Investigation of Ocwen Financial Corp . Ryan & Maniskas, LLP Announces . .

WAYNE, Pa., May 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Ryan & Maniskas, LLP has c!!ence" an in#es$i%a$in in$
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-ns(!er ,inancia' Pr$ec$in @(rea( ./-,P@01 an" a($hri$ies in 49 s$a$es s(e" +cwen, acc(sin% i$ *
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&rcess.0 +cwen a%ree" $ se$$'e $hese char%es an" is re4(ire" $ &r#i"e A2 )i''in in 'an !"i*ica$in
re'ie* $ h!ewners an" A12B !i''in $ cns(!ers wh were i!&r&er'y *rec'se" (&n. <he -,P@
ac$in !akes c'ear $ha$, !re $han $hree years a*$er a%reein% $ a"here $ !r$%a%e ser#icin% in"(s$ry
s$an"ar"s, $he -!&any has !a"e n si%ni*ican$ i!&r#e!en$s $ i$s &rac$ices. +cwen=s shares ha#e
*a''en near'y 80C $his year. >* y( wn +cwen shares an" w('" 'ike $ 'earn !re a)($
$hese c'ai!s r i* y( wish $ "isc(ss $hese !a$$ers an" ha#e any 4(es$ins cncernin% $his
ann(nce!en$ r y(r ri%h$s, cn$ac$ Richar" A. Maniskas, Es4(ire $''7*ree3 .5661 81978215 r #isi$3
www . r!c'ass'aw . c!/cases/cn . Y( !ay a's e!ai' Mr. Maniskas a$ r!aniskas:r!c'ass'aw.c!. ,r
!re in*r!a$in a)($ c'ass ac$in cases in %enera', &'ease #isi$ (r we)si$e3 www . r!c'ass'aw . c! .
Ryan & Maniskas, LLP is a na$ina' shareh'"er 'i$i%a$in *ir!. Ryan & Maniskas, LLP is "e#$e" $
&r$ec$in% $he in$eres$s * in"i#i"(a' an" ins$i$($ina' in#es$rs in shareh'"er ac$ins in s$a$e an" *e"era'
c(r$s na$inwi"e.
CONTACT: Ryan & Maniskas, LLP
Richard A. Maniskas, Esquire
995 Old Eale !ch""l Rd., !ui#e $%%
&ayne, PA %9'()
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