Aphrodisia Ch.

by Lien_Geller©
A few hours after he fell to sleep Jamie Sloane opened his eyes to find himself flying. High over the village and the surrounding countryside he soared upward toward the thick dark clouds above. The water stored in those clouds started to drench him to the bone and he found it odd that his balls weren't about to drop off considering how cold it must have been up there. Still, despite the immense height, thick rain clouds and English weather he was comfortably warm. Finding no other option since he couldn't control his prolific ascent toward the heavens, Jamie resigned himself to go wherever he was going. The nineteen year old strangely found that he didn't mind too much that he was hurtling up toward the upper atmosphere. In all honesty he wasn't thinking about it a great deal. It was almost as if he were in some kind of trance. Eventually he popped up into a large cavern within the clouds. The recess was surrounded by nebulous walls that were constantly moving into odd new shapes. Perched upon one of these wisps of vapour was a figure he recognised. It was Allison; still dressed in her bar-maid outfit with the tablecloth tucked into the hem of her skirt. When he popped up she turned her head and patted the space beside her causing tufts of the cloud to escape and dissipate into the air. She turned her perfect head to look at Jamie and flashed him a dazzling smile. The boy floated over and took his seat in the sky next to the stunning beauty. It felt like he was sitting in a whole lot of cotton wool. After sitting down next to her he found that his face was flushed with colour. He remembered all of his clothing had been left back down on earth in Sonya's room so he was a little self conscious. "Hey sweetie." Allison purred. "How was she?" "What? H-how do you know about...?" The question trailed off as the boy regarded the woman like she might explode at any minute. "Don't be shy Jamie. I know everything you got up to tonight. Oh and well done!" She gave him an approving pat on the back before stroking her hand down along all those muscles that had taken root there apparently overnight. "Nice. You know I didn't think you'd take to them so fast. What was I saying?" She asked no one in particular. "Oh! That's right! Well done on getting rid of that little virginity problem you had. You know, I knew Sonya had a wild woman locked inside her but even I wouldn't have guessed she was that wild." Her legs were hanging from the edge of their thick cloudy seat. He noticed she'd taken off her boots and her bare feet were swishing back and forth beneath them, breaking up the cloud into ethereal wisps. They interlaced with her toes as she dallied with them and left him to form a response.

"I...Hey wait a second here. That was supposed to be you in that room! You set me up didn't you?" Jamie accused. Then after a moment he added. "And what do you mean by you didn't think I'd take to them so fast?" The boy looked a lot more puzzled than angry at her. He'd also started to wonder just what the hell they were doing sat in the middle of a cloud. People didn't sit in the middle of clouds dammit! Allison seemed to notice that he'd started piecing what was currently happening together. Taking the tip of his chin into her hand she turned his head to face her and pressed her mouth against his. The scintillating nature of her slightest touch was magnified a hundred fold by her kiss. Jamie found this out and immediately lost all concern for his cloud sitting. Before he could put his arms around her however she relaxed the kiss and pulled away. Jamie seemed a little stupefied after that and his eyes remained closed and mouth pursed whilst he tried to regain his bearings. "Sorry about that Jamie. You were waking up and I'm not ready to let you go just yet." The 'waking up' comment didn't have time to register in Jamie's brain. She didn't want to let him go! That's all that was important to the boy right then. He regained enough of his sense and calm to speak again. "Why weren't you there?" He asked, slightly hurt that she'd tricked him. Allison looked right into his eyes for a long moment. Something in that enchanting stare of hers seemed conflicted until she finally looked away. "Jamie didn't you ever wonder how I knew your name before you told it to me?" "Nope" Jamie replied honestly. Though now he thought about it he hadn't told her his name that night. Before he could think to ask her why that was however, she told him. "I'm a goddess." She stated very matter-of-factly. "Darn right you are!" Jamie confirmed, taking a moment to look down over that perfectly proportioned body of hers. Allison actually blushed at that little comment. "No you silly, I mean I'm a real goddess." This gave Jamie a moment's pause before he answered. It wasn't everyday you met a crazy person who lived in a cloud after all. "Ok, so why are you cleaning tables? I mean I didn't know goddesses were such micromanagers." He asked the question in the most serious tone he could muster. "Hey!" Allison turned and prodded him sharply in the side with her finger. Jamie shooed the finger away with his hand. He was very ticklish. "I was cleaning the tables so I could meet you. You let me out of my bottle so I wanted to see what kind of person you were." She responded, turning her head to look down as the cloud beneath them divided to

reveal they were currently floating over a large city. It was London. He recognised the Thames snaking its way through the middle of it. They sure had come a long way in a short time. He'd been in York when he flew out the window after all. "Were you the nice smell that came out of the bottle?" Jamie asked using the kind of logic one tends to only when they're dreaming. "I was. I'm glad you liked it." She said, her smile returning as if he'd paid her a very flattering comment. Seeing the woman smile made Jamie smile too but he didn't really know why. Then something occurred to him and his expression changed to a slightly annoyed one. "I was stood there for five hours!" He exclaimed. "I couldn't feel my hands or my feet I was that cold!" "Well...well you should have thought of that before you opened the vial!" The stunning little goddess suddenly seemed overly defensive. Folding her arms beneath her breasts she turned and faced away from him. There was a long moment of silence between the two and it didn't seem like it was going to lift until Allison lowered her head a little. "I'm sorry. I was just really happy to be out of there. I mean you try living in a glass vial for over a millennium, it's not very nice. I just couldn't resist pouring out all at once. I wanted to feel the world again instead of just cold glass." She lowered her hands to slip into the fluffy clouds at her sides and turned her head to look at him again. He was surprised to see her eyes glistening with tears. Feeling his heart start to plummet back down to earth he reached out instinctively to put his arm around her shoulders. She leaned in against him but she didn't cry. "Thanks Jamie. After I regained my senses I realised you were stood there and I had basically frazzled you. Gods shouldn't pass through humans. It's really not good for you. So it took a little while to fix you up right again, with a few improvements of course. After I did I made myself a body, which took me some time, before I went to go see you at the inn. I wanted to see if you were a good person." She rubbed her cheek against his shoulder and a little happy smile came back to her lips. "You were a good person. I also noticed you were down on your luck though and very lonely. So I introduced you to Sonya and fanned the flames of desire between the both of you. Well you did most of that actually..." "Wait...you're saying I made Sonya sleep with me?" Jamie's voice had a hint of panic in it. If he'd just turned into some kind of rapist he was going to throw himself off the next bridge he happened to come across. "No!" Allison's eyes opened wide in shock. Clearly the very idea of forcing someone into sex was highly disturbing to her. "Jamie I wouldn't let you go around raping innocent women!" She reached out and took his hands in hers, looking into his eyes again very seriously before she spoke.

"I'm Arianrhood, Sjöfn, Venus, Aphrodite...every goddess associated with love or fertility ever known is usually born of someone catching me doing what I do." Allison explained to him. "I encourage love. I fan the flames of desire and let people who are good for each other feel free to do what their hearts want. You're good for Sonya. She wanted you too; all she needed was a little push. She was basically emotionally blackmailed into having sex with a college boyfriend. He took her virginity and then ran off to the hills when he heard she was pregnant." Allison then leaned back before spitting up into the air in a very un-ladylike manner. Jamie thought that was a little gross even as he watched it hurtle down to earth. "That's going to hit him on the head on his way home from work." Allison said with a rather evil smirk. Then she looked back over to Jamie and continued her story. "Anyways after him Sonya just lost faith in love and hid behind those big brown woollen sweaters of hers and the huge glasses too. She's had a bit of a crush on you for a while though but wouldn't let herself act on it. So I got you two naked together and then gave her that little push. Let her overcome her fear for a little while and she got her faith in men restored and you got laid. I'd call that a win for everyone." Allison finished talking, looking down again at the city below them and starting to swing her legs back and forth once more. "So wait sec here..." Jamie pinched the upper part of his nose and closed his eyes as he took in all this new information and tried to figure it all out. "...you're a real goddess. Aphrodite or whoever..." "You can call me Allison sweetie." The woman said, leaning in to give him an affectionate kiss on the cheek. "Allison then...and you just got me and Sonya to live happily ever after because I let you out of that old Roman glass bottle?" Jamie privately thought his life had certainly got a lot weirder in the past day. "Yep! Well I suppose whether or not you live happily ever after is up to you Jamie. See I can't do nearly as much as I used to and the world needs more love. I've only been out of there a couple of hours but no one seems to trust each other anymore. Men and women often miss a good thing when it's staring them in the face. They go after people that they're told have to be interesting because they have a motorbike or they wear the right clothes rather than the ones they actually find interesting in the first place. They marry for security or convenience or even because they just don't think they can find anyone more suited to them. So you're going to be given a little power of your own and we'll see if you can make love a little more commonplace in this modern world of yours. Sex is supposed to mean something sweetie. It's not meant to be used to sell cars, clothes or bloody coffee mugs. It's also not just a pastime, no matter how much people like to pretend it is." Allison finished her little speech and then seemed to notice something down on the earth miles beneath them. "Oh crap is that the time!? You should be getting back Jamie." The goddess looked at him with those starry blue eyes of hers. Then her eyes fell down into his lap where his

cock was standing up to attention. Jamie found it was very difficult being anywhere near Allison without getting an erection. "Spread that love around sweetie. Sonya won't mind if you fuck other women...no woman ever will. Just please don't be an asshole about it." Allison then scooted a little closer to him and her left arm snaked around his shoulders whilst her right fell into his lap. He gasped as he felt the woman's delicate fingers wrap around his shaft. Then he heard a giggle of pleasure right by his ear and felt her warm wet tongue lick his earlobe. A sweet familiar scent filled his nostrils and he was going to speak up to ask more questions until her soft hand gently started caressing his cock. At first he felt only the tips of her fingers pass against the firm helmet one at a time. Then those fingers fastened around his hardened shaft and slowly started to stroke along its length. She had soon coaxed a trickle of sticky white precum out of the tip to trickle over her fingers. He shut his eyes tight, the pleasure was unlike anything he'd ever felt. Unlike the previous night with Sonya he had no control over the intense feeling her touch brought with it. Then finally he felt her kiss his neck and heard her whisper something in his ear. "Wake up" Jamie opened his eyes to find himself back at the inn. The whole thing had been a dream. Oh god what a dream though! Thinking that he was sure to have messed up his sheets he moved his hands up to wipe the sleep from his eyes. Who would have thought that of all the women in the world he could have sex-dreamt about that Sonya Vickers was the one he'd pluck out of the ether? He had to admit she'd been amazing in the dream though. Of course he'd never stand a chance with her in real life...probably couldn't get her to take those glasses off. Then there was that gorgeous sex goddess too. If only he'd managed to stay asleep long enough to get a shot with her. Well he supposed he had better fish around for his clothes and prepare for another day of picking at freezing wet mud. Oh joy. Then he looked down and realised that his backpack wasn't there beside the bed where he'd left it. Neither was his wallet or his watch! He'd been robbed! And who the bloody hell was humming that cheerfully at this time in the morning!? Jamie turned his head to see Sonya stood at the mirror in some skin hugging little undershorts. She had a content smile on her face whilst she put in some earrings and hummed along to a tune she'd discovered somewhere in the back of her mind. Jamie watched that gorgeous round ass of hers bounce along to the beat beneath the little shorts. Ok so he wasn't dreaming and they were both still in her room. That was why his things weren't there. They were still in his room down the hall. He'd spent all night thoroughly pleasuring this gorgeous hidden jewel of sex appeal and then he'd dreamt about Allison all night. He wasn't deluding himself now after all. He didn't, however, rule out the idea that he might have died and gone to heaven. He was admiring her long tanned legs thinking that they might have gotten a shade of darker, richer bronze since the previous evening when she noticed he was awake.

"Hey there lover," She said with a cute little smile after she'd turned around. Her small breasts gave a little bounce as they faced him. "you kept me up all night long. It's one in the afternoon. The rest of the group will wonder what we've been up to all morning." She slipped back onto the bed. The sheets were ruffled from the previous evening's exploits. They'd had to throw the quilt off the bed since it was so wet with sweat and cum and just use the under-sheet. "I think I'll say I discovered a long, thick phallic object amongst the student's discoveries. It looks to have been made back in the nineteen eighties of a unique substance that has the properties of both rubber and steel." Her smile was highly mischievous as her hand slipped under the sheet to touch what was currently beneath the tent he'd made around his crotch. "I'd say steel at the moment." Jamie laughed and caught the slight glimmering of one of her earrings. He reached out to slip her silky dirty blonde hair behind her ear to see it better. "They were my mum's." She explained before he could ask her where she'd got them. "I usually keep them in my bag as a kind of good luck charm I guess." "They look good on you. You should wear them more often." He said. A slight tint of colour flushed through her cheeks. Turning on his side Jamie leaned forward and kissed her good morning. Their lips met and melded into a slow smouldering greeting that lasted a few minutes longer than he'd probably intended it to. Still if you were going to waste time he decided that was definitely the best way to do it. After they kissed each other good morning Sonya planted two other kisses on his neck and chest. Her silky lips felt great against his skin and he watched her as she pulled the bed sheets over her head. Of course he could still see the 'bump' of her head beneath the sheets. He gave a little chuckle at her playfulness this morning that turned into a groan as he felt her hot breath on the tip of his cock. The breath was soon accompanied by a warm wet tongue gently teasing at his cockhead as she tasted it for the first time. Jamie's breathing started to get a little heavier, his heart beating faster in his anticipation of his first blowjob. What Jamie didn't know was that this was her first time at this too. After the previous night she had wanted to taste his cum since the stuff smelled so damn good. It wasn't as if it was a perfume or anything but instead it reminded her more of an appetising meal cooking on the stove. By the time he'd slipped out of her for the last time that night however she couldn't move she was that exhausted, let alone do anything else. With the sheet pulled over her head Jamie couldn't see what she was up to. He could only feel her breath gently blowing against his length and her tongue occasionally lick at the tip. "Sonya, that feels so good." He encouraged her with the compliment. Soon after he gave it he felt her lips give the end of his length a playful kiss before wrapping around the shaft. If it wasn't for his new self control skills he would have shot his load right into her

mouth there. Still he concentrated and the intense pleasure she was causing in his dick maintained instead of overflowing. The entire head of his cock sank down into her mouth. He felt the light touch of her teeth for a moment before she opened wide to suck a few more inches to rest against her tongue. More of his cock was sucked up between those hungry lips of hers until he felt the entrance to her throat. She gagged immediately, not being able to deepthroat and not knowing how much she could take. He felt her breathing heavily around his shaft and slid his hands under the sheets to let his fingers stroke through her hair reassuringly. She might have stopped then and mounted him since she was a little embarrassed that she could only take two thirds of his dick into her mouth. Wanting to give him as much pleasure as he'd given her the previous evening, she continued to suckle on him for a little while longer. Then she tasted something unlike she'd ever tasted before against her tongue. It was the most delicious, juiciest, thickest, stickiest hottest drink she'd ever had. The taste was indescribable, one moment she could almost swear it was strawberries, then chocolate, then honey, then whiskey but it was never quite any of those things. That was when the light sucking noises that Jamie had been hearing turned downright obscene. As she drank more and more of the steady trickle of his precum from his long hard dick she started to feel a familiar itch deep inside the hot pink folds of her pussy. Jamie now had a fist of her hair in one hand and a fist of the bed sheet in the other. Moving his hand along with her head as it bobbed up and down against his crotch. She'd started sucking in a way that he felt she might suck his balls right out of his cock. It felt incredible in itself but her tongue was also furiously alternating between licking at the slit of his dick and teasing out more of his cum by swirling over the sensitive spot on the underside of its mushroom shaped head. Jamie pulled the sheet aside to reveal the gorgeous mother of two giving him an incredible blowjob. Her eyes were closed tightly as she sucked on his hard-on with vigour. One of her hands reached up to grab his thigh and steady herself whilst her other reached beneath. She slipped her fingers beneath the hem of those little shorts of hers and started rubbing her pussy. The itch had evolved into a full blown inferno of arousal by now. Seeing the lewd display of the gorgeous slender woman sucking up his cum made him groan.

"Oh baby you sure know how to suck cock." He said. She moaned at his words and he felt the vibrations from her throat flow through his shaft right down into his toes. After the long lusty moan she started to let out soft little whines of pleasure and her hips instinctively started to bounce back and forth on the bed. Her back arched beautifully and he felt her fingers dig into the flesh of his thigh. Her head raised up from his dick and she screamed as she came. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! That's just too damn good to be true!" She groaned before looking up at him and smiling in surprise. Then the horny female leaned back down and licked up the drop of his

precum that had leaked from his cock all the way from the base to the tip of his shaft. Moaning he saw her hand starting to move in her shorts again as she took him back inside of her mouth. The taste of his cum could make her achieve orgasm? Well that sure as hell was a neat trick. Then he thought of Allison and what she'd said in that dream. She'd had to 'fix' him after she'd passed through him when she came out of the bottle right? Well if she could fix him then she might have been able to make some improvements mightn't she? No, surely not. That had to be just a dream. Before Jamie could think about it too much though Sonya's hand cupped his balls and started gently squeezing and teasing the heavy globes in an effort to make them squirt their jism out for her to drink. Even Jamie had seriously put some effort into holding back his climax right then. For a long time he let Sonya pleasure him with her mouth and enjoy herself. Then he finally felt it was time to give her a bigger drink. "Sonya, baby I'm about to cum. If...if you don't want it in your mouth now would be the time to..." Jamie stopped when Sonya renewed her intense cocksucking in anticipation of a load of his jism pouring down her throat. Jamie smiled and then closed his eyes to let her pull him over the edge. The intense pleasure of his climax wracked his body and he shook with the ecstasy of it as he felt the first spurts of his cum shooting into her mouth. She started drinking the hot sticky cream and as she did her hand started furiously rubbing her pussy. Eyes clenched tight in pleasure as he felt her teeth once again scraping lightly along the skin of his cock. After three big gulps of his cum she raised her head to release his cock from her mouth with a lewd 'pop'. Two more thick spurts shot out of the tip. One sailed up through the air to land with a juicy splat on her right ass cheek whilst the other caught her when his cock bounced back to point at her face. Her face was sprayed along her cheek and down to her chin with the thick white cum. The woman herself screamed out on the high of her own climax. The flood of his cum inside her belly and on her skin was making her pussy sizzle with her own hot fuck juices. Two, three, four...she lost count after the forth orgasm when she scooped the cum on her cheek into her mouth with her finger. Her body writhed and squirmed with pleasure. Jamie for his part had regained enough of his senses to watch the obscene display. When she settled to lie down on her side making a soft little contented mewling noise he reached out to her. Pulling the woman up to cuddle against his side he watched as one of her arms and one of her long slender legs wrapped around him. Allowing his cock to take a rest for the time being it slowly sank back down between his thighs. Well ok it turned out that maybe he might have had superpowers when it came to sex. Still if Allison had given him some of her godly powers to get him to help people fall in love then how the hell was he supposed to do it by just fucking them?

He was pretty sure she hadn't meant for him to just go make a harem for himself. It was an interesting thought though he had to admit. She wanted him to make other people fall in love with each other too. That was going to be a little difficult unless... Maybe he had other abilities too? "We should probably get dressed." Sonya said, interrupting his train of thought. "Probably." Jamie confirmed. He didn't move to get up though and neither did she. "We can't stay here all day." She said as if trying to convince herself more than him. "Nope" He smiled and planted a kiss amidst her dirty blonde hair. "We'll need new sheets. Gotta get outta bed for new sheets." Jamie felt her give him a squeeze with her arm as she spoke. "Fine, fine. Lets get up and go see if they've dug up anything interesting at the dig site. When we get back though I'm going to bend you over this bed so fast..." The boy smiled and returned the squeeze with his arm. Those small bare breasts of hers pushed up against his chest. He'd noticed that her right one still had the little blemish near her nipple where he'd given her a love bite early that morning. "Yeah. I need a shower too otherwise I'll get mobbed by sex crazed women who've smelled your cum on me." Sonya said as she wiped her finger on her cheek again where he'd splattered her and licked it shortly after. It must have still tasted of him since she gave a pleased little shudder. "Sounds like my idea of a good time." Jamie replied as he started to sit up and stood beside the bed to walk toward the bathroom. Sonya gave a little laugh before peeling off her shorts and throwing them over at him. They slapped against his muscular behind before falling to the ground. "Hey!" Jamie shouted, smiling before reaching down to pick up the little shorts. "These things are soaked." She flushed with colour. "What can I say? I don't know what the hell you eat mister but what comes out of that cock of yours could be bottled and sold as 'orgasm juice'." She gave a pleasant giggle. Jamie dropped the shorts back on the bed. "Orgasm juice huh? Nah, I think I'll save it all for you for the time being." As he said that he noticed Sonya's hand unconsciously slide down to her bare little slit. Looking to the bathroom and then back to her he wiggled his eyebrows before speaking again. "I need to clean up. Want to come help?" It was two hours later when they pulled up beside the road to walk to the dig site. The boy and the woman had spent over an hour screwing under the hot water of the shower. They had taken longer than they had meant to largely due to the fact that Sonya's

incredible body looked especially inviting when wet. Therefore three times he'd stepped out of the cubicle and glanced back only to find she was wiggling her wet gleaming ass at him. The first time it wasn't intentional, she had simply re-started her humming and bouncing to the music in her head. Of course the second and third times were very much her fault as she teased him into pounding her wet ass with his hips as his cock pleasured her eager and willing pussy. Yet they'd eventually un-coupled and with Jamie in the passengers seat they'd driven down to get to work. As they showed up they got more than a few odd looks since they'd been moaning, groaning and in her case screaming the night away. It turned out the walls of their room must have been paper thin. Some of the students snickered whilst others admired how much better their tutor looked. The changes had been so minute and occurred so slowly that Jamie hadn't noticed. Sonya's eyes were now a lot brighter and her hair had a natural bounce and fullness to it now that it hadn't before. She'd also forgotten to wear her glasses and in their rush to get out had only thrown on some pants and a t-shirt as well as her hiking boots. Therefore the change in her was immediately apparent. Even her skin had a healthier sun kissed glow to it. She was positively radiant as she walked beside Jamie to where he'd been digging the previous day. No one said anything to the pair, though more than a few gawped. "I think we had an audience last night." Sonya leaned in to whisper in Jamie's ear. Since there was no point in pretending they hadn't spent the night trying pounding each others crotches through the bed Jamie slipped his hand into hers. Their fingers interlaced and they both realised they were happy everyone knew about them, they were a couple and that suited both of them just fine. "From the way we were going at it I'd be surprised if the entire village didn't know we were an item." He replied as he hopped down into the ditch then reached up to grasp her waist and help her down to stand beside him. "Oooh such a gentleman!" She said with a grin. "We'll have to send my kids a good few miles away when you sleep over." Her words slowed a little as she realised what she was saying. "Oh no!" She thought to herself. "I've mentioned the kids! So soon too! Now he's probably going to make some excuse and get out of here." Jamie seemed a little freaked out to be sure. Though it was largely because he'd heard her think he was about to freak out rather than a fear of children. Because of this there was a long silence between them that Sonya felt she needed to fill. "Hey, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have mentioned my kids this soon. I don't know what I was thinking...you probably don't want to come over anyway. I just..." Sonya's words were halted by his mouth meshing against her own. The kiss was surprising and no less mind blowing because of it. It didn't last very long but she felt his tongue gently caress her upper lip before their lips parted altogether.

"Don't be silly." He chided. "I'd love to sleep over. I'd also like to meet your kids too but you're right, you should send them to a babysitter or something if I come over for the night. I imagine having your mother screaming a man's name you don't know; then having her headboard sound like it's trying to break through the wall into your room would be slightly traumatising. Kids these days have enough to deal with." Smirking at her he turned back to sort through his tools. Sonya bit her lip to try to stifle her own smile. It didn't work. "Well I'm sure you'll get along fine. All they do is play video games and watch TV at the moment." "Really? Well then we have two common interests already." Jamie said, looking over his shoulder and smirking. He then handed her a chisel so she could start to chip away at a layer of dirt that was covering a partly unearthed stone. The stone could have been nothing at all, it was too early to tell. Since he'd found Allison's little glass vial here though he was a little more hopeful. Who knows? He might be able to find out more about his new friend. "Miss Vickers." A disapproving voice emanated from above their heads. "A word if you please." "Slut!" Standing above them in his yellow raincoat and wellington boots was Jamie's archaeology professor, Clarence Brown. He was a man in his late fifties with a stubbly beard who was slightly overweight. His big cheeks were red from the biting cold that neither Sonya nor Jamie had noticed today. It took Jamie a moment to realise that the word 'slut' had popped into his head because of the professor. Apparently he wasn't pleased by his assistants bedroom dalliances. "Certainly professor." Sonya replied with a slightly guilty tone. Then she climbed out of the ditch to speak with the man. Jamie was concerned for her. He wouldn't have wanted her to get fired or punished for being with him. Watching the two walk into the distance and start talking he poked his head up out of the ditch to watch. Straining his ears to overhear what was being said he suddenly started hearing the pair of them. The words were not however matching what their lips were saying. Instead he heard what they were thinking. "...Stupid slut trying to get us both fired! You don't fuck students. No matter how much you might want to..." "...hope he doesn't fire me. This job keeps me sane and now with Jamie too. God I might never see him again. He might not want to see me if I can' help him out with his work..." "...She looks so pathetic. After sounding like such a whore last night I'm not surprised. Still who would have thought that behind those glasses little Sally McNo-Tits would be such a looker?..." "...Oh god what if he tells everyone? What if he tells my mother? I only got this job because she put in a good word with him..." "...Yes that's right you little bitch. I own you. I could ruin you too. Still there's no point in letting

such a nice piece of ass get away without sampling it first..." "...He wants me to what!? Oh no this is so horrible. How could he ask me to..." "...Yes, yes, yes! Now I've got her. I think I'll get her to suck my dick tonight whilst I read my book. Yeah and then I'll..." "...This is all going so wrong. Jamie's going to get kicked off his course and if I don't...wait what the hell is he doing!?" What Jamie was doing as it turned out was breaking his professor's jawbone into two pieces. Sonya actually heard the bone snap as her lover's fist met with her bosses chin. Hearing what the scumbag was planning to do to Sonya was more than enough motive for the young man. "J-Jamie!? What are you..." Sonya spluttered. She was clearly shocked by the display. "Ugh! Uew oohid asgad!" The professor screamed from where he'd landed in the dirt. His hand was holding his jaw as he let out a sickening scream from the pain that followed. Jamie grabbed the man by the collar of his raincoat and pulled him close. Sonya saw the man's eyes widen in absolute terror at whatever Jamie mumbled to him. After dumping the man unceremoniously back in the dirt Jamie walked over to take her hand in his and led past the stunned onlookers. She found herself being pulled along but was too surprised and partly relieved that whatever had happened was done. It might not have ended well but at least it was over and she wouldn't have to...oh god what she might have had to do to keep her job! Then the more serious matter of her lover...no not just her lover, her love. She'd completely fallen head over heels for Jamie in a day. The shock of it hit her like a brick in her gut. As if realising you were very much in love with one of your students wasn't trouble enough, that student was now probably going to jail for assaulting a man! As they approached her car she pulled her hand out of his. Tears glistening in her eyes before one escaped to trickle down her cheek. Jamie hadn't noticed how upset she was since for the past minute or so his world had been tinted crimson with pure fury. Upon seeing that she was crying however his expression softened for a moment but remained very serious. Reaching out to place his hands on her shoulders he spoke up. "Look I heard what he said to you. No one does that to you and gets away with it. Not whilst I have anything to say about it. We're going now. Back to London." "B-but I need to check he's alright." She protested, wanting desperately to smooth things over and make everything alright again. "Sonya believe me he's fine. He won't be able to teach classes for a while though and I made sure he won't be seeing you ever again." Jamie said. Reaching out he pulled her against him. She let out a sob against his chest. "I'm sorry I did that though. I could have handled it better but I couldn't just stand there and let you take that from him. Truth be told I didn't actually think I could break a guys jaw." Apparently those new muscles of his weren't just for show. "Served him right though didn't it?"

She couldn't help but let out an indecipherable murmur in the affirmative. "Now we can go into York tonight and find a hotel, away from the drama of the rest of the students. Then tomorrow we can go back home and you'll probably be teaching a few of our classes now. At least until that jackass can speak again. Everything will be fine baby. I Promise." His words were comforting and his presence had an odd way of calming her down. After wiping the tears from her eyes and letting out one final sniffle she spoke up again. "Jamie you just hit a man. We have to go to the police and tell them what happened." Her voice was still riddled with worry. "You might not go to jail if we tell them why...I-I don't want you to go to jail." Jamie hugged Sonya a little tighter against him. "I'm not going to jail. Trust me. The professor has been smuggling university finds to foreign museums illegally now for about three years. Believe me if I told the police what I know he'd go to jail for a lot longer than a broken jaw is worth." "What!?" She exclaimed. "How did you find that out?" Her shock at hearing this news stifled her worry for a while. Then when it dawned on her what it meant she seemed a little conflicted. After all she was a very honest person and didn't like the idea of letting the professor steal from the university one bit. "I'm a super sleuth." Jamie replied somewhat enigmatically. In fact he'd been able to read enough of the professor's thoughts to know pretty much every dirty little secret he had. "Look, don't you worry about it right now love. If you don't want to come with me then that's fine, I'll see you when you get back to London. Either way I'm..." "No, I'm coming with you." She interrupted firmly. "I want to come with you." Her voice was a little more softly spoken this time. "Good. Let's get out of here then." Jamie said and finally let her go. She walked around her car to slide in the driver's side and he opened the passenger door before looking back at the dig site. It seemed he'd have to wait a while before finding out if there was anything more about the nature of Allison was hidden there. They stopped back at the village and went to pick up their things. Jamie stuffed the clothes and his toilet bag into his backpack and then headed back down to the bar to wait for Sonya. Allison was nowhere to be seen and curiosity got the better of him whilst he waited for his new leggy girlfriend to join him. Stepping up to the bar he came face to face with a woman in her early fifties with short greying hair and a serious weight problem. Despite that though she had a good natured face and wasn't so jaded by bar work that she couldn't muster up a smile when she spoke to him. "What'll it be?" She asked cheerfully.

"Half a lager please." Jamie replied. "Any ID on you?" The woman inquired whilst keeping her expression and tone polite. "Yeah." Jamie fished around in his wallet for his drivers licence and it to her. After scrutinizing the picture and working out from his birth date that he was nineteen and above legal drinking age she gave another cheerful grin. "Sorry about that dear, we've got to ask if you look under twenty five these days. By the time I'm sixty I bet I'll be getting bloody checked." She said with a good natured chortle. Jamie decided he liked the woman and laughed at the poor joke to be friendly whilst she poured out his drink. "I'm not a stalker or anything but I was wondering where your bar-maid from last night had gotten to?" Jamie asked as innocently as he could manage. "Bar maid?" The woman looked at him as if he'd just asked her to tell him where to find a unicorn. "Sorry chuck. Only barmaid here is the one you're looking at." Jamie looked at the woman's sweaty brow and large double chin, he'd previously noted the large sagging breasts too though he wished he hadn't. This was definitely no Allison. "Well there was a woman here last night cleaning tables is all...we talked and she cheered me up after a very long day. I just wanted to say goodbye." That was a reasonable excuse he thought. At any rate it worked a lot better than: 'She started giving me a great handjob in a dream I had last night and now I'm trying to find her so she can finish me off.' The woman's mind was genuinely puzzled for a moment before she seemed to realise something. "Oh so that's why the tables and glasses were cleaned when I got up this morning!" The woman still seemed a little confused however. "I never saw her if she was here. We don't have anyone staying here apart from your student lot at the moment either. If you see her again though then thank her for me. Saved me an hours work this morning, not having to do that lot." "Jamie I thought we were going?" Sonya said looking disapprovingly at his beer. She'd stepped up beside Jamie and scared him shitless. The boy was already a little freaked out to say the least. "Yeah we are." He said after collecting himself. Picking up the half pint that the bar-maid had given him and paying for it with the exact change he had finished the drink in less than a minute. "Needed that. Thanks for the chat." He breathed out with a sigh and turned back to look at Sonya. "Lets go."

On his way out Jamie scanned the minds of all of the other patrons but found no trace of the image of Allison that was burned into his own mind so deeply. "You just didn't overlook a woman like that" He thought to himself. They left the village and drove toward York. It didn't take long for Jamie to find a good hotel using his phone's internet and book them a room. Sonya protested when he insisted that he pay for it but he argued that since they were here because of him then he'd pick up the tab. It was about six o'clock when the pair entered the lobby of the hotel hand in hand. "Jamie there's a bar over there look." Sonya said, pointing through a doorway where Jamie heard glasses chiming and people chattering. "Will you wait for me in there? I have to go do something real quick." Jamie didn't particularly want to wait around for her. What he wanted to do to her was tear off her pants, spread her legs and screw her brains out right on the lobby desk. It had already taken him a great deal of willpower not to ask her to pull over and ream her in the back seat of her car. Still from the way she was looking at him it didn't seem like she'd be very long at all. With a nod he took her bag for her and she gave a little giddy hop before leaning in to plant a soft peck on his lips. The teasing reminder of how she tasted didn't help matters but he watched that firm bottom of hers through the seat of her pants as she practically skipped out through the main doors. After getting their room key and the receipt Jamie picked up her heavy carry-all and lumbered through the door into the bar. It was very quiet for that time of day and he guessed that it was one of those places that made more money on afternoon lunches than night time drinkers. In the short distance between walking from the lobby to sitting down in a seat at the bar the strap on Sonya's carry-all had almost dislocated his shoulder. He set it down with a sigh of relief and plopped his own backpack down next to it. "What the bloody hell has she got in there? Bricks!?" He mumbled to himself before opening her carry-all to sate his curiosity. Reaching inside he pulled out, well there was no other way to describe it, a brick. Turning it over in disbelief he saw that it had an engraving on its side. "That's the mark of a roman legion." Said a familiar husky voice only inches away from his ear. "Shit!" Jamie shouted, barely managing to hold onto the brick as he jumped off his seat and landed back on it with a bump. A few of the other patrons turned to look at him, he gave a sheepish smile and then waved to indicate he was alright. Allison was sat curiously looking at the brick, she'd come out of nowhere and was now peeking over his shoulder at it. He immediately noticed that delirious scent she usually

extruded and couldn't help but feel more comfortable in her presence. "I was wondering when you'd turn up again." Jamie said. "So was I actually. I decided that you were worth a visit sooner rather than later." Jamie felt her hand on his shoulder, it squeezed the muscle affectionately. "I'm surprised these guys aren't wolf whistling at you by now." He said nodding to the sparse number of people that populated the bar, most of them men. "They can't really see me. They know you're talking to someone but they won't really notice I'm here unless I want them to...and I don't really want them to. So anyway how are you doing kiddo?" Allison asked, slipping into a seat next to him. "Great thanks!" Jamie said, actually grinning. "I can't thank you enough for Sonya. She's pretty amazing isn't she?" "Yep, now aren't you glad I sent you to her room?" She said in her best 'I told you so' voice. "Yeah I guess I am." He replied honestly. "You wouldn't have preferred it if I was there?" She asked, a teasing smirk on her full red lips. The question caught Jamie off guard, it was one he hadn't expected or really considered since he and Sonya had gotten together. "I don't think I could leave Sonya now." He said after a moment's consideration. "I'm pretty sure I'm in love with her. I know that sounds crazy since we've only really known each other for a day. Come to think of it we haven't really talked much at all. I just know I love her and would do pretty much anything for her." "Hey! Remember who you're talking to here. I know you love her. That was kind of the point of getting you two little rabbits together to do what rabbits do best. Don't worry about going too fast either, trust me you two are great for each other." Allison gave him a conspiratorial wink. "Then you also know I love you too." He admitted a little awkwardly. Trying to lighten the mood a little he continued. "I don't suppose I could have you both?" A rather sheepish smile followed. "My darling boy," Allison breathed her tone lowering making her voice all the more sultry. "Of course you can have us both. You can have any amount of women you want sweetheart."

"See you keep saying that but I really love Sonya. I don't want to cheat on her or betray her. Besides it's not like she isn't taking care of little Jamie down here." He said lowering his hand to straighten out his penis as it hardened with desire once again in her presence. When he'd finished it bulged up against his jeans rather lewdly, pointing down along his thigh. "Sweetheart you are just adorable!" Allison leaned forward. Jamie gulped as more of those large sun kissed breasts of hers spilled out of the plunging neckline of her top. Her fingers flitted along his inner thigh and over his hardening length. Her lips gave his cheek a loving kiss as he felt her hand gently stroking him. "I told you that Sonya won't mind if you sleep with other women. The women you sleep with will know sex like no other person has ever experienced it. You have my essence in you Jamie, my mark. You already know you can see into the minds of others. What their hopes and dreams are, their loves and losses. Take these two for example..." The goddess pointed a perfectly manicured finger toward a private booth across from them where two teenagers were sat opposite them. They were both girls, no older than seventeen he guessed. Both of them looked incredibly glum as they sat staring into an orange juice and a coke respectively. "...see what's bothering them." Allison ordered. Jamie looked at her for a moment before resigning himself to turn his gaze toward the pair of girls. They were both troubled alright. The worry and the fear between them was enough to give Jamie a mild headache. Surface thoughts of the two teenagers were all it took to discern what was wrong with them. It was the same as before with Sonya and the Professor as the two thought patterns alternated with each other in his head. "...how are we ever going to make this work? All our money's gone..." "...she doesn't think we can make it. God this was a horrible idea..." "...maybe we could ask at the hotel for a job?..." "...can't even get a real drink. I want to go home and raid my dad's whiskey cabinet..." "...would she work for minimum wage for me? There wouldn't be a lot of other incentives..." "...saw that creepy bartender look at us. Yes we're together. Congratufucking..." "...-lations Ceilia you've run away from home with your girlfriend and now you're going to freeze with her on the street..." "...go back home? We could work it out. I'm sure my parents would calm down eventually..." "...need to do something. Is what we have worth all of this?..." "...never go back. Not after what he said to me..." "See? Here we have young love in bloom and a whole lot of poop that doesn't really matter in the way of it." Allison spoke up after she thought Jamie had heard enough. "So what are you going to do about it?" "Me? What can I do? I can read minds and have a super-cock." Jamie thought about that for a moment. "I won't sleep with them. I wouldn't even if they weren't lesbians." He stated "Why's that? You can turn gay women straight and straight men gay if you want to. Are they not good enough for you?" Allison asked him, a glimmer of irritation in those vibrant blue eyes of hers.

"It's who they are. I'm not going to change that. Plus those two genuinely love each other. I can feel the...the heat of that feeling even through all that's bothering them right now. It wouldn't be right to take that away. That's not even mentioning that they're bloody jailbait." He said, scratching his chin and thinking about what to do. "Can I do more besides read minds?" Turning his head to look at her inquisitively he found her expression had softened. "Sorry of course, I thought you meant that you didn't like them." Allison admitted. Then she reached out with the hand that wasn't stroking his member and tapped his brow with her index finger. "You can do plenty more besides read minds sweetie. You'll have to learn what you can do on your own though." "So you can't read my mind then?" Jamie asked, curious. "Nope, I'm afraid not. Despite my interest in all those delightfully dirty things I can see you're considering doing to me behind those thoughtful eyes of yours. After frazzling you when you let me out of my vial I put a lot of my spirit into you. I guess I put enough of it into you to let your mind keep gods and goddesses out of its business." "Oh. I see." Said Jamie, not really seeing at all but thinking it best to nod along and get on with the task at hand. He closed his eyes and concentrated very hard, scouring the city with his new psychic ability. As thousands of thoughts poured into his head at once from the surrounding populous he let out a yelp of discomfort and pushed them back immediately. Ok apparently that wasn't the way to go about this. Trying a new approach he flitted through the girls minds again before hopping through one or two people at a time. Seeing the city through the eyes of others was a strange experience to be sure but the girls weren't far from home. It took him about ten minutes to find their parents, tracing them by following the girls routes to the hotel. "...can't believe she's gone! Oh lord this isn't right..." "...shouldn't have said that to her. What will the family think of me..." "...came as such as a surprise, didn't know how to deal with it..." "...can't phone her, not after what I said..." "...such a disgrace on our family to find that she..." Jamie immediately saw what the parent's problem was. They had been raised in a largely fundamentalist Christian family where homosexuality was definitely not tolerated in any form. Of course they still loved their daughters. Jamie could see it even if they couldn't. So he tried to will the ideas in their head of reconciliation to the front of their thought patterns and dumb down the idiotic beliefs that had split up their families. Much to his surprise it worked like a charm. It seemed their minds, or at least their subconscious, wanted their children to come home very much indeed. Jamie opened his eyes to find Allison was kissing him. He'd been so entrenched in what

he was doing he hadn't noticed that delicious soft mouth touching his lips. Still Allison was not a woman who you could ignore for long. When he felt her tongue lick slowly along his lips he closed his eyes and lost himself in her presence. Dropping his hands from where they were rubbing his temples he found she'd crawled onto his lap to kiss him. His hands touched her shoulders and slowly explored the gentle curve of her smooth hourglass figure. Thumbs daring to touch the softness of her breasts as his hands slid down along her sides. Yet before he could get those hands under her skirt she broke the kiss and reached around to catch his wrists. Her breathing was heavy and she closed her eyes for a long moment to regain her composure. It seemed no one in the bar had noticed the lusty display between them. Finally she looked down at him and gave a warm smile, her eyes twinkling and her lips swollen from the intensity of their kiss. "Sorry sweetheart. It's just that you're a man after my own heart." She said, leaning to one side so he could see over her shoulder. Both girls were talking on their cellphones. Clearly they hadn't gotten so desperate as to sell those just yet. It was a happy chance that they hadn't thought of selling them though since there was now a great deal of tearful reconciliation going on between the girls and their families. Jamie overheard them tell their parents where they were for them to come pick them up. They both hugged each other when they were finished and hurried to wait outside for them to arrive. "See? All it takes is a good knack for showing people what's important to them. Nothing's really more important than love you see. Most people know that in their hearts but their heads seem to need to make up rules for why it's important not to feel or admit love." Allison explained to him. "Now for your next assignment cast your eyes over to the bar." She instructed. Jamie however had let his gaze fall to look down into her cleavage and was having problems tearing his eyes away. "Hey! There'll be plenty of time for checking those out later. I promise. Pay attention, there's boobs over there too." At the promise of boobs he turned his head to follow her gaze to the bar. Sitting there in a grey suit was a woman who was clearly trying very hard not to cry. Seeming of English and Hispanic descent with her dark auburn hair and alluring countenance. Despite the rather mournful expression she was wearing it was easy to see that she was quite beautiful. Emerald green eyes glistened with tears behind stylish spectacles and her delicately curved mouth quivered in a way that made a man want to hold her until everything was alright again. The dark suit covered much of her body from his eyes but he could see she had a good figure. Her skirt covered her legs down to her knees at which point dark stockings took over the job. Black high heeled shoes had been discarded by the base of her bar stool that he thought were a little too sexy for working in. Of course with the rest of the business attire they seemed just fine. Jamie noticed to his disappointment that boobs were definitely not on display. Feeling a sudden weight lifted from his thighs he turned back to see that Allison had

vanished. Once again left to think about cold showers and large spiders until his member allowed him to stand up without pain or embarrassment Jamie considered the woman. Much like the teenagers her thoughts were deeply troubled and her worry and angst gave him a slight headache. Finding that it was much easier to listen to a single train of thought rather than try to eavesdrop on two at once he tried to discover what had the attractive woman so upset. "...today of all days to tell me. 'Hey there Gwen! Sorry about this but I've been fucking a Thai woman from my massage parlour for the past six months. If you'll just sign these divorce papers I'll be out of your hair. Good luck with the job interview by the way!' I mean who the hell does that to a person? I thought he loved me enough to...well I have been working a lot lately and...no! I don't care what the fuck I've been doing at work you don't fuck your masseuse after five years of marriage. This new job would have been so good too! Couldn't stop blubbering through the entire interview. Complete mess. Should just go hang myself. Nothing left now, maybe I'll get my old job back? No they filled my position already. Dammit and then there's all those..." Jamie didn't wait to see what else was bothering the poor woman. He stood up and walked over to the bar after she'd ordered her drink. Fishing a ten pound note out from his pocket he slid it across to the bartender. "This one's on me...and can I have a pint of whatever lager you've got on tap please?" Jamie said before the woman could start fumbling around with her purse. She was looking at him with suspicion now. Recent events in her life had led her to believe that people were not nice enough to buy drinks for strangers with no reason behind it. "What do you want? I'm not in here looking for guys to buy me drinks." She said. He paid for hers regardless. "I know. Look I'm not a lounge lizard or anything. I just noticed you seemed upset. Are you meeting anyone?" He asked already knowing she wasn't. "N-no I'm not." Her voice wavered. "Great idea Jamie, remind her just how lonely she is." He mentally made a note to kick himself when he got the chance. "Well now you have," Offering her a friendly smile he noticed Sonya step under the archway from the hotel and into the bar. "me and my girlfriend as a matter of fact." Waving the slim blonde over he noted she was carrying a few shopping bags with her. "Hey!" Sonya said as she spotted where Jamie had put his rucksack and her carry-all and dumped her shopping bags down next to them. Turning she scampered across to the bar and leaned in to give Jamie a brief kiss on the lips. "What's going on?" She asked looking between Jamie and the woman. "I noticed um..." Jamie started but then realised that he'd only picked her name out of the

woman's head and she hadn't said it aloud yet. That would have sure taken some explaining. "Gwendolyn, Gwendolyn Chambers." The woman filled in her name. She spoke it like it meant about as much to her as raw sewage. "Right. I noticed Gwen here looked a little down and just came to see what was up." Jamie explained. "Oh, I see. Um..." She trailed off and bit her lower lip anxiously. Jamie thought that trouble was on the horizon and that Sonya didn't like him talking to this new woman. Fearing the worst he searched her surface thoughts just as he was taking a drink of his beer and nearly drowned himself. The reason for this was that as the beer was just about to hit the back of his throat Jamie couldn't help but take in a shocked breath. Sonya's mind was filled with almost nothing but thoughts of the lewdest and most scandalous variety. The term 'making love' didn't quite fit the description of the things that were running through the woman's head right then. Hard, relentless, brutal, visceral, mindless and depraved were just some of the adjectives he thought up on the spot to describe the kind of fucking his girlfriend wanted out of him when they got to their room. The reason she seemed so anxious and awkward was merely that her panties were practically soaked and she really wanted to get him inside of her one way or another. Despite her carnal cravings however her conscience was making her as worried about Gwen as he was. "Are you alright?" Gwen asked as Jamie cleared his throat. "Yeah, fine...it just went down the wrong hole." Jamie replied. "...better stuff me in the wrong hole tonight buster..." Sonya thought to herself. Then she wondered why her man was blushing so furiously. Deciding it was probably because of the coughing fit she turned back to look at Gwen. "So what's up with ya then?" She asked. Her tone was friendly and her eyes concerned. "Pretty much everything." Gwen replied. Soon after that she took a big gulp of the vodka she'd ordered. "Husband left me for a...well basically a hooker. Left my old job because I was so sure this new one was in the bag then blew the interview. So I'm jobless, alone, I don't have any friends really. I...I just..." A couple of tears fell down her cheeks and Sonya opened her arms to hug the woman. "Hey I know life can suck. It can change around though real fast. Can't it Jamie?" Sonya lifted her head to look over to where Jamie was stood. "Yeah!" Jamie said, trying to snatch the reigns of the conversation as smoothly as possible. "You can be sitting in a bar one minute minding your own business and nearly die from choking on your own beer the next! Eventually the beer washes down though and you can get on with the business at hand." He demonstrated by taking another drink of his pint. Careful this time as to not pry into the pornographic filth running through

Sonya's mind the drink went without incident. There would be lots of time for putting those thoughts into action later this evening after all. "A beer metaphor is just what she needs right now I'm sure." Sonya said, sticking her tongue out at Jamie. Gwen actually smiled despite the tears at the pair of them. "Thanks for trying all the same." She said wiping her cheeks with the back of her hand. "God I must look like a mess. I should go to my room and clean up, I couldn't go back to my house tonight. There's too much of my prick of a husband there." She practically spat out her husbands name. "The son of a bitch is in the walls of the place I swear." "Well bed does sound like good idea." Sonya said, an eager look was cast toward Jamie as she did so. "Alright then, bed it is. What floor are you on Gwen?" Jamie asked, pulling his room key out of his pocket. "I dunno," She replied and pulled her key out of her pocket to look at the golden engraved number on it. "Room four five seven? What floor is that on?" "The third." Jamie replied calmly moving to pick up all the bags he could carry and leaving two of the small ones for Sonya to bring along. "How do you know that?" Gwen asked as if he might have some kind of hotel room encyclopaedia hidden about his person. "Because we're in room four five six and the guy at the front desk told me it was on the third floor." Jamie said between heavy breaths as he lugged the bags toward the entrance of the bar. "Alright then smartass." Gwen replied dryly. "Cute ass is more like it." Sonya chimed in. Gwen lowered her eyes to the man's rear. "...actually now that she mentions it that is a pretty hot piece of man ass. WHOA there girl! Talk about inappropriate thoughts..." She didn't take her eyes off of Jamie's backside however. "I'm Sonya by the way. Sonya Vickers." The leggy blonde introduced herself, offering her free hand. "Hm?" Gwen was daydreaming about squeezing a certain attractive backside and had just noticed Jamie's arm muscles rippling over the weight of the bags when Sonya had spoken. "Oh! Yes of course." Letting out a slightly embarrassed little laugh she shook Sonya's hand. "Hey if you want me to carry some of that stuff too I'd be happy to." She

called over to Jamie. The man was becoming more of a pleasant distraction from her current problems by the second. "It's alright I got it. Thanks for offering though." Jamie said whilst sending a dagger shooting look over to Sonya. She poked her tongue out at him again and his sour expression melted into a good natured laugh. They all piled into the elevator with a few other people who were waiting in the lobby. At the third floor they disembarked and followed the signs. Four hundreds first, then four hundred and fifties, then... "Here we are. Rooms four five six and four five seven. They're right opposite each other." Jamie said and dumped the bags in order to slip the key out of his pocket and open the door. The hotel was a pleasant enough one and so the rooms were tastefully decorated. Flicking on the light he saw the double bed right in front of him draped in a fine crimson quilt. The wall opposite was entirely mirrored and functioned as a closet by the looks of the door panels separating the mirrors. Another door was open just to the side leading to the bathroom where he could see a white marble floor but little else. Deep red carpet covered the floors and an old fashioned glass lamp hung from the ceiling with two more coming from the walls on either side of the bed. It was simple but comfortable, He noted a couple of leather chairs flanking a small television set that was mounted on a table when he entered and looked at the back wall. "Hey thanks for the company." Gwen broke the silence that had ensued as they had looked over their rooms. "I appreciate it." "Don't sweat it. Hey if you need a cup 'o sugar or anything since we're neighbours now and all..." Sonya joked with a teasing little smirk. "I'll be sure to call. You two have a nice night!" She said and then disappeared behind her door. Sonya and Jamie brought their bags into their room and Jamie was allowed a quick shower before his girlfriend commandeered the bathroom. A few of those bags had vanished in there with her too though she refused to say what they were. Jamie dried himself with a towel he'd managed to steal out of the bathroom and laid back on the bed without a stitch of clothing on. Resting his arms behind his head on the fluffy hotel pillow he looked up at the ceiling. He thought about Gwen and her problems for a few minutes. Allison had said she was his next assignment so he hoped he'd done enough to help the woman out at least a little. As he took in a deep breath in preparation for what was sure to be a long and thoroughly pleasurable night ahead of him he thought he caught Allison's distinct intoxicating scent in the air. It was only for a moment but since she'd been splayed out on his lap he figured a little of her scent might have rubbed off on him. He was looking over at the television and starting to wonder what was on right about now

when he heard her voice behind him. "Psst. Over here baby." It was Sonya. Or rather he thought it might have been some kind of slutty succubus who had taken the shape of Sonya. She was stood in the doorway to the bathroom, the light behind her making her slim and well toned figure practically glow in the dim light of the main bedroom. She had one hand resting against the door frame whilst her other was held up to allow her teeth to nibble on her index finger. She was wearing an open slightly transparent black silk nightgown that fell just to her bottom when she was standing upright. The silk clung to that slender athletic body of hers in a way that made him almost envy the garment. A black lace bra could be seen beneath the silk cupping those small succulently soft tits of hers along with a matching thong. As the robe parted he saw that the stringy little piece of cloth barely covered the juicy lips of her pussy. Her inner thighs gleamed with her sex juices already. Sat six or seven feet away from her he could almost smell that fiery little snatch and the scent made him lick his lips. She turned around to show him the rest of the outfit and it looked just as good from the back as the front. Her ass, that oh-so-perfect firm round bottom of hers, was visible enough beneath the black silk that he could see the dark lines of the strings running between its curves and up over the curves of her hips. Those impossibly gorgeous long legs drew his gaze slowly along them as the slender stems parted a little for his enjoyment. The clicking noise this made on the marble floor drew his attention to her pretty little feet wrapped in some strappy high heeled shoes. The thin heels that she gracefully balanced upon seemed to gently flow into the curve of her bare ankle adorned only in the thin straps that held them to her feet. She caught him staring down there and wiggled her toes teasingly. Her sea green eyes were intense with lust and she somehow timed her steps toward him to the slow excited rhythm of his heart beat. "You like what you see baby?" She asked in a throaty voice that he couldn't wait to hear moaning like a whore for him. "Fuck yes." Thoughts of other women evaporated as she once again became the centre of his world. "Good." She said as she ran her eyes down along his muscular body to fix on his shaft that was completely rigid by now from the sight of her. The thought that she could have that effect on him made her pussy practically froth with excitement. Turning around she faced away from him and placed her palms up against the wall. Leaning into it she arched her back and stuck out her ass before turning her head back to him and practically groaning. "Come play with your fuck toy baby." Jamie didn't need asking twice. "Fuck toy? Fuck fantasy is more like it."

Then he practically hurtled off of the bed to slide up behind her. The long thick cock that she knew was just the perfect size for her sheath slipped up between her legs. The tips of her fingers whitened as she tried to sink them into the plaster wall upon feeling that wondrous long shaft of his slowly stroking against her cunt. "Ooooh! Yeah that feels so hot Jamie." She breathed before squeezing her legs together a little to let him slide his dick between her slender firm thighs. Lifting his hands to sneak beneath the silk robe she wore and grasp that gorgeous ass of hers as he felt her tighten the grip of her thighs around his prick. "Sonya, that feels amazing baby. You're so fucking slippery I could blow a load screwing you like this." His happy cock throbbed between her legs as he started thrusting his hips against her. The unique feeling this had on her as his shaft started rubbing the lacy little triangle of fabric of her thong up against her pussy made her whimper a little. Feeling the pressure of his helmet rubbing against her clit was, she decided, foreplay at its best. Meanwhile his hands had caroused their way up from her ass and along the lithe contours of her back until they came to the clasp of her bra. His nimble fingers unfastened the clasp and immediately reached beneath to grasp her tits. Each breast was a handful which was more than enough to enjoy as far as he was concerned. As his left hand kneaded her warm soft tit flesh his right lightly pinched the opposite nipple. "Holy shit!" She gasped. The little pink nipples that tipped each of her breasts had always been sensitive but when he started teasing them her body gave a little spasm of surprise. Deciding she was ready to pop Jamie slipped out from between her thighs and stopped playing with her tits. "Turn around." He ordered and she obeyed immediately. Since she was now facing him she went for a kiss but he dodged her mouth. She found herself puzzled at this action and then slightly worried that he didn't want to kiss her anymore. Giving him a questioning look he reached out and put his fingertip upon her lips. "Not here." He said simply. Then he smiled and she shuddered as he lowered his finger down from her jaw-line to her neck. "Not here either." She drew her bottom lip between her teeth before sucking in a hiss of breath as she felt his fingertip make a lazy circle around her breast before playfully brushing over the nipple. "Nope, not here...this time." He added the last two words as an afterthought. His fingertip was now tracing a series of smaller and smaller circles around her belly-button. "Here?" He asked himself. She tensed up in anticipation. "I don't think so." Jamie then let his hand fall down to hook beneath the side of the triangle of fabric that covered her slit and placed his index and middle finger on each side of her juicy cuntlips. "How about..." Jamie slowly drew out his words as by now Sonya was literally shaking with desire.

"OH FUCK THERE! Please god there! I'll do anything, just make it there!" Her begging aroused him to new heights of desire. The fingers on her pussy slid down along her inner thigh until she felt both of his hands grasp her legs firmly. In one quick movement Jamie slid her up along the wall, his hands slipping along to her ass until she was far enough up the wall to rest her legs over his shoulders. Seeing what he was about to do she started to gasp as his mouth plunged forward. The little thong, already skewed to the side, offered no protection as his tongue gave her pussy lips a very deep kiss. "JAMIE!" She screamed out his name as his tongue licked at the wet sticky juices now flowing from deep within her. "Oh Jamie that's amazing! It's i-incredible! I love..." His tongue started licking the pink little nub of flesh of her highly aroused clit. The screaming orgasm that followed from her stopped her in mid-utterance. Her hot delicious nectar came streaming out into his mouth and he greedily lapped up the hot sex juice to lewdly gulp it down. Since he found himself quite fond of licking her juicing little pussy he didn't let her down after she'd climaxed. This was his first time enjoying the taste of a woman's sex and he was definitely all for savouring the moment. Her legs were now firmly wrapped around his head and she was clawing at the wallpaper as her lovely ass writhed in little circles to grind her cunt against his tongue. She had already cum twice right into his mouth when she felt his hands grasp her ass and pull apart her supple cheeks. The feel of the air of the hotel room on her little asshole was exquisite in itself. Yet when she felt the tip of his tongue exploring her little anal pucker she screamed and tried to steady herself by putting her hands on the roof just above her head. It stood to reason therefore that when Jamie's tongue returned to swirling around her clit and he slowly inserted a finger into that hot virgin hole she started cumming like a freight train. "Jamie! Oh Jamie! I love it! It's so good baby!" She started moaning as her hips started to grind in his face whorishly. Jamie slipped his tongue from where it was exploring the deepest part of her little pussy and gave the lips a parting kiss goodbye as they slipped closed. Then Jamie turned around slowly causing her to grasp his head for support and lowered himself a little before letting her fall onto the bed. "Ah," He sighed, wiping his mouth and chin where her juices were still dribbling along his jaw. "baby you taste so good. I'm gonna have to wake you up like that every morning I get the chance." She wiggled her hips on the bed and practically purred in delight. "Ooooh, not if I get my lips around your cock first mister!" A flitter of laughter followed that statement. Then she rolled over onto her hands and knees and crawled over to the side of the bed he was

standing at. "Hey is that a wet patch on the bed? How the hell have we got the bed messed up already?" Jamie asked incredulously. "My fault," Sonya replied "when you started licking my ass your mouth wasn't there to catch all the cum you made me squirt. It landed on the bed there." She gave him a wicked little smile as her hand reached out to wrap around his shaft and gently pull him closer to the bed. "Really? Shit that's some good distance you've got on that hot little pussy then babe." Looking down at her he smirked and she gave a cute little giggle as her cheeks blushed with colour. The appealing scent of his precum drew her hot pink tongue down to lick at the base of his cock where it had started to drip down onto his balls. The hairless globes were very lickable, especially considering they were covered in such a delicious creamy topping. Jamie closed his eyes. His own excitement was vastly approaching its peak thanks to his increasing horniness whilst licking her out. When she sucked one of his balls into her mouth he groaned in delight and scrunched his eyes tightly together in an effort to reign in his climax. With a little practice he was pretty sure that no woman except Allison would be able to force him to cum no matter how excited they got him. This time however he'd let the wave of pleasure get far too high. Reaching down he clamped his hand on her shoulder as his legs turned to jelly for a brief moment. "Oh Sonya baby you're gonna make me cum!" He warned, tensing every muscle he could to hold back his climax until the last moment before he released it. His sticky hot seed shot through his cock to splatter on the bed right next to where her own cum had sprayed the sheets. Another gusher flew high up into the air before splattering down in two dollops on his shoulder and her back. She eventually managed to get her mouth around the end of his cock and gulped down the last stream that shot right down her throat. As soon as the cum splattered down her gullet she started to cum. The force of the orgasm made her hips start to thrust involuntarily whilst she furiously rubbed her clit. Finally he breathed once again whilst riding the afterglow of the very intense climax. She eagerly suckled on his cock drinking up the remaining few gulps of his cum that his balls provided her with, moaning in delight from the pleasure they gave her. When the fountain had no more to give for the time being she popped his cock from between her lips with a wet sucking noise and looked up at him. Lifting herself up on her knees she leaned her head in to lick up the tasty splat of cum that had landed on him and was now dribbling down his torso. She shuddered with pleasure as the cream worked its magic inside her belly. Her mouth felt great on his bare flesh as she licked up the sweet fuck juice. Since he had her so close and since she enjoyed eating his seed so much he wiped up the big dollop that had been trickling down her back to the crack of her ass and

held it up. She hungrily sucked the sticky finger into her mouth and cleaned it with an appreciative shiver. "Mmmm. I swear to god baby that stuff tastes so good. I've never heard of cum inducing orgasms itself but I'm sure glad I found out this way rather than reading about it on the internet." She affirmed after letting his finger out of her mouth with a light playful pinch of the tip with her teeth. "Yeah...uh...who'd have thought it?" Jamie affirmed and thanked the heavens silently that this particular topic had occurred to her only when her judgment was slightly impaired by the orgasmic haze she was in. He wouldn't have liked to explain why his seed had such an effect on her since he was pretty sure a person could love another person and still think it best that they send them to a lunatic asylum. Luckily for him she'd noticed the little puddle that had escaped her mouth and was looking at it whilst licking her lips. The special properties his body manifested forgotten at the promise of another taste of that sweet delicious nectar. "Jamie, would you think I was a brazen slut if I licked that up from the bed sheet?" She asked in a dreamy sort of voice. "Actually yes love, I would." He replied matter-of-factly despite being slightly amused by her question. "Would it turn you on if I acted like a brazen slut from time to time when we were together?" She said as her tongue darted out to lick her upper lip. Her eyes still fixated on the delicious smelling cock juice. "You know, it just might." He replied after feigning careful consideration. "Mmhmm...alright then." She got down to her hands and knees again, hands on each side of the little puddle as she bent down to start licking up his sweet cum from the bed sheet. The fact that he actually got aroused by watching his girlfriend lick up his spilled cum from the bed sheet like a bitch in heat raised some questions. More specifically it raised questions about the continuing moral decay of society and the sexual role of women within it. Those questions would have to be answered later however since what it had also raised was the perfectly carved ass his girlfriend possessed into the air. Since she was facing away from him to lick up the cum he got a great view of that ass and her glistening pussy. Her juices were literally dripping down those gorgeous legs of hers. She was even still wearing that little silk robe she'd bought along with the stringy thong that stretched between her thighs leaving her crotch bare for his viewing pleasure. The robe had crumpled up around her back too as she stuck her ass up high for him to admire.

Despite it all she was blissfully ignorant of the downright pornographic display she was giving him. Feeling the bed spring up and down behind her she turned her head to see what he was up to. This was just in time to see him knelt behind her with one hand lining up his cock with her slit. It wasn't however in time to prepare for the intense wave of pleasure that wracked her body when he lunged forward. His hips smacked wetly against her ass as he plunged every inch of his excited steel hard cock deep inside her in one powerful body spasming thrust. "Oooooh! Slut likes!" She screamed, not quite being able to form proper utterances right then. "Yeah baby? Does my gorgeous little cum-slut like getting fucked by my big cock?" He growled. "Yes sir!" She squealed. Jamie reached down to grasp the long heels of her shoes, lifting her feet from the bed and jackhammering his cock in and out of her mercilessly. Since she'd started cumming around his cock five minutes ago and showed no signs of stopping Jamie let go of his building climax. Immediately she felt stream after stream of his cum start flooding her ravenous pussy. The intense climaxes shook her to her very core and she started screaming his name again and again. Loving every moment of it the gorgeous mother was surfing cloud nine for a full ten minutes before coming back down to earth again. When she did she realised that she was once again cuddled up in his arms on some very messy sheets. "Welcome back" He said, smiling down at her. "I thought you were ready to call it a night there." "Mmmm, not on your life! Though I think if we do that again straight away I might black out or something from the high." She nuzzled herself in against his side and slipped one of her legs over him. "How about you go get coffee?" "How about you go get coffee? I can't feel my legs at the minute. Just yours I'm happy to say." He said as his hand came to rest on her knee and stroked its way up along her thigh. "Ok we can do without coffee right now. I think we should order a pizza or..." The door buzzer rang. Jamie let out a rather irritated sigh. "That'll be the neighbours complaining. Next time I'm gagging you and tying you to the headboard." He threatened whilst rolling out of her arms and off the side of the bed. "Promises, promises." She said whilst turning on her side to face him and stroking the bed sheets invitingly. Perhaps too invitingly he admitted since he was now seriously

considering ignoring the door buzzer. His conscience got the better of him however as he snagged a towel to wrap around his waist. The door buzzer rang again. "Coming!" He shouted. "All over the place!" Sonya added. Jamie had to stifle a rather strong laugh at that. She'd sure come a long way from the shy, reserved archaeology tutor he'd known only two days ago. After securing the towel he walked around the bed and over to the door. Holding down the locking mechanism he twisted the door knob to peek around the edge of the door at who it was. Gwendolyn Chambers was stood there bracing herself upright with her hands on both sides of the doorway. Her long auburn hair was loose and wild rather than set in the bun he'd seen it in earlier. Those exotic Latin features formed an expression that was a cross between desire and frustration. Her suit had gone save for the large white shirt he assumed was the same one as she was wearing earlier. The hand that braced her against the door wasn't that far from his face and he swore he could smell her sex-juices on her fingers. Glancing over her over properly now, he could make out the lines of a black bra beneath the thin white cotton shirt. She was leaning forward a little so he couldn't make out if she was wearing panties or not through the curtain the shirt provided. Her legs were still covered in her dark stockings held up by a slinky black garter belt that vanished up beneath the shirt. She was breathing heavily too as if she'd just been for a run. He took only a second to let his eyes drink in the sight of the slightly ruffled woman. "Gwen? Oh hey look sorry about all the noise. I-ah...we'll try to keep a little quieter." He apologized but the woman simply started at him with a smouldering gaze. "Is...um...Is there anything else you'd like?" He asked in the kindest tone he was able to muster. Maybe she wanted the damn sugar or something? "I'd like you to make me scream like her whilst you fuck my pussy raw." She replied a little breathlessly. "There is definitely a god," Jamie thought. "...and her name is Allison."

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