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Crime scene to fashion scene


The project started with an empty shop
window and lots of paper plans.
Sanj – (artist’s diary)

“Carrying mannequins through town created lots of
interest and opportunities to explain what we were
The “9MM” logo identified all of the art pieces.
Documenting the project -

Photography helped to reinforce the narrative of the
changing space.
Bloody handprints – memento mori
Sanj – (artist’s diary)

“There was a journey from a fairly normal looking window
to one that was quite disturbing, with live mannequins”
“I’m sure I saw one of them blink”
“There were lots of loud screams when we
The shattered glass effect was achieved
with broken Perspex
Sanj – (artist’s diary)

“A golden moment was being let down on the
“shattered glass” acetate – we got free materials
and had the BEST FUN smashing them.“
Simon Walker – (artist’s diary)

“Guy selling newspapers nearby “got it” – he gave us a
free copy the day the lead story was a girl gang knife
fight on the buses”
Refreshing the display – Planning comes
audience response – what’s your label ?
“I’m not brand loyal but I am brand
Sanj - artist

“Flower / memorial was very effective; people were
extremely intrigued …”
fashion victim 31 Jan 2005 rest in peace
“Fashion Victim @ The Window”
Simon Walker, Sanj Kavanagh, Zoe Hillyard

•Support and co-ordination from FPLA / Friction Arts
•Sponsored by Arts Council England, Birmingham Artists

•Images by Brigitte Wilson
•Evaluation by Simon Redgrave