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Communication is the process that should understand by receiver from sender. In marketing
terminology, the communication can be say as the audience should know about the product of an
organization. For that, each company follows different methods to attract the customers towards
their product. Communication mix is the process in which way the customer should know about
the product to buy. Normally, the communication mix consists of sender, receiver, feed back,
encoder, decoder and noise. For every communication mix these elements should required. But
why we go for communication channel? Why lot of companies spending lot of money for the
communication processes? And also some other questions arise when we do for communication
channel. But this the main process for every company. There should be communication between
customers and product manufacturers, service providers. Then only customer can know about the
product and manufacturer also realize their mistakes in the market.

Here, I explained about communication channel of “Aqua sure”. It is the water purifier. So most
of us should familiarize about this product, awareness and importance of this product. For a
family or a company, the water bottle or mineral water can and etc, so they should pursue water
purifier. Aqua sure already follows some communication techniques . Aqua sure is water purifier
which is marketed from famous company Eureka Forbes. So, the quality wise the product is
highly trust one.

Target customers;

The water purifier has big target audience when compared to other products. The people now a
days concern about their health. So most of the people realize need for pure water. In home or in
an industry buying the mineral water or implement new water plant for daily drinking water
usage. These is the main reason to evolve this project. The main difficult is how it differs from
its competitors? How it easily available? What are technologies used to purify? How to use?
These are the main problem for every market. But, here the aqua pure mother brand is Eureka
Forbes. So, most of the people know about it and it already have such a good no of customers. It
is easy to market and also difficult to maintain the existing brand image. In age wise, normally
people who are above 25 ages have more health conscious than youngsters. So the main target is
people above 25 ages.

Methods to improve sales of Aqua Sure:

The sales of the product is one of the important objective of any company. But make the sales
increase is not a easy task. Here, the water purifier is not a regular buying product. These are
kind of one time investment but not like as buying building, land. Its also one of the main
product in each home like TV, refrigerator, washing machine and etc.

Communication channel is important tool as mentioned earlier. But what are various methods
used for this communication channel. Its not like soap or shampoo which can free samples, low
cost for less quantity and etc. following are some of communication channels discussed to
increase the sales of the aqua sure.

Before making communication channel what are the things to be considered, what are the
features of Aqua sure, competitors product and their communication channel, etc.

The following are some of the important fact that should concern when creating advertisement.

Natural taste:

Most of the people thought, there is difference taste from the natural water. But, its not true.
Because people using natural water for long period and now its not possible to drink directly. So,
the advertisement should tell about there is no taste difference.


The method like UV, RO are used for purifying the water is technology introduced. So, the
advertisement should tell about which technology used.

The communication should tell about how it different from competitors. Before making any
communication channel, the company should aware about the competitors like Aqua guard is the
major competitor and their communication channels like advertisement.


The communication channel is main reason to create and maintaining the brand image of the
company. Here, water purifier from eureka forbs is main factor to be considered regarding brand
and positioning.

Communication channels for Aqua sure:

There are several communication channels available to communicate and promote the products.
Here, some of the communication channels used which can promote the aqua sure.

1. Advertising
2. Sales promotion
3. Events & experiences
4. Direct marketing

1. Sales promotion:

The sales promotion for water purifier is such a difficult and important task. Suppose, a sales
manager wants to cut the price, it will affect the brand image of the product. Because the mother
brand has such a nice brand image in market. So what are the things can do for it?

Low interest financing:

In a small towns and villages, people know about the product but they can’t offered that much
amount. There are two main reasons,

one is high cost. But as mentioned earlier cost cut affect the brand image
next is awareness, in town and villages people don’t know importance of water and also

To avoid this situation, company can provide low interest financing for the product. The price of
the product may not be big one. It will increase the sales of high cost type water purifier.


Company can conduct exhibitions in not only metro city in small cities and towns. Normally, the
exhibition conduct and suitable for auto mobile sectors. Here, people should aware about the
product. Company might have this type exhibition in metro cities that also be the part of other
exhibitions. But, here exhibit only for the various types of water purifiers from the mother brand.

For example, conduct the exhibitions in town. So, the people can know about the product. In the
exhibitions itself, the sales representative demonstrate the product. It’s the one of the best
opportunity to know about the consumer status towards the product. So, exhibition and
demonstration combined in single place.

2.Events& experience:

Aqua sure already conduct some events and sponer ship for some of the events. Here, the
company conducts different kind of events. Now a days most of the people know importance of
water. Only problem is to create awareness about the product. Its also not need in most of the

For example, the company conduct some sports events among children. For this, the company
person go to some of apartments in metro cities on holidays and week ends. So, it will create
good relationship among the customers.

Similarly, during festival sessions like diwali, the company person conduct some entertainment
shows among blue color workers. Because, during the festival period, they think to buy some
products to home. At the we can use it, to bring our product.
3.Direct & interactive marketing:

Direct marketing is expensive and powerful method in communication channel. Catalogs,

telemarketing, electronic shopping are some of the important methods which has been already
used by the company.

Here, mailing and show rooms can be used for the direct marketing. When compared to existing
direct method, these some what less expensive.


Mailing is the method of send mail to the many customers or audiences. That mass mailing to the
customers. For this, get the data base from companies, hospitals and parents of school children.
They are the main target customers as mentioned earlier. Send the mass mailing and mass
message to the customers about the product and also give information where nearest shop
available to buy a product. Many times, some of the companies send mass mailing, but people
not even ready to see. To avoid that, send the mail mentioned as area or shop which are nearer to
customer. So the viewer can see what mentioned about their area.

Show rooms:

The company start showrooms with service centers. The product like lakme, vatika hair oil have
the show room. So, the company can start showrooms in all metro cities and some other main
cities. Its also helpful, when the no of consumers increased, give service to every home and not
at all possible to appoint such a big no of employees.

4. Advertising;

Advertisement is such a very important for aqua sure to increase the sales. Advertisement is tool
to attract the customers towards their product and tell about features, how to use, creating
awareness and how it differs from their competitors.

There are several type of advertisements used. Here, some of the new advertisements are

i. Print and broad cast ads

ii. Packaging
iii. Bill boards
iv. Point of purchase

These are some of the new advertisements tool that are not existing about aqua sure. Here, TV
ads and broad cast ads has been already used. But, change is need for this two tools.

Especially, the current TV ads in which the person come up with raincoat. That can be changed
and implement new ideas. But at the same time, it should understand by the customers.

Here, I created some of the advertisement pictures about Aqua sure water purifier. That can
easily under stand and also innovative.


The methodology used for Aqua sure sale increase using communication channels as follows,

Research method: Descriptive research method

Research tool: Questionnaire

Descriptive research method;

Descriptive research is used to obtain information concerning the current status of the
phenomena to describe "what exists" with respect to variables or conditions in a situation. The
methods involved range from the survey which describes the status quo, the correlation study
which investigates the relationship between variables, to developmental studies which seek to
determine changes over time.

There are two types in this method, that are,

i. Survey,
ii. Observation.

Here I used, survey type descriptive method. It is method of conducting in many way, among
that personal interview used using questionnaire.

Primary data collection:

I used primary data collection method using questionnaire by interview. Primary data collection
is method in which data are collected by individual and that result will be used in analysis part or
taking decision. But in secondary method the data are get from observation which has been done
by others.

Here, I conduct interview using questionnaire in some of the shopping complex, department
stores and home appliances. I used the sample of 20 to 30 and also with my own experiences.


Each communication channel have different limitations. None of one, can’t be perfect one.

Direct marketing is expensive and response varied depend on the person

Events is slow response and indirect

Advertising is not realizable directly and chance to create negative impact if its not good.


From the above details and research method, the communication channels play a vital role for
every product. The Aqua sure has good communication channels. But when compared to major
competitors, Aqua sure should taken steps in communication channels as mentioned above. Each
communication channel have some different merits and limitations. So, the company should
choose correct channel for particular customers.

According to me, there is big competition to the Aqua sure. Because, Aquq guard is major
player. But the cost wise, more no of people can not buy. So, Aqua sure has good chance to
capture market.

Instead doing comparison in all advertisements, company can do advertisement about mention
the taste, technology, cost , mother brand image.

Aqua sure is one of the major players in water purifier market. It has good brand image in
market. If the company follows above communication channels, then it can capture the big
market when compared to other competitors like aqua guard and etc. each communication
channel has different merits and limitations. So the choose different tool for different place
according to the target audience. Communication is the important part for every product in the
market. It should tell about the product, features and creating awareness among the customers.
Instead of that, it should not create bad image in market. So the communication channel should
be understand by every one.


Marketing Management by Philip Kotler

Business research method by Naresh Malhotra

Big bazzar super center

It’s the tool to collect the data from the customers. Here, I designed the simple questionnaire
which consists of five questions as follows.

1. Are you aware about importance of drinking pure water?

Yes No.
2. Are you aware about the Aqua Sure?
Yes No
3. What come in your mind about the water purifier?
i. Its compulsory
ii. Its need depends on water source in home
iii. Not necessary
iv. Its not protect our health
v. No idea
1. What are the brands you know about water purifier?
i. Aqua sure
ii. Kent
iii. Aqua pure
iv. Aqua guard
v. No idea
1. Which product you prefer from above options?
2. How come to know above the product which one you answered in above question?