T:he wo.


bV christopher qolden

"This biles."

A strong wind blew across Crestwood Cemetery, whispering the dark secrets of Ihe dead as il passed amongst the lombslones and whistled through the cracks in the walls of each crypt. But Buffy Summers wasn'] listening. She knew each of the thirteen cemeteries in Sunnydale, California as though Ihey were her own back yard-hell. she spent more lime in the boneyards lhsn she. did al homo-send being amcngsl lhe graves of lhe town's dead had lost il5 ability to induce even the liniesl shiver.

There was a lul1 in lhe wind, and somewhere not far off she heard the creak of a rusty hinge. Though she knew il was merely lhe reseUJing of one of the crypt doors of the one on Ihe maintenance shed. her imaginalion filled in so many other images. A chill ran up the beck of Huffy's neck.

'Kay, she thought Maybe jusl one illy-/;Jilty shiver. avffy smiled to herself. In a freaky way, it was good 10 know she was capable of a good old-fashioned wiggins, lhe fear of creepy nothing. After all, she had ~eaH with so ~ sornelhings In the last few years, ever since she had learndd what she was.

The Slayer. The one girl in all Ihe world chosen by powers beyond her reckoning to combsl the forces of darkness. Chosen. n had its, pros and cons, no doubt about that. On the plus side. there was the whole superhuman thing-strength, speed, quick healing, those things didn't suck. On the elher hand, being the SJayer meant she had a duty to hunt monsters unlil one of them killed her. Given the hazards of the job-being public enemy number one as far as the nasty ol' forces of darkness were concerned-the kjJling thing W8$ preUy much guara1!ieed 10- happen sooner than she would like.

~ '1loffy Hgu'red one> hundred was a nice round number. but she'd be lucky 10 make it out of .her leens,

Even that did not ha~rn~ her as much as it might haveas much as a had when shct had Hrsl lesrned thai slie was Chasen. like all Slayers, she bad" Walcher 10 guide her. Giles was lops with the dernony knowledge, and had given her the combat Iraining she needed, but he WaS more than thai. This was his fight loa. He looked out for her. Plus. unlike most Slayers. Butfy had nol accepl-

ed the idea put forth by the Council of Walchers that to . be an effective Slayer she had 10 alienate all her friends.

Screw lhel.

Nope, what was bothering her morethan anything on this warm spring nlghl when a hard bree:z:e was blowing in off the Pacific was lhsl she was slone cold bored.

Bufty slumped against a granite grave marker and thumped her head back against the stone. Bored. bored, bared.

"This really blles," she muttered \0 the darkness and the dead.

SunnydaJe was righl on lop of Ihe Hellmculh, a place where the barrier between lhe human world and Ihe demon dimensions was worn thin. n was a like a magnet, drawing monsters from all aver. Nearly every night she pelrolled the lown looking for trouble, and mosl of the lime she found it in some form Or another. Somehow . she managed 10 work in some hang lime with Willow and Xander, not to mention her Mom.

But there was no patrolling tonight Even though she could think of a dozen things she should have been or wauld rather have been doing lnslesd, tonight, all she could do was wail.

So she sal here wilh her back egelnst the gravesionefeeling the engraved letters of a dead man's name on her back---and she wailed and she slared el Ihe freshJy hrrned earth af the grave across from her, and she wondered ~ S4Sha Kopeki was going to came back to Jjfe.

An image swam up into her mind of Sssha in her choc::"cading uniform. The girl had graduated high school the previous .spring and had been attending UC SunnydaJe, but Butfy only remembered her from the lime sbcc ,nerself had briefly been par] of the eheerleading squiif. S85ha hadn'L been the prelliesl girl on th: squad ilftchke had certainly nol been the besl, but when It came tit~-waUage and learn spirit the dead girl was second to none.

Was being the key word there, Buffy thought Sashs's pretty much second to everyone these days. The girl .had been killed by a slrey vamp who bad wandered Into Sunnydale 10 check out Ihe Hellmouih, and 10 find oul if




the Slayer was really as laugh as they said. Buffy had already dusted the moron, proving the poinl.

But Sasha WaS unfinished business.

With a sigh, the Slayer rested her head agains] the tombstone again. Her eyes begsn to flutter closed, AlJ:noslibe moment they did, she heard lhe soft sound of dirt sprinkling Io the ground. Of digging.

Buffy's eyes snapped open and she glanced over a1 Sasha's grave. Slender while fingers Julled from lhe freshly turned earlh, clawing al the dirt around lhern, destroying the dead girl's French manicure. A wave of sadness passed thrc:.rugh Buffy for the excitable cheerleader with lhe blinding smile. Bul Sasha was dead now.

n was her fingers Ihs! bored their W8Y up from the dirt, her hands llial burst from lhe ground, her arms that lhrus! forth and dragged the resl of her body from the gr8ve. But Sasha was dead.

The corpse crouched beside the hole ii had burrowed up from ils coffin, clad in a simple and elegant black dress. Sasha's blond hair had been arranged lovingly in her casket but now ii was crusted with moist earth.

Buffy thought she saw a worm dangling near lhe dead girl's ear.

"Aboullime;" Buffy laid her. "I thought J was gonna go gray wailing for you. And, brrrr ai lhel lhoughl."

Saha whipped around 10 face her. rising up slmosl Io he .. full height but still somehow Ierel, Yellow eyes glared at Buffy in the darkness. The girl's face was not at all the way Buffy remembered, but that was no faull of memory. Ii had more to do wilh the melamorphosls her features had undergone, tile way thai her forehead and cheeks had become ridged and cruel and inhuman.


The undead girl grinned, then, but. instead of the perfed smile BuHy recalled her mouth was twisted In a predalory rictus, flashing deadJ~ fangs.

"I remember you," the vampire said, voice raspy from disuse, The voice of the grave,

". BufEy stood across \;be disturbed grave from Sasha and reached inside her .zippered sweatshirt for Hie slake she cerried in the pocket sewn in there.

-No you don't" lhe Slayer said.

Confused, the vampire frowned, lips curling back savagely from those fengs. -Yeah. I do."

"Those aren't your memories," Buffy told her, a horrible revulsion roiljng in her guL "They belong to Sesha."

""I am Sasha .... the vampire hissed.

"No you're nat." Buffy replied calmly. "You're just the

thing thai's living off her corpse. like a maggot."

Willi 1:1 roar of fury. the vampire lunged across the open grave. fingernails hooked inlo claws, features conladed with demonic ferocily. II leapt at Buffy, who spun out of its way. Sasha rushed her from behind and Buffy took a single step backward-ioward the vampire-and shot an elbow inlo ils face. Sasha's surgically reconstructed nose exploded in a gush of blood and a splintering of bone.

Buffy leaped into lhe air, spun around and shot /:I high kick at the vampire's face. n staggered backward and fell over lhe gravestone Buffy herself had beenJeaning against for the past lwo heurs. The vampire's legs were splayed, the hem of its burial dress .hanging like a curlain over the front of lhat stone. The Slayer leaped over the marker and landed on the vampire's chest plunging lhe slake into lhe dead girl's heart.

Sasha whimpered once, eyes lacked on Buffy·s. "J remember you:' she whispered.

Then she explodedinlo a cloud of cinder and ash Thai was swept away by the warm Pacific breeze.

"No you don'L" Buffy said to lhe nighi. to The darkness. "No. You don't. ...

Then she turned and strode quickly from the cemetery, wanting 10 put it behind her as quickly as possible. She would go to the Bronze. where she hoped 10 find her friends hanging out, maybe dancing, depending on what band was playing tonight With them she wauld laugh, and in laughing, she would begin to forgel, end she would fill her life up with the things thai maUered, the !:hings thaI reminded her what she was fighting for.

Buffy would talk, and she would move, snd she would dance. She would use the lime she had in this world. and she would not be bored. Nclhingebout being Chosen bothered her mare than those limes when boredom set in. when she had to sit in the graveyard and wail,

Not.hing Was worse than the wailing.


@ts th» ~ldPors CWt?rl", G¥"o dust ~/tIl' cieoro

rJv{c]Vamara.: ~u teffing me my business?

'BlIffy: 'l1Lis is not your business. It's mine. You, tlie Initiative. tlie hoys in tf:e. Pentagon, YQu're o[{ ill way over your fieatls. tMtssiltg witli PrinrevafJorces you have aEso(utefy no comprefumsio71 of

Mc:Namara: fAmfyou do?

1luffiJ: I'm the stayer. YoIL're.pmying on my turf. --4.21 Primf.tlla(

SO, the cove, image caught your eye. or your Buffy fanaticism compelled you, or maybe some college fr~Jings knocked 13. pile of books from the lop shelf onto your heed=-whelever the reason. you decided 10 flip lhrough, and now read (of all things!) the Buffy the Vampire Slayer roleplaying game (BfVS RPG) corebook. lsn'l that special. You have jusl embarked on your own personal roleplaying trip.

The roleplaying velerans among you-those gaming grognards-Irnow most of ibis inlro sluff already. And those familiar wjlli Unisyslem games will find very little new here );OtI folks can skip ahead 10 the other juicy bits of this ~bapler, or even strajgbllo character creation in Chaplet TWd Some Assembly Required. Nothing for you to see Move along, move along.

Now lbal"lhose lypcs are ouUa here. we Can fin your heads ~ all sorts of nonsense about roleplaying, with no fear of eenlrediclion. Firs! off. it's an easy way of making major ~Ies of cash. Just send a ten-dollar bill to us at. . .

[Buff!l: S'pi~e, wftat art tau cfoiTlg (tere? SyiJ;j! (between Mows): same reason as !IOU ant! your cub scout here; 1 wager. 'Wan tea a spot of viatenee 6efore bedtime:

-5.4 Out a/My '}.{irul

Not buying thai, are youl? Okay, in truth, a roleplaying game is aboul shared slorylelling, You get logelher with several friends and create a tale. In lhe case of lhe BIVS RPG. there's a bunch of large incisors. slakjng and good fashion sense involved, bul that's nol all. Unlike any other kind of game, your group's story can lake you, lhe chsraclers and the Buffyverse anywhere you Want il 10. The action takes place in your imaginations, and the slory is lold through your interaclions. There are truly no limits. The greet thing about roleplaying games is thai the direction of the story and the creative choices are all about you. Seriously, you rule!

Each of you creates a cheracler, an alternative persona that becomes your "in game" role. This is your Casl Member. You choose the character's strengths and weaknesses, abilities and limilalions, and-in particular-personality. During lhe course of the game, you make this Cast Member's decisions, utterances and actions. You put words in her mouth, spring in her step, and joy in her heart. Or maybe you just brood a lot and kick butl. No sweat, that's a valid lifestyle choice 100.

If you like. you Can play any of the characters From our favorite TV show (eh ... Buffy, duh'?). Or you might make something up, say Trep, lhe old homeless man. or Biff, the muscle-headed jock, or Glenda. the spacey goth gal. or any number of other folks. Whatever you do, know that you've gal a bit of an edge. You are one of the good guys, the white hats, lhe champions-or at least are helping the heroes 85 a loyal and trusted Scooby. Now, thai', nol to say your creation won't have a dark side ... or two. It wouldn't be the Buffyverse withoul making wah a liUle darkness. Again, that's lip 10 you.

tHE Dtnsctos;

All the players and Cast Members are important, but one of you is exira special, and it's most like)y you who are reading this book right now. What.,. you knew thai aJreadyP. Figured as much. The special player is called the Diredor. The Director stands slightly aparl (and maybe upwind) from the other players because she does the bulk of the ... well, .. game direcling. That's righi, llie Director is the first among the creators. She actually sets the scene, plots the plot, details the descriptions and engages in other nifty alliterations. She makes the pme go by providing fun sluff fer the Casl Members to do, nol lhe least of which is ensuring that everyone has something to dust an a fai rl y regular basis.

The Director also casls and speaks for the other charaders-anyone that the Cast Members meet in their adventures. If these folks are neutral or even helpful to

the Cast. they are called Guesl Slars. A Guest Sler could be the nameless guy on lhe street who wilnessed the vamp attack, the perky cheerleader assaulied by the youth-sucking demon, the old wilch who has an anclenl lome For sale, or someone more mundane ... or more twisted. These folks come inlo lhe Cast Members' jives, do their part for the pial and leave. Unless, of course, lhey ate recurring types; a CaslM.ember could even fall in love with one of them and .she could become a regu,lar. Hey. il happens a lot in the BEVS TV show.

If the Director-eonlrolled charsclers are out for CBS~ Member blood . . . or worse, they are called Adv.ersaries. These include the vamps, demons and olher nasHes-......,up lo end including the Big Bad. These folks deserve a thorough dusting. How lhsl happens is up lo the Cast Members.

'.Buffi.J: 'lfar-- (snort) f}{arowNY fUlS mi-minions?

Xawfer: yeaJ'i, that was prettg much. 11tg reaction. rsuffy: I'm sony ... I just. .. (n£w (ilugfrter) tJtarl1lollY Jias minions!

Xander: 54:tu[1?Jifjfes have ridges. iJ3ll'f/I,; tiiere's actua£l,y a more serious sitf£ to a« tILls: ..

tJJuffy (eyes tearing): I sure Iiope so. I'm na vi1l9 trouofe (jreatliing.

-5.2 tJ1te WJa{ ~

All rules decislcnsare handed down by the Director (usually with some discussion from the other playerswe like to think of it as enlighlll'led despotism here). She figures out how and when to use the game mechanics and decides the outcomes of cerleln rolls. She makes sure things don't get bogged down in all thal "1 shot you, no you didn'I, yes 1 did, nyah, nyah, nyah" sluff we used lo gel such a kick @ul of as kids. All that rules sluH is covered much more in The resl af lhis book.

fjnaJJy. the Director may provide the gaming room, Ut atMed deluxe gaming seats and some major snackage, Depends on how generous she is feeling. Or how .-ch the other players try 10 suck up by kicking in that sW", Mosl Directors are all in favor of players doing the ~king up thing.

E SEssions

e sessions in the BtVS RPG can lake anywhere from a couple hours 10 an entire weekend (depends on how crazed you are ebcul the whole Ihing), There is no formaJ start or end-that's up 10 the Director and players to decide. Also, in roleplaying, no one gets 10 brag about being the winner. The flip side is u,at no one has

10 be the loser. The objective is to create a story. engage in some spontaneous and often hilarious conversations. and have a good lime wilh friends, And no, no elecIronies of any kind 8.Te necessary. PreUy uncivilized, ehl?

Now, don't go lhinking there is no structure here. ll's no madhouse, I lell you. The game is divided into Episodes. resolved in one or more couple-hour gaming sessions. These are plollines or linked subplots thal make up a single slory, just like each hour-long TV show. Episodes and their related slory arcs may be strung together 10 form a Season. and several Seasons lead into the Series, lhe whole story created by the interaction between the players' Cast Members and the Director.

Or you could Just play one session and bash some badteeth types. We suspect that, once you gel started, you'll wsnt to play again. Roleplaying games are insidious like Ihsl, Again, jl's all up 10 you.

Gsrttnc StARtED

rsu!f!l: It's my first cfay! I was afraUf tft.at 1 was gOllna be 6ehtnti in a({ of Illy ctDsses, tliat I 1V0wan. 't flw.R,e any jrielu(s, trwt 1 woufi{ fiaw~ {a.r:t trwlltn's rlllM 1 cfWrI't tliillK tn.ere'd'6e vampires on campus. f4,u[ J don't care.

-1.1 WelCome to tlie 'JIeffmoutii

Okay. I'm sold, you say. lei's slop yapping and gel slaying.

I-IoJd on there, Skippy, goUa couple things to gather first The key thing is this book, but you're already covered on that rightS? Otherwise, this whole thing gels way loo melephysicsl. One more thing-havjng the book isn't going to do H. You, or at least the Director, is going to need 10 read it, or el least flip through il a bit. Go on. it won't hurt a bil, It's gm pretty pictures, lob of show quotes and some cool parts. Honest

You also need to shout ou] 10 some friends. get them 10 break away from lheir Xboxes and come over 10 hang. You need some paper. pencils (or pink pens with feelhrs sprouting from the lop-whatever Heats your beet), and some dice.

Dice indeed! You've no doubt seen the small cubes wiUt dols (called pips, if you must know) or numbers on them. They can be found in old copies of Hanapol • Percheesi or Trivial Pursuit. Heck. you could even bust them out of their confining bubble in Frustration or Trouble. Always wanled 10 do that, ehl?

Anyway, those cubes are called six-sided dice. We gaming pros refer 10 them 8.S D65. D6s are good, bul

useless for the B1VS RPG. The real heavyweights of this game are the DJ0s. or len-sided dice. These puppies are usually stocked in hobby game slcres=-suches the place you picked up this very lome. They are also found in some bookstores or deparbnent stores. They are way big with the angst-ridden vampire roleplaying sel (if you care). If you can'I find them. call or email us. We'lJ hook you up.

Finally, you might wsn! to gather some markers or . poker chips. You could use those lillle plastic gems left over from all \.hose Magic or Pokeman card games. Or even beller, toothpicks! YOlI could call them Lillie Mr. Poinlies. 'Whatever you decide, you will need som"ething to record Drama Points. Those suckers (Drama Points, not LiWe Mr. Poiniies) are going lo save your Casl Member's buU at some point, So it's imperlenl Ic know how many you've got. We'll gel into Drama Points in Chapier Three: Rules. Barders and an End Zone.

Okay, lhal's a wrap. You're all set up and ready to slay. Have fun, and don'l Iorgel lhe medieval hardware.

The game ~rt of lba BlVS RPC is handled by ttl, Unisys\cDl. The Unis)'ltem helps players ancf. Directors decide what options are ... ailable al any given moment in the game. and the success or failure of any charaeler's ectlons. T~Sf rules are presented in detail in Chapter Two: Somc AssombJy Required and Chapter Three: Rules. Borders and an

End Zone.

Allhaugh the Unisystem is deslgned to handle any kind af roleplayjniJame-in any setting, with any theme---each parlicular game has its own flavor. For the B1VS RPG, a cinemalic,1Ugh-advenlure tone is crucial. Face it. ~ in the Buffyvcrse do things that -normal'" lypes ~t couldn1 ima~ne. Tbe..6ttion is fast and furiouS, and nobody needs or ~ to tweat tho details. We are not even going to taft< about the trajecto-

ry of fire. or the sootier patt4:rll of grenades. Not that there's anything wrong with that, if yo~are into that stuff. We just went to get with th~!Iii/ing and slaking around #tere, and nol gel boggad down in lhai stuff.

The UnisysWn i also the: heart of several other games covering magic and horror themes. You can also find out. more 8bool them at www.cda\studios.nol.



tjiles: sometliing's coming, sometliirJg, sometfurlg ... some.tJiing is, is gontta happen here. 50071 I fjjuffy: (je£. cart you vague tftat 1':1' fOT me ... ?

-1.1 'Welcome to tlie 'J-Ed[mautfi.

The BtVS RPG covers a lot of ground. From rules to stals to descriptions Io background, ills full of chocolatey goodness. We break it down for you nice and simple though. Here's how.

CHAPTER ONE: IT's THE SLAYER'S WO"RLD~ WE JUST PLAY HERE conlains Ihese.inlroductory seciions, some notes about. roleplaying, a lis1 of convenlions and a brief recap of Seasons One lhrough Five of the BEVS TV series.

CHAPTER Two: SOME ASSEMBlY REQU1REO covers character orealion.

From type 10 ebililies to' drawbacks 10 powers, all the choices are here far the laking. We also present seve ral reedy-lo-go Cast Members, called Archetypes, A lweak here, a name there, and you are ready to' slay. Finally, all the game slab for your favorite Slayer and Scoobies are here.

CHAPTER THREE: RULES, BORDERS AND AN END ZO~E is the rules chepler, lhe heart of lhe Unisyslem. Here you learn how 10' play the game, when to use dice, what \bey mean and how 10 keep your Cad Member from geUing fanged. Details on character developmenl and experience are given, and those so-important Drama Poinls are explained.

CHAPTER FOUR: PLAYING. Wlru PRIMAL FORCES gives you the lowdown on lhe major mojo. Magic is a strange and wondrous thing in the "Buffyverse, but it's nol a sure thing. Good sluff is possible, but the down side is big-lime bad news.

CHAPTER fIVE: SUNNYt>ALE AFTER DARK runs down the hotspots of our fa.orjle left coast town. Sel lhe scene in style with all the info found here .. Also', the major Guest Stars of the BlVS TV show-from JO¥ce to Am}' lo Jonathan-are presented.

CHAPTER SIX: CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT details the bad guys. The vamps, demons and essorled other ickies are aJI slat-ed 01.11 and described. The Big Bads from first five seasons are also covered. Beware.

CHAPTER SEVEN: EPISODES, SEASONS ANI> DRAMA is for the Director, These guidelines help you: joss wanna-bes out there create storylines and run games.

C~mR EIGHT: SWEEPS WEEK is a fleshed out. adyenlure for yaur BiVS RPG game. Heads up, Directors, no crealing needed. Hand oui lhe Arcbetypes and make with the playing.

ApPENOI)( contains \be lowdown on Buffyspeak.

Wanl lo enhance your dialogue, spice up your canversation or Just confuse the old folks~ We've gal the goods here. Also, useful charts and tables, a glossary, an index and conversion notes from other Unisystem games are presented.


We have taken certain liberties here to make this book easier 10 follow. Do try to follow along. You'JJ thank us later. Really,

This book looks different depending on what's going on. As words make up the bulk of whai's in here (hence the appellation "book"), you can bel lhal when the words change their look, somelhing imporlanl JUSt happened. The lexl you are reading now is standard iexl. H covers genersl explanations, and narrative sections.

'Wi[(ow: fA({ set You have a plan?

'BuffiJ: Spiff it un. fter; try and ma/(e it wok naturae )(antler: 'We're rigfrt Denuu[ you.. Dnty ... fur-

tlier [jack.,

-1.3 Witc1i

Il's those pithy sayings lha] make the BEYS TV show so engaging. All hail Joss and his writing team. Anyway, as you probably noticed, quotes appear like this with the speakers name up front. The citslion includes the season and episode separated by a period. and the tHe jus} after.

Other words are set apart ill this way. These boxes derail Guest Stars or Adversaries that may be used in Stories, if YOLI want.

As you've probably noticed, dice are central to the B1VS RPG. We already mentioned lhel OJ0 means s len-sided die. When a number appears before the nolalion, that \',J\V,~:r of dice should be rolled, and their results should 1)e:!loa,ea together. For example, 2Dm means rolllwo lensided dice, and generate a result between Z and 20.

Multipliers are given after the di e notslion. For example, 3019 x 4 means roll three len-sided dice, add the results togelher, and multiply that total result by four. As the math whizzes among you have already guessed, this generales a number between 12 and J20.



You English majors know thai the guy reference (he, him, his) is customarily used for both male and female. lois of folks think that's part of lhe whole male domination societal thing, and don't like it muchly. On the allier hand, saying • he or she" all the time is clumsy and way-loo-Pf for us, Given lhal lhis is a book about vampire Slayers-you know "the one girl in all. the world who ... " -we're going to use the gaJ reference· (she, her) whenever a generic designalion is needed. That ought 10 wig oul some lighlly wrapped grammarian somewhere.


For those of you who don't travel much, the U.S. measurement system (feel, yards. miles, pounds, elc.) is not used in most countries. The metric system is aeLually predominant in much of the world. Still, Buffy is in California and, until iI rolls off into the ocean, the left coast is part of the U.S. So, we are going parochial and using the Imperial system. For our worldly aficionados, rough conversions may be Found by multiplying miles by 1.5 to get kilometers (instead of 1.609), equaling melers with yards (instead of 1.094 yards), halving pounds 10 Fl kilograms (insleed of mult.iplied by 0.4536). and so on. The BIVS RPG is about story and dialogue, not sta1istics . and dimensions .. All tbal measurement stuff won'l come up very often anyhow.


'Tam: You tfiinl( you /(rtow. . . WMt'S to C01TlJ!, ... wfillt you are. You Mven't even Gegull.

--1.22 'R.IStfess

Now we gel lo the part of lhe show lhat's intended for Bufly neophytes. The B1VS legions know most of this stuff already. We learned it by slavishly devoting ourselves lo our videotape library. "'No, dear, I'm nol goofing off watching Buffy reruns. I'm working and studyjng. No really ... "

The Buffyverse is an on-going projecl. Joss and gang cont:inue to surprise and deligh] us with new stories eyety week. Still, we need to set some limils around what. covered in this book. Since Season Six is going on as we write, we will only include informat.ion from Seasons One Ihrcugh Five. Never fear, there's plenty 10 work with in the first JOO episodes.


Yah, yah, it's a prelenlious, new-sgey kind of word, bul it's a good one. Cosmology means the study of the universe, or cosmos. For us, il means lhe central whys and wherefores of the BufFyverse. How things came to be, in a big way. Given Ihel we are balking supernalural Buffy sluff, maybe "mythology" is 8 better word. Bul thai makes it all sound so ... ficlional. Can'l have that

qifes: 'I1iis wor{({ is o{({ertrl.aTl any of you ~tOw, and cuntrary to popu{o;r mytfwfogy, it auf not aegin as a paradise. 'ForuntofC{ eons, clemons walker! tfJg eartn; 1IJ.ad"e it tfz.eir Mute ... tfi.eir fl£[[ In time t1iey fast tIieir YUTcfzase on this reali-gp ami tfle way was 1Irar.f£ for tfle mortar animars. 'ForMan. What remains oj -Me o{({ Ones are vestiges: certain 11l~ certain creatures.

-1.2'11ie 'lfarvest

One of the more prominent "vestiges" was the vampires.

{ji.fes: '111£ books te(( tfiat tlie last demon to (eave tfris reality fet! off a Euman, miJ(ea tfieir 6fooa. 9fe was a hUlIum jonn )1osSesSetf-il1fec.tetf~ by the demon's soul % oit another, ami anotlier ... alia so tfie.y walk tlie earth; feeding- '1(j{fing some, mi.tjrLg tiieir Mooa Wifli otlilIS to 1114ke more of tlieir ~illa. rWaitirlg for tfie animafs to ate out. a.mI the oa Ones to return;

-1. 'ITte'lfarvesl

Bul it's not as grim as all ihe]. Sometime after the "Old Ones" lefl, and vampires began, 8 Slayer was born. "One girl in sllfhe world ... one born willi lhe strength and skill 10 hunl the vampires ... " slop me iF this starts 10 sound familiar. The earliest known Choosen One appears 10 have lived back in Ihe days when our kind was more Homo and less sapiens. Since then the line hss been unbroken, Whenever a Slayer was killed, enoiher arose 10 lake her place.

Now, it may be lhat the Slayers worked alone for a orne. relying only on their own innate strength, dexterity and cunning. At some point however, the Slayers were joined by"Walchers-mentors. loremaslers, good with the rules, regulations and research. To this day. eaoh Slayer has been assigned 8 Watcher, with the intent thai lhe knowledge of prior limes be passed along with the power and abilities.

So the Slayer, aided by her Wal:cher. hunts vampires, demons and other naslies. These less-lhan-genleel types

are found all over-Cleveland appears 10 be parlicularly afflided-bulthey really like 10 hang in one very special place. Oddly enough, ii's in southern California, in a lown called Sunnydale. Il's first described 85 Ihe "rnoulh of Hell," and lhel name kind of stuck.

'Buffy: ... tnis town is a mystical wnoosit?

(jiks; yes. 111e Spanish wfio first settf.elf here

ca([erf it 'Boca tj)ef InJiemo-rougftfy translaied: t'Jle[{moutJi. 910 sort of portae from this reatity to tlie nex]:

-1.2 '11ie 'lfarVest

And if it's good enough for the monsters, ii's the place for any righi-thinking Slayer and her Walcher. Funny how that works.


'lUIe!J: 'But you've fQlfea a-~ll die! trw. tfii1tg Wt'tfi tnat-Vli, you drowned: 9lntf tfee snak;,tl Wof to met/noll tfte. _ . tfaify ... sfa!lage. of

. .. Wow.

'Rufty: It's fLO Gig, fearfy. :Hey, wlio wants ice cream?

'1?jfey: 'Buffy. WfLe1L 1 saw you sto.p tfre wor6f from, you .ttlOW, entf&19. I just assunud tliat was a {jig weekfor !JOu. It turns out 1 sutfdD,lJJ finti myself neediflg to know tfie p(ura( of ayocafgpse.

~.12 :New Man

A brief recap of the first five seasons of the BEYS TV show follows. This is not an episode guide, but merely an overview of the storyline, describing major events in the Jives of our heroes from BlIffy's arrival in SunnydaJe to her death (second deelh thai is, but who's counting).

SEAson OnE

(jifes: 9l.([ rigfit, p[Oust drop i11 7f/,Y time machine, go 6ack ta the tweCftfi centwy, ana as/( tfre vampires to postpone tfielr QTIC:ien t propliecy for a few clays wfiife y011 ttd"c in dfllner a/u{ a SflO w.

tElI!!Y: of;py, at thisyoirtt, you're abusing sarcasm.

-1.5 !Never rx..i[( a 'Boy O1t tfre 'First lDate

Our hero. Buffy Summers, arrives in her new town, Sunnydale. She is a very attractive and winy sophomore in high school-a transfer from her former school after she was "asked to leave" due to burning dawn the gym, Buffy's mom. Joyce, opens an art gallery and hies to move on after divorcing Buffy's father. Hank,

Buffy hopes 1.0 leave her Slayer past behind her and just be a normal teen, but she finds lhal rough going almost immediately. The new librarian, Rupert Giles.veveels himself as her new Walchet. Buffyevoids him iniljally, but her role as the Slayer cennot be cast aside, Giles starts as an invaluable source of paranormal informaben, and quickly becomes her surrogate father figure,

Three high school sludenls soon make a place for themselves in Buffy's IHe. Willow Rosenberg is a shy. bookish nerd, but she's kind. preHy and talented. and Buffy comes to care deeply for her, Xsnder Harris is a klutzy, insecure smart-aleck, and Willow's best friend. Willow would like to be more, but Xander is teenage-oblivious 10 it all. With Giles, Willow and Xander form the core of the

Scoobies or SlayereUes, Buffy's support group. Cordelia Chase is \:he antithesis of Willow and Xandera stunning. stuck-up Ms. Popularity ..

Although determined to avold the three "losers," she is slowly drawn into their Slayer activities. primarily as a result

of shared dangers from

Sunnydale High's phenomenal

casualty rate, It's the whole Hellmouth lhing, you know.

Three others bear mentioning-Amy Madison, and Principals Flutie and Snyder. Amy is a shy, cowed girl whose mother. Cslherine, is a powerful witch. Catherine switches bodies wilh Amy in order to relive the glories of her cheerleading past Catherine is defeated and trapped in a

cheerleading trophy. Amy regains her body. and that is the las! we see of her , .. for now. Principal Flulie is a touchyFeely educator type, who is soon eaten by primal hyenas and replaced by Principal

Snyder, a cynical. mean disciplinarian. Both give Buffy grief for her violent tendencies and frequent absences.

A recurring theme in Season One is responsibility.

Buffy does what she has lo, survives and keeps her friends safe, but continually struggles against her Slayerhood. Not until the very end does she embrace her fate and gains power as a result. This lheme wiJI arise again in the series.

A major event occurs in the first season for Buffy: she falls in love. Now, il's Buffy of whom we speak, so it can't be a nice, normal boy. Her lave, Angel, is a vampire. He is definitely one of the good guys, but are we talking dark side or wheW falling in love and sharing that Jove as a leenager is hard enough. Making ji work with a vampire adds ihat extra zesl of lragedy lhst will become so familiar as the series progresses. Turns alii Ihai Angel was lhe despicable horror Angelus for most of his 240 plus years of unlife. Only recently (roughly Sf) years ago-recent for a vampire at least) was he cursed with a soul after 10rluring and killing a Romany woman. He feels remorse big Ume now and determines that his place is a1the side of the SJayer working 10 rigM demon wrongs. He's mostly dark and brooding, but despile lhal cepliveling' personelily, he and Buffy steadily grow closer.

Bufly isn'l lhe only one for whom heart strings an: pulled. ln Season One, we meet Jenny Calendar. the Sunnydale High computer-science teacher. She turns oul 10 be a "techncpagan" not entirely unfamiliar with the secrel world of the Scooby Gang. She is hip. plugged-in and socially adepl--all things lhsl Giles is not Indeed,

Giles displays a deep phobia of computers, Jenny's life's work. SUlI, Giles is smillen and Jenny reciprocates. It's all very awwhhh.

The mele-plol of the first season involves The Master, an ancient end powerful vampi re who ellernpled to open the Hellmoulh in years past. This failed speclaculerly and lrapped him in a limbo between the human and the demon dimensions. Through various means the Masier allernpls to accumulate the power necessary to break through the barriers and free himself 10 do that voodoo

1hal he do so well. As that would bring carnage and other unpleesenlries, Buffy and the Scoobies work Vf;ry hard to keep it from happening.

. ,. Two of the Masler's minions come 10 have a continuing role in the series, The fir'st is Derla, his favorite. She slars in the first scene of the show. and turns oui 10 be Angel's sire-vampire-speak for the one who makes you inl(J 8 vampire. She ullhnately allernpls 10 bring Angel back 10 the dark side. but is slaked and dusted arter a eli-

malic batlle in the seventh episode. As will happen again in the series, death is not all it's cracked up 10 be. We will see Darla sgaln (though mostly in anolher series).

The second minion is the Anointed One. He is a vampire child crested by the Masler as his primary weapcm againsi the Slayer. The Anoinled One's powers are unclear. Aside from bearing the mantJe of the Masler's' chosen successor, his major job is luring Buffy 10 the Masler al the prophesied lime. That's the prophecy what slates -the Masler shall rise and the Slayer shall die."

And thus we come to the season finale. Conlrary 10 her hero persona, BuHy shows great fear and we begin lo understand some of lhe downside of being /:I Slayer. She lries 10 fighl lhe Masler, and afler a very one-sided beltle, he kills her and escapes his imprisonment. (Calm down, remember my death poinl a couple of paragraphs 8gQ ••. ) Xander performs CPR on Buffy as Angel "'has no breath/' and she revives. By all rights, she should be weak. ln fact she feels different, stronger. Things are slarting 10 look up.

The Hellmoulh is located under the Sunnydale High Iihnlry of all places=-Siles' home base. The gang gathers t1tc:re only 10 Find \.he Hellmouth opening, and a large lontacled creature emerging. BuFFy fights the Master on the roof. the Scoobies fight the creature below. It ends well, and the group heads out lo celebrate. Whal!? You were expecLing maybe a blow-by-blow accounl!? Buy the DVO, chum.

SEAson two

Cjiles: os; forgive me ... Xaru{er; Corcieua, tfiis is I}(t-rufra. It's rather complicated; 6ut she's also a S(ayer. Confeua: lJ6. 'J'I'lCe tv meet you.

Xantfer: ~ Shyer; flltli? 1 knew tliis "I'm t/ie. OllEy one., Pm. trw. on fy one" tfxiu9 was just an attention-qetter.

-2.~O 'Wfiat's My Lin.e, Part 2

The major new arrivals 10 the Hellmoulh in Season Two are Spike and Drusilla, a duo of English vampires who knew Angel over one hundred years ago. Spike, s.k.s. "William the Bloody," is 8. sarcastic peroxide blond punk-the Sid Vicious of the undead. His love Drusilla is a wraithlike romantic driven by visions and whatever odd notions come into her mind. She was a young girl on the verge of becoming a nun when Angelus drove her insane by killing her enure family right in front of her. The two

vamps of viciousness have been together as (I couple for a long, long lime, and still possess the passion of newlyweds.They cruise inlo SunnydaJe looking for sanctuary with the Anointed One until the weakened Drusilla can be restored to fuJI health, Spike, who has fought and killed two

Slayers in his time, agrees 10 lake out Buffy in exchange for a place 10 lay low in peace. Failing 10 do so due to his own impatience, Spike begins to seek the Anoinled One's forgiveness, but gives up in the middle. He grabs the boy vamp and tosses him to daylighl, Exit one presumed Big Bad. Joss and company sel us up 10 view things one way, and then take a sharp turn into unpredictability. This won't be the last lime this happens.

Spike quickly lakes over leadership of the vampires in town and sets his mind 10 gelling

revenge on the Buffster. He tries everything' from ambushes 10 hiring ancient orders of demon assassins to resurrecting the Judge, who can't be killed by any weapon forged.

As il lurns oul, the thing which comes clos-

esl lo destroying the Slayer is the person who means rnosl 10 her. When she and Angel make love (Buffy's first lime), the gypsy curse on him is broken, and his soul is lost again. He reverb 10 being the

monstrous Angelus, breaking her heart before joining with Spike and Dru and trying 10 end the world. Oh, and the evil trio Iires 10 kill

the Scoobies and those closest to them. As it happens, Buffy receives some unexpected help near the end of the season-Spike agrees to sci up Angelus for her if he and Dru are allowed to escape and never return La Sunnydale. In lhe end, Buffy is forced 10 kJII Angel 10 save the world

Just after he regains his soul and Jove for her. Can you say ouch~


Season Two brings some great new characters lo the mix. Daniel Osbourne, also known as Oz, is lhe stoic, sensitive lead guilar player of local band Dingoes Ale My Baby and replaces Xander as the Jove of Willow's life. .He's also a werewolf, but emphatically Not a Monsler. 'Werewolves are people too ... most of lhe lime.

Kendra is something of a surprise addition to the CBS!, a second Slayer from a small Caribbean island who became "aclive" when Buffy died briefly in the ballle against the Masler. 'Like many Slayers before her, she dies quickly al lhe hands of Drusilla. Elhan Rayne, an old friend from Rupert Giles' shady past, is an English sorceror who worships the dark forces of Chaos. He causes trouble and disappears on a fairly regular basis.

An overarching theme for the second season concerns love gone wrong. Angel's soul is removed and he becomes a horror once more, wreaking havoc on the Scoobies and causing untold heartbreak for Buffy. Giles and jenny's budding relationship is soured when each discovers the other has been keeping dangerous secrels. ln the first of the series' greatest tragedies, Jenny is lost. to the nightmare thai is Angelus. Xander's habit of falling for monsters continues when he and Cordelia start dating (don't lell her we said lilat). This goes wrong as well when Cordelia finds herself losing social status in Sunnydale for dating a loser like Xsnder,

Even Spike and Dru have their problems when Angelus returns 10 the bad guy fold. Allhough not quile as bad as the effect this has on Buffy. the addiUon of an older, stronger and more despicable rival Frustrates Spike, who is temporarily sluck in a wheelchair as a result of an epic baUJe with Buffy. When Angelus Iries 10 end the world, Spike goes 10 Buffy and offers a truce, not only because he likes the world, but because Angelus is pulling the moves on his girl. The cold-blooded killer starts his fallering journey towards redemption because of a girl.

Whal can we say~ Love makes you do the wacky.


tFaitli: fJ(f!qJ dreaming. fJ'fo one can stop tlie 9t.sctnSt'o-n. Mayor's got it wired; '13. lJfe 611i[t this town for aem071S to feed on and' come graduation clay. /ie1s getting paid

-3.17 'Enemies

It's senior year for the Scooby Gang. We begin with Buffy, or "Anne," since she is using her middle name la, gel away from her life. She has run away from home, from slayage, and from dealing with the death of her first love, Angel. She is working at a seedy restaurant and living in an even seedier apartment Of course fare rarely deals you an even hand. No sooner than you can say "Chosen One," Buffy is dragged into Hell, lilerelly, to fighl demons thai prey on the young innocents of the slreels, Realizing she cannel chest fate, Buffy returns home. It's that whole responslbilily theme rearing its

ugly head again. .

At home, lhe Scoobies have been doing their besl to keep up lhe missing Slayer'S duties. Giles chases every lead, while Willow, Xander and Oz do their best in the Slaying department When Buffy returns home, they are happy to see her. but it is a happiness \hal is tinged with hurl. In lhe face af nearly immediate crisis. howeut. BI./ffy and her friends pull together. slop the madness. and begin the process of healing and forgiving.

Things return to normal, or wi;;U passes for normal on lhe Hellmoulh, when lhree visitors come to Sunnydale. Faith, the new Slayer call cd when Kendra died, is everything Buffy is nol, Carefree, enjoying the hunt and ihe kill, faith plays by her own rules. Mr. Trick, a suave vampire of the new order, comes for faith, but stays for Buffy. And the most unexpected of aJL we have the return of Angel from Hell.

Mr. Trick is our Introductory Big Bad. He slerls off by causing BuFfy and the Sleyerelles no end of problems. Bul what Mr. 'Trick succeeds at mostly is gelling the attention of Mayor Richard Wilkins lJl. Mayor Wilkins controls Sunwdale. He knows about Ihe vampires, the demons, end the Slayers. ..Mosl imporlanlly I he wants the Slayers blIcen care of. and we are not lalklng paying for college here;,. The Mayor has big plans for SunnydaJe. No, not ur~ renewal; they involve lrue demons and eating lhe raid Is. The Mayor seeks 10 ascend to demonhood.

Season Three explores themes of moving from childhood to more adult roles, and the responsibility lhsl entails. The Scoobies, as well as the Mayor. arc moving on to higher and supposedly beller futures. Naturally, lhis causes no end of angst for Buffy. She feels that she isn't going anywhere. Despite good Iesl scores, she carr'l go off

to any colleges: her duties bind her to Sunnydale. Add to this her renewed (poslponedv) relationship with Angel. He will never change; she will grow old and die (maybe not in that order). Yep, il's never easy for the Buff.

Subject to a secrel lesl For her J8th birthday, Buffy is rendered powerless by Giles per the Walchers Council's orders, and musl fight a vampire without super strength. Giles first administers the serum 10 rob Buffy of her powers and sel up the lesl, but Isler relents, tells all and seeks forgiveness. The Watc:hers fire Giles for this moment of humanily. Buffy succeeds at killing the vamp, but a wedge is driven between Slayer and Watc:her. A new Walcher arrivesprim, proper and largely impotent Wesley Wyndam~Pryce. Huffy sllll defers 10 Giles, and Faith ignores Wesley. As the season progresses Buffy decides thai she will no Ionger lake orders from the Council.

We see growth and change in the other characters as well. Willow is progressing toward powerful wiichdom. A demon posing as Hansel and Gretel nearly gels her, Buffy and Amy Madison burned sl lhe slake by their moms (minus Amy's who is still statuesque, if you gel my drift). Amy escapes by turning herself into a ral, With no way to change back, she takes up residence in a Habilrsil in walow's room. We gel to see Xander sland on his own, despite his "Zeppo" status. And we see WiJlow's and Xander's long running affection for each other spill over inlo romance.

Although it. is a brief flickering, lhe consequences are long lesling, Oz and Willow splil, temporarily. Xander and Cordelia's split is permanent and has jnjliaJly nasty side effects.

We also meet the vengeance demon Anyanka, summoned py Cordelia's

pain over Xsnder's betrayal. She granls Cordy's wish, a Sunnydale withoul Buffy. Cordy (and the viewers) find themselves in a Biszaro Sunnydale where the Master rose, and WilJow and Xander are his most feared vampire lleulensnls. Anyanka is stopped by Giles who deslroys her power source. 'With il gone, Anya is trapped in the Sunnydele we know. She returns later with "feelings" for Xander and a very direct courting

approach. Xander is man enough (well, has enough teenage hormones running rampant) lo forgive her Iess-Ihsn-sevory past. They develop into a nice couple.

In Fsilh, the next Slayer, we encounter lhe second great tragedy of the series. She fallers and falls after she accidentally kills the deputy mayor. Fearing BuHy will rat her out, she decides to sland alone, and then with the Mayor.

Buffyand Angel most face their own growth as well, and Angel decides lhey cannot be logetherit's nol right for Buffy. So Angel plans on leaving right after' the Mayor's Ascension (assuming lhey survive it). But a poison arrow from Feith nearly kills him, and Buffy must get the only thing that can cure her Jove-lbe blood of a Slayer. Buffy pub Faith in a coma, but canna! get her blood to Angel. 13uffy offers herself instead and Iands in the hospiIal room next to Faith's. Through lheir gift of

Slayer visions, BuHy and Feith exchange words and Buffy learns what she needs to do to defeat the Mayor.

During the course of the season, BuFfy lakes a more open stance in her Slaying. It does not go unnoticed. At the prom, Buffy learns whsl she has meant La her class.

,}onatfian (reamng): «'Wnenever there 1V:a.s a pro6. rem or sometftirlg creeJ!Y fiapyefllu( you seemed to show up ana stop It tMOst of tlie yeoyfe here ftave neen saved og gou, or ft.e(ped og YOll at one time or anather. 'We're proud' to say tlint tlie cfass of (99 kas tfw fewest mortality rate of alty graiiuating dass in Smmydilfe liis· tory. 9t nd we folOW at feast part of tliat is because of Y0ll. . .v So tIie senior class offers its

tMILks, alu! gives you, ufi., tfi.is. It's]rom orr of us, and it has written frere. ":Buffy Summers, etas Protector."

-.3.20 '11ie Prom

Ai graduation, Buffy gathers together noi only her friends. but lhe entire sludenl body 10 fight the demonascended Mayor. In lhe pivotal scene, lhe parents run away. but the kids stand to face and overcome lheir fears. In the end. Principal Snyder gels esien and SunnydaJe High blown up. They dorr'l do transitions lighUy in the Buffyverse.

SEAson Fotrs;

'Buffy: I'm psydied for cortege, tfejiflitefy. I'm just woncferin9 how it's qonna wo~ witti my extracurricuiar activities. I've qotia make sure 'it doesn't taKe the cage off my staying.

--4.1 '11ie "Fresfimall

With Season Four. greel change comes 10 the lives of Buffy and the SlayereUes. Angel leaves Buffy and goes 10 Los Angeles seeking his own way lo make up for his' past Cordelia does the same to pursue her acting career. Buffy, Willow and Ox enrol! at UC Sunnydale. and Buffy has a difficult lime adjusting al firsl. Xander languishes in a series of dead-end jobs; Anya continues her pursui] of him with single-minded zeel. Giles has his own difficullies adjusting to life as a non-librarian, and to the fad that. Buffy seems 10 need his guidance less and Jess.

Early in the season we meet Riley Finn, Buffy's psychoJogy class leaching assistant and secretly a member of the Jnitiative. a lop-secret military organization with the mission of capturing and studying "sub-terrestrials." His boss. and Buffy's psych professor, is Dr. Maggie WaJsh • .. cold and driven woman with a mission within the Jnilialive secret even 10 Riley. WaJsb's Project 314 has cred~ed Adam. 8' modern-day Frankenslein's Monster. made from human and demon paris and more than a mItlcli 'or Buffy. WaJsh soon begins 10 see Buffy as a threat to her plans and Project 314, and goes so far as to send Buffy to her death in the guise of an assignment for the lnilialive. Naturally lhisfails (lhe show's called Buffy the Vampire Slayer, not Haggie the Hqnster Haker) •. and lhe betrayal costs WaJsb her surrogate son, Riley, when

he deserts. Walsh never gels La see Project 314 and Adam come lo fruition as the creation kills ils crealor. Having decided thai humans are far too feeble to rule the planet, Adam embarks upon a mission lo creale an army of cyberdemonoids. And folks think stale universities are liUle more than never-ending party-lime.

One of the major ploUines of Season Four is Buffy's quest for a new Jove in her life. After her history with Angel and a disastrous one-night stand with a philanderer named Parker, Buffy is ready for a nice, normal guy. As we have mentioned before, fal freaking chancel Riley Finn eppears to be lhel boy, but both Buffy and Riley keep secrets from each olher. When it finally comes oui that Riley is one of the super-secre! Inilialive Commandos, it initially causes tension between them, but their relationship grows and strengthens as they discover Ibalthey share a common goal.

The fourth season considers the value of family and friends in a number of ways. At first unsure of her sbility to cope with life after high school. Buffy quickly finds that it is somelhing she can handle in pari because it's not something she has to do on her own. Over the course of the season, various things cause the gang to drift aparl-Suffy's

relationship with Riley, Xander's absence from the college scene and Willow's educalicn in all things wilchy. And let's noi"forgd the clever efforts of Spike to drive 8 wedge inlo the group. Riley a150 has an extended family within the Inilialive: his fellow soldiers Granam and Forrest, the way Adam perceives him as a brother and Dr. Walsh as their mother. In the end. however, Buffy and her Friends come back logether,

where they belong. .

Spike returns, accompanied by Harmony Kendall, one of Cordelia's cronies from Sunnydale High School and a recent addition to The ranks of the undead. Spike Fails in his quesl to use the Gem of Amerre to kill Buffy, and is later captured by lhe lnilialive and implanted with" microchip that prevents him from hurling humans. He evenhrally realizes lhai the chip doesn't slop him from hurling his' fellow demons, a discovery that brings back some of thal Spike bluster we all know and love. Over the course of the season, we see Spike go from one of Buffy's most dangerous foes to a somewhat reludanl ally.

Partway through the season, Oz meets a fellow werewolf. the lovely Veruca. Compelled by supernatural hormones ... and probably good oldfashioned ones too, he does the werewolf nasly with her, breaking Willow's hearl in the process. Veruca tries 10 kjJJ Willow but ends up dying al Oz.'s hands (paws!?) instead. Unsure of where the line is between the mall and the beast and deathly afraid of bringing further danger Io the gaJ be loves, Oz decides

lo Ieeve Willow and SunnydaJe until he can come to terms with himself. He relurns laler in lhe season, but finds thalWiJlow has found someone new. Tara Maday is a shy young woman and also a Wicca. She and WiDow notice each other firsl in a wanna-be-Wicce campus dub. Over lime, they form a bond due to their magic, their sweetness. and ... you guessed it ... shared danger. In one of the most deft pieces of writing in an asloundingly deft series, Willow and Tara come to share more than friendshlp in a totally natural and believsble'wey, Serious reminder of the Jenny and Giles awwhhh moments from Season Two. When faced with a choice, 'Willow decides Tara is her hue lave. Heartbroken, Oz again Ieaves, this lime for good.

The climactic showdown of the season begins wilh Adam invading the lnilielive's secret base and letting loose all of the demons they have captured. Adam lakes control of Riley through a chip in his chest, placed there by the not-50-late Dr. Walsh, newly reanimated as one of his undeed minions. Buffy and the SlayereHc.s try 10 rcason with Colonel McNamara, Walsh's replacement as hctd of the lnitlalive, but Io no avail. Wholesale slaugh\er ensues as the demons wreak vengeance 011 the sci enIisls and soJdiers who imprisoned them. As Riley slruggles against his programming, Buffy lakes on Adam with the megicelly combined aid of Willow, Xander and Giles. Proving the old adage lhalIhe whole is greater Than its paris, she rips Adam's power source right out of his chest. With Walsn dead, the lniliative program and Project 314 in a shambles, lhe mi]jiary decides 10 declare the program a wash.


'Dawn: Sne stiff tfiin/(s I'm Litt/£ <).{iss NODOdy, just tier tfumn littfe sister. 'Bo}p is slie in for a surprise:

-5.2 'lfLe 'Rsa['Jv{e

Season Five begins In lefl field. We slarl off with a surprise non-inlrcduction of Dawn, Buffy's never-befareseen sister, The gang acts as if she's always been -there" allhough Buffy notes thai she does seem a bit more annoying lately. ll doesn't lake long for the minor irrilations to mount, and Buffy seeks supernatural ~nswers. Dawn is actually a mystical Key, hidden as the leensge girl, complete with memories, family photos ... and a crush on Xsnder. The world has been reshaped 10 accept her as Suffy's younger sister, Now that's some major mojo working there.

Why hide a Key in the Summers' normally dangerfilled householdf' The Order of Dagon, monks with more magical power lhsn fashion sense, knew thal an ancient god was hunting for il, so she could unlock lhc gales 10 the hell dimension from which she was expcllci. The Slayer is the only one who can protect it. but .. must accept responsibility for it fully and compJeW,r. Naturally, Glarificus, or Glory, as the evil god is ~, quickly tracks her prize to Sunnydale.

Giving the Slayer and Scoobies B hand this season is' Riley Finn, who stayed in Sunnyd'aJe with Buffy after the lnilietive left Iown, and Spike, whose chip implant puts a leash on his more violent tend~s. Another charader of note, despite his brief apJl$ntnce, is Warren, the roboties genius who has unusual women problems--his android ex won't leave him alone. After Buffy shorts . .. er, sorts things out, Spike forces Warren 10 buiJd a love-bot with the Slayer'S image to be his plaything (ewl). Warren runs for cover soon after, and we hear no more fr~ him ... this season.

AInong Season five's themes is the obligation relationShips put on us. Buffy has the supreme responsibiJity (as ~ SJayer, her obligation extends Io the entire world), but all the SlayereUes experience a maturing of their relaU hips, and the deepened responsibility thai goes with nder and Anye become much more serious, maving apartment together and planning the future, with ho1ding down a "real job" and Anya leaping en uslaslically into the role of money manager. Willow and Tara repeatedly prove their devotion 10 each other, aIlhough Tara's concerns about Willow's increasing power provoke a disastrous encounter with Glory. Spike grows from "creepy stalker" to an actual asset in his aUempls 10 impress the Slayer, even aeling as guardian

for Dawn on several occasions. He finds, lo his horror, thai he has deep feelings for the Slayer, and will go 10 nearly any lenglb for her. Xander becomes a "voice of reason," which is quite amazing considering his hormonally driven antics of previous years.

Of course, not every reJaHonship matures in a positive manner. Giles begins to feel unneeded in Ruffy's world, and contemplates returning to England. Riley comes to realize his feel.ings fOT lhe Slayer are no] reciprocated in a way he would like, which leads him to dangerous habits. He ultimately decides Eo return La active duly in Central America, Suffy arrives at his departure poinl lco late 10 slop him. Drusilla reappears in Sunnydele just long enough to confirm ThaI Spike is lost to her forever, Spike throws Harrnonyoul of hiscrypl for good. These plot developments ref/ed a theme of loss, and the sense of despair that is . brought on by these heartaches, 'This theme returns again and again in Season Five.

Many elements from early in the season have .... longreaching ramificstlcns. Spike's Buffybot is reprogrammed and plays a crucial role in defeating Glory. The increasingly crowded mental ward at SunnydaJe General turns am 10 be the construction crew for the Big Bad. Willow's witchcraflgrows more and more powerful-from a nosebleed-provoking ti:Jeporialion spell to efforl.less Iighlning bolls. All in all, joyce's medical problems are the worst of the bunch.

Glory is BuHy's rnosl dangerous Big Bad 10

date. She is physically superior to the

Slayer (8 warehouse falls on her, and all she is concerned with is her cutfit) , leaves a trail of lunatics in her wake, and wears some very daring dresses. - She has a group of servant demonsgraveling little things-to welch the Slayer and lreck down clues. She was trapped on Earth only through the betrayal of a pair of equally powerfuJ gods who ruled her home with her. To ellappeerences, she is unstoppable.

Gi.les contacts the Wakhers Council (who of course lake the opportunity to put Buffy lhrough more of lhei r famous.lesb-don'l they have anything beHer lo do in England!?), but olher lhan idenlifying Glory as a god, they oHer no ~olutjon or even hope. Simultaneously, the Knights of Byzantium arrive, seeking 10 kill lhe Key (that's. Dawn, remember) rather lhan let GJory find it. Then. of course, things gel really bad.

Joyce had experienced several increasingly severe headaches early in the season. Eventually, a CAT scan reveals a tumor. Surgery removes lhe cancer, and all was thought to be weJI.

Then, an aneurysm unexpectedly takes Joyce's life. The Joss of her mother deveslsles Buffy. and all the Scoobies take i1 bard, as could be expected. Dawn sllempls to resurrect her mother, but aborts the spell before anyone could see what had come back from the grave.

Now Buffy feels the extreme pressure of not only proIecling Dawn from Glory, but also caring Jor The more mundane issues of passing classes and gelling iii, school on time. Previous concerns about balancing ber Slsyerhcod willi a normal life are thrown to the wind. "Huffy is overwhelmed. and as Glory doses in on the Key, the only solulion is 10 flee Sunnydale, Her loyal friends, now including Spike, don't let her go alone.

Naturally, it doesn't work. Outside at town, the Knights ambush the crew, and Giles is gravely wounded. Wmaw surrounds their hideout wiTh a magical forcefield, but the Knighls bring in clerics to break through. When all seems darkest. Glory finally reveals a weakness-her presence on Ea rlh is only possible by sharing a body with Ben, an intern who had cared for Joyce in the hospital

and flirted with Buffy at the Bronze. As Ben. Glory is vulnerable and mortal, if the Scoobies can bring themselves to murder an innocent. Otherwise, the only way to close the porlsl thai would rip the earth apart is the blood of the Key-Dawn.

Her failed relationship with Riley, her mother's death, the sheer power of Glory. and her increasing questions about her place in Ihe normal world weigh on Buffy enormously. As Glory finally kidnaps Dawn. Buffy is overwhelmed by guill and despair. Only through the' magicaJ aid and council of Willow does she pull out of her mental .. vacelion." The Scoobies make a plan and swing inlo eclion, but nol before Xander proposes to Anya (morlal danger is so romantic ... ). Almost everything goes as hoped-Glory is beaten and lransforms back inl:o Ben. Giles, oul of sight of the others, lakes Ben's life, ensuring that Glory wHl never return, Even so, one of Glory'S worshippers manages to cui: Dawn and open the portal. The world is aboul: to end.

<J3uffy: I don't KIUJW abtmt you guys, put I've fwd it witn super-strong fJ.ttk women who aren't 171£.

-5.15 I Was !Mad/! to Love ~u

As the final bal:Ue climaxes, "Huffy realizes lhel her blood will close the portal, and slmosl welcomes the opportunity to sacrifice herself. She spends her last moments with Dawn, reminding her how impcrlanl she is, and thaI: she must bear even furlber loss for the sake of the world. Buffy then leaps inlo the gale. n closes, leaving her limp body behind.

Ai lhe very end, we see a tombstone. n reads simply "Buffy Anne Summers. Beloved Sisler. Devoted Friend. She saved the world. A lat. ...

'Buffy: !7tcceCeratetf fi.eating powers come witli the Smyer yacfw.ge. f4ntf tfie boyfrierltf wfto comes compt:ete witJi combat mecfu.a{ imininq? tfliat's just a 'BufftJ Summers bonus.

-5. 7 'Fao( far Love

To sJaYJ you need a Slayer.

Or a SJayereUe. ~,$ chapter deals with creating Cas] Members: the • 1. s.,s of the show. Casl .Members are the roles yOu--i\be ?l!trers--8ssume in the game; they may be larger-than-Ijft, heroes making a stand agains] the forces of darkness, or regular people facing the unktlowll. You are limited only by your imaginalionand the casling needs of the Director,

~ftg is a preHy important step. and it involves both yOB 8nd the Director. Let's face it the BlVS TV shaw wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun if the entire Cast consisted of fat hairy guys named Bob. You need an interesting Casl 10 make a good Series, and the casting process is the way to do ii.

l)c Direclor should help and g-uide you through characW reetion, Sheshould slart by giving you an idea of 1M ~ting and the needs of the Series. This may be as g as .. the game slarls on a bus making a stop in

,.&iIlD,t'dllIe. Your characlers have to be on that bus. for whatever reason" or as reslricied as "lhe game is set in a high school in the Midwest. All lhe Cast Members have to be shrdenls or teachers at the school, and al leas] half of you .have 10 be students. J need one Slayer and one Walcher; the rest of you call be anyThing else, but no

vampires or demons are allowed:" In some cases, the Director may simply hand out pre-generated characters (see Archetypes, pp. 60-83) and have aJI of you pick and choose. On the other band, Jf you wanllo make your own character, as long as you don't come up with something wacko Iike "I'm Adam's clone body. Can 1 have lwo rniniguns instead of onel?" we say the Director should lel you go with it.

Depending on lhe game, some choices may not. be eppropriale. )f the game is sel in Sunnydele, a Conan the Barbarian type might not work-allhougb with creativity as your guide you can certainly give it a shot. Teamwork between you and the Director is prelly important here-there's a thin line between unnecessary limits an your creativity on one hand and enlirely incompatible characters making lhe Director's carefully plotted game unplayabJe on the allier.

Chapter Seven: Episodes. Seasons and Drama provides your Director with advice for developing a BtVS RPG Series and storyline-appropriate characters. Bu] before she heads off to read thai, you both should read through Ibis chapter, There's plenly of good stuff here. For example. rjghl below we have several options a Director may wanb lo consider for her Casting Calls. You and she probably want to read them firsl.


This is ihe aptian if you want to lake on the mantle of Buffy and Company, and fight for truth, justice, and the buft-whuppin' way. The Original Cast is lisled laler (see pp. 84-97). The Director can just photocopy the characier sheets and hand them oul. Run through the explanation of the character sheet solhe terms are familiar to everyone (see p. 28). and you are all ready to go.

On the pluaside, you know what you arc geHing. assuming you are fans of the show (and really. who isn't'?). On the down side, the oplions are limited. What happens if two people want 10 play Buffy. OT Spike? ]f everyone can pick a character and be happy, Then i1's not a bad idea; otherwise, someone will be unhappy, and unhappy players make for unhappy games, sleepless nights and loath decay (not necessarily in thai order).

Another problem is lhal, the Original Cast is made up of experienced and powerful chereelers . For those not wholly familiar with the- game system, i1 mjgbf be a good idea 10 start wilh Jess kickin' characters. Now, weaker versions of existing characters can be used (Buffy at the slart of Season One was a lot Jess skilled and strong than she was by the end of Season Five, for

example, and compare Willow the sweet nerd of Season One with the wickedly dangerous witch of Season Five). Each character has notes for altering the Original Cast 10 represent earlier versions of our beloved heroes and heroines (see pp. 96-97).

A nEW CAst

WilLOw (anm.tttJ3uffy): (juess stie's out witft '1{ifey. ~u /Otow what it's fLke wt'tft a spank· ing new 6oyfiWu{

9'l:l1ya (re: Xattt:fer); yesl we've e71joyecf syallf(j71g. --4.13 tJ1i.e I in ~ea1tl

Plenty of room in the Buffyverse for other Casts, of course. H lakes a bit more lime, but another level is added to Ihe game when you create your own characters. Thai way you ge] the characier you want. and you can introduce differenl characler concepts into the Series.

Before creating' brand new Cast Members, you may want to Ihink about the basic concepts behind them. Whal kind of role will lhe Cast Member pJayS? Righteous knight. comic relief, loyal punching bag, or something e1sel? You can use Ihecharacters from the BIVS TV show for inspi ralion CaJ wanl a witch That's as strong as Willow, but who has more of 8 Failh aUitude," for example), or come up with original concepts. Don't sweal il if inspiration is lacking. however:

Somelimes the concept behind the Cast Member develops after character crealion, in the course of !he game. In that case, just get all the numbers down and do a basic personality sketch for now.

Sources of inspiration for new characters include movies, TV shows and fidion. Want to nave your favorite movie action hero drop by SunnydaJe? ]f the Director approves, it shouldn't be loa difficult 10 do. Some characters work beUer Ulan others, of course. Here types work best (private deleclives, supernatural hu ers or nosy FBI agents with a yen for the paranormal). Sitcom characters with a tweak here and lhere D1i!I1t make interesting SlayereHes (lhink of the cssl of Friends running inlo vampires-at least one of them could make an interesting wilch). Cartoon cheraclers . . • not so much. Still. goofy is good-at times.

InStead of creating a charader from scratch, players din Jk, use the ready-made Archetypes (see pp. 60-83). they are pre-generated Cas! Members thai can be customized and thrown inlo action with lime or no work. Again, check aut lhe meaning of the terms and numbers (see p. 28) and you are ready to go.

tHE Comstnatton

Jf neither option is perfect (i,e, somebody's still whining), the Director may allow some of you 10 select members of the Original Cast and some to create your own. That should keep everyone happy (those still whining mould be handed a pacifier, or maybe a baH-gag). Again, remember lhal most of lhe Official Cast are more skilled and powerful Ulan beginning chersclers. If you have Season Five Buffy running around in the game. the Hero types are going 10 feel. like Scoobies, To fix thal, you should use theearlier versions of the Cast or the Director should allow your new characlers 10 siarl out with higher abilities and skins.

AssiGninG CHARft,ctERS

Another possibiJiiy is to have the Director creale tile Casl herself and then lei you pick from tha,l "shod list." This is The easiest way to make sure the Cast fils The sloryline the Director wants. Then again, this option puts more responsibilily on the Director, who makes a1l The casling calls, This could be good or bad. Just Uke using the Scooby Gang, some of you may nol gel the charscler you want Furthermore, you mighl: feel deprived of your "fundamental right" to play your own creation .. Diredors should hy to be flexible and sensitive 10 your needs, They may not want to pull a Principal Fhrlie here, QuI they definilely should avoid the Principal Snyder approech.

SLAYER... Opti ons 'Faith.: rift f'£aitfJ..

Oz: 1'111- gOnlt.a go out on a 8m6 ana say f/iere s a new Sfayer in town.

-33 'Fait/1, ?foye fATu['!'rick

. And here we arrive at the$SO,QOO question. Who gets 10 be the Slayer~ After all, the name of the show is Buffy the Vampire Sleyer, not As Sunnyda/e Turns. However. it's not necessary for the Slayer to be the most important character, or for the resl of lhe Csst 10 be bi] players. Still, the Slayer is a choice part The Dir.c!dor can handle lhis in a number of ways.

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE: This reslricls players to the "csnon" of the Buffyverse. Huffy is the Slayer, and with the exception of Faith (currently enjoying the hospitslity of a correclionsi facilHy), she's Ihe one and only Slayer available lo play. H the Cast does not include BuHy Of Faith, Then nobody gets to play a Slayer. There's nothingparUcuJarly wrong with this: there are plenty of possible Series that do not involve Slayers. For example, .. Angel. The g;ame could deal with the Inllielive or the Watchers, or maybe the advenlures of a coven of witches or a gang of amateur vampire hunters, Even so. players who have their heerls sel an playing the Blonde One ... er ... the Chosen One will be disappointed.

THE REPLACEMENT SlAYER: Here the Director makes s few changes in the official history of Sunnydale. This assumes that the current Slayer (Buffy or Faith) has suffered an untimely demise (JH<e, say, al the end of 5,22 The Gift). That would aUow a brand new Slayer to rise in her place. This would sun limit the field to one Slayer (unless bath Buffy and Faith were no longer among !:he living and the Direchrrassumed thai 8 new Slayer would appear for each of Ihem=-scmelhlng lhel runs counter lathe show's canon, by the way-the official assumption is that the Slayer line runs through Faith, not Buffy). Still, it gives the Chosen Player a libtie more leeway. The Archetypes seclion has a sample Slayer (see p. 60) thai can be used for inspiralicn or pJayedas is,

AND THEN TH~E WERE TfiREI: (OR Fm)R •... ): Okay, th~ bends 8. Few of the "rules" almosl to the breaking paid. bul it's kind of legal. When BuHy was clinically dead in JJ2 Prophecy GirL Kendra became The Slayer, and til en there were two Chosen "Ones:" When Kendra died, Faith became a Slayer, keeping the total at two. So the Director can lake this a step or two further, and a 1.1 ow for several Slayers in egarne,

--------- --

let's say lhal during the evenls of 3.21~3.22 Gredualicn Day (where Buffy nearly kills Faith, and Angel almost kills Buffy when feeding off her) either or both of the Slayers suffered clinical death. This way, lhere could be one or even two more Slayers running around. That gives the Cast as many as four Chosen Ones to play. This is not "canon" by any means, and the show is cerleinly gelling away from !:he "multiple Slayers" theme, but .it's dose enough for government work, and if a couple of players want to be Slayers, lhis is probably best If the Director chooses this option, in the name of all Ihal's good and decent, please don't dress up the Chosen four in lilUe sailor outfils and name them after assorted celestial bodies.

ANYrnING GoES: Finally, Directors can toss Canon oul lhe window (thud), and do whatever makes them (and you) happy. Maybe there is a Slayer born on every conIinenl, or every large city, and once a year there is this huge SlayerCon. Or a Chosen Six ralher than a Chosen One (again, no sailor outfils, please). Or male Slayers, or animal Slayers-you could have Slayer-Man, SlayerWoman and Slayo the Slayer-Dog! The Game Police won'} come knocking down your door if you are pari of a game with any of lhe above, bul some may he disappoinled if the game diverges loa much from the basic themes of BIVS. Directors are advised to lalk lhings over with yau players and make sure you are up for such canon-breaking.

tHE C~Ation PR...,OCESS

The Unisyslem uses a "point system" to create characters. Basically, you "buy" different abililies by spending characler points. The better or more powerful a charscterislic is, the more "expensive" it is. Some negative features, known as Drawbacks, do nol cost any points. Instead, lhey have a negative value-by acquiring them, you actually gel more points 10 buy other things. Keep in mind, of course, that these Drawbacks limi] or hurt your chereeler In some way. so loading them on carelessly is not a good idea.

Nol everything is based on points. either. Some character elements are creativity-driven: your character's concept (what kind of person she is) and personality, as well as her name and hislory. These depend wholly on your imagination.



wafsfi: It taok; tJie 'patro[ team 42 minutes "to track YOll anc(YOtI neutraiieed tfW11 in 28 seconds.

'Buffy (glirrtces at '1(jl£y heliimf 'WalSli): 1 was just ru&::y.

tWafSll; 1 see. ('Rjl£y starts to smil£) 'Wefr ... still: -Vel]! impressive:

'.Buf{!J: I was just being madest with tit/!. w(wfe '(t1icfqj" tiling. %u got that; right?

-4.13 tfl"U' 1 in '1'eam

Characters in the BEVS RPG have four basic elements.

Some elements are conceplual (what kind of character is she~) while albers are numerical aUributes (what are The character's aclual abjljues~). As you make each seleclion, you narrow down the possibililies of the characler, unlil you fin~ly have a clearly defined fictional individuaJ. ready 10 go out and slarl kicking demon derriere.

J. Typo: The Charader Type determines the general power level atld nature of your charecler. Heroes ar.e tough and skilled. While Hels ere ndrmaJ people who deJ)C;1'ld on thtir wits and hIck lo survive.

2. ARribulcs: What are your charecler4s fla\ural abilities" both mentsl end physiC41P

3. Qualities and Drawbacks: What innate advantages or penalties affect your chanderS:>

4. SkiJJs: What does your character know~

L", po,."'; Dill

Oll"'L\ PO,""" m E;Kpr.IHIlNI.f pnl~-I" 0

llu[f~ Anoo SJJmT1l<D rVcl)'l-Ewoacttc.cd lI~r"

9 B

I NT1: I.LI t;i:t: N'C& P'L:::.Rl.qfT'lflrrr; WII.I.JIoOWtJi

A I i rseli vcnQ:;' ... .3 _HA!.!Uo Kill 9 ~J'Chi~ Yi>iI!rn_

_9 H"IIo'lrlrU:Dl11. l
~ KuJ'llI:.! Fli -~-
0 1,"''''<j,IJ\(j';!Ii Q
--.1 M:1t. fu .... r·r J
S'rITlt.L -'-
Or.r.UI."1'I.!lM _4_
e., S,,-'[I:l(l;I[; I
Sllfun'", _J_
_L ",1I.n t:.\ab DRAWBACKS --Ad.tru;u:r lJ,.o\Ra_ 1"Jl<>r~ --.illJiglllliz.lLaQtoll_

".-." ..... un.u ~ ... Ih....".
~I. M • ~,rn,. \ 10
1\ 17
" ..
.. >11 o"d,'
Suu ... c~ Lr.V"EL..S TAULt; .. 16 s.. •
~tTC~ ~r1c::f')W' JL 11 """
Lt:~rU! Sp'l'lh014 ,. ro ...h
l,i.~. 1'/ II if:1 ... 1w'~14II1i
IJcn","1 (fly,,,, ... Ih. ""'~ " 'I liS'n ",.mp.
Ii .~,. SW"JIIl'i ... ~ 11 ~ e,.lihdll~'9mf'lC'
'" }.ord' 11 1/ '1 •• t>I,lob
I~O<Ipll.h"", II II ., ~.m.t
Tnrrl'l'fl'\l )hl 'I I~ SI,,",I"
-l-Th'''''" ,"" JI,,~J IJ
1, .. As we mentioned (you were paying attention, rigM'?), creating a character involves elloceling a number of poinls 10 various aspects of thai persona. YOUT gal's Cheracler Type determines how many poinls you have to "spend" 011 each charecler cornponenl your charaderbuilding "budgel." in accountant-speak.

Cheracler Type also goes a Jang way toward giving the Season (or the first several Episodes elleesl) a tone and scope. For example, jf your Director wants 8 Series involving characters roughly as powerful as Buffy and friends in Season One, she should have you play with one Hero (maybe Iwo, if you- count Angel) and several While Hals. To simulate the cepebililies of lhe Season Five Original Casl, Experienced Heroes would be the order of lhe day.


Gifes: Can you move?

'Bert: <JIeecf a ... a minute. SIi£ coufd liave ki[[ecl me. Gifes: '/'fo, Sh£ c(JUfdn't. 9tncl sooner or fater Glory wi[[

fe·emerge and makt 'Buffy pay.for tliat l1WTc.!I_ •• and the worid witfi fw. 'BuJJyeven k.Jtows th.at, ana sti[[ sfte c6u[dn't takf. a human life. Sfl£'s a hero, you see. She's not {ite ItS.

-5.22 '!he (jtJt

Heroes are here 1:0 kick booly and lake names. Use this Character Type to create men and women of action, Slayers, experienced Wakhers and Initiative Commandos are Hero types; they have skins and abilities well above the norm. Outside the Buffyverse, lough cops who rarely need backup 1:0 make an arrest or gals who wear mystical gloves are examples of this type.

WHitE HAt fFvi{'Wiff'ow: I Iove this part 'Evil Xancfu: ~u rove a(( tfr.e parts. (f£:vi{Xamfer /(.!wcf;j Confelia cofif.) 'EJli{'Wi[[ow: <JIo [un. Sf1£. didil 't even. flarcffg jigftt (Oz s van squeals to a Iia[t nearby.)

'Evi{ Xander: 91;w, sweii: It's the 'Wliite r.Jlats. -3.9 'l1ze WlSn

While Hats arc regular people who find themselves fighung the supernelural. They don't have Kewl Powerz or special training, but they start the game with more Drama Points, allowing lhem to survive against insurmounleble odds. Beginning SlayereHes and Walchers should use this Characler Type. Other possibil iu es include nosy reporters who make a habit of chasing ghouls and monsters, and the proverbial teenagers driving psychedelic vans in the company of strange dogs.


'13uffy: ~is is how marty apocaiqpses for us now?

(jifes: oft, we{[ ... un. ... six. at feast 'FeelS 6/(e a nU7ufrec£.

-5.22 'I'fte gift

These are full-fledged cinematic heroes, with incredible skills and abilities. If some of you are using characlers from the Original Cast (see pp. 84-97), the rest should use this template so your charaders aren't overshadowed. Experienced Heroes should noi be used alongslde Hero and While Hal characters •. unless the Direcler wants 10 have a significant power gap between Cast Members. This is the Type you would use 10 create Special Forces soldiers who can fight an enure army wfth a knife, immortal wandering swordsmen, and bioengineered super-soldiers from a bleak fulure. Lest you get cocky with these worthies .. however, remember thai the Director will be relcheling up the power level of the bad guys too.


Travers: rAgitity. cwrity, stamina, and' strengtfi.

CJ.1iese are the quafities tnat tne Swyer must possess to cfo tier joo.

'Buffy: What came after agility?

-5.12 C/ied:,poillt

AHribules are inborn characlerisllcs of your cheracter: her strength, intelligence, senses and so on. By selecting a set of AUribules, you arc defining lhe limits of what the charecler can and cannel do. So, if you "buy" a very low Dexterity for your Cast Member, do nol be surprised if she lends 10 faU down, break dishes and suck al juggling.

Bovtnc AttRjButES

AUributes are purchased using Attribute Points (lmagine lha!!). Those points are se] by your Charader Type (see p. 29).

Allribules can be "bought" up 10 level five on a onefor-one basis (i.e., Slrenglh 3 would cost lhree points, Strength 4 four points, and so on), AHribufes above level five are more expensive: three points per additionallevel. You should nat purchase an AUribute past level six. lhe effective human maximum (buying an AUri~ule up to level six would cost eight points), Beings wilh supernatural abilities (Slayers, vampires, demons and the like) can have AUributes above six.

At the other end, a1 least one point must be put into each AUribute.

Sa,. a While Hal has J5 points to dislribule among lhe six Attributes. You can have lhree Attributes a1 level two (average), and three at level Ihree (somewhat above average). Or you could drop an Allribule to one, and gel one at four. This character would really shine in one aspect. is above average at a couple ather things, sucks alone lhing and is average for the rest, Season One Willow, for example, was not exactly Muscle Woman (Slrength J) but she was very smart (lnlelligence 4).

A Hero has 20 points. Wilh lhal, you can go wilh four AHribule-s at level lhree and lwo at level four. This ereaie$ a balanced character good at most things. Or you cauld keep three AUributes a1 average level and have two at level five and one at level four. for someone who is extremely gifted in certain areas.

The Rennin!, of Numbers

Level J: The character is below averagt in this AUri~ute. Strengih 1 indiceles a poor phys.ique. either a ptHk or flabby; sedentary person. D~lerily J indicates clUINWes5. someone likely 10 drop thing.5--'-Ool 16 be trusted wifh delicate manual work unJess the person bas tr,ined Y~ry hard 10 do so. Ch8f't.ckrs with • Constitution J. are delicate and qften in poor health. 1nlellige.nce J 15 below "vera~-not mentally challenged, but certainly a bit slaw on the uptake. Perception J depicts someone; not very aware at her surreundlngs, likely 10 miss what's befor~ tier face. 'Willpower I resvlb in a person who is easjly intimidated and iltffuenced by others, a follower instead of a leader. and somebody who is likely to succumb to temptation. In other wards. AUribules al level, one are not Ilallering, If your character has an AUribule at level one, she is going 10 be preny feeble at some things.

Level 2: This is the average for human beings.

Mos1 people in any given group have Attributes a1 this level, typically with one or t.wa at levels one or three. -Nolhing wrong with being average, but the cherecter is unlikely to shine wiill such Attribules unless her skills are so higb she can cpmpensale.

Level 3: This is above average btililot extraordinary. Strength and ConsilluUon ~ show jIOme elhlelic aptitude-somebody who 'Worb ~ at least three times a week, or a 1l6luraJ aliJeio wio has not taken lime lQ develop her ~ent. Characters with Dexlerily 3 are graceful-good dancing partners. grabbed near the beginning in pick-up sports, unlikely 10 sl.\ff~r from buller fingets or Klutz Syndrome. lntelligc't"ce '3 jndical~ a bright person who can easily tUrn ~ skills, jf she has the temperament to do ~ With Perceplion a, a ch,raFteT' has good senses and inluilian, and is .,dl ea~ foaled or confused. CWaraclers with WlJJpo,wer. .a .e .. .rely bluffed or bullied under nortns) circujnsial"lces.

Level 4: An AU-ribWe' at this level .a well above average. Very loW P4CJpJe,. perbap.5 one aut every \on in a randcJm r'op~ h8'(e one or two AHributes at this level, Sbeng\h 8Jtd Constitution 4 cBt,l be found only in athletes (including ..

best football pl~yerS in a large high school or c:;allege campus), exler1s1vel¥ trained Special Forces soldiers, and other people who spend a large arnounl of lime ~ effort keeping in shape. A Dexlerily 4 would anI)! be COmmon among gymnesls, acrceels .. danc~r,s aIId othell lalenled alld grace~u~ . indivj~uaIs. ~ental Atlribule~ ~l level four mdlcate near tJel1IUS (lnlelligence), highly ac:;ule senses and in uiUbn (Perception). or an "'iron wjn- (Willpavler).

level 5: This is the "practical"' human limit People el Ihis level are exiraordinadly talented. able 10 perform complex and difficult feats with lime practice. While people with AUribules al level five are not record breakers, they are among the best and the brightest.. 1n a s~,1 or medium-sized community, only a handful of people have one or lwo t'Uribules a1 This Jcy'eJ. and they are likely 10 be well known for Their slrengtl], wisdom gr loughness. Cities. large college campuses. and groups of demon fighters have more of lhese extraordinary ~d;~jduaJs. but even there they are nol common.

lcycJ 6: This is tf;le trot human limit A few people with a.freakis.h- al\rjblodes may exceed it (to level seven), but Ihey ,re ~'bandful even among-the teeming billions livtng in the 2M cenlury. Chareclers with one AArib,Ule at level s~ are "Very rare, something on lhe order of one ill ten thousand. or less. Pc:ople wllh Ulq."e lhsn o~ AUribUle at level six are perhaps len limes less common, and so an.

leYf;I 7+1 Now we are laJkjr'lg superhuman.

Someone ",iill Slr~'1gih 7 would be 8S slrong es a horse; a D~erily 12 connotes Inhumen grace; and so qn. Thff~e foiks can perform at -8 level thai normal folks C4Jl hardly comprehend, Be afraid. Be very 4m-aid.


tHE Six AttRiButES


'Buffll: 'I1iings won It ever be ~'\.actry tfze same,

6t~f once 1 ... get back;. to ... fu[f. . _.

Xander: (jive you a hand' witfi that; littl£. way? '13uffi.J: You're lOving tfiis far too muck

xantfer: !A,{mit it Sometimes you just need a {jig stronq . . .uli, <Wiff? (jimme a Ii(lna?


A m~asure of your cherecter's physical power, Strength determines how much damage she inflicts with hand-lehand weapons, how much weight she can carry. and how much damage and exertion she can withstand before coll~p~ing. Strength is useful 10 people who do a lot of heavy lifting or anybody likely to enter hand-le-hand combat-in BfVS, the lan.er is preUy much the norm. Characters apt to have a high Strength include athletes, manual workers, and sal?iers. A low strength indicates either small size and body weight (cough-Snyder-cough), or jus} B lack of exercise.

The Slrength Table shows how much a character of any given Strength can lift wilhout much efforl. Higher weights can be raised (assume a maximum lifting wcight.-for brief periods-equal 10 double Ihe Lifting Capacity). bul a nail might be broken or a spleen ruplured in the process.


stren~h Table Liftinfcapadtv

Dexterily indicates your character's physical coordination and agiJjly. H helps with any task Ihal requires molar control and precision, from performing card lricks to shaking booly to feeding knuckle sandwiches (Dexterity helps to land the ponch, Strength determines how much it hurls lhe punchee), ]f you wanl lo do cartwheels-or hy Those kewl moves you saw in The Matrix-you'd beller have a high Dexterity (and same help from the script).


'This AUribu'le shows how physically hardy or healthy your charecler is. Constitution is important when it comes to resisting disease, damege, and fatigue. n is also used (along with Strength) to determine how much of a pounding your Cast Member can take and slill keep licking. Cons\i\.ulion also comes into play with skil'ls thal involve endu,"ce, like swimming and long-dislsnce running. ConsUfulion ~ useful for people in strenuous and dangerous jobs (firefighting, Slaying, being a Slayer's Friend).


snyder: YtJu've got tIie brains; lie's got tfie fast 6'renkv It's a perfect match.

'WiflOw: lJvCatcli.? yOlL WaItt us to 6reed? Snylier: J want you to tutor him.

-3.16 'DoppefgIJ1I-g{il1ld

Brains good. This mental AUribule determines your character's ability to learn, correlate and memorize informa\ion. The higher her lnlelligence, the easier it is for her 10 employ "scholastic· skills. Also, thjs AHribute is used lo understand and Interpret information. Note that intelligence and education are two separate things; you can be brilliant but illilerale. 'Education is covered by your character's skills, which determine what she has learned in her life. Walc;hers and other intellectual types lend 10 have a high InlelJigence level.


When a vamp you've never seen before tries to suck your blood, Perception might help you spot her before she slrikes. This mental Attribute governs the Five senses of the charader and is imporlan! for wannabe deleclives (to spot those important clues), people with enemies (to see or hear them coming), and mystical or psychic types (to detect "dishrrbances in the Force").



Tbis Allribule measures your character's mental strength and self-control, and her ability 10 resisrfear, intimidalion, and lemplelion. If you don't wanl Io run away screaming like a JitlJe girl the firs! time a vamp flashes its fangs at you, Willpower is your friend. Any supernatural abimy that hies to control or infhrence victims is resisted by Willpower, It can also be used 10 intimidate and dominate others through sheer force of will,

Some Qualities (like Slayer) provide bonuses to one or more AUribules. These modifiers are applied after Attributes have been purchased normally, For example. if you spend five points on Dexterity, and your chsracler has a Quamy that adds a +J 10 Dexlerity, a level six Dexterity is the final resull.

LiFE Points

life Points represent your character's physical health.

The Strength and Ccnslilullon of the charader are the determinant feelers: a big muscle-bound athlete can survive more punishment than a pencil-necked, coldcatching nerd. Ufe Points determine lhe amount of physj~' damage Ihe character Can take before being unab'ft to- 'fundi on .

life Points are determined by adding the character's Slrenstb and Constitution, multiplying lhe result by four, end .adding JO-or you Can skip the math and just cons"IUhe Life Polnl Table on the nexl page. This formula is fpr human beIngs ~and human-like beings, such as Sl~" and vampires). Some creatures have different ~ inl Iolels (many demons arc much tougher Lhan normal humans, for example, see p. J75).

The Hard to KiI1 Quality (see p. 39) is a good way to increase Ufe Points. Players should figure out Life Points at the end of character creation after all Allributes have been figured au! normally.


Life point rcble
strencrth I ! 3 4- 5 6 7 8 9 10 J9




'1'111111'11'- 1 'I 'JI '! '" .' "'I"I!!I '10 , ... , , II • 'I':" .,01, 1

It, : J" I ~ ~ ~' I ~ I I I, - 1 I ", . I I '




'Wi[fQw (re: 'Faith): Sties a~ tliis cf'eallagey SULt- 60mb wafk:jn9 around' 9uin9, «Oaft. Cliec.fC me out, I'm wi.c.f(p:{ coo! I'm. jive 6y five. II

IJ'ara: 'FiVe 6y five? 'Five wliat 6y five what? rwWow: See, tliat's tfle tfiing. #0 one "kJr.ows. -4.15 'Iliis Year's girt

Q\Jaliiies are innale cheraclerisilcs that give the charader IUl advantage or positive lrail, Being a Slayer is a QUMily-Slayers are stronger. faster and tougher than norni hu&!an beings. They have bad things going for them. too (ttlls of enemies, for one). but the ability to kick bull lends to oulweigh the bad stuff. Quelilies cost Quamy Points to acquire.

Some QuaJilies are package deals-your character buys one Quelily but gels a number of benefits, or some benefils and some downsides, Jock, Nerd, Slayer and Vampire are all examples of these package Qualilies, In general, your character is limited to purchasing one of these types of Qualilies. Now, if you wanl to playa Nerd-Walcher or Nerd-Werewolf, talk i] aver wilh your Director. You might be able to pull thaI off. Directors, watch this carefully. jeek-Nerds, Werewolf-Slayers, or Vampire":Wcrewolvcs arc highly suspect Even $0, we don'l recommend laughing in anyone's face (that would be rude).

Drawbacks are characierist,.ics that somehow limit or delracl from the character-bad eyesight emoijon~f problems, or being oh-rny-gcd-il's-hideous ugly. for example. Drawbacks have values. When Drawbacks are acquired, the characler gains extra points that can. be used to buy QuaJjlies or skills. Think of the exira points






as a IJllJe reward for making the characler a bit more three-dimensional and entertaining lhen some plainvanilla, "'nothing wrong with me" bloke.

Beginning characters are limited to Ie points in Drawbacks. That does not mean players have La get J8 paints' worth of Drawbacks; most will probably end up wiih less then tha\.


After creating the character, some (usc common sense) Qualities and Drawbacks may be acquired or lost in the course of a game. For ~pJe, a scarring wound could reduce the characler's Attnlwveness, or a change in fortune might increase or decrease the character's Resources or Social level. When such a change is brought about during play, no experience points (see p. J31) are needed to purchase them. lf players want to purposefully change a Quality or Drawback, they musl spend experience points and come up with a good reason or \he change. This intentional change is somewhat restricted, however ('See p. 133).

New Qualities & nrcwbocks

The Qu~jly and Drawback list presented in this chapter i1 far frol,1l exhaustive, although it covers mast aribe basic$. ln many cases,. "new" Qualily or Drawback can be an ~ensian or varialion of an e.x.isung Q1\Q. The value of the char~cl.eristif; should be balanced out by the benefits or penhlties it gives the charscler. Mast Qualities or Drawbacks should be worth between one and three paints; only the most powerful ~r crippling of them should ha;fc .. value of four or higher, unless they are .. ~~ Qualities like Slayer or ~j(j.tive Commando. TJ1ese "combos" often include AUribulc bonuses. CCJ"h Attribute bonus wsts.c:me character point. with the maximum bonus being +5 10 anyone AUribule.



Oz: It's Wi[fow Sfte's near6y.

Cort:k6n: <Wliat? jIou call smef{ her? Sne Mesh 't even weaT 'perfume.

Oz: Sne's afraid

-3.8 Lovers <WaLt

Some people have The eyes of a hawk, or Ihe ears of 8 bal. Which is kind of yucky when you think about ll. Others are near-sighted, hard of hearing or otherwise impaired. Chereclers with this Quality have one sense Iha] is more (or less, if ii's a Drawback) refined and sensitive than the rest Normally, the Five senses are represented by the Perception Attribute. Acule or Impaired Senses indicate one or marc are higher or lower than normal for a person with that. Perception AUribute.

When bought as a QuaHly. an Acule Sense gives your characler a +3 bonus to any Perception-related roll that relies on that particular sense. ]f acquired as a Drawback. Impaired Sense give a similar -3 penally 10 Perception-related rolls.

Some Impaired Senses (hearing and sight in particular) can be easily corrected by glasses, hearing aids and similar devices (though no doubt some insensitive high scbaol sludenl will give you a hard lime about it). ]f the impairment is eliminated by the use of such devices, the Director

should reduce the value of the Drawback to one character point As long as your character's glasses or hearing aid or whatever is on, she is fine. H, say. a vampire knocks the glasses off, she 'won'l be able 10 see very well (Cast Members should probably wear conlacls or those J'm-snencienl-Iibrerian-lype glasses straps). It is possible 10 have mare than one type of Acute or Impaired Sense, or, for example, 10 have Acute Hearing and Impaired Eyesight, or a similar combination of senses. For obvious reasons, you cannal select both the Impaired and Acule versions of 'the same sense (but "duh" for asking).



'Wi(ww: 'Wfw woufilpay ta get 6itten?

!l'tnya: It's been going on for centuries. 'lfumans hire vampires to tied' off them. tffl£Y get off on the. rusli.

giles: S4nd tJie danger. Traveling i". tfle uiuierwadi{ can become addictive far these people:

-5.10 Into tfie WoodS

Don't do drugs, kids, Jf your ehsracler does drugs. she's likely 10 became an sddicl, end Ihat's 8 bad thing. You've a1l seen the sfter-school specials and know the scare about addiction. Slill, a big component of BfVS is lragedy, and addiction is lhal. in spades. ]f you wsnl Io go there. an addicted characler's galla have something (drugs, liquor. smokes) and she's galla have it bad.

The value of this Drawback is delermined by the severity of the addiction and the relative effecls of the drug or substance. Since this isn't the Drug Awareness Week 1\oleplaying Game, we won't cover all the gory details. Dlrectors should adjudicate the game effects of a "high" all a chaescler. This can range from a small penalty for being slightly "buzzed," 10 the complete stupor of a heroin trip. A rough guide would be a penally equal to the AddiCtion.Point Value of the Drawback (heavy use of mariju-ana imposes a -3 penally 10 all roils). In lhe game as in r~ life, drugs are dangerous and unpredictable, and an addlc:t'cbarader is often unable 10 control herself.

Addiqion point value rcble


The Addidion Point Value Table gives guidelines for the value of a given type of addiction. Directors should modify these values as desired.

When an addided charader hasn't gotlen her usual "fix," she suffers from debililaling withdrawal symptoms. Most mental eclions (e.g., any ralls using Intelligence, Perception or Willpower) are at a penalty equal 10 the value of the Drawback (so, a character with a 2-poinl Addiction suffers a -2 penally to mosl menial actions) until The addict can gel whal she needs. The most severe drugs (like heroin) also produce slrong physical effects: such addicts have a wilhdrewal penalty of -3 to all physical actions in addition to the above penalty on mental actions.

Unlike some Drawbacks, this problem cannot. be overcome easily. Generally, the best a charader can hope to do is 10 deny her craving "one day al a lime." Gelling rid of this Drawback should never be a maUer of saving up enough points to "buy il off." Resisting the craving requires a series of daily Willpower (doubled) rolls. The firsl few rolls suffer no penally. After a number of days equal 10 the character's Willpower have passed, add a penally equal 10 the value of the Drawback. If the character blows any of the rolls, she'll do whatever H lakes to get her fix. If no Fix is available, she goes through the withdrawal penalties. And so on. Once len straight days of successful Willpower rolls have passed, the charecler may lower the Addiclion Point Value by one. And it slaru all over again. Not a fun situation to be in, but if the slruggle 10 overcome the addiction is roleplayed well, it should esm the charecler some Drama Points.



Spik.e (re: the Scoobies): 'I7i.is is tfu! cra.d( team that foirs my every pran? .1 am cfeepty snamea.

~. 9 Something 'BlUe

Your character has pissed someone off. And not. pissed off in a "I'm nul speaking 10 you" way-more like a "I'm going 10 really kill you· or "I'm going 10 make )lour life a living hell- kind of way. In the Buffyverse, Adversaries are an occupational hazard. You can'l jus] stake vamps without ward getting out, and the vamps are not going 10 take il lying down.

The more powerful Ihe Adversary is, the higher the> value of this Drawback. Directors should determine if an Adversary is spprcpriale 10 the game in question. H the Adversary is unlikely 10 appear frequently, the Director can reduce the point value or disallow il altogether. The

Maskr, for example, is worth z.ero points as an Adversary after 2.1 When She Was Bad, since he's dust in lhe wind. Individuals are valued at one to three points as Adversaries, depending on their resources and abllilies. A normal person grants one point, a new vampire two points; a Green Beret or a veteran vampire three poinls. An organization may be worth three 10 five or more points, depending on its power. A gang of thugs garners lwo points, the police depsrlmenl of 8 ci1ythree 10 four points (depending on .ils size and competence), and a national agency like the ClA Jive points or more. A large supernatural group like the Order of T ereke could give six or more points: that would appl)' only if Ihe entire Order is after the Cast Member-and your charecler's Jife expectancy is going to mondo suck.

You should have a good reason why your cherecler has earned the enmity of the Adversary. Your Director can then weave this enemy into the Season in any way she sees fil. Alternatively, you can select the Drawback and leave it to your Director 10 decide who the Adversary is.

Killing lhe Adversary is not. usually enough to eliminale the Drawback-your Diredor will see to it that another Adversary of similar value rears its ugly head shortly aFlerwards. Thai's the way it works in Ihe show. after all. Mosl Cssl Members in SunnydaJe should have a minimum Adversary 2, representing the local supernatural community Ihe] thrives around the Hellmculh, Slayers and their ilk have a permanenl Adversary fjgured into the point cost of Their Quality.



fArtya: 'For a thousand: years I -wi£fifec{ the powers of tile wish: I brought ruin Up01l tfie fieads of utifaitfifu( men. 1 offered destruction ana chaos for the pfeasure of the (ower 6eings. L was jearecf anti worsftipyecf across the mortal gro6e ana now I'm stuck; at Sunnycfafe <Jfigfi! fA, mortall fA, cfi:ififf fAnd I'm f[unf<:jng tnatfi.

~3.16 'lJoppefgiingfana

Some beings have been alive and active for several life spans; lhey could be demons, ancient undead, or olherwoddy game shaw hosts. Ancient characters are very powerful, having refined lheir abilities wilh centuries of pradice. This Quality assumes !.hal the charecler has powers or nalural abililies, like vampirism, lhal, allowed her 10 survive Ihis long (such powers must be purchased sepa ralely).

Each level of Age adds one century 10 your characler's life span. Truly ancient supernelurals (a millennium old or older) have len or so levels of Age, and are extremely powerful. As such, they are not appropriate as Cast Members in most games.

The Age Quality only refers 10 periods during which 1m; cherscter was active. Many supernatural beings have periods of "down rime," times when they were in s (a fancy term for chillin' in a big way) I If you want li .',]!ie a Char.ader from a truJy ancienl period. be our

ge~Jdd many levels of Age as yo. u can afford. and

con"" the t of the lime 10 be "down time" for whal-

eve reason. The bonuses your character gets are re*icled Io those levels of Age bought, however.

Ate gives your characler more points to put into skills, Each level of Age grants one point per level of Intelligence to put into skills, to a maximum of four per level. Age is not without its downside, however. Over lime, enemies and secrets are accumulated, and these always seem Io ouUast friendships and renown. For each level of Age. the character musUake one level df either Adver$8ty or Secret and gains no cherecier points far this Drawback.

2-ro.a QuAUTY

<WiDOW: 9lna 1 haven't bema. nett! for a very fong ttrrfit 9felr(J.?~1J9 a !JUitarist, or I ... was.

---4.11 'Doometi

Your character's an artist. someone unusually lalenled and creative. Artists end up forming bands that don't



suck (Dingoes Ate My Baby. post sausage-fingers phase), painung masterpieces, writing Greal American Novels, and doingolher cool sluff like lhal,

Artisls gel a +1 10 any two mental AUribules (Intelligence, Perception or Willpower); the bonuses cannot be stacked onto one AUribule, and the lima remains

six for humans. They a/so get a +J to (what e1se~) lhe Art Skill. ArUsls lend to be a bit sensitive and emotional, though; they have a -J penally 10 Willpower rolls to resis] crying or lasing their temper, or otherwise Jelling their • emotions rule.



Xancfer: Somehow 1 dolt't tfiillfc a girf that hoI<;} like. tfiat's gonna 6e (onery [or too h71g.

"Wi(!Ow: rJJefiniteEy not

-5.1.5 I 'Was Marie tv Lave You

This Quality or Drawback determines the cheracter's looks (or Jack thereof). The average person has an AUracliveness of e. AHradiveness typically ranges from -5 10 +5 in humans .. A +1 or +2 make the person stand out in a crowd. At +3 or '1-4, we are talking model-good looks. Ai +5, the pulchritude borders on the heed-stopping. On the other hand, at -J or -2. the person has homely features. or unsightly blemishes or scars. At -3 or -4, The chsracler is downright repulsm. At -5, break out the paper ~g-Iooking el The character is almost painful.

For some strange reason, most of the students al Sunnydale High seem to have AUractiveness of +1 or betler, Must be lhe HeJImoutb's influence. . . (though The cynical might chock it up to rsiings),

A positive Allractiveness helps when dealing with people of u.e right sex or sexual persuasion. )f you're "looking good" enough, a few come-hilher glances may backstage a1 a rock concert, avoid traffic

Iickets, gel your Hal lire changed and so on. Add 'your chsrecler's AUradiveness bonus 10 any activity (usually Influence Skill rolls) where persuading people Is a fador. Negative aUracliveness works the apposite way, except when the purpose is 10 inlirnidele someone; people are more scared of an ugly mug than a preUy face.

AUracliveness cosh one point per level if bought as a Qualily, or adds one exira charader point if acquired as a Drawback. After character creelion, Allracliveness can change only by events lbal modify the charscler's entire appearance, either through scarring or plastic surgery, or growing up in the righl places if your characler starts out young enough ("Look rna, I've gal breasts nowl"),



Xander: ali, forgiveness is 11Ly middTe name! 'We[, actuaffy it's £aNdCe, and I'd appreciate. it if you guanf that secret witfi your tife..

-L4 rreacflU's Pet

Wise guy, ehl? The Clown refuses 10 lake things seriously and is always coming up with jokes and wisecracks, even at the mosl inappropriate moments. Perhaps your character .is deeply insecure and hies 10 .air other people's acceptance through humor, or she 9P1y delighls in keeping folks off-balance with her ~ommenls. The biggest. problem these characters have is Hit lh cannol keep their mouths shul even when thO)' ~ow ioke will only work against them.

Clowns are generally accepted and liked during sihraiiQIIs where their quirky humor Is no! out of place (parties and other social gatherings, or among friends). Their sense of humor gels them in trouble during tense and dangerous situations. Another problem the Clown faces is people often do not lake .her seriously "en wben they should,



~iK.~' I've never used tIi.is 6fol(es s~. efj;

tNt tliere's taEt fWcmf is {Ie hroW$ 'ng

tIiere. is to fvun.v aDout resurredion

-5.11 <Forever

You know Uie rouHne-make a phone call lo The right people and you get information, special supplies, some cash, or even the proper make-over regimen. This Quality gives your cherscler those phone numbers. The

more helpful the conLad is, the higher lhe Quality's poinl value. for any and aU Contacts, the Diredor determines whether or not the Contact is available al any given time. Generally, the more time your character has to reach or gel word to her Contact, the more likely the Conlad will come through.

A Conlee] thaI only provides hints, rumors or gossip costs one poinl, If the Conlee! usually provides reliable information and helps the character oul in small ways (offering a ride. leUing the charscler spend the night over, or getting a background check on somebody), ibis Quality sets you back \:WO points. Adual allies who help the character in any way they can run three"'lo five points, depending on the Contact's resources (the full weight of the Walchers Council, for example, would cost five poinls-nole that most Wal.chers don't get thai much support in the field).



Coraelia: 1 have a dream. It's me em tIie cheerteading squad, adorer! 6y every varsity maCe tis far as tfie eye can see! 'We nave to acfLieve our dTeams, 9I:my. otfzerwise we ... witfter and ate!


Everybody wants stuff. A Covetous character wanls sluff really badly, and will do al~l anything to set it. She may be motivated by love of money, lust for sensual selisfeclien, hunger for pow.er 0' the search for glory. Whalever she desires, she will II ~ost anything to gel il, limited only by any sense of caution or morality she 11Rly have-and ill some cases, not even by thai. A Covetous character usually refrains from breaking her own mqTal codo or the laws of the land in the pursuit of her goak, but if a golden epporlunily presenlsilself, the tClJ'Pt,~tI(JJn mey jusl be loa great.

... ~.t"'I'P- four Iypes of covetousness: Greedy (money Lecherous (sexual relations), Ambitious and influence), and Conspicuous (fame and Il is possible 10 covet two or more of those but each additional source of desire adds bul a

Covelous Drawback has three levels of severity, two and three points respectively.

The first level is relatively mild, Your character knows what she wants and she spends a great deal of lime and effort to attain her goals, but she won'I break her own rules or those of society 10 do so. This is a Jpoinl Drawback.

SERIOUS: The second level is stronger-presented with enough lemplelion, your character may ad even jf it goes against her better Judgment or morality. She may resist if the aelion she conlemplales is truly wrong and reprehensibJe-sieaJing credit for a heroic deed performed by a friend, for example-bul resisting requires aWiJJpower (doubled) roll, at a penalty of -J to -3 jf the Iemplalion and possible rewards are greal. This is a 2- poinl Drewbeck.

DESPERATE: The third level is the strongest-a desire so strong' that it oflen overwhelms any scruples your characler may have. When presented willi temptation, she can only avoid acling by making a Willpower roll, with penalties ranging from -J to -5 depending on the size of lhe prize. For a high enough reward, your character will hrrn on friends or loved ones, and even betray her principles. This is a 3-poini Drawback.



JOyce: 'B"Uf/y, if you're going out; wfiy don't you take you.r sister?

rBu.ffy 4. 1Jawlt (in unison): Mom!

-5.1. 'Buffy vs. 'lJracufa

Your character has a relalive or someone wnD" is close to her-perfed for lhe villains to Ierrorize, nord hostage or otherwise use and abuse. Joyce Summers and the early version of Dawn are perfect examples of DepellQent If your character has one Dependent she -geb lwo pOlitis. More than one Dependent is worth three poinls-sorry, five siblings may be 8 bunch, but lhe~ jusl don'I give you any more paints.


'Faitli: 'Rpnnie, tfentfheat Sieve, kkpto. IJ(etI.n!l ... drummer: 'Even.tua(fy. 1 just nail to face up to my cfestiny as a rosa maqnet: Wow it's stri.ct.fy get some, qet gone. ~U can't trust guys.

-3.1 'l?&Wflltions

boes your cheracter have difficulty relating 10 others!?

Does she gel depressed often, wear dark clolhing, or lislen 10 a 101 of weird musicS? If the. answer is yes, she mfght: have an Emotienel Problem or hYo. Those with Emotional Problems read in unreasonable ways Io cerlain siluations and problems. The reaction can be anger~ pain or anguish, typically more extreme than normal. People gel wiggy for the strangest reasons.

characters in the BuHyverse often overcome their limitations. Emotional Problems can be overcome during play, bul lhis should always be roleplayed. ]f you are able to convey the inner struggle of your charscter over the course of several "Episodes, the Director might allow her 10 eliminale Ihe Drawback without having to "pay" any 'experience points to do so (see p. 133). And there's probably a Drama Point (see p. 126) or two in it for you as well.

DEPRESS10N: Your cheracler's emotional problems make lhe very acl of living a chore, Common symptoms include sleep problems (either oversleeping or insomnia), severe procreslinalion (to the poinl Ihal the sufferer may Jose her job or get kicked oul of school), and a lack of interest in anything. A cheracler wilh Depression suffers a -J 10 most Tasks, and lends 10 avoid becoming involved. This is a 2-'point Drawback. A severe shock may snap someone oui of This $Nie for 8 while (8 lifeThreatening crisis could do it), bullbe charscler will sink back inlo lnactivity afterwards. Certain drugs and psychialric Ireelmenl can reduce the effed of this probJem (which also reduces ils value to one point).

EHonotlAl DEPENDENCY: These clingy types are overly dependent on others. Once they make a friend, they want to bang eround ner all the lime. When involved in a relslio p, they are excessively needy. This behavior lends to freak friends and relations. This is a l-poinl Drawback.

M6 OF COMMITMENT: Whenever your characler slsris Iecling loa close lo somebody, she becomes afraid and pVJ.Js sck. Maybe she is afraid Ihal if she Jets somebody gel close, they will hurl her, and ii's. . . jus] ... . worth the pain. Or perhaps she fears thai if she r 00 much about herself, the other person will see flie reaJ her" and be appalled or disgusted. This makes it very difficull 10 have a healthy relabonship with eilher friends or lovers. This problem is a l-poinl Drawback,

FEAR OF REJEIITlON: When lhis person experiences rejection (or thinks she has been rejecled), she feels hurl

and angry. People with this problem may be sfreid to make friends or approach those they are allracled to, and if their fears come true, they harbor a great deal of resentment and anger. This is a f-point Drawback.


'Dawn: We can 't a[C 6e 130m witJi 6ig fancy dl.Osen One refkr..es" you k;pow.

-5.5 Wo Pliue Lif;J WOI/1£.

Most people freeze when something bad is about 10 happen (like ... I don't know ... when a large reptile boy lunges otr] of the dark a1 you). Not someone with this Qualily-the lucky one rolls away and punches 01' scaly as soan as it bares its Ieelh at her. ]1'1 combat cantact sports or other physical confrontelions, characters with This Quality gain IJ +5 bonus for Inilielive purposes (see p. J08), modified by common sense (Fa,sl Reacbon Time cannot help the large! of a sniper half a mile away, for example). This Quality also provides a bonus of +1 on Willpower Tests 10 resisl fear.



'DaWn: f4ny {uc!c?

'Wi{lDw.- 1/ you clefilLe (ud:. as trw. absence of suecess-pren. ty.


Jf your ch4rader enjoys Good Luck, Fortune smiles on her far more oflen than on most people. Whenever she needs a break, there is a good chance that circumstances will conspire to give her one. Jf your cheracler suffers from Bad Luck, on the other hand, Murphy's law ("jf anything can go wrong, it willM) always applies to everything she does. Good Luck points are like low-key Drama Points (see p. R6), but have the advantages of bejl'lg reusable and you can use them whenever you wanl.

Each level of Luck counts 8S a +J bonus (or -J penally) thai can be applied lo any roll, after the die is rolled, Q11ce per game session. Multiple levels can be added together Fer 8. biB' bonus an one roll, or spread around several different actions. For example, if your characler has lhree levels of Good Luck, she can gel a it3 bonus on one aclion, 8 +J bonus to three actions, or a +2 bonus one and a +1 bonus for another.

With Good Luck, you decide when it comes into play.

Bad Luck, however, is in the hands of the Director, who chooses when il affecls a given roll. Directors should

exercise caulion and good judgment when applying Bad Luck. )f they use Bad Luck for meaningless rolls, the Drawback becomes Iillle more than a minor inconvenience. On the other hand, applying Bad luck to Survival Tesls (see p. JZj) or other critical falls is a good way to alienate folks. Make the Bad Luck count, but don'I abuse anyone. We're lrying' to gel you all to have fun here, not create angst (well, not out-of-game engsl).

For example, Jenna has a. 2-point Bad Luck Drawback.

Ai one poinl in Ihe Episode, Jenna takes aim with her gun as an enemy aUempls to flee the area. The character's mission will be much harder if lhe villain escapes, but Jenna is in no immediate danger, so the Diretlor tells Jenna that a startled bird flies in front of her, spoiling her aim. A -2 penally is applied lo jenna's shol.

ftARD TO Kru,


Xancf.er (aliout !4tfam): '1fe's not worried you miglit kj(t . oft, say. . ftim?

'Buffy: Wo. '1fe's rea(Cy not

-4.21 'Pritlteva{

Characlers with ibis QuaJity are extremely tough, and can withstand an amazing amount of damage before going down. Even after they are severely wounded, medical aUention has a good chance of reviving them. scarred but alive. This Quality is bought in levels. level five is the highest possible for human beings; Slayers and some supernatural beings can NVC more levels. Each level of Hard to KiJJ adds three life Points to your character's Pool, Addilionelly, each level provides 8 +J bonus to Survival Tests (see p. 121). Probably every chereeler in a BIVS RPG Series should have a couple of levels of this Qu.lity-afier aJI, nobody in the show gets killed by random punches, falls, or even impalement by metal spikes. 1f you have any Quality points left aver, you s~d i~vest them here. Your character will thank you.



Xantfer: Wn(Ja! 'Jfeyl tJ1t.is4 war; isn 'f it? If there's one tfiing I'll/!< reamed from Sergeant IJWck;. it's that in war there are ndes ... or at least there sftouUf be if you're as fioTLorabfe as you tftink;. you are.

-5.20 Spired

Your character follows a code of behavior, and will nat break it JigbUy, if at all. The more restrictive and rigid lhe code is, the higher its value, Honor Girl should almost never break lhe code's rules, no matter what the cause. In a life-or-death silualion where .honor must be ignored, your character might do sa, but even then a WllJpower (nat doubled) Test is necessary to overcome the psychological barriers reinforcing the code of honor.

MINIMA'L: Your character does net lie or betray friends or loved ones, or people she respects. Anybody else, especially people from groups they dislike or are prejudiced against. is fair game. This is a l-poinl Drawback.

SERIOus: This code of honor is more complex, and applies to everyone, friend or foe. Your character always keeps her word and does her best to fulfill any .promises she makes. She wilJ not betray the trust of olhers once she has accepted it. She may be reluctant 10 ~.her word except in a good cause (at least a good ~ as she sees it), because once it h8S been given she Witl ",de by it This is 8 2-point Drawback.

Y cherscter lives by a slricl set of rules !hal

conlro1s most f her actions towards others. In addition to aJllhe other restrictions above, she will refuse to parHci9ate in acts of betr8ya/ such as ambushes, striking a helpless or unsuspecting foe, or cheating in any way. Lying is anathema, and she will only do so in cases of extreme need. even then, she wiIJ feel guilty and will not do a very good job al deceiving: any lasks requiring lying will bave II -2 10 ~6 penally, determined by the Director. This is II 3-point Drawback.


q-i£es: I canassure you 1 Mrs. Post-tliis is tfig finest occu{t reference co{fection-

r;wencfofyll Post: -tliis side of the 9ttfantic, I'm sure. 'Do you liave. 9fume's Paranonltl1,{ 'Eru:ycfopaed't.a? .1J1ie £a6yrintft Maps of Marta?

(jiCes: It's on oroer.

(jWentfoljpl Post: "We{, I suypose tftat you liave .

Sir 'RPoert '1(p.ne's '1wiligfrt Compendium?

(jiCes: ali! raft ... yes, 1 ... Yes! yes, lao. (j'Wetufofyn Post: Of course you ao.

-3.7 fJ?Jve1o:tions

She without lhe funny, lackingihe ability to laugh at life, and laking everything with lhe utmost seriousness. Other people's sllempls at humor leave her cold or annoy her. Mosl people find U,is facet of her" personality 10 be unsllraclive or bothersome. Clowns BOd practical jokers most likely select the Humorless 8S Iheir favorile target. Many Watchers seem 10 share this problem, with some noted exception (Giles, for one, although his wit is so dry you shouldn't light a match near it) .


mfeg: iJ1t.e prohfe.m is, what ft;jruf oj girl" is going to go OU.t witli a guy w(w'sac#n.g a((!]oe 'RIguf4r 6y ciay, ana tiWl tunis ar( demonhunter by nigfi.t?

(jraftam; Maybe a peculiar one?

-4. 7rni£ Initiative

The lnitialive (see p. 153) is a sec relive governmenl organization dedicaled to fjghting and studying (of late, mo fithUng) HSTs, or Hostile Sub-Terreslrials~ureaucrat-speak for manners. The Ironl-line soldiers -qf e Initiative are recruited from the mililary, given s . tr8ining and all kinds of cool toys, and sent out J~e night to fjght the good fight

oul additional charge or value, Inillallve ndos gain +1 to any two physical Attributes, to 8 m level of six (the bonuses cannot be slacked on Attribute); Fast Readion Time or Situational Awareness (pick one); lhree levels of Herd to Kill (an additional two levels can be acquired by spending points during cherscler creation), and a 3-point Obligation (or, if they quit, a 3-poinl Adversary or 3-poinl Secret).



Lany: rrli..is is our year; I'm ul{ing you, rJ3est footba([ season ever. 1 '11/ so itt sfiape, 1, 'm a rod;., It's a(f a60ut egg wfiites. If we Ct11l focus, keep cfl.Sci'plinf, atl([ nat nal!e quite as IIlflny mysten"ous cfeatfTS. SUM!fdak is g011114 fJtUDE!

-~.1 9IcTlne

The cheracter is a spans fan, but not Ihe type thai does sports siUing in froni of the TV while downing chips and beer (not thal there's anything wrong with Ihel). Jocks spend much of their free lime practicing and working out, often to The detriment of Iheir schoolwork. They can be your typical loud and obnoxious football players, or quiet. inlense types with Olympic amblllons.

Wilhoul addilional charge or value, Jocks gain +J 10 any two physical AHribules. 10 a maximum level of six (the bonuses cannot be slacked on one AUribule)i two levels of the Sports Skill (and at least one more level must be purchased on lop of Ihat), and a -J penally to aJI rolls involving intellectual abilities (anything using the Intelligence Allrlbute), except where the Sporls Skill is involved.



'Wi/iOw,' (a(couu, 9v(o{ocfi ... whatever lie's Cf/(fiu[ iJTlt oueooy thai's rruIty ~d me, ana fie's a "au 1VQot 'What does tliat say about me?

!J3uffy: It d'oesn 't say anytfiing £l6otlt you. r-wi(w-w: I mean, 1 tHought I was reaffy fa(fi1l9 ... 13uffi.J: r;{ey. auf you forget? 'l1w one DOY I've

hiiil tlie hats for since I've moved flere turned out to be a vampire.

Xarukr: tJQgfit ana tfte teadier 1 had a crusli Ott? (jiard praying mantis?

-1.8 I'1?P6ot. yOu jane

The chsrscler's love llfe is the stuff songs are made ofwhether ii's the pop of Brilney Spears or the thrash of Marilyn Manson is up to the storyline, of course. A Cast Member wlth ibis Drawback slsrls the game with a releliotlship or develops one shorlly after the Season begins (usually during lhe firsl or second Episode). This love may or may not be reciprocated; yOUT charscler might be in Jove wilh someone who barely knows she exists. Whenever the characler has 10 choose between following her heart or her head. she must make a Willpower (nol doubled) roll al a ,3 penally. This Drawback is worth two points.

TRAGIC loVE: As above, bul any romantic relationship the character develops ends badly. This can happen in two possible ways: something bad happens 10 The charecler's beloved, or the character ha-s an unforlunsle lendency 10 fall for the wrong people (like Xander's propensity for dating praying mantises, Inca mummy women, elc.), Tragic love can be a good source of Drama Points (see p. 126) and is a 4-point Drawback.



Wilww: q1iall/Q for coming wi.ttL rJ(uttting for a 'psyclio'patliic 'uyer6itdi is tiefinitefy in tfre above and 6eyona category.

Tam: It's okfly, rea(fy. So, wlUtt do we cfo if we jincflier?

WifJOw: 1Wlt, fke, may6e sk:Jt/4difk. 'We're not here to engage. tfftis is stridfy recon.

-4.15 '11iis Year's (jir[

Your characler has some major malfunction. Maybe her parents abused her, or she is in dire need of some Prosec. The short circuil could be quirky or downrighl i"., 4cpending on how severe the problem is. Some common Menlal Problems follow.

,tcwARDICE: Your character is more afraid of danger aM hlnfrontalion than normal people. She may shun linger allogelher, or only risk it when she's sure she has pper hand. Use the value of this Drawback as a y 10 rolls to resist fear.

TY: This is a person who eclually likes 10 inflict and suffering. At the lower level, she reserves this for people who have angered or ellecked her, but at the highest level she is a sadist with no Feelings of remorse (this is probably not appropriale for most Cas1 Members, but is lypicaJ among vampires and demons).

DElUSIONS: Your charscier believes something that just isn't lrue-she might be /:I confirmed racist. or convinced thal spirits whlsper words of wisdom only she can hear (nole tha1 in the 13uHyverse this might nol be a delusion after sll),

The higher the value of the Mental Problems, the more severe and debiJilaling it is. Generally, Cast Members should not have M·eniaJ Problems worth more than two points, although playing the lunatic can be fun every once in a while.

MILD: The hang-up is conlrollableand your character seldom aJlows the problem to canlrol her during times of crisis, especially wben friends and loved ones are involved. People may nol even know somelhing is wrong with the character. This isa i-poin] Drawback.

SEvERE: The problem is severe, andaHecls your characier's daily life. Anybody who knows Hie charscler realizes or strongly suspects thai something is wrong with her .. This is a Z-poinl Drawback

DERANGED: The character is clearly deranged, wiih no regard for such considerations as lhelaw, Ihe safely of oilier'S, or the inlegTily of her immortal soul (you know, nUJe things like lhaU.Thal does not mean she is compJeleJy berserk. She may conlrcl herself oui of fear of being slopped or discovered by lhe law or olher Infjor threat. but when no such fearexisb, '\'I'81ch 01.11.



COmmamlo 111: Om fain 11/.tnt area s been 6reacfiecf. Mostifes aTtl loose.

Cafone[ Me!:NizTIlam: g.{i)W many? CQml1U1.t/ db #1: !A((oj 'em, sir.

--4.21 PrimtWa{

Your character is in the ermed forces. High rank has privileges; soldiers or sailors obey your characler's orders. On the other hand, low-ranking soldiers are at a disedvsnlage, they gel ordered around, and disobeying is not a good career option. The value of Military Ranks from -J 10 +9, and cosh one point per level (or grants one point al Ihe lawest level). Keep in mind thal high Rank also entails numerous duties that may restrict your character's sclions even more 'Ulan very low Rank. The RaAks Table in the next column shows lilles used in the U.S, Army. Other service ranks, and the rank names of foreign countries, va.ry greatly.

Rank Table

Bonk Level Description

('~"!" :: r ,"f' , .... :"'fl ,',' '11-' ,,' I"rj 11'1 I': "",!II,(,1-;""jfi ~

'II I!ill I I I I .!


11"Pfilfl:Hl~III'rIW ·i:~rlli. :,illl'H'.I,,: I', \ ' I , »u, I'lill'

"I.. .' .". .' . _' , I


Major General



'BuffiJ (cor!11tumting on t1ie Les6iar, ~(tiallce poster '1?jfeyjust ftung): Is t/iere sometfiing you WIlI1t to fe[[rne?

'1?ife!J: Wfwt? Oft, yes, J am a fe-solan.

'Buffg: <Wete ifs goar! t/iat you're. so oyell abou! it. -4.9Sometliillg'.B[ue

A Minority is considered a second-class citizen because of race,ellinic group. religion or sexual preference, She is a member of., small or dissdventaged group, disliked by the eslablishmenl types. People: of the dominsnl group lond to act negatively lowerds her, manyareaulomalicaJly suspicious, Fearful or annoyed al her for no reason ather than whal she is, This Drawback has 8 f-poin] value 10 refled the relatively enlightened 21St-century America, where people cannot be denied service in a reslaurani because of the calor of their skin (in most pJ~. at least). In ather setHngs. where prejudice has" NIl weight of the Jaw and tradilion behind it. Ws Drawback might be worth two to three points.



~ . reali, gou fearn fier source, ana we'f(intror~r to her insect r:ejfectiofl. (<£veryolte stares .) qJj·tfiat was fimny if you,. U7n, stud'ted rin 7Ilytfiic rites ... atut area cOn/prete


-5.6 'Fo.mify

Darks. squibs, freaks and geeks-aIJ names for the misfits of sociely. ]11 school or out, they are the losers, the people who seem to' have a permanent "Kick Me" sign Ialloced on their foreheads. They are to bullies what fire hydrants are to dogs. Misfils don't do very well wiTh social inlereclions, they have a -2 penalty to Influence Tasks. Theyalso allrae] the ellenlion of any cruel or abusive charecler.


Dawn: 1 mean, you've got that whore superstre~ljtli tliing. f4na you're just as to~h as 'Bu11Y is. May6e tougrler. 'Even t]3utfY tfiinR.s so.

spi!(!- (tafdng interest): She _ .. She does?

-5.14 Crusn

Your cheracler is lougher than normal. able 10 lake a punch without flinching. She has four points of Armor Value (see p. 121) against blunt attacks, such as fists, baseball bats, dropping pianos and the like. Bullets and slashing attacks are unaffected by this armor, however. This Qualily is common among professional boxers, bouncers and jackie Chanlypes.



tWiLlow: 'Even I was liord 9bu{ I'm a science "mf.

'Buffy: 'Doll't say that

'1ViOOw: lin nat ashamed. it's t/i.e computer age. 'lVercfs are in. tzney're stiff in, rigftt?

-1.12 Propftecy (jirf

Your charader is one of tile smart, maybe brilliant types, more comforleble wilh a book or a computer than with other people. Nerds don't have many friends (except maybe online), bul hey, in a few years lhey wiJI make their first mlllion bucks and will be able to buy new friends.

Nerds gain +1 to any two menial Allribules, to a maximum level of six (bonuses cannot be slacked on one AUribule); +2 skill levels to be added to anyone of the following: Compulars, Knowledge, or Science; oj penalty in any roll involving social slluations (due to either prejudice against them, or their own social ineptitude). These characters are prime ctmdidales for lhe 'Emotional Problems or Misfil Drawbacks.


'WiLlow: rJVexj: tliingi /&tow this crazed. vamp is {ike- runninq riglit at me ana I !QlOW if it ~ts past me there's no telling wftos in tfangerner..t

q'ara: Come on, !lou have fim. !Aifmit it-living tlie Scooliy life.

'Wl(hw: 1 was going for a 1iJ:,u[ of stoic liravery but !Jean. fAtui it was eJ(citillg witft tfte ceiling

coming in and. everything. . . .

~.17 superstar

A character with lhls Quality is almost impossible 10 scare. Whether she is too dumb or too laugh 10 be frightened is open 10 question, bul she remalns unruffled even In the face of unspeakable horrors. This is often key in keeping dry cleaning bills down. She is immune 10 fear except when confronled with the strangcsl supernalursl manife~lelions, and gains a +4 bonus 10 her rolls even then.



'Rifey: It's not just a joli.

oJ3uffy: It's an adven. ture; great 'But for me; it's destiny. It is something tliat I can't durnge, s~tfting tfiat 1 can't escape. I'm. stud:.!

--1-.11 'Doomed

Qmc rights are accompanied by duties. An Obligation musl be followed to various degrees, and granls 8 num~ of paints depending an the strictness of its dictates. Melri»ers of secret societies or special agencies (like the "4tlchers and The lnilielive) often have an Obligation to thoif group. Failure to fulfill one's duty can lead to trouemotion, lass of job and health benefits, harsh . . . sometimes it can even be downright dania say "no" lo one's secret puppelrneslers,

MINIMAL: Obeying lhe basic precepts df the orgsnleelion or creed and no] betraying ils members are tile major points here. This is worth no points. Members of the Walchers who do not have a specific assignment have this level of Obligation. Rear-echelon lniliabve

personnel (scientists far from the front lines) also get no points For this level of Obligation,

IMPORTANT: Your characler is expected lo rouUn.ely risk herself tor the organization, and go above lhe basic precepls of The membership. Walchers expecled to hunt the occasional vampire (lypicelly for research purposes) would have this level of Obllgalion, An lrnperlanl Obligation is worth one poinL

MAJoR: The welfare of lheorganization is placed above thaI of yOUT character. She is always on cal1, and does.ne! havetime to pursue a normal job (unless it's a cover for the rea! assignment) or much of a persona] life. The penallJes for disobedience or selfishness are severe, and may Include death .. This is worlh two points. Walchers assigned 10 a Slayer would have this level of Obligation.

TOTAL: Yourcnllracler isexpeded to die for the organization, if need be. Missions are extremely hazardous, and she is conslsnlly in danger of imprisonment, torture Of execution. This is worth lilree points, Initiative Commandos end Slayers have this level of Obligalio.n (which is already included in their Quality value. so you can't lake il again. .. but "'A" for effort).



ljifes:o/es, I-I must C07tsU{t my ooof;.J.

XJlMer. os. eigfit minutes aru[ tliirbftkree secon.c{s,Ytly up. 1 ca(Wdten minutes before JJou~rf consult !Jour 6001(} about sometfiiltg.

-2.1 'Wfum Slie 'Was ijJaa

A particular person or lesk dominates your character's life, to the excl usion of most other things. To pursue her Obsession, she will go to almost any length (as Iim.iled by her moralily). She may neglect other duties, both personal and professional. to pursue that which Isseinates her. The "obsesses" may be a person (who mayor may nm. be aware of your charecler's feelin~ but who almost certainly would b. upset about their mtensity) or a lask Oike geUing revenge on somebody, or performing

._'~nlrnl"' important or notorious feat). .


the myslicarls should have elleasle book or lwo on lhe subjecl=-lhis is n.ot the kind of lhing thet you can make up as you go along, nol if you want to live long (ar in a form other than a newl). The larger the library is, lhe more lhis QuaHtycosts. Keep in mind \hal if one Cas\ Member (or Guest Slar) has a big Occull Library, the olhercharaclers may benefit .from iL but the owner has some conlrol over Jl (i.e., they are her books, and she may not want to share whenever the other characters feel like doing some OCtUn research). Sometimes it's good Io have one's own "siesn" of arcane lore, The levels are discussed below.

.MINIMAL: Your charecler has one. countil, one book of magic. and maybe a few scribbled notes her Aunt Agatha left behind. The book has some Jj·zo spells (the Direclor secrelly rolls 8 DW and adds W 10 the result); each time your charader researches a' spell successfully (see p. J38). mark ii. off. Evenlually, she knows all the spells in the book, and there are no more. One book is not. enough to help her much with research into the idenlil¥ of menslers or demons, so research rolls are ala ·3 penally (see

p. H:I3). This level cosls one point

Goov: Thecharacler has 8 modest occult library, with several books on assorled esoteric subjects, maybe even the Time-Life series. This library gives no bonus or penalty to research rolls, and holds 85 many as 3J-40 (DJ0 + 30) spells all Iold. Cos1 is two poinls.

IHPRESSM: A good collection. including some very rare Iornes of hidden lore. Rolls to idenlify monsters arc at a + J bonus, and as many as 60 (DIO + 50) spells can be researched. Cost is three painb.

AMAnMG: Giles' collection, whicil filled a whole section of SunnydaJe High's library, qualifies. Monster research rolls are al + 2, and preily much any number of spells can be cenlained there. A cheracler with such a libra.ry should have 6 minimum Occultism Skill 3, unless she jusl doesn't reed and just likes to called books for the prelly eic;lurM in them. This cosls five points.



~ : 'Buffy's fooking for you?

W4rnw~y: Of coursel,'ffwt's w .. fig lim on the fiI:m.

n 't !Iou. h£aT"? I m totafEy Fter ardi.nemesis.

-5.4 Out of My r.Mlnd·

ey" are oul to get you. T rusl no one. Everything is a conspiracy and everyone is keeping secrets. Your char. acter never knows when .somebody is going lo turn againsl her, but she knowsIhey all will, sooner or la1er. A paranoid characler expects treachery at every turn. and rarely lrusls

tWll1Ow: Once aqoin I'm 6a11 isfl.l!lf to the demon sec.timloj ~ card Clltafog.

-1. 91J1i:g· Puppet S(w w

In megic, it's not who you know lhal maHers. it's what tomes you have access lo. Characters who wenl to praciice

even her friends and relalives. Now in the Buffyverse, where monslers exist snd secret crganizalions have run centuries-old conspiracies, being paranoid is somewhat heaJthy. However, a cherscler with this Drawback is seriously bent. This makes her leslimony less Jike/y to be believed, even when she is speaking lhe lnrlh, Paranoid cherscters oflen suffer from Emotional and .Menial Problems (lheir paint values are delermined separately).

lhelics can reduce the penalties, increasing speed 10 up 1.0 half-norma]' and reducing combat penalties to -J. This reduces lhe Drawback value 10 lwo points.

MISSING OR CR1PP1'EO ARMS: Bolli arms are missing or crippled. Your chsrecler cannot use any tools normally. Some people with lhishsndlcap have learned to use Iheir feet with gree] skill 10 compenssle For their loss. but il sWI sucks-big lime. This is a 4-poinl Drawback.

MISSING OR CRlPPLED LEGS: Your character is unable 10 walk. Withoul the help of a wheelchair, the best she can do is crawl Of roll on the ground. This is a 4-poin!. Drawback.

QuADRlPlEGJC: Paralyzed fram the neck down, almost all physical ectivilies are impossible. A special wheelchair, operated with the neck or mouth, can help your character move around (if the unforhmale has access lo such instruments). Someone needs 10 lake care of her basic needs, from feeding lo changing. This highly debilitating trail is an 8-point Drawback.


'/3uffiJ: '/3oy. that just paved over IJv{e,rwry Lane, c7uln'tit?

-4.4 'Fear, Itself

A phoiographic memory grants your characler an uncanny abillly to remember things. After reading a book. she can quole passages without missing a word, and she alrnosl never forgets anything. The Director will provide informalion lhal your character would remember whenever it is necessary. Also, your Cast Member receives a +J bonus lo any skill roll where memorizing Iscts is useful. such as Knowledge and Science. Finally, any ralls ",here memory plays a role gain a +J to +3 bonus, al the Director's discretion. Oh, and gambling againsl these card ceunlers extreordinaire is probably a bad idea,


xander: your dreams are ~etti1tg wicf;p{ accurate, l}3uff. '.YOu woufdir't (/4ppell to see lilt coming across ome Dig cosh? Or possif,fy renowing tfllt rove of a W011um? /71 a furf-6ociy sense?

-2.19 1 Only 9(alle "Eyes 'For jf1u



94:ngeCus (fielUiilIg to SpiKJ's ear); lJ'oo bad you CIl1E't come witf; (ruJi? 1'[[ Be tftinfcill' oJ you.

'ijJifte: I won't Iie in tfiis ehair forever.

-214 Innocence

She who can see lhe future in visions or dreams. Mast of Ihe lime, lhe visions are nol vel')' dear, nor do lhey happen very often, and they cannel be activated on purpose--thcy just happen. No rolls are needed. Directors should make lhe visions or dreams ambiguous and use images and silualions from your character's life. The visions should reflect her currenl. problems and worries. Friends and enemies may pap up in the visions, offering advice, vague threats. or deep pbiJasopbiC41 commenls. The Director can use the visions 10 op pints about upcoming evenls-lhe rise of same great evil, the possible arrival of an Apocalypse, a surprise ,i$jt. by Crazy Uncle Morly, and other fun sluff .

Your character is lhe victim of one of life's hideous Iwists=-crippled by accident, disease or birth defect. She rna)' suffer from limb loss. spinal column damage, or any number of lragio impairments.

.MISSING OR CRlPPL1:0 ARMIHAND: The hand in question cannot be used 10 grab or hold objects. Any task requirillg-lwo hands is ala disadvanlage (-3 or worse) or simply impossible. This IS a 2-poinl Drawback. A charscler wah a prosthetic hand can overcome some of these problems, reducing the Drawback to one poinl in value.

MISSING OR CRIPPLED lEG/FOOT: Your character is unable 10 walk or run normally. With the help of crutches or " Cane, she can move at up 10 one-third normal speed (see p. 103). Hand-le-band combal rolls are at a -2 penally. This is a 3-poinl Drawback. Modern pras-



w: Tom6 go 600111.

r: :,yep, Captaill 9tmerica. 6(owu{it 191 rear ooa. f4I[ 6y fiis {on e- waif foil esome:

Gites: '1@t!ier recfcfess of fiim. Xanrkr: 1{{ say very ratlier.

-5.8 sfiarfow

A Reckless character is supremely overconfident and impulsive, willing to take incredible risks, often without lhinking of the consequences (can you say "Faith~U) . .Masl of lhe time, she never looks before she Jea'ps---and gets into all kinds of lrouble as a result A Reckless character prefers 10 ad first and think about il Jaler. She says whal's on her mind with no consideration for diplomacy or courtesy, rushes into dangerous silualions, and rarely wesles lime on second thoughts. Reckless does not necessarily mean suicidal, however. Ading on impulse no doubt puis the character in jeopardy, but doing something that is clearly lethal is nat roleplaying, it's just stupid.



xander: 'Wfiose nigfitmare is this? ((jires sees a fi£acfstone. Turns ashen.) (jites: It's mine:

-1.10 'iVrglitmares

Your character is plagued by terrifying dreams thai relive some traumatic experience, or are just frightening and disturbing. Every night, the Director may check 10 see if your cherecler suffers from nightmares. They may be imposed el lhe Director's discrelion, or may be rolled randomly (a roll of J on a DW means the character experiences a nightmare thai nighi). On any night when the cheracter is afflicled by the nightmare. she suffers -J to all rolls the following day as 8 tesuJt of exhaustion.



<Wi(tOw (concerned): tJ3um you're sidG

tJ3uffy: 9'/0, 1 fed fine. 1 mean, I'm ... tfie worlifs spinning a fittk bit, ollt 1 fiRfl- it, it's fdncfa like a ride.

Cord"elia: 'J-fatj tfie scfioofs out witli tliis ffu.

1 t's a serious aea.( 'Buffit. We're a([ concemed about fww gross you f:jo/(.

-2 . .1.8 <J(jrkti 69 <Deatfi

Sume people are just innately better at ignoring lhe bad lhlngs life (or lhe unliving) throws 81 Them. This ability allows yovr character to fend off the effecl of a particular type of harm. Each different type of Resistance Quality rnusl be purchased separately. Some examples are presented below, but others may be devised by you or the Director.

POJSO~; Your charecler has a cast-iron stomach; add the level of this Resistance 10 any Constilulion rolls 10 resist the effeds of poison.

DEMON.JC POWERS: For some reason, your chsracler is able to resist the supernatural abilities of some types of demons. She adds her Resistance level to any rolls against being controlled or dominated through supernalural means. This includes the hypnotic powers some demons and vamplres have.

PAIN: Each level of this Quality reduces the penalties associated with severe wounds, and adds 10 Willpower and Ccnslilulion rolls 10 slay conscious when severely

injured (see p. 121). ...



fAtlya: Cmpl Loo/( at tliis-lloW I'm oUTdimeti witfi a hus6am! am! severai 'Uti y yink cliififren, anti more casli. tfwn 1 can reasona6(y manage.

Xancfer: 'I1i.at means you're winninq. !Afl ya.. 'l?ea fEy?

xarufer: Yes, cash. equafs good.

9bl!Ja: Oon! I'm so pteased. Can 1 trade in tff.£ cIlilifren for more casfi?

-5.2 '!Tie 'Rftaf Me

.Money is funny-you can never have enough, it seems. Having a big bank account can help with 8 lot of life's troubles, although it may be less helpful for fighting lhe supernatural (slill, il's way more prestigious nol 10 have to buy your crosses and crossbows off the rack). A character's level of Resources determines how much malerial wealth she has access 10. This trail varies widely. Same levels are described below. In the case of a sludenl or other person dependent on parents or guardians. the resource level detailed applies to lhe] older; type. Whether your charader has access 10 these assets a(any gjven lime is a metter for lhe Director and the plot];ne.

1>mmrrE (-5): HIlS the clothes on her back, len dol- 18~' worth of sluff and maybe a shopping cart Lucky to serounge a few dollars a month.

JIIJ$1AABLE (-4): Personal weallh of about $J00 worth of prgpcdy (including 1. h. e clothes on her back) . .May live in ,dIic housing, or might be homeless. Mighl earn $100 a month.

POOR (-3): Personal wealth of some $500 in properly and lives in low-income housing. Has an income of $500 a month or what she gels from welfare.

HURTING (-2): Personal wealth of about $],000 in property, and lives in a small apartment in a bad pari of town. Has an income of about $J,OOO a month before taxes.

Baow AVERAGE (-J): "Personal wealth of $5,000 in properly (including an old vehicle, perhaps), and Jives in an apartment Has a pre-tax income of $],509 a month.

OKAY (0): Personal wealth of $J5,000 in properly. Has an income of $2,500 a month before laxes,

MIDDLE CLASS (+J): Personal wealth of $50,000 in properly (wiU usually include a parlially paid-for house or condominium as well as a new or slightly used car) . Has an income of $5,00a a month before taxes.

WELL-OFF (+2):. Personal weallh of $300,000 in properly. Has an income of $10,000 a month before taxes.

WEALTHY (+3): Personal wealth of $790,080 in properly. Bas an income of $40,000 a monlh.

RICH (+4): Personal weallh of $2,000,000 in properly. bias an income of $59,000 a monlh.

MUlTIMltUONAlRE (+5): Personal wealth of $5 million in properly. Has an income of $209,060 a month.

Each additional level adds an addilional $5 million in properly and $200,000 10 monlhly income.



tJ'ara: 'Do yOlJ have any 600/($ on robots? (jifes: ali, yts. 'Dozens. t]1lere's an enormous amount of research we sfwuft{ do 6eforeiN'fJ, I'm lying. 1 (mven 't got squat I just /ik..e to sa xand"er squirm.

-5.15 J Was '1v{tUk to Love %u

Your cherecler is a robot, endowed with artificial intelligence by its creator. Robots in the Buffyverse are intelligent, bul typically don'! have a will of their own, being restricted by their programming. Some robots eventually become independent operstors, however. often with tragic results, Also; a disembodied de men has managed to inhabit a robQl body In the pesb a human being might find her mind or soul trapped in a robotic frame

as well. This Quality assumes the characler

is an independent robot. Nolorious Robots include Moloch the demon (J.B ) Robot, You Jane), Ted the perfect boyfriend (2.JJ Ted), April the love-bot (5.15] Was Made To Love You), and the ever-delightful Buffybot (5.18 I ntervenlion).

Robots get +4 10 Strength, +J 10 Dexterity and +2 to Conslilulion (these scores can exceed normal human levels). Figure life Poinls as usual, but the robot cannot heal damage normally. Instead, she mus] be repaired. Anybody with Science SkiJJ 3 or higher can fix a robot. Each Success Level in a Science and Intelligence roll restores one Ufe Point per Constitution level 01 lhe robob each repair aflempl lakes one hour. When a robot. falls "unconscious," she has been deactivated. She may recover consciousness (like any other unconscious character] on her own, or require the help of someone wilhlhe Science or Nr. Fix-ll Skills} at the Director's discretion,




t£tfmtt: os; atu{ we a(r R!IOW tlia t you are tlie champion of in nacen is Qlllf alf tfiings pure anti goot!; fJ(upert it's quite a {ittk act you've got gaing fiere, olif man.

(jjres: It's no act It's wlio I am.

'Etlian: CWfw YClUare? fJ1je 'wa.tdier.. Slliveling, tweecf.cliuf 9uaratan of tlie S filyer and lier kin? I think not 1 {Jww who you are, '1?JljJert ana I k.1f.OW wfwt you're caya6& of But tftey don't; do they? <J'hey nave no idea Where you C011te from.

-26 <Jfa[wwem

The observant almost always knows whal is going on around them, and can read with uncanny quickness to the unexpected. These chereclers gain a +2 bonus to any Perceplion-bssed roll to sense trouble or danger in the immediale surroundings. H is very hard to be sleallhy around them; the same bonus applies to resist any Crime or Acrobatics rolls made 10 sneak LIp on them.



'Bulfy: I'm t/ie Smyer. (~fey rooks MankEy.) ~ray.er. C(wsen One. She who (tangs out a rot m cemeteries. (g.{e shruqs , apofogetica((y.) :}iIu'ref{jcfdi1tg mel .I'lsk around. Lool( it up. S£ilyel~ comma. rz1te.

There exists a dangerous and hidden fad about your character. This could be a secrel identity or a shady past. The more damaging the secret if it became known, the higher the value of the Drawback. For example, damage 10 your Cast Member's reputation and livelihood would be worth one point, a lhreai lo her well-being (she might be arrested or deported ifIhe truth were known) two points; life, limb and lymph nodes three points. Some Slayers have a Secret idenlily (Buffy's concern ebout hiding her powers varied over time).

-4.11 'Doomed'

You know the spiel-she is the Chosen One, fights vampires and demons, spends nights in cemeteries, sewers and other ncl-so-populer spots, and so on. Slayers are transformed inlo something more than human; they are stronger, fasler and more resilient than your average pro boxer. They recover from severe injuries very qUickly. loo-keeping B Slayer down is not easy. They are not immortal, lhough. Slayers generally lead short, violent lives-as a career path. it's never going 10 beat oceanogr. phy. Bul nobody chooses 10 be B Slayer; it's something !hal Just happens, like geHing hil by lightning or winning the lollery, except less fun lhsn either. Slayers gel the following goodies.



C;wrg; Payatteutiotl! I am 9.reatana I am 6eautifll' ami wlien 1 waffc. in. to a room a[( eyes tU11J to me, because my nam.e is a fiofg name; antl.!Jou wi{[ listen!

-5.6 (Famify

The whole world is the Showoff's audience, and she loves 10 perform far it. She never misses a chance to cast the spoUight on herself or her accomplishments. while quickJy excusing or covering up her mislakes. A Showoff loves public ace/aim, or at least the respect of her peers. M17s1 of the time, she simply makes sure people notice her, but on occasion she might try a bit loo hard 10 eltrecl aHenlion [0 herself and her deeds. This Drll\Vback is s]ighlly more complex than the. Covetous (Conspieucrus) Drawback, and the Showoff is less likely to- beltay her principles in order to hog the spot.Jighl.


'Buff};: 'Besides, I can just te(( sometfting's

wrong. My spider sense is tingling-

-1.81 '1?P6ot ylIu 1ane

• +3 to Strength, Dexterity and Constitution and '+2 to Willpower. These bonuses can raise the Slayer's Altribules above the human maximum of six. Also, none of the Slayer's physical Allributes can be below

four afler bonuses are applied.

• fast Reaclion Ti me, Nerves of Steel, and five levels of Hard to Kill (and can buy an additional five levels on tap of that). On lhc down side, they gel an automatic Adversary (Demons and Vampires), worth five points. The duties of the Slayer count as a 3- point Obligation Drawback.

• +J free level of lhe GeUingMedieval and Kung Fu Skills (they rnusl also spendalleesl one point apiece on those skills, for a minimum beginning level of two in each).

• Damage is regenerated at a rate of one Life Point per Constitution level, every hour. Slayers recover from injuries unnaturally fast

• Sense the presence of vampires nearby (within JOe feel) by concentrating for five seconds (one cam bat Turn) and making a Perception (not doubled) roll (some Slayers don't bother, lhey use fashion sense instead).

Slayers cannot gel the Jock or lnilialive Commando Qualilies: their Attribute bonuses already refJed inlensive physical training. They cannot have lhe Walcher Quality, either, for relher obvious reasons.



IJI'tgef: rMilgica[ yroficiency feve[?

rwil1iJw: of; ~ fLigfi-liigli [eve[ 'Vay high..

One of those top kvefs.

Tara: tFive.

9'ftge{; 9.:na you're regist:ere.tf as yradici1l9 ... 1Iitdies und"er tfie names as you ga ve tfwn to me?

'fara: ~r-r-regisl:uetf?

-5.12 Cfw:/yJoint

Some people have the spark of magic. T.hey can use the dark arls more easily than normal sludenls of the occult Your character's Sorcery level is added to spellcasling runs (see p. 142). Jt is also used for other witchcraft powers, like lelekinesis and sensing the presence of magrc, Characters wiTh Sorcery can casl some spells Fasler than normel, allowing lhem 10 acluaJJiY use magic in the middle of a fight-your basic wilch-fu. Magic and the role this Quality plays in il are described in Chapler Four: Playing With Primal Forces.


WitiOw: ~rfrallU/.tic scene is theeasiest wag to get through tfte ta6mt snow. because it doesn't require. an actua[ tafet,t

-1.9 'l1le 'Puppet S(WW

The Talenlless individual is totally lacking in crealivily and artistic talenl. Maybe she is too stolid and -practical. or maybe she just doesn't have the imagination to d~ anything artistic. This Drawback does not jusl affed her ability in lhe arts, but also in many social skills where

Flair and creativily are necessary. ~

Your cherscler has a -3 penally when trying 10 do anything artistic. This penalty does nul sffecl Tasks where other people's art is judged; many expert critics are T alenlless, When she does try Io creale something, however, The besl she can hope for is a mediocre result In addition lo the penally, the character can never gel more than one Success Level in artistic pursuits, regardless of .how high her skill levels or rolls are. People with this Drawback also make poor liars, charmers or social but· lerflles. The same penally applies 10 such skills as lnfluence-a lack of creaiivity affects the abiJily to lie convincingly, for example.



9l-nya: Wnat a My. (j1.1Tl1J1J!. a beer. Bartender: I.'D.

9l-nya.: Tnt eieven hundred and twenty years ofift :Just 'limme a friggirt' beer!

fBarfelu{er: 1. 'D.

9'.nya.: ... qimme a co/(e.

-,).16 'lJoppefgiingfimd-

Life sucks when you're a teenager. You feel like 81'1 adult and you wanl plenly of aduJt things, but you don'l have lhe legal righls af an edull, Characters under the age of J8 gel this Drawback (sure, you still can' drink unW you're 21, bul life is hard-suck it up). 1'1051 of the problems teenagers face are social. Mosl. adull$ instinctively distrusl and look down on them. lhey have a lot of legal reslrictions, and they have parenls or guardians bossing them around. And then there's all thaI angst and heartbreak of their so-called lives, but thai's a different show.


J2- OR J5-l'OlNT QuAU7Y

9'.tfam: ~u fear rfeatli. 'Being immortal. you fear it more tlian those to whom it comes naturallY. Vampires are a paradox;

'Vampire: at we're a paradox, 'ITiat's cool 9l:aa1l1: Deman in. a human 6orfy. you wa{k i 60lk worfdS and 6eumg to neither: 1 can

relate. Come. We have a rot to ta{k aDlJUtJ

--4.J.6 <W1io 9ke %u?

For the most pad, vampires are irredeemable monsters, unable to conl.rol their lusl for blood and deeth, Normal vampires have high levels of the Menlal Problems (Cruel) Drawback, and for lhe most part are nol m for human company. There is nothing very sexy or appealing about

a demon in human drag who considers people lillle more than meals-on-legs. So far, the TV show has revealed only two exceptions: Angel, whose soul was restored by a Gypsy curse, and Sp.ike. prevented from harming humans by a chip implanted in his brain. Even they are one short step away from devolving into their monslrous selves (Angel if he ever experiences "lrue bliss," and Spike after a shorl surgical procedure). Playing a vampire as a Cast Member (olher than Angel or Spike) would be very difficull, You and the Director must agree on how or why the vampire can control her inner demon. Whatever the explanation. the cosl to play a "humane" vampire is 15 points. Normal vampire characlers would cost 12 pQ.inls, but unless the Diredor wants 1.0 hevee murderous monsler in the Casl, Ihsi's not an option.

Vampires gain +3 to Strength, +z to Dexterity, +z to Constitubon, and two levels af Hard 10 Kill (they can have as many as 10 levels in iola/); lake o:nly one-fifth damage from builds (other weapons .hurt normally), recover from injuries at the rate of one Life Point per Conslilulion level every hour (fire damage regenerates a1 lhe rele of one Life Poinl per Conslihrlion level per day). Vampires are vulnerable to sunlight, holy symbols, slakes through the heart and beheading (see pp. 167-J69).


5-pooo QUA1.JTY

(j'We1u{o(ytt: You tekgrapfi yu,wteS. kave Efitu{ sides ope'L and; uft, for a scfwo[.nigfzt s6zying, take entirety too mucfi time. 'Wliidi one of you is iFaitli.?

'Faitli: 'Depends. rwrw tfte /ie{f are !:IOU? (jwenao(YIl: {jwenrfofytt. Post, rNfrs. ~ur tJVew Watcftef.

-3. 7 'l?tvew.tio,1s

The Walchers are members of a secretive society thaI over~es and trains Slayers and future Slayers. Members are lrained In the basics of vampire hunting. allhough !hey are nol supposed 10 fight the undead direcUy. InsteAd, the Slayers do the dirty work. Exceptions do occur, however. Giles has fougM at Buffy's side many liJJlC,i, for example.

W~heTS get +J level lo anyone physical Attribute (The AliribWe levels still cannot. exceed six, however) and two Jelcb "& the GeHing Medieval Skill as a result of their training in the arls of Slaying. They also have access 10 vast amounts of memorized occult lore, which gives them a + Z lo any roll related La learning more sboul a given demon, vampire or ether supernatural creature.




IJ3Uffy: 9lncf you're sure it was a werewolf? Xallaer: "Wet, f£t's see, um; six..feet tar, craws, a 6ig ofif snout in tlie ntidrife of ftis face tiICe a wofj. Um, yeaft. I'm sticking withmy first guess.

02.: Seems wise.

-2.15 Pnases

Your cheracter is afflicted with the curse of the werewolf. During the full moon, she is transformed inlo a beslial creature, predatory and aggressive. Some werewolves learn 10 control their hamformalion and retain same control over their inner beasts, but for the mosl part this is a curse. nol a boon. In their animal form, werewolves have +4 to Strength, +2 to Dexterity, 1"2 to Conslilulion (this affects lheir Life Point totals normally), and can bite and claw victims. inflicting (2 x Strength) poinls of base damage (Slash/stab). Wolfies also have very sharp noses, and

get the Acute Senses (Smell/T esle)

Qualily: if the cherscler already has that quality, the bonuses slack together. A victim bitten by a werewolf bas 10 pass a Willpower (doubled) roll, or become cursed as well.

If the Director is in control of your character's werewolf form, this is Ii 3-poinl Drawback. Otherwise. this is a 6-poinl Quslily. Some: lycsnlhropes can transform Themselves al will and are not limited 10 the fvll mooflthe cost of lhls abiliky is 12 points.


tji/l)(: qfze 'Kl1igfi.ts of lJ3y~at/,tium are {ike a1i'ts. lFirst you sa one, then. two. , . ihe« tfie picnic's ruined.

-5.13 'Brooa'I"teS

A zealot is a person whose beliefs (political, religious or personal) are so strong lhal lhey dominate her life and behavior. She is willing to sacrifice anything, including her life (or the lives of others) in service to the ideals she

holds dear. This character is a danger to herself and others, end shows a tclsl disregard for The Jaw whenever it conflicts with her beliefs. Mad cultists, wild-eyed crusader types (like the Knights of Byzantium) and olher mixed nub qualify for lhi.s Drawback.

Xandlr: It fttJppetls tftat I'm goot! at a rot of tlii1Lgs. 1 fii!ljJ out with aff /fjncfs of . .. stuff. I have skirfs mu.f ... stratagems ... I'm very . . . (to 9lnya) Iie(p me out

9t:nya: 9fe's a vil(jng in the sack

--4.20 '11ie YoKO 'Factor

How does Ihe Slayer gel 10 kick ass, do somersaults and look good doing il!? Why can Giles speak a whale bunch of JSYlSU/lgesP What is the difference between WilJow and Xander when it comes to academic echievemenlf The answer, my friend. is their skills. Skills are learned ebililies, the result of training, study or experience. In general, anylhing' lhal can be taught is considered a skill. The cberacler's background, educslion and life experiences delermine what skills she would be likely to have.

Skills are broken down into broad celegcries, Rather than assign a skill to different types of guns, for example, the Gun Fu SkiJJ covers the ability to fire anything with a trigger. This is not realistic, but refleels the reaJily of TV shows like BEVS. n also makes charscler creallon easier: rather than having 10 look at a huge list of skills for your chareeler, you can look al your characler shetland decide which of the 18 skills in the list arc appropriate. The specifies are left 10 your imaginal ion. If your Cast Member is an intrepid jungle explorer, her Science Skill would refled moslly an expertise in botany and biQlogy, and her Knowledge Skill would deal mainly with geography and exolic cultures. A criminal lawyer may have a Crime Skill lnai leis her idenlify and communicate with assorted underworld types, butshe may nol be able 10 piok a lock.


To acquire skills. use lhe characler points allocated to the skills category as determined by the Character Type. Skills cost one point per level far levels one through five . After level five. each addilional level cosh Ihree points. For example, Lorne wants her character to have the Driving Skill. She decides that lhe charader is an excelIenl driver-jn fad, she could race cars for a Jiving! Such expertise would require a skill of five or higher. lorna decides to go far broke and give the charader a Driving Skill 7. This costs five points far lhe first five levels. and six points far the other two, far " lola I of JJ charader points. lorna's charader will be an ace driver. but she is unlikely lo have very high skills in anythi"g else.


Xancfer: 'First of ar, what was witli tlie acrobatics? ?low did'tliat happen?

Oz: 'Wa.m 't 9t:ndy 9foeficfz on tlie gymnastics team?

Xander: 'l1urt's rigfit; .fie wast cheater! -3,19\.nne

Beloved skill of cheerleaders, circus performers and Slayers, this is the abilily 10 perform tumbles, somersaults and other complex maneuvers. n is also used to dodge attacks, climb obstacles, and perform similar tasks of agility. Acrobatics can replace Crime when hying to move silently (use the higher of the two skills for snesking around allernpis).

US.ING TIlE SKlLL: Acrobatics is used with Dexterity to perform most maneuvers, including avoiding close combsl alleeks and gunfire. When jumping for distance, climbing or swimming, use Strength and Acrobatics Instead.


oz (reading): "tlJiligoes 9lte My t]3afnj prayed

tlieir instruments as if tfU!.!J (t.atf prump potisft ausages taped to their fingm ... »

ay: Sony ItUl1'L.

Oz (after a 664t): Woft. its fair.

-3.18 'EaJ!fiot

Ever wanlod to create some masterpiece for the ages, or ./Ust have your CD go plalinuml? All you need is a high enough level in Art All Ihe arts are covered by this skill: music, painling, sculpture, creative writing, and so on. Thai does nul mean your character knows tlJI ertislic skills though. When creating the cheracter, decide which an or arts are the eheracler's sped ell)'. Os's Art Skill is almost exclusively focused on his music, for example, although his songwriling ability probably helps him a lot with any ather writing assignments.

USING nfE SKILL: There are two types of rolls thai use this skill. First to create arl, use Intelligence and Arl for writing and painting. Dexterity and Ar! for dancing or playing an instrument, or Constitution and Arl for singing. The Success Level determines how good the creation or performance, for things like music or dance, is. To judge someone else's art. use Perception and Art.


'lVilWw; Crack.. a qovemmeni ellC1YJ1tiott cock on my fo.ytop? r£asg as really tfifjiCll[t pie. 'Wny?

-4.20 'l1i£ %/(o 'Factar

This is the nerdly art of keyboard slinging for fun and profit With this skill your character can make cornpulers do whs! she wanls, including both programming and hacking. People don't need this skill to use a computer. Just about anybody can Find the "on" switch and use a mouse. The Computers Skill lels your chsrscter do Fun lhings like breaking into confidential databases, writing her own programs, programming her VCR and other cool sluff.

USING THE SKllL: ] nlelligence and Computers to write a program or hack into a secure system. For hacking, lhe system's security imposes penallies, from -J for a high school record syslem to -8 or worse for the FB] dalabase. Perception and Computers help diagnose soflware or hardware problems without having to call a help line and bejng on hold for lwo to three days.


Xa,ufer: 9taf£! Cortklla: (jodJ

Xatufer; 'We're dOing crime Iiere! %u dim't ~ up eluTing crime ..

-3.4 'Beauty ami tfi£ ~asts

amelimes your character needs to break into a suspicrious student's locker, or maybe find an irnporlsnl due in .. rneone's pants. . . pocket Breaking and enteril'lf- ulking around, picking pockets-if it's illegal, this ers it. with two major exceptions: computer i uses the Computers Skill, and conning people depends on the Influence Skill. Your character doesn't have 10 be 8 criminal 10 have Ihis skill; cops, private lnvesligelors, some Slayers, and other honest but streetwise Folks have it as well.

USING THE Sml; Dexterity and Crime are used for things like moving stealthily (although Acrobatics can replace Crime here), lining sorneone's wallet, and picking locks. Victims resist such activities with their Brains Scare, or Perception and either Notice or Crime (whichever is beller), Intelligence and Crime are used to idenlify criminals and sired contacts (as modified by familiarity with the local criminal scene).


Omfelia (screams): 'Where are tfie !eegs?

xander: We slioufc{ b.e Inovitlgf Let's go! Cordelia (finds the fi:Jt!ls): ali, 1 got 'em I got 'em!

-2.15 'Phases

Indispensable in California, land of Ihe highwBY, this is the abili1y 10 sit behind the wheel of a car or motorcycle and gel i1 to go the way you want. This skill covers 'all wheeled vehicles, although jf your character is not familiar with a specific vehicle (trying 10 drive an l8-wheeler or B motorcycle if she has only driven cars before), ..colis will be a1 -"2 to -5 or worse. Your character can't pass Driver's Ed without at least one level in this skill.

USING TIlE SK1ll: Dexterity and Driving for your bask high-speed chases, dodging rush hour traffic and other complex maneuvers (there is no need to roll for routine driving, unless you are BuHy). Use Intelligence and Driving For basic mechanic maintenance sluff-For the big stuff, you'll need the Mr. Fix-ll Skill.


:Joyce (Voice oreal(j.1lg): 1Joctor says it's too earfy ta be amcemed:

'Buffy: tJt.igli.t. r;Vo concern. tjayce: tjust a sfuufow.


After a laugh fight at one of Sunnydale's cemeteries, it pays to know some first (or second or third) aid. This skill covers the ability to heal injuries and cure disease through modern medicine. A full-fledged doctor has a skill of four or higher. Anything below lha] represents some training in first aid or emergency lreslmenl, This is a good skill to have after a tussle with vampires, or a sparring bout with a Slayer.

USING THE SK1ll: An Intelligence and Doctor roll is used to treat injuries; each Success Level restores one life Point of damage (only one roll per patient per day). The victim also does not lose any more Life Points from bleeding and such. Perception and Dodor can be used to djagnose a medical problem, or determine the cause of death of sOlne unfortunate victim.


Gites: ~u must first .6ecome proficient willi. tfie basic toots of COnJDat fAm{ ret's 6egiIJ ... Hlitli the quarterstaff. Wfiicft, iftcid"entaf'f'g, wie( uIi, require countiess liours of viqorous trainiug. I syea(from experience.

qjufj}'F (jil£s, 20tfi Cel/tury? l'm not gouna be fig.nti1l9 'Friar TllcJ(,

-1.79br9 {

When a fist is not enough, it's Hrne to break out some old-fashioned sharp metal whelsils and start e-hackin' and e-slashin'. This skill is used for ell archeic weapons, from swords and quaderslaffs to crossbows and throwing axes. n also covers driYing stakes into the hearts of those pesky vampires. Slayers. Watchers, vampires and demons are proficient at lhe ancient srl of dismembering people wi!:h sharp objects. Most SlayereUes quickly Jearn how to use these weapons too--Slayers are a bad influence that way.

USING THE SKILL:. Dexterity 811d GeUing Medieval cover most combat maneuvers. feints use Intelligence (or Percept jon) 10 recognize them. There're a whole bunch of kewl Combat Maneuvers lilal use Gelling Medieval (see pp. J09-JJ3).


Cain: iJ1ie name's Cain. 1'111 tlie one witfi. tile gUll, wliicfi means I'm tfie OILe wfio gets to tfo tlie interviewing.

-215 pfiases

Guns don't kill people; the not-so-ancient arl of Gun Fu does (oh, bullets help, loa. . . a Ion. This skill COYers your basic things thaI go bang" -shotguns, pistols, and the like. StHL in the Buffyverse, guns don't came into play very often (see p. JJ6).

USING THE SlOLL: Dexterity and Gun Fu for poinHng and shoaling. Aiming slows your character's allack to the end of the Turn, but you add the Success Levels of a Gun Fu end Perceplion roll 10 the shcollng roll. Intelligence and Gun Fu help dear a jammed gun.


Xamfer: Yeali. Let me get a rioubte sfwt of, urn

of information, paC

'BuffiJ: 'Iliree priests. rzTtey ca(( themselves ... Xattd'er: 'I1U!. tBringers.

lJ3ufJy: 'Bringers, 9lar6ingeT.. 'ITt.ey tiave a 'no eyes" /(irufit fool(.

%'iffy: <J)oesn't ring a 6e{{

Xan.tier: 9fow aoout 1 ring tfwt6e(( for you? tJ){Je5 trw tlireatening come now?

IJJuffy: ':Mo.y6e you sfwu./an 't fre(p.

- .10 mtTufs

The abilily 10 deceive, seduce, inlirnidale or manipulale people for kicks and giggles. . . or mOl1ey. . . oh yeah, or a good cause. Influence allows your char-

scler 10 pick up somebody at a bar, scsre people inlo grving up important information, or otherwise persuade others to do what she wants.

USING THE SKltL: Inlelligence and )..,fluence for fooling, scamming or fast-talking others. Willpower and Jnfluence to intimidate people. If your character is lrylng to seduce somebody, for example, any Appearance and Charisma levels sc! as bonuses or pensllies to the roll. By the same token, a Slayer finds it a lot easier to inlimidale someone iF she lifts him over her head; the proper circumstances add bonuses or penalties (In the one to five range).


(jites: 1t's a ref"luary. 'Used to house items of religious :..ifJllificance. 9vWstlj; co. mmollfy a finger or S011l£ otner 6odj; part from a saint

tBuffy: tJ{ote to serf: reliqion: freaky.

-2.9 wli.at's :MJJ Line'? Part Otu:

Aft noa-scienllfic disciplines are covered by U,is skill.

History. sociology, psychology and the like are part and ~cel of this skill. Knowledge can be useful in idenlifying the background of vampires and other creatures. for example, jf you know a vampire was sired during the 17th century, it might be helpful 10 know what was going on 1l lhe 17th century. Knowledge can also help with ~ult research, and il lels characters sey cool sluff like ~his 8sunllel is Lale Medieval, probably from Florence; the markings are unmistakable." Chicks really dig lhal.

USING THE SKILL: Knowledge is used with lnlelligence

for the most pert. now ledge kill rolls often add their

Success Levels to ccullism or Influence ralls.


'Buffy: 50 tfien 'Kathy's like. "It's share- time: " 9\na I'm tiI(~ "Oft. yeafi.?5lwre tfi.is!'" (pmlclr.es tft.e air a fe.w times)

02.: 0 either you nit her or you wrf YOUT wacky mime routine for fur.

tBuf!iJ: <wer( l.au{n 't ,do eitf~ actua{{y. rEut she deserved it, dim t ya tfunk?

Oz: lJIfoooay deserves mime, 'Buffy.

--4.2 Living Candltions

Call it brawling. martial erls, fisticuffs, or flailing your arms around wildly, this skill covers the art of using your hands and other assorted body parks to hurl your fellow man {or critter). Kung Fu is indispensable for Slayers and anybody who hangs around them for any amount of lime. It's a150 very useful around bullies and in bar fights.

USING TliE SKill: Dexlerily and Kung Fu for hming someone or avoiding being hil-many Combal Maneuyers (see pp. J09-JJ3) are based on lhis Skill. Intelligence and Kung Fu may be used 10 identify a fighting style, or 10 feinl an opponent. Perceplion and Kung Fu ccunler such feints.


'Wi lOw: 'lOglit, ,um 't you (Iilve to $peal( it in Sumerian or sometJi.iug?

ijifes: 1 rio speal( Sumerian. fJJut it's not tflilt.

l!f an o;periencs([ witcli can incant it andJou

(uiJ.Ie lie witliin stri(ing distance of tflC subject

Xi (to 'fluffy}: See What YOIl get fortafd7Lg

'Frefl,fi insteaa of sumerian?

f}3u!f!J: 'Wliat lVa,s I tfrmld'~g?

:...-J.21 Primcvaf

If you want habJar espana}, or sound good ordering at a French reslsurenl, or read lhe Old Church latin edition of the Necronomicon, you need to learn a few languages. This skill covers any language other Ulan one's nalive longue.

USlNG THE SKlU.: This skill is used differently from the resl. Each level of Languages indicates fluency in one 1_' .... 1I1~I .. a .. (player decides which ones). When trying to dec;ipher some arcane inscription. use lnlelligence and lansuages, Jn the Buffyverse, knowing a few languages re4lly helps understand even the ItlOguages your character doesn'} know.

After characler creation, picking up new languages is difficult This skill cannot be improved unless your charscler spends several months studying (see p. J33 Fur improving the Languages Skill through experience).

MR. FlX-]T

I['ara.- 54 t Ieast she die! tt 't tio too lit ucJi clam age. Xaluler: 9lre you {(idding? iJ)ou6fe-gfa.zerf windows aUI 't c1ieap- 9I:1S0, tlw jamE lias to 6e compfetef'y re6ui{t-oli rknr god; I'm tliJ! grownup 'wfw sees tflJ! warY tfrrougft mg j06. T'm Illy 'Unde 'Dave tfjg p(ummer. I must be shunned:

-1.12 Propliecy Gid

)f iI's broken. those with this skill can fix it If it ain'l broken, they can improve n (sometimes into not working el all). Jf it just ein'l, they can build i1 Mr. Fix-Il covers all technical and craft skills, From cllrpentry to mechenics to selling up electronic equipment This Is whal your chsracler needs if she wants 10 rebuild the engine of that old mean machine she's tricking out or 10 make sure lhe Dingoes Ate My Baby concert comes through loud and clear. Adventure-wise. she could use this skill to set up elaborate and interesting lr ps,

USING TliE SKill.: Perception and Mr. Fix-JI for spoWng a problem. lnlelligence and Mr. Fix-ll to do the repairs or construction work.


13uffy: 'Jler fashion sense screams yredaior. "YVirfow: It's tfie sfiOllftfer pads.

'Buffy: /£:{a.ct{y.

-1.4 tJeacMr's ,Pet

Need 10 gel 8 clue!? This is the skill. Without Notice. your charscler might miss the bloody bandprint on the wall. the vampire sneaking pest the window, or the oh-sofriendly smile from Daisy in Chemistry. This is the skill 1:0 have for spotting B criller lying in ambush around the corner or when you absolutely. positively need to find Wajda.

USlMG TIl! SlOll; Perception and Notice to spot things.

IntCJJfFnq: and Notice to remember something yOUT character saw before but didn't realize was imporlanl until now.


You can't blind them with science unless you know science. This skill covers all your basic sciencesphysics, biology. chemistry and so on. n can come in handy when dealing with the supernahrral, if only 10 figure out If something is really supernatural. Characters with this skill earn Ihe pri .... ilege of saying "That'.s jusl seienlifically impossible" a lot. Al higher levels (five and above), weird science is possJblethings like robots and a spray that will clean u~ those most-troublesome stains.

USING THE snu. Intelligence and Science for most things, from mixing a chemical formula 10 inventing a new device to repairing a broken thingamajig. Perception and Science are used to spot science-oriented clues. like Identifying an unusual biochemical residue.


'W{tliJw: Vary(f£yys. Cfiris' ofrfer 6rotlier. 'lfe was a 6ig footna[{ star. 'A{{.State. two years

ago. 9k was a tunninq ... 9le was a running ... 'Un. someone who runs anti CiLtclies.

-2.2 Some fAssemDfg 'Required


<WiCtOw: 'Wef(, I've been going tiiroltglilierfiks, (ula researcliing tIie 6fizck arts, Jor fun, or eaucationaf fun, ami 1 may oe afire. to wor!( tliis.

-2.21 'Becoming, Part One.

The ability 10 hit a ball wilh a stick. throw a ball, or do oI:her Ihings Ihsl mayor may not involve balls. All sports are covered by this skill, except things like boxing and martial erls, which use Kung Fu, and gymnastics: which is pari of Acrobatics. In a pinch. Sports can be used instead of other combat skills to do things like swing a baseball bat al a vampire's head or tackle a monster-if you really want to get that close to an icky.

USING THE SKlll: Depending on the nature of the sporting event, one of the three physical AUributes is used. Coordinalien- and agility-based tasks (throwing a baseball) depend on Dexterity, brule force activities (weight Iifling or tackling) relies on Strength, and endurance sports (marathon running) use Constitution.

Forbidden knowledge, the black arts, the stuff you only find in outlawed books or some really dark heavy metal songs. This is the skill of the truly arcane. It includes things like the basics of vampire-slaying (what works and what doesn't), identifying demons and their weaknesses. researching spells and rituals, and otherwise Jeerning' Things 1-18J'l Was Not Meant to Know. Access to a good arcane library is a. huge help (see p. 44). Your characler needs lhe Occultism Skill before she can become a proficient magician.

USJNC THE snu. Intelligence and Occultism to recognize or research some supernatural name. Perception and Occullism 10 identify a creature on first sight Occultism is also used to csst spells. with bonuses from the characler's Sorcery Level, if any (see p. 49).


Let's face il, some of you might notice Iha] some skills ate not covered in the list above (and you're probably right). To lake care of that problem wilhoul resorting to -fisticuffs, we he .... e the unsung 18th skill on the listLhe lIild Card. This is your Hll-ln-lhe-blanks skill-it can JPYer anyThing you wants, with one caveel. The Wild Card Skill cannot be broader than the pre-existing skills (Weapons, for example, which would cover bol:h ~un-F(I and GeWng Medieval. would earn a "nice try, bozo" award).


duis::rou {(now what tfte key is? l/'Dr. c(arR. doesn't understand' gour e.y;e:rime.nt fie gives you /iigfier mar/(j so it wok§ f.i.kr. fw undersianrfs youre:x;pen-m.etlt (reaas 'WitliJw5 entru) "qNe 'Effects of sub·<Viofet Ligfrt Spectru.:n -<JJtg'rivation OJI t~ Vel?efopmen t 0/ cr:nut 'Ffres"? (sm~) q'furt S(lOuk{ do tke t:rid(.

-2.2 SOmL! f4ssem6lij 'llIquirea

conran+ MAnEVVERS

rWalSh: It's onty our metfiocfs tfiat cCiffer. <Wf! use tfie fatest in scientific tedmohgy and

s. tate..Ofi.fre .. art .. wefJPonry, a~.cf go. u., if J 1tI.~t1e. rstaruf correctljt poke them wltli a sfrap sti&::

-4.1291. 9V"ew 9IdQII

You: will have noticed by now a. Jist of COlnbal Maneuvers on yOUT character 'sheet If net, go back and put a few more points inlo the Notice Skill .. These are your charader's preferred moves. You can find a list of Combat ManeU'Vers in Chapter Three: Rules, Borders and an End Zo.ne (see pp. J09-Jl3) , Head over there and pick lhe ones you wanl for your character. Before fill ing in this lisl, you should become familiar with Ihe rules on these puppies. Combat Maneuvers have three. elements.

BoJ:iluS: This is the lolal of yourcharacler's sppropriale Altribute, skill and modifiers, The bonus is whel you add to the die roll 1.0 determine how well lheellack or defense worked.

DAMAGE:. This [isis the base damage of lhe ManeU'Yer (if the ManeU'Ver does any damage). Add any Success Levels of lhe mil to Ihe base damage.

.NOTES: This adds any special' effects of Ihe slleck. A slake through lhe bearl, for example, does a 10\ more damage to vampires lhan 10 humans (although il's no] good for humans, eilher).

DRJ\.lIIA points

'Buffy: ali, shny. It's just been. a reatty weird tfay. xand"er. 'Yealr! lBuffy rf'ted, ami eve:rytfting! 'Wi{iOw; <WOW! 9farsfi.

(jites: ] sfioutif nave kJlOwn tfiat wautifrr. 't stop you.. -1. 1.2 Propliecy (jirf

Sometimes B cheracler needs to succeed al something. no rneller what lhe odds against it are. In a movie or TV show. the scriptwriter just decides the characte~ succeeds, riod, In the .BtvS RPG, we simulate this with Drama Points. When you use B Drama Poinl, yourchsrecler gels a huge bonus to herchances-clhlnk of it 8S the universe lending a helping hand. The impossible sho] hils the targeL the charging vampire trips and falls righl into the slake. the bullel lhel hit your cheracler was deflected by a lucky coin pendant hanging from her neck ... ell those things are possible when you spend a Drama Point The ups and downs of Drama Points are covered in Chapler Three: Rules. Borders and an End Zone (see pp. 126-13J).


Cheracters slart with <I sel amount of Drama Poinls depending on their Character Type, White Habget more beginning points because thai's what they do best.

rtntsntnc tOUCHES

Lifg.~ So flow come. yotl came up witfi !7tnue? $uffiJ: It's my mitfdl:£ name.

Lify: LiLj;'s /ro11la 501t9. 'R.ic.kie pic./c,.ecf it I'm a(ways c1Ia1Zgin9 anyway. c!/izntarefte was part of my ex.otic phase:

lBtf/fy: It's nice: It's a mushroom. Lity: it is? tJlia·t's rear(y emberrassinq.

'Bulfw 'lim, were i-ii's an qptic mushraam; if it[a~t's any comfort.

Lify:<weLt" 6efore. tftat, I was faf.fnwing tfiis loser preadter alUi ca.[{iug myself Sister Sunshine.


These are lhe mUe things that mean so much-appearance, name and the like. These Iouches bring life 10 your Cast Member and make her more ihan a lislof numbers on a sheel of paper.

NAME: What's in a namei? Among other things, a can provide some insights inlo your character's background and personality. An ethnic name can provide some deplh. A weird firsl name, like Nicodemus, probably led 10 a 101 of bullying as a kid. A nicknemecsn add color (loa many nicknames, of course, and your character may end up sounding like a refugee from The Sopranos),

ApPi!ARANCE: You can go the "Pofice APe'" roule and be conlenl Io provide heighi, weight, eye and hair color, and the like, but some details make your character more memorable, A neat idea is to "cast" your character: .. the pari of my charecler will be played by such-and-such ector (ar singer, or any public personality):" This provides a quick vilual frame of reference. Everybody knows what the ~lri;n former bodybuilder turned inloeclicn hero looks like. for example. If everybody does il, the Director could even do a lillie Cast list: "Starring Harvey K. as johenn the Walcher, Chrislins Aas Josle the Vampire Slayer, and a young Brad P. as luke the Werewolf."

CHARACTERlSTlCS: Maybe your cherscler has

sorpe unclive.ha.bit or m .. annerism-s-her hair is al.w&. ys.

a. 5Sy and lends lo fall over her eyes. or she always looks nervous OT uncomfortable eroundsbengers. Any scars. tattoos or piercings lhsl ere easily noticeable? How does your character normally dre.ssl? What kind of music is in her CD collecllcn (or even albums if you are one of those ancient Watcher lypes)i?



Hey, guess whall;l You're sel to go. The stars oflhe show have been cast, and it's lime 10 gel the cameras rolling

and the action sierted.


gites: 'We few ...

(jir.es/Spi~ <We liappy few .

spike: 'We 6antf of 6uggeretf .

-5.22 '11ie Gift

On the next lwo dozen pages, you will find a number of resdy-lo-play characlers-c-Iour Heroes and eighl While Hals-s-complele with slunning pichrres. The characters have their own story and background, and can be used as-is or modified by pleyers as they see fit.

The Archelypes are designed to be used in a Sunnydale-based Series, but they could easily be placed in a different setting. Enjoy!

tHE onjcmni CASt

After the Archetypes are presented all in a row, the Original Cast slals appear (see pp. 84-97). From the sublime 10 the ridiculous, we give you the Scooby Gang-from the BuHsler herself (if you don'} know who tha1 IS, put the book down and sJowly walk away) to Xander, the Zeppo no more. The characters are presented 8S they were at the end of Season Five or when they left the show, whichever comes first Some of these characters (Cordelia and Angel, for example), have gone on \0 bigger (if not necessarily beller-e-lhere's plenty of lrouble in LA, as il turns oul) things in BuFfy's sibling show, Angel. Their updeled numbers will be featured in the book dealing wah lhsl shaw (coming SOOI1 10 s slore near you). For those seeking less buff versions of our heroes.

we have added some guidelines (see

pp. 96-97) on playing tile characlers during earlier seasons


I had it all planned out I was going to go to med school 10 become a doctor, same as my Dad. ] dissected the frogs, studied, had no life, studied, look all the advanced placemenl courses, sludied some more. n wasn'laJJ that great, but] was going 10 cure cancer one day. n was my Junior year, and I was an lhe fast track to valedidorian. J didn'l have many friends-okay, two friends, but J was going to cure cancer.

Then this weirdo showed up, slerls talking about the Chosen One. Namely, me. So] sprayed him with Mace and called the cops, but. he gal away. I kinds feel bad about it now, but] thoughl he WBS some sort of abductor-creep.

Thai night] mel my Firs] vampire. n was freaky and violent and ended when) ripped its head off and i1 lurned into dust The old weirdo showed up again and lold me he could explain everything. ] didn't Mace him Ihal lime. He lold me he was a Walcher and J was a Slayer.

Now, he's leaching me all lhe secrets of slaying assorted criUers. ) was always on the verge of fBiJing gym, but. ever since] became a Slayer, I can arm wrestle football players and win. I used 10 need glasses, and now my vision is 20120 or better, although I still wear glasses to prated my secret identity ... hey, il worked for Clark Kent, didn't ill? ] spenl a Jol of lime lrying to come up with a medical explanation for all of this-the vampires, my superpowers, and aJJ the rest. No luck. I'd like 10 do a vampire autopsy, bul you don't gel a 101 oul of examining dust.

Now I don't know if I'm going to live long enough 10 go lo med school. or cure cancer.

The way] see it, vampires and demons are like a cancer on the planet, and I'm excising them. That makes me a feel a bil beHer. Nol greet, but beHer. Every lime 1 slake a bloodsucker, 1 remove another tumor.

Quote: "Let me guess-calise of lfeatli Was catustraptiic cxsanquiuation. ')Vo wounds or siqus of violence exceptfor two lesions next to the carol id. Fill stunned. /I


Unlike some other Slayers, you are noi afraid to do your own research. Problem is, sometimes you try (I little loa hard to find a naiural explanation for the things you run inlo. Before your trsnsforrnalion. you were shy and withdrawn: people didn't pick on you much, bulthey largely ignored you. So you are used 10 being an outsider, and being a Slayer has not hurl your social life loa much. Hunting vampires is starting' to hurl your grades, however, and your parents are gelling worried. They think i1 might be a boy, or maybe drugs. If they only knew ...

BAC~GR..ounD on tHE FOR.mERjn rti AtivE AGEnt

I've been on the fronl lines of the secret war againsl the HST threat. The lnllielive recruited me just out of Ranger school. J had been hoping 10 end up somewhere in Special Forces. bul Ihey made me an offer] couldn't refuse. The firsl lime I saw a sub-lerrestriel bare its fangs al me. J knew I was fighting the good fight Demons and worse things were prowling the Earth. and we were the ones to slop them.

For a couple years things were greal. n was dangerous-we look heavy cesuellies=-bul il was whal we had signed up for, and we didn't complain. Our learn was one of lhe best, mosl limes we had the highesl kill ralios in the Initiative. As usual, the guys with the guns weren't the problem; the rear-echelon bastards were the ones who screwed up everything. Starling with all lhe mad doctors who were conducting experiments with the monsters. While we were busy fighling the damn crillers, Dr. Walsh was making brand-new ones.

) was on leave when the creature from Room 314 destroyed Initiative HQ. I losl a lot of good friends there. Then lhe government buried the whole thing as if il never existed. I was given lwo oplions: honorable discharge or a lransfer 10 Fori Bragg. ] look The discharge. For some reason, I'd lost my failh in The governmenl and Ihe Army. Also.] had some scores 10 settle.

I don'I have the equipment and support I did in The force. bul ] kepi a few toys while] was with the Initiative. Now I'm doing whal we should have been doing from the gel-go. Locale the hostiles. T erminaie The hostiles, Repeal as needed. I've found a few people who have the same mission. Most of them are civilians, and they wouldn't have lasted a week in basic training, but their hearts are in the right place. The only problem is, ] have 10 gel a civvie job soon. Ammo isn'I cheap. and I'm definitely in a target-rich environment

Quote: "Once 9-ifplia Team is decisiJlefj; enqaqed wit Ii the hostiles, 'Bravo 'Ieam wi((illjiftrate enemy r;{Q (Off 6(ank;.. fook;..s of companions) Sorry. '['he sfayer and ]'(( attack the guards, ami YOll three wilisneak; into the crypt. 'Better?"


You are a modern-day warrior, Irained in the latesl weapons and ladies. Sometimes, though, guns and low-light goggles arerr'l as useful as a silver cross and your basic poinly slick. You are used 10 having more support-full radio coniacl, snipers backing you up, even the occasional air strike when you were hunting in rem ale areas-but you are a civilian now, and have lo deal wilh it

You always lry to have a positive alti1ude-il boosts the morale of the group. and il helps you keep your cool. Sometimes you lry lo impose some semblance of discipline among the learn. but lhal never works. Your new friends think you should relax a little, but you have seen-and done-loo much 10 ever lei your guard down like lhal,

BACK.GI\OUno on tHE rnAl\tiAL Al\tist

The Temple of lhe While Crane was my home, hidden away from lhe cities and chaos of lhe outside world. I was raised by monks; lhey laughl me Ihe Way of the Crane. ] am ashamed to say] wasn't a very good student. ] was always geUing inlo fights and ading wilhoul lhinking, Life at lhe temple was not for me. I wanted to see the world. The monks blamed satellite TV for my rebelliousness: maybe they were right One day, lhe Elders of the Temple laid me my fate lay elsewhere. ] was to go to America, as an exchange sludenl.

] didn't know what to expect Mosl of what J knew aboul America came from TV. ) was looking forward to cheap lnlernel connections, easy women and snowboarding. ] was worried aboul crazed gunmen, biker gangs and rogue cops. J knew that the West would be differenl from the things] knew al home.

At first, it went well. Things were different, but not too bad. My English wasn't as goad as I thought il was, but I learned quickly. Women weren't as easy as J thought. but not everybody had a gun, or was interested in chasing me with a car.

Nobody mentioned Ihe place was full of monsters, however. Thai was most surprising. n started lhe night J saw an inhuman thing allacking a woman on the slreel, The monks had told me stories aboul demons and ghosts. J thought they were stories, until J saw the real thing. J reacted without thinking, and attacked the monster with all the rnarliel arts moves] knew.

] was nearly killed. ]f the Slayer hadn'l arrived, J would have died. She had moves like something out of a John Woo movie, except they were real. Most impressive.

After lhsl, besides worrying aboul filling in, making the swimming lesm, and geUing good grades, ] started patrolling al night with the Order of lhe Scooby (J still don't know who is this Scooby they speak of). I have discovered lhel the mental exercises the monks taught me will shield my mind from supernatural influences. And 1 am learning a Jot of new combat moves. ] think the monks of the While Crane would be proud of me.

Ouate: "'W/iat is the SOl/II((O/IIIY I'/!l/ll [oot SlfItlCf(ill9 !Jour {eft dicde? Lei's [indoui."

R..OLEPLAYinG tHE mAl\tiAL A~tist

You like to ad first and ask questions later. Studying and research are not your strong suit; you'd rather be playing soccer or kicking vampire bull. Afler a fairly strict childhood. you want 10 enjoy all lhe good things you missed out on. ellhough you are slill bound by U1e Temple's strict code of honor. Despite your best efforts, you have 8 low resistance loadverlising. and try leo hard to be trendy.

In addition lo martial arts training, the temple monks leughl you how 10 use medilahon techniques 10 resist mind control. Vampiric or demonic powers Ihsl affed the mind have a much harder time affeding you. If you would only use your mind more often, you'd be fine.


YUPI that's right. I'm an official Slayerelle. I've gol no schlick or special powers. I'm a chalk outline wailing to happen. And you know what? I've saved a bunch of lives, including the Slayer's. Sometimes, you don'l need super powers. Then again, somelimes-i-like when a vampire is pounding your face against the curb-you do. The trick is avoiding the curb-in-your-face situations.

How do you become 8 Swaby, you ask? It's who you know really. You date the wrong person, and next thing you know you're spending Saturday night on a slakeout-in every sense of the word. Or you can stumble onto the Horrible T rulh on your own. ln Sunnydale, you can'I swing a dead cat without hiUing some sort of supernatural monster. In my case, it was a lillle from column A. and a liUle from column B. ] wasn't so much dating as stalking one of the Slayer's crew-nol really stalking. sorl of following him around hoping he'd notice me. . . okay, technically, it was stalking. Out of nowhere. guys in moldy clothing slarl attacking him, and all of a sudden I'm in the middle of a kung-Iu movie wriUen and directed by Wes Craven. I didn't do 100 badly. though. J hit a vampire from behind with a garbage can, and] kepl il busy by flailing around in ils face unlil lhe Slayer dusted it The rest as they say. is history. Panic-filled, adrenaline-charged, bone-bruising history.

So vampires exist. end demons. and witches, all the sluff I thought was limiled lo late night TV. n look me some time 10 gel used to the nolion-lwo hours to be exact, one of them in a dead fainl-bul now I'm okay wilh il. The Ieinling episodes arc mostly gone, sl least. I'm getting plenty of outdoor exercise-sure, ii's al night, and we favor sewers and haunted houses instead of track fields, but it beals silting in fronl of the boob lubc-and I'm learning all kinds of sluff •. like the maling habits of the Dra'hak demon (J just love saying Dra'hsk). It's same life. J still haven'} golien anywhere wilh lhe cutie I was kinda stalking, bul ] haven'} given up hope. We have a Jot more in common now.

Quote: "Ol(ay. :/lcrl."s Iliep'flil. j'ftjllll!P arouud unddistmct lIie JlQ II!P ire. tll/l{ Itl/;ile 1'111 de.~peralef!l cnnqiuq [rom his d~II1/S. !lOll stake himfnnu Lieliilll/: 1 /(1I01l' it's I/O! qreai, t1I1 I it prays io Ill!! strciu; ths. "


Wilhout super-strength or magic. you have 10 use your wils and luck 10 survive. You are best suited 10 the investigalion side of slaying, but you are learning how 10 use axes and slakes againsl Ihe creatures of the night Your biggest weakness is your love for one of lhe other Slayerelles, a love lhal seems doomed from the slarl. Spending lime with people in life-lhrealening sihralions can move them closer together, though, so you mighl have a chance after all.

Hey, it's a feeble and desperate stralegy for your love life. bul you are working through the whole feeble thing. and these are desperate limes. Al least. that what everyone's telling you and from whsl you've seen, they have a point.


Ever heard eboul Ihe guy who broke into the 1RS site and translated all their text files inlo Klingonf' You bel. Thai was me. The NSA is still lrying 10 figure out who did it

Computers are my friends. J can gel inlo any database, anytime. Which is haw I figured something major WBS going on in Sunnydale. I broke inlo the Hall of Records, and found the murder rate in this little lawn is higher than mosl places this side of a war zone. The proportion of missing persons is even higher. ] did a liWe more digging, and discovered one girl seemed to be around all kinds of murders, gang battles, and other strange events.

] thought I was being careful. but somebody discovered] was snooping around. One night, two pale guys knocked at my door and asked if they could came in. ] told them] gave at the office, and their faces grew fangs and got all wrinkled up. They didn't seem to be able to come in. bul they cut lhe phone lines and surrounded my place. Good thing I went with a wireless modem as soan as my buddy at Radio Shack could score me one. ] didn't think the police would help. so ] tried getting in lauch with the mystery chick. She didn't have an e-mail address. bul one of her friends did, and that's how ] mel lhe Slayer. When J saw her dust off the vampires, J said to myself, "'Man, those are great FX." When J realized il wasn't FX, I threw up.

Now all my hacking is dane for a good cause. J help track down demons and vampires instead of playing lag with the FBJ. Sometimes] end up doing some Fieldwork, which really isn'l my slrong suil, but ] guess you can't do everything from l:I desktop, or even a lsplop. I've gollen good at bypassing eleclronic security systems, loo, and 1 can be preHy sneaky from all the nights ] rummaged through the garbage of corporate executives to find their passwords.

But whsl I'm really geUing into is techno-magic. After seeing magic in aclicn. it gal me thinking about bringing the dark arts inlo the 2Jst century. Jf] can Figure a way 10 run spelllike programs, ] could be the first cyber-wizard. "Hagic" is a really outdated word, 100- how about "Reality Hacking? So far, the best I've been able 10 do is to load a bunch of spells an an e-book, so J don't have La lug around fifty pounds of old moldy books. Give me lime, though.

Quote: "'UflL\ and unicorn horn, :Apache £111/{ ambrosia, c;;-eoforce alief gCOllllIII cy. %p, 1 got it alT and 1 got it qoodt"


You are the typical cyber-punk-your bedroom is c1uUered with CD cases, Star Trek memorsbilia, and computer components. You buill your own workstation from scratch, and are far more comfortable writing a C++ or Java app than asking someone out on a dale. After your brush with the supernatural. you've become obsessed with combining magic and technology to create a grealer whole. Your initial attempts haven't worked very well, and you've been warned thai mixing the occult and computers can have unexpected consequences. You've heard tales of one demon who got converted inlo software, and the damage it inflided. Thai was probably done by a chump though. You know you are beUer.


The angst drew me to them like a molh loward a flame. J hated my life, my parents, school-when) found the Sunset Club, ] fell new and different ] was coon We would dress up in period clothing and quole Anne Rice to each oilier. We were wicked. hip and oh-solragic. The sexual tension ran high but it was perfecUy safe. We had ather priorities. Ai first, it was just fun and gameSj we were playing pretend. When J pul on the exira layer of makeup and the black lipstick, ] forgol my problems. and] could dream] was an eternal, sensuous hunter of the night Allhe Sunset Club, we weren't bored or troubled kids, we were the worshippers of the Lonely Ones-our ever-sa-pretentious nickname for vampires. Oh ... and my parents thought] was crazy, which was a nice bonus.

Then came the nighi when we met real vampires. They weren't sexy or mysterious. They were murderous monsters. Worse. we were sold oul by one of our own. He was going to lel lhe demons devour us for his own gain. Haw's thai for tragic!

Anyway, thanks 10 the Slayer we survived lhe experience. bul all my illusions were shallered. ] might have haled my life. bul ) sure as Hell didn't wanl Io end up like one of those things. Lonely Ones. my fashionable butt-they were demons wearing human costumes. J made it oul of the club with my life, bul Iillle of my former hopes and dreams. And] was angry. ) wanted 10 make those man slers pay.

So maybe ii's my way 10 compensate for the loss of my fantasies, or maybe] just need 10 do stupid crap for no good reason. I enrolled in self-defense classes lhal summer. and] dusled off my archery sel, I used 10 be a goad enough bow shot Ihel my parents had slarled lalking about Olympic tryouts. 'Course, that was before] wenl inlo my "dark and moody" phase. ] practiced and practiced, and gal damn good. ] also re-read 811 my books on the undead, not 10 imitate them this lime, bul to figure out their weaknesses.

Well. ] gol in lroubleegain, ] thought] W8S all laugh and Sigourney-Iike, but this was no movie. or at least, ) wasn't the starring ingenue. ] snuck out of my house for a few nighls before] spotted my first vamp. ] shol it with my bow, bul missed ils heart My self-defense classes didn't help me against a thing that's twice 8S strong as B normal human. ] almost ended up as a snack.' but luckily the Slayer was around, and she saved my bull a second lime. ) Iell you, it was gelling downright embarrassing.

Slill, I'm not. giving up. ] realize I can't do it alone, bul I'm nol quitting. ] gal friends now, true friends who put their lives on the line 10 fight the good fighl. ] may have been [I pathetic vampire groupie. bul I'm going to be a wicked vampire killer!

Ouote: "!Ailll for the heart atut'llIal(e sure 11011 flit it. Believe 1IIe, 1 (/lOW wh«! missing is !il(e and its ires maljor fife, {i"1I/f} and tIle wardrobe."

1\...0LEPLAYinc tHE FORmER VAmpiRE GRoupiE

You still favor the goth look, but have rejected the whole vampire lifestyle. Your experiences havelefl you with a very cynical outlook, end you are suspicious of everyone and everything. Al the same lime, you knaw you have to lrusl your Fellow vampire hunters. You've chosen a laugh path. bul you are going to stick 10 it

BftCI\..GR.OUIIO 011 tIlE AmfttEUR..,HuntER.

MyoId Iown, Sanla Raja, was full of vampires. and when] first saw one. ] damn near wet myself. You got Iough in my neighborhood though. or your life wasn't worth living. So. me and my friends gal together, made a plan. and look Care of them. Not loa bad for a bunch of tenth-graders. We dldn'] need no old books of magic. no super-powers. none of lhal sluff. All the secrets of vampire slaying are oul in lhe open: stakes, crosses, sunlight, holy waler, removing their heads. . . Ws all there in the comics and movies. We never paid much elleniion before, bul hey. if Ihe vamps are real, we figured that lhe stories ebout killing Ihern were probably on target lucky for us. lhey were.

So we armed ourselves, gal inlo some hunting clothes. and went after lhern early one sunny morning. We surprised them (they didn1. exped a bunch of kids to came through lhe roof). And we won. Well. mostly we won. Jose wound up in a coma and Gabriel spenl lhree weeks in Ihe hospital. We blamed ii on a riyal gang and had to go through 8 bunch of lame counseling. Bul the vamps ... they all gal loa sled. We kept at il during Junior year. Three other raids. no casuallies those limes. We figured we were preUy hal stuff.

So in my Senior year, the family decides to move 10 SunnydaJe. ] did a lillle research, and discovered Sunnydale is the only small town with a higher murder rate than Santa Raja. Another vampire nest. I realized. and 1 gal ready For trouble. My hunler friends weren't by my side, but I had the weapons, ] had the training, ] had the right 'Iude.

] was right sboul Sunnydale. More vampires per square mile than Sanla Raja, and they are laugh. I made my first kill a week afler ] gal lhere, bul J got the living crap pounded oul of me. Al firsl ) thought] was out of practice. Second lime out, J gel thrown through B plele glass window. Thai hurl. Only reason] didn'l gel vamped was the two crosses tatlooed on the sides of my neck. ] gal away. bul so did lhe freekin' vampire. Things weren't warking the way they were supposed 10. Finally,] realized what was wrong. Hunting is a group aclivily, I needed a new learn.

Took me a couple of weeks. but] discovered the local hunters (J knew there had to be some somewhere). They were led by this chick, calls herself the Slayer. 50] look over her gang. Well~ kinda look over. They weren'l Ihal impressed by my credentials. ] tell them, "I've done eight vampires" (and I was exaggerating, it was more like two and six assists, but ] figured a lime exaggeration goes a long way). And they loak at me like I'm some bush league kid trying 10 play in lhe majors. When lhey laid me how many vamps they had killed. ] thought they were full of BS. Now I'm not so sure. They are preHy good, nolIhal I'm going 10 admil it to them. Gal a rep 10 maintain. So I haven't laken over the gang yel. Give me time, though. One cool thing aboul lhis gang, il's full of chicks. J might even score with one of them.

Ouote: ''!ft[[ riglit, 6[oodsllcK..ers! 'vVe're gOlllla terminate every Iast freaking oue of YOI/!"

R,.OLEPLftvinc tHE AmAtEvRHvntER

You are the only one in your school who likes 10 dress like B militia reject, complete with faligue panls and combat bools. As far as you ,are concerned, you learned everything you needed 10 know about vampires from comic books. You didn't have loa many friends in Sanla Raja (and they were as weird 85 you) and you know if you hadn't joined the Slayer's gang, you'd be preUy lonely here.







__ 9_ K OWLED<jE -L KUNg flu ~ LA IJUA(~j1';;S __ 3_ MB . .(In,,-J1'


DBI I :J <jt:1TI g M gUN su


DH':VAL __ 8_ _0_ __ 3_ WILD CARD



_3 _ _9_ ~

J 5

_4_ 1



_0_, _


AUradiveness 1"3

Fast Reaktjqo Time Nervesqf SteeJ

Hard Io KilJ 9

Psychic Visions




1&"". flOHUI.o ... MAglll


-I.;),~ --1L....iQ.. --'>lSJ£la~shJl.;l~sla~bf- _

."!U-. _C""r.",.o .... ss"'bow""""- -1L..JQ... ....>!.SI!2ai!.shlLi/swlaj!,!,b!... _

(Through the Heart) --'i.....&.. ~J(5~vs:..v!.::a:.:!m!!;p:!..s _

...... _::;;Do~d:.llg.:.e --.!L ..:::D.!::ef~e!!!ns:.:::e~a:.=:cii!:!.:· o!.!.n!....- __

M!"WI ~~Je:.... JQ.. ~R~es!.!!js!!lle~dwb~y_!D::.l;o~d!5.:ge=-, __

Jump Kick .J.?.....1L ---!::B~as:!.!hL..;i A~c~r~ob~a:!!li::::cs!...+~_

9":1 __ __ Dexterity roll Firsl

-'9'!A ....:K:.::i~ck::....- 17 18 __ .:;Ba::.:s::.:.h~ _

_ .,l;(G::,;.r,;;.o;.:,;in:..,:Kc.:.:i=.,:ck;:£.l -.1!...J!. --=O.::.uc::.:.h:.:,.! _

...,:P:..:u:.:;n:=.ch:.:- -1t. _16 __ ,,;;B8::.:5,;,,;." _

_ Q=u8:.:..r;:,,::te.;,;:f.s""ia:.;,,;fF:....· JL...1:L --!:::Ba~s!!.h _

1r.:iK:i"11111 S pin Kick ~..l.Q.. _B::a::,::s!!." _

.--..,. ....:S~t:::ak~c -1L ..JQ... Slash/slab

(Thruugh the Heart) 1. -.!Q... x5 vs vamps

....:S::!.!w~c~ept!..!!K!.=ic~k -1L.. _8_ Bash; target prone

~S"-lw~o::!.rd~ -1L -.R ~SI~as~h~/s!.!!ta2!b'-- _

1I':J.,\11 (Decapitation) -'L ..R xS damage

_T.!..!h.ll.r~9W~nJ..;SlL!t~8k~e:.- __ ..J§.....J.i.. ~SI~8si!!Jh~/$~ta!.'lib'-- _

(Throygh the Heart) J1.. ..J.i.. xS ys vamps

-<-I~ ..J.L .-L Bash; musl

___________ ~,l&<Ip..o'"'"I .... e .ufi.urs!;I..i _

Succ.,ss L!l'{l;LS


D sse RI pnON Ant:qUATI:



CHARACTI:R NAM"E -I.l..u.L!.u.t....l..l.lol...t!lo!!.I.JJ\!.lot..I-5- _

CHARACT"ER TYp E _--l-..I....ll<LJ...J=!.~~....u.lr..1Ll!!J-.ll...'.J..!.,!,J"'-...!:.J.l:!.!----





AnradjY~I1ess +2



_ 4_ KNOWL 'ogl': _6 _
~ KUNg .fiu _3_ Love

---L- LA qu <jES
_ 1- MR. FIX-IT _4 _
DOCTOR _ 2_ NOTI ~ _4_· _
DRnnNg __ e_ OCCULTISM _5_
I qETfI q MEDIEVAL __ 2_ SCI N E 5
(juNfu _e_ SPORTS o

PERC'EPTION (010 +PER+NOTICt) ----------


~Dg!.[ld/.l!lglli.e 6 ..... =~ ...... ""'"'" _

-WM~aID~·c~ ~~~~~ }

....wPul/.!.n.!.l<cll.b -L -L .

~St~ak~e=-- 4 2 ----,,],


Ool'llu DA.M.Aq~


-------- ---- ----------,

• 2 x S uceess Levels

______________ --"c...::....;==;...=.;::...:...=:=---_.

--------- -- -- --------~)

--------- ---- ----------

--------- ---- ----------

-------- ---- ----------

---------- -- -- ---------

--------- -- --- ----------

-------- ---- ----------

--------- ---- ----------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ----------

--------- ---- ----------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------




CH A RACT~ 8 N AM"E _.L.!J..!o<.O.li!J.Jl~.....I.Iou.:loc.U.l"""""'.Lru.l.aLAQ.il~LCHABACTEH TYpE _---l.(V..I....!<.JerL.}y~E!:::.:!X~p!.!:oecLn~· e:.!..!n,k;ce~doll.)_W.!I.!JhLl..!i tl.l<e...!I:-IL!,;a9.liL-_







_5_ KNOWU:ogE ~ I{u 9 Fu ~ LANguAgES _2_ MR.fIX~IT


D.RJ 1 g _3_


gUN su _I_

I si.ue E J

2 _5_ ~ 4

_4_·_ 3





AUradiveness +2

.Hard to KiJJ 5


Good luck 5



IR Ol'!l1J, UAMA91!:l

.............. 8_ -1L -'~UL.i!Ie#_ _

.... ,..i00i __ 8_ -=- ----l~<..!.!llW!l.J.i..loU.!...._ __

~~ _1_-1-~~~ .!

Lr.l~ -L-L -I.1iWJ ,

-L -----.;z.LI!.}jJll1AJL---_JJC

-L ---t1I.L-'L,;Ic....I>I.L~ _

INITIATJVl:: (010 + oex)

P RCEPTIO (010 +PER+NlITt".) ---------

------- -- --------

------- -- --------

------- -- --------

------- -- --------

------- ---- --------

------- ---- --------

-------- -- -- --------

-------- - - --------

-------- ---- --------

-------- ---- --------

-------- ---- --------

-------- ---- --------




CH BACTeR NAME ....d..l~~I......J.l!LL'o<iL------

C 1-1 ARACTER TYp E _----l...L!!!.l.J..~~<.!..I..l,u,u~'_'_.ll.J,.IJ.,I.l"__ol..~'___




_ 5_ KNOWU:Oq' _7 _
_3_ KUNI3 liu ~
--L- LA qUAC;;ES ~
3 MR. fIX-IT 2
DOCTOR _ 3_ NOT! _4 _
gt:'T'1'INq MEDIEVAL _. _6_ SCIE CE 3
gUN Iu _0_ SPORTS ,I

ITIATIVE (010 + 0!:J<)

PBRCEPTION (010 +PE.R+NIITLC.) ---------

DRAWBA KS Honorable 2

Menial problems (Crueltxl-J


Blue nQND ,DAI!tI"'-9tl


~DOliL\d>!:l.gJ<.e ...l!L -="'""" ...... ~......,. _

....n.K1u..·ck!L- B __ ~8 __ -""....u. _

-WPu~n~ch~ ~

-,S.uwiL\QlL[lod..d ...le.- -1L --'_IIJL.oi!. ...... _

-""St""akt:\,lc'-- --1jL ~ --,.u!!.i<~.RhL. ~J

(Through the l1earl) _7 6_ -~-.:;:;.-'-==---.-"i

~C(:.::o:.::.:ss:!!b!!.IJW!!..- --1.!L...l§.. ......:=== .1

(Through The l1eart) _7 16 __ ...:xo.::5_v:.:.s...:v=am~p.:;.;s'___ J

-------- -- -- ---------,

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------

------- -- --------

-------- ---- --------

------- -- --------

-------- ---- --------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- --------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------



CHARACT"ER N AM"E _.:.l.S¥pL£ik>.J.oe'-.l(<..!i!a""",.,k~.a>!."._W..!J.,!.,illL!1 j,~amULtby.u.e'-.lB!.!.IIL.l.!QL.l.!Q.Mdy:;...)!.-

CHARACT"EB TYp"E --.!R~e"-o!f.J,Oo:.Lrm~e~dw.t?~B.!Ij gs--,=B!Ea~dL...- _





A e 2

QUALITIES AHracbveness +3


Hard lo KiJJ 8

Situational Awareness

_ 2_. KUN<.J Eu _8 __
~ LANguAgEs _0_· _
_5_._ MR • .fIx-IT 2
I DOCTOR _ 2_ NaTICE _5 _
<jUN Eu 2 SPORTS 0

Adversary (Several) 3 Covetous (Lecherous)

Loye (Tragic) Meola] Problems (Cruelly) 2




·RO~U'!l; D .... M"CjEl NOTES

_B~i~le,"- .-!L -Zi. Musl Grapple first;



~DQ!i.!.ldqsi~e----- --1L -=- --"~:W.lo1c.R.11.JJ.l.!lJ.._ __ , ......... Graj2J;!Ie --1.a... -=- ....!:~~~~.!5IK!<....--:.

MW-' _Kwi:lUck"'-- JL -.lB.... ---I.!~------.1C

9iii1!~ _PUUWOl..lCbl.- -1.6... ~ ----'I;/aIl. _

_ S"4p.wio~K ..... ic"",k ...lL..l1L ..... Blaas~bl-- _

--""Sl""'ak",e'-- --1i.. ~ .....::::S.ll>:Ja.:l;lsh:;:.ls~ta:=,:;b:....... _

(Through tile Hearl) ...lL --1Q.... ~J(5L.!.iv5L.,;v!..5!a!!Jm~psL- _

~Swwe~e~p~K~jc~k~ ~_8 __ ~8~aswhwjt~ar~g~et~p~r~go~e~_

...... --...... _><.:SwIlolQoLI,f.:.l,d -1i.. -oR. ---",SJ!2asi!!;Jh!!..llsC!Jita~b~ _

------- ---- --------

------- -- --------

------- -- --------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- --------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- -- -- --------



CHARACTBB NAMB ---L!A!!.!n~yaa!n~k,ga- .. .L:.Awn~yB"'-b-E!:lmbl..!l<Jer~S.!l.Qn!.!.~ _

CHARACT~B TYpB E!:::Ox!l;-:.!D~e=<.!m.!..!.l.!o:!..!n'__ _





.bss 3

Attractiyeness +3

Contacts (Demonic)

Hard to Kill 5

__ 3_ K OWLED<j __ G_ KUNg Jlu

--L- LA (,jUAgES

CRIME __ J_ Mil. FiX-IT



, C3'ETTINc;J MEDIEVAL __ 3_~_ T N E

<;ilIN flu __ 0_ SPORTS

I INE'LUB ce __ 2_

_3 _ _2 _


° _4_

__ 4_




Emotional Problems (Fear of Rabbits) 1



BOf'ft)i!ii o,uU.'dE


_D~o!.!..ldq;Bi.l<.e 6 --""""""""""' .............. "'--- __

.... .a.JlI.. _,wPuw.n.!.l:,c!,Lh ----- _5_...L ......:;=:.~-----

-'S>!.ll.2j8kC>.loc:.- .....L...L --"= ................. _

(Throygh the Heart) -L......!L -<>.........,~""'""""'-----'1


• PERCBPTION (010 +PER+NoTlctl) ---------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- -- -- ---------Tf

-------- -~ - -- ---------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- -- -- --------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- --------

-------- ---- ---------



CHABACT13B N AM13 .......L;Ru.iJu,e..,.y-!Fwi!.LD!.LOL- _

CH RACTt;;B TYp13 ..!E::4xl.tp~e<.!.r..!..lie~n..!.lc~e<..lod!......!..l-I.!.!oe<.!.r..!.!o'__ _






AUradiyeness +2

Hard to Kill 5

Fast React jon Tjme lnilialjye Commando Nerves of Steel

Nalural Toughness


7 __ 0_

---'---- 6



3 _7 _ _0_- _



Adyersary (Various) 4 Obligation aoia])

Love (Tragic)

Doc-rca __ 3_ NOTICE


<;Jl:TTl Ij MBDll:VAL __ 5_ SCfCNCl::

<jUN Fu _9_









Pt:RCt=:PTION (DlO +p~m+N()'nc,) ---------

MANBUVl:lI 110.,,_. n~':q< NOTES

Dgdgs; ...JL -=. Defense acuon

lGck _lJ_ ...JL -.!:B~as~h!..- _

Knj fe --1.Q.... ..J.L -Jl.l2i.l.IUlol~----l

Punch -1Z.. -.l!L ---!,!2.U.L------:'iIt,

Slake -1!L -1!L ---.:i:l.!!1lll1tI.!.l:L ,jf

(Through the Hearl) _7_ ~ x5 vs vamps

Taser Rifle .JL _5_ Bashj knockout

________ __ __ (see p. J20)


------- -- --------

------- -- --------

Success LEVllt.s

------- -- --------

-------- -------------

------- -- --------

-------- ---- ---------

LIf'€ POINTS 14J/651


CHARACTIR NAM"E --!~W.\O:.L.....:o,.!..ol!!.!..!.!..Io!..!..L!..lo!.L..~"_ _

CHARA T'€R TYp'€ .ll..!~t_!.~'__ _




__ 5_ KNOWL'EOg _6_ KUNt;j J.iu ----L- LA gUAt;jE

RIME __ 1_ Mn.In.:-1T

Do on __ J_ NOTICE



gUN £Iu __ 8_ SPORTS






Nerves of Steel

_4 _ -----L _8_" _

4 _3_ _2_ 2



_5 _

Honorable J



MANEUV1:R BONU< D .... A~" NOT~s

~Bai!;.is!o.!c;b~alLli ~B.!iWa\,-- ....L.. ..J.Q.. ....... B""es ... h~i whu<;lom~a"'"'nuq .... n""')' ..... i __

.---- •• used lwo-handed

N!A!II'" --- - -- _~~ll_ ~o!!W.!Ol_oJd _

-""BiUoJole'-- -L -.JL ---""S .... las ... h.w/s...,la ... bu..i _

... 911. - __ wWeo.L(l<Jewwo.u.lfa...;ow.&o..."lx,- __

M~U _.I..IClLilaWrL..- ----L -.JL -->l.SLIIla.ou.5bu..ls..,ta~bl.L; _

RIIiII!~ -------- -- -- werewolf gnly

--",Do~d~ge~ Bile --==- Defense action

.....wPuit.!.n!l<c!.!.h -.L_4_ Human only

-->!.lSl~ak~e'--- 7 4_ Slash/slab

(Through the Hearl) _3 4_ )(5 vs vamps




CHARACTER TYp'E ..1.UUlll!<...,;!~L- __






AUradiveness +2

Sorcery 3


_ '2 __ KNOWLEDt;jt: _3 _
_ 0_ KUN«;lFu _2 _ Emotional Problems
~ LA t;jUAt;jl;:S _0_" _ (Fear of Rejedion)
0 MR. JJI7~-IT 0

DOCTOR _ J_ NOTICE _3 _ Misfit

gETI'l «;i MEDIEVAL __ 2_ SCIENCE ----
gUN flu 0 SPORTS 0
I I'LUENCE _2_ 3 INITIATIV'E (oro + nez)

PERCEPTION (010 +PBRHIOTlct) ---------------

M t\1S E uvn H

.....!!.DQ!.!.ld/.lSg~e ~ -=- --'!<~:!.U.l<c.l!lr.w.u.l...- ___

..... .A.I .. I Magic _JI_ Varies --!:::.t.-i,~-------

_T.:....e:.:.le::!ki:.:.:'n::.:e~sj:::..s 7 • __ ~~~~[!!lJ!.2.... :

BAS 80NU5 DAM"~qt


--------------- -----

• 2 X Success levels

-------- -- ----------

------- -- ---------

-------- -- -----------

------- -- ---------

------- -_._. ---------


------- -- --------

------------ -- --- ------------

------- ---- ---------

------------ -- --- --------

------- -.- --------

._------ ---- --------


-------- ---- --------


-------- --- ---------


-------- -- --- ----------------








Age 3

AUracUyeness +3




Fast Reaction Time Natural Toughness Si1uational Awareness

Hard 10 KiJJ 8



Neryes of Steel

Vampire US pl.l

Adyersary CLots) 7

Honorable 2

_8_ KNOWL1:Dc;J£ 5
_ J_ KUNg Fu _9 _
---L- LA gUAg1:S _3_
4 MR. Flx-h' 1
'gETTINg MEDlf:VAL __ 8_ SCIENce
• INfLU£NCt: _6_ WILD CARD e

Loye (Tragic)

INITIATIVE (0)0 + OE:!/)

PERCBPTION (010 +pen+xencc) ---------

1\.f.ANt:UV1:B BoNUS O~~~' NOTES

_OJ=:;· oO/,ld~ii.l<.e ...11... _ Defense ac\iqn

_K!l.i!.!tc~k -1.L..A --"B .... a .... shl....- _


_p~Uh!.l.DlI<c.u.b -!L..JB.. --=B""as"",h,-. _

......... _Soijp.u..inI.1..J.:>K.u.ic.Ji>.k ......l.L.....z.z... ---"B""'asiWhL.- _

M.-.ty _S.uldilJak~e'__ ~ --1.B... Slash/stab

(Through the Hearl) -.lL -!!. x5 v.s vamps

_S~w~o::..:.r~d -1.L ~ Slash/slab

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- -- -- ---------

-------- ---- --------

tlifi ------

.. -------- ---- --------------- -- -- ---------

-------- -- -- --------



HARACTt:R NAME ~.LWJO"WiL.l.<.I...I.I:1!..1.!ii.. _

CHARACTER TYp'E .Il.Al..!...I.l<......!...!.!i!..!.'-- _






Atlracliveness +4

Bard to KjIl 3


Jack (Cheerleader)

ART __ 0_ KUNg Eu _I _
o MR. lil](-IT 0
Gu Eu ° SPOllTS 6
--- ---

9iE1 Adyersary OncjdeoiaJ) 3 Covetous (Ambjlious) J Showof£

Coyetous (Greedy) J Reckless



Mb~UV!;H Bo"". D~o9. NOT!;S

Dodge ---L -=- -"D~ef!..!i!ei1ns~eUia!.l<.ctwiQl.!.I.nl- __

Stake ~ ----L --I!S.!!i!JII.;t!5h.!L/5~ta5!..!ob,-- _

IThrgugb the Hearl) _4_ -L -AX,LS .l.YSl...VljiBWIDJl,iPil.S :

ITIATIVE (010 + DEll)

--------- -------

------- -- -------

-------- ---- --------

--------- -------

------- ---- --------

------- ---. - --------

------- ---- --------


lj_ I11III

roleployin'f ~Cfome


CHARACTBR NAME--------~~~~~~~~--------

CHARACTBR TYpE "U"'O...........,~..!..l<:.!'__ _

-------- -- --- ---------

[];ti!C:Z::ll'l~1:!!ND5 ..... ~~ '1------ --. - _

OUTRAgEOUS Ii --------- ----







__ 3_ KNOWLEDgli: ~ KUNg Fu -'L... LANgU gli:s




I gE17l g MEDIEV L __ 2_ SelENe

gUN Eu __ 0_ SORTS

I fLlJliiNC __ 2_ WILD CARD



AUradiveness +2

Good luck 6


Hard to Kill 5

_1 _ _2_ ~

_0_" _

_3_ _2_

J o


Emolional Problems (Fear of Rejection)



MANl:UVllRBoNU. n ... 1A<,. NOTES

-"!.DQ!.!ld<llii:.\i.e .....L -=- --->=O'-'<.d...,.ecW.nsi!.lloeu.i!loloci .... jQ ... O"--- __

N .. ,. Punch .....L _2 __ .... B""'as""h'-- _

_ S.uI.2Jakl!.lOe'-- -L --L --"S",la,..,shJl./5~la ... b<-- _

(Tbrqugh the Hearll ~ ---L ....ll.x5....:..;v~!.-yI.l1a!.Um.ijlp""s .

-------- ----- --------

------- -- --------

-------- ---- ----------

-------- ---- ---------

-------- ---- ---------

--------- -- -- -----------

--------- ---- ---------

BUfFY SEAsonAL ADjustmEnts

Buffy has gollen progressively Iougher and stronger from one season to the next. Season One BuHy wouldn't have lasted one round with Glory; Season Five Huffy kicked the Hell-goddess' ass (with a Jot of help, but still). Drop "Huffy's Acrobatics, GeRing Medieval and Kung fu Skills by one Jevel per season before lile fifth (i.e., her Kung Fu goes down to eight during Season four, seven for Season Three, six for Season Two, and Five for Season One). Other Skills should be reduced by one or two levels during Season One, then increased every other Season, give or take.

Her AHributes also increase over lime. During Season One, she would have Strength 6, Dexlerily 6, Consliurlion 5 and -Willpower 4. Add one to Strength during Season Three, another one for Season Four. Add one to Dexterity on Seasons Two, Three and Five. Add one to Conslilulion for every Season after the first Increase Willpower by one at the end of Season One, and by another level at the end of Season Two. The other Allributes don't change. Finally, the 'Teenager Drawback applies during Seasons One through Four.


'The biggest change in Willow is her raw power as a wildt. In Season One, she has no Sorcery levels. She gains ene Sorcery level during Season Two, and two additional levels each season after Ihet, as her power grows dra.m8i~Jy. AddilionalJy, WjJlow's Willpower goes from four to five d\lring Season five. Up until Season Three, Willow had fut, Misfit Drawback. Her relationships with Oz and Tara helped her break out of her shell, though. Uno) Season Four, she also had the Teenager Drawback.

XAnDER..SE1~sonAL AD tvsrmmts

Drop Strength, Dexlerily and Willpower by one level each durjng Season One, and raise one of them (your choice) by one Ievel each successive Season. Change the Love Drawback lo the Tragic-version before he and Anya sian dsllng. Add 1'1.isfil during Seasons One lhrough Four. AcrohaUcs, Kung Fu and Gelling Medieval sian out at zero el Ihe beginning of Season One, but are each up to level 2 by the end of the seasrm. Increase those skills by one each during: Seasons Three, Four and Five. Xender's Gun Fu SKill was zero unlil 2.6 Halloween, when he was turned into a soldier because of the costume he was wearing. The lransformalion gave him Gun Fu 5 and Wild Card (Military Knowledge) 5-the effect wore off gredually, however (drop each skill by two levels during Season Three and

Four), and now he wouldn't qualify for the Swiss Army. A Director wishing to make Xander a liHle more badass mighi let him keep the military skills, however.

GilES SEASOnAL ADjustmEnts

Giles slarls out as your basic Slayerelte, but by Season Five he's goHen significanUy tougher. Strength, Dexlerity, Constlhdion and Willpower are all one level higher than they were al the beginning. of Season One. Decrease ally one of those slats by one level for every Season you go back. His combat skills have gone up by lwo levels each over lime (all Thai sparring with the Slayer, you see), as have- his Occultism and Knowledge (ell thai research under pressure really sharpens the old skills).

SpiK,J; SEASOnAL ADjustMEnts

A few years of sparring wilh the Slayer and her friends (and enemies) have toughened Spike even beyond his Slayer-slaying level. Decrease his Acrobalics, Kung Fu and GeUing Medieval Skills by one each for Season Four. by two each for Season Three and by Three each for Season Four.


Before 3.8 The Wish, Anya was a super-powerful demon with realily-changing powers. After That. she's a normal (well. kinde normal) human with no special powers. She hasn'] seen lhal much action during The last few seasons, however, so don't adjust her AUributes or skills regardless of the season you wish to play. Note that with a JOOO years of demonhood bebind her, Anya could be considered to have an Age JO Qualily. Given thal her powers have been stripped from her. and it's not clear that she advanced during lhal lime (allier than gaining a vast store of demon knowledge), we have chocked up that whole period to "down lime" (see p. 36).


Durlng much of Season Four. Riley was hopped up on assorted chemicals to enhance his physical sbililies and recovery rate. WhiJe under the influence, Riley'S physical Altributes were an raised by one level. and his healinf ral,= was equivalenl to a Slayer's (allbough slower overall because even augmented, his Conslihrllon would 11m match a Slayer's). His skills have gone up since we first mel him. During Season Four, reduce his Kung Fu by two levels, and his Acrobatics. Gun Fu and Occultism by one level each.


Oz SEAsonAL ADjustmEnts

Drop Oz's Art, Acrobatics, Gelling Medieval, Kung Fu and Occult Knowledge by one level each for each season before 'the fourth, Also, he starts aulas an uncontrolled Werewolf (making- It a Drawback), but Ihere is some indication he can now canlrollhe change, so by the lime he leaves it could be considered a Quality (see Werewolf, p. 5J).

tANt SEASOnAL ADjustmEuts

During Season Four, reduce Tara's Willpower. Sorcery and Occultism SkilJ by one level each-she's grown in power and ability by working willi WilJow. She had no Gelbng Medieval when she slsrled, but she's picked up lhe skill through exposure to the SlayereUe lifestyle. For quite some lime, she also had a Delusion (Believes she's a demon), thanks 10 her family's manipulalion.

AnGEL SEAsonAL ADJustmEnts

These slab present Angel al the end of Season Three.

He's had a few adventures since then

(bul lheir affect on his abililies will have 10 wail For the Angel book). Drop his Shenglh and Dexterity by One level each


during Season Two, and again during Season One.

Same for his combai skills. He really gels to hone those only after he starts hanging out with Buffy (he didn't gel much practice during bls hundred yeaTS or so of brooding-rab make for poor sparring partners).


Cordelia's lime as a cheerleader increased her physical AUribut.es. which probably saved her life several limes after she feJl in with the resl of the Swaby Gang'. Reduce Strength and Dexterity by one level each during Season One. Reduce Acrobatics, Driving, Kung Fu, Getling Mediev~1 and Sports by one level for Season One. For Season Two, decrease two of those skills and either Slrength or Dexterity by one level.

DAwn SEAsonAL ADjustmEnts

"Dawn has only been around for one season, but she's gone through a lot. Al the beginning of Season Five, reduce her Acrobatics, Gelling Medjeval and Kung Fu Skills by one level each.

gifts: 'l1i£ goocf.guys are statwart and' true. 'l1ie IJatf-gl/!J$ fi/iu.k fiats ana we always tie/eat them ami save tfre. diLy. pi{y ever after.

rfjy; .Liar_

xanc£er; peoyre can't do Il-ltytliing they: want Society lias rules, ana borders, ana an emf zone.

--4.22 'R¥Stt£ss

Rules, always with tile rules.

Roleplaying is a bit like playing a board game and a~jt lik~ acting in a movie, but without the board . or the script Players sil around a lable or in a den

as they do for a game and speak the lines for lhe Cast _ Members as They might in 8 .movie. You, the Direcler, sel lhe scene and conlrol lhe Guest Slars and Adversaries. Dice determine what lhe results of B given sclion aTC. All simple and clear, righil? Great lel's play.

Ah. you think there's a bit more 10 it than that.

You're right Let's lalk more.

e easily arst:inguisftecf 6y tlieir pointy lioms or o6oay ever ares ... alta every60dy fives nap-

-2. 7 Lie 'l'o 9vte

As we noted in the firs] chapter, come game lime each player needs a characler sheet for her Cast Member, a writing implement, some scrap paper and a len-sided die (or they can share a die, if they feel sharing-like). You Director types should .have any. notes you've made on the current Episode, this corebook, and other information you think you

mighl need handy. The resl is done mainly by lalkingdescribing the scene or whai the characters are doing or acting out the Cast's dialog.

Your job as Director is 10 describe the situation. For example, you might lell lhe players .. It's a beautiful morning in Sunnydale. Too beautiful to be going 10 school, and yet lhst's where you are. First perjod .is about to start. As you head off 10 your respective classrooms, someone starts screaming in horror. Whal do you dol?''' This is where the Cesl Members gel busy. The players describe what they are doing and speak for their characters. One might say "Uh-oh, Something wicked this way comes. J head over to see what's going on:" Another could respond "l rush 10 my locker and grab my Official Slaying Kit ... just in case:"

1"1051 of the time, when a player wanls her Casl Member 10 do something, H gels done-lalkjng, walking, walking and chewing gum, leaping up in class and screaming "spiders!" (embarrassing, but not difficult to do). Semelimes however, the outcome of all action is in doubt. just because a Casl Member wants to slake a yampire for example, does nol mean the vampire is going to gel slaked, Thsl's where the dice and the numbers on the character shed come in.

tHE BASics

Xand£r. jIOu dim 1.[ fiitk! you're bait! (jo act baity. CorffetW.: <Wflat's the ptan?

xatukr: '!'he vampire trttack§ YOiL

corcfefia: 9buf then what?

Xancfer: rrhe vampire /(irEs !IOu. 'We watch: We rejoice:

-3.1 9l1me

1n the Unisyslem, a die is rolled when a charecler is lrying to do something important and when there's some chance of things going wrong (see To Roll or Nol 10 RClJl, p. 102). You Iell the players when to roll and what character sheet numbers to add 10 the roll. The die roll represents luck and chance: the character sheet numbers are the skills and natural abilities of the Cast Member. The beller those skills are, ihe more likely that the characler will succeed. An sharpshooter will hit the target more often than someone who closes her eyes and flinches when a gun goes off. Semelimes, luck allows the unlrained lo succeed, and the expert 10 fail·-thal's where the die rolling comes in.

A'JTRlBUTE: The character's natural abilities. Use l1;Je Casl Member's Strength to see if she can lif1 a bag of cemenl over her head or Dexlerily 10 pick someone's pocket. ln some siluelions (tiffing something far example), only Allribules are used. Usually in lhose cases, roll and add the character's Attribute doubled (e.g., if the Cast Member has Dexterity 3, add six 10 Dexterity-based rolls). In certain cases ... say, when fooling is lrescherous or posibonlng awkward, 110 skill is used and the AUribule is not doubled. Those are preUy rare circumstances though. Also, sometimes hvo different Attributes (no doubling) are used instead of an AHribute and Skill. As the Director, this is ultimately your call.

SlOU: The character's learned sbililies. 'Use Kung Fu to punch someone, or Crime to pick someone's pocket, Always use an Attribute alongside a skill.

The player announces what her charader intends 10 do. You tell her whal Skill and AUribute 10 add 10 lhe roll. The player rolls the dice and adds the Attribute/Sid" combo to the result. If the lotal, after all modifiers, is nine or higher, lbe character has succeeded. Otherwise, failure-city.

SUCCESS LEVELS 9lnya: SUJY my Hand 'lOW! Cjifes: 'Beg your pardon ? 9lttya: In cel£6ration.

t;ifes: Of!. •.. (stops her fuutd) yes. 9lnya: Ow!

--4.19:New!MOon 1Qsing

In some situelions, you Director folk need to know more 1h81l whether the character has succeeded 031 someUUng-you need how well she succeeded. When ihat's the &eSC, check the result against !:he Success level Chart em llie next page (i1's also on the cherscler sheet-handy, no!?). The greater the number of Success Levels, the beller the character did. Some difficult tasks require more than one Success Level.

success Levels TobIe

Boll success Levels Description

-11111111' .,., ... "I "'IIIIIIi'il "'. j' II, "','11'1'. j • '1'''''':'' . " "", ' ., "

r I I' 1. .i ~'11 I' t:~. ,,: d":: ;: ',' .' l:;, J, I ! I' t • I I I :1



- Life and the MeC)J}inCJ' of success L«; els

CREATIVE! STUFF: A musle performance, wri great novel or telling a good lie-how e eharacler did if is~' g lo be preUy im orftlnl One Success Le.ct!· eHy mediocre; she di 't" anything wrong, but it didn't. look l"OO good. No rotten lcmalos get thrown. but she gels quile a f~ yawn~. JJ lhe. audfence was already hoslHe or suspicious~ whatever waS being attempted is not gamg lo work. Two Success Levels is de -she pi.tlJs it off .(.what.ever ii is) without a hiI and looked competent doing so. Three Success levels. is a good job-this is where p gel real applause and cheers. High fives ell around. Four Success levels gel$ standing ovations, favorable reviews from most critics, maybe even a record contra

At five and above. she is on fire (in a go ay)

everything worhd perfectly ~ Imosl ev ody

loves what ~e did.

ltlJRTlNi'~ JtEAlING y'~{t(j~. character aliacls someone,... ..nOIW""~.

influences how much she mtt,ti.'lJK ia . de

Success ~Is of the ck r01R<lll'J a tla

of the atteull On the . side. for us lit". odor Skill, each Success Level heels one ~oint. a mage.

lEHGTiiv TASKS: Things lhallake some lime (like

breaking down a door Or lifli9.' n ething r

heavy) may require the Cast r gel a high

number of Success levels, tIS y-in 5+ range.

Characters can ac Success levels- by irying

over and ~ . rou mighl decide lhal

j)reaking C1W quires eighl

Success levels. r c ul~ roll

weU enough ~ evels

or twa \ries character ( e go with 'less

robusl' here? Wos@ a $C ,1lries (at one to

two Success L~y.els a p~' ~ lake four 0 rolls before the door br~j.


til" t 1 : [' "".':11 t '\ III I j I I' ,f I • :1,llr II I' ! 1 I II \ , r I I 1 1;1'1 I' 7;: ~ -;-1 I I I . ",'. ' ill r' I I,

j • I" "I.. ~ 1. •



Very Good

11I!l111il'~· ,. ,"" 'I'li 'II 1"'"'1'1' Tli 111.1' '1,."11." ':, 11.;11,11 I 11'1 " , ," l" I I' , "

~tt! 1:.1 ' .. \ I I I, 1.11 lh _ 1,,)/ )1..;11 'I I I I I I I' I I




].11'1' .... , '"11''1'1''' ."11'1111111'" '111111'11"" j , • "

It L ~.:'~;,:. ',::1 !': ". ""Ii!, , .1.'" . .1,,1 , ' "':,' ',' . ·11




ExAMPLE: Giles is doing research (color me stunned) on the Iatest arrival to Sunnydale, some type of headhunting demon. To see if he can identify the criller, Giles' player rolls a UJQ and adds Giles' Intelligence (5) and Occultism (8). The die roll is a two; the total result is J5. Fifteen is greeter than nine, so Giles is successful. Some critters are harder to idenbfy lhsn others, however. Jf the monster is parlicularly unusual, you as the Director might want to check lhe Success levels of the roll. looking sl Ihe Success Levels Table, Giles' player sees thai J5 equals four Success 'levels, a Very Good result You decide lhat four Success 'levels are more tilan enough. "After looking for .half an hour or sa, you find an ink drawing of the monster in the Codex lnfernalis:' you might say. "lt's a D'imengi, known to collect the skulls of their vicLims. lls tough skin is highly resistant. to normal weapons, but it is vulnerable to silver."

ExAMPLE ME AGAlN: Buffy is trapped under a car thai an inconsiderate demon dropped on her. To see if she can lift it enough to slide from under il, Buffy's player rolls a 010 and adds Buffis Slrength (8). )f BuHy was trying 10 lift something under normal circumstances, her player would have 8 bonus equal lo daubJe her Strength (16). but you rule that Buff)' does nol have a lot of leverage, so the player only adds Duffy's Strength once. 'The die roll is a two, .fur 8 tcl.al of 10. Thal is one Success leve\-only adequate. nol quite good"'enough to Jjn the car rigM away. you decide. "Buffy, you manage to shift the car 8 Iillle, but you're still trapped. If you keep pushing, yOU could be free next turn."

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