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If that explanation feels a little strange to you, what you are experiencing is called cognitive-emotive dissonance.

We experience cognitive-emotive dissonance any time we do, think, or feel something that is contrary to we
are accustomed.  Tis is natural, normal, and to be expected.  However, it is important to note that just
because it feels wrong does not mean it is wrong.
You might be wondering if it is possible to change your thinking.  Not only is it possible, you do so every day. 
For example, if you were to walk up to a soda pop machine to purchase a soft drink, you would have a certain
thought or assumption about the machine -- "If I put my money in this machine, it will give me something to
drink."  However, if you put money in the machine and it did not give you a soft drink, you probably would
change your mind about the machine.
Changing thoughts included in the Rational Tinking Questionnaire that you just completed might require
more work to change, especially if you have held those thoughts and assumptions for a long time.  However, a
person can change any thought with the proper guidance.
For a complete description of cognitive-behavioral therapy, please visit the National Association of Cognitive-
Behavioral Terapists' web site by clicking here.
Te Rational Tinking Score assesses the most common thoughts
that cause people problems.  Te Rational Tinking Score provides
an indication of which thoughts might be interfering with your
feeling the way you want to feel and with achieving your goals. Te
following report provides suggestions for further exploration based
on your responses to the Rational Tinking Questionnaire.
However, the information contained in your report is not designed
to be a substitute for counseling or psychotherapy.
An important note:  Te following results are only as helpful to the
extent that you were honest and truthful in responding to the items
in the Rational Tinking Questionnaire.  Te results and
recommendations are in response to your responses to those items. 
If you were not truthful, the following results and
recommendations may not be appropriate for you.
Your Results
Your Rational Tinking Score
is 106
A good score is 153 or less, a great score 102 or less, and an outstanding score is 51 or less.  Since your score is
106, some changes in your thinking could be helpful to You.
Your Total Unhappiness Score is 21
A good score is 21, a great score is 14, and an outstanding score is 7.  Since your score is 21, you appear to be
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Your Rational Tinking Score (tm)
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in a position to improve your emotions.
Te following thoughts have been identifed as being problem areas for you.
You stated that you are generally dissatisfed with your life. Te fact that you are dissatisfed means that you
have goals -- an idea of how you want your life to be, and it is not as you would like currently. Use that
dissatisfaction to motivate youself to make your life the way you want it to be as best you can.
You reported that you have been feeling depressed lately. Depressive symptoms sometimes are the result of a
medical problem, like an underactive thyroid. Terefore, it is a good idea to get a medical evaluation, especially
if you are not reacting to a situation. Depression is the combination of having goals, thinking that you need to
achieve those goals, and believing that you will never achieve them.
You indicated that you usually feel depressed. Depression is the combination of having goals, thinking that
you need to achieve those goals, and believing that you will never achieve them. Somtimes people who have
been depressed for a long time have a problem with Symptom Stress -- being upset about being upset.
You reported that you have been feeling angry lately. Anger primarily is the result of the confusion of needs
and wants and irrational shoulds.
For Question #1, 'Tings in my life are diferent than they should be.' you answered Strongly Agree
Tis is an example of an irrational magical should. Everything is exactly as it should be at any given moment
because the necessarily ingredients for it to be that way are present. If your life is diferent than you would like
it to be, work at making it diferent.
For Question #3, 'I cannot stand certain things in my life.' you answered Strongly Agree
Te only things that we cannot stand are those things that kill us. Otherwise, what we think we can't stand
are actually things that we dislike.
For Question #4, 'Some things in my life are simply awful and terrible.' you answered Agree
When people call something terrible or awful, they are saying it is so bad that they need it not be, like it will
be the end of them. It usually works better to call something unfortunate instead, even if it is a really bad thing
for you.
For Question #9, 'People need to be concerned about other peoples' opinions.' you answered Agree
Peoples' opinions do not matter to us. Teir acting on those opinions might matter. Terefore, if we are not
being mistreated in any way, there is no point in concerning ourselves with what other people might be
thinking about us.
For Question #14, It's important for a person to follow his or her gut instinct.' you answered Neutral
Tere is no such thing as a gut instinct. Intuition is thinking, not feeling. It is, I'm thinking this way, but I'm not
sure why I am. Base your thinking on fact rather than a hunch.
For Question #18, 'I must be competent and successful.' you answered Agree
It is a fact that a certain level of competence is required to achieve a goal. However, where is the eveidence
that you must be competent at something. Tere is no evidence! If you prefer to be have something at which
you excel, that is one thing. To insist that you excel at something will only produce unwanted anxiety.
Your Rational Tinking Score (tm)
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For Question #25, 'Everybody should treat everyone else (especially me) in a fair and considerate manner.' you
answered Agree
For people to treat you in a fair and considerate manner, they have to agree on your defnition of fair and
considerate and be willing to treat you in that manner. Where is the evidence that people must treat each
other that way? Tere is no evidence. It sure would be nice if people did, and we might encourage that kind of
positive treatment. However, just because we want it does not mean we will receive it.
For Question #26, 'Other people must not act incompetently or unwisely.' you answered Neutral
We all are Fallible Human Beings (FHBs), which means that we have an incurable tendency to make
mistakes. Because of that fact, it is no shock or surprise when people act incompetently or unwisely.
For Question #32, 'Justice, fairness, equality, democracy, and other 'right' values must prevail.' you answered
For your ideas of what these terms mean to prevail, you have to have enough people agree with you or have a
bigger gun, so to speak. However, it is very unlikely that our defnition of these values will be met completely.
For Question #33, 'I must not die prematurely.' you answered Agree
Tis belief assumes the we are guaranteed a certain amount of time on this planet. So if we die before our
expiration date, we have died prematurely. Obviously, we are not guaranteed any amount of time on this earth.
Be thankful for the time you have and have with your loved-ones.
For Question #34, 'My life must have meaning and purpose.' you answered Agree
Where is the evidence that you must have a purpose or special function? Why not just be happy doing what
you enjoy?
For Question #41, 'I am forced to do certain things, like pay taxes or do my homework.' you answered Agree
Fact is, the only time we are forced to do something is when we are physically over-powered and made to do
against our will. Otherwise, everytime we do something, we are directing or deciding to do it, usually because it
is the lesser of two evils.
For Question #42, 'People need love and afection.' you answered Strongly Agree
Tere is no evidence that people need love and afection. Tere is a great deal of evidence that people want it.
But to not have it does not create a life-threatening condition by any means.
Our Recommendations Based On Your Responses
Tis report identifed the thoughts that might be causing you difculty and provided you some
recommendations for correcting those thoughts.
1). Utilize the suggested replacement thoughts to develop your new rational replacement thoughts.
2). Practice the new rational thoughts by reading them every day for at least one month.
3).  If you believe that you will have difculty changing the thoughts that are causing you difculty on your
own, click here for a certifed cognitive-behavioral therapist in your area.
Your Rational Tinking Score (tm)
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