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May 19, 2014

Pierre, SD, May 19, 2014
Good morning, everyone.
Im Dr. Annette Bosworth and running to be the next Senator from South Dakota.
Im here this morning in the shadow of the South Dakota state capitol in Pierre to talk about the
final phase of my primary campaign and to announce a brand new website
launching tonight called
Were about two weeks from the primary but many voters are still deciding who they want to
be the next Senator from South Dakota.
My campaign is going to be straight talk and specific solutions from here on out. Im focused on
three main areas: first, telling South Dakotans how Id deal with major national issues like gun
rights, immigration, taxes, life, obamacare and military issues.
Second, Im going to untangle the lies being told about me in the form of smears, whisper
campaigns and trumped up scandals.
Finally, Im going to be giving straight talk about a subject that our citizens all know about but
that nobody is really discussing the corrupt political machine that reigns over South Dakota.
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Thats what our new website is aboutholding politicians like Mike
Rounds accountable for his record on issues like his massive EB-5 scandal or the tactics that he
and his political buddies are using in this election.
People are afraid to speak out, because Rounds and his cronies hit back hard. But despite the
threats, South Dakotans know.
They know about the sweetheart deals, the no-bid contracts, the $500 per couple fundraisers,
the back room deals and the political paybacks. Thats the unspoken truth about South Dakota
politics and the people know it. is the ray of light in darkness that Rounds and his crew fear.
Im announcing this in Mike Rounds home turf of Pierre because Im not going to be
South Dakota voters should be aware of the intimidation tactics going on behind the scenes in
this election.
Im not the only one facing threats, harassment and intimidation. Other candidates have had
their careers threatened and have been harassed.
Meanwhile, Mike Rounds has a war chest of millions of dollars and the support of the status of
establishment groups like the National Republican Senate Committee -also known as the NRSC.
Make no mistake: in his role as a career politician, Mike Rounds is a bully. Anyone whos ever
dealt with schoolyard bullies knows that when you confront them, they often run and hide.
They like to stay in the darkness, they cant handle the truth.
It hasnt been reported yet, but before last Thursdays debate, Mike Rounds tried to change the
rules at the last minute and then threatened to pull out of the debate if he didnt get his way.
Just minutes before going on air, the debate host blinked on the rule changes so Rounds
wouldnt take his ball and go home.
During the debate, the cameras didnt show you what the other candidates saw: the strain on
Mike Rounds face and contortions of his body when faced with criticism.
After the debate, Rounds immediately fled the scene of the criticism.
Now, its being reported that Mike Rounds wont be appearing on the debate scheduled
for May 28
on Kelo.
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If Mike Rounds cant handle friendly fire from fellow Republicans, how is he possibly going to
deal with the pressure from the Democrat onslaught in the general election? Or more
importantly, how is he going to hold on his positions if he represents us in Washington, D.C.?
We put out an ad last Thursday reminding voters that while he was governor, Mike Rounds
reduced the sentence of Jack Ramos, who killed his girlfriend and their unborn baby.
Within an hour, the Rounds campaign responding by saying the ad was a lie.
But that was the Rounds camp lying. Anyone who researched the story and discovered that
Rounds did, in fact, commute the sentence of killer Jack Ramos.
Our ad wasnt a lie.
It did contain one error, however, that were correcting.
Our ad said that the victims family asked Rounds not to reduce the sentence but he did it
That turned out to be incorrect.
In fact, Mike Rounds never consulted the family at all. He reduced the sentence without talking
to them.
Then when the family found out that Mike Rounds had reduced the abusive killers sentence,
thats when they pleaded with him. The family said Rounds talked down to them and Rounds
even blamed them for not talking to him. He blamed THEM.
Finally, under press scrutiny and public pressure, Rounds suddenly opposed the parole that he
had made possible.
Our new edit of the ad will reflect that.
That new ad will be on along with new videos and other information.
Well be rolling out more on things like the EB-5 scandal and my previous run-ins with Marty
Jackley on the website between now and the election.
And were doing something else I believe is really important.
Were inviting South Dakotans to submit their own stories of intimidation and corruption by the
Rounds political machine, anonymously. As I have traveled South Dakota, I learned that I am
not alone. My story is not unique to the political landscape of South Dakota.
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And I want people to remember, that this is still America in the voting booth, nobody knows
how you voted. The atmosphere is heavy with threats but South Dakota, dont let that fear rule
Thank you and God Bless.

A.Bosworth, MD

Annette Bosworth, MD at the State Capitol in Pierre, SD on May 19, 2014.

Annette Bosworth, MD is a pro-life candidate running for US Senate under the republican ticket. Learn
more about her campaign by visiting her website:, her Facebook page: or her blog at

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