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1) Gerund, infinitive and present participle Put the verbs in brackets into the correct forms.

Note that
sometimes an infinitive without to will be required.
1.- 'I was lonely at first,' the old man admitted, 'but after a time I got used to (live) alone and even got (like) it.'
2.- Before trains were invented eole used (travel) on horseba!k or in stage !oa!hes. It used (take) a stage !oa!h
three days (go) from "ondon to Bath.
#.- I meant (buy) an evening aer but I didn't see anyone (sell) them.
$.- %om& I want (!at!h) the ' a.m. train tomorrow. (nn& But that means (get) u at ).**+ and you're not very good at
(get) u early, are you,
-.- .e a!!eted the !ut in salary without !omlaint be!ause he was afraid (!omlain). .e was afraid of (lose) his /ob.
).- 0he remembers art of her !hildhood 1uite !learly. 0he remembers (go) to s!hool for the first time and (be)
frightened and (ut) her finger in her mouth. (nd she remembers her tea!her (tell) her (take) it out.
'.- 2id you remember (lo!k) the !ar, - 3o, I didn't. I'd better (go) ba!k and (do) it now.
4.- 3o, I didn't move the bomb. I was afraid (tou!h) it+ I was afraid of (be) blown to ie!es5
6.- 3e7t time we go (house-hunt), remember (ask) the agent for !lear dire!tions. I wasted hours (look) for the last
1*.- %om& "et's (go) for a swim. (nn& I'm not arti!ularly keen on (swim). 8hat about (go) for a drive instead,
11.- %he hunters e7e!ted (be aid) by the foot for the snakes they !aught. %his meant (take) the snakes out of the
sa!k and (measure) them. %hey seemed (e7e!t) me (do) it+ but I wasn't arti!ularly an7ious (be) the first (die) of
12.- (fter (send) two days (argue) where to go for their holidays, they de!ided (not go) anywhere. 1#.- .e is talking
about (give) u his /ob and (go) (live) in the !ountry.
1$.- I was /ust about (leave) the offi!e when the hone rang. It was my wife+ she wanted me (!all) at the but!her's on
my way home.
1-.- .e said, 'I'm terribly sorry to (kee) you (wait).' I said, 'It doesn't matter at all,' but he went on (aologi9e) for
nearly five minutes5
1).- %he le!turer began by (tell) us where the island was, and went on (talk) about its history.
1'.- :y father thinks I am not !aable of (earn) my own living, but I mean (show) him that he is wrong.
14.- %om& I !an't get my !ar (start) on !old mornings. ;a!k& .ave you tried (fill) the radiator with hot water, %hat
sometimes hels.
16.- 2id he manage (!arry) the trunk ustairs, - 3o, he didn't. .e isn't strong enough (move) it, let alone (!arry) it
2*.- ;a!k& 2on't forget (take) a ha!ksaw with you. (nn& 8hat's a ha!ksaw, (nd why should I (take) one with me,
;a!k& It's a tool for (!ut) metal. <ou see, %om is bound (get) into trouble for (take) hotograhs of the wrong things,
and you'll be arrested with him. 8ith a ha!ksaw you'll be able (saw) through the bars of your !ell and (es!ae).
21.- =eter& 8ouldn't it be better (ask) %om (leave) his !amera at home, ;a!k& It would be no good (ask) %om (do) that.
It would be like (ask) a woman (travel) without a handbag.
22.- I've got the loaf+ now I'm looking for a breadknife (!ut) it with.- I saw =aul (sharen) a en!il with the
breadknife a minute ago.
2#.- 8e stoed on!e (buy) etrol and then we stoed again (ask) someone the way.
2$.- 8hen I !aught them (!heat) me, I de!ided (not trust) them again.
2-.- 2o you feel like (dine) out or would you rather (have) dinner at home, - I'd like (go) out. I always en/oy (have)
dinner in a restaurant.
2).- <our hair needs (!ut). <ou'd better (have) it done tomorrow -unless you'd like me (have) a go at it for you.
2'.- I tried (!onvin!e) him that I was erfe!tly !aable of (manage) on my own, but he insisted on (hel) me.
24.- ;a!k& I don't mind (travel) by bus, but I hate (stand) in 1ueues. %om& I don't !are for (1ueue) either+ and you
wasted so mu!h time (wait) for buses. I think it's better (go) by tube or ta7i.
26.- .e took to (follow) me about and (!riti!i9e) my work till I threatened (hit) him.
#*.- I have (stay) here+ I'm on duty. But you needn't (wait)+