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Dearth City-State Project: Exoticas Constitution

Exoticas government will be a Presidential Democracy. In our Presidential

Democracy, the citizens of Exotica will vote for the leader of the city-state. To be a
worker in Exotica you have to be 18 years or older to get a job. To vote in our city-state
you must be 20 years of age to be sure that you know what you are voting for. The
citizens of our city-state Exotica are the only people allowed to vote and when we vote it
is the majority of the votes that decides who wins.
Exoticas Laws
You are not allowed to swim in Lake Exotic. This is because you could kill the
fish and destroy the fishs habitat; you may also pollute the water. You are not allowed
to fish in the lake during mating season. This can decrease the rate of growing
population in the lake and reduce the amount of food we have to distribute to the
butchers. To mine you must have a license because no experience may result in self
injury and you might destroy the mine to make it collapse. Also, after the population gets
over 8,000 people, you cannot have more than 2 kids. Having too many kids can cause
overpopulation and limits space for the people. Also, it may cause Exoticas resources
to become very low. In our city-state if you cut down a tree you have to plant and tend to
it until it grows. This is so we do not lose all our trees and destroy the habitat for our
animals. Another law is that everything you find in the mines you must give to the
government so they can convert it into our money and give you back 92% of it. This is
so you do not cheat us and give us plain rock and keep the diamonds, so now we
convert its values ourselves and make it the true 8%. If a government worker is caught
stealing from their workplace, they will immediately be persecuted. This is because the
workers would not only be stealing from the government but stealing valuable resources
from the other citizens. Farmers have a limit to how many animals they can own. This is
so farms dont get overpopulated and crowded. In Exotica, if it is found that a child has
not been taken care of by their parents (abused, poor living conditions, etc.), that child
will be taken from their home and given to a family that will take care of them. This is
because we do not want children being hurt and feeling uncomfortable in their homes.
Lastly, if a worker is caught loitering during their work hours, there pay will be docked by
2% of their monthly income. This is because a worker that doesnt work should not be
getting paid the same amount of money as a worker that is doing their job correctly and
Exoticas Taxes
In Exotica houses are pre-built for our citizens. Every house is $100,000 for two
main reasons. The first reason being the lack of starting money that the citizens will
have when they first move to Exotica. The second is that the houses are all built the
same way with very little differences. There will be a yearly tax on housing that is 10%
of the houses original price. That would mean that the revenue acquired yearly from
one house would be $10,000. There are 400 houses in Exotica so the total amount of
revenue gained from them is $4,000,000 a year.
In Exoticas mines, there are many different minerals you can find and they all
have a different monetary value. The government will have a monthly mining tax that
will be 8% of the total values of the materials you find. For example, if someone were to
find materials worth a total of $250 by the end of the month then the government will
take $20 from that for taxes and give them $230 back. The revenue for mining varies
because of the variety of minerals you can find. It also depends on how many miners
that are permitted to mine. If a miner were to find $250 a month, that would be a total of
$240 a year from that one miner.
In Exotica, there is also a tax for your income which is 7% of what you make
each month. The non-government workers will earn slightly less than the government
workers because the government workers are doing is slightly more detrimental to the
city-state. The butcher, normal farmers, and the baker are non-government workers.
The butcher makes $2,080 a month which is $145.60 in monthly tax revenue from them.
The baker makes $1,600 a month which is $112 in monthly tax revenue from them. The
normal farmers make $2,500 which is $175 in monthly tax revenue from them. The work
monitors, wool dyers, fishing net workers, and special farmers. The special farmers
make $2,750 a month which is $192.50 in tax revenue. The work monitors make $1,800
a month which is $126 in tax revenue. The wool dyers make $2,000 a month which is
$140 in tax revenue. Lastly, the fishing net workers make $2,200 a month which is $154
in tax revenue There are five butchers, twelve work monitors, four bakers, ten fishing
net workers, eight normal farmers, three special farmers, and ten wool dyers. That
would add up to be $7,605.50 a month and $91,266 a year in total tax revenue.
In Exoticas stores there will be a tax which is 11% of the price of the items. For
example, if you purchase an item worth $20, the amount of revenue acquired from the
taxes is $2.20. That leaves the store with $18.80 in revenue for the store. The amount
of tax revenue received varies greatly on what is purchased from the store and how
many of each item is purchased. If a store makes about $5,000 dollars a month, that
would be a total of $6,600 a year.
There is a limit of animals any of the farmers can have or they will be taxed 15%
of what the animal costs. The limit of animals is 300 pigs, 200 horses, and 500 chickens
to make sure you do not break the law. For example, if the farmer has 301 pigs and 1
pig costs $100 then you will have to pay the government $15 in return for that 1 extra
pig. If Exotica were to generate a total of $1,500 dollars a month in taxes, that would be
about $18,000 a year in tax revenue from farms. Again, this revenue will vary because
some farmers may not go over the limit of animals allowed.
In total, over the course of one year, Exotica should make at least $4,116,106 in
tax revenue from our current population of 2,500 people. The tax revenue will go to a
variety of things. A lot of the money we get will go to building schools and to making
indoor plumbing available to our citizens. We will also use the money to build places of
worship for our citizens and we will invest the money into a city police station and fire
department. The other things we will use the tax money on are more houses to fit our
growing population and to make more fishing nets to trade as well. As our city-state
begins to prosper we will add roads and more luxurious things like restaurants and other
forms of entertainment for the public.