the writers have - Nuts
Submitted at 11/12/2009 12:35:00 PM
digs out in the backyard. It would some ideas of some fun things Filed under: Other Comedy
make for a pretty funny callback they can do with the mismatched Shows, OpEd, Episode Reviews,
(S05E07) I guess the fate of to have her character pop back pair. In five seasons, we've not Reality-Free
Marion Ross was handled off- up. Maybe even act as if seen a great deal of interaction Permalink| Email this| |
screen, because Matthew and Christine didn't even know she'd between them, but their Comments
Richard are settling into her old moved in back there. differences could make for some
digs, and she was nowhere to be I wasn't as impressed with the good comedy.
seen this episode. Now that I forced obligatory "we're different storyline for Matthew and Continue reading Review: The
think about it, though, she could but now we're roommates" Richard. Hopefully, now that it's New Adventures of Old Christine
40 Tech News/ Entertainment/ Popular News/ Economy/ E-reader Newspaper
Fashion Flashback: Japan drops child-
TV on the Internet: Clicker Launches The Big & Bold Looks snatching case against
By Frederic Lardinois shows, the market for services of Past CMA Awards Tenn. man (AP)
(ReadWriteWeb) that index these shows and make (ETonline - Breaking News) (Yahoo! News: U.S. News)
Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:00:00 AM
them easily available is also
heating up. Submitted at 11/12/2009 3:29:00 AM Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:05:11 AM

Clicker, which aims to be the TV Sponsor released a number of significant Big hair, big sparkle and even I buzzed up: Americans may be
Guide for Internet television, just In last week's review, we called updates to its site yesterday that
bigger hats! Take a look at all the settling into spending less
launched. We first reviewed Clicker a "one-stop shop for include embedded full-length
glittering fashions that have (AP)
Clicker last week when it was online video." Today's updates shows. Microsoft's Bing video
rocked the red carpet of the 16 seconds ago 2009-11-
still in private beta. The version and the public launch turn it into search now also makes it easier
Country Music Association 12T09:48:24-08:00
that went live today features a an even more convenient service. to find content from TV and
Awards. This content has passed through
n u m b e r o f s i g n i f i c a n t The most important new feature cable networks online. While
Keep clicking to see a decade of
improvements to the private beta is the improved playlist, which Google offers a comprehensive
wild CMA style!
version. Clicker now indexes now makes it even easier to video search engine, it doesn't
33% more shows than before and watch shows on the Internet and offer any specific features that Gold retreats from new high as stocks pause
i n d e x e s o v e r 4 0 0 , 0 0 0 f u l l to keep track of which ones you make it easier to find and watch
episodes from 7,000 shows. have already seen. Clicker now TV shows online. for breath
Clicker also now features an also indexes over 30,000 movies Clicker's new DVR-like playlists (Financial Times - US Markets Commentator
improved DVR-like playlist, that are available through Netflix give it a unique feature that homepage) Published: November 12 2009
i n t e g r a t i o n w i t h F a c e b o o k Instant Streaming and Amazon makes it stand out from the 07:20 | Last updated: November
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:03:03 AM
Connect and improved search. In VOD. crowd and turns it into a one-stop 12 2009 17:03
addition, Clicker users can now Video Search Market is Heating shop for TV content on the Gold retreats from new high as This content has passed through
also comment on shows and use Up Internet. You can find our full stocks pause for breath
a wiki-like feature to contribute As more and more TV viewers review of Clicker here. Discuss By Jamie Chisholm, Global
information about a given show turn to the Internet to see full-
or episode. length episodes of their favorite

Boxee Gets Into the Hardware Business
By Frederic Lardinois connected to TVs. The market for living room as a default feature. content in the near future.
(ReadWriteWeb) these devices is still very small, Right now, the easiest way to On Collision Course With Roku Chances are that within the next
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:31:52 AM
but if Boxee manages to get its use Boxee in the living room is This announcement, as the few months, both Roku and
software on a large number of through hacking an Apple TV. NYTimes' Brad Stone points out, Boxee will offer very similar
Boxee just announced that it connected TVs, set-top boxes and While this is an easy hack, it also puts Boxee into direct services and hardware devices. If
plans to release a dedicated BluRay players, the company doesn't help Boxee to bring its competition with Roku. Roku Boxee manages to strike up
Boxee hardware device in could easily establish itself as the service to a mainstream audience. made a name for itself by enough partnerships and gets its
partnership with an undisclosed standard interface for bringing According to today's offering a cheap and easy to use software onto more devices,
consumer entertainment Internet content to the living announcement, Boxee's goal is hardware device that allows users however, it will have a major
company. This is a big step for room. Boxee will share more "to be on every Connected device to stream online movies to their advantage over Roku.
Boxee. The software, which details about the device on in the living room" - and to do so, TVs. Just last week, Roku Discuss
aggregates Internet video content December 7. the company will need to partner announced its will branch out
from a wide variety of sources, is Sponsor with large, well-known brands from just offering streaming
already designed to run on home Boxee's Ambition: To be on that can push its software into the movies and that it plans to offer
entertainment PCs that are Every Connected Device different channels with Internet
E-reader Newspaper Apple/ 41

Facebook Developer Turns Back on Safari 4.0.4 Update
iPhone Released
By Alfredo Padilla there are still plenty of By Charles Jade
(TheAppleBlog) precedent for other platforms. developers who are focusing on (TheAppleBlog)
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:50:48 AM Hewitt will be moving onto a the iPhone as their principal Submitted at 11/12/2009 7:03:12 AMand performance, it’s not just the
web project at Facebook, which mobile platform. usual boilerplate text included
Facebook for the iPhone is one offers the opportunity to work on It may be, however, that Apple Safari version 4.0.4 is now with the update this time. Besides
of my most used applications, an open platform. is offering its competitors an available, the 30MB update supposed stability improvements
and I’m not alone as it’s amongst Hewitt is not the first developer opening to create a much more promising improvements to for third-party plug-ins, the
the most popular iPhone to abandon the iPhone due to developer-friendly environment “performance, stability, and search field, and Yahoo! Mail,
applications ever. This success is Apple’s perceived and steal one of its key security.” Safari 4.0.4 has “improved full
due to the size of Facebook itself, mismanagement of the app store, advantages: the quality, not the Regarding security, the update history search performance for
that the application is free, and but he may be the highest profile. quantity, of applications addresses several potential users with a large number of
that it is very well done. That last His departure from iPhone available. If Android, BlackBerry “maliciously crafted” attacks–are history items.” I’m one of those
is due mainly to Joe Hewitt, who development highlights a critical or Symbian can attract top there such things as benevolently users, and I would cringe when
has been the main developer for danger that Apple faces with the developers to produce 1,000 high crafted attacks? One uses a color going to “Show All History” and
Facebook’s iPhone application. app store. For a variety of quality applications for its profile, which is inventive, if using the realtime search box.
Unfortunately that’s about to reasons, ranging from an inability platform, that will probably be evil. Others use XML, shortcut The first few letters would stall
change, as Hewitt tweeted that he to get your application noticed, enough to erase the huge lead menus, or the user’s desire to Safari every time, not so much
is moving “…onto a new the danger of having your Apple has today. Who cares if visit web pages or FTP sites of now.
project.” application rejected for you can’t choose between 500 tip questionable virtue. Safari 4.0.4 also improves
At face value this may not be of unforeseen reasons and the very calculators, or 30 different Sadly, as the Mac gains greater JavaScript performance. Running
any importance beyond a certain low prices charged on the app versions of the same public popularity, the mantra of the SunSpider JavaScript
sadness to see a great developer store, many developers are domain book as long as you can “security through obscurity” Benchmark, Safari 4.0.4 is 1.08
leave a platform and an growing disillusioned with the get high quality versions of the becomes less and less reassuring. times as fast version 4.0.3
application so many love. In a iPhone as a platform. apps you actually want? This is one area where Microsoft o v e r a l l , w i t h “ s i g n i f i c a n t ”
conversation with TechCrunch, If this trend reaches a critical It’s clear that Apple realizes Windows and Internet Explorer i n c r e a s e s i n m a n y t e s t s .
however, Hewitt made clear that level it could deal a blow to the there are problems with the way may end up having an actual Finally and most importantly,
the principal reason behind his iPhone, which has touted the it is currently managing the app advantage over OS X and Safari, Safari 4.0.4 does not break
departure from this project is his wide variety of high quality store. The question is whether it Windows having been forced to ClickToFlash. Upgrade (and
unhappiness with Apple’s applications in its marketing. can make the necessary exist in a state of siege for so restart) away.
management of the iPhone app Even more dangerous is the adjustments to attract and keep long.
store. Hewitt specifically possibility that developers will the best developers for the As for improvements to stability
mentions his philosophical move in large numbers to other iPhone, or if the Joe Hewitt’s of
opposition to the review process, platforms, with Android being the world decide it’s just not
indicating that it puts an the most likely option. Of course worth their time.
unnecessary middleman between Android has its own problems
developers and users. He also related to app development, and
fears that it sets a dangerous
42 Apple/ Twitter Trend/ E-reader Newspaper

New Patent Application Suggests Mac Office Update:
Apple Tablet Could Have Pen Input Stability, Stability,
By Darrell Etherington
manager acquires ink
information, such as ink strokes,
entered at the pen-based input
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:26:42 AM
device, and organizes that By Charles Jade
Apple apparently isn’t information into ink phrases.
exclusively devoted to the idea of Along with the patent Submitted at 11/11/2009 9:59:35 AM the annoying text-spacing bug
finger-based multi-touch input on description, Apple included an when opening some Windows
all its devices, a recent patent image of the proposed system in Microsoft issued updates for Office documents. For Excel,
applications shows. The patent the application. The graphic is Office 2004 and 2008 covering crashing issues when using
application, found by Apple very reminiscent of prototypes security issues for both versions, PivotTables has been addressed.
Insider, describes the use of a pen and concepts of the as-yet as well as an XML conversion P o w e r P o i n t a l s o a d d r e s s e s
-like stylus to operate an “ink unannounced tablet computer tool. The Office 2008 update also stability. Apparently, Entourage
information” input system, and that has the Apple community includes a number of minor fixes is stable enough, though there is
references tablet computing bubbling over with excitement. to enhance stability. a new junk mail definition file.
applications for the new tech by Note the bar at the bottom, which Regarding security, both updates Finally, Microsoft Document
name. resembles the dock on the home address vulnerabilities “that an Connection for the Mac gets
“Ink information” refers to screen of the iPhone. I’d also like attacker can use to overwrite the several minor upgrades and fixes.
handwriting technology, to point out that the device looks contents of your computer’s While this minor update is
specifically. The patent describes Calif., can suffer from failure a lot like a reader, given the memory with malicious code.” welcome, many Mac Office users
that previous attempts in this modes that make the situation scroll buttons at the bottom. Opening a “specially crafted” are waiting for information
field, including in Apple’s own difficult for both end users and Maybe Apple is planning to Word or Excel file could grant about, if not an actual release of,
Newton device, have been for application developers. For change the game by making sure the attacker the same user rights Outlook for the Mac. In August,
insufficient to the task in the past. example, a word that accidentally its reader doubles as a writer, too. as the local user, including we learned Mac Outlook will be
It suggests that the addition of an spans two input fields even a tiny Ideally, the digital ink and stylus a d m i n i s t r a t i v e r i g h t s i f out by Christmas 2010, will be
“ink manager,” a kind of go- amount (due, for instance, to a input tech described in the patent applicable. The XML Conversion built from the ground up using
between interpretive process, s t r a y a s c e n d e r , d e s c e n d e r , would operate alongside touch Tool was also updated to address Cocoa, and will have many
might reduce the occurrence of crossbar, or dot) may be broken input. This application will no this issue. features we desire, but since then
mistaken or misplaced ink up into multiple sessions, causing doubt bring a lot of hope for The 12.2.3 update for Mac nothing. How about an update on
detection. Office 2008 update also focuses that?
misrecognition and invalid data digital artists hoping to work
Here’s the exact wording of entries that must be manually with the device, for whom pen on stability. In Word, general
Apple’s description of both the corrected. input is infinitely preferable to crashing issues have been
problem of ink detection and its addressed. The update also fixes
The ink manager interfaces touch control. Hopefully, we
proposed solution: between a pen-based input won’t have to wait long to find
Even systems that attempt to device, one or more applications out if a pen system makes it into Three Tennessee Volunteers players
improve this situation by using (pen-aware or not) and one or a production device, since the
each stroke to determine the more handwriting recognition tablet is rumored to be unveiled
arrested, charged in robbery - ESPN
input field anew, such as the e n g i n e s e x e c u t i n g o n t h e in the first quarter of 2010. By twitter:@otINSIDEsports robbery...Still think college
Apple Newton from Apple c o m p u t e r s y s t e m . T h e i n k (TweetMeme) athletes shouldn't be paid?
Computer Inc. of Cupertino, Submitted at 11/12/2009 5:29:23 AM
0 comments Source:
Tennessee players arrested for
E-reader Newspaper Apple/ TV/ 43

“ikee” iPhone Worm Progeny Not So Dirty Jobs and Ghost
Harmless Lab Continue Ratings
By Darrell Etherington
(TheAppleBlog) Roll for Discovery a computer on display in a retail
store, which could then scan all
iPhones that pass within the
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:45:51 AM
reach of its network. Or a hacker By Robert Seidman JOBS exceeded the 4Q08 time
(TVbytheNumbers) slot (TUE 9-10PM), with double-
Earlier this week, we reported could sit in an Internet café and
that the first iPhone worm had let his computer scan all iPhones Submitted at 11/11/2009 3:41:35 PM
digit gains in key demos – P25-
been created. It was called that come within the range of the 54 (21.1%) / M25-54 (25.9%) /
“ikee,” and all it did was change Wi-Fi network in search of data. via press release: W25-54 (12.6%) / P18-49 (30.2)
the default wallpaper on devices In order to secure your device A Job From Hell, A Voice From / P2+ (21.4%).
to an image of Rick Astley with against this kind of attack, there the Dead: The 10PM premiere of GHOST
“ikee is never going to give you are a few options. First, change DIRTY JOBS and GHOST LAB LAB finished at #14 for cable
up” printed across the top. It was the default SSH password if you Add Up to Big Tuesday Numbers telecasts among P25-54 (0.79
relatively harmless, if annoying, haven’t already. So far, that for Discovery AA%) during primetime, with
and the hacker responsible appears to be the easiest way to - Two Hit Series Score Big in double-digit gains in key demos
claimed that it was more of a foil attempts to infiltrate your Household and See Gains in Key – P25-54 (37.1%) / M25-54
warning than anything else. jailbroken device. The best way Demos - (11.4%) / W25-54 (89.4%) / P18-
Hopefully many heeded that to prevent this and any kind of On November 10, 2009, the 49 (53.4) / P2+ (31.5%).
warning, since now a new virus seem to be able to access future attack along the same 9PM premiere telecast of DIRTY GHOST LAB also had
has surfaced that uses the same information stored by other lines, however, is to not jailbreak JOBS was the #3 primetime significant gains in key female
M.O. as ikee, but that has a much applications on your iPhone, like your device in the first place, or cable telecast among M25-54 demos – W18-49 (115.5%) /
more malicious intent and effect. password managers, but if you’re to restore it to factory settings if (1.36 AA%) and #5 among P25- W18-34 (100%) vs. it’s 4Q08
Specifically, the new malware affected, the only safe course of you’ve already jailbroken. Of 54 (1.03 AA%) in delivery and time slot (10-11PM). It was #8
mines personal data from your action is a full wipe and restore. course, for many who use their ratings. The 9-10PM DIRTY in it’s time slot among M18-49
device, using the very same Theoretically, according to devices with carriers who don’t JOBS was the #1 non-sports, (#9 among M25-54).
exploit ikee revealed earlier in i P h o n e s e c u r i t y r e s e a r c h e r officially offer the iPhone, that cable program in it’s time slot, 9- All-new episodes of DIRTY
the week. Charlie Miller speaking to isn’t an option. 10P, on Tuesday evening for JOBS and GHOST LAB will
T h e n e w w o r m , d u b b e d Computerworld, attacks based on Miller suggested that Apple may M18-49 (#2 cable program p r e m i e r e n e x t T u e s d a y ,
“iPhone/Privacy.A” by digital the same exploit could do more want to consider re-engineering behind the 2009 World Series of November 17 at 9PM ET/PT and
security firm Intego, affects only than just mine data. Running up its security measures to account Poker on ESPN). Discovery 10PM ET/PT, respectively.
jailbroken iPhones, and grabs your phone bill, sending out bulk for jailbroken devices, but as that channel was the #4 primetime ad- For more information on both
things from your device like text messages and spamming w o u l d m e a n t a c i t l y supported cable network for M25 s e r i e s , v i s i t :
address book contacts, text your contacts are all well within a c k n o w l e d g i n g a n d e v e n -54 delivery (#6 for P25-54). p r e s s . d i s c o v e r y . c o m .
messages, photos, music, video, the realm of possibility. Miller accepting a practice it stridently Discovery also ranked within the This content has passed through
calendar entries and email goes on to describe how easy it disapproves of, I think the best top ten for P18-49 (#5) and M18-
messages. Basically, almost would be for a hacker to infect a bet for jailbreakers is just to shut 49 (#3).
anywhere it can look for sensitive device: down all SSH access, if possible. This week’s premiere of DIRTY
data, it will. The virus doesn’t This could easily be installed on
44 Apple/ TV/ Sports/ E-reader Newspaper

Blu-Ray App for iPhone Arrives What's On Tonight:
Courtesy of Universal Community, Fringe,
By Darrell Etherington
definitely make any typing you Supernatural, Private Practice
need to do with your Blu-ray By Bob Sassone (TV Squad)
Submitted at 11/11/2009 11:22:34 AM
movie much easier. Finally, some
Submitted at 11/12/2009 12:16:00 PM
titles will offer the ability to
Universal Media announced stream special content from the
awhile ago that it would be disc to your iPhone, which can • At 8, ABC has a new
introducing iPhone control into then be stored for later viewing. FlashForward, followed by new
some of its Blu-ray titles, starting The app has promise, but limited episodes of Grey's Anatomy and
with “Fast & Furious,” the Vin as it is to one major distributor’s Private Practice.
Diesel/Paul Walker romp that titles, it feels a little like yet • CBS has a new Survivor, then
saw the lucrative car racing series another extraneous feature new episodes of CSI and The
return to its humble origins. designed to add value to a format Mentalist.
Now, Universal is extending the that’s failing to catch on with • NBC has new episodes of
iPhone/Blu-ray connection to a most consumers. Chances are, Community, Parks and
much wider swath of its library I’m never going to watch or care Recreation, The Office, 30 Rock,
thanks to “pocket BLU,” a new • At 10, Lifetime has a new
about the additional features and The Jay Leno Show.
app for Apple’s handheld Project Runway.
included for pocket BLU users • FOX has a new Bones at 8,
devices. • There's a new It's Always
anyway, so why not just stick to followed by a new Fringe.
pocket BLU is a free download with pocket BLU, something Sunny in Philadelphia at 10.
playing back digital content on • The CW has a new Vampire
from the App Store that allows which will be indicated by a • Comedy Central has a new
my Mac and using Rowmote or Diaries at 8, then a new
your iPhone to become a remote conspicuously placed logo. Tosh.0 at 10.
VLC Remote to control it? Take Supernatural.
control for operating Blu-ray The app will allow you to • Also at 10: Bravo has a new
it from me, Universal, you’ll be • Current has a new Current
discs from Universal. It won’t control playback of the film, and Real Housewives of Orange
far better off if you focus on Exposed at 8, followed by a new
work with just any movie, of jump backwards and forwards to County at 10.
delivering content to the iPhone SuperNews.
course. Blu-ray discs need to be any point in the movie using a
platform, instead of just control • TCM has Dial M For Murder
played using a Wi-Fi connected visual time line. You’ll also have Check your local TV listings for
mechanisms. at 8, then Rear Window.
player, for one, and the title has access to a pop-up keyboard for more.
entering data, which will • At 9, Comedy Central has a After the jump, the late night
to be specifically enabled to work new Jeff Dunham Show. talk shows.
• TLC has a new American
Not this time: LeBron, Cavs get better of Magic Chopper at 9.
Continue reading What's On
Tonight: Community, Fringe,
By Associated Press percent), giving the Cavs their trouble all night, picking up two • Spike has a new TNA Supernatural, Private Practice
( first win at Orlando in their last fouls less than three minutes into Wrestling at 9. Filed under: Late Night,
four regular-season meetings. the first quarter. He finished with • Cartoon Network has a new Programming, Celebrities, Talk
Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:06:40 AM
• Dating back to last season, 11 points and seven rebounds. Total Drama Action at 9. Show, What To Watch Tonight,
Fast Facts Cleveland is 42-2 when eclipsing -- ESPN Stats & Information • TruTV has a new World's Reality-Free
• LeBron James and Mo the century mark including 4-0 This content has passed through Dumbest at 9, followed by two Permalink| Email this| |
Williams combined for 64 points this season. new episodes of It Only Hurts Comments
on 25-of-43 shooting (58.1 FG • Dwight Howard battled foul When I Laugh.
E-reader Newspaper TV/ 45

Syfy Test-Drives A New Approach to Animation With Outer
Space Astronauts
By Bill Gorman show by developing, executing exasperation of his by-the-book ‘sunny’ disposition, the sweetest find other’s weak spots and poke
(TVbytheNumbers) and editing the series right in his second-in-command. Regardless girl in the galaxy gets along with at it with a stick. He has
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:19:18 AM
very home. He also enlisted of being a comedy of errors, this everyone. She doesn’t mind that excellent skills, and is highly
childhood and hometown friends team will surprise even her ‘secret relationship’ with intelligent in weapons
via press release: as series stars including, Adam themselves as they navigate their Dick should remain a secret, development and ammunition
SYFY TEST-DRIVES A NEW C l i n t o n ( C o m m a n d e r D i c k way around the solar system. she’s cool, calm and easy going. science, but his motivation for
APPROACH TO ANIMATION A m o s ) , S t e p h a n i e C l i n t o n “Russell Barrett is a very dry, Intern Jimmy Peck(Peter Burns) work isn’t always top notch.
W I T H O U T E R S P A C E (Lieutenant Sunny Hunkle), Jay very funny guy who created his has been Captain Ripley’s right- Operations Officer Donna
ASTRONAUTS Wendorff (voice of Kyle 14) and own part animated, part live- hand man since their college Kennedy(Dana Kirk) and
S E R I E S P R E M I E R E S Dana Kirk (Operations Officer action space ship world in a days. A bit simple-minded, or technology don’t mix. She tries
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8 AT Donna Kennedy). series of episodes using his own just eternally naïve, Jimmy has a in vain to hide her ‘fear of all
9:30 P.M. (ET/PT) ” Syfy fans have never seen style and vision of animation,” way of coming through just when things that plug in and beep’
The Five-Episode, Half-Hour animation quite like this before! said David O. Russell, Executive you thought he was completely from the crew, but on a ship
Series is Executive Produced By The graphics may be basic and Producer. “What more needs to useless. which functions solely from the
Russell Barrett, Scott Puckett and simple, but combining them with be said about outer space Pilot Johnny Boothe(Benjamin latest technology, her
David O. Russell (Three Kings, I live-action elements has never astronauts who are in outer space Nurick) shouldn’t be flying or technophobia gets the best of her.
Heart Huckabees) been done in a series before. To working as astronauts, in outer driving anything as he holds the Chief Mechanic Pinto(Steve
Premiere Episode Follows say that it was a grassroots space?” most citations for reckless Millunzi) is a human monkey
Season Finale of Hit Reality endeavor is an understatement. Outer Space Astronauts was piloting out of anyone (a record wrench. If something is broken,
Series, Scare Tactics Russell literally produced this in created by Russell Barrett, and is he states proudly!). Boothe’s Pinto can fix it – which is great,
New York, NY – November 12, his basement for more than a executive produced by Barrett, disregard for safety and his because things tend to break
2009 – Syfy continues to expand year, and that allowed him to Scott Puckett and David O. addiction to speed however has quite frequently!
its horizons with the premiere of create a unique series with a Russell ( Three Kings, I Heart saved many a day on board the Ka’ak(Jacey Margolis) is from
new irreverent half-hour comedy sharp, sly sense of humor.” said Huckabees). O.S.S. Oklahoma. another planet and skilled in all
series, Outer Space Astronauts. M a r k S t e r n , E V P O r i g i n a l Meet the series characters: Kyle 14(voice: Jay Wendorff) is areas of space travel. Despite her
Using the latest in computer C o n t e n t S y f y & C o - H e a d Captain Bruce Ripley(Russell one of the first artificial humans super-model looks, her mangled
graphics technology to meld live- Universal Cable Productions. Barrett) is the worst captain in to be given a post on an OSA use of English is a good tip-off to
action and 3D animation, the Outer Space Astronauts is a the fleet with the best reputation. ship. He’s the most state-of-the- her alien roots; not to mention
visually innovative five-episode futuristic comedy series about He’s uninterested, bored and art android in existence and her blood-red skin!
series premieres on Syfy on eight vaguely courageous, highly sloppy, yet manages to always “waaaay better than the Kyle 13 Syfy is a media destination for
Tuesday, December 8 at 9:30 distractable military personnel get the job done. model.” imagination-based entertainment.
p.m. (ET/PT) following the who journey to the far reaches of Commander Dick Amos(Adam Chief Weapons Officer Andy With year round acclaimed
season finale of the hit reality the galaxy, seeking knowledge, Clinton) should be the leader of Matheson(Laura Valdivia) has original series, events,
series, Scare Tactics at 9 p.m. adventure and whatever else they the ship since he holds the most saved the life of every crewman blockbuster movies, classic
(ET/PT). Outer Space Astronauts can come up with. On board the credentials than anyone, but even on the ship more times than they science fiction and fantasy
will continue to roll out every O.S.S. Oklahoma, this legion of with his top performance record, can count. His enormous stature programming, a dynamic Web
Tuesday night at 9 p.m. (ET/PT). misfits are led by a lackluster Dick is always stuck behind the and history of big time whuppin’ site ( www., and a
Series creator and executive captain who would rather be eight ball. sometimes intimidates his fellow portfolio of adjacent business (
producer, Russell Barrett took a planning the next “margarita Lieutenant Sunny crewman except for Brimley. Syfy Ventures), Syfy is a
complete do-it-yourself / hands- Monday” than leading a mission Hunkle(Stephanie Clinton) With Weapons Officer Chad
on approach to the creation of the a g a i n s t e v i l , m u c h t o a name that equally matches her Brimley(Tony Bravo) likes to SYFY page 47
46 TV/ E-reader Newspaper

TV Ratings: CMA Awards dominate with Taylor Swift, Glee
returns strong
By Robert Seidman Full Details:
(TVbytheNumbers) =
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:48:48 AM
Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2009 The
Nielsen Company. All Rights
The 43rd annual CMA Awards Reserved.
dominated the night for ABC You can see TV ratings from
leading it to victory in all the other recent Overnight ratings
major advertising demographics reports here.
averaging a 5.2/14 (rating/share) Definitions:
with adults 18-49 and 16.85 Fast Affiliate Ratings: These
million viewers. It was the most- first national ratings, including
watched CMA Awards since demographics, are available at
2005, and the biggest audience approximately 11 AM (ET) the
for an ABC Wednesday day after telecast, and are
(excluding sports) since 9/21/05. released to subscribing customers
It was also ABC’s best daily. These data, from the
Wednesday night with adults 18- National People Meter sample,
49 (excluding sports) since are strictly time-period
11/17/07. information, based on the normal
Taylor Swift collected multiple broadcast network feed, and
awards, including “entertainer of include all programming on the
the year” and displayed a good affiliated stations, sometimes
sense of humor about her including network programming,
experiences earlier this year at sometimes not. The figures may
the MTV VMA Awards. include stations that did not air
“I want to thank every single the entire network feed, as well
person here tonight for not as local news breaks or cutaways
running up on stage during this for local coverage or other
speech,” Swift said as she programming. Fast Affiliate
accepted the award for best ratings are not as useful for live
female vocalist. a 2.1 rating with adults 18-49, part of the CSI trilogy turned in • Conan O’Brien (1.0/4 in 18-49 programs and are likely to differ
Glee returned from its baseball- down from a 2.6 in its last its best performance since the in local people meters) tied significantly from the final
induced hiatus as strong as ever ( Wednesday performance (10/21). season premiere with a 3.7/10 CBS’s LATE SHOW (1.0/4) in results, because the data reflect
whether Julia is watching or not) Is Gary Unmarried showing rating/share with adults 18-49. Nielsen’s 24 local markets with normal broadcast feed patterns.
to a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating. Glee signs of life or did people who Over on NBC, Law & Order: People Meters. For example, with a World Series
tied for second for the hour with wanted a sitcom but not the SVU matched its season best game, Fast Affiliate Ratings
Criminal Mind s with adults 18- CMA Awards tune in? It turned with adults 18-49 with a 2.8 would include whatever aired
49. in a 2.5/6 rating/share with adults adults 18-49 rating and the • At 12:35 a.m., Jimmy Fallon from 8-11PM on affiliates in the
The CMA Awards hit So You 18-49 at 8:30 – the show’s best second largest overall viewers of (0.5/3 in 18-49 in local people Pacific Time Zone, following the
Think You Can Dance harder performance with adults 18-49 the season (8.1 million). meters) trailed CBS’s LATE
than Glee. SYTYCD dropped to since 11/19/08. At 10pm on In Late-Night Local People LATE SHOW (0.6/4). RATINGS: page 47
CBS, CSI: NY with the second Meters Wednesday night:
E-reader Newspaper TV/ 47
continued from page 46

live football game, but not game area at a specific time. (See also, broadcast day as the original
Torchwood creator talks
coverage that begins at 5PM PT.
The same would be true of
Presidential debates as well as
Rating, which represents tuning
or viewing as a percent of the
entire population being
telecast, with a cut-off of
3:00AM local time when meters
transmit daily viewing to Nielsen
season four
By Mike Moody (TV Squad)
live award shows and breaking measured.) for processing. Live+7 Day
Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:28:00 AM
news reports. Time Shifted Viewing– Program ratings include incremental
Rating: Estimated percentage of ratings for national sources are viewing that takes place during The miniseries Torchwood:
the universe of TV households produced in three streams of data the 7 days following a telecast. Children of Earth was a huge
(or other specified group) tuned – Live, Live+Same For more information see ratings and critical success. It
to a program in the average Day(Live+SD) and Live+7 Day. Numbers 101. was only a matter of time before
minute. Ratings are expressed as Time shifted figures account for This content has passed through show creator Russell T. Davies
a percent. incremental viewing that takes started talking, officially, about
Share (of Audience): The place with DVRs which are moving ahead with another
percent of households (or currently in approximately 24.4% season of Torchwood.
persons) using television who are of all U.S. TV households. Davies told TV Guide that
tuned to a specific program, Live+Same Day(Live+SD) Torchwood is likely to be
station or network in a specific include viewing during the same renewed for a fourth season. The
BBC has yet to officially green-
Mad Men and Buffy writer remaking light a fourth year, but Davies
said he's already working on
ideas for the further adventures
Fright Night of Captain Jack Harkness and
Davies said.
Continue reading Torchwood
creator talks season four
By Brad Trechak (TV Squad) Noxon is a good choice to write "The recession has hit British
it too. Along with the diversity of television, but fingers crossed, it Filed under: Other Sci-
Submitted at 11/12/2009 10:33:00 AM
her writing experience, she has will be a go. We expect things to Fi/Supernatural Shows,
Marti Noxon will be writing the used the same sort of start to move in January. We've Programming, Doctor Who,
remake of the cult 1980's flick combination of horror/humor got great ideas for the show. I Reality-Free
Fright Night. For those who don't when she wrote Buffy. think there's a further lease on Permalink| Email this| |
know, Noxon is a writer on the Of course, she's not the only life for many years to come, but Comments
series Mad Men(for which she Buffy alumnus writing a comedy certainly for a [fourth season],"
got a WGA nomination) among horror. Joss Whedon himself is
other shows. She is best involved with project called SYFY
continued from page 45
remembered for her singing Cabin In The Woods. He has the
appearances on the Buffy the spare time to complete it now. passport to limitless possibilities. This content has passed through
Vampire Slayer episode "Once Filed under: Industry, OpEd, Originally launched in 1992 as
More With Feeling" (she was a Along Blog. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, SCI FI Channel, and currently in
writer and producer on that show Getting into movies for a Reality-Free, Joss Whedon 95 million homes, Syfy is a
too) and the Internet moment, Fright Night was Permalink| Email this| | network of NBC Universal, one
phenomenon Dr. Horrible's Sing- always a guilty pleasure of mine. C o m m e n t s of the world’s leading media and
entertainment companies. ( Syfy.
Imagine greater.)
48 TV/ Sports/ Game/ E-reader Newspaper

Sesame Street's 40th: Source: Jim Riggleman to manage
Five biggest Nationals in 2010
By news services
controversies (
clear that Riggleman had a strong
shot at the permanent job, calling
him a "legitimate candidate" in
Padres and Chicago Cubs.
He has a losing record in his
career and only one finish as high
By Danny Gallagher (TV Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:47:43 AM
late September. as second place. His best season
Jim Riggleman will be the "He put us on pace to really focus came with the 1998 Cubs, who
Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:01:00 AM Washington Nationals manager i n a n d b e a r d o w n o n t h e were led by NL MVP Sammy
for 2010, a source told ESPN's fundamentals of the game, to Sosa's 66 homers and went 90-73
Sit a kid in front of a TV for an Tim Kurkjian. play cleaner, more efficient ball. to make the playoffs as a wild
hour a day and a parent is bound The team said Thursday it would He's got the guys playing at a card.
to find something that offends h o l d a n a f t e r n o o n n e w s high level of attention. I think But Chicago went 67-95 to
them, other than the fact that conference to announce its he's done the best job he could finish last in 1999, Riggleman's
plopping impressionable minds manager. with the ability level he had on final year there. Next season will
in front of a TV unsupervised is Riggleman was promoted from the field," Rizzo said then. be his first since then with a full-
considered "good parenting." So as we look back at the last 40 bench coach to interim manager "Jim is a definite candidate to fledged managing job from
Sesame Street is no stranger to years of television's greatest in July, replacing the fired stay on," Rizzo added at the time.
spring training.
controversy. Critics, cynics and children's show, we see some Manny Acta. The Nationals were "Like I said, he's done a great
Riggleman is the Nationals' third
crybabies have called out the speed bumps along the way. 2 6 - 6 1 ( a . 2 9 9 w i n n i n g job."
manager since the franchise
show on everything from These are the ones that caused percentage) at the time and went Riggleman also made it known
moved from Montreal to
questionable behavior to the the greatest loss of tire pressure. 33-42 (.440) under Riggleman, he wanted the job. Washington. He follows Frank
ambiguous situations...of C o n t i n u e r e a d i n g S e s a m e finishing with a major league- He found himself in a similar
Robinson, who guided the
puppets. Of course, all of these Street's 40th: Five biggest worst record of 59-103.
situation a year ago with the Nationals in 2005 and 2006, and
complaints and cackling controversies Clearly, this is a rebuilding -- or Seattle Mariners, who fired their Acta, who was recently hired to
criticisms just scratch the surface Filed under: Children, TV Squad as general manager Mike Rizzo manager during the season and
manage the Cleveland Indians.
of a much bigger issue that has Lists, Reality-Free prefers to say, "building" -- team, gave Riggleman the position on Information from The
largely gone unaddressed: the P e r m a l i n k | E m a i l t h i s | | and the Nationals apparently an interim basis. He was a
Associated Press was used in this
total loss of our sanity and grasp Comments appreciated the signs of progress candidate to stay on there, too, report.
on reality. that came in the second half of but didn't get the job. This content has passed through
2009. In addition to his brief stint in
From the outset of Washington's Seattle, Riggleman managed in
managerial search, Rizzo made the majors with the San Diego

Facebook and Twitter coming to Xbox Nov. 17
By Justin McElroy (Joystiq) Xbox Live general manager Marc specific timing for the update appeared on Joystiq on Thu, 12
Whitten has told Fast Company
Submitted at 11/12/2009 12:30:00 PM
was revealed and reneged last Nov 2009 12:30:00 EST. Please
that the Dashboard update month. Now, you'd better hurry see our terms for use of feeds.
Xbox owners: You have five containing Twitter and Facebook up and beat the Chatpad rush at Read| Permalink| Email this|
days to start thinking of your integration will officially arrive the store. Comments
lives and the lives of others in on November 17. Facebook and Twitter coming to
trivial, 140-character chunks. If the date seems familiar, you're not losing your marbles: The
Xbox Nov. 17 originally
E-reader Newspaper Sports/ 49

Soccer Fans Cope With German Goalie’s Suicide
( The Daily Fix) writes that the soccer scene has possible.” team, possibly a Super Bowl
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:34:08 AM
been ennobled by its outpouring At the indispensable boxing blog contender. They’re barely in the
of grief for Enke. “The Queensberry Rules, Tim Starks playoff race, and to keep any
Robert Enke was an understated memorials to the Germany gets excited for a fight that hopes of a wild-card spot alive,
presence in net as the goalkeeper goalkeeper in Hannover have promises to deliver entertainment they must defeat the Niners. One
for Germany’s national team and been put up by people who feel value to match the buzz. “The reason for their struggles: a pass
most recently for the Bundesliga that they knew someone they last mega-fight, Floyd rush that’s weaker now than at
s q u a d H a n n o v e r 9 6 , a n d never met,” Cornwall writes. Mayweather-Juan Manuel the start of the season. Another is
reportedly a reserved, likable “There is a lot that is wrong with was never his thing. Partying, Marquez in September, was QB Jay Cutler’s 12 interceptions,
man off the field. But after the 32 f o o t b a l l b u t i t s c u l t u r e o f stacking blondes in his box and much more like most mega- tied for second-most in the NFL.
-year-old goalie committed b r i n g i n g u s t o g e t h e r i n eschewing the practice required fights,” Starks writes. “A fight But Niners QB Alex Smith is
suicide Tuesday, many fans and unexpected and appropriate ways to dominate the sport was more that no one expected to be all that struggling, too, throwing three
former teammates are still in grief and Remembrance is like it, much to the chagrin of his f u n t o b e h o l d a n d w a s n ’ t . picks and losing a fumble last
wondering how well they knew something of which the game past coaches. There was no Pacquiao has made himself week. It’ll be interesting to see
Enke, who had been treated for should, quietly, be proud.”* * * turning point.”* * * famous outside the boxing fan how fired up coach Mike
depression since 2003 and lost Marat Safin won the 2000 U.S. Manny Pacquiao is the biggest base — when Shaquille O’Neal Singletary has the Niners against
his two-year-old daughter to a Open and 2005 Australian Open s t a r i n S a t u r d a y ’ s m u c h - changes his nickname to ‘Manny his former team.– Garey Ris
rare heart disorder in 2006. As is during a tennis career that also anticipated match with Miguel Shaquiao’ and Jay-Z name Pick: David: Chicago, Garey:
u s u a l l y t h e c a s e i n t h e s e included a pair of Davis Cup Cotto, but Pacquiao’s hope-of-an checks you, you’ve officially San Francisco, Al Toonie: San
situations, no explanation quite wins and a stint as the No. 1 -entire-island-nation status has made it — but everyone expects Francisco
makes sense. Reuters Supporters player in the world. But it’s hard consigned Cotto to a secondary this fight to be fun, and if it isn’t Be sure to come back this and
gather to mourn Robert Enke to escape the sense of potential role. In the Newark Star-Ledger, it’ll be a more shocking upset of every weekend (and now every
outside the stadium of club unfulfilled as Safin wraps up his Jerry Izenberg discusses what’s the odds than any actual boxing Thursday) for the rest of the Fix
Hannover 96 in Hanover on professional career. The 29-year- at stake for Cotto. result.”* * * Picks.* * *
Wednesday. old Russian lost in three sets At Yahoo, Martin Rogers Hey, did you know that there’s Your Fixer spent last weekend in
In London’s Daily Telegraph, Wednesday to Juan Martin Del wonders whether Cotto has fully an NFL game tonight? Don’t get Martinsville, Va., for a friend’s
Ian Chadband tries to put Enke’s Potro at the Paris Masters, his recovered from the brutal 2008 too excited — it’s just the Bears wedding. Nascar fans will
life and death into context. The final tournament. beating he took from Antonio and 49ers squaring off on the recognize Martinsville as the
Times of London’s Matthew “To some fans, [Safin's] humor Margarito, who was later caught NFL Network. Just because it’s home of the Martinsville
Syed points out that Enke’s and fury was endearing and using an illegal hardening agent kind of a lame game doesn’t Speedway. I mostly recognized it
depression was not necessarily impossible to resist,” USA on the gauze inside his gloves. mean that Garey and I are going as the absolute polar opposite of
surprising. “The reality is that Today’s Douglas Robson writes. Whether Margarito’s gloves were to leave it out of our weekly my usual home base of New
depression is as prevalent among “Others saw him as wasteful, “loaded” against Cotto is still Daily Fix NFL Picks, though. York City. A large part of
top sportsmen as it is among any tactless and self-indulgent. Like subject to debate — Margarito’s We’d never get to write about the Nascar’s appeal, of course, lies in
other diverse group of people, as rubberneckers at a car wreck, few h a n d l e r s h a v e d e n i e d a n y Rams or Browns if that were our that very distinction — as
is a sense of worthlessness, fear, could look away.” wrongdoing — but Cotto’s need policy, and that would be a relentlessly corporate and brand-
anxiety and low self-esteem,” At ESPN, Ravi Ubha bids a fond t o m o v e p a s t t h a t l o s s i s shame. With that, I cede the floor sensitive as Nascar is, it’s still a
Syed writes. “The only real farewell to a player who, for inarguable. “There is only one to Garey Ris, with a brief sport whose roots lie in
surprise today… is not that many better or worse, always did things way for Cotto to prove he is preview of the Bears and Niners. bootlegging and general
successful people are afflicted his own way. “If Safin never unaffected by the worst night of Garey? countrified lawlessness. In an
with depression and unhappiness hated tennis, you get the feeling his career,” Rogers writes. “And Chicago at San Francisco (-3): entertaining piece for ESPN the
but that we are still bemused by he didn’t like it that much,” Ubha that is to demonstrate it in the It’s been a disappointing season Magazine (available to ESPN
this.” writes. “Nah, racking up Grand ring on Saturday, against the for Bears, who many thought
At Football 365, Philip Cornwall Slam crowns a la Pete and Roger SOCCER page 52
most electrifying opponent would be much better than a 4-4
50 Sports/ Fashion/ E-reader Newspaper

Tim Hudson, Atlanta Braves agree on three-year contract
By Associated Press said all along he was willing to attractive pitcher in a trade since Jason Heyward, who could make Barry Zito and Mark Mulder,
( give the Braves a discount to Lowe (15-10, 4.67) and the jump to the big leagues as believes the Braves have a
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:21:10 AM
remain close to home. The Kawakami (7-12, 3.86) are both soon as next season. chance to be even better with
agreement was reached quickly in the middle of expensive, long- Then there's the bullpen: co- Jurrjens and Hanson leading the
ATLANTA -- Tim Hudson after the team completed its term deals. closers Rafael Soriano and Mike way.
agreed to a three-year contract p o s t s e a s o n o r g a n i z a t i o n a l "We felt like the strength of our Gonzalez have both filed for free "J.J. and Tommy are two of the
with the Atlanta Braves on m e e t i n g s . ballclub was the starting rotation, agency; the team would like to best young pitchers I've seen in a
Thursday, giving the team a The pitcher said it actually took and we wanted to continue to bring at least one of them back. long time," Hudson said. "I'm
wealth of starting pitching and longer to schedule a physical and have that as our strength," "This does give us depth and willing to say this is by far the
setting up a likely trade to bolster set up insurance for the new general manager Frank Wren strength in one area of our club best staff I've been on in my big
the offense. contract than the actual said. "Now we have the ability to and allows us to have flexibility league career. We have some
Mike and Mike in the Morning negotiations. go out and continue to mold our to do other things now," Wren great pitchers who can go out
ESPN The Magazine senior "I did all I could do to get healthy ballclub. Quite frankly, I don't said. "We're a work in progress." there and give us a great chance
MLB writer Buster Olney talks and show them they could have know what it's going to look like Hudson, a former 20-game to win every time."
a b o u t t h e b a s e b a l l w i n t e r confidence in me," said Hudson, on Opening Day, but it's starting winner in Oakland, was the ace Hudson also looks forward to
meetings and how the weak who returned to start seven to take form. This is the first of the Braves' staff until he tore being around for Bobby Cox's
economy is affecting some games late in the season after step." up his elbow during the 2008 last season as manager. He has
teams. missing a full year. "They came The Braves ranked third in the season. He underwent Tommy already said that he'll move into
More Podcasts » to me with an opening offer than NL with a 3.57 ERA, while the John ligament replacement an advisory role with the team
Hudson could have returned to was more than fair. They showed offense improved after Wren surgery and was out for a full after one more year in the
the Braves under a $12 million me they really wanted to get made trades for first baseman year. dugout.
mutual option, but the two sides something done, as did I." Adam LaRoche and center fielder But he returned at the end of this "He deserves a great season, if
focused on a longer deal after the The Braves now have six starters Nate McLouth. But LaRoche is a past season to go 2-1 with a 3.61 not a championship season,"
right-hander showed he had under contract for next season: free agent and the team may be ERA in his seven starts, proving Hudson said. "He's such a
overcome major elbow surgery. Hudson, Javier Vazquez, Jair reluctant to sign him to a long- to the Braves that his right elbow pleasure to play for. We're going
They worked out an agreement Jurrjens, Tommy Hanson, Derek term deal with top prospect would be at full strength in 2010. to go out there and give it all
through 2012, with a club option Lowe and Kenshin Kawakami. Freddie Freeman close to being "I'll tell you what, man, it feels we've got."
for 2013. Jurrjens (14-10, 2.60 ERA) and ready for the big leagues. really, really good," said Hudson, Copyright 2009 by The
Financial terms were not Hanson (11-4, 2.89), both 23, are The outfield also needs an who recently began his offseason Associated Press
immediately available, but the the long-term cornerstones of the upgrade. Left fielder Garret conditioning program. "It feels This content has passed through
s i d e s w e r e t h o u g h t t o b e staff and Vazquez is coming off Anderson is a free agent and just as normal as my left elbow. I
discussing a contract between $9 one of the best seasons (15-10, unlikely to return, while Wren didn't think I would ever be able
million and $10 million a season. 2.87) of his career. Vazquez, who must weigh any moves with an to say that."
The 34-year-old Hudson grew is heading into the final year of eye toward making room for the Hudson, who was part of a
up in neighboring Alabama and his contract, might be the most team's best prospect, outfielder rotation in Oakland that included

Chicest Takes on the Draped Dress
By (ELLE News York Times reported on the can still be snagged online, along
Blog) draped-dress trend he was seeing with this chic, and wallet-
Submitted at 11/12/2009 5:48:00 AM
everywhere. One of his prolific friendly, option.
photos showed Altuzarra’s body- —Violet Moon Gaynor
After New York fashion week, h u g g i n g l o n g - s l e e v e d r e s s Follow ELLE on Twitter
glory. The now-infamous dress
Bill Cunningham of the New (shown at left), in all its draped
E-reader Newspaper Sports/ Game/ 51

Three Tennessee Volunteers players arrested,
charged in robbery
By Chris Low ( College Football Nation team rules. According to two wearing a hooded sweatshirt then
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:25:59 AM
At least one of the players sources, that suspension came on came around to the passenger
arrested was wearing some type the heels of a failed drug test. side of the victims' car, opened it
Three Tennessee Football of Tennessee gear during the There was some speculation a and said, "give us everything ESRB rates Deadly
P l a y e r s A r r e s t e d T h r e e attempted robbery, according to
Tennessee Football Players police.
week ago that Richardson might
be considering a transfer when he
you've got."
But when the victims opened
Premonition for
Arrested A fourth suspect, a woman wasn't at a practice, but Kiffin their wallets and showed they PS3
Safety Janzen Jackson and alleged to have been driving a car said there were no issues and that had no money, a third black By JC Fletcher (Joystiq)
receiver Nu'Keese Richardson, w i t h t h e t h r e e p l a y e r s a s everything was fine. Richardson male approached the other two
two of coach Lane Kiffin's most passengers, was also arrested. scored a touchdown in the Vols' and said "we've got to go," and Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:55:00 AM

prized signees from his first "At this time we are currently 56-28 win over Memphis last all three got into the Prius and In the ancient times, when
recruiting class, were among evaluating the circumstances week. drove away, according to the Access Games' survival horror
three Tennessee football players s u r r o u n d i n g a n i n c i d e n t Richardson, of Pahokee, Fla., police report. game, Deadly Premonition, was
arrested early Thursday morning involving Mike Edwards, Janzen was at the center of Kiffin's dust- Police said when they pulled known as Rainy Woods, it was a
in Knoxville on charges of J a c k s o n a n d N u ' K e e s e up with Florida coach Urban over the Prius, they found a black multiplatform PS3/Xbox 360
attempted armed robbery. Richardson," Tennessee athletic Meyer last February. Richardson air-powered pellet gun and a pair title. But when Ignition picked it
The third player arrested was director Mike Hamilton said in a had been committed to Florida of hooded sweatshirts. Police up, it was announced as a $19.99
also a freshman, defensive back p r e p a r e d s t a t e m e n t . " A n y for some time, but switched to also said they found a marijuana budget title for Xbox 360 only.
Mike Edwards. It was not decisions or comments regarding Tennessee on signing day. The grinder, which the driver, Marie However, the ESRB rating for
immediately clear if the players their status will not be made until next day, at a Tennessee Montmarquet, said belonged to Deadly Premonition, which lists
have attorneys. the evaluations are complete." recruiting breakfast, Kiffin made her, and a baggie containing what Ignition as the publisher, shows
According to a Knoxville City As recently as Wednesday, his comments alleging Meyer appeared to be marijuana in PS3 in the list of platforms.
Police report, the arrests during the SEC coaches cheated to get Richardson and Montmarquet's jacket. We're just like the game's Agent
stemmed from an attempted t e l e c o n f e r e n c e , K i f f i n h a d still wasn't abe to sign him. According to police, the victims Francis York Morgan, except
robbery outside a convenience praised his team for not having Kiffin was reprimanded by the later identified Edwards and instead of a gruesome,
store near campus. A powered any off-the-field problems during SEC for those comments. Richardson as the men who had unexplained murder, we're
pellet gun was recovered in the his tenure and had repeated According to the police report, approached them. investigating an ESRB rating,
players' car after they were several times this year that the the victims of the robbery were in Chris Low covers SEC football and instead of looking around a
stopped by police near the Gibbs Vols had been free of any such their car outside a Pilot for Inforamtion from mysterious town in search of
Hall dormitory on campus, where incidents. convenience store, parked next to The Associated Press was used in clues, we've emailed Ignition.
the Vols' freshman football Jackson had started in all but a Toyota Prius, when a black this report. But it's the same basic thing.
players live. two games this season for the male approached wearing a This content has passed through Gallery: Deadly Premonition
SEC blog Vols and had emerged as one of hooded sweatshirt, brandishing (Xbox 360)'s Chris Low writes the better freshman players in the what appeared to be a handgun, ESRB rates Deadly Premonition
about all things SEC in his SEC. He was suspended for last opened the drivers' side door and for PS3 originally appeared on
conference blog. week's Memphis game for what said "Give me everything you Joystiq on Thu, 12 Nov 2009
• Blog network: Kiffin said was a violation of have." A second black male also 09:55:00 EST. Please see our
terms for use of feeds.
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52 Sports/ Economy/ E-reader Newspaper
continued from page 49

subscribers only), Ryan McGee hazardous to your health. And norm, but two concussions in a
Big Salaries Don't Mean
visits the “Moonshiners and
Revenues Reunion” that
preceded the induction of the first
yet the game, while increasingly
staking its brutal claim to
national-pastime status, continues
week are still two concussions in
a week. That can’t happen
anymore, even with the best
Big Rankings
By Brett McMurphy
class at the Nascar Hall of Fame to blaze new and squirm- intentions and best in-house (FanHouse)
— a meeting of O.G. moonshine inducing trails of brutality. Take medical advice.”
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:00:00 AM
runners, in short, with a few new- the could-have-been-much-worse In the Journal, Reed Albergotti
school Nascar millionaires concussion incurred by Cal and Shirley S. Wang ponder by Brett McMurphy
thrown in. running back Jahvid Best last whether banning the Filed under: Coaching Money,
“To the left of the aisle, seven Saturday below (but don’t watch conventional hard-shell football it's been said, can't buy you
bootleggers teeter in white if you’re squeamish). At first helmet — yes, banning it — happiness. It also can't guarantee
rocking chairs and denim gloss, Best’s severe concussion might not make the game safer. a Top 25 football team either.
overalls. To the right sit five — his second in two weeks — — Tip of the Fix cap to reader There are at least 31 head
retired revenuers,” McGee looked like a serious spinal Fred Sternburg and fellow Fixer coaches in the BCS ranks that
writes. “Sprinkled among the injury. At CBS Sports, the Garey Ris. will earn more than $1.8 million
crowd, lit by the glowing coals of always-excellent Ray Ratto takes Found a good column from the this season, according to a salary
a still, are such team owners as a second look at the culture world of sports? Don’t keep it to study conducted by USA Today.
Robert Yates and Jack Roush and surrounding football’s ongoing yourself — write to us at Of the nation's 31 highest-paid
a legion of legendary crew chiefs. and going-nowhere head-trauma and we’ll head college football coaches in
It’s hard to imagine meth dealers problem. consider your find for inclusion America, only nine are currently
and vice cops rehashing old times “We are learning more and more in the Daily Fix. You can email coaching teams in this week's
40 years from now. Then again, about head injuries all the time, David at Associated Press Top 25 poll. conferences -- Missouri's Gary
they won’t be watching their and one of the most obvious That leaves 22 of the nation's 31 Pinkel and Kansas' Mark
legacy each week on ESPN, things is that they become highest-paid coaches outside the Mangino (each tied for last in the
either.”* * * repetitive injuries pretty quickly,” AP Top 25. Big 12 North), Michigan's Rich
At this point, it’s news to Ratto writes. “The Best case is a Of those 22 coaches, five have a Rodriguez (tied for last in the Big
basically no one that football is freak because it was so out of the losing record this season -- 10) and Friedgen (tied for last in
Florida State's Bobby Bowden(4- the ACC Atlantic).
Geithner lauds Asian ministers’ currency 5), Wake Forest's Jim Grobe (4-
6), Virginia's Al Groh(3-6),
Big Salaries Don't Mean Big
Rankings originally appeared on
Fanhouse NCAA Football Blog
stance Washington's Steve Sarkisan(3-
6) and Maryland's Ralph on Thu, 12 Nov 2009 08:00:00
(Financial Times - US counterpart praised the economic fundamentals” but Friedgen(2-7) -- and another is at EST . Please see our terms for
homepage) renminbi’s peg for helping the carefully avoided a confrontation .500 -- Michigan State's Mark use of feeds.
global recovery. with China over its currency peg Dantonio(5-5). Permalink| Email this| Linking
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:32:15 AM
Finance ministers from the Asia to the US dollar. Four of the 22 coaches are in the Blogs| Comments
Timothy Geithner, US Treasury Pacific Economic Co-operation This content has passed through cellar in their respective
secretary, welcomed a group ended a meeting in
commitment by Asia-Pacific Singapore with a strong
ministers to flexible exchange endorsement of “market-oriented
rates even as his Chinese exchange rates that reflect
E-reader Newspaper Sports/ Fashion/ 53

Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Mike Tyson Arrested
Smith fined for his role in sideline for 'Scuffle' in Airport
melee With Photographer
By news services against Redskins safety LaRon played in Atlanta for four years By Will Brinson (FanHouse)
( Landry, who made a late hit on and made the Pro Bowl twice. Submitted at 11/12/2009 12:00:00 PM

Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:35:09 AM
Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan Hall expressed dismay that more
that sparked pushing and shoving teammates did not come to his by Will Brinson
Fines Issues For Redskins- on the sideline. aid Sunday. Filed under: Current Events In
Falcons Fight Fines Issues For Hall was not fined for his role in " ... I'm always ready to mix it not-so-shocking news, Mike
Redskins-Falcons Fight an ensuing confrontation with up. And to see those guys kind of Tyson has been arrested for a
Atlanta Falcons head coach Smith. Hall said after the game linger over there, yeah, I don't "scuffle" at a Los Angeles airport
Mike Smith has been fined that Smith cursed at him and know what was going through involving photographer Tony
$15,000 for his part in Sunday's Falcons director of athletic their minds," Hall told Echevarria, according to police.
sideline melee involving his performance Jeff Fish tried to Washington radio station 106.7 Tyson, whose public behavior
players and members of the "get some licks in" during the The Fan this week. track record hasn't been great,
Washington Redskins, a league chaotic scene. Fish was fined Player fines collected by the was arrested and released on
source told ESPN NFL Insider $2,500. league are used to support the $20,000 bond, according to
Adam Schefter. Hall said he was trying to pull NFL Players Association's television reports.
The near-brawl in the second Landry away from the sideline Players Assistance Trust as well Per usual, there are differing
quarter of the Falcons' 31-17 after Landry was called for his hit as charitable initiatives accounts as to exactly what
victory amounted to four fines on Ryan. Hall and Landry supporting youth, education and happened:
being doled out by the NFL's immediately were surrounded by sports-related medical research. The photographer told police paparazzo. "Mike acted in self
offices totaling $30,000. that Tyson struck him once, defense as a father protecting his
Falcons players and staff Information from The
Redskins defensive tackle Albert airport police spokesman Sgt. child," she said.
members. Associated Press was used in this
Haynesworth was fined $7,500 Jim Holcomb said. The Mike Tyson Arrested for
Other Redskins players joined report.
for coming to the aid of photographer fell to the ground 'Scuffle' in Airport With
in, but much of the attention was This content has passed through
teammate DeAngelo Hall on on Hall, a former Falcon who had and was treated for a cut to his Photographer originally appeared
Atlanta's sideline, a league source forehead at a hospital. on Fanhouse Backporch on Thu,
talked all week of being bitter at
told Schefter. Tyson's spokeswoman Tammy 12 Nov 2009 12:00:00 EST .
the way he was treated when
Another fine ($5,000) was levied Brook said the boxer was Please see our terms for use of
traded after the 2007 season. He
traveling with his wife and 10- feeds.
month-old child when he was Permalink| Email this| Linking
attacked by an overly aggressive Blogs| Comments

Street Chic: New York
By (ELLE News complement a cropped trench. Follow ELLE on Twitter.
Blog) Photo: Lee Satkowski Become our Facebook fan!
Submitted at 11/12/2009 4:00:00 AM
Think you are Street Chic? E-
mail us your photo and you could Chic Daily.
Slouchy boots chicly appear in's Street
54 Sports/ Game/ E-reader Newspaper

Once Again, Bill Snyder
Resurrecting Kansas
State Torchlight begins
By Terrance Harris
Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:38:00 AM
retail excursion
by Terrance Harris
on Jan. 5, 2010
Filed under: Kansas State, Big By Xav de Matos (Joystiq)
12 Somewhere in the privacy of
MLB's Economic
Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:30:00 AM
his ow n home, 70-year-old
Kansas State coach Bill Snyder is Encore Software and developer
enjoying this and laughing at Runic Games have announced
Rebound Could Be those who quietly thought the
energy was gone to resurrect the
plans to enchant its relationship
by entering an exclusive

Slow Wildcats.
But as we've suspected for years,
the private Snyder is different
publishing agreement that will
send the addictive download-only
PC title Torchlight to retail stores
By Jeff Fletcher (FanHouse) reality, at least the version of
from the public guy. So it should on January 5, 2010 for a MSRP
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:00:00 AM
reality that he and his colleagues
be no surprise Snyder seems of $19.99. Combining skills like
have been describing this week at
by Jeff Fletcher oblivious to the instant success so many elemental gems, Runic's
the GM Meetings. preseason media poll.
Filed under: Blue Jays, Dodgers, "I don't think it works that way," he and the Wildcats are design posse includes members
experiencing after he decided Once Again, Bill Snyder from the original team that
Nationals, MLB Biz, MLB Inside he said. "We might need to see Resurrecting Kansas State
Scoop break a three-year retirement to developed titles like Diablo and
six months of recovery before we originally appeared on Fanhouse
CHICAGO -- On a day this buy into that. We need an return to Kansas State just under Diablo II(anyone ever heard of
a year ago. NCAA Football Blog on Thu, 12 those?).
week when the stock market had advertiser or a sponsor or two to Nov 2009 11:38:00 EST . Please
one of the encouraging spikes come back to us." The Wildcats are sitting atop the Torchlight-- which recently
Big 12 North with two regular- see our terms for use of feeds. released free editing tools to its
investors have enjoyed more MLB's Economic Rebound Permalink| Email this| Linking
frequently over the past few C o u l d B e S l o w o r i g i n a l l y season games remaining after users -- is currently available for
being picked to finish on the Blogs| Comments PC via its website. A Mac
months, Kenny Williams let out a appeared on Fanhouse MLB
sarcastic cheer for what it meant Blog on Thu, 12 Nov 2009 bottom half of the division in the version is planned for sometime
to baseball. in 2010. Sometime, meaning "not
08:00:00 EST . Please see our
"Let's go, let's party," he said. terms for use of feeds. soon enough."
"We've got cash again." Torchlight begins retail
Permalink| Email this| Linking
Then, the White Sox general Blogs| Comments excursion on Jan. 5, 2010
manager quickly returned to originally appeared on Joystiq on
Thu, 12 Nov 2009 11:30:00 EST.
Please see our terms for use of
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E-reader Newspaper Sports/ Popular News/ 55
Tenn. Football
Mike Brown Talks Jose Teamwork of Rivals Players Face Armed
Aldo and Cleaning Out the May Have Saved Life Robbery Charges
Featherweight Division By Christopher Botta
(FanHouse) Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:57:35 AM

By Michael David Smith
(FanHouse) Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:00:00 AM KNOXVILLE, Tenn. Three
freshman Tennessee football
Submitted at 11/12/2009 5:53:00 AM by Christopher Botta players are charged with an
Filed under: Penguins, Sharks, attempted armed robbery.
by Michael David Smith NHL Injuries, FanHouse According to Knoxville police,
Filed under: WEC, FanHouse Exclusive The NHL can be a wide receiver Nu'Keese
Exclusive Mike Brown is so league of brutality, of fierce Richardson and defensive back
easygoing and plain-spoken that grudges played out inside the Janzen Jackson and Mike
you wouldn't guess he's one of boards. But one of the game's Edwards were arrested after the
the most dominant fighters in the most endearing qualities is the early Thursday morning incident.
world. past Aldo, he acknowledged that sportsmanship demonstrated The victims told police they
But "dominant" is exactly the he'd like to try moving up to when the final buzzer sounds. were sitting in their parked
word to describe Brown, the lightweight and fighting in the There is, of course, the traditional vehicle at a gas station near
World Extreme Cagefighting UFC. handshake after playoff series. Tennessee's campus when two
featherweight champion who has Mike Brown Talks Jose Aldo Then there are the moments you Teamwork of Rivals May Have m a l e s , o n e b r a n d i s h i n g a
beaten all comers in his weight and Cleaning Out the don't hear much about. Saved Life originally appeared h a n d g u n , a p p r o a c h e d .
class. As Brown prepares to fight Featherweight Division originally David Morehouse (pictured on Fanhouse NHL Blog on Thu, The two suspects demanded
Jose Aldo on Wednesday night in appeared on Fanhouse MMA right) arrived safely at home on 12 Nov 2009 11:00:00 EST . whatever the victims had. When
Las Vegas (live on Versus), he's Blog on Thu, 12 Nov 2009 Thursday morning. The 48-year- Please see our terms for use of the victims showed they had no
getting close to a point at which 05:53:00 EST . Please see our old president of the Pittsburgh feeds. money, the suspects joined a
he'll have completely cleaned out terms for use of feeds. P e n g u i n s h a d e m e r g e n c y Permalink| Email this| Linking third man in a Toyota Prius and
his weight class. And although Permalink| Email this| Linking endovascular stent surgery on Blogs| Comments left.
Brown said in an interview with Blogs| Comments Sunday in California to repair a Police located a Toyota Prius
FanHouse that he's not looking blocked artery. But there is a lot matching the description and the
more to this story. victims identified Richardson and
Edwards as the men who
Shane Mosley to Face Andre Berto Next approached the vehicle.
Officers say they found a pellet
By Lem Satterfield champion, on Jan. 30 at The 37 KOs) at the MGM Grand gun, drug paraphernalia and a
(FanHouse) Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Hotel. plastic bag containing what
Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:31:00 AM
Vegas, a source familiar with the Shane Mosley to Face Andre appeared to be marijuana.
negotiations informed FanHouse Berto Next originally appeared Tennessee athletic director Mike
by Lem Satterfield on Thursday. on Fanhouse Boxing Blog on Hamilton says he is evaluating
Filed under: WBA, WBC, IBF, A deal for the matchup has been Thu, 12 Nov 2009 11:31:00 EST the incident.
Golden Boy Promotions, HBO, in the works for months, and it . Please see our terms for use of This content has passed through
F a n H o u s e E x c l u s i v e L A S will be announced here on feeds.
VEGAS -- Shane Mosley will Saturday, the same day as WBO Permalink| Email this| Linking
knockouts) defends his crown
fight Andre Berto, the 26-year- w e l t e r w e i g h t ( 1 4 7 - p o u n d s ) Blogs| Comments
against Manny Pacquiao(49-3-2,
o l d W B C w e l t e r w e i g h t champion, Miguel Cotto(34-1, 27
56 Game/ Economy/ E-reader Newspaper

Obama to hold
jobs forum
(Financial Times - US
Submitted at 11/12/2009 7:54:10 AM

US president Barack Obama will
hold a jobs forum next month,
gathering business leaders, trade
unionists and economists to
explore ways of tackling double-
digit unemployment.
At a short speech on Thursday
before setting off on his first Asia
trip as president, Mr Obama said
he was “open to any
demonstrably good idea” to spur
job creation that comes out of the
summit as “economic growth has
not led to the job growth we
desperately need”.
This content has passed through

Joyswag: Call of Booty: Prestige Edition
By James Ransom-Wiley Edition game bundle for Xbox Canada (excluding Quebec). merchandise we receive for
(Joystiq) 360 (pictured above). The • Limit 1 entry per person. review or promotional purposes,
Submitted at 11/12/2009 12:00:00 PM
highlight, of course, is a pair of • This entry period ends at it becomes"Joyswag," which is
night vision goggles and a man 12:00PM ET on Friday, passed along to our readers. For
Let's face it, that Modern head on which to hang the specs November 13. more info on our policy, click Artist plans to turn
Warfare 2 robe and slippers set when they're not in use. But • At that time, we'll randomly here.
we offered up yesterday was really, why would you ever, ever select one winner to receive the Joyswag: Call of Booty: Prestige OutRun machine
downright impractical. It's like, take them off?
where are you even supposed to To enter for your chance to win:
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2:
Prestige Edition game bundle for
Edition originally appeared on
Joystiq on Thu, 12 Nov 2009
into real car
hang that stuff when you're not Xbox 360 ($149.99 ARV). 12:00:00 EST. Please see our By JC Fletcher (Joystiq)
wearing it, you know? Sheesh. • Leave a comment telling us the • For a list of complete rules, terms for use of feeds. Submitted at 11/12/2009 12:10:00 PM
Today, we hope to make amends scariest thing you ever (thought) click here. Permalink| Email this|
for our previous oversight by you saw in the dark. Comments Garnet Hertz's design for an
giving away one Call of Duty: • You must be 18 years or older What is Joyswag? Since we OutRun arcade machine
Modern Warfare 2: Prestige and a resident of the US or don't keep the games and ARTIST page 57
E-reader Newspaper Game/ Economy/ 57
continued from page 56

combined with an electric scooter graphics with real driving), and opposes Afghan
into a real, amazingly impractical "GPS Navigation Parallax &
vehicle is great, even if it is just a Mixed Reality" (using only GPS troop surge
concept for now. But what really information to drive). And (Financial Times - US
turns the idea of a driving game not"Making Something That Is homepage)
on wheels into something Going To Get Someone Killed",
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:51:40 AM
magical (that also plays " which is why, when this does
Magical Sound Shower") is the become a reality, it'll be limited The US ambassador to Kabul
software. to "controlled environments." has warned in diplomatic cables
Instead of simply running [Via Engadget, GameSetWatch] against any further build-up of
OutRun as you drive blindly into Continue reading Artist plans to American forces in Afghanistan,
traffic, Hertz is working on an turn OutRun machine into real according to US media reports.
iPhone 3GS app that uses the car
iPhone's camera and GPS to
detect your position and the
Artist plans to turn OutRun
machine into real car originally
Rumor: Hotel Dusk General Karl Eikenberry, a
retired army general who once
commanded US forces in
shape of the road, and translate
that information into a live
OutRun track. See the software at
appeared on Joystiq on Thu, 12
Nov 2009 12:10:00 EST. Please
see our terms for use of feeds.
sequel coming to DS in Afghanistan, advised against
sending thousands more troops
work after the break.
The artist's goals are the "Un-
Read| Permalink| Email this|
Japan early next year due to the unstable political
situation, the Associated Press
reported on Thursday.
Simulation of Driving" (instead By JC Fletcher (Joystiq) and will include online combat This content has passed through
of using a game to simulate Submitted at 11/12/2009 11:05:00 AM
for up to four players when it's
driving closely with high-end released on February 11.
graphics like Gran Turismo, this The blog Sinobi seems to have All of these details are
will fuse video game-like found some retail listings for two unverified, but the fact that
new Nintendo games due in the Sinobi had the images above for
Intel and AMD settle antitrust first quarter of 2010 in Japan.
Last Window: Mayonaka no
both games (which may come
from a retailer catalog) add some
dispute Yakusoku( Last Window: credence to the rumor.
(Financial Times - US Midnight Promise) is a sequel to [Via NeoGAF]
The deal will see Intel pay AMD
homepage) CING's DS adventure game, Rumor: Hotel Dusk sequel
$1.25bn in return for AMD
Hotel Dusk, set in Los Angeles in coming to DS in Japan early next
dropping all litigation against the
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:16:56 AM the 1980s. It will apparently be year originally appeared on
company. Intel will also agree to
out in Japan on January 14! Joystiq on Thu, 12 Nov 2009
Intel and Advanced Micro abide by certain business
Zangeki no Regenleiv is the Wii 11:05:00 EST. Please see our
Devices, the two warring US practices.
action game revealed in October terms for use of feeds.
chip companies, on Thursday This content has passed through
2008 as "Dynamic Zan" and not Read| Permalink| Email this|
said they would settle their long-
heard from again until just now. Comments
running antitrust dispute.
It's being developed by Earth
Defense Force creator Sandlot,
58 Game/ Fashion/ Media/ E-reader Newspaper

Inventory Crush: WE tv Launches
Forward’s Fall Shapes
By (ELLE News (MediaPost | Media News)
Blog) (though those are well Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:39:11 AM

Submitted at 11/11/2009 2:59:58 PM
represented) but the truly upstart
sort as well. Here, you find the WE tv has debuted
Taking a classic and tweaking it shirt dress with the asymmetric, an online
just right is the easiest way a hem and single sharp shoulder; destination that gives wmen an
designer can convince a fashion the dressy jumpsuit with cowl interactive forum to discuss all
lover to make the jump from neck, drop-crotch and tapered things male with six dedicated
liking to buying. Now more than leg; the double breasted trench male bloggers. They answer
ever, we want something pretty, w i t h e p a u l e t s a n d r u f f l e d questions on sex, relationships,
friends and family -- honestly.
Command & Conquer 4: something signature, but most of p e t t i c o a t .
a l l , s o m e t h i n g And for the girl who’s sick of
timeless—something we can see the same high-waisted black
The goal is to satisfy women's
curiosity -- and quell the

Tiberian Twilight sets ourselves looking forward to pencil skirt? Forward’s got you
wearing today and 10 years down covered there, too.
frustration -- they have with men.
It will be supported by digital
marketing placements; the media
the road. Innovative takes on the classic
out on March 16 Enter the cool mix of designer shirt dress, jumpsuit, and trench,
p i e c e s i n R e v o l v e ’ s s i s t e r as seen in the FW09 collections
mix includes,
M a t c h . c o m a n d
By Alexander Sliwinski accurate, the Command & boutique, Forward. Stockist to of Annhagen, Limi Feu and and
(Joystiq) Conquer team can sadly expect tohard to find talents like Limi Feu, Jillian Lewis Facebook.
Submitted at 11/12/2009 10:30:00 AM
receive their dismissal papers Roberta Furlanetto, Gaspard Photos: Courtesy of This content has passed through
from Electronic Arts around thatYurkievich and Laurence F o r w a r d F o r w a r d . c o m
C o m m a n d & C o n q u e r 4 : time. It must be disturbing to live
Dacade, Forward champions not
Tiberian Twilight will set upon life like Rell the Cyclops (you just those lines sure to sell out
retail on March 16 in North know, from Krull!) and know the
A m e r i c a a n d M a r c h 1 9 i n time of your own termination.
Europe. The game will conclude Command & Conquer 4:
Around the Net In Media: Stephanopoulos
the Tiberium storyline started Tiberian Twilight sets out on
many dusks and dawns ago in March 16 originally appeared on Mulls 'Good Morning, America' Job
what was then Westwood's Joystiq on Thu, 12 Nov 2009 (MediaPost | Media News) One might assume ratings doldrums lately, after not
cherished RTS franchise. Pre- 10:30:00 EST. Please see our Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:45:53 AM Stephanopoulos would want to quite catching NBC's "Today."
orders will grant access to the terms for use of feeds. stay with "This Week" and The move would also "play
multiplayer beta, along with the Read| Permalink| Email this| ABC News bosses are talking to preside triumphantly over the havoc with the notion that he is a
game's soundtrack and a bonus Comments "This Week" moderator George victory. But sources say he is devout journalist who manages
mission. Stephanopoulos about moving to giving serious consideration to to stay above the fray of TV
Meanwhile, if the rumors are an anchor chair on the daily "GMA," where he'd replace competition and keeps his dignity
"Good Morning, America" Diane Sawyer. intact," says the Post.
show. It comes at a time when Stephanopoulos would be This content has passed through
"This Week" is trying to walking into less than peaceful
overtake NBC's longtime ratings territory; "GMA" is a troubled
champ "Meet the Press." mess, having settled into murky
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Kid Sister’s Long-Awaited Album, Ultraviolet Merkle Forms Market
By (ELLE News and then the rest of the songs are soon. Research Practice
Blog) just kind of a mish mash. That’s You’re touring with your
not how we like to do things here brother, J2K, of Flosstradamus. (MediaPost | Media News)
Submitted at 11/11/2009 11:02:49 AM
at Kid Sis, Inc. We like to keep Did you guys always get along? Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:11:17 AM

We’ve been eagerly anticipating our eyes on the road. When you work with someone
the full-length debut from Kid What were the album’s biggest and you’re so close, you’re Merkle, a customer relationship
Sister(a.k.a. Melissa Young) influences? bound to butt heads every now marketing agencies, has formed a
since hearing the infectious 2008 My mission in everything I do is and then, but we’re best friends. new Market Research Practice.
single “Pro Nails,” on which she to bring people together who What’s on your current playlist? The new practice is part of
c o l l a b o r a t e d w i t h K a n y e would normally not be brought Late-‘80s and mid-‘90s R&B. Merkle's Quantitative Solutions
West. Though the Chicago-bred together in other circumstances. Dru Hill, Teena Marie, Mint Group, which drives targeted and
rapper’s album was originally And I think that comes from Condition, Intro, Troop, measurable marketing programs.
slated to hit shelves over a year growing up in a multiracial Blackstreet—any Blacktreet song Christine Baskin, formerly with
Well, I can pay my bills now, BioVid, a market research firm in
ago, she deemed it unfinished home. I just think, there’s no which is really awesome. It’s just other than “No Diggity,” is one
and halted its release. We reason other than ignorance or of my favorites. Princeton, NJ, will lead the
been a whirlwind and it’s been a
checked in with Young for the fear that people don’t get You studied film in college. practice. Earlier, she held senior
challenge to keep my head on
l o w d o w n o n t h e n e w - a n d - together and work towards the What’s the last good movie you posts at TNS Healthcare and
straight, but I think I’ve done
improved record, which drops s a m e g o a l s . T h e a l b u m ’ s saw? Yankelovich.
pretty well. I’m in my late 20s, This content has passed through
Tuesday, November 17. electronic and it’s hip-hop; those and a lot of people tend to settle The last amazing movie I saw
—Erin Clements are two audiences who don’t was Precious, with Paula Patton,
down at this time in their lives.
You postponed Ultraviolet’s even see each other. So now that But now my life is picking up Lenny Kravitz, and Mariah
release from last year. What did they’re together, it feels really and getting crazy, which is an Carey—and does she ever make
you think needed more work? good, because those are my two interesting kind of contrast to my you forget about Glitter? She
It didn’t sound cohesive enough. favorite types of music. friends. gave a great performance. You’ll
We wanted to work on getting it Has Kanye heard the finished Tell me about the new video for be like, “What Glitter?” And
to sound more like a body of album? your new single, “Right Hand Mo’Nique kills it. She will win
work, rather than just beats that I He definitely heard the first Hi.” an Oscar, I guarantee you. I saw
decided to rap on. I like a lot of version, and he was like, “Do It’s crazy, just a lot of fun. It’s it at Sundance three times in a
s t u f f — J o h n P h i l i p S o u s a , this, this, and this.” So that’s directed by Sarah Chatfield, week because it was that good.
Mannheim Steamroller—that another reason why the album who’s worked with Lily Allen Bring the biggest box of Sam’s
doesn’t mean it needs to be on took shape the way it did, and Dizzee Rascal. It was the Club/ Costco tissues that you
my album. I was like, “I guess I because Kanye listened to it. He longest day of my life, but ever saw. And if you’re PMSing,
should just see what songs grab was on a flight to Hawaii or ultimately rewarding. Twenty just wait a week—you don’t want
me,” but that’s not all it’s somewhere, and he just listened hours of shooting, and I had the to do that to yourself.
about—although you’ll hear a lot to the whole thing and gave us flu, so I was pounding Red Bulls Follow ELLE on Twitter.
of albums where that’s true, his notes. and hoping for the best. But it Become our Facebook fan!
especially with bigger-name How has your life changed since was really good. It’s coming out
artists. There will be one single “Pro Nails” blew up?
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Twilight Barbie
By (ELLE News
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:38:34 AM

You have seen Kristen Stewart
all over promoting the launch of
her new film The Twilight Saga:
New Moon, but who would have
thought the starlet would already
have her very own Barbie doll?
Well, technically, it's Bella Star
who has her own Barbie, but of
course, it's Kristen's
features. When the miniature
character was born in the Barbie
labs, it was Kristen's brunette
locks and innocent face that the super-fan dying to get your hands
Barbie artisans emhasized. And if on one early, then get ahead of
that's not enough, her co-star the pack by visiting
Robert Pattinson, also has a doll to sign up
created in his likeness, or rather for a text alert service to know
Edward Cullen's, and this one when they are in stock.
emphasizes Edward's strong —Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin
jawline and milky, vampire Follow ELLE on Twitter.
complexion. Become our Facebook fan!
The dolls drop into stores on

ARTribe and CITTA Team up for
December 12, but if you are a

MediaDailyNews: Weisbord
Heads Sinclair's Digital Benefit Exhibit
By (ELLE News Jaisalmer, India.
Interactive Mktg Blog)
Submitted at 11/11/2009 2:24:51 PM
At the event you can pick up tote Saturday, November 21st, 2009
bags by Maurizio Cattelan, Event: 6pm–10PM
(MediaPost | Media News) that, he worked for New World Gossip Girl prop art by Richard Swiss Institute
Submitted at 11/12/2009 7:08:29 AM
Communications in Tampa. Join ARTribe, a student-run Phillips (pictured), T-shirts by 485 Broadway at Broome Street
Sinclair owns and operates, organization, and CITTA on Keanan Duffty and photographs NYC
Sinclair Broadcast Group named programs or provides sales Saturday November 21st for a by more than 30 emerging artists. —Jacqueline Bates, Senior Photo
Rob Weisbord director of digital services to 58 television stations benefit exhibition at the Swiss To purchase tickets go to Editor
interactive marketing. Weisbord in 35 markets. Institute in New York City. Follow ELLE on Twitter.
joined Sinclair in 1997 and has This content has passed through Artwork will be for sale and T o v i e w s o m e o f t h e Become our Facebook fan!
served in various posts, including proceeds go to an amazing photographs being auctioned
GM for the KVMY/KVCW-TV cause—building a girl’s school in v i s i t :
duopoly in Las Vegas. Before
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US presses Karzai on corruption
(BBC News | Americas | according to US media reports. international community but first
World Edition) It comes amid intense debate and foremost to his own people -
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:21:38 AM
over US strategy in Afghanistan, that his second term will respond
with President Obama yet to the needs that are so manifest,"
US Secretary of State Hillary m a k e a d e c i s i o n o n t r o o p she said.
Clinton has called on Afghan n u m b e r s . Mr Karzai won presidential
President Hamid Karzai to tackle The top US and Nato elections held in August,
c o r r u p t i o n a n d i m p r o v e commander in Afghanistan, Gen although the polls were tainted
governance in his new term in Stanley McChrystal, has urged an with accusations of corruption
office. injection of about 40,000 more and vote-rigging.
Speaking in the Philippines, Mrs troops. A spokesman for President
Clinton said Mr Karzai must The US currently has some Karzai has insisted the Afghan
demonstrate "that his second 68,000 troops in Afghanistan, administration was "serious"
term will respond to the needs among a coalition force of more about tackling corruption, AFP
that are so manifest". than 100,000. news agency reported.
Earlier it emerged that the The diplomatic dispatch appears Siamak Herawi also suggested
American ambassador in Kabul to be a dramatic and last-minute that Western governments could

Current Obsession: warned against a US troop surge intervention by the ambassador,
unless Mr Karzai acted. says BBC Washington
His views are at odds with US correspondent Adam Brookes.
play a bigger role in combating
abuse of aid donations.
"We want the international
Longchamp Does generals recommending a major Gen McChrystal was said to be
troop deployment. fuming about Mr Eikenberry's
community to do more to
eliminate corruption in spending
Expressing concern about intervention. aid money," he was quoted as
Laptop Cases c o r r u p t i o n i n A f g h a n i s t a n , Rule of law
Ambassador Karl Eikenberry - a Mrs Clinton did not comment on
"Corruption in the international
By (ELLE News case. It's made of durable, high- former military commander in M r E i k e n b e r r y ' s r e p o r t e d aid money spending affects
Blog) quality leather and outfitted with Afghanistan - said it was "not a remarks, but voiced concern Afghanistan, Afghan people and
Submitted at 11/11/2009 12:52:20 PM
a strong, sturdy zip. It looks good good idea" to send substantially a b o u t " c o r r u p t i o n , l a c k o f their lives, and the Afghan
on its own as an accessory or more soldiers, the BBC has been transparency, poor governance, administration."
Laptop cases: You need them sliding out of a carry-on at the told. absence of the rule of law" in Print Sponsor
but it can be virtually impossible airport security check, it can even Washington has not publicly Afghanistan. This content has passed through
to find one that matches your pass for a workday clutch. It's reacted to Mr Eikenberry's "We're looking to President
sartorial style. The neoprene ones sleek yet classic and comes in comments, which appeared in a Karzai as he forms a new
are perfectly functional and say three colors: camel, red, and leaked message to the White government to take action that
"all business," and the more white. And at a mere 105 GBP, House during the past week, will demonstrate - not just to the
stylized ones, like Paul Smith's you feel as though you are
creations, make a statement. And getting away with a little bit of
of course, there is pure luxury, highway robbery.
like Hermès. But sometimes you —Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin
want something that makes a Follow ELLE on Twitter.
statement without making a Become our Facebook fan!
Enter Longchamp's computer
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Military Doctors Worried Hasan Was 'Psychotic'
( Hasan's status were unaware — could handle the workload if he problems, no risk factors that experiences with Hasan, all
Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:17:36 AM
as some top Walter Reed hospital continued to perform poorly and would predict violent behavior. telling similar stories about
officials were — that intelligence his superiors could document any And the group discussed other repeated instances when he made
U.S. military doctors overseeing agencies had been tracking continued behavior problems, the factors that suggested Hasan religion an issue.
Nidal Malik Hasan's medical Hasan's e-mails to a radical imam official said. would continue to thrive in the Officials involved at various
training were concerned he was since December 2008, NPR said. Sharon Willis, a spokeswoman military, factors that mitigated times in the meetings about
"psychotic" and possibly capable Officials considered kicking for the Uniformed Services their concerns, the official said. Hasan included John Bradley,
o f k i l l i n g o t h e r A m e r i c a n Hasan out of the program but University, referred questions According to the official, records Walter Reed's chief of
soldiers, before the Army major chose not to partly because firing Wednesday about Hasan to his reviewed by Hasan's superiors psychiatry; Scott Moran, Walter
allegedly went on a deadly a doctor is a "cumbersome and lawyer. The attorney, John described nearly 20 years of Reed's psychiatric residency
shooting rampage at Fort Hood, lengthy" process that involves Galligan of Belton, Texas, did military service, including nearly program director; Robert Ursano,
Texas. hearings and potential legal not immediately return a eight years as an enlisted soldier; chairman of the Uniformed
Psychiatrists and medical conflict, sources told NPR. telephone call seeking comment. completion of three rigorous Services University's psychiatry
officials at Walter Reed Army Officials also believed they The revelations about the medical school programs, albeit department; Charles Engel, the
Medical Center held a series of lacked solid evidence that Hasan concerns that Hasan's superiors as a student the group university's assistant chair of
meetings beginning in the Spring was unstable and were concerned had before sending him to Fort characterized in their discussions psychiatry, and David Benedek,
of 2008 to discuss serious t h e y c o u l d b e a c c u s e d o f Hood come amid a growing as mediocre; his resilience after an associate professor of
concerns about his work and discriminating against him debate over what warning signs the deaths of his parents early in psychiatry at the university.
behavior, National Public Radio because of his Islamic identity or the military and law enforcement his medical education, and an Those officials either declined to
reported. views. officials might have missed otherwise polite and gentle nature comment or did not return
One of the questions they asked: The concerns about Hasan's before last week's massacre. when not discussing religion. telephone calls and e-mails
Was Hasan psychotic? performance and religious views A joint terrorism task force The Army has said it has no seeking comment Wednesday.
"Put it this way," one official told were shared with other military overseen by the FBI learned late record of enlisted service for Meanwhile, the Pentagon has
NPR. "Everybody felt that if you o f f i c i a l s c o n s i d e r i n g h i s last year of Hasan's repeated Hasan, instead noting that his found no evidence that Hasan
w e r e d e p l o y e d t o I r a q o r assignment after he finished his contact with a radical Muslim military service began when he formally sought release from the
Afghanistan, you would not want m e d i c a l t r a i n i n g , a n d t h e cleric who encouraged Muslims started the medical school Army as a conscientious objector
Nidal Hasan in your foxhole." consensus was to send the 39- to kill U.S. troops in Iraq. The program in 1997. or for any other reason, two
One official who participated in year-old psychiatrist to Fort FBI said in a statement late The official said the group senior military officials told The
the discussions reportedly told Hood, an official told the Wednesday that the task force became increasingly concerned Associated Press. Family
others he was worried that if Associated Press. did not refer early information about Hasan's religious views members have said he wanted to
Hasan was deployed to Iraq or Hasan was characterized in the about Hasan to superiors because after he completed two research get out of the Army and had
Afghanistan, he might leak meetings as a mediocre student it concluded he wasn't linked to projects that took a decidedly sought legal advice, suggesting
covert military information to and lazy worker, a matter of terrorism. religious tone — one at the end that Hasan's anxiety as a Muslim
I s l a m i c e x t r e m i s t s , N P R concern among the doctors and The doctors and staff who of his residency at Walter Reed over his pending deployment
reported. staff at Walter Reed and the discussed concerns about Hasan that advocated allowing Muslim overseas might have been a
Another official "wondered Uniformed Services University had several group conversations soldiers to be released as factor in the deadly rampage.
aloud" to colleagues whether of the Health Sciences, a military about him that started in early conscientious objectors instead of Hasan had complained privately
Hasan might be capable of killing medical school in Bethesda, 2008 during regular monthly fighting in wars against other to colleagues that he was
fellow soldiers in the same way a Maryland, an official told The meetings and ended as he was Muslims, and the other as he harassed for his religion and that
Muslim sergeant in 2003 had set Associated Press. finishing a fellowship in disaster pursued his master's degree in he wanted to get out of the Army.
off grenades at a base in Kuwait, Fort Hood, one of the country's and preventive psychology this public health that discussed But there is no record of Hasan
killing two and wounding 14, the largest military installations, was summer, the official familiar with religious conflicts for Muslim filing a complaint with his chain
radio network reported. considered the best assignment the discussions said. U.S. soldiers.
The officials who discussed for Hasan because other doctors MILITARY page 63
They saw no signs of mental Some in the group shared their
E-reader Newspaper Popular News/ 63

Lawyer: Colo. balloon boy parents to plead guilty (AP)
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) parents. Richard Heene could Richard Heene to plead guilty to During a live interview on CNN claimed it could only be used
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:41:52 AM
face up to 90 days in jail and a felony so Mayumi Heene could hours after the balloon chase, against Mayumi Heene, not her
Mayumi up to 60. plead guilty to a misdemeanor Falcon looked to his father and husband, whom Lane insisted
FORT COLLINS, Colo. – The The most serious of the charges and avoid deportation. said, "You had said that we did had made no incriminating
Colorado parents who reported recommended by Sheriff Jim "He feels like he's got to do what this for a show." statements to authorities.
their 6-year-old son floated away Alderden would have carried a he's got to do to save his wife The Heenes are amateur storm Spouses generally can't be
aboard a helium balloon will maximum sentence of six years from being deported," Lane said. chasers and had twice appeared forced to testify against each
plead guilty to some charges so in prison. Lane accused law enforcement on the ABC reality show "Wife other partly because of laws that
that the family can stay together, The saga gripped a global officers and prosecutors of Swap." Former business partners extend privilege to conversations
the attorney for the boy's father audience, first with fear for the hypocrisy for professing concern said Richard Heene wanted a between husbands and wives,
said Thursday. safety of 6-year-old Falcon about the Heene children's show of his own called "The similar to those protecting
Richard Heene will plead guilty Heene and then with anger at his welfare but threatening "to deport Science Detectives" or "The lawyers from talking about their
in the alleged Oct. 15 hoax to parents when authorities accused a loving, kind, caring mother." Psyience Detectives." discussions with a client.
attempting to influence a public them of perpetrating a hoax. Asked if the deportation threat On Oct. 17, deputies questioned Lane said Thursday that Mayumi
servant, a felony, his attorney After the boy was found safe at was explicit, Lane said, "That both parents separately. Richard Heene's statements could have
David Lane said. Mayumi Heene home, sheriff's officials contacted was all out there, all the time. Heene, 48, adamantly denied the been used to convict her but
— a Japanese citizen who could social workers to make sure the That was part of the discussion." saga was a publicity stunt. But couldn't have been used against
have been deported if convicted children were in a healthy Lane said he has been Mayumi Heene, 45, admitted the her husband because of marital
of more serious charges — will environment. negotiating with prosecutors incident was a hoax, according to privilege, which can keep a
plead guilty to false reporting to Lane said the Heenes' agreement since shortly after the case broke. a search warrant affidavit. person's spouse from testifying
authorities, a misdemeanor, he with prosecutors doesn't call for He said Mayumi Heene's According to the document, against him or her.
said. removing Falcon or the couple's attorney also was part of the Mayumi Heene told an He said prosecutors have
Prosecutors haven't announced other two children — ages 8 and talks. investigator the couple devised acknowledged their case against
whether they've filed charges in 10 — from the parents' custody. The couple's frantic calls to the hoax two weeks before the Richard Heene had problems.
the case, but a spokeswoman said Mayumi Heene's attorney, Lee authorities, saying they feared flight "to make the Heene family "I'd love to take Richard's case to
the district attorney would have a Christian, did not return a call. their son Falcon might be aboard more marketable for future media trial," he said.
s t a t e m e n t l a t e r T h u r s d a y The Heenes didn't answer when a homemade balloon that had interest" and that they built the ___
morning. The Larimer County reporters knocked on the door of escaped from their suburban Fort balloon specifically for that Associated Press Writers
s h e r i f f ' s o f f i c e , w h i c h their home Thursday morning, Collins back yard, triggered a purpose. Mayumi also said she Colleen Slevin and Dan Elliott in
recommended criminal charges, and Mayumi and Richard Heene frenzied response before the and her husband had instructed Denver contributed to this report.
hasn't been notified of any l e f t t h e h o m e w i t h o u t balloon landed in a dusty farm their three children to lie to This content has passed through
charges, spokeswoman Eloise commenting to reporters. The field without the boy inside. The authorities and the media, the
Campanella said. children weren't with them. Heenes said they found Falcon at affidavit said.
Lane said he expects prosecutors Lane said prosecutors insisted on home — hiding, they said. At the time, Lane dismissed the
to ask for jail time for both a "package deal" that required Relief soon turned to suspicion. alleged statement as hearsay and
continued from page 62

of command regarding any The officials spoke on condition to commit to another year in the transfer to another post.
harassment he may have suffered of anonymity because the case is military when he was transferred The Associated Press
for being Muslim or any record under investigation. to Fort Hood earlier this summer. c o n t r i b u t e d t o t h i s r e p o r t .
of him formally seeking release Another Army official, Lt. Col. It is common for an officer to This content has passed through
from the military, the officials George Wright, said Wednesday i n c u r a o n e - y e a r s e r v i c e
told the AP. that Hasan likely would have had extension when they receive a
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Waning Ida's downpours swamp Mid-Atlantic Boxee Blog »
a Boxee Box is
coast (AP) coming!
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) Coastal southeast Virginia Dominion Power reported more The National Weather Service
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:12:07 AM
seemed to be the focus of the than 21,000 outages in Virginia said Thursday morning that By twitter:@avneron
most severe flooding Thursday, early Thursday, with more than rainfall in the previous 24 hours (TweetMeme)
RICHMOND, Va. – Relentless and a coastal flood warning was half in southeast Virginia. Most ranged from less than an inch in Submitted at 11/12/2009 7:27:38 AM
rain drenched much of the in effect through Friday evening. Hampton Roads schools and Charlotte to nearly 6 inches in
Atlantic seaboard Thursday, The National Weather Service universities canceled classes New Bern on the coast. We launched our public alpha
triggering coastal flood warnings warned that parts of the area Thursday and some businesses Some roads were closed across for Mac/Linux in January at
and watches from North Carolina could expect up to 4 inches of closed for the day. the state by flooding and downed CES. During the show we met
to New York's Long Island, rain by midmorning. The weather In western Virginia, flooding trees. Schools in several districts with several device manufactures
inundating streets and forcing service said the greatest threat for and downed trees blocked several in the Wilmington area were interested in embedding Boxee
some rescues of stranded drivers severe flooding in the Hampton roads, and the Roanoke River opening late. into their existing devices or
in hard-hit Virginia. Roads area would likely come was expected to flood Thursday. In South Carolina, state health building a dedicated Boxee
The downpour is the aftermath during high tide Thursday The rain blocked roads and officials blamed the heavy rains device.I am very happy to
of Tropical Storm Ida, as the afternoon and Friday evening. closed schools throughout the for overwhelming sewage plants announce we have signed our
storm's remnants move along the Virginia Department of area. Some people were being in the Columbia area, dumping first partnership with a CE
Atlantic coast. Although Ida Emergency Management pulled out of low-lying areas. some raw sewage into three company. At this point we can
quickly weakened once it made spokesman Bob Spieldenner said Meanwhile, Coast Guard rivers. not say more about the partner or
landfall, it soaked a swath from his agency has received reports officials continued searching for In suburban Atlanta, streets and the specs of the device, but we
Alabama to Georgia soon after. of a few Hampton Roads three commercial fishermen yards that border the can tell you…
Watches and warnings for gales, residents being rescued from whose boat sank in churning seas Chattahoochee River filled with 0 comments Source:
high winds and storms were in their cars after getting stuck in off the coast of New Jersey. water as the river spilled over its
effect from North Carolina to high water. Flood warnings were posted banks from the rain. The area is
New Jersey. Similar incidents have been across most of North Carolina still waterlogged from historic
Virginia Gov. Timothy Kaine reported in coastal Norfolk, from the mountains to the coast, flooding in September, which
declared a state of emergency, where winds were worsening with trees down and some roads swamped homes and businesses.
and officials urged people in high tides already 6 feet to 7 feet closed. In Delaware, about 3,500 power
some areas to stay home as rain above normal. Flooding closed Thousands of North Carolinians outages were reported because of
was predicted to continue in the several streets, bridges and a lost electrical service. Duke rain and wind, and the state's
drenched state at least through major tunnel. Energy reported more than beaches were under flood
Friday. "Each high tide is going to be 11,000 customers lost power in watches and high surf advisories.
Mari Rosadson, who works at
the front desk of the Marriott
worse, because the water's going
to keep building," Spieldenner
the Charlotte area, though much
of the service had been restored
Associated Press Writers Jack
US envoy
Waterside in downtown Norfolk,
said she and her friend
The agency also is monitoring
by late Thursday morning.
The Coast Guard plucked two
Jones in Columbia, S.C., Dorie
Turner in Atlanta, Sue Lindsey in
opposed to
encountered standing water
during the 5-mile drive from her
home to work.
the potential for inland river
flooding, depending on how
people stranded on a sailboat
Wednesday off the North
Roanoke, Va., and Sarah
Brumfield in Washington Afghan surge
much total rain will get dumped Carolina coast, where seas had contributed to this story. (BBC News | Americas |
"We made it through fine, thank on the state. In western Virginia, churned and winds gusted near This content has passed through World Edition)
God. It took me 45 minutes to get Salem officials reported flooded 30 mph. Two other people
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:25:45 AM
to work, more than double the streets and some people being remained with the boat as it was
time," she said. pulled out of low-lying areas. towed back to shore. ENVOY page 65
E-reader Newspaper Twitter Trend/ 65
ENVOY Pitchfork: Premiere:
continued from page 64
Solange Covers Dirty
The US ambassador in Kabul deliberation over how to proceed Gen McChrystal was said to be "I think the corruption issue Projectors' "Stillness Is
has written to the White House to in Afghanistan, and appears to fuming about Mr Eikenberry's really goes to the heart of
oppose sending thousands more put the ambassador at odds with intervention. whether the people of the Move"
troops to Afghanistan. the US Army, whose generals Please turn on JavaScript. Media Afghanistan feel that the By twitter:@pitchforkmedia
In a leaked cable, Karl favour reinforcing and requires JavaScript to play. government is on their side, is (TweetMeme)
Eikenberry said President intensifying America's campaign. Nato chief Anders Fogh working for them," she told
Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:39:50 AM
Karzai's government should first The US currently has some Rasmussen: Allies need to do reporters.
prove it would tackle corruption. 68,000 troops in Afghanistan, more A spokesman for President If Solange Knowles isn't
The message arrived amid among a coalition force of more But a statement issued by the Karzai insisted the Afghan sampling Boards of Canada or
intense debate over strategy, with than 100,000. White House after Wednesday administration was "serious" getting Jay-Z and Beyoncé into
President Obama yet to make a Military chief 'fuming' afternoon's strategy meeting about tackling corruption. Grizzly Bear, she's jamming out
decision on troop numbers. Officials say the Obama appeared to reflect some of the The BBC's Martin Patience in to Dirty Projectors. She's been
The dramatic intervention puts administration considered several envoy's concerns. Kabul says many Afghans are bumping DP so much, in fact,
the ambassador - a former options at Wednesday's meeting, "The president believes we need lukewarm about the prospect of that she decided to go ahead and
military commander in including: to make clear to the Afghan extra troops and want to know cover the Brooklyn band's Bitte
Afghanistan - at odds with • Deploying another 40,000 government that our commitment what they would actually do. Orca standout "Stillness Is the
generals seeking reinforcements. troops, the option pushed for by is not open ended," it said. They believe security has Move", which always sounded
On Wednesday, President the top US military commander "After years of substantial worsened as more troops have like a monster R&B track in
Obama held his eighth meeting to in Afghanistan, Gen Stanley investments by the American been sent to the country. disguise anyway.UPDATE: This
discuss the question of whether McChrystal people, governance in Afghan officials insist the cover is rooted in "Bumpy's
to send tens of thousands more • Sending an additional 30,000 Afghanistan must improve in a training of local security forces Lament" by…
troops to confront the Taliban. soldiers - a plan said to be reasonable period of time." needs to be the priority - so that 0 comments Source:
Mr Eikenberry sent the secret favoured by Defence Secretary Kabul hits back their troops can lead the fight
cable in the past week, according Robert Gates and the Chairman The Obama administration is against the insurgents. Western
to US media reports. of the Joint Chiefs, Adm Mike also known to have concerns military advisers are sceptical
Expressing concern about Mullen about the reliability of the that this can be achieved soon,
corruption in Afghanistan, he • Sending about 20,000 extra government of President Karzai, our correspondent says.
said it was "not a good idea" to troops who was last week declared Print Sponsor
send substantially more soldiers, • A fourth option added in the winner of August's widely This content has passed through
the BBC has been told. past week involves sending criticised presidential election.
The diplomatic dispatch appears 10,000 to 15,000 more soldiers, Speaking on a visit to the
to be a dramatic and last-minute according to US media reports Philippines, US Secretary of
intervention by the ambassador, In weighing up the options, Mr State Hillary Clinton said the
says BBC Washington Obama is also preoccupied with Obama administration had raised
correspondent Adam Brookes. how long it would take to see the issues of corruption and poor
It comes right at the end of results and be able to withdraw, governance with President
weeks of White House officials said. Karzai.

HACKED: Britney Spears Twitter Account Hijacked
By twitter:@303bytm UPDATE: Her Twitter account Spears people can deal with the (@BritneySpears) has been Britney Spears stream. In…
(TweetMeme) has been reverted, but with her situation.-Unless Britney Spears hijacked by hackers with hijinks 0 comments Source:
Submitted at 11/12/2009 5:41:48 AM
profile picture and background secretly worships satan, it looks in mind.About one hour ago, two
stripped, most likely until the like her Twitter account new tweets appeared in the
66 Popular News/ Twitter Trend/ E-reader Newspaper

'Murder charges' for US shooting NC man charged with
(BBC News | Americas |
World Edition)
Submitted at 11/12/2009 9:32:17 AM
where troops get medical check-
ups before deploying abroad.
About 30 people were hurt in the
However, it was decided that
further investigation was not
needed, as the content of the
kidnapping missing 5-
A US army major suspected of Fort Hood officials are to hold a
shooting colleagues at the Fort news conference shortly (1800
messages did not advocate or
threaten violence.
FBI Director Robert Mueller has
year-old (AP)
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) "Our hopes are that she's close
Hood military base in Texas last GMT). ordered a review of how the by," Chance said.
Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:49:14 AM
w e e k w i l l f a c e 1 3 m u r d e r 'Warning signs' agency dealt with information Coe was being held at the
charges, US media report. On Monday, the Senate about Maj Hasan. FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – North Cumberland County jail, where a
Maj Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, was Homeland Security Committee Amid fears of a possible anti- Carolina police said they were worker said records didn't
shot by police and remains in announced it would hold a full Muslim backlash after the attack, searching Thursday for a 5-year- indicate whether he had an
hospital. He has refused to speak investigation into the attacks, President Barack Obama has old girl who vanished two days a t t o r n e y . C o e h a s s e v e r a l
to investigators. The charges starting with a public hearing stressed the multinational ago and have charged one man criminal charges on his state
have not been confirmed. next week. diversity in the US armed forces. with kidnapping her. record, including an April
Maj Hasan, an army psychiatrist, They will seek to determine Maj "They are Americans of every Clarence Coe, 30, was arrested conviction for misdemeanor
was said to be unhappy about the Hasan's motives and "whether the race, faith, and station. They are and charged with first-degree breaking and entering. He was
prospect of being deployed to government missed warning Christians and Muslims, Jews kidnapping. He is scheduled to released from prison in mid-
Afghanistan. signs that should have led to and Hindus and non-believers. a p p e a r i n c o u r t T h u r s d a y August, according to Department
There have been allegations expulsion, and what lessons we They are descendants of afternoon. Theresa Chance, a of Correction records.
officials failed to spot warnings can learn to prevent such future immigrants and immigrants spokeswoman for the Fayetteville He was previously convicted of
about him. attacks", Senator Joe Lieberman themselves. They reflect the Police Department, said a witness assault on a female, felony
US intelligence authorities have has promised. diversity that makes this spotted Coe taking the girl out of breaking and entering, larceny,
said they knew Maj Hasan had An FBI-led task force America," he said in the the trailer park. robbery and other charges dating
been in contact with a cleric monitoring the e-mail of Yemen- aftermath of the shooting. "I think it's safe to say this is not back to 2001.
sympathetic to al-Qaeda. based cleric Anwar al-Awlaki Print Sponsor a random occurrence," Chance Investigators found a blanket
The shootings took place at Fort said he had communicated with This content has passed through said. Investigators are assuming that may have belonged to
H o o d ' s c r o w d e d S o l d i e r s Maj Hasan - a US-born Muslim - that Shaniya is in danger. Shaniya in a garbage can outside
Readiness Processing Center, on 10 to 20 occasions. Barbara Davenport, property a neighbor's home. Lt. Alex
manager at Sleepy Hollow Thompson said investigators also
U.S. Deports Lou Dobbs | M o b i l e H o m e P a r k w h e r e found other items Shaniya may
Shaniya was living, said Coe is have been wearing.
The Onion - America's Finest the boyfriend of the girl's mother, Shaniya's mother, Antoinette
Antoinette Davis, and has visited Davis, and her father, who flew
News Source the trailer park several times. in from out of state, have been
Investigators have said police speaking with investigators.
By twitter:@migs123 Miguel Salvador Aguila dogs did not pick up the child's ___
(TweetMeme) Dominguez, who for the last 48 scent during a search of the Associated Press Writer Mike
Submitted at 11/12/2009 5:35:14 AM
years had been living illegally in neighborhood. Shaniya was Baker contributed to this report
the United States under the name reported missing from her a from Raleigh.
WANTAGE, NJ—Acting on Lou Dobbs. mobile home park around 7 a.m. This content has passed through
anonymous tips from within the 0 comments Source: Tuesday, and her mother last saw
Hispanic-American community, w w w . t h e o n i o n . c o m the girl that day around 5:30 a.m.
U.S. Customs and Border
Protection officials deported Luis
E-reader Newspaper Popular News/ E-reader News/ Twitter Trend/ 67
Why Digital Agencies
'Guilty plea' in balloon boy case Are Indeed Ready to
(BBC News | Americas | Lead - Advertising Age
World Edition) - DigitalNext
Submitted at 11/12/2009 7:22:46 AM By twitter:@RiaRomano
The US parents who triggered a
major alert by claiming their six- Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:54:47 AM

year-old son was adrift in a
helium balloon are to admit Over the past 18 months, a great
debate has consumed our
charges, their lawyer says.
industry: Are digital agencies
Falcon Heene's mother is to
poised to sit at the head of the
admit false reporting to
advertising table? Depending on
authorities and his father will
admit attempting to influence a whom you ask and what you
read, the answer seems to flip
public servant.
flop -- with a majority of people
Falcon's disappearance became a
still having reservations and
media drama but he was later
making claims that digital
found at home.
Police accused the family of agencies aren't ready to lead.
The couple reported that their According to a statement from days in jail for Mrs Heene and up 0 comments Source:
masterminding the 15 October
incident as part of a publicity bid. young son had been carried away lawyer David Lane, Mayumi to 90 days for Mr Heene.
The couple, who have three by a helium balloon - whose Heene, 45, will admit a Larimer County Sheriff Jim
children, will enter their pleas at progress was then tracked by misdemeanour and her husband Alderden had earlier suggested
Larimer County Court on Friday, news organisations. Richard, 48, a felony. that the couple could have faced
a statement from their lawyer Police carried out an intensive Mr Lane said Mr Heene agreed charges of conspiracy and
says. search for the boy after the to "fall on his sword" by contributing to the delinquency
Police search balloon landed about 64km (40 admitting the felony charge to of a minor - which carry jail
The incident in Colorado led to a miles) north of Denver and was prevent his wife - a Japanese terms of up to six years.
media storm. found to be empty. national - being ordered out of Print Sponsor
Please turn on JavaScript. Media But it then transpired that the the US. This content has passed through
requires JavaScript to play. child was hiding at home and The stipulated sentences for both
TV news crews in the US days later the couple were are probation, his statement said,
tracked the balloon as it landed accused of an elaborate hoax. with the possibility of up to 60

Will 2010 Be an Explosive Chapter for E-Readers? (PDA Street)
(Yahoo! News Search Results 2010, according to a recent study. more: Spring Design, iRex more choice than ever and that according to Allen Weiner,
for e-readers) The nascent e-reader market this Technologies, Plastic Logic and should result in more e-reader research vice president at
Submitted at 11/11/2009 10:30:02 AM
year saw new devices from Asus have also unveiled details sales this holiday season. Gartner.
Amazon, with the DX and about e-readers coming to Still, 2010 is the year that the Get the full story here at
While 2009 is clearly a International versions of the market. portable digital reading devices
watershed year for e-readers with Kindle 2, as well as from Sony, With so many devices coming will finally see the beginning of This content has passed through
several product launches, the big with the high-end 3G Daily out with varying feature sets, mainstream adoption,
wave of popularity for the Reader, along with Barnes & digital book format support and "culminating in e-reader mania
fledgling market will be Q4 of Noble's Nook. But wait, there's price points, consumers will have for the 2010 holiday season,"
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Death Penalty Weighed in Murder of Balloon Boy's Parents
TV Anchor Will Plead Guilty in
Submitted at 11/12/2009 1:30:10 AM Hoax Case
Jurors deciding on his penalty
could also sentence him to life in
prison without the possibility of
anyone to give them to.
"Oh, Lord Jesus, how I wish it
were me and not Anne," Cannady
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. A jury parole. If the jury cannot settle on said. ( Lane said in a statement
that convicted a man of capital a penalty, Pulaski County Circuit A lawyer for the state Submitted at 11/12/2009 6:12:11 AM
Thursday that Mayumi Heene
murder in the beating death of an Judge Chris Piazza must impose Department of Human Services will plead guilty to false
Arkansas TV anchorwoman will the life sentence. read from agency documents that The Colorado parents who reporting to authorities, a
weigh Thursday whether to Prosecution witnesses said DNA revealed a troubled youth for claimed their son floated away in misdemeanor.
impose the death penalty. evidence linked Vance to Vance. One of Vance's aunts also a helium balloon will plead guilty Richard Heene will plead guilty
Jurors found Curtis Lavelle Pressly's death and to a separate testified that Vance's mother had to some charges in the alleged to attempting to influence a
Vance guilty Wednesday in an rape case in which he has pleaded been addicted to crack and lived hoax but avoid jail time, their public servant, a felony,
assault on KATV host Anne not guilty. The defense has said for a time in a Memphis, Tenn., attorney said Thursday. according to Lane.
Pressly at her Little Rock police duped Vance into homeless shelter after asking her Richard and Mayumi Heene are Prosecutors have agreed to allow
bungalow on Oct. 20, 2008. The confessing and giving officers a mother to raise her children. accused of lying when they both to serve probation
attack shattered her face and sent DNA sample to compare with As Vance left the courthouse, reported that 6-year-old Falcon sentences, he said.
her into a coma. Pressly never evidence in the case. family members shouted "Love flew away in a homemade helium The most serious of the charges
regained consciousness and died During the penalty phase that ya, Lavelle!" and he said "Love balloon Oct. 15 that lifted off recommended by Larimer
five days later. began Wednesday, Pressly's you!" from their back yard in Fort County Sheriff Jim Alderden
Vance, 29, of Marianna, also mother, Patti Cannady, said that Then he shouted, "It's a Collins, drifted across two would have carried a maximum
was convicted of residential after the death of her only child corrupted system!" counties and landed in a farm sentence of six years in prison.
burglary along with rape and she ripped up many family This content has passed through field.
Richard Heene's lawyer David BALLOON page 69
theft of property. photos because she didn't have
Hasan to Be Charged
Mexican purge axes corrupt police With 13 Counts
(BBC News | Americas | were pulled off duty to undergo more training. And, in a final Police officers were also Premeditated Murder
World Edition) extensive tests. insult, over half have been told prohibited from carrying
The tests assessed their honesty, they are overweight. cellphones while on duty, to (
Submitted at 11/11/2009 11:42:38 PM
mental aptitude and medical Extortion prevent them tipping off Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:57:39 AM
Mexican authorities have condition. Residents of Monterrey, which criminals.
dismissed almost a quarter of all Their living circumstances were is one of Mexico's wealthiest President Felipe Calderon has DEVELOPING: Army
traffic police in the city of also reviewed - to see whether cities, have long complained that vowed to root out corruption at psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan
Monterrey for failing corruption any evidence of possibly the local police are not up to the every level within Mexican law will be charged with 13 counts of
and competence tests. unlawful additional income job, and in some cases are enforcement, a process which the premeditated murder in last
It is the latest move by the emerged. working in league with organised government admits might take week's Fort Hood mass
Mexican government to clean up The end results have not been crime and drug cartels. decades. shootings, a military source told
its police forces, many of which good. In response, the mayor had Print Sponsor Fox News Thursday.
are suspected of having links to More than 270 officers failed the previously imposed a ban on This content has passed through Hasan, 39, is suspected of killing
organised crime. exams outright. They have been drink-driving checkpoints in the 13 of his comrades Nov. 5 when
At the end of last month all dismissed. city - as many had been used
HASAN page 69
1,142 traffic police in Monterrey Another 500 have been sent for purely for extortion purposes.
E-reader Newspaper Economy/ 69
continued from page 68 continued from page 68

he opened fire at a soldier Hasan's motives are being Alderden has said the runaway looking into the welfare of
processing center at the Army investigated. balloon story was a hoax to Falcon and the Heenes' two other
base in Killeen, Texas. Reports have surfaced about generate publicity for the couple, sons, ages 8 and 10.
The American-born military possible communications he may who have appeared on the ABC The Associated Press
psychiatrist survived the rampage have had with terrorist groups, reality show "Wife Swap" and contributed to this report.
and is being guarded at a hospital fear of his imminent deployment were trying to arrange another This content has passed through
in San Antonio. He has been to the war in Afghanistan and show.
talking to investigators. potential psychiatric problems, Lane has claimed Alderden
Hasan is accused of firing about but authorities working on the broke privacy laws by publicly
100 rounds at unsuspecting case have declined to confirm or saying social services were
fellow soldiers filling out comment on motive theories.
deployment paperwork before This is a developing story.
civilian police officers shot him Refresh page for updates.
and stopped the attack. This content has passed through
The massacre killed 13 people
and left about 30 others
wounded. It has been classified
as the worst mass shooting on an
American military base.

Europe.view: The beginning of the end
(The Economist: Daily communism, not trying to Republic recalled how Reagan’s years’ time face something compelling alternative to
columns) overturn it. approach had inspired them and similar, wondered some people communism.
Submitted at 11/11/2009 7:01:17 PM
Those glory days were the demoralised their captors. gloomily). The best option in In retrospect, the efficiency and
subject of a day-long conference Many of the surviving members foreign policy seemed to be decisiveness of the Reagan
Europe.view at the Ronald Reagan Presidential of the Reagan foreign-policy presiding over inexorable administration is striking. It
Nov 12th 2009 Library in Simi Valley California team turned up too, including Western decline as peacefully as arrived in office promptly and en
From Looking on November 6th. A motley John Lehman(navy secretary), possible. masse, filling all important posts
back at the era of a cold warrior collection of heroes from east Dick Allen (chief foreign policy Admittedly, whatever was within weeks (nowadays getting
“MR GORBACHEV, tear down and west (with your columnist adviser) Richard Pipes (Russia happening in the West, the team straight within the first
this wall”. Ronald Reagan’s tagging along as a moderator) expert) and the towering figure of communism would have been in year is regarded as smart work).
stirring speech at the Berlin Wall gathered to discuss the great George Shultz (secretary of trouble. Discontent among the It knew exactly what it wanted to
on June 12th 1987 was not the communicator’s role in the state). public, divisions in the elite and do and did it (not something that
death blow to communism, but it collapse of communism and what It is easy to forget what a economic failure would have all could be said so easily of the
did highlight the West’s renewed his approach could still offer daunting task these men had been gnawing away at the current administration). John
confidence in demanding what today. Nancy Reagan, frail but faced when they came to office in regimes’ stability and legitimacy. Lehman recounted with gusto
had previously been impossible. immaculate, presided. Margaret 1980. America was traumatised The confidence that Reagan how he sent a big naval force to
Though the president’s advisers Thatcher and Mikhail Gorbachev by Vietnam, intimidated by the exuded and inspired made the the north coast of Norway,
e g g e d h i m o n , A m e r i c a n sent messages of congratulation. Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, western star burn brightly, lifting against the howls of protest from
diplomats were horrified at what Freedom fighters such as Mart humiliated by the Iranian hostage captives’ spirits and dazzling officials who thought it would be
t h e y f e l t w a s p r o v o c a t i v e Laar from Estonia, Leszek crisis, and near-bankrupted by their jailers. The America of provocative. Far from it: it put a
behaviour: they saw their job as Balcerowicz from Poland and the economic downturn (will an Jimmy Carter or the Britain of
m a n a g i n g r e l a t i o n s w i t h Vaclav Klaus of the Czech incoming administration in three the mid-1970s hardly provided a EUROPE.VIEW: page 70
70 Media/ E-reader Newspaper
continued from page 69

direct stop to the de facto Soviet of nuclear weapons—something
MediaDailyNews: News Corp's
naval takeover of the region.
Communist propaganda depicted
Ronald Reagan as a brainless
on which Mr Shultz continues to
work. The thousand-plus assorted
Reaganites in the audience
Carey: Hulu May Charge, MySpace
gunslinger. In fact he was well
read and wrote reams. And as
clapped that too.
It was hard not to feel a bit
George Shultz pointed out in his nostalgic for the days when (MediaPost | Media News) blessing. They could offer a sprawling social networking
lunchtime speech, he used grown-ups were in charge. Submitted at 11/12/2009 8:44:11 AM
yardstick on the Obama venture have been stymied, and a
American armed force sparingly, Back to top ^^ Readers' administration's positions on new management team is in
on only three occasions—in comments While he said confidentiality media, mergers and acquisitions. place.
forestalling a Marxist coup in The Economist welcomes your agreements prevent him from "It makes sense for Comcast," Carey said MySpace is moving
Grenada, in bombing a terrorist views. offering specifics, News Corp. Carey said. "There are real toward more of a niche site,
headquarters in Tripoli, and in an This content has passed through COO Chase Carey downplayed opportunities [in a combination] looking to build communities
operation against an Iranian ship suggestions that the company b e t w e e n c o n t e n t a n d around specific content areas,
that was planting mines. “Reality, dropped out of the bidding for d i s t r i b u t i o n . " such as music and gaming, where
strength, diplomacy” were his the Travel Channel because the However, he added: "I'd be information can be exchanged
watchwords. “And no empty price got too high. stunned if this is a transaction and consumers can share
threats”. He also underlined Mr "We prefer to build than buy," that doesn't ... end with fairly experience.
Reagan’s desire to rid the world Carey said after an appearance at regulatory baggage." "We're not going back and
a Dow Jones/Nielsen media He doesn't believe the looking at how do we compete
conference Thursday. companies will have to sell assets with Twitter and Facebook as a
News Corp. was said to be an to receive the blessing of the broad-based social network," he
interested bidder because of the F T C , F C C a n d J u s t i c e said.
travel network's potential to Department. But there may be Carey also weighed in on
d o v e t a i l w i t h i t s N a t i o n a l some requirements implemented whether -- partly
G e o g r a p h i c C h a n n e l , b o t h to ensure other programmers owned by News Corp. -- should
domestically and overseas. Carey have fair access to distribution, charge for content. The answer:
said the company had no "interest since Comcast reaches more somewhat.
in buying something" at "retail" homes than any cable, satellite or "A core aspect of Hulu will
that would require a lot of effort telco TV operator. always be a free experience," he
to possibly ramp up. As for the marketplace, he says said. "But all these mediums
Scripps Networks Interactive it is recovering modestly. "I don't need to develop a subscription
bought a 65% stake in the think anybody is thinking wildly model."
network earlier this month in a bullish about the future," he said. A cable-network-style
deal that is valued at $975 "But things are stabilizing." combination of advertising and
million. Companies will look for subscriptions is "critically
In a wide-ranging discussion, efficiencies and to gain scale, he important," but questions about
Carey gave an endorsement to said. pricing and the free/pay balance
Comcast and NBC Universal's One of the most troubling issues remain that may extend the
reported plans to combine facing News Corp. is how to decision-making process for
operations -- though he suggested resuscitate MySpace, considered some time.
significant regulatory hurdles a sterling acquisition only a year This content has passed through
remain for the government's a g o . B u t i t s s u c c e s s a s a