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World History Pre-AP – Duez NAME________________________________ PD

Chapter 9 & 10 “Middle Ages” Time: 2 Weeks
Big Ideas and Formative Questions:
1. What impact did scriptoria and Carolingian monks have on today’s understanding of Greek and Roman
2. Was Feudalism a necessary evil to protect the people of Europe from invasion during a time of crisis?
3. What impact will the decline of the Feudal system, the Catholic Church, and the King’s power have on the
future of Europe?
Student-Friendly Learning Target Statements
• Post Roman Empire Europe was dominated by the Frankish Kingdoms, led by King Clovis
who converted to Christianity
Targets • Charles the Great (Charlemagne) became one of Europe’s greatest kings by leading the
Carolingian Renaissance – a rebirth of interest in learning
“What I need to know!” • After Charlemagne's death, Magyar, Muslim, and Viking invaders caused the break-up of
the empire and instability throughout Europe.
Wergild Ordeal Bishopric
Popes Monk Missionaries
Scriptoria Vassals Knights
Fief Chivalry Manor
• A new political system emerged in Europe after Charlemagne’s time called Feudalism
• Show the diagram of the Feudal System – Kings, Lords, Knights, and Serfs
Targets • The High Middle Ages are a time period where reforms were made to the Feudal System
and centralized states and governments emerged.
“What I can do with Serfs Bourgeoisie Guilds
what I know.”
3 Estates Magna Carta Robin Hood
Schism Lay Investiture Saint Nicholas

• The Magna Carta recognized the rights of nobles and created a system of checks and
balances on the king’s power
• The codification of Roman law became the basis for a new system of law in Europe.
• Parliament emerges in England which gives the people more power and check’s the King.
Skill • During the 14th and 15th centuries Europe encountered many problems: Black Death
(Bubonic Plague), 100 Year’s War, and the decline in the power of the Church.
“What I can • 38 Million People died in Europe alone over a 4 year period; Italian port cities were hit the
demonstrate.” hardest.
• The Religious Crusades impact Europe by collapsing the feudal system of protection and
giving rise to individual states (Portugal, England, Spain, and France)
Infidels Interdict Sacraments
Heresy Inquisition St. Francis Assisi
St. Thomas Aquinas Commercial Capitalism Joan of Arc
Product Louis IX Carruca Hundreds Years’ War
“What I can make to Create a castle through the castle project. Research and write about the need
show my learning.” for middle ages castles and creatively express your own castle project while
presenting to the class.

Castle Essays are due Tuesday, Dec. 1st
Castle Models or Posters are due on Friday, Dec. 4th
Questions from Chapters 9 & 10: 6. RC p. 317
(due on Friday, November 27th) 7. RC p. 318
1. Reading Check p. 287
2. Section Question #6 p. 290 8. RC p. 321
3. Section Question #6 p. 296 9. RC p. 336
4. RC p. 299 #1 – date 1066 10. RC p. 339
5. RC p. 308 The Vocabulary Quiz is Wed/Thu, November 18th & 19th
The Test for Chapters 9 and 10 is Tuesday, November