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Pakistan Studies Mcqs , Basic Information

About Pakistan
Pakistan Studies Mcqs , Basic Information About Pakistan
First Person who received Nishan-e-Haider Captain Raja Sarwar
First Lady Major General in the Pakistan Army Dr. Saida Ma!ik
First Governor General of Pakistan "uaid#e#A$am
First President of Pakistan Iskandar Mir$a
First Prime minister of Pakistan %awab &iaqat A% 'an
First elected President of Pakistan (ie!d Marsa! A)ub 'an
First Vice President of Pakistan - %ur#u!#Amin
First chief Jstice of Pakistan *ustice Sardar A. Ras id
First !hief Minister of Pnja" Iftikar +ussain Memdoot
!hief Minister of #indh A)ub 'oro
First chief Minister of $hy"er Pakhtnkhwa Dr. 'an Saib
First !hief Minister of %alochistan Sardar Atta ,!!a Men-a!
First Governor of Pnja" Sir (rancis Mood)
First Mslim Governor of Pnja" Sardar Abdur Rab %istar
First Governor of #indh .u!am +ussain +ida)atu!!a
First Governor of $hy"er Pakhtnkhwa &N'FP( Sir .eor-e Cunnin-am
First Mslim Governor of $hy"er Pakhtnkhwa Saib$ada Moammad 'ursid
First Governor of %alochistan &t .en Ria$ +ussain
first )overnor of Gnl)it-%altistan Samma 'a!id
First Joint chief of #taff !ommittee .enera! Muammad Sariff
First commander-in-chief of Army .en. (rank Meser/)
First Mslim commander-in-!hief of Army ..M. A)ub 'an
First commander-in-chief of Air Force Air /ice Marsa! A!!an Perr) 'eene
First Mslim commander-in-!hief of Air Force Air Marsa! As-ar 'an
First commander-in-chief Navy Rear Admira! *ames 0i!fred *efford
First Mslim commander-in-!hief of Navy +aji Muammad Sadique Caudr)
First !rise missile +atf 1II 2Babur3 Au-ust 44, 5667
First constittion of Pakistan was enforced Marc 58, 497:
#econd constittion of Pakistan was enforced ; *une 49:5
*hird constittion of Pakistan was enforced 4< Au-ust 49=8
first Forei)n Minister of Pakistan Sir >afaru!!a 'an
!hief +lection !ommissioner-of Pakistan (.M 'an
First !hief #cot !ommissioner of Pakistan "uiad#i#A$am
First #,# villa)e of Pakistan &aore 249==3
Pakistan first -rivate !hannel S?%249963
First Pakistani -ostal stam- issed *u!) 49<;
First constrcted %arra)e of Pakistan Sukkur Barra-e 249853
First .NA *est la"oratory Is!amabad 2Marc, 566:3
First Motorway of Pakistan constrcted in /001 Is!amabad#&aore Motorwa)
First )overnor of #tate %ank of Pakistan >aid +ussein
First martial law was im-osed in Pakistan = @ctober 497;
First ca-tain of Pakistani cricket team +afee$ 'ardar
First female chancellor in the Pakistan Be-um RaAna &iaqat A% 'an
First female vice chancellor in Pakistan %ajma %ajam
First female niversity in Pakistan (atima *inna 0omen ,ni/ersit)
First female )olf cham-ion in Pakistan Se$adi .u!fam
First female re-resentative of Pakistan in the 2N Saista Ikramu!ia
First female -rime minister who is assassinated Bena$ir Butto
First Pakistan to win the -resti)ios Plit3er Pri3e Adrees &atif
First female )overnor #tate %an4k of Pakistan Samsad Aktar
First women -ilot in Pakistan Sukri)a 'anam
First #ecretary General of Pakistan C. Muammad A!!
First Administrator of $arachi S)ed +asam Ra$a
First !hairman of senate +abib ,!!a 'an
President of first !onstitent Assem"ly of Pakistan "uaid#e#A$am
First female de-ty s-eaker in Pakistan Be-um *aanara Sanawa$
First female Mem"er of Parliament Be-um Saista Surawad) Ikramu!!a
First female minister of edcation Be-um Mamooda Sa!im 'an
First female Minister of Po-lation Dr. Atti)a Ina)atu!!a
First Pakistan minister of information S)eda Abida +ussain
First female Pakistani minister of finance Bena$ir Butto
First female minister of law and hman ri)hts Saida *ami!
First female 5forei)n ministry s-okes-erson ?as!eemAs!am
First-rivate Airline of Pakistan +aj)er) Air!ine
First -"lic airline of Pakistan @rient Air!ine
First ca-ital of Pakistan 'araci
First *V station &aore
First Nclear reactor of Pakistan 'araci nuc!ear power p!ant 49=5
First !hairman of the #enate +abib ,!!a 'an
First 'oman Jd)e of Hi)h !ort in Pakistan Majida Ra$/i
First #-eaker of !onstittion Assem"ly Mo!/i ?amee$ ud Din
First s-orts channel of Pakistan Super .eo
First Pakistani who received no"le -ri3e Dr. Abdus Sa!am 249=9 in P)sics3
First Pakistani who received Lenin Pri3e (ai$ Amad (ai$*I 9:4 3
First woman Prime Minister in Pakistan Bena$ir Butto
6on)est Prime Minister Bena$ir Butto
First s-eaker of National Assem"ly (ameeda Mir$a
First Finance Minister of Pakistan .u!am Muammad
First 7nterior Minister of Pakistan (a$!ur Reman