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thegazette ... hoping for a resolution since 1906


Across Canada, 13 student unions have started
the process to leave Canada’s largest student
lobbying group. Western’s graduate students are
the latest to circulate a petition. Now all sides
are waged in a campaign with the hopes of...

By Mike Hayes and
Stuart A. Thompson
Gazette Staff
The organization currently
known as CFS has a long history
stretching back to 1981. Since its
SOGS and the CFS
On Western’s campus, the question
of SOGS’ involvement with the CFS
beginnings, the organization has started back in September, when
On Western’s campus, two groups grown to encompass hundreds of former SOGS executive members
are waged in a tense debate about thousands of students across the Dan Dechene and Jonathan Meyer The Lobbying Relationship
the lobbying future for graduate country. circulated a petition hoping to ini-
students. tiate a membership referendum.
On one side, some students As it stands, the national branch Graduate students
have expressed dissatisfaction with
“A secondary aim of the of the CFS indicated they have at Western
the operations and lobbying efforts counter-petition is to received the petition from Western,

of the Canadian Federation of Stu- though representative David
$ $ $ $

Graduates pay student fees 
raise awareness about

to SOGS, of which $7.32
dents, of which Western’s Society of Molenhuis stressed the National
$ $$

per student goes to CFS

Graduate Students is a member. A the secret agenda of the Executive had yet to meet to review
petition to initiate a referendum on the petition.
continuing membership with the Conservative party At the same time as the original Society of
CFS was circulated earlier in Sep- activists who are lead- petition was being circulated, a Graduate Students sogs
$ $$

tember. separate petition, which involved

CFS supporters comprise the ing the attack on the current SOGS president Rick Telfer SOGS gives approximately
$ $$ $

$36,500 of student fees 

opposite side, including the presi- Federation.” and several other graduate stu- to pay CFS fees

dent of SOGS, Rick Telfer, who initi- dents, was passed around.
ated a counter-petition in October. —Rick Telfer, Telfer explained the second peti-
The dispute comes at a time president of the Society of tion aimed to accumulate concrete
when 12 other university student
unions across the country are
engaged in petition campaigns to
Graduate Students at Western

Such growth has not been
evidence of graduate students’
interest in remaining in a united
student movement.
The Canadian
Federation of Students CFS
address their membership with the without limitations and contro- He went on to outline further
CFS. versies. In the early 1990s, several aims of the petition. CFS drafts policy papers 
For the average student, this is a students’ unions departed from “A secondary aim of the counter- and government submissions
both provincially and nationally
perplexing debate to untangle. The the organization, creating the petition is to raise awareness about
CFS and its supporters attest to the Ontario Undergraduate Student the secret agenda of the Conserva-
organization’s diligent lobbying on Association and Canadian tive party activists who are leading
behalf of students and its various Alliance of Student Associations, the attack on the Federation,” Telfer
successes throughout almost three of which Western’s undergradu- said, adding another aim for the
decades, ranging from tuition ates are a part. petition would be to allow an The Government
freezes to initiatives on a range of Yet this year, in which 13 differ- opportunity for students to remove
social issues. ent students’ unions across Cana- themselves from the original peti-
Its opponents, as cited in arti- da have put forward petitions to ton since some claimed to have
cles from various other campus address their membership in CFS, been misled about its initiatives.
newspapers, have alleged there is stands as potentially a defining When questioned, Molenhuis
internal corruption within the moment in the history of Canada’s explained he was not aware of a
CFS, alongside a lack of trans- largest student lobbying organiza-
parency. tion. PLEASE SEE DEBATE P3
P2 ➤ news theGazette • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2009

“Miracle” required to avert strike
Students to be compensated for loss of service
By Meagan Kashty “He said the only way [the possi- students 100 per cent, whether it be
Gazette Staff bility of a strike] would change is if [through] giving them another kind
there were a miracle — and he of service, or [refunding it],” Rowe
Students will have to pull out their doesn’t believe in miracles,” Rowe noted. “Fifty-two cents will be
running shoes come Monday said. “It’s safe to say they will be much more effective going into the
morning. striking on Monday.” collective whole to help students, as
Amalgamated Transit Union During Wednesday’s USC meet- opposed to collecting the money
Local 741 has confirmed they will ing, Rowe and Dan Moulton, vice- individually.”
completely withdraw service, as of president university affairs, assured While some students agonize
Monday, Nov. 16. council they, in co-operation with over the potential walk to school on
Although the London Transit the University, are examining all Monday morning, others will be
Commission website noted they possible options for students. more adversely affected.
will continue to provide a safe, According to Rowe, the contract “The loss of public transit is dev-
secure and reasonably reliable ser- between the USC and the LTC astating to bachelor of education
vice, the outlook is bleak. states if service is withdrawn for students,” Vince Cifani, USC coun-
Emily Rowe, president of the more than 72 hours, the commis- cillor for the faculty of education,
University Students’ Council, met sion is required to refund 52 cents said. “Our elementary and sec-
with the union president yesterday to each student per business day. ondary school practicum have
morning to discuss the strike. “That money will go back to the begun and with placements
stretched as far as the farthest bus
route, we are left to our own devices
on how to get there.”
Cifani added attendance for
practicum is non-negotiable, and
an absence of three days will result
in an immediate fail.
Rowe mentioned the USC will
continue to meet with the Universi-
ty in order to determine the most
appropriate course of action to
serve students in the event of a
Concerned Londoners will meet
this afternoon between 3 and 6 p.m.
at Victoria Park to rally in support of
an agreement between the union
and LTC.
—With files from Shreya Tekriwal

Master of Management
MMPA & Professional Accounting
A portion of the article “Fear of retaliation
discouraging reports of hate crimes”
appearing in the Nov. 11 edition of the
• Designed primarily for non-business undergraduates
Gazette should have read as follows:
• For careers in Management, Finance and Accounting
• Extremely high co-op and permanent placement Michelle Boyce, president of Diversity
Training Live, echoed this sentiment. She
To learn more about the MMPA Program, attend our information sessions:
cited a London survey on LGBT health
7XHVGD\,1RYHPEHU , 20 11:00 am – 1:00 pm where 27 per cent of respondents had
Room , 0LFKDHO
V*DUGHQ, 6RPHUYLOOH+RXVH7KHUniversityRI:HVWHUQ2QWDULR been victims of hate crime. Of the victims,
)ULGD\, -DQXDU\, 20 11:00 am – 1:00 pm 78 per cent had not reported to police.
Room , 0LFKDHO
V*DUGHQ, 6RPHUYLOOH+RXVH7KHUniversityRI:HVWHUQ2QWDULR The Gazette regrets any confusion.

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theGazette • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2009 news ➤ P3

CFS: Debate gets political THE CFS DEBATE
In Their Own Words
“Our decision-making body is a
A Brief History CONTINUED FROM P1 minority.”
Surrounding the issue of the
campus conservative groups, have
led many to criticize the defedera-
democratic one and [member
unions] are able to change the
of Operational precedent for a counter-petition
like the one held at Western.
motions was a claim widely report-
ed by campus media, indicating the
tion movement as a partisan attack.
In a personal blog post, SOGS
structure of the Federation,
they’re able to change any of the
Successes “Within my knowledge of meet-
ings, I haven’t seen [a counter-peti-
national office of CFS had sent
“cease and desist” letters to CFS-
president Rick Telfer alluded that
the main supporters of the petition
bylaws or policies of the Federa-
tion to make them more accessi-
tion] transpire before so I would say Quebec. to create a referendum have strong ble […] We’ve done a lot of work
• 75,000-plus graduate stu- no, I’m not aware of that having Molenhuis explained there was Conservative party ties. to make sure that that happens.”
dents are members of the Fed- arisen either past or present. a misunderstanding on behalf of These views have drawn their —Dave Molenhuis,
eration’s National Graduate “With my knowledge of the CFS-Q with the whole issue. own criticisms from individuals CFS National Treasurer
Caucus bylaws […] it’s ultimately the dis- “[CFS bylaws] call for an election seeking to leave the Federation.
cretion of the National Executive to process that wasn’t adhered to [with One such group, comprised “I have had some recurring
• 2004: Ontario announces make whatever decision.” CFS-Q] and now there’s some indi- mainly of Concordia University stu- questions and criticisms of the
$6.2 billion increase in funding viduals who are alleging that they dents, created a public “Open Let- CFS that I’ve been dealing with
for post-secondary education Reforming the Federation represent the Quebec component ter from the Left,” in an attempt to for awhile, and it seemed like
over six years On Oct. 15, the Post-Graduate Stu- of the federation as spelled out by argue criticism of the Federation nobody was really articulating
dents’ Society at McGill University, [our bylaws],” Molenhuis said. does not necessarily require parti- just how frustrating it is dealing
• 2004 - 2006: Ontario tuition along with six other student unions “That’s not the case though, and san support. with an organization that sees
freeze resulting from the Vote released a 46-page reformation that’s why we’re in the situation Beisan Zubi, one of the signers of any voice of reform as a dissi-
Education campaign proposal, claiming there was a we’re in right now.” the letter and former chief electoral dent, aggressive posture that
“wave of dissent” against some CFS The reformation package officer at Concordia, explained her must be taken on immediately
• 2005: Federal budget amend- practices. arrived at CFS’ doorstep just days hope to see the organization change. and squashed in order to main-
ment allocated $1.5 billion for The package included 43 before Concordia’s student union “I am extremely progressive,” tain some sort of progressive,
tuition fee reductions motions to reform the organiza- submitted a petition to hold a ref- Zubi said. “I do not identify with any unified student movement.”
tion, such as releasing the salaries erendum assessing their member- Conservative party ideological slant —Beisan Zubi,
• 2005: Successfully lobbied of executives and separating the ship in the Federation. … I think it’s a diversionary tactic. former Concordia
the federal government to allow main body of CFS from CFS-Ser- According to Mahabadi, the two “Can we be critical of the stu- Chief Electoral Officer
international students to work vices, which operates discount cell movements are independent of dent movement?” she added. “Can
off-campus phone and travel businesses. each other. we ask about issues like trans- “To us I think the issue [of hold-
Ladan Mahabadi, the vice-pres- parency and accountability and ing referendums on continuing
• 2006: Launch of “Task Force ident of external and governmental Partisan Politics and open participation to every mem- membership] is not an ideolog-
on the Needs of Muslim Stu- affairs for the McGill PGSS, said the CFS Debate ber?” ical one as it’s been labelled.
dents” to gather the experiences each motion will be reviewed and Since the first rumblings of peti- Molenhuis expressed his regret Rather it’s an issue of justice and
and insights of Muslim students discussed separately by CFS. tions on various campuses began to at the idea of the debate surround- improving what is the student
on how to make campuses more “I’m glad to see the motions circulate in the early fall, there have ing the CFS being “hijacked” by movement in Canada on a level
inclusive and how to challenge were included in the annual gener- been accusations thrown back and partisan arguing. that has nothing to do with Con-
Islamophobia al meeting for consideration,” she forth by both those who would wish “I don’t like to see partisan poli- servatives, NDPs, Liberals, or
said of CFS’ reaction. to stay with the CFS and those hop- tics taking place,” Molenhuis said. any of these labels [...].”
• 2007: Launch of class- “But I’m also very disappointed ing to leave. “This is a student movement and —Gregory Johannson,
action lawsuit against Ontario in a response that was circulated by In many cases, supporters of the we should be working towards President of (now-defunct) CFS-Q
community colleges for col- the CFS to other local members and CFS have pointed to Conservative more accessible, affordable, high-
lecting prohibited fees, result- supporters that they called the party involvement with many quality post-secondary education “It’s the only national student
ing in tighter regulations of motions a series of false and mali- defederation movements. The web- at all times. organization in Canada that has,
university and college ancillary cious claims. That they labelled our site is a part of the “That’s the conversation I’m for years, tenaciously fought for
fees protocol reform as an internal matter is also Ontario Progressive Conservative interested in having — not levying ordinary students and their fami-
disappointing.” Campus Association. This fact, cou- accusations.” lies, and for a vision of post-sec-
• 2008: Federal government Geoff Bardwell, a PhD candidate pled with numerous reports in the — with files from Meagan Kashty, ondary education that guarantees
established a national system at Concordia and a former gradu- spring of this year regarding Con- Lauren Pelley and Cheryl Stone equality of access for all regardless
of need-based grants as a ate student at Western, said the stu- servative party involvement with of socioeconomic background,
result of the “Grants Not dent population at the university is and regardless of those other
Loans” campaign united against CFS. vicious social barriers that serve to

• Only student organization in
“The feeling here is not just with
graduate students, but with all stu-
more online at divide rather than unite us — like
homophobia, transphobia, sex-
Canada that is a coalition part- dents, not just limited to the uni- Find extended interviews ism, ableism, and racism. It’s cer-
ner with the Canadian Associa- versities,” he said via e-mail. “While Read the complete reform package tainly not a vision favoured by
tion of University Teachers there are some people here who View the CFS campaign victories Canada’s ruling elite.”
support the CFS, they are within the Join the conversation and read previous CFS articles —Blog post by Rick Telfer

1993 - 1995 -
1981 1992 1994
1995 2007 2008 2009

CFS forms Six student unions CFS membership Canadian Alliance of Over 20 new Two universities Thirteen universities
leave CFS and form the reaches 65 student Students Association student unions leave the CFS and hold petitions to
another student union: unions, invovling (CASA) is formed join CFS the University of leave the CFS
the Ontario Undergraduate 444,000 students Ottawa rejoins
Student Alliance (OUSA)

Western graduate Students at the SOGS president Rick Concordia University releases Students at Concordia
students begin University of Guelph Telfer begins circulating reform package, which was submit a petition to leave
circulating a petition begin petitioning pro-CFS petition supported by other Quebec the CFS with signatures
to leave the CFS to leave the CFS universities. from 13.7 per cent of students
late late early Oct. 15 Oct. 19
Sept. Sept. Oct.

The CFS ➤ A timeline in brief

puzzle solution from
page 6
P4 ➤ opinions theGazette • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2009

thegazette Volume 103, issue 41

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Ryan Hendrick Carly Conway Jaela Bernstien
Editor-In-Chief Deputy Editor Managing Editor

Editor -
Deputy -
Managing -
website at
University Community Centre Rm. 263
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, CANADA. N6A 3K7
Editorial Offices: (519) 661-3580
Advertising Dept.: (519) 661-3579

The Gazette is owned and published by the University Students’ Council.

Epidemic of
Emily Rowe is not seen around campus because she’s busy
— lobbying for you. The Gazette’s editorials are supposed an equivalent test at another time for
to be biased — they’re opinions. People wore poppies this
week because it was Remembrance Day— it’s an annual
Too few those students who have declared a con-
flict prior to the test in accordance with
Drama is
These facts should be common knowledge to the aver-
age “well-educated” Western student, but they’re not.
Remember policy as set by the department.”
This implies that a regularly sched-
uled class takes precedence over a test
back from
A skim through the Gazette’s opinions section or a
glance at everyone’s favourite Facebook group — “Over-
heard at UWO” — will reveal a quickly spreading disease
Re “Lest we forget — Western Remembers”
Nov. 11, 2009
or an exam for another course sched-
uled outside of regular class time, and
the instructor/department wishing to
the dead
at Western — ignorance. The fact that so few Canadians plan on hold the test must accommodate the Re: “Chekhov plays come to life in Con-
London is infamous for its Western Bubble — a phe- attending a remembrance ceremony is affected students as long as they have ron Hall,” Nov. 5 2009
nomenon causing students to lose touch with all aspects absolutely disgusting. declared the conflict.
of reality beyond the doors of Club Weldon and Tim Hor- Twenty per cent of Canadians? That’s I hope this helps clear some of Ms. To the editor:
ton’s lineups. it? Don’t the millions of men and women Beatty’s frustrations. I would like to correct a claim made in
While they might not admit it, campuses everywhere who have died, and continue to die, for —Peter Ko the article previewing the department of
are filled with uninformed students. our country deserve more than that? PhD candidate, Chemistry English’s annual fall production for 2009.
There’s no excuse for ignorance, especially with the They didn’t give up 20 per cent of The article commends the cast and
advancements of technology. University Students’ Coun- their life; they gave it all. They risk their crew for keeping the spirit of theatre
cil minutes can be read online at the click of a button; lives daily so that we may continue to be alive, “despite the lack of an official
events occurring overseas are updated and read live on
Twitter; our ability to send and receive information is
free, say what we want, do what we
want, wear what we want and be pro-
tected by our government.
Lessons in drama program.” While the department
of English abolished its drama program
more than 10 years ago, we have recent-
But if anything, people seem less informed than ever.
Tools like Facebook and Twitter are more apt to spread
misinformation than truth, with modern technology pro-
The very least they deserve is for all
Canadians to spend 20 minutes remem-
bering their enormous sacrifices. In the
bus etiquette ly introduced a number of ways by
which students can develop their inter-
ests in theatre. The cast and crew of the
viding a soapbox to anyone who has two marbles rolling time it takes to drink a coffee and read Re “Transit workers set Nov. 16 strike date” annual fall production have the option
around upstairs. Add people’s reluctance to research their the paper, millions of lives could be hon- Nov. 5, 2009 of counting their contribution on or
opinions together with the rapid speed of communication oured. Let’s hope this happens more in behind the stage as an academic credit.
and you have the perfect formula for an epidemic of igno- the years to come. To the editor: Further, students who participate in
rance. —Lauren Lessard By now, students are probably aware of the annual fall production may go on to
Part of the onus also falls on governments and associ- Medicine III the imminent strike looming over Lon- take two university-level half courses
ations who should be doing their best to reach out and don. By now, most bus riders have real- that the department of English offers in
inform constituents. That said, it’s also up to individuals ized that suddenly there is a little less partnership with the Stratford Shake-
to seek out knowledge and bring themselves up to speed room to breathe on the buses. speare Festival. These courses form the
on all issues — from student politics to bus strikes. Ulti-
mately the responsibility lies with both parties to spread
Answer for But by now, I would have expected
students to understand your bag on the
core of the new certificate in theatre arts,
which was approved by Senate earlier
truth and education. seat beside you means one less person this year and has already attracted con-
But why at an academic institution, where people are
supposedly pursuing enlightenment, is there such a
midterm can get to class on time.
Next week, we will have no bus service
siderable interest from students who are
looking toward a career in the dramatic
plague of misinformation? for who knows how long. In the mean- arts, or to count “drama” as a teachable
In actuality, students are no more ignorant than the
average citizen — they’re simply louder. They often make
woes time, however, it’s important to sacrifice
some of your personal bubble.
in their applications to B.Ed. programs.
The spirit of live theatre is indeed
the mistake of assuming that with a degree comes the Re: “Midterms cause more frustration” This includes moving all the way to the very much alive at Western, and the
need to share your opinion on all issues —informed or not. Nov. 5, 2009 back of the bus to let others squeeze on. It department of English will continue to
Take, for example, the general student attitude towards means taking off your bag and putting it foster it in the future.
the bus strike. Many are quick to criticize the City or the To the editor: on the floor so you’re not inadvertently —Christopher Keep
USC for not doing more to intervene — but how many of There is an alternative to having to skip knocking everyone over. Please don’t take Chair of undergraduate studies
those same people have actually contacted their council regularly scheduled lectures/labs/tutori- up three seats when you don’t need to. If Department of English
representative or ward councillor for more information? als for out-of-class midterms; here is an you want to sit in the aisle seat, wait for
There’s nothing wrong with being ignorant, after all, excerpt from the Academic and Scholar- someone to sit in the window seat first.
Don’t be fooled.
it’s impossible to be informed on every subject. ship Policy: We all met the academic require-
I still want more letters.
The problem arises when people publicly voice their “The department/faculty shall ensure ments for a university education, so why
uninformed opinions, or worse, criticisms. If you choose that all conflicts with previously sched- is it we lack common sense? Send your thoughts to
to live under the sheltered rock of academia — fine. But uled classes or tests are resolved, either —Erin Haertel
please keep it to yourself. by rescheduling the tests, or by offering Physics IV

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Colonial Elegance mixes multimedia and humour
Unorthodox exhibit shows “there’s nothing elegant about colonialism”
By Lauren Moore the artists’ message of breaking pre- also a cliché or an archetype of
Gazette Staff established conventions. “The pho- men’s work,” Dufrasne remarks.
tographic works you see are about The mixture of harsh and soft
Forest City Gallery is avoiding con- relationships, of friendship at many lighting in the exhibit generates a
vention with Colonial Elegance. different types of duals,” Dufrasne semi-theatrical experience. The
Created by Quebec artists, Carl explains. unique arrangement of the art-
Bouchard and Martin Dufrasne, the The themes that range from work ensures the spectator will
exhibit challenges paradigms of friendship to rivalry and lust are all be occupied throughout their
colonialism. They explore relation- presented with a comedic influence. entire visit.
ships by using a variety of materials “It’s always about consideration
and presentation forms, from pho- of the total experience. It’s almost
tographs to 3D pieces. cinematic,” Schiedel says.
“The show is called Colonial As one of the founding artist-run
Elegance, and everyone knows
that there is nothing elegant about
colonialism. They’re confronting
your view of the exotic,” Forest
It’s always about
of the
centres in Canada, Forest City
Gallery is constantly looking for
alternative approaches in its pre-
sentation of artwork.
City Gallery director Jason total experience. It’s “You get to do painting shows
Schiedel says. and sculpting shows, but installa-
Spectators are greeted by an
overwhelming number of featured
works upon entering the gallery.
almost cinematic.
— Jason Schiedel,

Forest City Gallery director
tion is a very different kind of
approach,” Schiedel says.
By featuring diverse Canadian
The display serves a distinct pur- artists, the gallery hopes to provide
pose — “Everything that you see unique artistic cultural perspec-
has been totally tailored. There’s not tives to the London community.
a surface here that hasn’t been con- “We wanted our work to be Colonial Elegance is an experi-
sidered,” he says. more humorous, to have a kind of ence — with coloured walls and
Scheidel praises the metamor- twist and to be more theatrical,” seemingly incoherent displays, For-
phosis accomplished by Bouchard Dufrasne says. est City Gallery fosters an environ-
and Dufrasne. The installation uses unortho- ment that allows viewers to explore
“They’ve been terrific guests, dox media. For example, a wood- issues of colonialism from an
completely transforming the en fence bound by gold chains in unusual perspective.
gallery into a different experience the middle of the gallery serves to Colonial Elegance will be on dis-
Gazette File Photo than we’ve ever had here before,” he conduct traffic as well as demon- play until Dec. 4 at Forest City
OPEN FOR INTERPRETATION. Quebec artists Carl Bouchard and Martin says. strate a feminine twist on colo- Gallery. The gallery is located at 258
Dufrasne transformed the Forest City Gallery into a space that explores Colonial Elegance heavily relies nialism. Richmond St. Hours are Tuesday-
themes of colonialism. on photographs to communicate “This material, this culture, it’s Saturday 12-5 p.m.

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knowledge in corporate
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including legal, governance,
regulatory and global
frameworks that impact
financial decision-making.”
Pauline Shum
Associate Professor of Finance
Director, Master of Finance Program

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Information Session
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A breadth and depth of content leading to multiple career options. November 17
Experience Schulich. 6:00 pm–7:30 pm
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Schulich Leads in Rankings The Schulich MBA is ranked in the world’s top tier of best business schools by The Wall Street Journal (#11 in the world in
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in Social and Environmental Leadership); and Expansión (#21 in the world) in their most recent global surveys. They also rank the Schulich MBA #1 in Canada.
P6 ➤ arts&entertainment theGazette • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2009


Student E
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Now Playing Nov 13 - 19
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Rated 14A
91 minutes


Gazette File Photo
University of Western Ontario, UCC, 2nd floor (McKellar Room) A MODERN DAY FAMILY. The Boys are Back, a touching film based on a true story, made its way to the Toron-
to International Film Festival. 519-661-3616

By Hailey DeDominicis In a departure from the traditional raising children after the untimely

Heart of Richmond Row Gazette Writer Hollywood blockbuster comes a
refreshing and realistic drama
passing of his wife, Katy. With a six-
year-old (McAnulty) and a teenager
inspired by the true story written by from a past marriage (MacKay), Joe
• 9 sylists
The Boys are Back Simon Carr. struggles with discipline and house
• colour specialists Directed by: Scott Hicks The Boys are Back tells the tale of chores — two foreign tasks to the
• Salon Starring: Clive Owen, Nicholas sportswriter Joe Warr (Owen) “away-on-business” father.
• Colour McAnulty, George MacKay caught in the uncharted territory of After Joe finds his son doing can-
• Unique Upscale Environment nonballs into a local motel’s bath-
tub, he is confronted with the ques-
• Hair Extensions
tion that changes their family
• Great Lengths Certified Masonville Place dynamic forever — “Can I do it

519-679-4505 again, Daddy? Can I?” The three
words “just say yes” become an

15% with UWO student ID
OFF Music Tees
Superhero Tees
integral part of daily life for the
Warrs, where balloon fights and
soccer in the house are daily occur-
After years of fast-paced action
630 Richmond St. movies, Owen falls comfortably
into the role of Joe and delivers a
Richmond Row heartwarming performance some
519-858-2355 WE WILL ROCK YOU! critics have called Oscar-worthy.

090911 However, six-year-old McAnulty
gave the A-lister a run for his

Make it your money, as he perfectly comple-
mented Owen. The newcomer was
charming on-screen as the ram-

lucky day! HOW TO PLAY
bunctious son.
The Boys are Back will take you
from deep belly laughs to heartfelt
Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 tears that will surely require an
through 9. Solving time is typically from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your skill and obscene amount of tissues — it’s
Four issues, thousands of experience. The Gazette publishes Sudoku puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty. not often a movie so candidly taps
readers, for $29.40 Frosh, Soph, Senior, Grad Student at your funny bone while also hit-
(based on 30 words) ting the emotional nail on its head.
Today’s difficulty level: GRAD Directed by Academy Award
Housing For solution, turn to page 3 nominee Hicks, the film has been
Call featured at the Toronto Interna-
1 BEDROOM AVAILABLE immediately in male or fe-
male occupied townhouses. 5 appliances, parking, 519-661-3274 or email tional Film Festival and London
laundry. Quiet, comfortable room. Call Brian at Film Festival. The Boys are Back is
519-495-9609 (cell).
5 ADMIRABLE BEDROOM home available May
now being screened in participat-
computer program at:

2010. $460 all-inclusive. Bus #2 every 5 minutes, 10
Services ing theatres on limited release, and
minute walk. Bedrooms accommodate double
bed.Dishwasher, laundry, parking, 519-380-0644, will show at London’s Hyland Cin-
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custom made electric guitars. Come in for a free qu-
For Solution, tips and

ote. Gilpin Guitars, call Robert Taylor 519-686-7895, The Boys are Back makes its
London debut today at Hyland Cin-
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theGazette • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2009 sports ➤ P7

Mustangs chase three-peat
By Arden Zwelling remaining in the game. The Mus- ground game this Saturday.
Gazette Staff tangs defence shouldered much “We have to be like our defence
of the blame for the last-second and not be predictable,” Marshall
Mustangs quarterback Michael defeat. said. “With our offence, I believe
Faulds and his Queen’s counter- “For most of the game our that we’re balanced and I think
part Dan Brannagan aren’t broth- defence played well,” Marshall that we can run the football if we NOW PLAYING
ers but their rivalry is almost sib- said of his team. “On that last need to and we can throw the
ling-like. drive we made some mistakes and football if we need to.” Rated 14A
“We have a mutual respect for gave them an easy score at the For Faulds and Brannagan, the
each other,” Faulds said. “We end. But for the most part I feel game will mean the end of a five-
always get pretty excited to play like our defence did a good job.” year rivalry.
each other — we’ve done that Faulds agreed with his coach, “We had a great game earlier
quite a bit over the past five asserting the responsibility lies on this year. It came down to the last
years.” his offence to capitalize on red drive and we’re expecting it to be Rated PG
The two QBs were neck and zone opportunities and score similar this game. It’s going to be a

neck for the Canadian Interuni- points. tough battle,” Faulds said. Thur, Nov. 19th
versity Sport all-time passing “Our defence took a lot of the
mark until the final week of the blame for that loss against
season when Faulds edged Bran- Queen’s the first time but there’s
nagan by 97 yards. A week prior so many points offensively that
Brannagan’s Gaels defeated the we left off the board,” he said.
Mustangs 27-26 in a game that “Our defence played really well
was considered by many to be an against Guelph and Laurier in the
instant classic. playoffs. They’re pretty eager to
Now, two days after Faulds was face Queen’s again.”
chosen as the Ontario University Nagging injuries to Faulds and
Athletics MVP over Brannagan, running back Nathan Riva could
the two will face off once again, in pose a challenge to the Mustangs
the 102nd playing of the Yates offence as they chase their third-
Cup this Saturday in Kingston. straight Yates Cup championship.
The two QBs have been on a Both players were visibly limping
collision course all season with in the Mustangs semifinal victory
this Saturday bringing an end to a over Laurier last Saturday.
university career for one of them. “[My knee] is hanging in there.
For Mustangs head coach Greg Only three more weeks — that’s all
Marshall, there is no debate about that matters,” Faulds said of his
who’s had a better run. injury. “At this time of year when
“Michael Faulds will play in his you’re playing in the playoffs,
fourth Yates Cup this Saturday everyone is banged up. It’s just a
and it probably would have been matter of how you fight through it
five if he hadn’t broken his hand and how you can deal with it.”
in his second season,” Marshall Marshall downplayed Riva’s
explained. “No knock to Branna- injuries, saying reports that Riva
gan, but this is his first Yates Cup.” was playing hurt have been exag-
The Mustangs will need more gerated. The sophomore back has
than just consistent play behind paced the Mustang offence
centre to beat Queen’s on Satur- throughout the post-season,
day. The last time these two teams putting up 450 rushing yards in
met, the Gaels escaped with a the Mustangs two playoff games.
one-point victory on a Blaise Mor- However, Marshall said he would
rison touchdown with 13 seconds not be relying too heavily on his


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Sultans of Swing 6 1 0 0 93 26 12 WISA Warriors 2 3 0 0 8 6 4 Phys/pharm United 2 3 0 0 10 6 4 OUTDOOR SOCCER, WOMENS COMP
sports editors during the The Duuuicks 5 1 0 0 75 28 10 Hot Tamales 2 3 0 0 7 10 4 PASA 1 4 0 0 4 20 2
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Im prove yourresum esby having
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Sundays - 4:00 - 11:00pm S2 - Team 1 1 4 0 1 3 16 2
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Sports ON DECK:
Yates Cup coverage... Tuesday

Turkiewicz snipes the Pipe
By Grace Davis way, so we know it’s not going to be What does the team normally do to
Gazette Staff a shoe-in to get to nationals again. stay entertained?
In terms of style of play, what will At restaurants we’ll play little
After scoring three goals in men’s Western be known for? games like sneaking around the
hockey’s weekend sweep against It’s got to be offence. We have a tables and putting butter or condi-
York and Waterloo, right-winger lot of guys that can put the puck in ments on someone’s shoe to keep
Keaton Turkiewicz snatched this the net; even our defence is going the guys on their toes. We usually go
week’s Purple Pipe for his outstand- to be putting up numbers. We’re after the new guys on the team. We’ll
ing play. After an impressive playoff going to be a wide-open team, always get a couple of laughs but
performance in his first year at moving the puck and using our nothing too harmful happens. When
Western last season, Turkiewicz, a speed to play smart hockey. we went to nationals last year, guys
former OHL player, has seven goals What was it like playing in the [who] left their rooms open might’ve
and four assists this season. OHL? gotten their beds flipped apart.
Turkiewicz took some time to sit It was awesome. I started up in When you go out, are you normally
down with the Gazette to discuss Sudbury then got traded to the west the wingman or the pilot, and what
offence, the Memorial Cup and [division] in Windsor then went is your best pickup line/strategy?
keeping things loose with the team. east to Belleville, so I was all over Neither right now because I
and met a bunch of awesome guys have a girlfriend. I’m not really one
How long have you been playing along the way. In the last year, we for pickup lines but I guess I would
hockey and why did you start? made it to the Memorial Cup. We just scout out the situation and play
I’ve been playing since I was had an awesome team that year. it from there. Maybe try to get them
four or five. My dad got me into it; Which NHL player do you respect out on the dance floor and loosen
he played professional hockey, and the most and why? up the shoulders.
growing up in Brantford, hockey My favourite player is probably Who’s the clown on the team?
was always around. Wendel Clark. I’ve always been a We have a bunch of funny guys
What can we expect to see from the Leafs fan, and he was a captain in their own ways. Our captain, Luc
team this year? there. He put the puck in the net Martin, is pretty funny. He’s always
We have a lot of returning guys. and he fought and he was just a trying to throw out clever one-lin-
Losing in the national final game tough guy. He just had a big heart ers that sometimes are, sometimes
was probably the hardest thing our and I admire that. aren’t — but he’s pretty good. Kyle
team had to go through, and we Favourite hockey memory? Lamb is always pretty good for a
knew we would have a lot of work Definitely scoring the overtime story. He’s always got something up
to do. We know how hard it was in goal in the Memorial Cup in Kitch- his sleeve. Whether the stories are
the playoffs. We had a couple of big ener two years ago. true or not, I don’t know, but he’s
wins but it could’ve gone either The hockey team travels quite a bit. always got something to say. Laura Barclay/Gazette

The University of Ottawa:
among Canada’s Top 10
research universities.*
Collaborating with some of the country’s top minds
in the heart of the nation’s capital.

It starts here »
*Source : RE$EARCH Infosource Inc.

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