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Before the existence of OGDCL, exploration activities were carried out under the label of Pakistan
Petroleum Ltd (PPL and Pakistan Oilfields Ltd (POL! "n #$%&, PPL discovered a 'iant 'as field at
(ui in Balochistan! )his discover* 'enerated massive interest in exploration and five ma+or forei'n
oil companies entered into concession a'reements with the Government! Durin' the #$%,s, these
companies carried out widespread 'eolo'ical and 'eoph*sical surve*s and drilled -. explorator*
wells! /s a result, a few small 'as fields were discovered! Despite these 'as discoveries,
exploration activit* after havin' reached its peak in mid0#$%,s, declined in the latefifties! Private
Companies whose main ob+ective was to earn profit were not interested in developin' the
'as discoveries especiall* when infrastructure and demand for 'as was non0existent! 1ithexplorat
ion activit* at its lowest ebb several forei'n exploration contractin' companies terminatedtheir
operation and reduced land holdin's in #$2#!
)he se3uence of the presentation is as follows40
#! 5ecruitment and (election
&! (ociali6ation and Orientation
7! )rainin'
-! Development and promotion
%! Performance appraisal s*stem
2! 5ewards and compensation
.! Collective bar'ainin' and safet* measures
8! /nal*sis
$! 5ecommendation
#,! Conclusion
1. Foundtion o! OGDCL
On ,- 9arch #$2#, the Government of Pakistan si'ned a lon'0 term loan a'reement with the
:((5, where b* Pakistan received &. million to finance the e3uipment and services of (oviet
experts for exploration! (ubse3uentl*, OGDCL was created under an Ordinance dated &,th
(eptember #$2# and was char'ed with prime responsibilit* to undertake a well thou'ht out and
s*stematic explorator* pro'rams and to plan and promote Pakistan;s oil and 'as prospects! /s an
instrument of polic* in the oil and 'as sector, the Corporation followed the Government
instructions in matters of exploration and development! )he da* to da* mana'ement was
however, vested in a five0member Board of Directors appointed b* the Government! "n the initial
sta'es the financial resources were arran'ed b* the GOP as the OGDCL lacked the wa*s and
means to raise the risk capital! )he first #, to #% *ears were devoted to development of manpower
and buildin' of infrastructure to undertake much lar'er exploration pro'rammes! Later, in <ul*
#$8$, as the compan* pro'ressed as a result of ma+or oil and 'as discoveries, the Government
off0loaded the Compan* from the =ederal Bud'et and allowed it to mana'e its activities with self
'enerated funds! )he *ear #$8$0$, was the compan*;s first *ear of self0financin'! )oda*, OGDCL
is the lar'est >xploration and Production Compan* in Pakistan, listed on all three exchan'es of
the countr* as well as the London (tock >xchan'e!

". Hu#n Re$ource De%rt#ent
?uman r esour ce depar t ment of OGDCL i s one of t he mai n depar t ment s of
t he OGDCL! ?uman 5esource Deportment at OGDCL is bein' reor'ani6ed to mana'e people
and develop their skills for meetin' Compan*@s re3uirements! Bein' the lar'est exploration and
production Compan*, OGDCL seems to be an attractive compan* for talented and motivated
people in which hi'h levels of personal and compan*@s performance are reco'ni6ed and
rewarded! ?uman 5esource Department seems to ensure development of world class workforce,
as per OGDCL@s mission statement, tar'et based workin' and performance based reward s*stem
has been evolved!
".1 Function$ o! HR De%rt#ent
)he Compan* is focusin' on the human resource department, as it aims to motivate its
emplo*eesthrou'h proper placement, emplo*ee reco'nition, effective appraisals,
empowerment, and communication and promotin' emplo*ees skill
development pro'rams! Aarious human resource polices are bein' reviewed and rationali6ed b*
takin' into account the industr* norms to brin' about an effective chan'e in order to meet the
challen'es of hi'hl* competitive business environment! "t helps to understand and evaluate the
different and sometimes ambi'uous views of human resource mana'ement b* investi'atin' its
ori'ins, explanator* models, technolo'* and practice!
"." Nu#&er o! e#%'o(ee$ in HR De%rt#ent

"n OGDCl , ?5 Department consi sts of number of emplo*ees under di fferent +ob ti tles!
)here are round about #7 officers and $. total staff, as well as there are also data processin'
officers! Detailed description is 'iven below40
No of employees in OGDCL
M-1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1
EG IX 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 !
EG "III ! # 0 1 11 0 0 0 0 $
EG "II # #% & 1 % 11 1 1 0 &0
EG "I 1 10 1' 1# #1 #1 10 ! ( 1$(
EG " 1$ 11& #& !$ '( ' 11 10 ( %!
EG I" ' 10$ $ #& &( #! & 1! & &
EG III ' 1%' (% !& 10# ' $ % # #(&
EG II 0! 1% #$ (& #' % ' # ##'
EG I 1( 1# ' !% %( 1' % # (
TRAINEES1 &$ 1# 0 ## 1( 11 ' & 1(!
TOTAL 143 95 !5 5 45" !5 #3 55 3! 19!5
1& 1&# !$ 1! &# 1 ( ('
1( 10& 1 ( #% 0 0 0 ( 1%0
1! 0 (# (' 10$ 1&% (' % & 1# (0!
1# 0 ! 0 1 0 0 0 %
1 1( &# ($ &0 11$ 11# 1! ( #1 $0
11 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
10 ! 1!' ! (& '0 #! & 1 '&
$ # !( !( &% 11 %$ 0 1 &(#
' ( 1&! #( $( 1#0 #0 11 $ #(1
% 0 $# 11 1& % ( ' 0 # 1#&
& # &%0 $! 1&& &0 10 (0
% 1%
( 0 $$ 1$ $ ' # ( 0 1# 1&'
! 0 &! ' %$ 10% #0 &# 0 1% !'1
# 0 1$' #$ #1 %0 ( $ & #(0
0 #! %0 0 $0 !1 1' 1 1! %$'
1 0 1#$ 10# %0( '0' 1#& (&& !( $!$
TRAINEE& % 1 # ' ' 0 1 (#
TOTAL 4! 4954 #49 1#54 3!3 "" 91" 3! 3 9194
). Recruit#ent nd $e'ection 5ecruitment process in OGDCL is conducted
under the recrui tment section, which 'enerates pool of potenti al candidates and acts
as a real base to provi de facil ities of selection of new and old emplo*ees!

).1 Recruit#ent nd $e'ection %o'icie$
"t is the compan*@s polic* to implement an appropriate recruitment s*stem base on careful
determination of the re3uired competencies and ob+ectives b* impl*in' effective search and
selection methods alon' with the efficient means of communication with potential candidates! "t is
the polic* of the compan* that, whenever possible, posi ti ons should be fill ed throu'h
internal +ob postin' and promotions! /l l departments@ heads (>Ds, G9s, 9ana'ers are to
full * parti cipate and contribute to the
hi rin' pr ocess of t hei r r espect i ve mana'ement st af f i n col l abor at i on wi t h ?5
Depar t ment ! )he hi r i n' processBprocedures shall be specified b* the ?5 Department! /ll
department heads are responsible for makin' respective description and +ob
speci fi cation in collaboration with ?5 Department, for the purpose of allowin' ?r to set annual
hirin' plan! /l l r ecr ui t ment ( di r ect or t hr ou'h ser vi ces cont r act or s shal l be
done t hr ou'h human r esour ce department in compli ance wi th the compan*@ s lai d
down procedures and standards, no indi vi dual shal l conduct recrui tment or hiri n'
activit* wi thout the speci fi c knowl ed'e and involvement of >D human resources!
Candidates wil l be selected on the basi s of appli cable recruitment tests (for entr* level
positionsonl * , 3ual i f i cat i on, exper i ences, abi l i t *, i nt er est , apt i t ude and adop
t abi l i t * t o t he speci f i c + obrecruitments, as alread* defined in the respective position
description! )he salar* offered wil l be withi n approved salar* poli c* 'uideline of the
)." Function$ o! Recruit#ent Section
5ecruitment section basicall* performs the followin' functions
1henever an* department in OGDCL seems to re3uire
new emplo*ee, it informs the ?5 Department to hire new emplo*ee for that! )hen ?5 Department
anal*6es the real situation, whether there is real need of new emplo*ee or not! ?5 Department
adverti6e the vacant position in the news paper and in the media to 'enerate the pool of
potential candi dates and throu'h the recruitment process hi re the new emplo*ee for
the specific re3uired department! (ame as mentioned above when ever an* department feels
the need of emplo*ee for the hire position, it informs the ?5 Department! On the behalf of that
department ?5 Department recruit the emplo*ee b* 'eneratin' the pool of potential candidates!
1henever there is pool of potential candidates, to select the most appropriate candidate for the
vacant position, ?5 Department conducts examination, interview and short list the availableapplic
).) Prctice$ o! recruit#ent
/fter circulation to ever* department the* anal*6e that how man* emplo*ees perform their duties
and how man* are re3uired and the* take a deficienc* with the scale !/fter the completion of
circulation or surve* the* take the official approval from chairman and 'ive adverti sement
throu'h public relation department of the most re3ui red vacancies! )he sources
of advertisements used b* ?5 department are news papers, media and internet! )he recruitment
procedure of the OGDCL is mostl* related with C(( of Pakistan !i!e! as under40
Pun+ab %,C
(indh 5ural ##!-C
(indh :rban .!2C
D*ber Pakhtun khwan ##!%C
Baluchistan 7!%C
=/)/ - C
/<D &C
9erit #,C
/fter the advertisement, the* receive application from all over Pakistan and conducts written
examination! )his examination is held in those departments, where the candidate want to +oin and
that department send the resul t to recruitment section! OGDCl al so hi re the external
a'enci es, whi ch provide facilities of conductin' examination of applicants! )he selection
procedure is recentl* shortl* chan'ed and is as under40
1ritten )est -,C wei'hta'e
>xperience 7,C wei'hta'e
/cademic Eualification 7,C wei'hta'e
)he time for a written test is usuall* one hour! )hose candidates who 3ualified the test are then
sent a call for interview! "nterviews are used to anal*6e the coura'e, boldness, communication
skill, convincin' power and also his dealin' with other people!
).* Recruit#ent t(%e$
a! 5e'ular emplo*ees
b! Contract Basis emplo*ees
c! )rainees F (pecial )rainees
d! ?irin' throu'h Contractor
e! Classified appointment!
).+ Se'ection Prctice$
(election process in OGDCL starts with preliminar* interview of the applicant who 3ualified the
test! Dependin' upon the posi tion, preliminar* interviews board is formed, who
conduct the preliminar* interview! /n applicant@s knowled'e, skills and attitude is +ud'ed on the
basis of >ducation (academic and Professional, Previous experience, /pplicable tests (for entr*
level position onl*, "nterviews 5eferences!
)he results of the candidates interviewed are compiled in the order of merit!
/fter conductin'the preliminar* interview, the successful candidates are preceded for the selectio
n interviews, conducted b* selection board! )his selection board is formed while considerin'
the positions re3uired! /fter selection interview, the successful candidates are re3uired for pre0
empl o*ment medical exami nation arran'ed b* the ?5 department! "n thi s wa* ?5
department completes the selection process and formulates the +ob offer! <ob offer or
appointment letter is deli vered to the successful candidates! )his letter clearl* spells out the
terms and the conditions of emplo*ment and t he benef i t s appl i cabl e t o t he posi t i on! /l l
mana'ement posi t i on of f er l et t er s ar e si 'ned b* >D(executive director ?5,
whi le >xecuti ve Director@s posi ti on letters are si 'ned b* the chairman and C>O! 1hen
there is no sui table replacement available wi thin the compan* and when all sources
has been utili6ed with no results to fill the vacanc* with hi'hl* potential candidate, then compan*
rehire an ex0emplo*ee on merit! =or t he r e3ui r ement of cer t ai n posi t i on t he
compan* r e0 en'a'ed t he r et i r ed empl o*ees who ar e be*ond the a'e of 2,, after
mutuall* a'reed terms and conditions! " n or der t o keep t he t r ack of at t r i t i on, t o know
t he r easons l eavi n' + ob and t o col l ect t he f eedback of leavin' emplo*ee, the exit
interview is conducted b* the ?5 Department! )his is also done in order to r educe empl o*ee
t ur nover , because 'r eat er t he empl o*ee t ur nover , 'r eat er wi l l be t he cost
of emplo*ment! /l l these practices seem to be ali'ned wi th above menti oned poli cies
*. Soci'i,tion nd Orienttion
Gew environment, different work activities, a new boss, different and mostl* new 'roup of co0
workers certainl* re3uires the process of (ociali6ation and orientation for the new emplo*ee!
*.1 Po'ic(
/l l newl * inducted emplo*ees shal l under'o a comprehensive orientati on pro'ram of u
p to one week duration comprisin' of class room presentation on all professional
and or'ani6ational aspects b* the various department heads or their
nominees, alon' with field visits( "f an*!
*." Soci'i,tion
(ociali6ation starts with the move form an outsider to bein' an insider after the +ob offer letter in
the OGDCL! ?5 Department takes special attention to put the new emplo*ees at ease, because
loneliness and a feelin' of isolation are not usual for new emplo*ee! "t removes the anxiet* of
emplo*ee and helps him to improve stron' commitment of new emplo*ee with their or'ani6ation!
*.) Orienttion
"n the OGDCL all the new emplo*ees under'o the comprehensive orientation process! "t usuall*
with the arrival of new emplo*ee in OGDCL and continue for the time period of not more than one
week! "t compri ses of class room presentation on all professi onal and or'ani 6ational
aspects b* vari ous department heads or their nominee and field vi si ts to the related
fields, i f necessar*! )hrou'h in the orientation process new emplo*ees are introduced to
their +ob, to their collea'ues, co0workers, peers, and bosses! "n short thi s process provi des
the information about envi ronment of the field and the or'ani6ation where new emplo*ee
has to work!
+. Trinin-
/ll emplo*ees (re'ular and contract are provided the opportunit* of trainin' to accord e3ual
opportunities for professional development and to ensure effective mana'ement! "t seems that
need of +ob redesi'n and technolo'ical breakthrou'h in OGDCL re3uire trainin' of emplo*ees!
+.1 Trinin- %o'icie$
/ll matters concernin' forei'nBlocal trainin'sBattachments, conferences will be dealt with directl*
with the ?5D (human resource department! )he ?5D department trainin' coordinators
shall work wi th Department ?ead and final i6e a list of well reputed trainin' sources both
local and forei'n in all disciplines of or'ani6ational development! )he vendors shall then
be pre3ualified b* the ?5 Department! )he ?5D department trainin' coordinator, in
vendors shall make a di sci pline wise local Bforei 'n trainin' calendar coverin' the
professional and the or'ani6ation development aspects throu'h a )G/(trainin' need
assessment! )he same shall be emailed to each department head b* <ul * #%th
each *ear! "n case of forei'n pro'ram, the ?5D department trainin' coordinators are to ensure
that proper lead time is forecasted for processin', keepin' in view the visaBtravel arran'ements!
)he respective department head would be re3ui red to forward names wi th number of
officersBstaff that 3ualif* the prescribed trainin' benchmarks within the announced deadlines,
thou'h an email to the ?5D Department! )he ?5D Department trainin' coordinators shall carr*
out due dili'ent, process the received names as per the prescribed parameters, 'et the
re3ui red approval s and prepare the 3ualif*i n' list!
+." Prctice$ o! trinin-$ in OGDCL
)o implement its policies OGDCL use the followin' practices4
+.".1 OGTI
OGDCL has well build trainin' institution to conduct the trainin' of its emplo*ees! )he trainin'
institute consists of OGDCL local instructors, outside local instructor (in case of absence of
OGDCL instructor and forei'n instructor! )hese instructors provide the services of trainin' the
emplo*ees!)he* train the emplo*ees appointed b* ?5 department and follow the relevant policies
whichultimatel* leads to or'ani6ational development! Present emplo*ees are also sent to forei'n
for trainin' as per polic*! OG)" provide the facilit* of sendin' emplo*ees to forei'n for enhancin'n
ew skills, abilities and knowled'e b* +oinin' trainin' sections!
+."." Loc' trinin- %ro-r#$
Local trainin' pro'rams are mostl* on 'oin' +ob trainin' provided b* the local trainers on the fields
of OGDCL! 9ostl* these t*pes of trainees are assi'ned +ob of trainin' b* the OGDCL!
+.".) Leder$.i% trinin- %ro-r#
Leadership trainin' pro'rams are mostl* for the leaders within the or'ani6ation! )his t*pe of
trainin' is conducted b* hi'hl * professional trainee from home countr* or from forei'n
expert assi'ned b* OGDCL! )his leads to overall or'ani6ational development as cited in the
+.".) Ad/nce #n-e#ent %ro-r#
/dvance mana'ement trainin' pro'rams are desi'ned for hi'her level mana'ement! "n these
t*pes of trainin' hi'hl* expert trainees conduct proper trainin' sections for the emplo*ees!
+.".* Con!erence$
Conferences are held in OGDCL on re'ular basis b* GD)"! )hese conferences not onl* enhance
the real knowl ed'e about the expl orati on and producti on but al so present the true
pi cture of the real workin' scenario!
"n addition +ob rotati on, seminars, lecturesH committee assi 'nments are al so used for
0. De/e'o%#ent nd Pro#otion
0.1 Creer %'nnin- nd de/e'o%#ent
Career planni n' is basi call * career orientati on and career development! Career
plannin' section is under the control of ?5 mana'er! "t informs the emplo*ees of
OGDCL about thei r future planni n' i!e! the* prescribed to the emplo*ees their operational set
up! "t informs the emplo*ees that what the* will do after % *ears /nd #, *ears! Promotion is main
source of career plannin' here! )he elaboration is as under40

0.1.1 Pro#otion$ Pro#otion %o'icie$
Promotion is the mixture of both merit and seniorit* in OGDCL! )he compan* reserves its ri'hts to
promote or not to promote an* functionar*, with in the specified 'uidelines, ?5 department shall
prepare and finali6e a list of all emplo*ees who are eli'ible for promotions alon' with options, b*
end of <une each *ear the same shal l be communicated to respecti ve department@ s
heads for consents, review remarks! :nder mentioned criteria shall be adhered to for processin'
of all promotion cases! /l l promotions woul d henceforth be on the basi s of meri t! /ll
eli 'ible emplo*ees at the time of submission of promotion proposals should be considered
and the emplo*ees securin' hi'hest points would be promoted sub+ect to availabilit* of vacancies!
/l l positions are too benchmarked accordi n' to the educational 3ualification, number of
of relevant experiment and trainin'sBcertification, re3uired to efficientl* carr* out that particular fun
ction, minimumBmaximum level that could be attained in that position, cross functional roles,
care path etc! /n emplo*ee to become eli'ible for promotion must ph*sicall* complete two *ears
services in the 'rade for promotion up to >G0A" and three *ears for promotion to >G0A"" and
exceptions can be when hire vacanc* to be filled internall* and available emplo*ees is of
IOutstandin'J profile! /ll promotions will be linked with the future or'ani6ational development
needs of the compan*! )here is no maximum limit of the services in one 'rade! )he emplo*ees
who are superseded twice for the promoti on to the next 'rade wi ll be considered to
have been permanentl * superseded! ?owever, thei r annual increment shall conti nue
to be linked to their respective performance ratin' up to maximum of that level onl*! )heir len'th
of services shall be determined b* the number of the *ears benchmarked for that position! =or
contractual emplo*ees two consecutive below avera'e ratin's, no contract extension shall be
made after due dili'ence b* ?5
0.1.1." Pro#otion %rctice$
=or 'ivin' promotion to an emplo*ee its performance and relevant work experience is considered!
Promotion Criteria in OGDCL for officers was adopted in #$$-! "ts main components are4
/C5 2,C
Eualifications #%C
)echnical Publications %C
5elevant >xperience &,C
(eniorit* come fitness is the 'uidin' principal in promotions! )he promotion cases of (taff are
evaluated as per Promotion Criteria of #$$# its hi'hli'hts are4
/C5s &%C
Eualifications #%C
(eniorit* %C
>xperience #%C
>valuations -,C
0.1.1.) I#%ortnt !ctor$ !or %ro#otion
)here are man* factors affectin' the promotion in OGDCL, such as experience for the post, number of the
*ears in the vacanc*, seniorit*, performance (/C5BP>5 (*nopsis or 3ualification prescribed 3ualification,
re3uisite present executive 'roup and finall* disciplinar* profile! 1hile promotin' an* emplo*ee, above
factors are kept at the most priorit* to have a close look of them!
0." Or-ni,tion' De/e'o%#ent
"n OGDCL +ust like an* other or'ani6ation, or'ani6ation is developed when its missionar*
ob+ectives are met! )o achi eve missionar* ob+ ecti ves 'oal s are set up wi thin
the or'ani6ation! )o achieve the 'oals
certain strate'ies are formulated and finall* strate'ies re3uire actions and tasks to be
implemented in the form of pro+ect!
0.) Mn-e#ent De/e'o%#ent
9ana'ement devel opment is linked with career devel opment! 9ana'ement
development i s done in order to enhance the effective decision makin', better workin'
mana'ement and to develop the sense of responsibilit*! )he techni3ues the OGDCL practices for
the career development are promotion of empl o*ees t o hi 'her l evel s
and + ob r ot at i on of t he empl o*ees t o var i ous posi t i ons i n di f f er ent departments!
)he* provi de emplo*ees exposure to envi ronment, which leads to the enhancement
skills, abilities and knowled'e!
1. Per!or#nce A%%ri$' S($te#
Performance review helps supervisors feel more honest in their relationship with their
and feel better about themselves in their supervisor* roles! (ubordinates are assured clear unders
tandin' of what is expected from them, their own personal stren'ths and areas for development
and a solid sense of their relationship with their supervisor! /voidin' performance issues
ultimatel* decrease morale, credibilit* of mana'ement, the or'ani6ations overall effectiveness and
wastes more of mana'ement@s time to do what isn@t bein' done properl*!

1.1 Per!or#nce %%ri$' %o'icie$
/ppraisals based on bal ance score card model takin' in facts the emplo*ees
professional output as well as personal traits that ma* affects his performance! /l l compan*
emplo*ee wi ll be appraised at the time of completion of trial (period wil l be of si x
months as per the recruitment poli c*! "n case of sati sfactor* performance thei r
servi ces wil l be confirmed, and confi rmation letter wil l be issued b* the human
resource department! /t the time of the confi rmation, mana'ementB ?5 ma* consider
salar* ad+ ustment! "n case of :G sati sfactor* performance, Probationar* period ma* be
extended for further periods of three to si x months !/ppraisal will be
done once ever* *ear durin' the period <ul*0au'ust on the prescribed appraisal form from
emplo*ees in mana'ement 'rades!
1." Prctice$
)he scorin' s*stem is havin' a ma+or impact on effective performance appraisals! )he accurac*
and reliabilit* of an* scorin' s*stem increases wi th full descriptions or defini tions and
stil l better wi th examples for each score band! )his 'ives ever*one the same ob+ective scientific
reference points, and reduces sub+ectivit*! /ll the departments at OGDCL are enforced to follow
followin' performance ratin'
Outstandin' %C
Aer* Good &,C
Gormal %,C
9ar'inal &,C
Poor %C
"n OGDCL "ssuance of /C5 forms take place to all departments accordin' to time schedule
usuall* #%th December of each *ear! /nd reception of the /C5 forms take place at the date of #st
9arch of each *ear! /fter receivin' the forms proper record is maintained, because its secrec*
and inte'rit* is ver* important!
1.".1 Acti/itie$ 2ACR3
/C5 evaluate emplo*ees on the basis of perception and +ud'ment! /C5 was used to provide
comprehensive instructions from time to time to educate and clear ambi'uities! /C5 forms have
been seriali6ed for officers to minimi6e duplicationB misuse! /ctuall* /C5s were not filled or
Breturned accordin' to the notified schedule! Lot of time and efforts were invol ved in
correspondence! Over0wri ti n', use of fluid, mere markin' instead of ini ti als were
t he most commonl * obser ved pr obl ems! )her e was l ack of consi st enc* i n var i
ous par t s of /C5 that is fre3uentl* noticed!
1."." ACR re%'ced &( PER
)hat@ s wh* /C5 techni3ue used for the purpose of performance apprai sal was
chan'ed into P>5 (Performance evaluation report in &,,%! )hrou'h P>5 now emplo*ees are
evaluated, on the basis
of provided tasks, assi'nments and pro+ects completion! "t ne'lects the factors of biasness and p
erception based evolution!
1.".) Re'ti/e nd A&$o'ute $tndrd$
"n the be'innin' /C5 use relative standards to evaluate emplo*ees! )he* evaluate emplo*ees
more on the basis of perception and +ud'ment! ?owever now a da*s it was replaced b* absolute
standards i n P>5! P>5 eval uat es empl o*ees per f or mance keepi n' i n vi ew + ob
descr i pt i on of an* speci f i c emplo*ee i!e!, performance is evaluated on the basis of pre
assi'ned tasks checkin' whether the* are fulfilled or not! On the basis of evaluation emplo*ees
are promoted and 'iven rewards! Basic component of the promotion criteria with their relative
wei'hta'e would be as underH0
Eualification #%C
/C5s &%C
(eniorit* % C
>xperience includin' outside OGDCL #%C
/ssessment b* promotion committee -,C
)hese five basi c components are anal *6ed before promoti on criteria! 1hen an*
emplo*ee 3ual ifies these components then he will be promoted with the approval of the
chairman! =or ever* emplo*ee it is necessar* to 'et minimum 2,C marks in above components!
1.".* C'$$i!iction #et.od
Classification method is usuall* used to evaluate emplo*ees b* establishin' distinct classes of
'rades such as skill s, knowl ed'e, workin' condi tion and emplo*ees are evaluated on
the basi s of these criteria!
4. Re5rd$ nd Co#%en$tion
4.1 Re5rd %o'ic(
"t is the polic* of OGDCL to award both financial and non financial performance based rewards to
its emplo*ees!
4." Prctice$
"n OGDCL, both financial based and non financial based t*pe of rewards are provided to
=inancial rewards are actuall* performance based rewards, which include bonuses, one month
additional salar* etc, while non financial rewards are mostl* letters of appreciation and
reco'nition! /ddi ti onal l * rewards in the form of honorarium are also provided, allottin'
separate parki n' space serve as reco'nition and reward to hi'h level positions! )hese rewards
actuall* seem to motivate the emplo*ees to show the commitment with the or'ani6ation!
4.) P( %'n$
=or the officers, pa* ran'es from -%,,, to #,,,,, rupees, for assistants, pa* ran'es from &%,,,
to -,,,, rupees and for workers,
pa* ran'es from #%,,, to &,,,,!these pa* plan is established after compensation surve* usin'
the information that what others in the same industr* are pa*in' for same positions!
4.* Co#%en$tion
OGDCL provides #%C increment on the best performance,
.C increment on avera'e performance and it also provides performance bonus on net profit!
OGDCL provides addi ti onal benefi ts to emplo*ees such as fri endl * worki n'
envi ronment, pi ck Kdrop (ervice, allowances for food, heads in annual bud'et for staff, fire
Department, air base (under process and fl* camp (entertainment!
4.+ 6ene!it$
OGDCL develops appropriate retirement plan to benefit its emplo*ees! "n addition various kind of
medical benefits are also provided, L0ra* and laborator* dia'nosti c facili ti es are available
at 9!C "slamabad! Patients are referred
for hospi t al i 6at i on as and when r e3ui r ed t o hospi t al B nur si n', homes B speci al i s
t on t he panel of t hecor por at i on and r ei mbur sement i s al l owed when such f ac
i l i t i es ar e not avai l ed! 9edi ci nes ar e provi ded to pati ents from
enti tl e paneli st chemist throu'h prescri ption! Aaccination facili ties for chil dren are
available at both medical centers and ever* 9onda* is special l * fi xed for this purpose!
/mbul ance e3uipped wi th fi rst aid kit is avail able at medical centre "slamabad for &-
hours dut*! 5esidential facilit* is also provided to facilitate its emplo*ees!

7. S!et( #e$ure$ nd co''ecti/e &r-inin-
7.1 Po'ic(
)he Pol ic* of ODGCL in carr*i n' out all its acti vi ti es is to provi de a safe and heal th*
work place OGDCL believes that 'ood heal th, safet* and environment contributes to
business success and that maintainin' 'ood health, safet* and protectin' envi ronment
is a shared responsibil it* across the Compan*!
7." Co''ecti/e &r-inin-
"n OGDCL two main labor unions are found! /ll >mplo*ees Labor :nion and /ll 9a6door "ttahad
:nion! )hese unions ne'otiate wi th each other to settl e di sputes!
7.) O&8ecti/e$ o! union
)hese :nions in OGDCL aim to provide securit* and protect the ri'hts of the emplo*ees and set
the terms and the condi ti ons throu'h collecti ve bar'ainin'! )hese uni ons and
mana'ement meets to ne'otiate improved wa'es, hours and workin' conditions and set
a'reements in the mutual benefit of mana'ement and emplo*ees! 1henever mana'ement takes
actions a'ainst the ri'hts of emplo*ees, these unions steps forward to protect the ri'hts of
emplo*ees b* usin' different tools, such as (trikes, Bo*cotts, and Corporate Campai'n!
1!& An'lysis
"n0depth anal*sis reveals followin' weaknesses in OGDCL!
a! "n recruitin' the emplo*ees both internal and external methods are used within the OGDCL,
but the corporation 'ives preference to the internal method! )he main drawback of this
method is that it blocks the wa* for new 'eneration which carr* new ideas and knowled'e!
b! =urthermore, the
recruitment s*stem is also influenced b* the nepotism of politicians! Got onl* recruitment of
emplo*ees is influenced b* the nepotism of politicians, but selection also!
c! >mplo*ees are selected on the basis of blood relationship and personal relations!
d! OGDCL is the lar'est and ver* complex or'ani6ation, in spite of that there is no
computeri6ed data based s*stem to record the data of emplo*ees! )he old s*stem of
recordin' emplo*ee information in the form of files is used and those file are sent to
different officers b* their personal assistance, this not onl* consume the lar'e amount of
time while carr*in' files from floor to other floor, but also affects the efficienc* of the work!
e! :nofficial s*stem of orientation is used to introduce new emplo*ees mostl* with the
or'ani6ational culture, emplo*ees etc! this function is at times i'nored in OGDCL!
f! )rainin' is used to develop the skills of the emplo*ees! "n this re'ard lot of expenditure is
made but unfortunatel* trainin' facilities are awarded to the emplo*ees based on nepotism!
'! /s OGDCL has it trainin' institute to facilitate emplo*ees, unluckil* trainin' sessions
are held for reference based emplo*ees onl*! "n addition, the* don@t use the efficient and
effective trainin' methods and techni3ues to build above mentioned attributes of the
emplo*ees, such as no simulation techni3ues are adopted to train emplo*ees!
h! Career plannin' section does not 'ive ade3uate time in 'uidin' emplo*ees how to develop
their car eer !
i! OGDCL is onl* or'ani6ation in the field of exploration and development of oil and 'as
resources of the countr*, but unfortunatel* does not use scientific techni3ues in career
plannin' of emplo*ees!
=or the promotion first CPC invitesrecommendations to reach end =ebruar* and end /u'us
t each *ear! )he* are seldom receivedaccordin' to schedule! Conse3uentl*, CPC has
'reat difficult* in meetin' the promotion dates of #st<ul* and #st December each *ear!
(econded the cases are received with inade3uate
informationcausin' wasta'e of time and un0necessar* correspondence!
+! Promotions are ma+or source of career development here! ?owever it is also anal*6ed
that promotion process is comparativel* slow which sometimes create a feelin' of
demotivation amon' emplo*ees!
k! Promotion polic* is the mixture of both merit and seniorit*, althou'h P>5 is in place but in
practice emphasis is 'iven to /C5 and can sa* that where there is /C5 there is an idea
of favoritisms! (o there is no proper wa* to monitor the performance of emplo*ees! "n
addition P>5 is also influenced b* favoritism and nepotism!
l! )here is lack of effective communication amon' departments which causes un0necessar*
wasta'e in time and efforts!
m! )here is absence or lack of clarit* of promotion channels!
n! )here is no check and balance in awardin' the rewards and benefits, because upper level
position emplo*ees are awarded hi 'h r ewar ds as compared to other positions! )his
in+ustice demotivates emplo*ees and affects their performance!
o! 1hile workin' in ?5 department it is also anal*6ed that ?5 department does not
appreciate the emplo*ees comin' up with their own ideas!
p! "t is also seen that attitude of emplo*ees is not prudent because of +ob securit* factor! )he*
have fair idea that nobod* can expel them!
11. Reco##endtion$
=ollowin' recommendations can be helpful to 'et rid of the weaknesses of the functionin' of
human resource department!
a! >3ual opportunities should be 'iven to external emplo*ees durin' hirin' process! )his will
brin' new ideas, knowl ed'e and experience to the or'ani 6ation!
b! 5ecruitment should be done total l * on merit basis, favorotism and nepotism
should be avoided!
c! "n this modern area computeri6ati on of record is ver* much essential! )here
should be computeri 6ation of record because it is of 'reat essence for speed*
di sposal and accurac* of record!
d! /l thou'h OGDCL usuall * import technolo'* from outside however to meet the
chan'in' needs it must take actions and allocate hi'her bud'et for hi rin' it!
e! =ormal method of orientation shoul d be used!
f! )raini n' should be provi ded on the basis of re3uirement! >3ual opportunities should
be 'iven to emplo*ees to train them!
'! =ull attention should be 'iven to intensive professional trainin' of staff in related fields!
h! )he depar t ment can or 'ani 6e professional traini n' at OGDC or wi th outsi de
a'enci es etc and latest li terature newspapers and ma'a6ines etc of professional
interest should be provided at sites free of cost!
i! Career plannin' section must 'ive ade3uate time in 'uidin' emplo*ees how to develop
their career!
+! /ppraiser must appraise emplo*ees on the basi s of actual performance!
k! Performance eval uation on the basis of +ud'ment should be avoided!
l ! )o encoura'e the emplo*ees to take interest in their work rewards should
be provided but there should be fair means of distribution of awards! :n+ust distribution of
awards must be avoi ded!
m! >mpol *ees shoul d be encour a'ed t o come up wi t h t hei r own i deas!
n! "n the end it is stron'l * recommended to eliminate the 'overnment influence on
each and ever* function of ?5 department at OGDCL!
1". Conc'u$ion

=rom this whole discussion we conclude here that thou'h ?5 department has well
formulated pol ici es! )here is stron' need for the +ust implementation of such poli cies!
)hou'h each and ever*thin' is written in papers about these policies but unfortunatel*
practices in some cases are 3uite different! (o practices must be in accordance of the policies and
'overnment should not use its influence and provide freedom for the proper functionin' of ?uman
resource department!