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Name: Er Pei Ting

I/C: 920613 01 5742

Class: G2.9
Index No.: WMA0002/G/012012/BI172
Course: Bina Insan Guru
Title: Reflection
Lecturers name: Madam Ros Maria binti Ahmad

Smile at each other, smile at your wife, smile at your husband, smile at your
children, smile at each other - it doesn't matter who it is - and that will help you to grow
up in greater love for each other. (Mother Teresa, 1979) This is the reason why we as
students of PISMP have to go for Bina Insan Guru (BIG). In this BIG, we have decided
to do it at the kindergarten of Institute Kampus Ilmu Khas. The aim we go there is to
help the teachers there to clean up the kindergarten. There was some strengths,
weaknesses and also ways to improve this programme.
Through the whole BIG, I had gain a lot of new knowledge and benefits from
there. There are many activities that been carried out on that day. All of the experience
that I gone through during the BIG was very awesome and it will be very useful for my
future as a teacher. The first thing that I learned from there is the important of
dedication. As a teacher, it is very important for me to be able to work with others and
has a good commitment with whatever I do. When I become a teacher, I have to take
the responsibility to control the whole class by my own. No one will be there to teach me
what I have to do but everything comes from me. Classroom management is very vital
so from the BIG, I learned some ideas on how to handle things when it occurs. The next
thing will be the value of cooperation. As the proverb said No man is an island. So we
as human being must always work together so that the works being assigned will be
done in a more effective and easy way. Teacher is a role model for the students to
imitate. Thus, teacher has to teach the students that cooperation is very important. In
addition, it also make me realized an individual have to possess the ability to have a
good problem solving skill with patient. Teacher has to be a good problem solver. No
matter what happen if there is a will, there is a way so teacher has to be patient and
think wisely when I confront with the problems especially the problematic students.
The weakness that I discovered during the BIG is the time period when we
carried out this programme. The BIG was held during the fasting month. So the
effectiveness of the work was not efficient. That was the reason why the whole cleaning
session for most of my friends was very tired and it take a long time to be done. Besides
that, it was a Saturday morning when we go to the kindergarten. Thus, we do not have
the opportunity to have any interaction with the children. What we can do is only helping
the teachers there to clean up the school. For me this was the saddest part as I think it
will be more interesting if the children are there. In contrary, maybe it was a Saturday
morning so most of us do not have the right mood in doing works. We spend a long time
in doing something which is very easy however at last we still manage to complete all
the works. If there is another BIG programme in future, I will make sure that we have
choose the right time period where all of my friends can involve in the programme more
actively. Next time try to avoid carry out activities take need a lot of movement during
fasting month. If possible try to choose a time that all of us have the chance to interact
with the children in the kindergarten. By doing this, we can actually have a teaching
session to let the children to learn something new and enjoy the lesson.
A Rome was not build in a day. In order to be an excellent teacher, I have to
appreciate every single chance that I have to learn and grab as many knowledge as
possible. I really hope that I can be a dedicated and responsible teacher who is full of
good moral values and knowledge. With all these, I will be able to bring the young
generation to a correct path way.

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