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Volume 1, Issue 3

November 1, 2009 .

JUST NOTES from Joanne

Things Change! Applying for Scholarships
Things change! Oh my, do
they ever! When your Now is the time to apply for
address, telephone numbers, scholarships for Fall 2010.
or email address change, Most scholarship applications
don’t forget to tell me. It need to be submitted in January
is important for us to stay for the following school term.
in contact and that means I
need to have your most Take every opportunity to seek
current information, so keep additional sources of financial
me in the loop. aid. Huge amounts of scholar-
ship money go unused every
year because students do
not apply! Scholarship Application Time

Joanne Kost First, ask your college about scholarship opportunities. Also investigate organi-
Program Coordinator zations that partners or parents might belong to, such as; Knights of Columbus,
763-783-4810 American Legions, Rotary, Chambers of Commerce, or Masons. These organiza-
Fax: 763-783-4814 tions often have scholarships available to members and their families.
Explore websites like:
A Better Chance
College Answer www.
FastWeb Free Scholarship Search
Scholarship Experts
Scholarships offered by MN Institutions

Do not pay for scholarship information. The information is free and many more
resources can be found online and at the library. Act now to meet deadlines.

Registering for Spring Semester

Things Change! 1
After you register for Spring semester, email or drop off your fee statements with
your book costs to your counselor. It takes 24 to 48 hours for an Authorization
Scholarships 1 to be sent to the school once your counselor has the information. When the
Spring Semester 1
school has received the Authorization, you will receive a telephone call from the
Dislocated Worker Program office to confirm the school received the paperwork.
U.I. Benefits 2
You have plenty of time to submit your fee statements and book costs before
Thanksgiving 2
the beginning of Spring Semester. Avoid a crisis and get your documents sub-
mitted right away. If all your books are not in, consider requesting the ones that
are in and submit a second request when the others arrive.

Changes in Unemployment Benefits Announced
The following announcement was released last week. I do not know more than what is provided below. Any ques-
tions about your unemployment benefits should be directed to an Unemployment Representative at 651-296-3644.
“Because Minnesota’s unemployment rate dropped during the month of September, the amount of Federal-State
Extended Benefits (EB) will be reduced. The reduction is effective November 15, 2009. Under federal law,
additional weeks of EB are available only in states where the three-month average unemployment rate is 8.0 percent
or higher. Minnesota’s September rate dropped to 7.3 percent, which lowered the
rate for the past three months to 7.8 percent.
This means that applicants who are currently eligible to receive EB will likely
receive fewer weeks of benefits than they expected. Applicants will be
Unemployment Benefits
affected differently, depending on the amount of their regular state unem-
ployment account, how many weeks of EB they’ve received, and if they received partial benefits for any weeks.
On Monday, Oct. 26th, the letters were mailed to applicants currently eligible for EB (about 9500) to notify them of
this change.”

Take a Thanksgiving Break
The Thanksgiving holiday is rest and relaxation. It’s
rapidly approaching on easy to get so caught up in
Thursday, November 26. your studies and daily
responsibilities, that you
The WorkForce Center will don’t allow yourself any
“Take time be closed on November 26 downtime to re-cooperate.
and 27 for the holiday.
to enjoy Please plan accordingly if
It’s important to take care
of yourself so that you do
you need to get in touch not become overwhelmed
your holiday with your counselor or use
the Resource Center during
or run-down, especially in
the cold and flu season.
the holiday week.
break.” Remember, even during
Take time to enjoy your tough economic times,
holiday break. Plan a visit there is always something
with family and/or friends to be thankful for, so try to
and allow yourself a little look for that silver lining!