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Aura-Soma Diploma thesis

Anu Kumpulainen

1. Aura-Soma colour therapy and its non-intrusive nature

The Aura-Soma colour system is a mystery, which cannot be understood only with the rational
mind. I has to be lived and experienced. The non-intrusive nature of it makes it unique in many
ways, making one realize, that we ourselves are our greatest teachers and healers. We have inside
all we need to go through our experiences in life and to pass the unseen tests life sets for us. The
non-intrusive nature of Aura-Soma also helps the person see, that he is much more, than what we
have thought to believe about ourselves. If it is possible to intuitively recognize our inner qualities
through the colours, we must be somehow connected to levels, that we have before been unaware of
in ourselves. We start opening up to what we are on a deeper level. This deeper level can also help
us to find ways in life, through which we can start to fullfill our purpose in life or lifemission, as
some say.

For me, this life-mission is something very concrete now, I have always had some ideas, but now I
feel many of them are beginning to manifest. But that is another story!

Aura-Soma also points out effectively, as opposed to many other therapies and approaches, the true,
inherent potential of the human being. To me, to know, that all our problems are just challenges to
reveal our true gifts, is very consoling. If you concentrate on the problems only, you miss the point
of healing. The old therapies sometimes make the person identify themselves with that problematic
part of their personality, adding to its power over them. The self-image of a person is crucial factor
in all human activities and is the underlying motivator for all actions, good and bad. If the selfimage
of a person is distorted and negative, he or she tends to act accordingly. This is a very important
point in Aura-Soma, that the person is always viewed in a positive light, no matter what. It doesnt
have to deny the shadow either, but always with the positive emphasis and support in the

Aura-Soma can also be used by a variety of people, and it is not exclusive in nature in any way.
Every one can benefit from it, especially with the support of a qualified practitioner. Children,
elderly people, disabled people and people of all ages and walks of life can find support from it
for their inner evolution. Authority problems, which are widespread in our culture vanish, as
people are being given the power to do something to their situations themselves. It lifts us from
the role of the victim, if we just allow it to happen.

2. Ten most essential words for each colour

Power, love, passion, anger, survival, grounding, blood, sacrificial love, awakening, Christ

Compassion, warmth, love, caring, feminine aspect, mother, acceptance of self and others, letting
go of judgement, vulnerability, unmasking oneself
Unrequited love, love wisdom, interdependence, dependency issues, aesthetics, new man, new
Christ energy, abuse, vulnerability, intimacy

Shock, healing of the timeline, insight, bliss, creativity, abundance, devotion, juicy, gut feelings,

Wisdom, enlightenment, novelty, Buddha nature, determination, discipline, irrational fear, past
wisdom coming through, inner conflicts, paralysing situations, incarnational star

O-live, hope, feminine leadership, bitterness, persecution, victim attitude, witch hunts, death, trust
in ones potential, natural auchtority of the heart

Space, direction, panoramic awareness, balance, healing of the heart, truth, letting go, sadness,
decisions, regeneration

Peace, intuition, auchtority, trust, nurturing, feminine archetypes Isis and Mary, father issues, self
reflection, communication, listening, to be a channel for higher information

Royal Blue
Higher mind functions, opening of the sense doors, intuition, symbols, deep reflection, deep
stillness, meditation, tranquillity, loneliness, withdrawal, denial

Transformation, violet flame, catalysator for change, sacrifice, service, healing, seremonies,
priesthood, negativity and fears to be overcome, balance between male and female aspects within

Clarity, Karmic Absolution, frozen tears, suffering and the understanding of suffering, the
awakening of the inner rainbow, new beginnings, ending of the old cycle, connection to the higher
levels, light awakening within, purification, detoxification

Divine love, love in the little things, grace, beauty, inspiration, soul star, perfectionism, passion,
angelic connection, conscious connection with the life purpose

3. Name and describe the different levels upon which the Aura-Soma products have an effect.
Subtle Anatomy of a human being

The human being can be viewed as a multileveled, multi-dimensional being, with several different
subtle bodies. The chakras, known to us from the eastern traditions, act as conductors of these
different frequencies to our systems.
Physical – adrenalin glands, the bodily functions, assimilation and elimination, movement and
renewal of cells, metabolism, reproduction etc.

Etheric – The life-force level, photographed with Kirlian photography. Colour orange, gonads.

Emotional – Called also as the Psychosoma, this is the seat of emotions. Centre orange, gonads.

Mental – Thought processes, ideas of the world, thought patterns. Green and blue. Higher mental
level, compassion, unconditional love. Thymus gland.

Astral – Lower astral and the higher astral. Astral level is connected to the illusory world of
thoughts and imaginations. Angels, devas, disincarnate beings. In a human being it relates to the
heart and the thymus gland.

Thyroid gland is related to the throat and the color blue. Higher astral level.

Spiritual – The Spiritual level is the level of universal cosciousness and our religious experiences.
That is where we can experience the nirvana and samadhi, by tuning into this highest aspect of our
selves. The colour, that correlates to it is violet and partly royal blue. Higher intelligence and
clairvoyance. The chakras are the third eye and the crown, and the gland related to them are the
pineal on the brow and the pituitary gland in the top of the head.

The Aura-Soma balance bottles have their effect from the physical body, and all through the
circulatory and the lymphatic system, all through the body. From there on it spreads to the etheric,
emotional and mental and spiritual levels.

The Pomanders have their effect on the electromagnetic level. From there on it goes both to the
physical and the other subtle bodies. Quintessences have their effect in the astral level, and from
there the effect travels down to the lower subtle bodies and through the wrists it goes to the
circulatory system in the physical body as well. Pomanders have their effect on the electromagnetic
field, through their appliance on the aura, as opposed to the Equilibrium oils, that are applied on the
skin. Their function is of protection and balancing of these more dense levels of the aura.

Quintessences are also used on the aura, but their effect is related to the astral field, located 10 to 15
cm from the skin outwards. Their effect is related to ones higher aspirations and ideals.
Quintessences enable us to invoke the higher energies and qualities, that are embodied by the
master figures. From the astral level their balancing and uplifting subtle energies move down to the
emotional and electromagnetic levels, finally having their effect on the physical body as well.
Quintessences are meant for prayer and meditation.

The colour essences are used both internally and on the skin, where their effect goes through the
meridians to effect the whole body. If taken internally, they have effect on the energetics of the
whole system. The colour essences effect the etheric filed within the aura, which is located between
the electromagnetic and the astral level. They have an affect on the information flow between the
charkas, enabling a greater flow of energy and information both horizontally and vertically. They
are said to trigger the turquoise ray of each chakra.
We are all energetic beings and according to the latest science we are all connected through a web
of energy, which has been given many different names, such as akasha, a-field, zero-point energy,
tachyon energy, morphogenetic field, ether etc.

The true aura is locates in the area of the second chakra and contains the blueprint for the souls
journey and purpose in a particular life. It is said also to remain same throughout the different

The Ananda Khanda center is the center of individuation, as the soul moves from one stage of
development to the other in a sequence, that mirrors the opening of the chakras in vertical order
starting from red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, royal blue and violet. To finally magenta.
All these levels represent a particular state of being and level of awareness related to it.

4. Color in nature

Color is the basic ingredient, that makes our world livable. Without color and light there would not
be any life at all. All of nature reflects the infinite variety of colour in all rainbow hues, and all
shades of the known colours. Nature is thus our true healer, if we only could take in its healing
power. Our food is full of vibrating energy, which is perceived by humans as bright colors, which
make our appetite grow. Food, is actually used by colortherapy as a conscious way to bring certain
frequencies into our system. In color therapy foods color indicates its healing abilities.

The sky as well, reflects all the colors of the rainbow. We tend to feel calm and happy with a sunny
day, with sapphire blue sky. If the sky is grey, we feel depressed and down. Thunder is oppressive
with dark grey and indigo color. Black is the stopper and absorber of light, in which we can hide
away and grieve.

Different animals exhibit different colors, and depending on the species, either male or female is
more vibrant with color. Usually it is the male in the animal kingdom. This, of course raises the
question, why is it the female, that has to do all the dressing up and make-up in our own culture?
Could it be an outcome of patriarchal attitudes, as in matriarchal societies, the males do dress up

Color can fuctions also as an indicator of danger and fear in certain animals. Certain animals have
the ability to change their appearance according to their surroundings to better hide away from their
enemies or from their prey.

Color in crystals also reflect their healing energies. It is said, that crystals are in fact living beings,
that have the ability to store information. They are also the energetic balancers of the crust of the
earth, and are essential for the energetic balance of the planet, as well as the minerals such as gold
and other metals.

Quartz crystals are the most strong energetic transmitters, and they have been used in many
different technical applications throughout the ages.

5. Color and culture. Ancient, past and present

Color is used in all forms of culture, and to identify different social, economic and political groups.
Revolutionary movements, such as communism and Mao in China, have been using red as their
mobilizing color.
Conservative political parties use blue or white to give the appearance of trustworthiness, stability
and auchtority. Green parties stand for ecological values and natures well-being. It is interesting to
think, what do the colors of the flags of different nations convey also. Finlands flag is blue and
white (clear), which could stand for stability, conservatism and clarity of mind, as well as
suppressed sorrow...

In ancient cultures, color has been used widely and more consciously, than in our own culture. The
American Indians used coral and turquoise, which are less used colors in the western sivilization.
Also the Tibetans appreciate turquoise as a protecting stone and color. The indigenous peoples.
Tibet and Russia are associated with red as well. Tibetans use gold along with red, implying their
deep wisdom. USA have a combination of red, blue and yellow, which can be seen maybe as a good
balance of different elements at least in the founding stage of the united states. France has a flag
with red, blue and white, which also can refer to the values fraternity, equality, liberty.

In modern culture we use a lot of grey and dark blue shades, especially in the concrete jungle of big
cities the colors seem to loose their vibrancy. Everything becomes grey and dull, which reflects also
the sometimes indifferent attitudes of urban consumists. When we care, we become more colorfull
and want to come out to do something to make things better in our own little ways. The fear of
being individual and original is also reflected in the modern jeans generation of youth and the black
and white style of the societys power-holding groups.

6. a) Understanding of light in mystical traditions

Coloured light has been used for healing in all the ancient cultures, including Atlantis, Egypt, India,
Greece and China. In these times the so called scientific understanding of light was limited, but the
intuitive understanding og colours nature was better understood then, compared to the present
situatuation. Colour has been used for healing of various imbalances and various situations and
diseases. Goethe saw the appearence of colour in the meeting point between light and darkness or
shadow. He perceived colour in natureand developed his own colour theory based on only two
primary colours, blue and yellow. The use of different coloured chrystals was also widespread.

Pythagoras (582-507 BC) was the object s gave off particles. According to Platos (427-347BC)
understanding the eye emitted light, which bounced back from objects, giving information of their
shape, colour and size. Aristotle (384-322BC) was interested in the way light travelled and put
forward his theory of light as a wave. Max Planc a quantum physicist of the 20 th century proved,
that light was in fact both a wave and a particle. Light is thought to be nowadays both a wave and a
particle simultaneously. Wavicle, as some have expressed it. Planc himself called them quanta,
meaning a n energy packet, which can be seen as little vortices of energy travelling on the ether.

Light is understood by western science as different wavelengths or frequencies of the
electromagnetic spectrum. AM radiowaves, Short Wave radiowaves, Television, FM radiowaves,
Radarwaves, Microwaves and infrared light are located at the hight end of the spectrum. Then come
the visible spectrum of colour, violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red and below these
are the slower frequencies, ultraviolet light, X-rays gamma rays and the cosmic rays.

6. b) Understanding of light according to western science
Light the medicine of the future by Jacob Liberman

Jacob Liberman writes in his book Light: The Medicine of the future, that light is the key to our
healing. Light, he argues, combines both science and intuitive knowledge, health, and personal
evolution, thus acting as a foundation for a new paradigm in healing. HE also suggests, that light is
the very core of the new energy medicine. He suggests also, that medicine will become increasingly
aware of light being the very component, from which life originates, develops, heals, and evolves.
This has been the understanding of sages and mystics of all ages. However, according to Liberman,
we are going to see a new marriage between the intuitive and rational sciences, a marriage bonded
by light.

According to the idea of the mechanistic worldview, the cosmos, and all its parts act as machines, a
collection of separate parts, that can be repaired, when broken. According to Liberman, man is an
embodiment of light, and problems and illnesses are a result of inability to take in and use light, and
to use it for healing and evolution. The science of light challenges us also investigate our inner
space, as opposed to the outer space, so far studied by science.

Liberman sees the human body as a living photocell, stimulated and regulated by the light that
enters the body through the eyes – the “windows of the soul”. The eyes are essential entry points,
through which light has its profound effect on regulation, of human physiological and emotional
functioning and the development of consciousness. The pineal gland, according to Liberman, acts
as the light-meter of the body, assisting us in becoming sychronisized with nature and one with the
universe. He explores the world of color and how we use it to heal, and introduces light as food –
the nutrient, that catalyzes the combustion in humans, just as it catalyzes photosynthesis in plants.

Liberman notes the problems caused by malillumination, which creates major imbalances in our
ability to function as healthy, whole humans. Fluorescent lighting, sunglasses, tanning lotions, and
our indoor lifestyles among others, may be doing us more harm than helping us.

Although ridicules, many early pioneers of light therapy, have actually been very progressive
visionaries, in the light of later advancements in science, which have confirmed their findings. In
fact, the most leading edge scientists are now starting to investigate and apply clinically the same
principles, as were suggested by these early pioneers already 50 years ago. The therapeutic use of
light is being used currently for the treatment of cancers, clinical depression, stress, visual
problems, premenstrual syndrome, sexual dysfunction, and jet lag. According to Liberman, light
can also be used to enhance learning abilities, reduce learning disabilities, strengthen the immune
system, and even play a role in life extension.

Contradictory to the prevailing idea, that UV radiation is harmful for health, Liberman suggests that
ultraviolet light is in fact the biologically most active and important portion of the electromagnetic

According to Liberman, light and color contain the essence of what humas try to gain by eating
food and taking vitamins. Light actually acts a s a catalyst for the absorption and use of these
nutrients within our bodies. What may be most promising field of all, aside from the research and
therapeutical utilization of light in both medical and non-medical fields, could in fact be lights
potential to unlock and unclog the mind.

The new light medicine is a holistic approach to healing of physiological, emotional, and spiritual
bodies, thereby giving a new meaning to psychoneuroimmunology, which refers to the mind-body
healing connection. Libermans approach aims at healing the body and mind simultaneously, as a
direct effect of making the subconscious conscious, and thereby transforming old cellular memory
into a new experience of enlightenment. A human being is partly open and partly closed down
respective to their ability to intake light. Colors, especially ones, which we feel most uncomfortable
with, can help us uncover our deep potential and overcome different blocks in our evolution of
consciousness. All in all, Liberman makes the ultimate claim, that light is the medicine, that will
propel human kind into the age of enlightenment.

7. Color as used in different kinds of treatment, mainstream and alternative

Color has been used in mainstream medicine for the treatment on jaundice, and chromotherapy,
even thoe its not in the visible range of frequencies. Ultra violet is used to promote plants well

In alternative medicine color is widely recognized. It is used more consciously in all New-Age
advertising and clothing, jewelry, decoration etc. The allopathic medicines public image is
colorless, black and white, which may imply a wish to hide personality, and appear auchtoritative
and powerfull. Science itself, actually has this black and white appearance, as implied also by the
official costumes of academia. Also the church has this black and white approach, at least in
Finland! The more color, the more alive, personal, daring and original.

Color is used in the alternative medicine in color therapy, which has many different approaches
itself. Aura-Soma is maybe the most comprehensive approach of all, as it combines the healing
powers of plants, essential oils, crystals and color. It is used in light therapy as well, such as
Chromogei, a colorlight machine, with different healing abilities of different colors to different
ailments. It has been invented in Italy and used by the medical personnel.

Color has been used for healing in ancient cultures such as India, China, Egypt and Atlantis in
special color temples. I have some recollections of working in them in my past lives, which has
propably led me to be interested in Aura-Soma in this life!

Color promotes wellbeing on subtle levels through the assimilation of different frequencies throught
the charkas, or energycentres. According to the latest research, our subtle bodies hold the double
image of our physical body and regulate and energise the functions of different systems in co-
opetarion with their physical manifestations. The world renown Stanford physics professor and
pioneer of the new paradigm science, William Tiller, has investigated the different dimensions of
the human being and concludes, that there in fact exists the different subtle bodies, that
metaphysical texts have always talked about, meaning the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
Color revitalises and balances these subtle domains and “keep us going” on all levels.

Colour puncture is a very interesting new way of tratment. I attended the Beamer light pen
workshop with Shanto in Spain. and was totally surprised of this healing methods healing potential.

In colourpuncture you apply the coloured light on the meridians and the acupuncture points or
charkas. What happens is that the light and colour information enters the different subtle bodies and
enable those fields to restore their function and vitality. It seems almost like a battery charging. It is
possible even to perceive the light entering the subtle bodies, if one is psychic. It looks like a
lightning that enters the field in a split second and charges itself. The person receiving the treatment
experiences the upsurge of old memories and feelings and after a while leading to a deep relaxation.
It seems that the aura carries all our experiences and memories that can be healed and accessed
through this method. Peter Mandells colourpuncture is a very effective and popular healing method
and he has taught this method for decades.

James Oschmann writes in his book Energy Medicine The Scientific basis, that according to the
research done on human electricity, magnetism and other subtle qualities of the so-called ”living
matrix”, the body works as a macrocosmic living crystal, that stores information among others
through the information conducting and storing qualities of water. According to Masaru Emotos
studies on the ability of water chrystals to record in them information about the intentions or other
information passed into the water samples, we are far from really understanding the true nature of
water and its role in our bodies. Oschmann also shows, that our bodies information systems work
based on the principles of information carries through the mediums of light and sound. We are
coherent information systems that present both physical and subtle qualities simultaneously, and
without an instant information distribution system , that reaches all of the body at once, we couldnt
function as we do, performing multiple tasks simultaneously, such as forming a baby in the woumb
while breathing, digesting, thinking, working etc.

8. Endocrine system and the glands, their function andinterrelationship and the way they
relate to colour

Adrenal glands relate to the red area of the body and are responsible for the fight or flight reactions
and adrenalin production in the body. This energetically relates to the root chacka at the base of the

The orange colour relates to the sex-organs and their functions. These are the ovaries in the female
and the gonads in the male. The second chakra is referred to as the sacral chakra or the hara.

Solar Plexus chakra relates the nerv-junction above the navel and underneath the diaphram. It
regulates digestion and the intake of prana or life force energy into the body and distributes it
around the system.

The heart chakra is related to green and the thymus gland. It has the role in hormone secretion and
the emotional aspect of life.

Then there is the thyroid that regulates the thyroxine production of the body.

The pineal gland is related to the third eye and the royal blue colour.

Pituitary gland is often referred to as the master gland of the body. It regulates all the other
functions and the function of all the other glands in general.

9. Food as colour, colour as food

We are energy and colour is a carrier of that energy. What we eat is a chrystallization of living
energy and light from the sun. It is the vital energy, that we absorbe from the food and thus it is
detrimental to expose our foods to radiation.
Organic food contains far more vital force compared to the foods, that has been grown with
pesticides and fertilizers. It has been said, that we actually kill the soil by chemical farming. Our
food attracts us by its colour and fragrance, without which it would be repelling, as in the film
Matrix it was described. Our food is much more than matter, it contains information to our cells to
function properly as well. By kinesiology it is possible to measure if a certain food is appropriate
for our body or not. Some foods even take our energy and minerals, such as the white flower and
white sugar. There are however good substitutes for these, such as the one rich in minerals, Indian
sugar, that is providing an income for poor Indians in South America.

The appetite is governed by the yellow area or the solar plexus, which can be out of balance in
many modern people resulting in bulimia and anorexia. We need to go back to eating natural
healthy foods as opposed to the chemically treated and dead foods we are sold in the supermarkets.
The less processed the food, the higher amount of energy it contains, and the less you need artificial
colourings and E-numbers!

10. Counsultant and consellor - giving and receiving

I see my role as a consultant as both as a giver and a receiver. Why is this? Even thoe I as a
consultant know more information about the so-called technical aspects of the Aura-Soma colour
healing system, the client is in the central role in Aura-Soma. He or she is the one recognizing
himself through the bottles, and many times the patient knows intuitively things, that the consultant
has no idea of.

As I have practised Aura-Soma for several years now, I also notice, that at certain times, people
who come to me for readings have some similar theme in their colour choices, which also reflects in
some way my own process. For example, when I went through some hard times and was in a red
period, I had clients, who chose the B6 very often. On the last fair in february, I noticed, that the
bottles 43 and 62 came up a lot in the choises. Interesting, because I have felt a new expansion and
turquoise reflects that expansive energy very well. Free of limitations!

What I can give as a consultant are mostly guidelines for the patient to start seeing him or herself in
a new light. I also feel that my role is related to giving suppport to their process, and that requires
me also to go through my own process. I cannot support a person in something, that I havent gone
trhough myself in some way at least. Of course you dont have to murder someone to understand
how a life centenced person in prison feels, but ones own experiences help to feel compassion
towards people in the most varied life situations.

What I receive from the patients is understanding and experience, on to which I can build my own
new understanding on. I have learned the themes of the bottles mainly through cases, which have
involved people I know in different life situations. In this way, I memorize details and themes of all
the bottles now, and feel I still know so little!