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Table of Contents
The Ascension Chamber of
Commerce held its 3rd Annual
Spring Fling Event on the evening
of Wednesday, April 23rd and was
hosted by Cox Communications and
Gonzales Mike Andersons. Nearly
150 Chamber Members gathered in
the courtyard of Mike Andersons in
Gonzales to celebrate the 2014
Spring Fling networking social.
It was a relaxing evening filled with
wonderful refreshments as well as
networking. This event is a fun way
for local Chamber members to mix,
mingle and make new contacts with
area businesses in a relaxed setting.
Chamber of Commerce
3rd Annual Spring Fling
Networks Many Smiles
All attendees were given an
Ascension Now! sticker to wear
to not only remind us all of the
great things that are happening
in Ascension Parish but also to
remind us all to think local first.
Outstanding scholars from Ascension
and Livingston area high schools gath-
ered April 16, 2014 for EATELs
annual Technology Awards Ceremony,
now in its 28th year. Focusing on the
importance of both technology and
academic success, EATEL presented
six outstanding graduating seniors
from each high school in its serving
area, (Donaldsonville, Dutchtown,
East Ascension, French Settlement,
Maurepas and St. Amant high
schools), with a touch-screen, travel-
friendly laptop computer.
Technology Award applicants must
have an overall grade point average of
3.0 or higher, actively participate in
school and community activities, and
plan to pursue their studies at a
Louisiana-accredited college or uni-
versity. These students must also plan
to pursue a major in one of the STEM
categories: science, technology, engi-
neering, or math. The 2014 recipients
were chosen from a pool of applicants
by a counselor from each school.
Being a corporate citizen in this
community, we think its important to
do our part to help these students,
stated Toby Dubois, EATEL Chief
Marketing Officer. As the world
moves to more of a cloud-based, wire-
less format, we want to make sure
these students have the tools to thrive
in that environment. The schools are
doing a phenomenal job preparing
these young people for tomorrows
work force; these technology awards
allow us to serve a supporting role
with the school systems by putting
technology into the hands of six,
truly deserving graduating seniors.
The following students are the 2014
EATEL Technology Award recipients:
Kaitlyn Cayette of Donaldsonville High School
4.3927 GPA
Plans to attend Xavier University of Louisiana
and major in chemistry. For her career, she plans
to become a pharmacist.
Hira Hasan of Dutchtown High School
4.76 GPA
Plans to attend Louisiana State University and
major in Biomedical Engineering. She plans to
become a biomedical engineer one day.
Jessica Landry of East Ascension High School
4.53 GPA
Plans to attend Louisiana Tech University and
major in biomedical engineering. She plans to
become a biomedical engineer after college.
Steven Pirvu of St. Amant High School
4.499 GPA
Plans to attend Louisiana Tech University and
major in biomedical engineering. He plans to own
his own company one day.
Katherine Lirette of French Settlement High School
4.0 GPA
Plans to attend Southeastern Louisiana
University and major in psychology. After gradua-
tion, she plans to become a psychologist, psychia-
trist, or attorney.
Amber Guillory of Maurepas High School
3.5 GPA
Plans to attend Southeastern Louisiana
University and major in science. She plans to work
in the medical field after graduating.
EATEL honored six outstanding graduating seniors with new laptops for use in their collegiate studies.
Pictured are the 2014 EATEL Technology Award recipients (L to R): East Ascension High School recipient Jessica
Landry, French Settlement High School recipient Katherine Lirette, Maurepas High School recipient Amber Guillory,
St. Amant High School recipient Steven Pirvu, Donaldsonville High School recipient Kaitlyn Cayette,
and Dutchtown High School recipient Hira Hasan.
The Romantic
Heart: Ageless
Symbol of Love
with Layne Gautreau
As a universal symbol of love, the
heart has had romantic meanings
for centuries. In ancient times, the
heart was thought to be the center
of devotion, sincerity, and passion.
It was well known that the heart
beats faster when people are
excited or upset. For this reason, it
was believed that the heart was the
center of our feelings and the
source of all our emotions. It later
came to be associated exclusively
with the emotion of love.
Since Victorian times the heart has
been the primary symbol of
Valentines Day, which is a holiday
celebrating love. Now, when one
person bestows a heart on another,
the message I give my heart to
you is unmistakable.
Heart Shaped Jewelry Comes In
Many Romantic Styles
The romantic heart is also the
worlds leading design for
Valentines Day jewelry. It is so
popular, you can choose from an
unlimited number of styles in all
price ranges. These include
pendants, rings, bracelets, lockets,
pins, earrings, and necklaces.
Hearts of Gold, Silver, and
Platinum Are Traditional Gifts
Gleaming 14K and 18K yellow
gold hearts and hearts of
shimmering white platinum and
sterling silver come in many
beautiful polished and textured
finishes. Many are set with
sparkling diamonds to make
scintillating gifts of love. The
heart, a traditional Valentines Day
gift, may display lustrous pearls,
as well as, vivid red gems which
are a favorite Valentines Day
color for lovers.
Did You Know?
Fascinating Facts
about Pearls
1. In ancient times pearls were
believed to be moon drops which
had fallen into the sea and were
swallowed by oysters.
2. A carpet of pearls, 10 feet long
by 6 feet wide, was once owned by
Indias Gaekwar of Baroda. It was
composed entirely of strings of
lustrous pearls, except for an
11-inch border which was made of
diamonds. The carpet was not for
walking on, but was said to have
been made as a cover for
Mohammeds tomb.
3. Simulated pearls, called Murano
pearls, were made by the millions
in medieval Venice. They were
hollow glass balls coated with an
iridescent paste or artificial nacre.
It was called Essence de Orient
and was made from fish scales.
This technique is still popular
today for making high quality
artificial pearls having as many as
40 layers of iridescent coating.
4. The oldest surviving pearl
necklace dates from around 350
B.C. and was unearthed at Susa,
an ancient city in western Iran, site
of the Persian kings winter palace.
Its not the
Planet Beach
you used to
Late last year I was talking
to my Aunt Jean, and she
mentioned she bought the
Planet Beach on Highland
Road in Prairieville. I thought,
oh, ok, I can go there if I ever
want to tan. But when she
invited me to come for a day of
pampering, I had no idea what
was in store.
I went into Planet Beach, now
known as Contempo Spa, and
started my afternoon with the
Slim Capsule. It was a wet
sauna capsule, where I burned
lots of calories but was also
infused with aromatherapy. I
also enjoyed a Lumiere, red
light therapy facial.
The Lumire Light Thrapie
device deals with the first factor
that contributes to aging in the
skin - decreasing cell energy.
When cells are exposed to
uniform light at precisely 633
nanometers, these cells readily
absorb the light and are highly
energized, restoring their
metabolism and ultimately a
more youthful appearance.
Lumiere light therapy helps
tighten pores, improve skin
tone and texture, give a vibrant,
healthier-looking skin and
reduces wrinkles. In just a few
treatments, I've notice
smoother skin tone and
texture. I'm excited to see
what happens from here!
Then I followed up with a
Mystic Tan. This was in the
winter, so it was nice to know
they now have whats called a
clear. This clear spray tan
was more natural looking than
most spray tans, perfect for a
healthy winter look. Also, I was
impressed to know that the
mystic tan solution was all plant
based. I didnt know that.
I found myself wandering
through the
halls of the
spa looking
for something
else to enjoy,
but I decided
I'd come
back another
day to enjoy
the rest of
the spa.
So, next
time youre
going to a
spa, consider going to Planet
Beach Contempo Spa, where
they offer:
Teeth Whitening
Shiatsu massage chair
Lumiere Light Faial
Traditional Tanning
Water Massage table
Mystic Tan
Dry Sauna
Slim Capsule
Ive suffered with teeth
grinding for years; this is a
medical condition called
Bruxism and is commonly
associated with TMJ. I dont
know why, but in the last year
(perhaps due to lifestyle stress)
the grinding has gotten worse,
and it has caused my jaw
muscles, specifically my mas-
seter muscles, (diagram below)
to tighten and knot. Ive tried
heat and even special facial
massages to release these knots,
but nothing really worked.
After doing some research I
found that dentists are now
using Botox to relieve master
muscles and reduce the
discomfort associated
with TMJ.
Something else I noticed was
over the years; my jaw muscle
had significantly increased in
size. My dentist reminded me
that when that muscle gets
worked, it increases in size just
like a bicep would.
My jaw line had gotten more
masculine over time, and not
only would the Botox help the
pain, but also restore my more
natural, more feminine jaw line
features. This was a huge find
for me.
I got my first injection last
week, and the knots are gone,
the pain is gone, and I think I
will notice more of a shift and
reduction in muscle size in
another week or so.
I am so excited about this
effective treatment of TMJ and
enlarged masseter muscles!
Doing what
you Love
Americans and people in general
have a tough time with staying
energized. Everyone is
exhausted, fueling themselves
with loads of sugar and coffee
to get through the day. I often
discuss the latest in health and
wellness and it is important to
take care of your body; howev-
er, theres a solution to your
exhaustion that goes deeper
than the body. The solution is
realizing who you are to the
When you examine your heart
and understand who you really
are, you understand what your
passion and your purpose is.
When you begin to fulfill your
true purpose, then you will be
energized from the inside out.
Even if your career is not where
you fulfill your purpose, its
important that you fulfill your
purpose in some way.
So, who are you, really? What
do you love to do? Are you
doing it? What is your passion?
Only when you connect to
your passion will you truly
be energized.
Unwanted hair. Everyone has it
somewhere and removing it has
always been a problem. Now men
and women alike can make
unwanted facial or body hair a t
hing of the past and forget about
painful waxing, messy creams,
electrolysis, and razors.
Z Aesthetic Dermatology uses some
of the most advanced technology in
laser hair removal treatments. Dr.
Ann Zedlitz and her Z team can
assist women AND men in improving
their appearance and dealing with
unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is
a treatment that can permanently
reduce unwanted hair anywhere on
the body. It has been FDA approved
to provide significant reduction of hair
with long-term results.
Laser hair removal uses specialized
lasers to target the pigmentation of
the hair follicles to keep them from
regrowing. Laser hair removal begins
with the trimming of unwanted hair to
a length that will respond best to the
laser. The surface of the skin will be
protected from the heat of the laser
with a cooling gel or device that also
helps the laser effectively penetrate
the skins outer layer. A topical
anesthetic might also be applied to
keep the patient as comfortable as
possible during treatment.
Once the area is properly prepared,
the Medical Aesthetician uses the
laser tool to destroy the hair follicles.
Unwanted hair will fall out naturally,
and the damage to the follicle
renders it unable to grow new hair in
most cases. Treatment may take just
a few minutes for a smaller area like
the upper lip, or an hour or more for
larger areas.
Patients describe laser hair removal
as relatively comfortable. They are
made comfortable in a treatment
chair, and the area of the body being
treated is prepared. Patients can use
laser hair removal on all parts of the
body including:
Face (upper lip, chin, beard)
Bikini line
Dr. Z - Ann Zedlitz, M.D. is a board
certified dermatologists and her Z
Team are dedicated to
helping every woman
and man look and feel
their very best. Z
Dermatology, located
at 5305 Flanders Dr.
Baton Rouge, is a
state of the art facility
equipped with the
latest in advanced
technology and offers
an array of cosmetic
and laser procedures.
Contact the Z team
today to see how we can help you
enjoy beautiful, hair-free skin with
laser hair removal 225.778.7540!
Its Summer
Ann Zedlitz, M.D.
Z Aesthetic Dermatology
The Difference
is in the Details
Grass Rangers is dedicated to making
your life easier by providing trained
crews to Design, Build and Maintain
almost any aspect of your landscape.
225. 622. 5115
www. g r a s s r a n g e r s . c o m
Pelican Point
and Ascension
Parish Are
Going Pink!
Susan G. Komen
Baton Rouge Ascension
Pink Ribbon Scramble
July10th at
Pelican Point
Golf Club
Come enjoy a round of golf
and help raise funds to save the
lives of the women in Ascension
Register a Team
Be a Sponsor
Provide a Door Prize
Shes the
Reason Why
We Go Pink.
All smiles, Mindy LaBauve holds
up four fingers to indicate the
completion of her fourth round of
chemotherapy. Even though she was
devastated by her diagnosis, she did
her best to present a strong front.
Mindy found love and strength
from her family, but also an
unexpected source of hope and
encouragement with other breast
cancer survivors.
She remembers her first encounter
with Susan G. Komen. Race for
the Cure was only days before my
scheduled mastectomy. I told my
family that I wanted to form a
team and for us all to attend the
Race together. I was overwhelmed
when I got to the survivors tent to
line up for the parade. People were
hugging and laughing. I instantly
knew that they understood my
struggle. There was so much love!
I just couldnt believe
what I was seeing.
Wanting to share the same kind of
support she receives from her
breast cancer sisters, Mindy now
volunteers with Komen Baton
Rouge. She also encourages her
fellow Ascension Parish residents
to join in the fight and the fun at
this years Ascension Pink Ribbon
Scramble. It is so important that
we help provide funding for breast
health education and screening for
those who are uninsured. Early
detection is the key to saving lives!
We Live HERE.
We Golf HERE.
We Save Lives
Last year Susan G. Komen
Baton Rouge provided
funding for 525 mammograms
right here at in our community.
Services available to women and
men of Ascension Parish:
Clinical Breast Exams
Diagnostic Services
Medication Assistance
Transportation Assistance
Exercise Therapy
Survivor Support
If you or someone you
know is uninsured and
cannot afford a mammogram,
call (225) 675-6896.
River Region Cancer
Screening Center
For more information contact
us at (225) 615-8740 or
Gift Cards
Call for your free skin
care analysis today!
Mindy LaBauve
after 4th chemo treatment
We Can Use
Your Help!
The Market with
All you need...
S e a f o o d Ma r k e t
Crabs Shrimp Fish
Live & Boiled Crawfish
Gr o c e r i e s
Bread Snacks Sausage
Seasonings Eggs Milk
P r o d u c e
Fruits Vegetables Melons
B e v e r a g e s
Domestic and Import Beer
Chilled Wine
Cr awf i s h Boi l I ngr edi ent s
Crabboil Lemons Cayenne
Potatoes Corn Mushrooms
P r o p a n e
OPEN 7 Days a Week
9am to 7pm
17497 Airline Highway
Prairieville 225.673.9085
Tim Godso Kari Godso Kaylon Godso
Cajun Livin N Cookin
Host 1st Annual Crawfish
Boil Championship
Here are the winners of the
crawfish boiling competition.
1st place Kaylon Godso
2nd place Kyle Blanchard
3rd place Louis Lambert
David Kleinpeter Wins the crawfish eating Contest
Kaylon & Tim Godso of Peppers Market Kyle Blanchard of Blanchards Blend Seasonings Louis Lambert with Dempsey Lambert Cousilman Dist. 5
1st PLace
2nd PLace
3rd PLace
This month with
A monthly News Report from the Jambalaya Festival Association
See You at
the Festival
FREE New Patient Exam,
and X-rays.
May not be combined with other coupons.
Limited to one person in each immediate family.
IV Sedation
Invisalign Certified
Laser-Assisted Decay Detection
Porcelain Veneers
Wisdom Teeth
Calvin G. Bessonet, DDS, FAGD
13375 Hwy 73, Suite 1 Geismar, LA 70734 Call: 225.673.6910 www.
By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD
The Importance of Early Detection
Your dentist has recent good news
about progress against cancer. It is
now easier than ever to detect oral
cancer early, when the opportunity for
a cure is great. Only half of all
patients diagnosed with oral cancer
survive more than five years.
Your dentist has the skills and tools to
ensure that early signs of cancer and
pre-cancerous conditions are identi-
fied. You and your dentist can fight
and win the battle against oral cancer.
Know the early signs and see your
dentist regularly.
You Should Know
Oral Cancer often starts as a tiny,
unnoticed white or red spot or sore
anywhere in the mouth.
It can affect any area of the oral
cavity including the lips, gum tissue,
check lining, tongue and the hard or
soft palate.
A change in the way the teeth fit
Oral Cancer most often occurs in
those who use tobacco in any form.
Other signs include:
A sore that bleeds easily or
does not heal
A color change of the oral tissues
A lump, thickening, rough spot,
crust or small eroded area
Pain, tenderness, or numbness any-
where in the mouth or on the lips
Difficulty chewing, swallowing,
speaking or moving the jaw or
Alcohol use combined with smok-
ing greatly increases risk.
Prolonged exposure to the sun
increases the risk of lip cancer.Oral
cancers can occur in people who do
not smoke and have no other known
risk factors.Oral Cancer is more likely
to strike after age 40.Studies suggest
that a diet high in fruits and
vegetables may prevent the
development of potentially
cancerous lesions.
Regular Dental Check-ups
Oral cancer screening is a routine part
of a dental examination. Regular
check-ups, including an examination
of the entire mouth, are essential in
the early detection of cancerous and
pre-cancerous conditions. You may
have a very small, but dangerous, oral
spot or sore and not be aware of it.
Your dentist will carefully examine the
inside of your mouth and tongue and
in some patients may notice a flat,
painless, white or red spot or a small
sore. Although most of these are
harmless, some are not. Harmful oral
spots or sores often look identical to
those that are harmless, but testing
can tell them apart. If you have a sore
with a likely cause, your dentist may
treat it and ask you to return for
Dentists often will notice a spot or
sore that looks harmless and does not
have a clear cause. To ensure that a
spot or sore is not dangerous, your
dentist may choose to perform a
simple test, such as a brush test. A
brush test collects cells from a
suspicious lesion in the mouth. The
cells are sent to a laboratory for
analysis. If precancerous cells are
found, the lesion can be surgically
removed if necessary during a separate
procedure. Its important to know
that all atypical and positive results
from a brush test must be confirmed
by incisional biopsy and histology.
Facts About Oral Cancer
Incidence and Mortality
Oral cancer strikes an estimated
34,360 Americans each year. An
estimated 7,550 people (5,180 men
and 2,370 women) will die of these
cancers in 2007.
More than 25% of the 30,000
Americans who get oral cancer will die
of the disease.
On average, only half of those
diagnosed with the disease will survive
more than five years.
African-Americans are especially vul-
nerable; the incidence rate is 1/3
higher than whites and the mortality
rate is almost twice as high.
Risk Factors
Although the use of tobacco and
alcohol are risk factors in developing
oral cancer, approximately 25% of oral
cancer patients have no known risk
There has been a nearly five-fold
increase in incidence in oral cancer
patients under age 40, many with no
known risk factors.
The incidence of oral cancer in
women has increased significantly,
largely due to an increase in women
smoking. In 1950 the male to female
ratio was 6:1; by 2002, it was 2:1.
Prevention and Detection
The best way to prevent oral cancer
is to avoid tobacco and alcohol use.
Regular dental check-ups,
including an examination of the
entire mouth, are essential in the
early detection of cancerous and
pre-cancerous conditions.
Many types of abnormal cells can
develop in the oral cavity in the form
of red or white spots. Some are
harmless and benign, some are
cancerous and others are pre-cancer-
ous, meaning they can develop into
cancer if not detected early and
removed. (American Cancer Society)
Finding and removing epithelial
dysplasias before they become cancer
can be one of the most effective
methods for reducing the incidence
of cancer.
Knowing the risk factors and seeing
your dentist for oral cancer screenings
can help prevent this deadly disease.
Routine use of the Pap smear since
1955, for example, dramatically
reduced the incidence and mortality
rates for cervical cancer in the United
Oral cancer is often preceded by the
presence of clinically identifiable
premalignant changes. These lesions
may present as either white or red
patches or spots. Identifying white
and red spots that show dysplasia and
removing them before they become
cancer is an effective method for
reducing the incidence and mortality
of cancer.
Interdiction and
What Makes
Them Different
Before you can understand a
continuing tutorship and how
it differs from an interdiction,
you have to know what an
interdiction is and you have to
understand what a tutorship is.
A tutor is the person legally
responsible for a minor
(someone under 18 in
Louisiana). A minors parents
are his tutors while they are
married, but if they are
divorced or one or both are
deceased, it may be necessary
to appoint someone to be
legally responsible for the
minor since the minor lacks
capacity to make his own
decisions. The process for
appointing a tutor is called a
tutorship. In most states, this
process is called a guardian-
ship. When the minor reaches
the age of 18, the tutorship
ends since he now has the
legally capacity to make his
own decisions. An interdiction
is much like a tutorship except
it is the legal process for
appointing someone to make
decisions for a major (someone
18 or older in Louisiana) who
does not have the capacity to
make his own decisions.
That brings us to a continuing
tutorship. It is a hybrid
between a tutorship and an
interdiction. A continuing
tutorship is the process for
appointing a tutor for someone
over the age of 15. However,
unlike a regular tutorship, the
tutorship does not end when
the person reaches the age of
18. The continuing tutorship
is only available for those over
the age of 15 and only in the
instance where he or she has
less than two-thirds of the
average mental ability of a
person of the same age with
normal intelligence. This
means the persons IQ must be
less than 67. The continuing
tutorship is not available for
someone who lacks the ability
to care for themselves for other
reasons for instance because
they have severe physical
disabilities unaccompanied by
the requisite mental
deficiencies or because of
mental illness.
Like the tutorship of a minor
and a full interdiction, the
person under a continuing
tutorship loses most of his
rights and the person appoint-
ed as the tutor is responsible
for the person just as if he were
a minor. For instance, the law
limits the ability of someone
under a continuing tutorship
to enter into contracts. They
also cannot marry unless they
obtain the permission of the
tutor. The law does not
address whether they lose the
right to vote. They do,
however, lose their ability to
appear in court on their own
behalf so they cannot be sued
and they cannot sue someone
else. Their tutor must act for
them with regard to court
The law specifically grants the
right to the tutor to make
medical decisions for someone
under a continuing tutorship;
thus, the individual loses the
right to make their own
medical decisions just as in
an interdiction.
As you can see, like an
interdiction, a continuing
tutorship can be a costly and
time consuming process.
Further, it can only be used in
the limited circumstance where
a person has less than
two-thirds of the average
mental capacity of a non-
impaired person. However, in
the limited circumstance where
a continuing tutorship is
available, it is a viable
alternative to an interdiction
and will provide substantially
the same result.
Mrs. Melancon has engaged in the practice
of law in Louisiana for the past 17 years.
The primary focus of her practice is estate
planning, special needs planning, elder
law and probate. She is also accredited by
the VA to give advice regarding veterans
benefits. For more information, please con-
tact her at 222-744-0027 .You may also
visit her website at
By Linda Melancon
Please Help a Childs Dream Come True
Dream Sponsorship - $1500
This monetary donation funds a childs dream. This will entitle you to an
opportunity to participate in the presentation of a childs dream, official
recognition, a plaque, and 10 reserved VIP dance tickets and front row table hostess, and
20 general admission tickets. (Must have VIP ticket at the door to enter the VIP section.)
Gold Sponsorship - $1000
This will entitle you to official recognition, a plaque, 10 reserved dance tickets and one
reserved table, along with 10 general admission tickets.
Silver Sponsorship - $500
This will entitle you to official recognition at the dance, a plaque, and 20 general admis-
sion dance tickets.
For ticket and volunteer information contact:
Gonzales - Max Himmel -673-8777 cell 715-2881
Na Na Sha to perform at Lamar-Dixon
Doors Open at 6pm Dance 7pm till 11pm.
18th Annual Fundraiser Dance
Saturday August 16th
Tickets available at Himmels
16491 Airline Hwy 70769 (225) 673-8777
wi t h Mar i l yn Bowman
Top 10 Tips to
Prepare Your Home
for Spring after
Severe Winter
As much of the United States
recovers from one of the
harshest winters in recent
history, it is important to
inspect your home for damage
and plan for home mainte-
nance, repair and remodeling
projects. Winter weather can be
particularly damaging to a
home and these tips can return
your home to top condition
after the severe winter.
Winter weather can damage
homes in ways that arent easily
visible. Home owners should
protect their investment and
hire a professional remodeler to
repair or replace damaged
components now, before spring
storms create more problems.
Here are10 tips for home
owners to inspect for damage
and make sure your home
is ready for spring from top
to bottom:
Inspect roof Check your roof
for loose, warped or missing
shingles and make sure the
chimney flashing and skylight
seals are intact. This is especially
important in light of the recent
hail storms we have experi-
Clean and repair gutters
Clear winter storm debris from
gutters and downspouts, and
check that they are still securely
attached to the house. Blocked
or loose gutters can allow water
into your home and damage
trim. If gutters are not properly
maintained they can cause more
damage than protection to your
Look for leaks Common
culprits for hard-to-find leaks
are attics, crawl spaces and
washing machine hoses. Inspect
these areas, look under sinks for
damage from frozen pipes and
check your water heater for
signs of corrosion.u
Clear exterior drains
Remove leaves from
underground or exterior drains
to clear the way for spring
showers and prevent backups.
Inspect siding Inspect siding
for pieces that have come loose
during winter storms.
Check window and door
seals Examine the exterior
caulking on door and window
seals to ensure it remains
Patch cracks Patch cracks in
concrete driveways, sidewalks
and steps to keep water out and
prevent further expansion.
Paint the exterior Painting
or touching up paint on the
exterior of your home not only
makes it look better, but will
also help protect the home
from the elements.
Inspect the HVAC Hire a
qualified technician to service
your homes HVAC system to
make sure it is running properly
before hot temperatures call for
air conditioning. Now is also
the time to replace your HVAC
Check your homes grading
Ensure the grading of your yard
slopes away from your homes
foundation to keep excess mois-
ture at bay.
Dont wait to inspect your
home and get damage fixed.
Many professional remodelers
not only renovate homes; they
repair or replace damaged or
deteriorating roofs, windows,
doors and other home features.
Remodeling and repair projects
can require your home to be
open to the elements and com-
panies may have a backlog of
work due to the length and
severity of the winter season.
Choose your repair and renova-
tion projects for the year ahead
and start planning now. Putting
off repairs will only cost you
more in the future! Protect one
of the largest investments you
have ever made.
Oysters By the Sack
Fresh Shrimp
A Wide Variety
of Fish and Seafood
Snow Crabs
Turtle Meat
Ask for Sallys stuff crabs.
Youll love them.
Doug & Sally
Boi l ed Cr awf i sh Ar e Her e!
Established since 1995
Tessa Martinez
Lacy Briscoe Honea
Asst Mgr
Call Us Today 647-7422
Our 30th annual Senior day event at Fred's on the
River was another success. Everyone enjoyed the
great food, music, and dancing. This
event would not be a success without
the many volunteers who work
extremely hard to put this event on
every year. Also, the many businesses
in the area who all donated to make
Senior Day special for our
senior citizens.
We hope to see you again next year.
Shirley Leggett attends Senior Day, at Freds, started by her brother Fred Boyd.
Freds on the River Host Senior Day
The lobby of the United Medical Rehabilitation
Hospital could never be mistaken for a comedy
club. On this day however, as seventy-six year old
Leonce Babin held court for his many children,
grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, the space
was just what the doctor orderedliterally! They
had gathered here to help brighten the day of
Leonces wife of fifty-four years, VerraMawMaw
Babin, who was here recuperating and
rehabilitating following her second knee
replacement surgery. For Leonce and his extended
family, it was quite a different experience from
Verras first replacement surgery just two short
years ago. Between corny jokes and outdated
punchlines, Leonce tells the story of the elderly
couples previous post surgery encounter as
a living nightmare.
I am no longer able to drive at night or to fight
city traffic on that interstate, Leonce said. Verra
has a hard time recovering from surgery and her
rehab is tough on an old gal. After her surgery,
she needed more care than my kids and I could
give her at home. She needed a rehab specialist.
She needed help to go to the bathroom, and she
needed to see a doctor every day. All our kids
work and I could only do so much to help her, so
she was sent to a rehab facility out of town. I
couldnt get there nearly as much as I wanted and
my sweet Verra spent much of the time there
alone, confused, and depressed. Her recovery was
minimal because of this and I was scared as I
watched her will start to fade. After a few days
we moved her to a nursing home so she would be
closer to us. The staff there was attentive and
kind, but Verras condition still needed the
attention of a rehab doctor, for her physical
needs, and the family doctor for her medical
needs. Verra needed a rehabilitation hospital
setting close to her family in order to give her a
comprehensive rehabilitation program and to keep
her motivated. Of course she did eventually
recover, but her rehabilitation took much more
time than it would have if she would have been
somewhere with the programs and resources like
those offered at UMRH.
That was then, and this is now, said a
surprisingly cheerful Verra as she worked with one
of the physical therapists on staff at United
Medical Rehabilitation Hospital. She winced each
time she would bend her knee at the urging of
the therapist but the beaming smile never left her
face. She could hear her family laughing at her
husbands jokes and her eyes welled-up with
happiness as she vowed to work harder
so she would be home soon to join the fun.
Till now, this has been a common story in
Ascension Parish. Patients of all ages, needing
specialized rehabilitation and post-operative
care, have been forced to seek a hospital
out of town. That need has now been
fulfilled with the arrival of United Medical
Rehabilitation Hospital.
United Medical Rehabilitation Hospital (UMRH),
a provider of acute inpatient rehabilitative services
since 2002 with hospitals in Hammond and
Gretna, will now offer the residents of Ascension a
high quality acute care hospital with a specialty
focus in rehabilitation for the medically complex
patient. Corporate management has over
100 years of combined healthcare experience led
by its President John E. Mills, Herman Frank VP
of Operations, and Cyrillia Bonds VP of Clinical
Services & Quality.
President Mills spoke with us, In our 12 years as
a medical rehabilitation hospital, UMRH has
become well versed in the field of Rehab
Medicine. We have come to understand the
similarities as well as the fundamental
differences in levels of medical care, particularly
those directly above and below the rehab level.
That is to say the LTAC and the SNF. We believe
this understanding has enabled our facilities to
provide the care our patients require in a way that
meets their individual needs and assures them the
optimum level of progress. Now all this can
be provided here in Ascension, nearer to
their home and family.
Mr. Frank, VP of Operations added, UMRH is
licensed by the Department of Health and
Hospitals (DHH) as an Acute Care Hospital with
a specialty in Rehabilitation. We employ the
same comprehensive patient focus you will find in
your local general hospital. This means we are
able to care for complex patient needs using a
team of consulting physicians.
This team is led by a physiatrist, a specialized
physician who has trained and understands the
relationship between the patients underlying
disease or medical condition and their
functionality. In the Gonzales hospital that leader is
Lisa A. Diehl, M.D. specializing in family medicine,
physical medicine and rehabilitation for 18 years.
Dr. Diehl leads a team of physical therapists,
occupational therapists, speech and language
therapists, rehabilitation nurses, social workers,
case managers, and a registered dietician who join
to use best practices with the goal of returning the
patient to their highest level of function. The team
collaborates with a range of medical specialists in
the fields of Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedics,
Nephrology, and Infectious Disease/Wound Care
Management as well as others. UMRH has over
130 credentialed, staffed physicians between their
three campuses.
We thank God for all the professionals we have,
added Mr. Mills, but we also believe best out-
comes are more easily attained when we make
sure our patients are spiritually fit. Patients and
families can request pastoral care as they go
through these trying moments. Church services are
offered on Sundays and are non-denominational in
nature. We fervently believe that our operation is a
ministry because anything that one does for the
uplifting of humankind is a ministry Mills
continued, As an acute inpatient rehabilitation
hospital, United Medical Rehabilitation Hospital is a
significant component in the continuum of care, as
a continuation of the patients acute care. In an
acute care hospital like St. Elizabeths or Our Lady
of the Lake, patients are treated for one to four
days to stabilize their acute condition or to have
surgery. In this short time frame patients are
stabilized and begin treatment, but patients are not
always capable of returning to their previous level
of functioning. UMRH can help those patients by
giving them another 5 to 14 days, or longer if
needed, to be followed by a physician every day
and to receive the therapy services they need to
progress and reach their prior level of functioning
once again.
Herman Frank,
Vice President of Operations
Melissa Reynolds, RN, CRRN
Director of Nursing
New Rehabilitation
Hospital Brings Quality
to Ascension Parish.
Daily Physician Rounding/Phy
Multi-Disciplinary Team
24-Hour RN Coverage
Cardiac Monitoring Pain
Short-term IV Therapy (7 14 days

It is our strong belief that anything one does to help in the upliftment of humankind is a ministry. Here at United Medical,
we choose the vehicle of physical rehabilitation to advance and play our part in this noble mission.
To that end, we strive everyday to convert our patients into mutual and trusted members of our family. While we
specialize in rehabilitation, we understand with reverence that the people we serve are much more than what we do.
Our holistic approach focuses on the social, emotional and spiritual well being of all who come to be served.
I am pleased to be first in line to offer my hand in guiding you through your healing process.
Please allow my staff and I the opportunity.
Thank You.
John E. Mills, President CEO
Cyrillia Bonds, VP of Clinical Services & Quality
concurred, Studies have shown that patients who
go to an acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital like
UMRH have a higher success rate of returning to
their prior home environment and to remain there
longer than patients who leave an acute care
hospital and go to a lower level of care, subacute
care, like a skilled nursing facility (SNF), home with
home health care, nursing home, or assisted living.
What makes the difference is the medical oversight
that is provided at the acute inpatient rehab hospital
vs. that which is provided in these other settings.
In lower levels of care, patients are seen by a
physician weekly to monthly. Once we ensure that
a patient is stable when functioning at their highest
potential then this level of medical oversight does
become appropriate. But what happens all too often
is that this lower level of care is utilized first or too
soon, bypassing the order in the continuum of care.
The patient may then require readmission to an
acute care hospital.
United Medical Rehabilitation Hospital is the only
acute inpatient rehab hospital in Ascension Parish.
As an acute hospital, unlike subacute, UMRH
provides 24 hour RN coverage for assesment and
management of our patients complex conditions in
collaboration with our specialized medical team.
All rooms at UMRH are private rooms with flat
screen TVs and most have full private bathrooms.
There is a large dining room, two therapy gyms,
and an activities of daily living (ADL) gym, all
equipped to accommodate individual as well as
group therapy when appropriate. Family, friends,
and significant others are encouraged to visit
routinely throughout their loved ones stay. There is
plenty of convenient parking close to the main
entrance and for patients who meet medical
necessity criteria there is usually no out-of-pocket
expense. UMRH accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and
most major health insurances.
It is joyful news that medical patients in Ascension
Parish and the surrounding area who are leaving an
acute care hospital, no longer have to leave their
communities for inpatient rehabilitative care because
United Medical Rehabilitation Hospital is now here.
UMRH has the capability and the medical expertise
to offer treatment for a wide range of medical
conditions including strokes, arthritis, spinal cord
injury, amputations, fractures, (including fractures of
the hip, leg, arm, and ankle), brain injury, major
multiple trauma, congenital deformity, progressive
weakness, progressive loss of function, neurological
disorders, debility, and many others. The hospital
can admit patients from acute care hospitals as well
as from home, nursing homes, assisted living
facilities, home health agencies, skilled nursing
facilities, and long term acute care hospitals.
If you are interested in determining if you or your
loved one has a condition that meets the inpatient
rehabilitation criteria, please contact the staff of
UMRH at (225) 450-2775. You will be put in
touch with a clinical liaison who can answer any of
your questions and can arrange for an assessment.
Most assessments can be done within two hours of
initial contact, and if your condition does not meet
medical necessity for acute inpatient rehabilitation
the staff can recommend the next appropriate level
of care for your condition. One call could change
your life for the better.
Hospital Medicine Group includes (pictured from left to right): Dr. Peter J. Monteyne, MD specializing in family
medicine, Dr. Mohammed Saeed, MD, FACP, CMD board certified in geriatric and internal medicine,
Dr. Lisa A. Diehl, MD specializing in family medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation,
and not pictured is Dr. Rao R. Narra, MD specializing in internal medicine.
We at United Medical
Rehabilitation Hospital in
coordination with St. Elizabeth
physicians are raising the standard
of care for the Gonzales area and
its surrounding communities by
implementing best care practices
and by introducing a
We are confident that we will be
Dr. Mohammed Saeed, MD, FACP, CMD
333 East Worthey Road, Gonzales 225.450.2775
Join Us for Our Open House Wednesday, May 21
from 4:00pm to 6:30pm.
Catered, Giveaways,
Facility Tours.
Residents of Ascension
Parish now have the
opportunity to stay in
Gonzales to receive quality
inpatient rehabilitative
services at United Medical
Rehabilitation Hospital.
Dr. Gertrude Gertie Anyanwoke, MD,
Infectious Disease Associates,
located on Hwy 30, Gonzales, LA
ysician Specialists
s) All Private Rooms
Celebrating 6 Years of Commitment to Service in the Dutchtown Community
Chase Roy, PT, DPT
We are Your Community Physical Therapy Provider
Specializing in Orthopedic Physical Rehabilitation
36501 Mission Street, Suite A (Inside Fusion Health & Fitness) Prairieville, Louisiana 70769
225.744-3631 Fax 225.744.3647
Chase Roy, PT, DPT, is a
certified Dry Needling
Physical Therapist who uses
Trigger Point Dry Needling
(TDN) to give patients long
lasting pain relief. Trigger
Point Dry Needling is
an extremely effective
technique that uses fine
filament needles to
"deactivate" or "shut down"
painful or knotted areas in
your muscles.
TDN is a treatment for
muscular tightness and
spasm, which commonly
follows injuries and often
accompanies the
degenerative process.
Small, thin needles are
inserted in the muscles at
the trigger points causing
the pain. When a needle tip
hits a trigger point, a local
twitch in the muscle is
noted by the therapist and
the patient. Dry needling
stimulates certain
neurological sensors in the
body, which modulate
pain signals. Once the
twitch response is elicited,
it may mechanically
disrupt the contracted
nature of the trigger
point, which in turn,
promotes positive local
biochemical changes and
results in increased blood
flow to the area.
Muscle dysfunction can be
the primary or secondary
contributing factor to
many conditions. Some
conditions that have been
effectively treated by using
treatment include:
Repetitive stress injuries
Muscle tendonitis
Neck pain
Back pain
SI Joint Dysfunction
Muscle strains
Frozen shoulder
Patellofemoral dysfunction
Plantar fasciitis
Most people do not feel the
insertion of the needle.
The local twitch response
may cause a very brief
cramping or reproduce
symptoms directly in the
muscle being treated.
This is a good and desirable
reaction because it
confirms a possible source
of dysfunction.
In some cases, decreased
pain and improved function
are immediate. Usually, it
may take a few treatment
sessions for a lasting
positive effect.
If you have had problems
with a condition that TDN
may help, please feel free to
contact our office for a
consultation or inform
your physician about this
treatment option.
Incorporating the treatment
technique with other manual
and rehabilitative methods is
proving to be very effective
in treating various injuries
and conditions.
Good Luck and Congratulations to All the Parish Seniors and
a Special Congrats to the Senior Class of Dutchtown High School
Now and then there is a
person born who is so unlucky
that he runs into accidents which
started out to happen to
somebody else. Don Marquis.
In Al Capps classic comic strip
Lil Abner, there was a
character named Joe Btfsplk who
was the worlds worst jinx.
Hard-luck Joe brought such
disastrous misfortunes
everywhere he went that a
small, dark rain cloud perpetually
hovered over his head.
Capp even suggested that Joes
last name (Id like to buy a
vowel, Vanna.) be pronounced
like the derisive raspberry
spitting sound of the Bronx
Because of recent events, I
have found myself glancing
skyward over my size 7
cranium to see if theres not a
black cloud following me
Now when I think of really
bad luck characters (besides Joe),
there are several movie guys that
come to mind immediately. Ted
(Ben Stiller) in Something
about Mary gets a body part
caught in a pants zipper on prom
night-now thats really hard luck.
Mr. Rooney (Jeffrey Jones),
the principal in Ferris Bueller
tries to match wits with the
worlds luckiest teenager and
ends up muddy, bloody, bitten
by a dog, kicked in the face and
riding the bus.
And dont forget Bobby (Ned
Beatty) in Deliverance who
gets lost in the woods and hears
those immortal words, You
done took a wrong turn, from a
pair of mountain men who like
to hear intruders squeal like a
pig while certain unmention-
ables are going on.
And I dont think Im quite as
unlucky as some other snake-bit-
ten cartoon characters like poor
ole Charlie Brown who never got
to kick that football or Kenny
who died in every episode of
South Park or Wile E. Coyote
who despite a myriad of Acme
products could never quite catch
that Roadrunner.
No, Im certainly not in the
same ballpark as those guys. But
I do have a history of buzzards
luck (Cant kill nothing-noth-
ing wont die.) dating back to
my early years.
At the age of 3 I had a rocking
horse that died. At the age of 9,
I swore a curse on the
Milwaukee Braves (Sorry, Mack.)
for beating my beloved Yankees
in the 1957 World Series. Then
I listened in disbelief as the
Pirates Hard Luck Harvey
Haddix pitched a perfect game
for 12 innings against the Braves
only to lose the game in where
else-the 13th inning on a home
run by former LSU great Joe
Bill Adcock.
My favorite golfer of the 80s
and 90s was Greg Norman who
was surgically removed of all
good fortune at birth. How
many Sundays did I watch as the
Shark lost tournaments to a
140-foot chip shot (87 Masters),
a hole-out from a bunker on the
last hole (86 PGA) or just took
matters into his own fins and
blew a 6-shot lead in the final
round (96 Masters).
Legendary sportswriter Jim
Murray once wrote that
Normans luck was so bad that
he was the kind of man who
would stand in line to get tickets
on the Titanic.
Anyway, when I start thinking
that my lucks never going to
change, I usually resort to my
mailbag for some positive vibes.
But as you will witness, that did-
nt help much either as the first
correspondence began
Dear Black Cat Bill,
I know youre part of a group
that goes on a golfing extrava-
ganza every time this year. How
did that Florida trip go during
this stormy spring?
Day Luge
Dear Day,
Just a friendly travel tip for
you-When you leave for a Florida
vacation on a Wednesday
morning and the chick on the
Weather Channel announces, If
youre headed for the Pensacola
area, dont go! you know youre
probably in trouble.
Pegram Mire and Pete
Robbinss April golf retreat to
Destin is second only to the
Masters as a hackers annual rite
of spring. But when Mother
Nature intervenes with the worst
flooding in 100 years in the
Florida Panhandle, you have to
wonder if someone in the group
of 30 is not a jinx of some kind.
Most of the merry-but soggy-
band stopped at the Mississippi
border to regroup after learning
the Interstate was closed east of
Mobile. Through some quick
thinking by my former catcher
Mike Lee-who learned to handle
adversity in high school baseball
while his coach was going to
pieces-we got tee times at a nice
course called the Preserve in
We finally made it to the
condos in Destin late that night,
but golf anywhere within a
100-mile radius was out of the
question. So it was a 2-hour
drive back to Gulf Shores to play
the miraculously dry Craft
Farms. On Friday we finally got
to play Kelly Plantation in Destin
with carts on path and a funny
marshal who guided us around
flooded areas with quips like,
Weve only lost a couple golfers
to the gators on this hole.
Saturday was the kind of day
you usually expect for a Florida
golf outing-bluebird skies and
dry fairways and a good time
was had by all despite the
But I cant really say we had
bad luck when you think of peo-
ple on their second-floor balcony
waiting to be rescued after
22 inches in 24 hours.
My second letter was on a
familiar topic
Dear Black Cat Bill,
How did that betting a
C-note on horses whose names
start with C work out for you
in the Derby?
C.U. Laker
Well, Black Cat didnt wait for
the actual race for his Derby jinx
to kick in as two of his Cs-
Constitution and Cairo Prince
went down with injuries during
workouts and didnt even make it
to the gate. Hindsight being
20-20, I should have just stuck
with my double Cs-California
Chrome and Commanders
Curve who ran 1-2 for an exacta
of $342. But greed is a terrible
thing and I went for the big
bucks of a trifecta and a
superfecta with a box that
included the top two horses,
another C horse-Candy
Boy-and a tribute to the Boston
Marathon-Wicked Strong.
Alas, Candy Boy took more
licks than an all-day sucker on
the first turn and finished-where
else-13th. Wicked Strong got
within a length of third despite
breaking from the impossible 20
hole and got fourth giving me a
1-2-4 finish in the tri. That
ticket and three sawmill dollars
will get you a cold beer at
Sammys Grill. Tell em I
sent you.
Oh, by the way, the horse that
came in third to beat me out of
the $1500 was named Danza-
which is why I will never watch
Taxi or Whos the Boss?
reruns again.
And one letter on a not-so-
familiar subject
Dear Black Cat Bill,
Say it aint so, Black Cat.
If It Wasnt for Bad Luck
or Black Cat Bill Goes Postal
by Bill Delaune
Its Time to Get Ahead of the Spring Pest
10% Off
Pest & Termite Work
If you are running out of space?
We are the place.
Storage Space Available
I heard from some unreliable
sources at Southpaws that you
were betting on soccer. I knew
you were a degenerate but you
dont know a keeper from a
striker. Whats next-Australian
Dingo Starr
Dear Dingo,
Well, you busted me. After
watching some of the local
hooligans (a.k.a.-my honky tonk
heroes) get all excited over a
Chelsea match, I decided to lay a
few pounds down on Liverpool
because thats where the Beatles
were from. Liverpool jumped
out to a 3-0 lead which I was
told was comparable to a 5-
touchdown lead in football and I
made the mistake of laughing at
the half.
Of course, the other team
came back to tie the game
costing me my wager on that
game and a futures bet on the
league championship which
Liverpool lost by one point to
Manchester City.
Apparently, my bad luck tran-
scends oceans.
At least the last letter ends
things on a happier note
Dear Black Cat Bill,
My grandfather says that you
and he were at the very first
Jambalaya Festival in 1968.
How can that be when you told
me you were only 45 years old
the other night?
Tempest Storm.
Well, Tempest, we Baby
Boomers get to knock 20 years
off our chronological age as a
reward for surviving the 60s.
So yes-I was definitely at the first
festival with a bunch of peoples
grandparents. And I intend to
be at the 47th one this year on
Memorial Day Weekend.
Just make sure that if youre
cooking-dont let old Black Cat
to close to your black pot!
Sometimes a bit of bad luck ends
up being good luck. When my
wife and I had the misfortune of
a flat tire a couple of miles short
of the Highland Road exit last
Saturday, a nice man named Carl
Davis stopped to help us. Now
Carl had a few things I did not
possess-the knowledge and talent
to change the tire, his own tools
and the courage to do the work
with I-10 traffic blowing by at
warp speed. Carl, who works at
Fisher Services in Gonzales,
made short work of the job-with
time to spare.
Thanks to Carl, who actually
practices the idea of helping
others instead of just giving it lip
service. And I wish him lots of
luck-as long as its not mine!
I came across a photo Janet
took of me when I was visiting
her in Colorado. She captured
me turning around to the
surprise of a giant Moose. I
remembered that I was shocked
at the shear size of the beast.
Wow look at that animal.
Then it entered my mine. I
wonder what Moose would
taste like. How would you cook
it? What do you make, Moose
Stew? Not to be confused with
Moo Shoo. However, it is fun
to say, Moose Moo Shoo. Say
that three times.
I also remembered thinking if
these creatures roamed the
lands of the Oxford Hunting
Club, I may be the camp cook a
little more often.
I was driving around the
other day and came across a
beer cap I had put in my ash
tray. After a brief moment of
wonder I remembered the
caps story.
I have to take you back in
time to start this story. This
past year I played golf in the
Shout Out Tournament. Wild
Bill from Prairieville hitched a
ride with me. At the end of the
day we were putting our golf
clubs back into the car. As we
emptied our pockets of tees and
markers Bill pulled out a Miller
Lite beer cap. I think it may
have been his lucky marker for
the day. Didnt think much
about it as he sat the cap on the
top of the bumper by
the tailgate.
The next day I went to take
my golf clubs out of the back of
my car and noticed that beer
cap was still sitting there. I had
driven from LaPlace to
Prairieville and the cap hung
tight. I dint touch it and drove
around for a week. Cap stayed
there. I was like I had a new
pet. I talked to hit. Still here?
Well Im driving to the hunting
camp this weekend so hang
I loaded up to head for the
camp. I talked to the cap again,
Good Luck with me traveling
70 mph for 4 hours?
I got to the camp hunted for
3 days and when I was packing
up to leave I looked down and
that cap was still there. I had
forgot about it and knew it
must be gone.
Now the cap has made all
these trips and hasnt moved I
knew someone was pulling a
trick on me so I went to pick it
up. It lifted perfectly. I sat it
back down and said, Good
I drove 4 hours back home.
The cap made it. I drove
around for a week and that cap
still stayed there. It was weird.
I was sitting at a red light by
Airline and I hear the squelling
of tires and bammm. A young
girl crashed into me while she
was texting. Crap. I need this
car. Surprising enough she
turned enough to mess her car
up bad but hit my trailer hitch
and I had little damage. Then I
saw it. The cap was wedged
between my bumper and
I saved that cap and its in my
ash tray as a lucky charm. Then
I had a thought. It is well
known pets resemble their
masters and who was the master
of this cap. Sweet William. Do I
want to keep it around as a
lucky charm? Its well known
around the club house if Bill
picks a golfer to win. Pick
another guy. The cap has taken
on his character. Its a bit rusty
and bent. One minute retired
teacher and then hes back
exspanding minds. Scary? Wild
Bill is my friend but if I keep it
will he keep hanging around.
Probably. Ill see him next week
on the golf course. I have a
good luck charm for you.
Thoughts from Bully
Plumbing Repair LLC
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37 Years Experience
The Pesky Beer Cap
Useless Random Facts
with Kellie

No other month begins or ends on the same day of

the week as May in any year. Januar y of the
following year always begins and ends on the same
day of the week as May of the current year.

May 1 is the feast of St. Joseph the worker in the

Roman Catholic calendar. In the Catholic Church
the month of May is dedicated to and honors
the Blessed Virgin Mar y.

Butterflies range in size from a tiny 1/8 inch to

a huge almost 12 inches.

The city of Venice stands on about 120 small islands.

The original stor y from Tales of 1001 Arabian

Nights begins, Aladdin was a little Chinese boy.

The Hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters.

Salt Lake City has a law against carr ying an

unwrapped ukulele on the street.

A snail can have 25,000 teeth.

No matter where you stand in Michigan, you are

more than 85 miles from a Great Lake.

A healthy (non-colorblind) human eye can

distinguish between 500 shades of gray.

Shakespeare invented the word

assassination and bump.

For ever y 230 cars that are made, 1 will be stolen.

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Sunday -
A f t e r t h e F e s t i v a l
It was at least fifteen or more
years ago that a guest speaker at
an East Ascension Sportsman
League meeting announced that
our nation would increase corn
production to unheard of pro-
portions. I don't remember
which organization (Ducks
Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl,
Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries,
etc.) the speaker represented.
His main concern was that this
increase in corn production for
ethanol fuel would create more
clearing of wildlife habitat in the
future. At that time I had a dif-
ferent approach to the increase
of corn production. Others and
myself figured that since deer,
turkeys, doves, ducks, geese and
other wildlife all love corn, this
would increase wildlife and
waterfowl numbers. Boy, was I
so wrong and he was so right.
Not only did ethanol fuel pro-
duction lead to more habitat
clearing, it also lead to increased
prices of all corn products. It
also left us with a fuel that can
severely harm most small
I'm a slow learner, that's for
sure. After paying the cost to
clean ethanol from two out-
board motors and two four-
wheelers, I've learned not to
use ethanol fuel in those types
of engines. The thing that still
puzzles me is the number of
people that still don't get it. I
hear it all the time, my genera-
tor won't run, my lawnmower
broke, I don't know what's
wrong with my four-wheeler,
I've got to bring my boat to the
shop, my go-devil engine won't
idle right. My reply to these
statements are, "It's the ethanol
gas that you're using that's
causing you problems".Their
reply is usually, "You think so?".
Although I've read many
times how the chemical break-
down of ethanol affects plastic
filters, rubber hoses and small
engine parts, I cannot remem-
ber all of that technical informa-
tion. I am educated enough to
remember how the pieces of
plastic from my four-wheeler
gas filter looked in the mechan-
ics hand that day. Especially as I
placed two hundred dollars in
his other hand for the second
time. Hard learner. Yep. Not
any more.
Today's automobiles are
designed for ethanol, although
you get better gas mileage from
ethanol free gas. Cost-wise,
people in the know say they'll
come out ahead until the cost
of regular gas is thirty cents
more per gallon versus the cost
of ethanol. It's gotten to the
point that if I can't find ethanol
free gas for my boat or four
wheeler, I just won't go.
Continue using it and you'll
eventually miss a trip or two
anyway. Presently more fuel sta-
tions in our area are supplying
ethanol free gas. If you go
down south toward the coast, in
boat country, ethanol free gas is
more readily available. That
should tell you something. If it
doesn't, then don't feel bad.
Our government doesn't get it
either. They now want to
increase the ethanol additive
from ten percent to fifteen
percent per gallon!!!....
Until next time,
Fill her up,
(With ethanol free fuel)
James "Goosie" Guice
Ethanol Gash
Ascension Outdoors Air Times
SAT. - 9:00 - A.M.
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MON. - 9:00 - P.M.
SAT. - 6:30 A.M. & 1:30 P.M.
SUN. - 1:30 P.M.
WED. - 10:00 P.M.
FRI. - 8 - P.M.
All tires from ATV to
Commercial Machinery
All brands to fit autos, trucks and
18 wheelers, including tractor/
construction equipment tires
Emergency road service
assistance-Commercial Only
Locally owned and operated
since 2004
New used and retreads
Great prices!
Locally Owned & Operated
by Oscar, Linda, Dean & Neal Mire
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hair forum
hair forum
to Healing
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Products &
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6 2 2 . 2 1 8 3
24 Hr. Emergency Roadside Service
The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Four locations is High School athletics.
These Kids Are Good!
1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103
D u t c h t o w n S t a t e P l a y o f f s
The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Four locations is High School athletics.
These Kids Are Good!
1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103
E a s t A s c e n s i o n S t a t e P l a y o f f s
The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Four locations is High School athletics.
These Kids Are Good!
1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103
S t . A m a n t S t a t e P l a y o f f s
Opened on May 28th 1964
Frank Dedman, Sr. was working at
a drug store when he was in his
teens dipping ice cream. Mrs
Hopper, owner of Hoppers drive
ins, was impressed with his work
and offered him a job at hoppers
making twice his salary. As he
grew up in Hoppers he became
manager/operator. He then was
offered stock to buy in that
company. Hoppers is where he
gained his experience of hard
work and dictation will gain you
success. This still is our motto to
this day.
Sr, then sold his stock back to
Hoppers and opened his own
drive in business May 28th 1964.
His life long dedication to the
drive in business allowed him and
his wife Carolyn to open three
Blue Bird Drive Ins in Baton
Rouge. They were located on
Airline Hwy, Scenic Hwy & Plank
Rd. His drawing card in the
1960s and 1970s was his
homemade ice cream, hamburgers
and po-boys.
During the early 1970s drive in
business was going by the waste
side and Sr. decided to modify his
company to a breakfast and lunch
eatery. Specializing in homemade
biscuits. It took him over one
year to perfect his biscuit recipe
and then the renaming of Blue
bird became Franks Restaurant in
1972. Our company went from
Ice cream to biscuits. To this day
our motto is the best homemade
biscuits in the world.
During the 60s 70s & 80s Sr.
taught his four children, Janet
Hodges, Deborah Dedman,
Cheryl Salter and Frank Dedman
jr, the ins and outs of the
company. Teaching them to work
hard and strive for success in what
ever path they may take in life.
Frank Dedman Jr.
Owner Biscuit Master
Ross Dedman
Night Time Manager
Frank Dedman III
Day Manager
Franks Restaurant
and Smoke House
Celebrates 50 Years
Frank Jr and his wife Catherine
Dedman, went into business with
Frank Sr and Carolyn Dedman 1981.
Sr was now on his way to teach Jr and
his wife Cathy how to take over the
business and continue his legacy of
owning and running a success eatery.
Through the years Sr. and Jr. worked
side by side shaking those hands of
our dedicated customers, feeding
them a wonderful homemade meal
and thanking them and hoping they
would return. Keeping our customers
happy and satisfied was our goal. Our
customers are the ones taking care of
us to feed OUR families.
During the late 80s Jr and his wife
started taking over the runnings of
the company and made additions that
would take it to the next generation.
A smokehouse was born next door to
the existing restaurant. Turkeys,
hams, briskets, sausages & much more
were added to the lunch menus and
then catering with delivery was born.
We started making our own sausages
and boudin. You cant get that
anywhere in Baton Rouge at that time
especially at a restaurant for breakfast.
1999 Sr.and Carolyn retired and jr
and Cathy were set free on their own
to continue the legacy of Franks
Restaurant. Jr & Cathys children,
Jennifer, Frank III & Ross were
already born and the next generation
was being taught the ropes of the
restaurant business. Our children
grew up in the company just like I did
starting washing dishes and busing
tables. We taught our children the
same thing my parents taught me;
work hard, be dedicated and success
will come your way in which ever
direction you may go. Didnt realize
ALL our children would be interested
in carrying on the business!
During the years of 2000 - 2014 we
taught our three children how to run
our successful restaurant. Now the
company is teaching its third
generation. Brent Guerin, Jennifers
husband, also jumped on board and
was interested in joining the family
team. Well now our company has a
lot of family members to have to
support. This is when Jr. and Cathy
decided to open an additional
restaurant in Prairieville, Louisiana.
With the support of our children and
now son in law, we opened a new
adventure. Franks Smokehouse and
Catering facility in Prairieville. Frank
III runs the day to day operations of
Franks in Prairieville and Ross
manages the night shift. Brent runs
the Baton Rouge location. Jennifer
takes care of all the clerical, business
and payroll operations. Jr and his
wife Cathy advises with them on the
day to day operations. We tell our
children to be all that they can be;
give great food and excellent service;
work hard and be dedicated to
your job.
Now we are approaching 50 years
in business. Wow this is an
accomplishment. Our company
went from Ice Cream to Biscuits to
Smokehouse to Reception center.
Our family is a very close and
religious family. We go to church
and thank God that he helps direct
us in making the right decisions
from day to day.
Frank Dedman, Jr.
Brent Guerin
Day Manager,
Baton Rouge
Cypress Hall
Frank Sr. and Frank Jr. baking their world best biscuits.
Front Row - Brent , Jennifer, Frank III, Ross
Back Row - Frank Jr., Cathy, Carolyn, Frank Sr.
A Jambalaya Cook Off at
Gonzales Memorial Veterans Of
Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 3693
as the First of an Annual Event.
The VFW wanted to give
jambalaya cooks a great
location and timely event to
hone their skills in preparation
for the Jambalaya Festival
Memorial Day Weekend. The
contest had a good turn out for
the first year. The VFW has
already heard of a larger group
ready for next year.
The funds raised go to
supporting deployed soldiers
through packages of supplies
they request through our
contacts with the units in
different theaters of
operation. Most of the soldiers
we support are local to
Ascension Parish either with
National Guard units are
individually deployed as part of
an active unit in one of our
branches of service.
A big thanks goes out to
Layne's Jewelry and Design for
sponsoring the event.
The Winners:
Burner Division:
1st place- Austin King
2nd place- Daryn Heath
3rd place- Chase Leblanc
Brad Robinson
Mark Babin
Wood fire Division:
1st place- Woody Woodward
2nd place- Jay Alexis
3rd place- Kevin Frederick
Other participants:
Kenny Gomez
Tunney King
Dean Folks
Kenny"West Bank" Barras
Buster Melancon
Tyler Bourque
Coco Wilson
Lonnie Gautreau
James "Stump" Marchand
Prep Fitness held a Ribbon
Cutting Ceremony on
Wednesday, March 26, 2014,
announcing the opening of
their location at 36546 Mission
St, Prairieville, LA 70774.
Every single day, as an athlete
in the sport of life, you have to
perform. Whether its at work,
at home or at play. If youre
not in shape, you cant perform
well. If youre injured because
of your training you cant per-
form at all. Our training is
designed to PREP you for
the rigors of your everyday
demands by first minimizing
the risk of injury, then
improving functional abilities.
We apply a Quality before
Quantity approach to any
program our clients participate
in. To ensure our training
adheres to our philosophy, the
FMS is the foundation of all of
our training. It provides us
with both a risk analysis of each
client and a blueprint to the
most beneficial and efficient
path to improved performance.
Attending the ribbon cutting
for Prep Fitness were: Owner
Jordan Aucoin; Ascension
Parish President Tommy
Martinez; Ascension Chamber
of Commerce President/CEO
Sherrie Despino; Ascension
Chamber Members; Chamber
Ambassadors; family and
If you would like more
information on Prep Fitness,
please call 225-673-1984 or
For more information on the
Ascension Chamber of
Commerce, please visit,
e-mail or
call (225) 647-7487.
Hi, Im Cooper.
My Mom is Kellie. She writes the article in
this magazine, Useless Random Facts.
She got married. Ihad to go. Iobservered
some useless random facts at the wedding
and thought Id share.

I heard a guy ask Granny if she was

Mamas sister. How dumb is that?

The brooms cake is a trick. That wasnt a

real knife and you shouldnt touch it or get
your hand slapped.

Did you know the flower girl, Addison, was

smarter than all the adults. The adults told
here to get rid of the flower pedals a couple
at a time. She knew that would take too
long so she dumped the entire basket at
once. Booya. Thats some smart thinking.

Granny used some packing tape to fix

Moms dress and her girls.
I didnt know I had any sisters.

Apparently it is OK
to chew with your
mouth open and
talk with your
mouth full at
Celebrating Mothers Day
Azalea has been a big blessing in dealing with my
in-laws! The care my in-laws have received has gone
beyond our expectations. There is not a word that
describes our gratitude. Thank you.
My mom has been a resident for over five years and we
are very pleased with the facility, the people and the
whole experience. Thank God for Azalea Estates.
The fun and caring employees at
The Azalea Estates retirement
/assisted living community in
Gonzales, LA makes living for
those in need of assistance
a true blessing.
2305 S. Pur per a Avenue,
Gonzal es, LA 70737
225. 644. 1028
With 16 years of service to the
company, Janet Britton has been
promoted to the position of
General Counsel at EATEL.
Britton will now be responsible
for guiding EATEL through a
complex myriad of legal and
regulatory issues. Janet has been
in the telecommunications
sector for over two decades.
Prior to joining EATEL, she
was a staff attorney with the
Louisiana Public Service
Janet is past chairman of the
Louisiana Telecommunications
Association (LTA) and is cur-
rently a board member. She is
also a former board member for
the Organization for the
Promotion and Advancement of
Small Telephone Companies
(OPASTCO) and former
chairman of the NTCA - the
Rural Broadband Association's
Membership Committee.
Currently, Janet is on the
NTCA - the Rural Broadband
Association's Industry and
Regulatory Policy Committee,
is a board member of the
Ascension Chamber of
Commerce, is a member of the
City of Gonzales Industrial
Development Board, and is
Chairman of the East Ascension
East Iberville Catholic School
Janet holds a Bachelors of Art
degree, a Juris Doctorate and a
Masters of Business
Administration from Louisiana
State University.
With Janets legal and regula-
tory background, she has not
only helped EATEL navigate
these uncertain times, but has
also brought our industrys
issues to the forefront with our
state and federal associations,
says Arthur Smokey Scanlan,
EATEL Chief Executive Officer
and Treasurer. She is an expert
in state and federal regulatory
issues representing us and the
industry in many different
facets. Im proud to have her
leading us through these times.
EATEL, founded in 1935 and head-
quartered in Gonzales, Louisiana, is a
leading telecommunications service
provider of Internet, TV, phone, Metro
Ethernet, and cloud-based solutions.
EATEL was one of the first companies
in the country to build its own 100%
fiber network, and is currently continu-
ing to expand the same type of
advanced all-fiber network in the Baton
Rouge area. EATEL recently acquired
privately-held Venyu Solutions Inc., a
national provider of data centers, man-
aged hosting, cloud virtualization, and
data protection solutions. EATELs
other wholly-owned subsidiaries include
Sunshine Media, a leading regional yel-
low pages service provider, and Vision
Communications, a telecommunications
service provider in Lafourche Parish,
Louisiana. For more information about
EATEL, please visit
Prep Time:
30 minutes
8 servings
8 Fresh Roma Tomatoes
2 tsp Kosher Salt
1 Tbsp Cracked Black Pepper (fresh if available)
cup olive oil
2 boxes Boursin garlic & herb cheese
3 oz fresh bleu cheese crumbles
Pr e - he a t y our ov e n t o 450 de g r e e s . Ve r y
c a r e f ul l y s ha v e t he bot t om of t he t oma t o t o
c r e a t e a f l a t s ur f a c e . Cut t he t op of t he
t oma t o a nd us i ng a me l on ba l l e r , c a r e f ul l y
hol l ow out t he i ns i de of t he t oma t o. Coa t
t he t oma t oe s i n ol i v e oi l a nd s p r i nk l e t he m
wi t h s a l t a nd p e j p p e r . I n a s e p a r a t e c ont a i ne r
c ombi ne t he Bour s i n a nd bl e u c he e s e t he n
s t uf f t he t oma t oe s . I n a n ov e n s a f e di s h,
ba k e t he t oma t oe s f or a p ox 10 mi nut e s , or
unt i l t he c he e s e s t a r t s t o bubbl e . Pr omp t l y
r e mov e t he t oma t oe s f r om t he ov e n a nd a l l ow
t o c ool be f or e e nj oy i ng t he m.
S e r v e a s a s i de di s h f or he a r t y me a l s or us e
s ma l l e r t oma t oe s a s a unique appetizer
Stuffed Roma
Cooking Gourmet at Home
Executive Chef
Ben Jarreau
Hey Dr. Rob,
I have a question,
after my nap.
Me too,
after my nap.
2 22 25 5. . 7 74 44 4. . 4 49 90 05 5
Latils Landing
Houmas House Plantation & Gardens
Invites You to Experience
Daily Tours:
Monday, Tuesday 9AM - 5 PM
Wednesday-Sunday 9AM -7 PM
Cafe' Burnside:
11 AM- 2 PM daily
Latil's Landing:
Wednesday through Saturday 6 PM- 9 PM,
Sunday Brunch 11 AM - 3 PM;
Reservations Required
Latils Landing
R I V E R R O A D , B U R N S I D E , L A 2 2 5 . 4 7 3 . 9 3 8 0 k k @ h o u m a s h o u s e . c o m
J e r e m y L a n g l o i s ,
E x e c u t i v e C h e f