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Elvis Presley

Megan Friend
Honors American History
Period 2


Secondary Sources
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This web site discusses the rising popularity of Rock n' Roll in America in the 1950's and how
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This book went into detail on the many ways Elvis revolutionized American music and forged the
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Primary Sources
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This picture shows Elvis Presley’s meeting with President Richard M. Nixon in which he received
the credentials of a federal agent in the war on drugs.
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This picture shows Elvis and another musical group, the Sunshine Boys, singing together while
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This picture shows Elvis during the development and recording of one of his most famous songs,
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This picture is one of Elvis’s signature visuals that he used for publicity, in which he’s dancing in
a jail wearing black and white stripes.
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This image shows Mr. & Mrs. Presley with Elvis when he was only a toddler.
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This newspaper article announces the shocking death of Elvis Presley due to heart failure when
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This article discusses when the then-37 year old Elvis gave the first live concert New York had
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This image shows a rare behind-the-scenes look at Elvis as he worked on his movie, “Love me
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This newspaper article is one of the first reviews of Elvis’s concerts and states that “Nothing
could rival the excitement generated by Elvis"