The Red,IfuBkte Book af Cal,iforftit



Someof the na{ions grealesL playgrounds are wilhin three to six hours' ride by automobile from Fresno. Under intensive cultivation, it has been estimated. the San Joaquin Valley can suppod onc and one-half personsper acre. This would give- a population of nearly Dine million personi for the valley on the land which can be irrigated. This would mean that Fresno would have at least a DoDulationof 750,000. Fresno has a live aDd active Chamber of Commerce anil it has a score of civic hrnch€on clubs devoted to Community Service. It is a city.onscious of its dest;n), whi.h wel.ome. rhe neq/ settler and gives him all possible aid to succeed. Fresno is indeed a city ol opDortunity.

Pasadena, City Beautiful
By C. V. STUIDEVANT A S A D E N A . C i t ) E e a L r i r u t . . C r o w no f t h e S a n c a b r e l V a l ley. and hcart o.f rhe lichest rgri.ullural count) in lhe UniLed Slalps.nesllcr at the fect of rhe $orld renownedMt. Wilso and

Mt. Lowe pea.ks,in the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains, with their greal -ob_servatories. majestic canyons.sylvan dells and enrrancing wal,erfnlls. Lying berween Lhebpautiful La canada and lruitful pol 'nonavallpys. alroutan hour's ride from the grand old pacific, with her.many ch-armingresods, bajhing beachesand deep sea fishing banks, Pasadena world renownedas the cleanest, is prettiest, mosl happilysituated lesidence on earih. Homps hrrndreds milcily of of iionaires and of lhousands people comfortable of in moderate cjrcumstances testify to her fame as "the poor man,sparadiseand the rich man'splayground." - Founded January 27, 1a74, bV some twenty-five sturdy families and named April.22, 18?5, Pasadena has changedfrom i country village to a thriving, bustling city of about 25,000on her fiftietir anDlvelsaly. Renowned as a city of churches, Pasadenaclaims seventy-seven, representingpracLicallyevery shadeof religious belief, seueril beins housedin^pal ial .edifices. Thorolrghlycfrieient public and privati at acnools arorO. tacrltttestor our youLhto pmgress from kindcrgarten to and througha untver$l,y.ourse homeand the constant at aim and endeavol is toward larger and bettpr educationalequiDment and oD_ portunity. Publi. school cnroll'nenr Ocroirpr, for t92Bidav sessionst. is 12.977. and lhe valueof buildingand groundsin tt,i aistrici lj $4,500,000.00. pasadena noted The first city in Califomia to abolishsaloons, is as a home owning, home loving community, with no slums and with Do "g'eat \phite way" lo lure our youth from homeand stud;es. In short,sheis the "City of r"o-operation happy homes." and doesclaim cn exceptioniily "Our homelo\^rn" high tlTe of ciii,enship; the best _ofhotels; clean family newspapers-; stiong banks and trust companies; snappy,up to date stores; ctean,paved', staay


Tke Real,t! Blue Boolc ol Calilornid

streets,with good concretecurbs and sidewalks;a fine.strictly moder_nhospital; a large effective Chamber of Commerce;an active MerchMls Association, e livp rire RealtyBoard.siiteen veals and old and with more than a hundred members composed the cle;nest. of most squaredaalinggentlemFn known lo the piofession.AII membersare rFaltors and all rre affiliated h rl,eaaliflornia wil RealEstate A$ociation which, like sometwenty-five other orga.nizations,will hold its 1924 conventionin Pasadena recogtlitionof our fiftieth civic in annlveraary. Our jubilee year will seesomebig event of intercst during each of tlre fiIly{wo weeks, beginning with our world renowned A;nual Toumament of Roseson New Year's Day, whi(h attracts imnrense throngs from near and far, many of whom help tax the capacity of ou_r 52,000seat Rose Bowl at the famous East-WestFootball geme following the great floral Our assessed value in 1923was 9104,201,600, a,total city tax with rate,-including bonds,of 91.28assessed a Tb per cent valuation. on The Detroit Bureau of GovernmentResearch,Inc., has compileda statement of comparative tax rates for 1?? cities in the United States .with the with a populationof 30,000or more which showsPasadena lowesttax rate in her classand second lowestr€qardless size. The of ratejs $11,82 per $1q00.00, valueas compared assessed wjih g46.92 for the highest city. With a bondingpower of g15,630,240, Pasadena has a total bondedindebtedness, including water and electric bonds, which are more than self sustaining,and including bondsvoted but not yet issuedof 98,198,500, of December 1928. Highly etricienl as 1, municipally owned and operatedwater and light departmentssupply thosecommodities & very low late, yet with goodprofft to the city. at Bxilding permits foi 1923,including 1633dwellings,were 911,534,186,00 with bank clea ngs of 9268,a29,267.17. Postal }eceipts were $409,001.16 per s'hich is an increase 16-5110 cent over 1922, of The increasp Decembcr, for 1923. was 27 per cent and for fhe last quarter of 1923, 2+7/10 Der cent o,rer 1922. A competent,honest Board of City Directo$, composed of prominenl businessmen. working vrith a most efficienl, and satislactoly city manager, disburse la\ funds.consil.ucti\pl) causing our citizeru to feel that they receivegoodvalue for their money. gBF00,000,has beenvotedfor a new Auditodum, Library and City Hall with suitabiegroundsfor each. A number of beautiful small parks aflbrd tecreation centers for citizen and tourist, while the matchless Arrovo Secois bpins devcloppd inio one of the mosl magnifinenl parlis, of several miles in extent. Fodunate in having many artists. musicians,men of letter-s and of science permanentresidents,Pasadena as enioys the best in high class instructive and cultural entertainment. With so many natural advantages rvas comparativelyeasyfor it her public spirited men of vision, culture and refinementto build, as they did, "a thing of beautyand & joy forev€r,,,from which we extend the hand of welcome to ali home loving, law abiding people

The Reolta Bl, ,e Book al Ca,Utomia,


"Come witll us and wd will do thee eood,', but be warned that Pasadenagets in the bloocl,and once a Pasadenanalways a pasadenan at heart, even though a body may of necessity dwell elsewhere.
PASAD!iNA Boadway, L. A., 268 U. Coiolrdo St, Arainerii, Gertrude G.,517 !i. Walnut St, Dee, !, N., 1480 N. MichigaE Aye. Day, Clarence P. Co.!-,36 N. Ray. Eims, J. A,, 43? E. PeidDoDt. Froer, L. R, Co,, 43 S, l-os Robles. Cilcrisi, H. B, Co,, 810 E. Colorado. Hiatt-Cutler Rea,lty Co,, 103 N- r.air Euber, F. G., 2036 l-ircoln. XeDyotr-Yourislove Co., 401 Dodro.ti Blds, Leake, A, E, & SoD, 1441 E. WahtlsBROX@Si Low BuildiDe Co., 396 E. ColoDdo. Marsh&u, F. D,, 681 Earthaa St. Melile, Th€ l\ank Co,, 26 N. EucltnMccurdy & r.IarkliD, ?81 E. Colorarlo. Monroe, lrvins S., 2236 Ii. Colorado, Pratt, Cliltor J,, 831 E, Colorado. SeweU, W. R. & SoE,2594 Ij. Coiorado 'w.; Shatr€r, A, 2? S. Eucltd. Smtth, Erne6t w', 2?2 S. Los Robtes, Sturdevant-Swink Co,, ?49 E. Colo.ado Tnomlson & SDen@r. 1780 E. Colorarlo ThuD, F. & W. Co., 541 Securtty Blitg. Vibet, Leon, 1112 E. Cnlorado. 'W, Weber, Eoyt, 10 Galneld. White, M. K., 64? E. Colorailo.

Ba EDw. A. KrLLy, Realtor AKERSFIELD'S supremeposition mak€sit a natural junction, a trading and industrial center. It is sudound€d by the greaiFsl, riche.Ioil and naturalgasfie]ds, largest. and the'mosl valuable gold, silver and copper mines, the most tertile level irrigated lands,and the most valuablestock rangesin the world. Besides these natural resources,is the geological and topographical location of the city. Lying betweenthe Virgin Coast Range Mountains on the west, the Rocky Siena Nevada Range on the eait, and with these two mighty ranges closing together on the south, anal our giant K€r-rt River flowing calmly by her side, Balersfield has all that generousnature can give her. Balersfield is the capital of Kern county, a county cortaining over five million acres of land that poured natural wealth into Bakersfietd of over one hundred million dollars during 1921,which is greater thsn the assessed valuatior of ten counties of this state combined. Balersfield has rhe largest mryoretion engagingin srock raising a-nd farming in-l,Ie-world,the targp offcers of the richesl oil corporai tion in the world, the largest corpomtion selting water for irrigation in the world, the largest elpclrical gpneralingphnl using natural gas fo-rJuel in lhe world. lhe largest Fbrd Motor Car Sales-Agency ;est of the Eocky Mountains, and two of the largest transcontiientil railroad shops and yards in the state. The largest gasoline condensing -And plant on earth is situated a few miles away. Bakelsfield selh 6 Los AEgeles and vicin'ity alnost all of tleir natural sas anal an enormous amount of electricity for light and power. The cohbined assetsof the ba.nksof Bakersfeld ar€ greater than that of each of thirty-five cities of this state, and only f;ur cities in

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