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Who Will Teach These Children? 10 Reasons Why it Should Be You!

By Deborah Wuehler
Is our culture becoming ethically better or morally worse? What would it take to bring true
positive change into our future? The solution lies in my home and yours: our very own
children are the answer to this ancient problem. The cultural elite know this fact; therefore,
everyone and their Uncle want a hand in shaping the minds of our offspring in order to
advance their ideas and agendas into the future. I think Id rather not hand my children off
to those who have been raised in, and want to raise my children in, ideologies that differ
from the non-negotiable Biblical ones I hold.

If Godly children are the answer to the evils of the future, then Godly parents are the
answer to the question of who will teach them. What do Godly parents look like? I would
hope they look like you and me.

When our children are grown, I think we would all love to look back and see that our
children proclaimed truth and did not give way to fear, or cultural relevance, or peer
pressure. We would love to know that our children held their ground and stood up for what
was righteous and holy. We would love to be able to look back and see well-disciplined and
well-discipled children who honored God with their lives no matter the opposition. This begs
the observation that in order to look back and see such a wonder, we need to look at our
own children today and ask ourselves the question, are we teaching them, and what are we
teaching them?

As much as wed like to pass off the duty to some other learned or novice teacher, or to
some grand or meager institution, these entities may or may not be at all interested in your
childs character or spiritual growth, and most likely are not resolved or intent in training
them in the way that would produce such God-driven future leaders. Parents, instruct your
children in the law of the Lord, and both of you will have good success. Not feeling very
successful? Here are ten words of encouragement and exhortation to help you along your
parental path:

1. Are We Doing What God Desires?
God is looking for parents who are willing to sacrifice their time and concentrate their efforts
on protecting their children from the influences of the world and placing them directly under
the influence of the King. He is looking for parents who are willing to lay down their desires
and plans in order to ensure that the next generation is one that is sanctified unto the Lord;
holy and blameless.

Who will be the parents of children like Daniel, Joseph or Esther: full of wisdom and
discernment; character and strength; conviction and humility; children of prayer and
children of power. Will someone else teach them these things? Wh not you? God is looking
to and fro across the earth to find those whose hearts are set on seeking Him.

2. What Does God Desire for Our Children?
What He desires for our children is the same as what he wants for us: that we would all be
refined and prepared for use in His plan, His purpose, and His Kingdom. For such a great
calling, we cannot send our kids to just anyone for training, and definitely should not send
them to the Kings enemy to be trained. We must protect them and train them as knights in
a Kingdom. They need to be disciplined, holy, and set apart for the Kings use. How can He
use those who serve under other gods? If God is looking for this generation to stand against
the tide of present and future evil, then this generation needs to know what they believe
and are not afraid to articulate that belief. The King of the past, present, and future desires
a generation of parents, children, families, who are ready and willing to lay it all down and
seek first the Kingdom of God.

3. Separate Yourself
Christian parents must heed the warnings in Scripture. We must come out from among
them and be separate (2 Corinthians 6:17). Our nation was started on that Scripture. The
men who believed it and staked their claim on it were called Separatists. They continued to
remain separate, even through many horrendous obstacles. We are rich and fat and
comfortable and arrogant because of their sacrifices of separateness.

How can we raise a generation that is holy and blameless and set apart for the Kings
service? We prepare them for that service by keeping them holy and blameless and set
apart. We do it by sheltering them from the influences of the world, their own flesh, and the
enemy of their souls. A soldier would be worthless and dangerous if he was under the King,
but held allegiance with the enemy. He must be separate and set apart. That does not mean
we become so separate that we are now a commune unto ourselves. It means that every
circumstance and situation is explained to our children in the light of Gods Word and His
commands for their life. It means that everything is seen through Biblical lenses as we go
out and face the world together.

4. How long, O Lord? Faith for the Long-haul
We have a new generation of homeschoolers who are bringing children home and bringing
curriculum home, but have no conviction or vision or sense of longevity. As soon as a trial
comes, they are sending those kids right back out from under their wings. We have a new
generation of homeschoolers who are doing so, because it is the latest Christian fad and it
seems many in their church or circle of friends are homeschooling.

So they purchase what everyone else is purchasing - only to find that the sacrifice of their
time and energy is too great and back to the worlds dominion they go. We have a new
generation of homeschool moms who would rather be sipping a mocha while phoning a
friend than be sitting with their children going over the fruit of the Spirit.

Or, they could put the phone down and read the book of Judges discussing the fact that
everyone was doing what was right in their own eyes. Many homeschool moms spend too
much time in silly arguments on Facebook (ironically discussing what seems right in their
own eyes.) When these homeschool moms children come against the tide of the worlds
ways and wisdom, great will be their fall if they have no Biblical foundation on which to

A mealtime prayer, an hour on Sunday, and a good youth group will just not cut it. Kids are
leaving that kind of faith. Children want to have something to stand for; a cause; a faith for
the longhaul of life. We can daily help them to become warriors: contending with those who
contend with God and His ways. We can teach them that God wants doers and not hearers
only who deceive themselves. We have been raising hearers. We hand our child a good
book, while we gossip with the neighbor. We have been raising hypocrites; those who look
good outwardly, but their hearts are far from righteous. Lord, help us to finally take
our job seriously, to shepherd hearts, and stay the course.

5. Good Shepherds Lead Their Sheep
Where are the parent-shepherds who will protect, shelter, guard and keep watch over their
own little sheep? They are sending their kids to the wolves dressed in sheeps clothing. They
are asking others to guard their sheep. They are willingly placing their sheep in harms way.
Their children begin to follow any shepherd who will teach them the way they should go.
Who will teach your sheep? You or some other shepherd?

We have a Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, who has shown us how to lead sheep. He protects
His sheep from the enemy. He leads them beside still waters. He leads them in paths of
righteousness. May we be like Him with our own little lambs.

6. Let the Little Children Come
Jesus asks that the children come to Him and not be sent away. Even the very elect said
(and continue to say) to send them away. But, how can they come if we do not lead them?
Jesus says, let them come. If we instead let them go, they may go to unsheltered
environments that leave them open to harm. Or they may go to foolish companions. A
companion of fools suffers harm (Proverbs 13:20). Fools (who say in their heart that there
is no God) come in many role models that are causing harmharm that may extend to
future generationsharm that may draw them away from their families and swallow them
up whole. On the other hand, a companion of Christ receives life. Let the children come;
receive lifeand you lead the way.

7. Entertainment or Enlightenment?
To ask what kind of worldly enticements we should allow our children, is to ask what kind of
harm we want them to endure. Will our childrens children be affected by the choices they
make today? Nothing is harmless save th Word of God. Not only is it harmless, it brings life
and light. We want children with enlightened eyes, not eyes that have seen more evil than
goodmore darkness than light. We want to be raising children who turn away from evil
and do good; and whose good works shine brightly as evidence of their ties to heaven.

The best way to raise a weak Christian is to give him just enough of the world to water
down any potency he had. The notion that introducing a little bit of the worlds ways will
make a child able to stand against the world is nonsensical.

That reasoning does not play out logically. If you allow a child a little bit of ungodly
entertainment, it does not make him stronger against it; it creates a desire in his flesh for
more. If you allow a child to be drawn away from his Godly parents into a crowd of foolish
youth, you do not make him stronger against foolishness; you encourage foolishness and
then wonder why your children are suddenly becoming fools. Allowing them to be yoked
together with unbelieving friends with the purpose of being salt and light may be a
tragedy as they may neither be salt nor light, but may slowly lose their savor. They may
become tasteless as they are forced to blend in with the world, hiding their light under a

8. How-Tos from Biblical Parents:
So, how do we raise these kids? Lets look at some Biblical parents: Manoah (Samsons
father), asked God how to raise his son. Manoah wanted to know how they should raise
their son in order to fulfill Gods call on his life.

And then Manoah obeyed and did the hard thing of following through on Gods commands.
(Then Manoah prayed to the Lord and said, O Lord, please . . . teach us what we are to do
with the child who will be born. Judges 13:8 ESV)

John the Baptists father, Zechariah ,prayed over his son, And you, child, will be called the
prophet of the Most High; for you will go before the Lord to prepare his ways, to give
knowledge of salvation to his people in the forgiveness of their sins, because of the tender
mercy of our God, whereby the sunrise shall visit us from on high to give light to those who
sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace. And
the child grew and became strong in spirit
Luke 1:76-79.

We could have a heart like Hannahs, giving our children to the Lords service, so that our
children will also say, like her little Samuel said, Speak Lord, your servant is listening.
(1Samuel 3:10)

We could be parents like Joseph and Mary who knew they were raising the seed of the Holy
Spirit. They followed Gods specific leadings in regard to Jesus birth and upbringing so that
it was said of Jesus that he grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.
(Luke 2:52) May that be said of us and our children as well.

9. Sowing Seeds
To raise Godly children, we must plant Godly seeds all day, every day. This is hard to do if
they are not home. Everyone else wants to plant seeds in your childrens heart. This
generation of tolerance seekers makes their plea with your children to tolerate all beliefs, all
people, and eventually, all sin. They are asking your children to sit down and shut up and
allow everyone around them their freedom to sin. The seeds they plant will become noxious
weeds. God is asking us to raise children who will stand up and be vocal about the One True
God and about the need for repentance and salvation. If we plant Godly seeds in our
childrens lives every day, they will grow into adults who will in turn, plant Godly seeds.

10. Revival of Holiness
Our families need revival and that starts at the cross. At the cross we find holiness for the
heart and home. We may be going to a dozen activities, but are we going to the cross
regularly? Are we ready to put down whats urgent, and pick up the Bible and wrestle
through the Scriptures with our kids? Are we ready to put down the phone and pick up our
little ones and pray over them? Are we ready to kneel down with our older children (who
tower over us) that we might be side by side at the throne of God? Are we asking for
direction and clarity over their present and future endeavors for the King? Are we following
Him wholeheartedly in reverence and holiness? We are certainly not ready for our families
to be revived if we are not ready to put away all the things that so easily weigh us down
and pursue holiness.

Run toward the goal for the prize in Christ Jesus. We were not made to be bound to the
things of this earth. We were made for running with patience a race that is heaven bound.
Stop worrying about who is in the stands, or who is ahead or behind. Eyes firmly fixed on
Jesus as we run; not sitting as a bystander; not hoping our kids will someday enter the
race; not spending our time deciding which race to have them enter. Rather, lets drop all
else and bring our kids with us as we run together. Father God, give us zeal, passion,
vision, strength and commitment as we have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back; no
turning back.

Today is the day to press forward and not look back or shrink back. We move ahead in faith
because God has given us every good reason to keep His children Home Where They

Deborah Wuehler is the Senior Editor for TOS, participating author in The Homeschool
Minute, wife to Richard, and mom to eight gifts from heaven. She loves digging for buried
treasure in the Word, reading, writing, homeschooling, and dark chocolate! You may contact
her at

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