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Wele,oilllilli toO thill d,iz.~:r fl:'~~C-e, "hel'e "rBed is the ~jpor I

A.n~-:p.~ ~fiaRe~ r!9;lng in B t r-anc e , So :many 8 lIliin .. ll!l t'UrD.~tJ a ~ lp·e·,r-

'II'e 1 c.oO~e -to PIJ'I¥Sl" ].[;11.1. U t:5", 1'0 :itI;IUt.i!f -sto,gElt:l,S,

to sl8cr~~t !;i1801B,

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11'.10'0". to .... 11 Iy ,

Qf all tt!:e 'badJ\e<~!;I- y-O\1 Be's, !& Ih. 1>j't~. ,.hOk.'

fr,aJll ,factor,)" s;m.oJi!'J. ~ And th~. fI..:b 1. h de .d., III Jh. QIl~ •• ,n •

. the eternal wasteland

oX ~racked se'tl;i.ment ~tNtcll farner Carg~~e8 o! .Dla~b,1n~. th<lt O~.08 wore . tiin.~1Uili$ of (iml't ,.".d. decay C(I,"t th~ l'\U!'lS IIlDr~ iUlosta l"'L'fiIt.i.1.n to tf!'~l of ~ p.~t.

,,1'1 tt\m in b19Qd .


of the celebration of

!hI' ~ass . In :t:~:pcc: In the fifleenrh ; t-i

C«lltm-y. Odles de the ongll,al Sluebeard, wa ..

marshal of France and personal es~ri: of Joan'of Ar<;, After sauanc:lerlng, !tWa)' hi5 'vast fortune, he fell in with" .' Paduan Bleile .. m .. ist by the nam. e cfPrelati, who premised .. _:'W I' .help him reg!lin hi$loSI wealth. ~ee()fding to the instruc- .' .tions of me mag:idM, 11.1: began holding rituals in. which. he sacrilleed. )'GIlDg c:hlldren to ·Satan1.l'be sfi,crllice~ ~k I ' . place, how~ver. only after he had s!i·tls6ed hIS pedophille d~&INS by as~ultlog' the children i1,l the most bnitw f fashion, The victims were obtained !=ither by Ol.IUI'ight a by 1!:.uyfug· them from lil,tir peasant parents, who were gl:ad enough to sell the clllul:iren, \hl!!ldng that .

l'wey"We£'C being taken as servants and, would have a much I eriJ.:er. Ii.·ft on the estate of a rica nohleman than plowing

"the llel<15. . .. ; .

I te« OK 'P kill ill cold blood?VES!


~Dinner iladju!Jt been Btirvad. Alan (~-;:=d,ell ~tepped awaY ~ make a !m~lle,

_ <,o;hlJ. Suddenly he l:!~rlh\ cr!lll~,lUld f~lt an axcfuc:illt.:ing pain ,In his lower b,~k' "He)B been shot," somebody sCl'~m~d:' GOrden fcllto the !loo~ in a pool of blood, stiiwk down by a bullet from a .22 rifle, ' A mllnih: before., 4iZ.y~aMld 'AnthDDY Amant.." "'!18 wlltc!Jin~ TV in his living. room wl\""n II bullel, missed ~lidD~' his jugular vein by a - quarter . of - ~ inch. Tw!> d!\y.~; later a ~lWt grazed Ricb:ml Gallnis'uleeve as he frimmed hiB Clu,lst. ~ treeL The neli:e evening II. bullet shattered. "local trucker' Mkhael CI .. ,",c's

j win~hiel~.-"" ~------', I'

~o[ll-Iil;rn'tte~ t>fwe~;"~l pooplein-a-~~ICl! slaepy corner of Rlio:de- .Wand hErVe B~ell

~red at hi the n.ig~~e-l>!i,iP!'ri -. I • en

tipile ofeorps.~ 'i

A 56-year·old. Ugandan 'woman wasuak- ..... 1 ern ~Y soldie~slO ~])Q!her. bllrrac.b i~i the ~ § I

~p~ta~, Ih~ II1f9moUi Makilldye com I' lex, r . I

I was put into a room wIth maybe 50 tither Il"Op~~. inc1udill_g women and children, ~ere were rnrps"~ "n !hd!oor and pool .• of I u.rme. My ~orturc began soo~ ~fler Ii 1_"1 I rived, "She- wa~ bound to a chai r a~ a rubber ~ ire above her fie ad was iii. Molten rubber drip~dp~(o her (ace and chest, badl",fdi~'1

~g\ll"lllg~er, :_,

• .. Due.OIl

Jacob Jerling

J400b was ~b~~I~d: CI1 SwIlIay. ~bu n, 1989. £rom BLOt A""""" 90..111 'or St. Joeph.IIlInDOIOIa 01, .ppI<lldmaWy 9:l.5 p.m. II<! ,andbJe 'bOoU- and a, l:rII:tid _.ppro""ho~,bf'a ~,.nbjeot ~ !W'k <Lclldog ~ • IIBDd&w>. Jacob', bmlhm: _ ideM _lillowMtu ~butJociob ..... ,£meed to rm>aln. No ~e!e _ .een, ;Jacob It, !Iv;; i'eot 11111, 75 ~. bfow:Ii 1:iaI:. btU ~I',mok on left cheek, ""Bring a~d IW~ j~ ",",,!I!!!,

1 O1'IHIg. v~st, bhle ."",at ,pdla, UId JIi)l¢ high top _ ...... ea.

\,,$25,000. jREWAJU)




o~ LuI J '


505, eM I'F O~LY liHE H·!AO OF Jil.CDD IS REl'U~~~D

SOl. O~O IF 0 ... O. MO". OF JACO~' S ARMS OR L£~:S, ARE RUU'RH"O $01,00.0 If ONE OR HOI!c~· Of JACO~'S M~r!OR BODY PARTS J\~~. ~~l~kNED

<~rES, T'DH"~E. 'I'£N1&, ~1"r;OR$, T~STl~ILES. oTe.)' J $00.900 IF 0"[ OR MOREl OF 'J,~toe,'s l!lI'~R~A~ ORGANS ARE R.ET RNtO

(L'VER, "E#lItT, lallAlN, APPElInu, E"TC.)


$00.100 l'F JACOB' $ IIEe IIOCKE,! J~CKn & VEST 15 RETURNED ,00.080 IF JACO~' S NIK~ ~JGI! TOP ~€N~15 S~O.,s, ARl I~ETU~NED 500,.O~O IP JACO~'$ ~LUiE SWEA'I PA",,, '~R~ RfTUONED

ow and Love

Michael RYII.~ ~s a qliiel" f~IJo';\', ex- Ryan opened fire at thernen, leavi!!g !h~ cept when If came \.0 talking '1bo~1 father dead-in a puddle 6f blood. Beempguns, He never iired of' 1~i:Hn.8 hi. neith.- tied his gun into !he rn. of ~ woman. ehld

bors In Hungerford, Ii ]jIlle farntil1e; town her d~u~h'~u, 00I.h. Abdul. Khan,

some 75 miles ~l of Lenden, about his 84. WI\9 cut Simien, clyil;

collection of firearms Of' showing U1Bm om his wife . . Butler

whenever anyone paid auentlon. Ryan, was kili~d wnn e. :W."l<lrn~m. 21, had recently joined the Tunnel Rifle- I a~ry was arid! Pistol Clu~, where he:prnclice<!1 regu.. people ' larly. Club Managev Andrew While;" The "He was n very good shot. He :lin' an l~~ by l~.ill. target consislel1!ly ;i( 100 meters." Last week Ryall.' used b:iS,8I1oot~ in~ skm~o deadly ~ffect, iurnljlg his nelghbors inte targets In the worst massa-

crcdil rnodere British history, '

As he tramped through .nearbY.Sa ver- '

D3~e Forest last WednesiJa.y, Ryan: wore a·' h~~d barril. a comba tj acket and an arnrnunilf()D belt slung over his shoulder, Sud- . dellly he drew his pistol and op;ned fire on a mother picnickim( with her tw<l clirl.ldrcll. WllliIe the llorrill<d tols,

! .. ages 2 and 4. sobbed by thdr mother's

body. RYaJI calmly climbed lmo Ilh:slilnr 1~~~.~~~~~ii~i1~the~ifui~

Vauxhall Astr ... and drove off. II Thll nrst ' '. .' .'. .

Seven minutes later he.arrived at tlie S~tu,aay.rilotniflg" at the

ij:Jw ~@\Ise he shared with 'his widowed, : Neve Sfta~Qm Istanbul,

motherin Hungerford. He shot her, killed' As'the read~lIgJrom ehe Tor<lh was aboutto

the family dog and set the house ern llre. begin, twa strangers iiPJle"r~ at the main

Re!rieving II, serniautomaticKalashnikov door, talli~gllgl!!lrd they I'i~r~ tourists who

assald.t rifle and ummualtlon from a gar- wanted to lake some plctures. Sllddenll',

den sbed, RY<ll1lbegan walking toward the with a shout in Arabic. tho men pulled out

center of town; firing bursts and feh~adins submaehine guns and hand grenades cnn-

as he, went, "He was just strolling Ilionc cealed in EI bag, They started Hrillg indls-

the road, shooting at anylrun.!1 crimlnately and herled th.~.irQxpl05iv~ W.

moved," said Barbara Morley. Said ward the al"far.---qllickly· turning the

other witness, Christopher

lookedju;llike Rambo," temple into a deathtrap of smoke, buHets

Taxi Driver Marcus ~d bl.ood. As one 5urvivo,r told it. the kill-

way to visit his newborn em even d,{)usOO jhe bodies with t!"a5uIU10

tal, 'I'M sh'9l through' , and set them ablaze, "It was an awful

died i~.sta!ltly. A father and 5Q[I • .eJi,erged scene," said Gabr<i~l Shaul, 17. whose fa-

from a',side road)wlth two srnal] girls.' iher was liiUed. The nMj'h~m ended only ..... hen Ii grenade wen! olr-whether accldentally or not wasn't c1e!w~killin~ the t'i"Q gi:i[lman.,.8\ll the bod y wu nt from their lethally. .~fII~ie'nf attack was frigh tlul: 22 dead m:i(!lilinjured.

"_~NI_ lhi~'"

SACIL\ll&NTO, C.III,'iFiii::!~ pns 1II~!Il1bors rH~' 'uilll W. IllDDt lloot.o~" polJe, ijlt! Il,;IrvJ'fJ[ij! bOf!tPPl 1.1.a1'l~!'I;Ig,

'I1ire~ iIjIl'lfll:{!ti 0II11(j three 11IJi1~:I~·Wi?lrm kllloclj ]0 lh.tI bjlil"1\1i "lfl.I:~ lit the OipDli:

GIl}'S (Ir{l!![r.u[]~ ;II~I)N'. which 1JndA!1I .Ii1l.o1:: "nILUI!!l~"-1. wbeJl !NJ.Da ru~hltCl i'rI. orlt.Qr1'Po'(" tD~ .~r.e ':h.qt 0Ir.d '\Io~lti'ill. Loci. Qr:I@I\lUIJIIlJ1 ki!~trhri.ns.Jt

I!-bbl!lt"l1.!u 1!'rL)1l1l!i:

pelfee L~ ttll~ltlillll',

ShrilrllF Gl«n Crotl", 'n~

i~~~::iift~ 'Ul!l:i!~jl:-

Ulfeo. With 1.'t1f1I:f Hf\I 1111 lJu5 (ollactr,. nil:.", h.Bi;I ~irnl!qltJ

IIt!=tlllliJo1l'fi."' i"

-"'ILi ,qgalll1l\.t.i, "'f,I,iJrVIM'IlII:l!IIiC-.!iil>~Clij rU~_91(1 i:J~.~~tll~~~ lio"t!t1l IdetlUfLct;1 ,I~ Lit! Kllil ~'~Lo/iil'l, ;:U, ~,h~ ilLlI"fl~_~~1 littlld: Jd, IJo11)lhl;r,I, P11.111J1 II, ~~'I ilIliIl! 1.o11l!~ 1:! •• I'l .. ~C!)'J~ . J~ld ¢~m.~ r;tm2

~ , IL'.-

,.. ,

Yf,SCREW , Christ.

- ,God

~,.-: Gave,

1 • .-; ,,,I .

is truly the ~~reatesr o(~yil"~,~_j" ~:n

. ~ ..

Where Are You, God?

Wh",te, WIlS Gc.d dU%lno;! the, Nio. v<1<loe.1;lic: gao d.ll~sler [n CamQI'O<ln7 Why

, ::) do •• n.'I.God .loJ'.·I.hegmwinQ' p~e>!bIBm "f Ulc.w£e"kili9 dl"u!i al>u ... ? Whey d<HiI-God o allow inno""ni Citi!<il'B:u, 10 ~ulf,,[ 111 .. anguUl\ <;>1 »r"UIl homs. or ~ •. WmiBul "I

~ ·~I"ol:J."li(! 1' .... ""ta7 BAD :NEWS, FOR MODERN ,MAN

.! ' J".t wh.are i~ Gox! il). 'the l.,~"" ,,! Ih, ever-p:[9UIII Il(]iro[~ "I 'wada.e, "I

Jii! oru~!1jnq p':'-"Olrtll,buII."e' ~~cI o:l~a •• 8, ,,! crt ..... , I!atr"d' .and. ;I.)uol'l,,01 'B!i.~,,"yo\1

..... wondered Just WHY II. :IXIBt".luJ, 1" ... lnq God 'would e.lIow.!.· ~\I.I!".9"'1J and

1'"'8 Wi.slr)' to 1;1>'>.0,,7 "FHAT J!fJErrJlfSTEJ.lY()fJ, j.S5.eOLEll.; .

~ Cl b God nol powB,cI"l ClI1<1<l!q;~ 10 .Iop th •. carnaqe, al' ~O. m~ lh. "0)[<1<'OI11O .. ""!i~ 'I~ _

I t. ,:,oll"lud .. d1 Or hal H<II ,Imply "ttlrued HU hack" 0,. ma*ind1 W'ha,I1! H~ dcID'J?

~~~~I, . - I

I asked GQ~ to spare me pain, And God said, "NO."

las ked God ifH~ love d rna. AIl d "Cln,d .~i!l o;! ,"NO" "


Christ is waniOO as 8ll1ICCOOl1l1ioo (before the fad) 10 the ~utJon and murdi:r Qtoounlksl miDlol1l!.

CJ!Jri!I m the founder of ~;IJ fanaIi¢ rOOg\on; tbatpro~ eteniw. liCe bul rffillt! hOOiarl slavery.


The foUowel'8efChrld have~I~I!n>I orh~ol naoom WId millions. of minds. ,They are atmI:d and rb:nJ:erow both 1Kl0000000y and ideologic&lty,



I.iDVe"lliJ,. hand.ih~t·bl~ \

I iave jUle llIlilS. iha.t pletmnhem \ ..

o ~~us ~a~d dead ,

, '

I'd I~, !h drick lhI! blood 0 i,;.rd TMt lirip!llrnm eli illy f~t

,J,;na WlLSh my:lIailw am brush.mY'Iie!lJ-

PI*nI wooJ.d t/I!II be ~! ' .

o blilOi1y bl~Jeo;m

liD!«! ~hy il{oocho red '

I loved !r'QU wbe~ ~ 'WMl! all-m

I " ~jW~d.·:

o bWody Jesus

, [Jo;oe .)itlUf blood sc red

r kwe tOO bl~y elll'JlWC1.1!ii • sn~ from 'YOW" head

o bkxlil~bloody J\'$1lS

t love' ~ criml;(Il! lide ~ [ loove 1lIe, bloody Romn spear ThiIIlgo! stunk my.!lur ~irl~


~ ""!'llilLOl .. r~~ 1!Ii'!:!r:it"!pW!I ... ~i '\II i,.,ui"LII' clwjtl ~~ n'!!)lril«lflllll ,w'l!IlNl'"i iJ1! 1i.l1~ ... ~.i'JIIRJt) il~~U!lIIiH oJI' t'iI!!! lKI,ni;!l'~ itP.;!I! 1CI,n!iI~ l.iJim!IJJ~, '1)1 ,~id m'-r..r~11 ml.1 ~I'~IN !~!i~iilMIII.II ",in: .. 1IC'.nI~ L:ii:rigD:II .• 'f:Ii~cplttlnl! mQ"iH I:!I~~) ~~~;..t~pt.hfr miJl<i·~1'f!l~I!, ElII":LrillH' 1'l~1!i! ~1!Ii!,' n.lIlll.It'II)J.iI!!'liI. IIhlilr,;lldl,rfl~i ~n'LDf !;!~!lN-lnlf:I,!"iI~liI~'!hI!:~ .. tl~_~.!II_" I~i il.oiru'lwl~·il'lJ1l'11lt·aPtr1Ad!II·II!! iII.!1Pt~ c.ap;.li'Ijlh~ ... c, TI'd .. ~llrq. ~flici~~a _lttlttl'llYi"ll·L~WI.!1I n I'i'~ ,..·I~ ~!!"!r,j.


ElpM:b~S ~~~I ~'Po'imnljn~.p!:l(Jl i'upply liIq.uN. ..


HI!~~ R~~ J"I'ilh,n;t.l,\lo·L1tl:!r. ~~l!jLy

::,umb~ ~!a:I!ch,; ~' ~jJ~[] ~,r lI~t t~£;t~~>

J~~5~[:~ ~~e~ ~1J,d~ ~~~hd.iLQ'1[.:S~fjon~ PaPi:!f tlllfl~ I:ir:(I1[ler'~ip.!~ Q' oeonw.Lni!:.ffj"f:

',',oNo:U, Vol:,8'1", oor.oll., !rlo;og.,'-

j~~ed, v, N~.~~~·,:V01~ ~

3." ~t" jB1~ ~~~;!C t:ii~jtt;; IQ:rnO~J:I -, t1~ P"'~ fr..omLt.h~ Jf~~. :!l"C'llfte·"lliIId lidd iil1WidllBt [.{I ·tl]~ :rneJ~d WDI. Li"n to thG not ~5 '[1fp:r!li· rnil. 'SUr thE! "rnl:t:ru~· until i:~Li: wu. b2$'l:t:o:I~tl ;~ouCh to ~A(jmL!: ~l;!li(l &t-&ln.

Fill b.Ottlo ",ott roll 6[ (!O!lNrdJ~t.i.=~~~lrunl::· nnid ee rultuile 1l"L!i.di ~I:~inm~~~'


o.l>1'ill,illio"b1 'otJ[]L"1lr~l"~"

~l1lkE.6 TIME YOU 'NE!lD AN IN5TAIIT 'A'All RELX 011 OLtU 'iihDl"sllle ~md R~hll ill Th.l!'mOn~,e.l9ar '1i/J,~hG.d~. H;y".drog1en Ba·mb.5l!l Neut.ron Bopfbs!l Nuclear Subs, Stealth Bom(ler{l"4j V.lea15l)n~ ~l'lialaB Uran1um~ i{J,8s1~'

SUo,~, ,s,urillu8 S.yst.m6 BDU,bt 0010> SoH, '

DIAL- ImC;oLEAIl for· il~al. ',11th tll". ilorth; lill. llrductB nade wH,., Ame'ric!l!l "rl~.'.

An ,";\oolloo~ :ab6orptino oIl!~lCltl\rt! CilP be aade tr,ilC'll e ~CJ.1l1fiOl~ ~P' ~,T.N. {(.!Ill! eenier f[\ler Df dlIWnuiut' cerdj, .aceb;.ine lind. r.I1l~l!f.Bl flU. When iU~)' nOel itllJS5 p~p'l!r! t.!., ncwlI.~~~., rilp'¢16~k bQoklj"c~muc:atfd L';!I,rdlJo(J.Pl>lj~\5r.c.rlil d:iJilpOO in jhla efpJ~!'l·l,!';&Sid 'dlell re'trtO\I"ed and allowud to dr:v, the paVl!ol ""ill I~tru[l ill! !Jrig5.~1l.l ~I!e and! afi~ll~ Rl~Q~: vtiiit. rnicroc'l'otall:J;, higll.xplo';", In,,,,,,,oral.ed,~., 1M li-hR' ""oleol 01",0 ",~. 't'htsprnduces n d&Jgu~~ iC«pktillil~ Lbllot (aID be I~Elirie.;l: ,Til¢<:. I w~H;;u-an "Without afulinqm

~.n;piCtHl. " I

~\ATERlAI, REQlJlREJl, lu".~.'l"Ji!.

RIJ.}'Ot) 1~',(.'1'_ ---

Poky,etll>,lall1.e -:;:OD.t~

2. FUn III .l!ii:nl"!~nE ~r ;rs fuU of at:'i!:totle IillJl.d neat iUll'ltlJ :mUdiy. WfW::Il ~y P]!l(:iJHl tne ar:I9:ir.1G jar in a pro~ o:r. bw::.lEd or Jmt witter .. DO NOT p·la~~·.pru.1 or bulilie& (Ub hent seurue wfi!1i !l ~-btl ~f.lSi th~.~! :f;I1ii,

a .. Add !P'.E.rLN,. t.G ih.e !ii!l!l"tie~;iI, liib.le:~ JP'tll:JnfU' iii il Ilme" ",'l:1ii~ mmnli: "'!",itl1 D, 5tiJririlE lod:. Stir th! 10rudot'L 'ilJjti~ thti! P.E.T.N. di""'I. ... '. Add reo .. PE.TX tmdl It no lO~l¥!r" di&H.::Jtue!:l b:JitI cclutron,

e ... en IIlrtcr ti.\'("i rnjm.Ui;850of~. AppIon·· mnWJ,.. l·ra iPD"l~[Jd of p.E~r . .N_ will disaclve m eW!l'Y poouc.d'f1! 1Rbtl aceW.ii!'Uaea.

.;, .APJi'f'O~tta); ~ plJnJrrntmilllr.rroJ ""i]!5hQ1llld bBuddoo to1he!Irr.;nl~L1..I,til;l[!.T,I!rL§.:ruinml oil: will pJl!'P4!nt th~ 'r::ryFt-illl; of ",H.TliI', from r,I!r::ty.stDlliztng tD ii ,l1lJ.ticeable alze w]]e!n! U1~ iU::t~Ilt!li!-, e .. -ab'1~roi,f::fi. 'Tbe rnilll~rnJ oil wHl rull{!l p:rovWI!: i1. bHl'..I!!r ec~~ to the p~ .... 'I1~ :i& t .. dfy !lifter the sonklrlg Pft){!i!H!,

, G ... Miler . .s.o.&.k..sJ~~ ~m 30 mi!Jl.rL1lEi. rImlOVL" ibt! ~JI~. p;mi .011.0''''' t·o dry too !It. leiL~L 24 bl;jur~, 00 t\lOT DRY IN AN o\rE1\\ Aft¢!" ptljler.ha:: hnd ll~ce kI dry, .sO percent or its ~jgl1t will consist at a mk'..TiXryi-, taaint' b~b ~.£IluEOi'll""(l intirtmtely moor. I

~~ inlo Ib •. _ !_i1>_"_OO_._"I<!_"I~o_.r_tb_._.,.~~_e-r_·· --'''''""-'~':::;' ~ __ 1 '


11• To.uSE- omply Jn~~d II. bl.m"liJ1£ (,-'I£!" OJ

-~---~~~ I

\ dt-l·o.rl3te.

r~. It II. rDII~c J)a:Wt1fiilper j5 \i:iCoU\ the d€!to1:Jilttlrl" ~[I(j ~I"lnu: IlUlN:b -. E!ltlSJ!lI' ~fUll, b'~ t'tOpI!'eJY~d. Ul tile t:ej~feo,r of lilH! ralJ and "~li 0"""'0 into til. toIg,t lIl'O"nnd I,r, whcrn deeauctloe u. deabuel. 1Lr.r ~~~

Qi'\(1 nlilwdflSper hn tl::ie-~cx:plr:rsh~ ~qujlm. Le:r'j~' ot .5e1li!:fU] sucks !;If d~Tnr,miteJ,

;50, peue r.Jd..e aulullnn i!J:ro:;j la..:rge,!JiLt p.w, tbeon .tllt tbe pan with 1!"I~rI m~ctf; Qf Iii nonglQoiU I?~er, .If:r,uJ1ed !;J(lW!i~liIp~r ls ueed, ueroU it s.nd lal' it. out e-:~'i!ruy ;n 1.11" pim. Allow tl:.~ p~1!1 ill ~l rcr 30 mlnutea.

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.~ ... LI:I"mt}':ltf~., .


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fht 'I!~ ... 1h il ]!I:lo;g l!'-~i~!I i!! lin ...,.'M~~ ·~Mi:I -i!':'!!LilJ.k7l', ,Iuij "'~f!LJ.I~"'~ liIi:l1iulol!,rln~- 'Ito, :lP.flii;11iJoId:i41 ,11'r:1~'lhr Jil h~ld.!;.i;;~ !;ip: (~iIi ~.~ iJJ rill 'b!ii~.1b!I ~~;JI she ~ L~"I1~Il4,f~h'!l'~~Lf~"'H li-!l <;~II~J!d.

:saw I" (;Io:j;ljl;:':i""'~ gJl;!I.lI'IU"i-l ~"I:'

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.i:.£lrR:18 boule- Gut a nola in~,i'de biJOK iaf'F!:.o ! ~c fl t tr'::l"r.i. r·her.: i:n.ia,ide a COIl1Tt ... lQl~t~ly d~"K !:,~Qnt (1:m~'uta.~,t!! l .: ~Qok . ,,~hota~~n"nr to leI': '"ir"~, 1'1«." trap i.t.!ffid!3 bo.DK.'!I a.:rld c,l~BI;I, 'I;~a C~·VI3-;r.. \~lu~f;! aonteO"~ ~:Den .• un t-h~ Ilock c~l'cu1t ~n

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fut;;- "nllQ'n a lTiero.Yr:! ~~'Heh eo ,t~u lid I ~d' Gonfi!l}C) t. g.t;I,Iii w1:r1;"! to sntclL.· 1~'lOi.l

lid ;i.~'tQd th~ CiNuit will cla~o.

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the dl'a:l:nJ):1p!J. .1:.11 ~lD8", tJi:~ <·i~ouH.

l'l.ll<,,,. CB ".a;!;e,- CoIine~t L"p; L'df~E 'to uueh-st.c-, tall, "utt~~. Yfh~n til~ ,[ ·nc\rs~u· ",9~te to talk h~'·U cl'J)~e tIL" c!i.rG1;Iit •.

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front with the lef~. tme- 1 arm, while tM dgh~ f'(II'tl!" lIMl .. '!,I.1I.1 errlJliayed:as iI 1~!.!r~b4r \Q exert fOMard for~ i!E)!!M1 ,,,~ b~~ gf. the targatr5 I1!lC~; -and: hlJid.

Cslf{]ht in thj:!j"'I,I~cQ-lirta P1~1I.c~. 11'1e tuget.I'fnl!!:lc ,IIQ~ld ~!lf).

ThiiSfillu'!ilratioo iih[]wa 'the ", ... "~~rlp for [hi. partlculah tncn"1~!.It, It

i;t ;nLl~rated LJ!lln!i an I ic11PjQ~i ::Iilli!!. th~,i!iI.nficJ" mul!b preters ~.n ir.Opigk ror EtJJ!ipjlrIirul8J t,;,pa of k,it!~ Nota ~ha~ ;gfl~ Ij: 'I,Iery dltrt.. .md tthl!t th,~ ~h.y,n'b leeks over the iaJlJi~'~ !1rip,till;l.

App,oach", rapid .. ,,j po.w.erfLJI ("(1m rtiilr .. knife er leeplck griPPfld !Jo.beG'· Free- hi"nd ueabs tl!:fI/fl'tofllo!l;::rnl;;l;5ll!imd 1li'I;uJth .ilOO JBJ1cj: hhn bock •• ' tn.'bl;;!; Of p,iok I!ldriwri UpttJNltinto kidncvtil~it,

At thi:s,moml!rrII!~1t Lii :!id1i~I)L~to paueaH dlJ§ifad!r>!lnd i1 ~ knife ii ""plov"', the bl eae ""Y be ilwirt-lld. ba1f1r~ baing dra·,,·o nyt!;if kidney . talg1:t"

iliL.itCi.a;tI·(ri'J~Ii~prl;)p!iJr !JiIlIj;)lir:::~itiGl'l o~ ~hIII nakE'III cbcke.ertaek. TB"ro,et ls iarked !!Iudd.eniy bii~.WDrf.g to (If'f:i;iIlt use (If his stomech muscles In JlMi:nlng p:f!!!$Vr~. <ilnd thlii u~HJiiin '$ boo~ ii plJliitioned lO lIIi·· lDrd blliarlt;!t;l all~ g~tr. and to prQ~I;~ '~hc '1iUl. gr~ir.1 ;:IJIHI from ,iI caUrfmir.· ;U:IiI~lt.

I~ ~h il "'Elll'ra~IQd, tenet's head i~ twl~tod ta. CIne 5:1~e, ~ncl tbarli the bf.&UI!i gr pick is rnlsed: liO till!: p04nt sho\vn. j::i'iim her-e. it i!l B !'L:!JflWltttlr to d'.rjue- the bladl!- d~FI' In~o thl3' :;ide of llil!! tOl"'30t'5. neeI':.. Grlp"dNDf f1.058IU'lfll Mr.II,rtli must be m"it'l~ tilimd !lE!o!iUI"lI!y.

f:illllisl rli'i~ illlU:itratil;)l"\I A1'!i1W!ii the tarmlnal posl, tion cor. U'il!! wea~!1 Niruj ~·t thlt in:t;~nt thu tDg !)~ d!1IJ :skull is piermd-[o lile hilt-t,y Il1e \lVOlPon. Oen'th I~I 1j:~!I;~f!n ~il!Jr;[;iIJ·:ii.

Gil t fol,U" 811lal.l ' rec tai~".ua'" 'ndL.f··:llloil n'ash!iolea e;t~·the ·bot~olll th~'

- the,,. euojtl/' this to the bott·DIij I!Ii 0_ illo oJ tb,tI bOll:. '

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~;n, ~il :lIn !n:t~~e J!J.c~m"\l~~fil;'

rie Ml~;' ,Mop ~:t;. !!)1od \'(1p~ it.,· Glu'e thes. t~o vids. ·~o~.th6r ,wj'.th .""o!(y,

}4' ). Pla,ee ·thft. viala l!!:iQlt th~ .tUbe •.. ,

)F1l:l ·tlm ..... f1H)j~ of mine, nth sun!Oo~d'.r. iilitC,ij lI'thill laYer or eotton

. lI'!ldci:i;!i)il ov~!: eXJ)llosiva. ·Bin.d fin ... 1 th

, shal'1lnel.. .

5) Cut 1l01fl in.m'I,ii .. co'veir ~lac1ll": it

, OVe.r th£> tUb i3 " ,,~ 7" of tulle ::~xtende I .'Oil'!;;!.!' tiline,."

6l Seal MY ,sP.,~es. co,r~er •• 011 cratks '-in !lii!!'t ~o're);';.t!l: kee~ out. 'm~1I:t1ll'~. 7'Jo;Na:l.l th~ equal's l!~ece of wood to. one'

!~!r o~~~'.~1~~~~tick, SUll,,?~l!"C-

a) ~o ,am mine .. OAREFVLI.I ineert ~~l!'"" . into tllb~ G'D that n 1/B" fro", Vi~15, lJO IiOT, force ,stick into 't.nbe ,

* &l1ill or

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'!. HB~d,,""dI:iOord or. nlsst;1c, tubg,

.,6." lon". tfilil!lstB'f' ··that 1" nqe I

' '. pllo¥h t,o an~w bi"Q~m~t:lok tD pa~c

thrl)1i~h~ .... '. ' .. , .

.. ~" lion/( le!1~'th· .ot' brooillJetick. ·1

~ a1~ ~quarYe m.'oec~' (1'1' -'1):)0 !:f. _I

• 1" d1am,.ter,light:V(e'1~ht ept>ing .

.. ·Sh'r,,~nsl m.tlll. J:la11e" belts. 01:.0

• Cd t ton · .. ildd1np;. , "

·Gun"DOWdel"Q(·U1Ii!"~~~,1I,e' .

small !!las!;: V"fsl]; t·t; fit in.

~l,~s~ .lPhst~c'Be!ll:lLIl t A~~· r/;"SiltioJ,'£1'li:K: ~)Sll~p~'

.Jlll.tApi'/,w ,


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V .. ?~ 1

CIlERI\'/ BO~n FU.i'lrlEI'TE CUN

A highly ef't!cU'\le, hnnd E1.e1.d liholtll,ln c:<11] t!~t mad! f:tO'D 3:f',jI: ~.t:e~ pi~. ind til.(l 'pro.]wtij,(la rgtj hl;lm~Cld! !I~d'l(~ttetl (steel .{)Bjill) .nade nom [)oj[' rh~& sl.~O""llJn bJ.!I1!1 ~'he:rry ool!l,bs. as ~ iCllI-Il& of propl!·llnnL Iml 'c~ ~:'H~e,,'t! IIH1.2;~~1! velncltiee as bigh EU; l.:Jtl[l ·1I;lO~rcrw:mc~ .. T'lLL! eH~tivew.lge ia ilPPl'i):rlmIlt-ElI,~' flO Y!l!UIII.

BID: nella batwaan L" 1R1ldi 1-1J2" ~~JniG

SlI,ort piece of' 3:.J·' wuter ptpe. trpPIOldmlllaly 21ndleo.lou:


Rubbm from ~ni:Je:r tube

1 Clo'1'l')' b,",,"~., hem ....... ~"":po ... dor PllOCBDIllUl:

I. fJ,<I,,,1~ ",,""<IS 0lII1 .. IlbIld. in ili, 'IJn0''''''jn~ mo:rUle.r:

11:, IFIJlt.t-cn tbll heads of "box nella with \I."hammel:.

b, fOUl' plaster 01 I"MiII ~ g!lo]cl 'made; from I shori, 6eCmDR Df 8/4.u 'W'.II~r plpa, to 11 d.ep1h 01 ,'!JiS·I) ..

At. m!.€'lt r.he r':!aUl!l. !ic~ dQYirJ., ;im,!;Q lhl;f !Qol~ .o~ .u" •. Iho .~lns~, 01 fori' to ~"""" (lIJlpro<imnt.\), 26 ",","\,,).

di. _J.l~b ~h~ g:Je:cI:II!!ti;e to'L!lqd g1l.~ 01 the itll:tfd Bl1d"Bi![' i!.;3[dE! ror lI~r·uaj!o.

z~ 'FoE every Iloobette !l'o1l:r.ld. 'ihat. is pee, p8l'I!!d .• .a ~ ~1l!I ElplW!i.o..r. t'lm "tI;I nJ:iQ be: pr.e:pfil'l!d ,lrl i.lLt tuUU'jl,'iinl!:)nlmn!l1";

•. Uolo~ Ib, obOf\ ... 1l~n of aj4" water (l-ipe ,BI; u diiu, shcrpeu tho edgeR' W5tJl ii me end 1tam~ i!r QlI~ .:;oln;ul.r!l' P.itK'.(I1:I frolYl a rubbee :l.rweJ: tube.

[ti" Usi~i .fI mwr bl!Hde. cut EI. .9J4~1 dianielM' wme- b!;ll:lt~ ccek intl:J 112rl tiDcti!:mli:

'C', AU~~h tm~!w Ill!i SIIW to ~I!I .",k .'1"'''' wij;" • thumb tn" k.,

3. TIuI :!ihc'tgu~, m!.1~' be preplLTOO in the :f'olic'!!.tUng;"C1i1.r:1lJer:

a. Iltill fI IllS" diameter ht}'le throultb tilr. ~ntEr of.211 3[d" pipe pluQ:, tbeoJ~ ,""OW on. pipe pl"i.ij~h~~ i"\~ • 3/4" .fltP~L!~!·

b. s;: .. w rhl' ~tJ!' ooop~r ",,""b~y unto cuc (md of" 12incb .~ni! pi!!!!/!! fit ~i4~I'vr3~pJpei

1~ UtiJfR'P..' lh! pipl" ~pll'![,lIioombJ:i.' bDm the sod o1'1be pjpe. 2. !JIlBI. !l\g,!lt,Oh.rt.roWl~ Into th. p·

'I~ tn.s:en.~U!'11Ii i~:lJ ~r ;im~ilJJbly oob~llrj thlf.flechErtoo mund,

4. In:!jert.n ~'boory bomb into the pipe (:(]upll!r e:ssembb1 with tile tu&e ,plottudliJlt f:jgm UlC!' ftlilf pf tIJ. plpe'pluS"

3W'pip. eeupler

i!4'"plp'jll",~ "ilh 1!8~~· drilled tbrouiD. CEn~


Elee •• lto reuod

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E1~tric: wtree lood.lD~ to hotte,), pru::k ..,d !iA'l!t:h m~I!Ii:llmmn


EJc:ctric bulb mgtJa4Dt'tllled ""j~!.IMh powder


-, Plechette ~tllJ3ld

If chi!:l1'y HiQm~ EIlI'e J:lot a. ... ·,II.ilOl:bl'lll 'the !bl:lowillS hl)m~t:g!icll~ f.I~b :Dowde:tt1 aih l!re.i!lu.bJ.tltL:!t"d~

I 1. 4· parts by ."I!i~.t. of PoWdwc

t>mh""'l.. .

1. p~ by W'(Jiliibt IlJ]timDI!lY lIulNd~. I ptut by ","oI!l:!:bt lllumjr.II:.1~ pQ-Wdel".

2, 3 port. by ""'tII>' cr polalmlurn pt!m.'!!lg;!I1~t(!.

2 Pilits by ''''''I!~l1t. o.f p""''<l.,.

:3, ~'pRTt!l. by 'i\'E'jlfl1:~ !;If P.Qbnae:il.JtItl .cb]oulte. 1..P.~~ by w(!iF.:Il* ~,hl.llfur"

1 pDrliby w.i~ht Dt.lwn1atim !'<>I'd",_

Thlc fuii rnlxtmB .lJJ atamJ;tH3 chBJIY bomb POowdiH" i!lijt! shnuld be u,~ wbenl!\'4!r pc5lllUI.c.

. .rr~~ 6ilcont!l iI:1iJ:t~ ~ '!I!:I. 001.00. Dem s'lJbE.tLtut'!!! fcre th{l! ll16t arid 6 n;l1~~,,"@ly B8i1:oC! to , hillicrlo,

Tho: third :mlJ.:twe- L:i ~fi't;lrrne]y ah~tllSemimt" .rmd IihOLlld be used Ofl]Y BiI :1 Ib5l molt.

POl00N1Nt3; Onl\," Ipams or blllll!t-til:let!n S!i!llBie-III'BIOX1qtll'BI OOKOO'1'IiI1.tgI'\iQ pJiliQip!,!!!1: ~-.~ved~-P-amm •. mIIY' bto p,Q;i!iof'loo bY' InhJ.iil"lJil !iii!!!! asaoc'laiea wltfllJ(gIlJIBn:mttit! o.f b)I fJrlnki/af(lr I!Wllllm~1KI in ...... Ier c::o....rgd Wi'lh deils/) b·looms ar fitell:1;dc; Ip&.lll~g, p~ 'I!!!-ti llrid (I!:t!I!~lInlrtll!li&-ate flloo-:l!UlBC8I'1I~bhil, SQfT'g of t'h.'MIe";5lrllr.,ai~l)CiUM witt! alCl~ ItJloamB rn.111 ba dUII .. to afltH!.i!lm .caLiud tly CfClBtrllliurn bnQ~P faLmd h,,1t1; blr;II;1!'nJ, Alllo • .alReo:foanle HlMlllljlnil r:riijf.bG a~:by. I 10000-thli,~ sind b)' :lIwlmm!l"'!l ·lh'ljI; SliHillflW[flg ~ril.Bml~~ted owatar.


3 ~U~II ~I'!llh~, b,'n,',loiil1i {~ll~frtIJ~.~~!{~.J~~ti,'.'(j. njlli~L!.=111 J1~linll_ The NiLI,j!j;ln-iII~ Unl~"1 Ill, .' M~~~~~I'Cl.rker:$ (~"'~ ~iI!q;i":.i'I i.)]ii~~ "1111illlll .n ·SIiI.Ii[h AhH':I~ k'i~,~I~"'''I1 rilli ijUt!r~ljl~I4fJt:I~1 flI"L":J "~!lr.' ~'i_ .~I'I~~~JI-m)I:~h~:"I1~1'.1 . . '.' .

. GrD1iI!l!lltr~1 ~iiI"t: li~,!:!:~\'d~ncll~l~a:fm:h! '111~ Free. Si.Jut~ Ah·j[ .. -MO~!'!!iI;:~t" \~~Q1I[l. "Ci::II,i;nr;il (Ii C~"rrl> .. .: Af.!;.qQ, U";~;O 'l>lio" '~'o'h" ~1' r\mi!ti~l. -NAAcp. N',,~il;l,\iIi~ :('ir..;:,~nJ~'~ifGn ·t'~r

WIOl~eni .rid d'h~iJ.~ mort, "'.

,:~""I DUI:o!\IS.~~lI'pr'!!i!.",~~d ,.!I', p",d \!.oI;;ri'iIl! ltw! nlim~~:mOrC' njiJnJOI11·un~i~nll;."~"i. in, 1"'0 i~g :Sh,1I0il'in fb; d;~,''-nd Sh.I':5;'~'I," Arrl~~,lh"p;oo~':~'~'or'I)' "ib~ .. ~,., ""'!,,re

~~: o~ I hi~ J:oKl::o[! (~.mlP:li[f.~' '.



Ali sl1~i, P~Uel~ .are bQj~), b;riotj 5, eru il

~of'J OoidllSffitli W;I~d, .rr"m&"!~l\lrk'.

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What happened to it?

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~ lEI. "4.11 +>1'1, '::aP.:I:iI" I i,o( .... ' t"' ..

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i.JOhn Brown. An. II. -.Klan c(}mmil!~'ill I

,Pt'rBox 7239 .' J People Again,l Ra~:hlTerror

I;Ch'i~go.IL 60680' PO Box 1048B '

I (l12}'.:J:42-S$46 Ilurpank" CA91-5W

j A nfi-Klan Hom nd:m) 2Bi-~Jj'fS-

l Nlim ilHown Anti-Klan Committ~,. 'I {OOnC$3.00Un,&~mp::I,or. nllJlicy

220 9th St. #~4l .' .ord~rTI;lad~out 10 "Bb.xhoJcm PO·

1 San Frali.~j~. EA 941,t),<l 13o~ llilB8"fD~5,jbsC~ptjOI) !~' .•

Ada .JiJ.Fl.J.(L!!LLJ, __ ........ ~ I ";l'urnfl)8 IhCild'ei"'1e.wsl~tlCr~)

Opposed to I

, and Nazis I

;P .• O':,Bo,x ~9a95. r Ci~q~nnatI, IDhlO! 45219

i, OU,r

aJl bel!:',

W 10 ICIo The IIlId~ll,ms .. iUC: IGfire

I'~ IH, Ft • ,pi eee e II~. ' . '''~;I •• ! 1<:1<111 lb. •• ,V<1'.

~1I.E>r.ry1ll0rith;_"'1"i8Ul 1Ia:~ ••• " 11001 I", Tb,i!oj iii] ""i'bo .,o .. I"·'o~et alo,,!! ..;tl!,!lid Ih"",.y

II I~ bJiiol~ lollaw ill ....... to a", ."",0] .,,~otlmi, 10< .• ...n; h~ th' ~ ... on",'; 1lW\'''''''I?iI!,'~ will,!>'. l~' job

O"II,QGLldt~1 ,n:;D'1iKI1d '!'Ci'il!.9Q~ Ole.111 MIL The tlf1il~lUp;l;:ldI'y ~ll-i6 a ~~I)j~J"I4ICl!~il.tpr.MlmWiDn.g:

II~ 1lOI1r.---vmrk4iltl;'Wtm mil ItlllJ ~tlc: biJiplCli'- rlnn .. l~ !liN:!. &lmiIllr.iuJJ al! on Ihe _lcl1' .

l!Ntbs In..nil mQumifi.;r 1hIIt, workcruts VllII'!; b~r..k: q.iltJ. Sur.!!!, ~ mlgb.~ p'rCl[~lit-tllili ~Mc oOftt'6ilm~at..,~ 6i,!:t 'top

~Ul U. U/~t"'kIb.I'1 r .. u,. 1 .. , , ..... ty,..." Wt ~... .. • .uk YvW' .. II,', .. ./.1lr IOIlB~ ~Jjc<tJo ... lI ... lOW or"

b ... , 10".11, t".,h~ 1001·",ILo., .. d.,iMcp."d .. rl 5'bJil No you ..... ,.lliIg,th~ •• idoiJ,i Ifow glt •• do you use )'~",

If'JGaiz'~ ~!I!It-r'litCI \II oo~FA J[]t 01 ~1II1m !i1>U1t fIW:_ lQQu Wt#t ioOIddlMq.yuU ~Mt"a-'!ii:!" ~!li!D1I tritri:I!l1111D

Iiiidcr-sl ... tl.~h:eIliI~irm.,Al1 O:!!lr. JiI/Mit.b~,CI)ndi~io~lq hll IIii!I!: 1I)'i:ii,i!ilh.t·~D·ibDurdl!)C (rnm,p)'.It(lollilm·aclr:n~ i

~b aJf\ilanrly ~ Dad: UII filftli; IIXId girt/bid S§rj, .1II.I!II(!r~1 N:piElgl lie; ,'Will'~ "r th~ r~ltclll ycQ1ve. bii:91''''''

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,Q""iHb ... , .... i •• to liu~ugh. b.t""'J .O} IO"lh, lb, pI'l"~ Ioto\lJo haoil>o11ll0i0 ~t"~~ ""';p'I''''.

"I.",ab m(ir, m" wlrJ; hDDO)' "'U 'oiI~ ~oogar: I, .'" ol'd I'!!I.

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okmllMl;;""ll'ft)'. 'Tb.",,1J' mI •• ,1 •. 1 !,. <Iopoo~ 0.;, hoijllw 1 M\IlI[}'. th.i"~ ".....r, bllub.q Ir' •• t ..

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ij!oll"d, !U I. boir... that. ill,.. iJ.'.,"';''''no ...... or , I"'PI'Io> ..... pitoJio. "" ._10' .... 10 puie ud b;j!in

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tIlo!Ilod'j.. alto~ol. W»o ~ ... d.~ !blllhli .... '~'be.lIII.ylo ~ .. ~ old

W!!Ii'I, ~C.lltt let III.~ 'WrQag..I, J~b mt1L'l!' WOt:lfltil·b;am .1Q1I1 Ot·dldSl1Ib~.'='e_IkQ*',ro.=)'OII?

Il~ I:!!lil~ bJ~ild:ii dirtEI ~1!n'liIJt' ePicli1 tilml'ly bculiic "nlra. RepJ'4lm.ol.b~ii IlI(ICt"s ~Dd91 JId~nMtt JlI'!.)'1IJIO:II

1itli1ll.1IC:l{lr p.c:U)' hLHlUJr't.Oii IgdJC:llfll;U;[CIL tb,l~;tjlll[ Iib.= &ain~ MZlU;i!s ,.d ~~~rlttiJ.. MOlT: MJI r~r. Wi:iDt.C:.;fI'·1

tw ... ,,· m",,.. Why!> tho IIh",lloing Iodllolry (. P1'!!o"~ prod.", ".lI"'TJi,\i;!doll5i)l pri:ljr ....... \0 aIr,,, ""'; ~ .. Uy.JOlllIiI&.~ oJ,p\o to ,,,,,,".1 0DiI.;,. ...... 11I,y ........... "",1" ~ot: .. ",iJ<uah,:d, . !~".. l."' .. ritt.. .. ~ j,II''''' •. 1 !<1JI.P!cd, ji5r..t I .. tu,y,·rb;. ....... "'co '0 ~ I ... Iale ... t U ............ io,lot;llOl\' .. ill a .r_l"!"o<lo .otlklb,.",.ol<I; KflIOg ..... e. IoIO'",,=-

h.ijlpc. if 1 .. 1Ii .... 1iI,,"l'i.. lit)' ",~, TIJ~!':>I .... ! ~.f"jIf bIi>H1u1" "';0,,,,,1

1.1e~'J"j'lj, ClIaEl,c Gafil. ~c:tIrt[' NM,1. Ulili 'Nitmt.l BodySet.iit" QUI reall.~ Sc-1/IIlImcio blligC to

l\"i ... ..",~, ... o"l'a ald..' RBlI, .,~~ '''' ""JIC'1m'.1 .. ~ ur·",,' _ p'P!llJcti Jo lb.· ...... .,r~

til' llJ.PmlOlt ~O II:I~ lIIal~ ~ a.Cfc. tb krtJll)I'U ~bll dE Ute i,illl~ M; bmw

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c.t or "" ... ",1 n., thia,


Thi~ "~.,,,v Will .ttBiilut ~O out,l'~nil -seve""l 'lllh'rnaUve psychoa,gUys ~'1lbstances· that lia'lc come to In;)' attu.bion,; 1!0 dojibt'·."ome 9f 'theae w:l:l1 lis ~tlio (;u.rp:ri6,6. to ;vou, howl!vQr soee are .l1!or'e obscure. ji. 'Wo:rd 0 f TI,arnin,l( :E - C-.!iD.I!!:Jt ' ~M"a:nh;; ·th. ,.abt~ !If lLN1f ot 't~!,se ~ubGhl;o~"G !ill'. the Uil;;l' assumes tc,to;1 l:'esnOjll~~:ll:itl' ~slii~ ~:r of ihS"!'J '

All~.IN'!'lll?-' TjU;E; :1t;, ..., dCDbalio ~\$

made by d1at1l1bg t"~ 1e,aves ;m.,l

· upper '~~-!"i~ o,r. WOl'iiliW.Md (i\rtiirni~l.o· AbG.i:nt~i1llD) end n.vQrlng ,the Iir,~Dk

Wi.'t:ia BniEi"13 eeeda, !t101l' before ~·fJji!'

stBJ.'t ,bj'ew;!,ng Bome '\lil,' ,it "hon.l~ ilUs\> ~,. p,Qj;eil. ,th.~t·l)rO~ODP:ed 'usc of"" ,. I\b~1nth6' Cal! caWle ,!!BUllBl1ent e:r~,U1 .... d , brain deage. .... "": I . r

'liRixlM- CO~l~at a .UPl'IY"'Dr·brDO"~J{JY'" ~ (C;VtiS. uS:- B.c,.~ar! .. ua.) b1. os.illls_ - . <t8Ji\e tl;em :far .ten--de:ya in a saa1;;cf j' t I

ihen tbei\" IIr'e llio~. dM.lllld ~QJ- ~

· !';ro,!'l\d 'tho,1i ,j,fit.(l " w'li~dr11It.e tQ; 'ilJ.e~~n .. oy ·,"lt~~~l.l' ;!;li in~O" jl~.l,nts. ilh'"

I llQ·rma\l. dose is cne ~1ai",t and 'OJ; II ,!,1'o-

. due~ .m eupheri.· :!.;ntoxl. o,at:tbll r,o'~' Jiibout ;£ ...... b,.urB. l'1li11.. brqOm :t~ \si;\fe to-4G:II=DKei 'it contnDs,iiEl'-.J;U~d

- •. bn.1il~:,n~t ~e eahn.. . . JI

E'l'~ :llij~ UO" vp:r-!f :~~ !~ ~'-~tila .. wher-e many- 'Qhll3'j1f b a't el. co r8,~l.B'

-'_as ~··Bt1I:1iul,~t. T-[) lll.alU:! theee! lril~re(!!::: I

· take a ,nue from. th~ ~eC'Q -Palm 'T:c." '(Ar~~" Cat.~h1!), e~lDlI cahCh .. J<:1l10 from Ma1.Y~I\lI·".oae1 .. Tree, add a nin,:h of, l111""~tlilll~,, and wr.~p H all d.n ,0'- betel l~llr ~Pi'p-er Gila_vi.e. B.,tel I,.

ad the· (:8il.Ho .. dl'iila

. . .mild hi!';h. But ea~1f "»oJ;; it- alii 1>0<> ~uch,. tee ofhn ~~U ruet< up your live'i'.

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PATU RA - . m, .~,~, 1)lll:l\t,~ (Ilat·ur,a· Inoxl.a.

D. ·~Met&lo~u~.6<i -D. Sangt:llins,'s .. D. 'Ietel" D. SaUV~<;>hns. D. Arboreal heve. ~ 10,* !!;!.l>tor;v p'f. ba1.l:l.~ used. • to-.D~~itCe 1!)~J)I'::to. ~d lBJc~ -tlieit. .' ·

~nItB·,~o . 'e~·,; ,1 'd~n;t &J,I~

'gest. you t Wiles. you '''lijDY. - ....

. ·1IiBl'l"hea. i e01\fu~i"". blibI,oUn~.

,MZ.~'1.ne8B At the 't'IOSC;ib1..e I;lIve.rdotlc·

. ~Q"'te 0 r ~"rnel1ent .:h"art ml4 ay.e :dam. ""'~ r: c~n\rui!'s1ohS, 00111 .... ana deatb.

,Its !lul ".~Qt' is' " "at."

0,;' Dr lir M tea i'I ·yo;. f~.i iilt,;'

.\1~~1i YoOU H as !I ~l'~"~J)~g~.' ".

rollA A,Nl\=. Allinner '1' ~ '~ .... -.i. E!:.Jtbt toi .t'l'eleve fl'ol~l:I 'ComhB:ntha, MaCI"D!fioll'i,. cac U .... 1:1,1 /live. II lI~e oa1:i.nei like 1:2 . ~j~ I;r1p. " Tp dQao ,remave the, ~1l)lne~' .'. . Q"~,,, we.n 1!lLII swan.", OJ' brew -:f01"·ru:J h~ur i~ WIltCl' - ~n'~ '!ldp a~ ·teo •

I lj;p:!l!I, .. ''rh1s tr~e irDM'·Calumb11l ~,d m-~l i!i111 ,~iye a. instent 3D minllJtll' .... t:M'.r -lllte tti-n. 'rho h'''-''e. (V1rolii .. C,aJ.onll~lh) a~h". inmg.e.nt .10 the l"ed l'e~iiJ.. IilLder irs-ham. ,~o 'lillie. dit;, th~,.r."~J:n,, ~hie'~'

~to-t:1M •. ¢::<;.w:l:'t1l ~·~h~s. <qld·enort a l+I1~'lIi "ol;lil;i. ni1& :i~"B Klo,O~1iiliib:l.tct' e~ USe it 111\11 eXt.l-ame ";f,oi,..

1Jj"OTli!I!~N-. If you_ 1Il"(! re<\ll.:v ~diV tr1'~ lick111S tllit SMteationll tr !!Ufo . Alvarl'll" ,to~d!!. Th. as : oq~taiiJ. " llot60.t ~a1l.l1Iloi"og


·'.mcii;UmE!N'~i ' _

yl1NIl I JJt,l E •. I,:. n.~ll. :0;'.

"" .. ~ •. Se~lJlld 'st, 1.1i:! • ,',lfY '1!;QQ3

~"" hi Pli 191~) .. ' . - y~ ~'

l?Ilt-lal\~~ II "II. 1 . "',ufl S 'FO:~Jllj~ III:RB

M.AQIC]!;AL CnIl.Jll! \ Itt 1: )ql.V~::lS·IlMd

~~"\:l9th .St. Po~f~ 'r.o·,~eap,d, . 'NA

li:Y •. If'! 100 1\ .' -- OCtiL'II ~lfiOlU!lH \

Wl!;iJl)Q'I/ R1!;W 1I:i1:Rrl F:JIR.l '102 ll •. liiinth lit. \

P.O. JlOlC 1~ . "j, towh,!J;!A t610;;"

Grubd19~.· ,HQ 6~Q41' - ~g, "!. '.:,.' .

. . . . I GOVEaI OAWJEl1S

H'&P:]3,pIiQDUC"5 ~O. ,. P.O. Eox 1064, .

'.10.1.11. !'Ia.II./\'lI.oi.·ill. .m.Vd.,.:\ Baulder' QO 801306 "!....!~?I1-"IW~.~d. 011 ~!.6D.I ~. -,,~. ' ..

Oll.'.l' CIlE~1" HE;RB.§.

~ P.O. BD~2a'7. .. l,-Flor~nee 'CO 81226

. - --I,L"~'~"u

PA~SlQ~ !:L0~f1., .. Sm~e thG ~«BSf~M:~ Inc ..... ns·tll. dr1~d,[j lea."lY'\'s ar J>t"ew) !\ 'h!Ut-lJ~liee qf l~aV •• ina II ~t ot b6iUIIIl: watllr fOl! a inild l!l,~II. 1 Dse

caU:~1on:a$ ~lIi8 ;til. s,. ,,!!O_jJJhi~l'till'. .

P~'()LlliE (liH'D)- a <:!emory enhann;r Gold. - Un~"r Dxl-'ert b1' Abbe. t. t LabEl. j~".al(e' ;'8 2Q..;<l JIIp;. and ef~~ct~ l~tll,-lZ:

~o~r·s. ~ _ .

pmnn:LE- 5!nol<e (>1:' Dt't;W th" Ha'r~

of Cath...rantuG Ilos..ue or Vinca .: .!

llQBell, ·r"". a ~uIlho~cl'hal:l:uncina- . 1

p;.'nic 0U~Ct. ." I _.

PiWI Z:nl'XZIlIlrL- ~b1s lllant ! Sa1:vi" - .

Dl;yj;mQnum) 'ie nat:!:lrc to MoXic" and -tb.e tenth'.rn U,S, F;f.ftj-8ev~Dl'Y

.' r.aVsa GOBwed or.brewed'le a two-h[)u:!' 'Osllocybin J.fte ~~1). ~

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I . e"ola ('~!'ichac.tRs )'mchimaih· o.M1 ~1(II.Y <;arei" the G1Un. qhB'Ii, and walloil 1ft for " six. haul' trill', .

~INi~ll~:CHi.rua .Bhl'Ub·'{H~1!!ia S:i~ici- I!I:~~:I~~~_":;;::!!!~

'tc11sJ' b f<iund!:i.n :!!~;d·co ..... \r.<:"ntina. Q' iI'

, and .ftts ,W~at Jnd.1. ~s.. rho ] .• a"'''.· ~."e· . h :.EU~~lI:" 'Wilhdlt,o'ruGhen :ill·"al,e'r. ~ru!.d I:,. In

:aJJ.Q\Y"d to f';~eilt iJrtu"lh.jJlr1)l1:.. 'l'he :~

in'tbii0B.tioil.lnduce~' ~.i..dd£!!ee~l, f\~~n- Ii::: :G,g !!,ll.O Ehr;l.l)kAAOD r ,tli~·aUi:';roun,iii!l.~1!; , I .. !;.... .'

e .Tl'lel!~~ildrQ~ain.B.·i :mdl'l.uditlfr,r.- I "''''~

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~ ., •..• • . ..... ..:. '. t.. ,:~

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P~~i!UlllOD Be~dij •. !il5-50 Blli.)i'111 To!' ·mi,.,oe "rO<!)lcB • ..:r:+dj,ePilit)~ '. ts: ~(J...7I?D mlle'!dP-rsrsult,

in hilllu C1li"ti'D\lS~", ,TUB ·3lG II ){All . i:ii?1ib~tllE. .. BO 1li!l~. i~. Wi"t'h ~ •. ,*i~'~.

mIlD FBlrnEi ,PARS1Xl' •. ,DILlr Jt:l!oull5-20 arQll~ 'Q! ,tile· 'oU . fro'Il1 tll·. Beell., 'Irl.11

malia. ~:~u trill but it .lIlll CaliSe' COIl- .' "V\ll8i~n8, ·Itl.dn'ey and-·lj;.v,.r ~d1lil!l~i~~'toc>.

So if I were Y011 I .• mnt try tDi s;.

YAG:E"(ak~- Jl';~)l1.iM~a)- ·&'il the, E,~;LBt~ :r;Lan8:1a Caa.'Pi 'Pliillt for J!j~"l'erll.l hour.: ',:md t ak •.. t "Ill' Qf tb. 'hamal al!t3.oids

. fthi.5 ~"e9. c·ontni.nil: allQJlt ).00' u; of -it) .OJ:' it :i'!1'U e~ jI:~~ thanllt"e,Eartn- 1ne' ItYdrochIonol.e,., ,IIlH·f it or 1l1aae ';0 iilg ·under ;you~ tQnlP1. "r ~~ J.:l..Ii:e

DliUn. Tl'io WOTds of · .. ofit'!.ri~- Ii')n't. taka Q"all" E5'O DI~ S11 d j;tl:a lIlHM'

inhibitor. .

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109IMB .... A r9"put<!ll! ann-odifilliai;!.c tllat ', ¥ora ,2~5 hoUl' 1nt~:x,. i.o:" "boU '8'i%-teD ··t'.""POOl1 ~," tho G~rn!U1~he" YolJ:i.!;.\) cark jil'l .a "\4.0$' oi'.water .1'OT fiv~ !l!in.utell'; .. J\.d~ IODD m~ 'of Yit".,ij;n" c 1;0. this, .~~9.te"

;With hoil~.Y. etrBin. Sill. and f:iJJ~ a "l)J.rtn~r. Use no al.~o)101 01' dl'U,;B

... 1111~ OIl Y(lh.i..mlie as tIl(; c.mDbilla.liori is ,dahf!;ero11e.

Do yoa N·.ed A. ll."

I!IIYTI\1, (Amobarb.1t..J.) . lU;i,1BUTAL (P~!ltoibwbltul SECONAL (SecollarllHall 'fU!~:.:L (ll"Mb~i;)lj;al +

!,mo blU'bital) . I"HENOBJlIiBIT'llL LAIJDAlll1J.1


- Sedative ~ Sedative ~ Sedatlv.

~ SEd'aUve - Satlat1ife llcoh~l/


PAREGO~!C: Ophtq

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lX}~IDml !()lut~him1d·~} -Hypnotic

Q,UJulLljDE; (i.lethaq'Jalcne) - mnot1C

SOF1Jll ()~Bthaqu!l.lcne) - Io/1lnot1c.

LIB~Im~ (ahlol"lia~eijQ~de)- 'l.'ra.n'Quili~e!'

SERlIlI (Oxa~.~a)Il). - T't"~riq\lilher,

T~.un:EtIE (ClorazGpata) - TrrulqUilizer

VlQ,11Jl'1 (Di .. "ePBlD) - Tr'aIlqu1l1zer I

llE'SERE'iili': - 'rrilliquilizel"

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. ... Aml:lhetamine

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IOt!A1Uil [PhenhrmiilB·) - Amp-liKe.


SUI'pr •• a .. t IUTAl,ili Ul~t1l11ph.rldate} - Stimulant

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·PES~AIPTION AN~ DISTRI~UlION, bil~·ot~h .. ""iey "~.lo;"iI"'\Wo l'rI~hi!rb.aul;lgl,.U:I __ ~~o!Il'Irlili!li i;I' Ihe ~11:r' ~Il:mil~ wfilc!, ~TG' ... ~ frvm r~~I(JC;k rorlt!lnS Ibl!:ll;!li! _ of tIO .... .,r,G. ThE! I8CiWi~ I!I~ tq]MI. b', ~r;'1d .pjriilll~k'.Bin8d. 1l1~ 'Whl~!t. kEigr1!fl!" o!Jmd 1i11rac1I'i'C b"l~h.BIlM II@~ ~ "'tOW lin .f1IJddlni:;l DIle-!!ildgd ,i;ltt:Starll, ~b!W&i iha i.:iil1lL'1!i: Pi"l,Ilt Is a r~ tJB~ liIliitli 5il1·oom forr.f!lf. A.n ~rrtrndl:J~U!;JFJ from tElJr~lil, 11' g mmJil'Eli~ I Iz;'eJ(j 1r.J 1~!II!:;;l.i;Irn !¥or1h Alm~ri;:;t! ;IIr:1d .B.!lJr~li in pDI6I BOO rJOW~riilllrdsFHI 01'..,"' ....

TOXIC PAFlTS, .noro plam .

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~EeOAI~IO~ AND DISiTRlSUTI@: t.r.I~.n!I .. "re liHi,ln'lli",miib '~~~rnlly ~mIJjL~ I:Ip ta ~ 1171 In I'i~~:ht hg.~~ !j~ 1lI~t4i~·Mme.~ mllll!~taD~!3d, 600 1!ilITHt~in'i!!!~ !~~d, ~~ artd ~lI!inaJ~..JI~1!i11l IJI iK!rlMl:iIIri oo~lI!r!l,kI p.!~ri~ !Il dflr:lll~ d~BfllO:lll WIl th!8 s;t;1I1 ~r'i!liri I~, FQilt ~f ~d itl\llliEil'tl' r.a a re<l ro ~l,i.Irpll(!,,,nlNlr!.~' p;lur.:j, Ql;lhiPQlffl~ tll!lr!Yi' wJ"J1i1!l rmilbBf[V'"ls whl1s, D'lnkJ:501i~ Qij tib,ckl~l;t-pul'~lii. Rad mliJltJi:irry.8 <N,(S,rJ:'lr~.A~2."'i.l. iia11~'~'; Uilt'r1~1:J bQ~r'!1!~i'!d~ ~ ~iSi"llt.B) i!!iIMlI!iMlaii1lJ~1tt1d atal6iil m1d III.grciI'IIn ~d;!!In (Jif1f1rnenllllll·iIIl'&BW11ri1re -'. W~11Q m.tJp:!CIfTI,..I,.,iI. h~ OJ ~ln.1 cl,illtl~lIl;d -!il1d Qi!1;'~p.~d 1hr.Qyg!~! HI.ft UI!.T~ ,,slllotM.

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I, POISONn~Ct T~ unrlpn -rruit=- DlIld inllt;~:II1If' F ... !t'it"tn. 1~'i6II· BIId . N!mi~ I"I:IdJT1~!:boMr;'~'~PI;lJ'l!ltl·tt:.'!'tIi'I~li'I L1nkn~'Wn taIC"le IIIIID:m!IFlGM. ~h~fearl,ea;jJ1lt dSlrma11,11s"" ,lIIi!.1.,1U'ilila~h:'~1 a, nd dlatu)1~~~I!I·Cir ~l)8,ti~ii1lolll Ij'ii!ipy;ii.!i ~II!~~ TI1i11. ~I~ rwll,lrrl'~ ;,d1ltll MUltillPr:ro .1 Ul'irgp!ll1.d.

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ij:_.~il '1ib,1! seal g( ~~ dliJi~ib~mbJ.e bQ~l~ .:8~.d ~~:w- ., I ~~~~i.I~ .II • .s1~jjtlJ ~rcilr.l leto ~~ ¢.1lItr, 'LIIIM~ ··~I:I'f!·dM·2~·I·

i~'vllr')' 5iawfry and C8mr~l~ ML:t .5o~:tiqD· "I'" 'l!nd ;~,. ' I .. : ' _. . _ ·-~.L .'. ". ',~.~',. 'l

Ii, Now ~~c: :IDle miNcQ iOllilii'Mls:. (tc)i:n the. icc iliUi. mDID

• 19. Vt'~n 3it~ i~ C(lmfl~~1:1l1 1I1IDw 1ht 'It.l5k to ren.ulfl·3~ _ r~nl I'l:m~~flIlUrt 'fol'" nbmn 20> min.llll!5T ~t'!n. 'rEer£: ie, .&~r'L!d ICE wili. ';mLi ,,~ Ie (I B;llrec5 t .. ,I\<ld a''&!JUIij. lli'li{J!lnl of 'ciliJh"d l'llc:ih~l'I(\'ll §.tif.rlli,s. g.;1]~1~' until, wlLJIi~.ii .: :ilppcf1~·mud:)'. ' " ~~

20, Fitl~r 1~~5 nQ",-nil:~:~o.lutl~"f' U'lrtlLl~I,l it poI~:!~~JJJ'

"i"~I};:.d. !Ild .t(:JJl'I'l:C Lhe ~ll~~~cl ~il3.oo iJ1 ",Ilr::;k. 'f~ ~:-

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_ :-p'[i~ ~11r,.ct 1ft! li"lI:: :li;;ufrKl:,r;jI!~;":~ Moll Lhi.~ ;Illu'liir.m iJ:I' ~ ~;slcr hih "';Il!:il rn{l~l of l~ I~lrnhydr(irllrinl i~' t\'IIP\'r,!l1~d !llIIo1J iii ,~~LX'j ,!lutl~'Bln02' i1'[!~IlI,ri!, ~if PIo;, 'Iilll< pllil< 01 <1,1. ~]"",.",.'"" -eJJd.-\.i,"Lh ZI j,~1I1 !'.qmr, .;IrJ r.oJ ~!:!r'cc:

In .those who exposed to infection the entire penis. is

~bQed wil:hJfquid soap and waterfor seve11l1 minutes, and then washed wt~h. mercuric perch !~de . 'lod?!J. l:ZOOO •.. ~b~.asi~ns are I wl~h hydrogen peroxide, Two urethral injections of" argyroJ (10%) are then gj.VeIl a:n~ retained for five minutes. The 1 ~ole {Jenis is fhen rubbed with 33% ~omel ointment which is

Kept on for several hours. . . I

- The MedIcal Annllilll


r,,'C i

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. While i~juries to t~e external ~marle genltalJ] - laceration!S,"avuhllons, abrasions, psnetrattons, and contusions '-' ave excruciatingly I painfuL they arenotnece9Siiirily life-threatening; Ho;weveri·:·tne amount of pain. ,md the naturecf the injury usually' cause great (on-

to the /N YaR,'4A1{s fer 6i1}Jsj

1~~~11:~~~=='""";ft~~~~s;:;:i~~~1 - ~

\ ~ .... tIi'iU#ii. IfJ 1M ~ pJ.1IA~.i::i.f.II!_

~ SfCP ~ ~tw"N' ~



DeadFlesh for You'! I

too. want.death and wlndy;shas ill '

Windy's 'Qldo:-;Fashloned HarmburgersWare i 00% pure dead fl~h. no nasty,soybeans or other Veget;i:bl~ stuff. Just nest! JromaFIimals that ha¥e di'e:d, 'it; SClt~ a,gamy (or you I

WtiJ.dy,·~ 0ld-Fas.h1ol1ed Harmbutg~rsN;gl\'eyou ali of i , that'!:leaafl~lJ-:.blood. hooves. beaes, sk1n.hlllf. guts, , . eoernthli"i9--"'because that's how Y04 1ik~ it. and we 'do It

JorYQ.I1}. .'

And JUs'! fer you. we ,make sure W!,ndy's OJd-fa,shiQlIl~d. HarmburgersTIol are made ·from 'dead n~~,t;hat;s cfioCk~fun ofalHhoscgreat chemlca1s·We>vegot hOrmones, we' got dyeS. we've 'got. stuff to give )roU',c~r·and make your guts foot and give,your olllJ.dren, ~1clh. d~fectsl It's ai)l"wondmul and'~ do it forYQu! '

Wetl dO.8,r)ythtng to make ,8 buckJ We've evep;gO[ a .$Bled b;!t:fu1j Dfna sty if you w,ant to pretend that .

I~~===::=:::====~U you \flar.,ft 'aool:lt .yo~t health; Butw~!ffiow w,hat you

II .. real1¥ want. You want death •. andwe'vegot death

_ you! ' I

~indy's, w:h~~te-th,(!,.win4S ,oJdeat,h blow;aU day long)