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March 4: 2002
The Honorable George E. Pataki
Governor of the State ofNe"", York
Capitol '
Albany, New York 12224
Dear Governor Pataki:
r turote you 01} February 1002 to express the inrerest of the St:lleQll-CayugaTribe in.
nega.tiaringtJJith the: state ofNewVark to cpmplete I! gami.ilg- compact, 1have also
fa recent newspaper articles closely with regard 'In tb.e status of negetiations with
other tribes fur gaming oompacts, I heve recentlymet with the Seneca-Cayuga Business
Cb,m'iJitteotmdI'have bc:t:tJ authorized to proposethe following slJpplcmcn1 to my lecer
ofFebrua:ry 5Q> . ,
The Seneca-Cayuga Tribe would propose coinpacts foe two sites iD. New
York Strte; one within(he Cayuga land elaimarea, and tl}e crWi in NhigamFalls, In
eat:l,l case, the would agreeable to all included in
tho and thl; recent Sf3te\g legislation." Specifically,
the Tribe is WillJng to make c:ll;ch..lsjvityp/:lYTUeots to me State ofNew.York 0[25% of the
sfQt revenues g<"-l1erilto;I at a Class ill W-cilil]'- .Further, the Tribe is willing toenter into
pxojeet labor agreements wi(b building trades and the Tribe isprepared to agree to the;
labor a.rgarA%.ins provision ofthe recent legislation.
,We understand that me Stat€: wantstribal laad claims resolvedas prot of thecompacting
process. Whlle Seneca-Cayuga Tribe cannot speakfor any other party to the cayuga
land claim, l:I{t pte,Pnrt;d to discuss a of proposals that We believe could
facilirate a negctiatedresolutionofthM claimthat woUld be beneficial to all parties. For
example, the Tribe1.'{QU1d be wi.Uing to make em additional payment offive million
dollars a year to the State of New York from each of the two gaming facilities to assist
We State in those negotiations,
Governor, I hope that you wiH give this pEfer serious consideretiori, as we ofthc: Seneca-
Cayuga Tribe have done. We that it is jp the best interest ofall crmcerned, rlook
forward (0 hearing from you. ;
Sincerely, .

Leroy Howard, Chief
Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma

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