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Grievance for Damages Lodge by Carlos Vicaria

This is very interesting case related to publishing of some disgraceful and offensive blog
against the plaintiffs Carlos Vicaria and Marcelo Caturla. Due to such activities by the
defendants, they lodged a case against Timothy Suereth. The defendant is engages with a
business as South Bay Club versight. This is also !nown as SBC. The grievance was
against the introduction of a derogatory blog. The plaintiffs also put the allegations
against the defendants that the defendant sent outrageous emails against the plaintiffs.
The blog was an outrageous one as it says that Vicaria, the plaintiff has been found guilty
doing a se"ual harassment of a child. #n relation to such offensive and fa!e charges the
plaintiffs filed a case against the plaintiffs of a minimal amount of $ %&'''.''.
The blog has made by the defendant stating something awful against Marcelo Catrula. #t
states that Catrula has also been convicted in the same case as Vicaria. But in reality,
these facts are totally forged and have been made(up by the defendant. The defendant
made this nuisance to the plaintiffs Carlos Vicaria and Marcelo Caturla intentionally.
They also continued to send a variety of defamatory statements to the wor!place of the
plaintiffs to harm them.
)ere we can have a little introduction of both the parties. The name of the defendant is
South Bay and it is engaged in wor! of defensive the residents in case they face any !ind
of nuisance. The first plaintiff, Vicaria is an occupant of Miami Dade. The second
plaintiff, Caturla is a dweller of Miami Dade too. )ere in this particular case, the
defendant made a great blunder and published false statements against Carlos Vicaria and
Marcelo Caturla. )ence, in such a circumstance the plaintiffs sued in opposition to the
defendant. The plaintiffs sought assistance for in*unction against South Bay due to such
deliberate harms caused by them against the plaintiffs.
The defendant also did a number of enormously disgraceful wor!s by hiding its authentic
name while posting such embarrassing blogs against the Carlos Vicaria and Marcelo
Caturla. The defendant continued this harassment under the false names as Susan Brener,
Barbara )as!ings etc. By using these false names the defendant wanted to establish that
these disguised figures are concerned citi+ens. The defendant also threatened the
employer of Vicaria so that he will be terminated from the employment. The blog was
created in the year ,''- though and posted abusing articles in the blog
against the plaintiffs. .fter doing such false blog postings, the defendant also did
unpleasant emails to the plaintiffs.