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SICR Specifications- Model: ECRPT WCDMA V1

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SOLiD New-Interference Cancellation Repeater (SICR)
Product Specifications
SOLiD Interference Cancellation Repeater (SICR) is a digitalized on-channel RF repeater specially
designed to provide a stable outdoor coverage enhancement by eliminating feedback signals.
Interference between antennas such as fast-fading echoes caused by fast-moving vehicles is
effectively cancelled in real-time to prevent oscillations.
SICR is the latest release in WCDMA ICS. By incorporating state-of-the-art digital signal processing
and amplifier technologies, SOLiD N-ICS is companys commitment to the industrys requirement of
Lighter, Smaller & Low Power product. It provides industry-lowest power consumption in the smallest
form factor. The form factor of N-ICS is paralleled to competitions low power product having one-
quarter power of N-ICS and allows one-man-lift.
Key Features & Customer Benefits
Key Features Customer Benefits
Low Power Consumption: < 240 Watt
Lower Utility Fee during operation
: OPEX saving
Lower Power Back-up capacity
: CAPEX & OPEX saving
Small Form Factor: 300 x 380 x 244 mm, < 25Kg
Less leasing space
: OPEX saving
One-man-lift capable, No need for Lift
: CAPEX saving by less installation cost
Digital Interference Cancellation
Guaranteed high system gain
: CAPEX saving by providing more coverage
Stable & Robust operation not necessarily
damaged by changes in working
: OPEX saving by less maintenance cost
Noise Figure: 5dB @ All Gain Range Guaranteed and steady impact on macro network
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even during drastic changes in working
Auto Install Guide
Very intuitive guide allows click & install
: CAPEX reduction by saving installation time
Web-based GUI Easy Maintenance
Single OMC for all ICS products
No need for new OMC installation & training
: CAPEX & OPEX saving by saving staffs time &
DC Battery Back-up option: -24V or -48V Flexibility in installation & operation
Software Selectable Operation Frequency using
: Selection of 3 contiguous channels within
UMTS band I (60MHz) by GUI
Easier procurement process in that one product
works for all operations
1. Product Outlook and Physical Dimensions
Fig.1. ECRPT WCDMA V1 Product Outlook
2. System Block Diagram
SOLiD N-ICS system block diagram and the functionalities of each block are described in this
SOLiD N-ICS consists of five key blocks of Downlink RF path, Uplink RF path, Power Supply, ICM
(Interference Cancellation Module) and modem for wireless remote management as shown in Fig.2.
These blocks are designed with state-of-the-art technologies to provide the best quality and
Donor and Service antenna port is for connecting Donor and Service antenna and is specially
designed to secure proper level of isolation to allow maximum gain and output power. Donor &
Service antenna in this block diagram is for demonstration purpose only and is not actually included in
product package.
Donor and Service Duplexer is a filter that separates signal from each antenna into downlink and
uplink path for bidirectional operation. It also combines uplink and downlink signals to be transmitted
through antennas.

Valid only for selected products
Weight: < 25Kg
Dimension (W x H x D, mm):
300 x 380 x 244
SICR Specifications- Model: ECRPT WCDMA V1
DC Battery Back-up option: -24V or -48V Flexibility in installation & operation
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Up/Downlink LNA is the low noise amplifier at the first stage of each link which usually is integrated
into the down converter module. Up/Downlink Converter Module is shown as DL_DN, DL_UP, UL_DN
and UL_UP performs frequency conversion between Radio Frequency (RF) and Intermediate
Frequency (IF) signals. IF signal is required for digital processing for interference cancellation.
Fig.2. N-ICS Block Diagram
Interference Cancellation Model (ICM) has three sub-blocks of Analog to Digital Converter (ADC),
Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) and Interference Cancellation Logic. Downlink and uplink has its
own DAC & ADC respectively. ADC converts IF signal to IQ-baseband signal to extract phase and
amplitude information of signal, while DAC revert digital IQ-baseband signal to IF signal which is free
of interference. Interference Cancellation Logic Analyzes variation of amplitude & phase for feedback
signals to perform interference signal cancellation.
Power Supply Unit performs AC to DC conversion to generate and distribute DC powers to each
modules and components.
Ethernet and Local Monitoring Port provides interfaces for local craft and Ethernet for WEB GUI.
NCU Modem is wireless modem for remote management by communicating with OMC service in
either GSM or UMTS network.
SICR Specifications- Model: ECRPT WCDMA V1
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3. Product Specifications
N-ICS product specification is presented throughout this section.
3.1. Electrical Characteristics
Items Specifi cations Remarks
Frequency Range
D ow n l i n k 2 11 0
2110 - 2125MHz, 15MHz Max.
Uplink 1920 - 1935MHz, 15MHz Max.
Min RF Input Level
D ow n l i n k
7 0 ~
d Bm n t enn a p or t
Uplink -85d Bm
n t enn a p or t
Maximum System
D ow n l i n k 105 dB
Uplink 100 dB
Maximum Output
D ow n l i n k +43dBm / 3CHs @ Antenna port
Uplink +27dBm / 3CHs @ Antenna port
AGC (Auto Gain Control) 30dB @ 0.5dB step
System Group Delay < 8.5
Pass Band Ripple (Flatness) 2 d B p p
VSWR 1.5:1
Input & Output Impedance Nominal 50 ohm
Noise Figure < 5dB@ All gain range Uplink & Downlink
EVM < 12.5% @ Max power, GM = -23
3GPP TS 25.106

< -35dB @ 3GPP Test Model 1, GM = -23
Tx/Rx Isolation > 120dB
Downlink 45dBc@5MHz, =50dBc@10MHz
Uplink 33dBc@5MHz, 43dBc@10MHz
D ow n l i n k 33dBc@5MHz,10MHz
Uplink 20dBc@5MHz,10MHz
Spurious Emissions 3GPP TS 25.106 compliant. See Note 1
Input Inter-modulation 3GPP TS 25.106 compliant. See Note 2
Out of Band Gain 3GPP TS 15.106 compliant. See Note 3
3.2. Cancellation Performance
Items Specifi cations Remarks
Cancellation Signal Type UMTS Signal
Direct Feedback
38dB Cancellation: EVM <12.5% @ Max.
Power, GM = -23
(GM = -23)
Multipath Feedback TBD
Provided under
Doppler Feedback TBD
Gain Adjustable Range
40dB @ 1dB step
Frequency Stability 0.01ppm
- 85d Bm
@ Antenna port
@ Antenna port
Specifications Remarks
45dBc@5MHz, 50dBc@10MHz
SICR Specifications- Model: ECRPT WCDMA V1
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3.3. Mechanical & Environmental Specification
Items Specifications Remarks
W x H x D (mm) 300 x 380 x 244 (mm)
Weight < 25Kg
RF Connector N-Type Female
Operating Humidity 0 ~ 95%
IP Rating IP 65
3.4. Power Supply
Items Specifications Remarks
AC 100~260V, 50/60Hz
< 240W
-48V DC
+24 VDC
3.5. LED Indicators on GUI
The color of LED indicators in N-ICS is GREEN for normal operation and RED for alarm and shutdown
Note 1. Spurious Emission
9kHz 150kHz -36dBm 1 kHz
Bandwidth as in ITU-R
Recommendation SM.329[4],s4.1
150kHz 30MHz -36dBm 10 kHz
30MHz 1GHz -36dBm 100 kHz
1GHz Flow-10MHz -30dBm 1 MHz
-15dBm 1 MHz
Limit based on ITU-R
Recommendation SM.329[4],s4.3
and Annex 7
-3 0d Bm 1 MHz
Bandwidth as in ITU-R
Recommendation SM.329[4],s4.1
Upper frequency as in ITU-R
SM.329[4], s2.5 table 1
Flow : The lowest down-or up-link frequency of the operating band
Fhigh : The highest down-or up-link frequency of the operating band
MTBF 155,000 hours
Operating Temperature -30~ + ~+55C
Option: Must be
specified before
order processing
DC Battery Backup
-48 VDC
SICR Specifications- Model: ECRPT WCDMA V1
< 240W
AC 100~260V, 50/60Hz or DC -48V
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Note2. Input Inter-modulation
The power in the pass band shall not be increased by more than 10 dB at the output of the repeater
when measured in the centre of the pass band, compared to the level obtained without interfering
signals applied.
Interfering Signal
Interfering Signal
Type of signals
Downlink -7.5MHz,-3.5MHz -43dBm/tone 2 CW carriers
Downlink +7.5MHz,+3.5MHz -43dBm/tone 2 CW carriers
Uplink -7.5MHz,-3.5MHz -43dBm/tone 2 CW carriers
Uplink +7.5MHz,+3.5MHz -43dBm/tone 2 CW carriers
Note3. Out of Band Gain
Frequency offset from the carrier frequency,
Maximum Gain
-2,7 f_offset < 3,5 MHz 60dB
3,5 f_offset < 7,5 MHz 45dB
7,5 f_offset < 12,5 MHz 45dB
12,5 MHz f_offset 35dB
4. Regulatory Conformity
N-ICS conforms to CE Directive 93/68/EEC, RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and WEEE Directive
CE Directive 93/68/EEC
Items ETSI
EN 301 489-1 Common Technical Requirements
EN 301 489-23
Specific conditions for IMT-2000 CDMA Direct Spread (UTRA)
Base Station (BS) radio, repeater and ancillary equipment
EN 301 908-1
Harmonized standard for IMT-2000, introduction and common
EN 301 908-11
Harmonized EN for IMT-2000, CDMA Direct Spread (UTRA
FDD) (Repeaters)
LVD EN 60950-1 ITE
RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC: The Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in
electrical and electronic equipment
WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC: Waste Electrical and Electronic equipment
5. Standard References
3GPP Base Station technical specification (TS.25.104)
3GPP Repeater technical specification (TS.25.106)
3GPP Repeater conformance testing (TS.25.143)
Generic unwanted emission characteristics of mobile stations using the terrestrial radio
interfaces of IMT-2000 (ITU-R 39/8) and spectrum emission mask compliant with
3GPP TS.25.106
SICR Specifications- Model: ECRPT WCDMA V1
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Onsite configuration software allows users to config the equipment, to manage alarms and to display
equipment information. The software including the following main features:
6. Onsite Configuration Software
Turn on/Turn off/Restart ICS repeaters
Query and display information of ICS repeaters such as: scrambling code, signal level (online)
Alarm storage and managment
7. Operation & Maintainance Center
OMC (Operating & Maintenance Center) is a system to manage, control and monitor repeaters
located at remote sites. It provides a real-time alarm of the repeaters problems and/or errors through
wireless or wired network. The OMC has an user-friendly web-based GUI, which enables users to
access online information easily.
7.1. System Configuration and Control
The OMC allows users to restart ICS repeaters as well as to config the paramters of ICS repeater including:
High Input/High Output; Gain Margin on/off; Gain Margin, ALC, ...
7.2. Status Monitoring
Using the OMC, a mobile operator is able to monitor operation status of ICS repeaters with the following
paratmeters: Ec/lo, scrambling code, input and output power, gain, isolation, ...
7.3. Alarm Storage and Management
The OMC allows users to store and manage the following alarms:
Door Alarm
Shutdown Alarm
Uplink & Downlink Amplifiers Over Temperature Alarm
Uplink & Downlink Amplifiers Over Power Alarm
PLL Alarm
VSWR Alarm
Oscilation (Self-excitation) Alarm
ICM/LNA/HPA Fail Alarm
Uplink & Downlink Amplifiers Fail Alarm
SICR Specifications- Model: ECRPT WCDMA V1
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6. Revision History
Version Issue Date Section Revision Changes Remark
V 1.0 2011/07/25 - First release
SICR Specifications- Model: ECRPT WCDMA V1