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Section 1: Overview of MinistryKeys Volunteer Process
Section 2: Getting Started – Logging In for the First Time
Section 3: Tracking Volunteers via Import

Overview of Volunteer Process


MinistryKeys will help your church to quickly and effectively place your volunteers into service to help
your church extend their ministry reach and empower your congregation.

Your volunteer pool is extremely valuable in the health of your church. Once you have a group of
potential volunteers, it is imperative to quickly place them into service. This process will involve
tracking your volunteers through one of two methods in the PeopleKeys online system.

Placed into Service!

Process: Admin
*Required Training Greeter Assistant
*Background Check
*Reference Check
*Cleared for Ministry Technology
Bookstore Services


Important Terms Referred to in this Guide:

Account: The main PeopleKeys account for your account


PeopleKeys Assessments: DISC, Spiritual Gifts and other assessments that

may be used to assist in placing Volunteers into
areas of gifting and motivation.

Sub-Account: Any accounts “under” your main account.

Tracking System: The portion of PeopleKeys used to track Volunteer

Groups from sign up to service.

Permissions Levels: Includes:

Administrator – has master rights to all accounts
and sub accounts, users, permissions, etc.
Manager – can view all areas that an
Administrator can, but cannot make changes or
purchases. Can view ALL USERS and
User – has rights to take and view reports for
their OWN assessment only
Participant – can take assessments, but cannot
view reports

Getting Started

1. Go to

2. Click “Existing User Sign In” (See Figure below)

3. Enter User ID and Password as assigned. (See Figure below)

 If you would like the system to remember you so you do not have to enter your
information next time, click “Remember Me”

 Check the box to agree to Terms and Conditions (required)

 Click “Sign In” button

4. You will now be in the PeopleKeys Portal Home Page for your Account. Your screen may
a have a custom logo, but should look similar to the following figure (some choices may not
be available on your screen):

 This is your Home Screen.


Quick Start to Tracking Volunteers

WITHOUT the PeopleKeys Assessment Process

 This section is to be used IF:

• You have a list of Volunteers that you wish to activate into


• You do not wish to utilize PeopleKeys Assessments

immediately with the Volunteer Group.


This section will give you detailed instructions on how to:
1. Add Groups of Volunteers or Potential Volunteers to your system
2. Add Steps to your tracking process that are custom for your church and steps
to track them.
3. Place/assign Volunteers into specific groups


1. From your Home Screen, go to the RESOURCES box. Click “Import Users”.

2. The following screen will be displayed. Specific instructions are on the screen to create and
import a list of Volunteers that you wish to import into the system.

multiple accounts at the time of your account setup if any are created.

Choose the correct sub-account if
you are importing Volunteers into
specific areas as decided by your
account setup.

Once you have imported your list, you will see this message at the top of your screen
indicating the number of users you have imported:

You may return to the Home Screen by clicking “Home” at the top of the page.

3. At this point, you will want to create tracking process for the people you have imported into
your system. From your Home Screen, go to the RESOURCES box. Click “Trackers”.

4. TRACKER SETUP: You will be at the “Trackers” page. Click “Add New Tracker”.

The New Tracker bar will be displayed. Click “Edit”. This will allow you to configure the
name of the tracking process as well as add steps to the process.

Once you click Edit, you will name your Tracker. In the following example, we are naming it
for the process which Volunteers will go through prior to being placed into service:

Click “Add New Field” to add a step to your tracking process. Then click “Edit” to name this

Name the First Step in your process, then click “Update”. Continue to “Add New Fields” until
you have added all the steps you wish to track. The following example has 7 steps in the

 Hint: you may click the up and down arrows to move a step up or down in the process.
You may add a step at any time and move it to the desired place in the process.

Alerts: At this point, you may wish to add the ability for the tracker to alert you when a
step is past-due. You may require that Step 2 be completed 3 days after Step 1. To add
this alert, click “Edit” next to Step 1 and click “Update”. See the following figure:

 Hint: The alert will give a visual cue if past due in the tracking system as well as send
an email to the specified address (email address is specified in the next section).

Click “Update” when you have completed entering steps and alerts for your tracker. The
process bar will close.

5. It is now time to create a group from your users which you imported and apply the tracking
process to the group. From your Home Screen, go to the RESOURCES box. Click “User

6. GROUP SETUP: You will be at the “Account Groups” page. Click “Add Group”. Specify a
name for your group by typing in the “Group Name” box. Click the Save button. In this
example, the group is called “New Volunteers 8/2/09”.

Once you click “Save”, a notification at the top of the screen will indicate the Group has
been added.

Now that the Group has been added, it is time to add Users to the Group – they will be
Group Members. Click “Manage” to add Members:

To add members to your group, click “Manage Group Members”.

Choose the Account by clicking on the Name of the Account that has the Members you wish
to add to the group. The screen will expand to show all users in that Account:

Add the Users to your Group by clicking “Add” next to the name(s) you wish to add. If you
accidentally select a name you do not wish to add, simply click “Remove”. Do this for all the
Users you wish to add, scrolling to the next page by clicking the numbers at the bottom of
the list. Each User is added as you click “Add” – you do not need to save your selections.

Click “Back to Edit Group” located at the top of the page.

The Manage Group page will be displayed with your Group Members added.

To add tracking to each group member, follow these instructions (see image which follows):

• IMPORTANT: Indicate in the box near the top of the page the EMAIL ADDRESS of
the person(s) who should receive any notices about status of the tracking steps. If
a step is overdue, an email will be sent to the person(s) indicated. Separate
addresses with a comma. Click “Save” to save the information.

• Choose a Tracker from the drop down box – the example shows “Volunteer
Process” which is the tracker created in the previous section. The steps for that
tracker will be displayed.

• For each Group Member, you will assign what steps are completed or need
completed. Each box next to a name indicates a step in the process. For this
example, the first box corresponds with Step 1: Completed Connection Class.

Click the first box if this person has completed or needs to complete Step 1:
Completed Connection Class. You will assign a status:

Grey = Incomplete
Green = Completed – use this when a step is complete
Yellow = Alert – a step will automatically change to orange if past due
Red = Warning – used if you manually would like to set a warning or end point for
an item


• Choose the drop down box to assign the status.

• You can choose the date the item was completed.

• If you wish to assign in a due date to this item, input the date. If the item
is not marked as completed by the due date, the Yellow “Alert” status will
be indicated and an email will be sent to the administrator indicated in the
Group Management screen.

• Input any comments you wish to note and click “Add Comment”. Click
“Close” and the status bar will be updated.

Click the next step you wish to edit. Follow the preceding procedure for each step
in the process for each person.

 Hint: You may update Members’ Identifying Information by clicking “Edit Information”.

 Hint: You can track more than one process for a group via the Tracker Drop Down box.
Ex: A group may be applied to the “Volunteer Process” tracker as well as the “New Member”
tracker if desired.

Once you’ve updated your Group Members, you will be able to see displayed where they are
in the process for that Tracker:

To edit a step, click on

a box.

 Hint: You may send Emails to users from this screen. Select the user(s) by checking the
box next to their name, then click “Email Selected Users” at the bottom of the screen.


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