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May 18


2 | Hickory Daily Record


Yes, SIR Can Help You

By Tamara Kraus
The Unifour area is a wonderful
place for retirees. Catawba, Burke,
Alexander and Caldwell counties
offer unique opportunities for
older adults to work, play, receive
top quality health care, and enjoy
the Foothills natural beauty. The
Unifour also offers a plethora
of resources for retirees to help
them navigate the joys and
rigors of aging, but sometimes
finding those resources can be a
Enter SIR. Short for Senior
Information Resources, SIR is
an organization of for-profit
and nonprofit businesses that
work together to enhance the
lives of seniors by providing a

collaborative point of contact for

those seeking help. It focuses
on education, resources and
programs for seniors, their
families and their caregivers.
Members of SIR represent a
wide range of programs and
services, including community and
government organizations, health
care, home-based caregiving,
medical in-home care, housing
and residential facilities, adult day
care, home repair, estate planning
and other professional services. It
is a one-stop shop for any kind
of service an older citizen could
SIR is a young organization. In
2011, Founder Susan Vincent, and
owner of a home care business
in Hickory, approached Danny

Hearn, President of the Catawba

County Chamber of Commerce,
with the idea of creating an
organization that would help
seniors in the Unifour Area. Ms.
Vincent also wanted to create a
venue where the professionals
who serve seniors could network
and learn about senior issues in
order to better serve their clients.
The Catawba County Chamber
of Commerce provided meeting
space for SIRs Board and worked
with SIR to reach the business
community. Today, SIR meets
monthly for its 75 members to
network and listen to a guest
speaker. In addition, SIR is now
launching a satellite group in
Burke County and plans to expand
into Caldwell and Alexander
Counties in the next year. The
organization also assists the Area
Agency on Aging by fulfilling part
of Catawba Countys Aging Plan
with a variety of publications,
events and the Senior Expo.
Mark your calendar for Tuesday,
August 26th, which is the date
for the third annual Prime of
Life Senior Expo, to be held at
the Hickory Metro Convention
Center from 9:00 am to 4:00
pm. The Chamber of Commerce
and SIR are organizers of this

May 18, 2014

event. Last year over 100 vendors
provided free health screenings,
food tastings, demonstrations,
giveaways, games, and information
about their products and services.
Over a thousand people attended
the event. Each person received
a gift bag that included SIRs
premier publication, the Prime of
Life Magazine. Produced by SIR
and published by the Hickory Daily
Record, the high quality magazine
included articles on healthy aging,
recreation, medical and legal
issues and caregiving, just to
list a few. Hickory Daily Record
subscribers also received a copy
in their newspaper. The Prime of
Life Senior Expo and the Prime
of Life magazine will be welcome
resources for seniors and their
caregivers as they navigate the
sometimes twisty road of growing
If you would like more information
about SIR and the Prime of Life
Senior Expo, please visit the
website at, and
check out the calendar of exciting
events. Business owners interested
in joining SIR can find membership
information on the website also.
Please like us on Facebook and
follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. | 3


May 18, 2014

Brown & Neuwirth

Oral & Cosmetic Surgery Center

The Unifours Leading Specialist

in Oral Surgery

Offering a wide range of services

including, but not limited to:
Dental Implants
Removal of Wisdom Teeth
Routine Extractions
Dental & Facial Trauma
General Anesthesia & I.V. Sedation

Near Grace Hospital
507 East Parker Road


Complimentary Consultations for

Dental Implants, Wisdom Tooth Removal,
Extractions and Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic Services Include:

Botox Restylane
Chemical Peels
DiamondTome Microdermabrasion

Christopher H. Brown BS Dent, DDS

Bryan R. Neuwirth DDS, MD
(Practicing As A Physician)
Board Certied Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Unifour Medical Commons
261 18th Street Circle SE


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be challenging. Search online for
recipe-scaling programs that can
make the work easier.

Cook on the weekend.

Use a weekend day to prepare

food and package it into small
containers in the refrigerator
or freezer. Then the containers
can be taken out as needed and
heated quickly in the microwave
for fast meals.

May 18, 2014

Organize a mealsharing club. Get together

with a few friends who also have

empty nests and split cooking
duties. If youre accustomed to
cooking larger portion sizes, do
so and then spread the wealth
with others in the group. Then
sit back and relax when it is
your opportunity to have meals
delivered to you.
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Cooking For One Or Two

Seniors face many changes as
they move into their golden
years. Downsizing living spaces
and vehicles is common, as is
implementing certain changes
to improve quality of life. Many
seniors also scale back in the
kitchen, where some must make
changes because of medical
conditions. While it seems like
reducing food portions would
be easy, those used to prepping
meals for a large family may find
it difficult. The following tips can
make meal preparation efficient
and cost-effective.

Divide and store.

Supermarkets are increasingly

offering larger packages of
food products as well as family
size offerings to compete with
warehouse clubs. Buying in bulk
can help individuals save money,
but it may not always be practical
for people living alone or with
just a spouse. If you must buy
in bulk, invest in a food vacuum

sealer or freezer storage bags.

Immediately separate meats and
poultry into smaller portions
before storing them in the freezer.
Otherwise, look for bulk items
that are individually wrapped to
maintain freshness. Many canned
and jarred items can be covered
and stored in the refrigerator after
containers are opened.

Plan meals with similar

ingredients. To reduce food

waste, use leftovers to create

casseroles or mix them in with
new meals. Broiled or grilled
chicken can be used to make
soups, stir-fry dishes, fajitas, and
sandwiches. The fewer ingredients
you have to buy, the smaller the
risk of spoilage.

Cut recipes in half. Recipes

can be cut down depending on
how many mouths need to be
fed. When baking, cutting back
on proportions of ingredients can

Did you know

According to Age in Place, nearly 60 percent of available

senior income is being spent on housing and healthcare,
and those expenditures do not include transportation or
food. The rising costs of many necessities can make it difficult
for seniors to make ends meet and, as a result, certain moneysaving measures are often necessary. One idea to save money is
to shop for food on a full stomach. Its a fact that people buy less
when theyre full, as they are not prone to impulse buys to squash
hunger pangs.

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May 18, 2014

Shih Tzu
The Shih Tzu lives for attention,
but this breed can be dominant
and difficult to train. The Shih Tzu
will be alert to its surroundings
and, despite its small stature, can
be a good watchdog.


These Dog Breeds are Especially

Compatible with Seniors
Pets often make ideal companions.
They are around when a person
needs support, they can provide
protection for those living alone,
theyre always willing to lend
an ear to problems, and many
tend to offer unconditional love.
Seniors facing an empty nest or
the loss of a spouse may find pets
can buoy their spirits. Studies have
shown that seniors can benefit
both mentally and physically from
having a pet around. Pets can
alleviate anxiety, depression and
While pets can provide comfort
and companionship, they remain
a significant responsibility. Seniors
should find an animal that will fit
in with their lifestyles. This is an
important consideration for those
seniors who travel frequently or
have mobility issues. In addition,
men and women living in senior
communities or assisted living
facilities should determine if there
are any pet restrictions in place.
Those seniors who have decided
that a dog will be the best fit can
choose among several breeds
that may be a good match for
their needs. When selecting a

dog, consider both size and

temperament. Smaller dogs tend
to be easier to handle and will
need less maintenance. They are
easily carried and wont take as
long to bathe and groom. Smaller
dogs also consume less food
than larger breeds, reducing the
expense of dog food and the
hassle of wrangling large, heavy
bags of chow. Temperament is
also important, as some breeds
tend to be more easygoing than
others. Larger breeds may be
preferable to a smaller breeds,
which tend to be hyperactive.
However, always remember there
are pros and cons to each breed,
and each dog will demonstrate
his own personality traits. The
following are some dogs that
can be especially compatible with

Equally playful and willing to
be a lap dog, the pug requires
little exercise and grooming. The
breed is typically non-aggressive
and submissive. Pugs are goodnatured and playful; they dont
often bark and are easy to train.

Pomeranians look like big balls

of fur and can bring a smile to an
owners face. The breed tends to
be perky, can display dominance
and can be difficult to train.
Because Pomeranians can be dogaggressive, they may be best as
the only pet in the house.

The Yorkie is a diminutive breed
in size only, as they tend to have
exuberant personalities that dwarf
their stature. The ideal lap dog,
Yorkies want to lie around and
lounge, though some do like to
bark. If the fur is kept short in a
puppy cut, the dog can be easy
to maintain.

Welsh Corgi
This medium-sized dog hails
from Wales and typically requires
only moderate exercise and little
grooming. They are easy to train
and moderately dominant. They
dont bark excessively, and they
often get along with other dogs.

Available in three sizes,
Schnauzers are good companions
and protectors. This is an
intelligent and loyal breed and will
need to be kept amused to stave
off boredom.

Brussels Griffon
These dogs do not shed, but they
will require professional grooming
at least once every 3 months. If
socialized early, the Griffon can be
a good companion but will likely
remain wary of strangers. They
are good watchdogs and devoted
to their owners.
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May 18, 2014

Capital Financial Planning

Mark Teague
231 13TH Ave Place NW, Suite B
Hickory, NC 28601-2570
(828) 855-3656 PHONE
(828) 855-3657 FAX

You have an annual physical to

make sure you are healthy. What
do you do to make sure you remain
nancially t?
Once a year, you should have
a thorough nancial checkup. I
specialize in thoughtful and unbiased
investment guidance designed to
keep your nances in shape.

Independence Powered By LPL Financial.

Securities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC

Call today for more information or to

schedule a consultation.

We are dedicated to exceeding our customers expectations in providing the greatest

quality and value in healthcare related products, supplies and services.


Beds Oxygen Wheelchairs Lift Chairs Powerchairs Scooters Nebulizers Bathroom Aids Walkers Walk-in Tubs

920 Tate Blvd SE SUITE 104 Hickory, NC 28602 828-855-9099

Come in and visit our showroom to see a complete line of medical equipment and accessibility products on display. | 7


May 18, 2014

the market for smaller homes.

If you plan on moving into a
condominium but the market is
not flush with properties, you
might end up paying more than
you want to for your new home,
which might negate the savings
you can expect from downsizing.

When downsizing to a smaller
home, many couples realize their
current furniture is unlikely to fit
into a smaller home. That means
couples will have to sell or donate
their current furniture and then
buy all new items for their new
home. If its been a while since
you purchased new furniture, you
might be in for some sticker shock
on your first visit to the furniture

Things to Consider Before

Downsizing Your Home
The decision to downsize a home
is often bittersweet. Many couples
who downsize their homes do
so after raising a family. A home
might be filled with memories, but
downsizing a home helps couples
save more money, and that
financial flexibility often allows
men and women to more fully
enjoy their retirement.
But in spite of the financial
impact of downsizing a home,
theres more than just money at
stake for homeowners thinking
of downsizing their homes. The
following are a handful of factors
homeowners should consider
before downsizing to a smaller

Real estate
The real estate market can be a
sellers friend or foe. Many sellers
have a sale price in mind when
they decide to sell their home,
but the real estate market can be
fickle, so homeowners should do
their research before putting their
home up for sale. Will the current
market make it easier for you to
get the most for your home, or
will you have to settle for less than
you prefer? How fast are similar
homes in your area selling? When
studying the real estate market,
its also a good idea to study

Another thing to consider

regarding your furniture is
which items you simply cant live
without. An antique dinner table
might have been the centerpiece
for your family holidays over the
last several decades, but theres
no guarantee it will fit into your
smaller home. You may want to
pass this down to your son or
daughter, but thats only possible
if he or she has the room for
it. Before deciding to downsize,
consider your attachment to
certain items that you may or
may not be able to take with
you to your new home and the
emotional toll that selling such
items might take if youre left with
no other options.

to family
When downsizing to a smaller
home, many couples move out

of the suburbs and into cities or

towns with more ready access to
culture and restaurants. While that
accessibility is great, grandparents
may find that it comes at the
cost of less time with their
grandchildren. Thats a steep price
to pay for doting grandparents,
and it may also impact your
children if they frequently rely
on grandma and grandpa for
babysitting. Before downsizing,
consider if youre willing to move
further away from your family.
If not, you likely can still find a
smaller home in close proximity
to your current home and any
nearby family members.

Medical care
Many older men and women
must also consider the effect that
moving may have on their medical
care. Downsizing to a home in
the country may make it harder to
maintain contact with your current
physician, and rural areas typically
have less medical practitioners
than more densely populated
towns and cities. In addition, if
you have been visiting the same
physician for years, you may not
want to move and have to start
all over again with a physician
who is unfamiliar with your
medical history. Consider how
much maintaining your existing
relationship with your physician
means to you, and if your next
home will provide the kind of
access to medical care youre
likely to need.
Downsizing a home is not just
about moving into a smaller
property. To ensure youre making
the right decision, many factors
must be considered before
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May 18, 2014

Offering spacious
living - cottages,
villas, apartments

Abernethy Laurels
where superior standards meet cost effective retirement living
A continuing care retirement community located on
120 rolling acres in Newton,North Carolina.Come visit today!

828 . 464 . 8260 or toll free 1. 877 . 637 . 7941

102 Leonard Avenue
Newton, North Carolina | 9


May 18, 2014



Bring in this ad for

500 OFF


915 29TH Avenue NE

Hickory, NC 28601


Retirement living ...the way it should be!

*according to the American Cancer Society


Call 828.624.1358 for an appointment.
No referral necessary.
Board Certied Specialists in
Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease

This is one of the many advantages of working with a

nancial advisor.
I can help you determine an expected income range, where it will come from, and
how to manage it throughout retirement. I can also provide guidance on health
care costs, when to start taking Social Security, projected life expectancy, and more.
Call or e-mail me today.
Jim Rash, Registered Principal*
Heritage Planning Associates, LLC
200 1st Ave NW, Suite 302
Hickory, NC 28601
Phone: 828.328.4622 or 866.328.4632

*Securities and investment advisory services offered through ING Financial Partners, Member SIPC.
Heritage Planning Associates, LLC is not a subsidiary of nor controlled by ING Financial Partners, Inc.

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But exercise, in particular strength
training, slows bone deterioration,
helping bones stay stronger longer
and reducing a womans risk of
suffering a potentially debilitating
injury. Independence is especially
important to seniors, many of
whom spent years planning their
retirements and awaiting the day
when they would be free to travel
at their leisure. Daily exercise
can help women maintain that
independence by reducing their
risk of injury and other ailments
that can be confining.

May 18, 2014

mobility may feel that exercise
serves no purpose because of their
disability or physical condition.
But even women confined to
wheelchairs or those forced to
walk with a cane or walker can
benefit from cardiovascular
exercise and even light strength
training. Such exercises can
improve a womans range of
motion while reducing her risk of
heart disease.

Its never too late to

start exercising. Many

aging women feel their time to

embrace exercise has long since
passed. But its never too late to
start exercising. Women should
fighting fatigue may feel that
take a conservative approach
routine exercise will only make
when exercising after a long
them more tired. But exercise
hiatus, beginning with a slow
actually improves energy levels
and makes it easier to get a better walk around the neighborhood
or a local park. Walking is a great
nights rest. Numerous studies
beginners exercise, as it provides
have shown that routine exercise
can improve sleep quality and even a good cardiovascular workout
increase energy levels throughout while working a variety of muscle
groups. As your body readjusts
the day, something that should
to physical activity, gradually
raise an eyebrow among women
who do not exercise but routinely increase the intensity of your
find themselves fighting fatigue. A exercise sessions, adding some
more quality nights rest improves strength training, ideally under
vitality, making it easier for women the supervision of a professional.
Always stretch immediately after
to exercise and make it through
each exercise session, and give
the day without feeling fatigued.
your body ample time to recover,
especially when you begin your
Exercise benefits those
new regimen.

Exercise can improve

sleep. Some women who are

Exercise and the Older Woman

The aging process has a way
of making people risk-averse.
Financial advisors typically
recommend that men and women
steer clear of risky investments as
they age, and men and women
over 50 often make lifestyle
choices to reduce their risk
of developing certain medical
conditions. As women age, some
may feel exercise is simply too
risky. Hormonal changes brought
on by aging decrease a womans
bone density, and that fact makes

many women over 50 hesitant

with limited mobility.
to embrace exercise. But exercise
Women over 50 with limited
plays a key role in helping women
over 50 secure their long-term
health and reduce their risk of

Exercise promotes
independence. Some

women feel that exercising after

50 increases their risk of injury,
which can make them overly
dependent on their loved ones.

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May 18, 2014 | 11

are designed specifically

for gray hair and allow
for better penetration.
Sometimes gray hair may
need to be presoftened
with peroxide prior to
color application. The
peroxide will raise the hair
shaft and enable the color
to penetrate better.

How to Banish Those Gray Hairs

Roughly one in five Americans
uses hair dye to enhance their
looks or hide gray hair. But
concerns about gray hair and
looking older are not exclusive to
the United States.
The trouble with gray hair -and especially hair close to the
temples -- is that such hair tends
to be more coarse and more
resistant to absorbing hair color
than other hair. It can be difficult
to cover the gray hairs, and then
once it is dyed, gray hair may end
up showing prematurely.
Gray hair results from the hair
cortex, or the middle layer of the
hair, losing both the yellow and

red pigments that are normally

present in the strands. In order
to successfully cover grays, these
pigments need to be replaced
using dyes that have red,
yellow and blue bases. Shades
characterized as neutral are
usually the best bets. Avoid ash
colors, which tend to have a blue,
green or violet base. The hair shaft
will pick up the underlying color
but not absorb the intended color.
Resistant grays may need the
color solution to remain on
much longer than is normal or
recommended. Sometimes it can
take up to 45 minutes for resistant
grays to absorb dye. Certain
manufacturers make dyes that

Coloring hair at home

is possible but may
not produce the most
desirable results, and
there is a greater chance
of user error with drug
store coloring products.
When making drastic
changes to hair color, it
may be best to consult
with a professional
stylist and discuss color
preferences. The stylist
can then create a custom
color and apply it evenly
to ensure complete
coverage. He or she will
also have the timing down
pat so gray hair is covered
completely and effectively.
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Did you know

Though vaccines are usually associated with childhood or

foreign travel, older adults may need certain vaccinations
as they age. Even those who received immunizations as
youngsters may need refresher doses or vaccinations tailored
specifically to the over 50 crowd. Seniors are urged to talk to
their doctors about certain vaccines. In addition to flu shots,
there are vaccinations that can help prevent other illnesses, such
as pertussis (whooping cough), shingles, diphtheria/tetanus, and
pneumonia. Shingles is a condition that affects those who had
chickenpox as children, and can be quite painful. A vaccination is
an easy way to avoid it. Many local pharmacies now offer on-site
immunizations, saving people a trip to the doctors office.

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May 18, 2014





Monday - Firday: 5:30 - 9:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00AM - 2:00 PM


Mark S. Brazinski, M.D.

Donald A. Campbell, M.D.

James A. Hurt, III, M.D.

W. Luke Robinson, M.D.

(828) 832-1189

Christopher T. Daley, M.D.

Jeffrey P. Keverline, M.D.

Stephen J. Sladicka, M.D.

(828) 324-2800

828-459-OUCH (6824)

John L. de Perczel, M.D.

Timothy H. Kirkland, M.D.

James E. Stanislaw, M.D.

Alfred E. Geissele, M.D.

James T. Marino, M.D.

Mark A. Tiffany, M.D.

(828) 758-7091
(828) 437-6500
(828) 464-3771

Matthew D. Hannibal, M.D.

Ralph J. Maxy, M.D.

Earl W. Walker, Jr., M.D.

(828) 635-8430

Jason D. Zook, M.D.

(828) 874-3379


May 18, 2014

Nutrition and Aging

Go Hand-In-Hand
Nutrition is important for people
of all ages, but its especially
important for men and women
over the age of 50, who can
dramatically improve their quality
of life by eating a well-balanced
diet filled with vitamins and
nutrients. Though that may seem
like common sense, research has
shown that men and women in
this age group, who are often
referred to as Baby Boomers, are
not necessarily as healthy as they
may seem.
While the baby boomer
generation, which is generally
regarded as those people born
between 1946 and 1964, boasts
longer life expectancies than
any generation that came before
them, some of that can likely
be chalked up to advancements
in medical care, including a
booming pharmaceutical industry
that seemingly has an antidote
to every ailment. But a 2013
study from researchers at the
West Virginia University School
of Medicine found that baby
boomers are less healthy than
the generation that immediately
preceded them, tending to be

more likely to have higher levels

of hypertension, diabetes and
high cholesterol. While that news
might be sobering, its never too
late for men and women over
50 to start eating healthier diets,
which can reduce their risk of a
wide range of ailments, including
heart disease, stroke and
The following are a few ways men
and women over 50 can alter their
diets so their bodies are getting
what they need to live long and
healthy lives well into their golden
years. As is always the case, men
and women should discuss any
potential changes to their diets
with their physicians to ensure the
changes will be both effective and

Balance your diet. Kids

hear of the benefits of a balanced

diet seemingly from the moment
they enter a classroom for the
first time, but many adults fail
to heed that basic advice as
they get further and further
away from kindergarten. When
changing your diet, be sure to
include plenty of protein and

carbohydrates. Protein maintains

and rebuilds muscles, which is
especially important for aging
men and women who might find
themselves unable to keep up with
the physical demands of everyday
life as well as they used to.
Including ample low-fat protein,
which can be found in fish, eggs
and low-fat dairy among other
foods, will aid in muscle recovery,
benefitting aging athletes as well
as those men and women over
50 who recently started exercising
as a means to regaining their
physical fitness. A diet lacking in
sufficient protein can contribute
to muscle deterioration, arthritis
and even organ failure, so its
important for men and women to
prioritize including protein in their
Carbohydrates are also an
important part of a balanced
diet, as they are a great source
of energy that can help men and
women stay active well past the
age of 50. Carbohydrates found
in fruits, grains and vegetables
are the most beneficial, as
these contain valuable vitamins,
minerals and nutrients.

Dont denounce dairy.

Dairy is a great source of calcium,

which promotes strong bones
and teeth. Men and women over
the age of 50 want their bones to
be as strong as possible because
aging is one of the strongest
risk factors for osteoporosis, a
potentially debilitating medical
condition in which loss of tissue
causes bones to become brittle
and fragile. Vitamin D is necessary
to effectively absorb calcium, and
vitamin D can be found in certain
dairy products, including pastureraised eggs and grass-fed cows
milk, and can be generated when | 13
men and women get enough
sunlight. Other healthy sources
of vitamin D include salmon, light
tuna packed in oil, sardines, and
sun-grown mushrooms.

Cut back on sodium

intake. Cutting back on sodium
intake can be very beneficial,
especially for men and women
over the age of 50, who are
at greater risk of diabetes,
hypertension and chronic kidney
disease. But cutting back on
sodium intake takes more than
just throwing the salt shaker
away. Processed foods, soups,
canned goods, salad dressings,
condiments such as mustard
and ketchup, and breakfast
cereals are just a few of the
many products that may contain
alarming amounts of sodium.
Thats important to note, as
excess sodium increases blood
pressure by holding excess fluid
in the body. That excess fluid puts
an added burden on the heart,
potentially increasing a persons
risk of stroke, heart failure,
osteoporosis, cancer, and kidney
disease. The problem with cutting
back on sodium is that salt is so
often relied on to make foods
taste better, and many people
find salt-free foods bland. But
the rewards of reducing sodium
intake are so significant that its
worth making the adjustment,
especially for men and women
over the age of 50.

No one is too old or too young to

embrace a nutritious diet. But men
and women over the age of 50
are in a unique position to vastly
improve their quality of life by
adopting a low-sodium diet that is
rich in vitamins and minerals.
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May 18, 2014

TIME to END your frequent

I cant understand you



Built-in answering

machine with captions

Large 7 screen with

easy-to-read captions

Built-in WiFi

(available with CapTel 840i only)

One-touch button to

reach customer service | 15


May 18, 2014

Trusted care.

on your mobile

16 | Hickory Daily Record


Managing Money After 50

Investors know that money
management can be difficult. The
ebb and flow of the economy can
be similar to a roller coaster, with
soaring highs followed by steep
drops, and those changes all affect
investors bottom lines. Its no
wonder then that many investors
over 50 envision the day when
they can get off that roller coaster
and simply enjoy their money
without having to worry about
the everyday ups and downs of
the market. But managing money
after 50 is about more than just
reducing risk.
Reducing risk as retirement
draws near is a sound financial
strategy that can safeguard men
and women over 50 from the
fluctuations of the market Thats
true whether investors put their
money in stocks, real estate or
other areas that were not immune
to the ups and downs of the
economy. But there are additional
steps men and women can take
after they turn 50 to ensure their
golden years are as enjoyable and
financially sound as possible.

Prioritize saving for

retirement. Men and women

over 50 know that retirement is

right around the corner. Despite
that, many people over 50 still
have not prioritized saving for
retirement. Its understandable
that other obligations, be it
paying kids college tuition or
offering financial assistance to
aging parents, may seem more
immediate, but men and women
over 50 should recognize that
their time to save for retirement
is rapidly dwindling. Just because
you are retired does not mean
your bills will magically disappear.
In fact, some of those bills, such as
the cost of medical care, are likely
to increase. So now is the time to
make retirement a priority if you
have not already done so. It might
be nice to finance a childs college
education, but that should not
be done at the expense of your
retirement nest egg. Kids have a
lifetime ahead of them to repay
college loans, while adults over
50 do not have that much time to
save for retirement.

Start making decisions.

People retire at different times in

their lives. Some people want to

keep working as long as they are

physically and mentally capable
of doing so, while others want to
reap what their lifetime of hard
work has sewn and retire early.
Finances will likely play a strong
role in when you can comfortably
retire, so start making decisions
about your long-term future. Do
you intend to stay in your current
home or downsize to a smaller
home? Will you stay in your
current area or move elsewhere?
These decisions require a careful
examination of your finances, and
many will hinge on how well you
have managed your money in the
past and how well you manage
it in the years ahead. Managing
money after 50 requires more
than just allocating resources.
Sound money management after
50 also means making decisions
about your future and taking the
necessary steps to ensure those
decisions come to fruition.

Pay down debt. Men and

women over 50 are not often

associated with debt, but thats a
misconception. Thanks in part to
the recession that began in 2008
and led to high unemployment,
many people in the baby boomer
generation, which includes people
born between the years 1946 and
1964, went back to school to make
themselves more attractive to
prospective employers. While that
might have been a sound decision,
it left many deeply in debt.
According to a 2013 report from
the Chronicle of Higher Education,
student loan debt is growing
fastest among people over 60, and
that debt is not inconsequential.
In fact, the Federal Reserve Bank
of New York reported in 2013 that
the average student loan debt of
those over the age of 60 who still
owe money is more than $19,000,

May 18, 2014

a considerable increase from
2005, when the average debt was
$11,000. Men and women over
50 who are still carrying debt
should eliminate consumer debt
first, as such debt tends to be
accompanied by higher interest
rates than mortgages and student
loan debt. Paying down debt
can help reduce stress, improve
your quality of life and free up
money for living and recreational
expenses once you retire.

Examine your insurance

policies. Your approach to

insurance should change as

you get closer to retirement. For
example, you want to maximize
your liability insurance on
homeowners and auto insurance
policies. This ensures the money
you have set aside for retirement
wont be going to a third party
should you be at-fault in an auto
accident or if someone suffers
an injury at your home. Experts
recommend liability insurance be
substantial for men and women
over 50, with some suggesting it
be as high as twice your net worth.
If it wasnt already, securing longterm disability insurance should
be a priority once you have turned
50. A sudden accident or illness
at 55 that prevents you from
working could prove devastating
to your financial future if you
do not have disability insurance.
Some employers offer long-term
disability, though many people are
left to secure policies on their own.
Regardless of how you get your
disability insurance, make sure
you have it and that it provides
adequate coverage should you
succumb to an illness or injury and
be unable to work.
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May 18, 2014

Ask to

Ask for

Were by your side so your

parents can stay at home
Personal Care
Medication Reminders

Meal Preparation
Light Housekeeping
Shopping & Errands

Serving Catawba, Burke and Caldwell Counties

Caldwell Hospice.
Offering palliative care and hospice
services to patients and their
families wherever they call home.
828.754.0101 l

Serving Caldwell and surrounding counties



18 | Hickory Daily Record


May 18, 2014

Dont store all of your

important documents
in one place. When traveling

Retirees cannot travel in the

same manner they did in the
carefree days of their youth.
Before traveling abroad, visit your
overseas, it can be convenient to
physician and get a full physical.
keep important items like travelers Refill any medications you will
cheques, credit cards, passports,
need during your trip, and speak
and identification in one place.
with your physician about how to
However, storing all of your
handle any medical emergencies
sensitive documents or financial
while overseas. Carry your
items in one place is very risky, as physicians name and telephone
a lost or stolen bag can leave you number with you at all times, so
without identification or access
local medical professionals can
to your funds. When traveling,
contact him or her should you
couples should carry their own
experience a medical emergency.
passports on their persons and
split up credit cards and travelers Once you have arrived at your
cheques. This way you still have
destination, its important that
access to your funds, and one of
you continue to prioritize your
you still has identification should
health. Make sure the water is safe
items be lost or stolen.
to drink before taking a sip, and

Do your homework.

Tips for Retirees Traveling Abroad

Men and women often dream of
jetsetting around the world when
they retire. Traveling the globe
without worrying about timelines
or whats going on back at the
office is something many retirees
reward themselves with after a life
of hard work.
As liberating as world travel can
be, retirees still must exercise
caution when traveling abroad.
The following are a few safety tips
for retirees who are ready to make
their dream retirements a reality
by setting off for parts unknown.

Stay in touch. Escapism is a

big part of the attraction of travel
for travelers young and old. But
while you may want to avoid
contact with the outside world
on your travels, its still necessary

to stay in touch with your loved

ones. Retirees who plan to take
extended trips overseas should
purchase an international mobile
phone plan that allows them to
use their phones regardless of
what country they happen to
be in. A quick text message to
a son or daughter back home
is all it takes to let your family
know you are safe and having
the time of your life. Work out a
communication plan with your
loved ones back home before
departing, agreeing to contact
them via phone call, email or
Skype at least once per week
for the duration of your trip.
This is a good way to share
your experiences and help your
relatives rest easy knowing that
you are safe.

Unplanned day trips are common

among travelers who have been
traveling for long periods of time.
While such jaunts can add an
element of spontaneity to a trip,
they also can be quite dangerous
if travelers have not done their
homework on a particular
destination. You do not want to
end up in a place where tourists
are not welcome or frequent
targets of criminals. In addition,
you dont want to visit a city or
town and know nothing of its
customs or etiquette. For example,
locals may react negatively
to visitors who have ignored
accepted local standards for attire.
You can still make spontaneous
trips, but make sure you gather
some background information, be
it from the Internet, locals where
you are currently staying or the
hotel concierge, on a given locale
and its customs before visiting.

Make sure your health

will not be compromised.

investigate local cuisine to ensure

it wont enflame any existing
medical conditions you may
have. The quality of medical care
varies greatly across the globe, so
you must prioritize your health
whenever leaving the country and
avoid anything that might put your
health in jeopardy.

Travel with friends or

family if possible. If you

have friends or family who also are

retirees with time on their hands,
organize a group trip abroad.
Groups are less likely to be
targeted by criminals than couples,
and overseas trips with friends
or family members can make
trips overseas that much more
memorable and enjoyable.
Overseas travel is a popular goal
of men and women on the verge
of retirement or those who have
already called it a career. But
safety must remain a priority when
traveling abroad.
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May 18, 2014

Memory Loss is Not an

Automatic Side Effect of Aging
No one, regardless of age, is
immune to random bouts of
memory loss. While misplaced
car keys or forgetting items on
your grocery list are nothing to
get worked up over, many men
and women over 50 do start to
worry about memory lapses,
especially when they start to
occur with more frequency than
they might have just a few years
ago. But while memory loss
might be quickly associated with
aging, increased forgetfulness is
not an inevitable side effect of
getting older, a fact that those at
or approaching retirement age
should find comforting.

information. But just because this

process is slower does not mean
its a warning sign of dementia,
which is the loss of certain mental
functions, including memory.
Though taking longer to recall
information can be frustrating,
many people still retain their
ability to recall information.
In addition, while dementia
brought on by conditions such as
Alzheimers disease or Parkinsons
disease is untreatable, there are
things men and women can do
to strengthen their memories and
reduce their momentary lapses in

When considering the relationship

between memory and aging, its
important that men and women
recognize the distinction between
memory lapses and dementia,
as the two are not one and the
same. As a person ages, his or her
hippocampus, the region of the
brain involved in the formation
and retrieval of memories, often
deteriorates. This can affect how
long it takes to learn and recall

Games that test the mind have

long been believed to benefit
the brain, though some remain
skeptical about the true impact
of brain games. However, a
University of Iowa study funded
by the National Institute on
Aging found that brain games
may in fact pay numerous and
long-term dividends. In the study,
681 healthy volunteers over
the age of 40 were divided into

Start playing games.

four groups. One group played

computerized crossword puzzles,
and three other groups played a
brain training video game from
Posit Science designed specifically
to enhance the speed and
accuracy of visual processing. The
volunteers showed less decline
in visual processing as well as
in other tests that measured
concentration, memory and the
ability to shift quickly between
tasks, and the benefits from the
training games lasted as long as
seven years after training. Brain
games are now more accessible
than ever before, as players
can access such games on their
smartphones, tablets, ereaders,
and computers. And in addition
to being effective, the games also
provide entertainment value.

Alter your routine.

Many working professionals

recognize that each day tends
to have its mundane moments.
The brain can grow accustomed
to these moments, which tend
to be a routine part of the day.
But altering your daily routine
can jar the brain awake, forcing
it to focus during those times
that had become mundane but
now present new challenges.
Something as simple as
alternating driving routes to work
from day to day or preparing
some new, yet healthy, breakfast
each morning can help the brain
stay alert and sharp.

Become a social
butterfly. Maintaining a

social life as you age is a great

way to keep in touch with
friends and family. But theres
another reason to continue to
be socially engaged. A 2008
study spearheaded by the clinical
trials administrative director | 19
at Southern California Kaiser
Permanente Medical Group and
published in the American Journal
of Public Health found that older
women who maintained large
social networks were 26 percent
less likely to develop dementia
than women with smaller social
networks. In addition, those who
had daily contact with friends and
family cut their risk of dementia by
nearly half. The study also noted
that regular social interaction can
delay or possibly even prevent
cognitive impairment.

Continue your career.

While the idea of retiring poolside

and watching the world go by
might seem nice, such a scenario
is not necessarily good for your
brain. Numerous studies have
shown the benefits that staying
engaged in professional activities
can have on brain health. The
brain does not thrive if its sitting
on the sideline. Staying active
in your career will continue to
provide the challenges your brain
needs to stay sharp and avoid
memory loss and struggles with
concentration. Men and women
who want to leave office life
behind can branch out on their
own and work as consultants
or put their years of experience
to use by teaching at a nearby
university or secondary school.
But heading off for the hammock
once you have hung up your
briefcase can prove troublesome
for your brain.
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20 | Hickory Daily Record


May 18, 2014


PACE@Home delivers all necessary medical and
supportive services that enable seniors with chronic care
needs to maintain their independence in their own homes.
These services include:
Adult day health services
Medical care and medical specialists
Dental, vision, hearing, and foot care
Meal planning and nutrition services
Skilled nursing, including home health care and
personal care (e.g., assistance with bathing and dressing)
Prescribed medications
Social services
Respite care
Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech
Recreational and social activities
Transportation to health-related appointments
and PACE@Home
Hospital care, emergency services, and nursing
facility care
Who is eligible for PACE@Home? Individuals who are:
Aged 55 and older
Determined by the state of North Carolina to be in need
of nursing home care

PACE@Home focuses on enhancing life by increasing daily

capabilities to allow seniors to remain in their homes. The Program
of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) utilizes a plan of care
that is innovative and individualized in providing health care and
social services to qualied seniors aged 55 and older.
PACE@Home is designed to help people with long-term care needs
remain in their own homes while providing and coordinating all
health and health care services.

Able to live safely in the community at the time of

enrollment with PACE@Home services
Reside in the PACE@Home service area
(zip codes 28037, 28092, 28168, 28601, 28602, 28609,
28610, 28612, 28613, 28630, 28637, 28638, 28650, 28658,
28673, 28678, 28681, 28682, 28690)
PACE@Home participants may be responsible for covering
the cost of services that are unauthorized or out of the
PACE@Home network.

1915 Fairgrove Church Road SE

Newton, NC 28658
(828) 468-3980
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May 18, 2014

Come have a ball while helping a great cause!

Proceeds to benet the Catawba County Meals on Wheels Program

Wednesday, May 28th

9:00 am to 1:00 pm

525 W A St. Newton NC 28658

Sponsored By: Senior Information Resources (SIR)



Purchase a Premium or Advanced Rexton
Hearing Aid and Receive a FREE* Rexton Mini Blu
RCU or a Rexton Smart Pocket Remote Control

Seniors, join us for a day of bowling and education.

All registered participants will receive lunch,
1 round of bowling and other helpful information.
9:00 a.m. ~ Registration and
Vendor Visitation
9:30 a.m. ~ Welcome and
9:45-11:30am. ~ Senior forum
11:30am- Lunch
12:00 noon ~ Bowling

Enjoy free educational presentations by area

experts in Exercise, nutrition, Pharmacy/medicine
and time for Ask the Doc.


Registrants will be entered in a

drawing for over 40
Door prizes!

For More Information, Contact Amanda Lael at 828.302.9506 or

Melissa Walsh at 828-327-3300 |










7 Days a Week of
Rehab Available!

Call us for a tour and to discuss a plan of

care to fit your individual needs.

We Oer Services for:

And more time living.


Spend less time recovering,

In-House Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy

Cardiovascular Illness Hip or Knee Replacement Stroke
Heart Failure Pneumonia Post-Surgical Recovery
Customized Plan of Care with up to 3 Hours a Day of Therapy

Carolina Rehab Center of Burke

3647 Miller Bridge Road Connelly Springs, NC 28612 828-397-3144

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May 18, 2014

weights. Many men and women

menopause, so its important
over 50 find vigorous or strenuous that women (and men) take steps
physical activity too demanding,
to strengthen their bones. The
and might not be able to perform nature of yoga makes it an ideal
such activities with the frequency
activity to promote healthy bones.
necessary to prevent weight
Because it is a weight-bearing
gain. But while yoga is physically
exercise, yoga forces practitioners
demanding, those who practice
to hold the weight of their bodies
yoga often find it takes a smaller
up against gravity. This resistance
toll on their bodies than more
to gravity puts mild stress on the
traditional strength training.
bones, which respond by laying
Another way yoga can help to
down new bone growth. But unlike
maintain a healthy weight is
other weight-bearing activities,
through its relation to stress.
such as jogging or walking, yoga
Yoga can help to relieve stress,
does not damage cartilage or put
and lower stress levels reduce the stress on the joints. The AARP
likelihood that men and women
notes that studies have indicated
will overeat, which is a common
the weight-bearing activity of
developing hypertension increases response to elevated stress levels.
yoga can be especially effective at
as he or she ages, so its important
reducing the risk of osteoporosis
that men and women over 50
Yoga promotes strong bones.
in postmenopausal women.
take steps to reduce their risk
Osteoporosis is a medical
of hypertension, and yoga can
condition in which tissue loss
Though yoga might not have
help them do just that. A normal
leads to brittle and fragile bones.
been popular when todays men
blood pressure is 120 over 80, but Aging is a significant risk factor
and women over 50 were in their
people with hypertension often
for osteoporosis, and women are
20s and 30s, that does not mean
have blood pressure readings
at even greater risk than men. The such men and women cannot
of 140 and above over 90 and
National Osteoporosis Foundation take advantage of the numerous
above. Studies have shown
notes that women can lose up
physical and mental benefits yoga
that yoga can reduce the top
to 20 percent of their bone mass
has to offer.
number, which is referred to as
in the five to seven years after
Metro Creative Connection
the systolic blood pressure. In a
study published in the Journal of
Clinical Hypertension, researchers
found that men and women who
practiced yoga for six hours a
week for 11 weeks reduced their
systolic blood pressure by 33
Receiving a diploma is something to take seriously,
points. The studys authors feel
even for those students who are somewhat older than
that the slow, controlled breathing
their fellow graduates. In 2003, Gustava Bennett Burrus
thats essential to practicing yoga
graduated from Richmond High School outside of San
decreases nervous system activity,
Fransisco, Calif., at the age of 97. Ruth Hayes Green graduated
helping the body manage its
from the Adult High School of the Perth Amboy, New Jersey
blood pressure levels.
Adult Education Center in 2010 at age 98. In 2013, 106-year-old
Fred Butler, a student at Beverly High School in Massachusetts,
Yoga helps practitioners
received his high school diploma. He broke the Guinness World
maintain healthy weights. While
Record for oldest graduate previously held by Allan Stewart of
yoga may not help men and
Australia, who received a Bachelor of Laws degree at age 91 from
women shed weight as effectively
the University of New England, New South Wales, Australia.
as more vigorous activities, it

Yoga Not Just For Youngsters

Yoga is big business, attracting
more and more people each year.
Designed to promote physical
and mental health, yoga has
helped millions of people across
the globe control their stress
and improve their flexibility, and
studies have shown that yoga
is only growing in popularity.
According to a study conducted
by the Harris Interactive Service
Bureau, roughly 20 million
Americans practiced yoga in 2012,
marking a 29 percent increase
from just four years earlier. While
some men and women over 50
may feel their time to take up yoga
has passed, nothing could be
further from the truth. In fact, yoga
can pay numerous dividends for
the over 50 crowd.
Yoga can help alleviate
hypertension. Also known as high
blood pressure, hypertension is a
potentially dangerous condition
that makes the heart work harder
to pump blood to the body.
Hypertension contributes to a
hardening of the arteries known
as atherosclerosis, and can even
contribute to the development of
heart failure. A persons risk of

Did you know

can help them maintain healthy

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May 18, 2014


no place LIKE HOME

Unifour Nursing can provide you with

compassionate caregiving services to help
you stay in the comfort of your own home
Call Us for Your FREE
Personalized In-Home Care Plan.

$150 Off

after starting a care plan of 20 hours or more per

week. Minimum of 4 weeks of service.
New clients only.

Ofces in Hickory and Charlotte


Internal Medicine

Board Certified Physicians Specializing in

Comprehensive Primary Care for Adults ages 16 and older

Micel M. Hirsc, MD, FACP

Elizbe D. Cressy, MD
Wellness Exams
Dermatology Care
Weight Loss
Cold & Flu
Smoking Cessation
Sports Physicals

Ask us about
our after
work hours

Southeast Pain Care

at Blue Ridge

Thomas M. Ray, M.D., HPM

Medical Director
Caldwell Hospice & Palliative Care
902 Kirkwood Street, NW
Lenoir, NC 28645

Southeast Pain Care

at Hickory
a Facility of Grace Hospital


Acceting New Ptiens

Mos Insurnces Acceed*

Jennifer Church, FNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner
AIM: Advanced Illness Management
Caldwell Hospice & Palliative Care
902 Kirkwood Street, NW
Lenoir, NC 28645

*including Blue Cross Medicare

1375 4th Street Drive Hickory, NC 28601 828-322-1213

Office Hours: Mondy-Fridy 8:00am-5:00pm

In- Home Care Services

Shes Always Been The Independent Type.

We Aim To Keep Her That Way.

We help to keep her independent spirit strong. Comfort Keepers provides compassionate
in home care that helps seniors live safe, happy and independent lives in the comfort of their own homes.


Companion Care
Light Housekeeping
Personal Care
In-Home Safety Solutions

Cardiac Disorders
Sinus / Allergies
High Cholesterol
Sick Visits
Arthritis / Joints
COPD / Emphysema

(828) 431-2273

C o m f o r t K e e p e r s. c o m

24 | Hickory Daily Record

for you. But if what you want is a
more challenging career and to be
your own boss, then you will likely
find the cost of achieving that goal,
even if that cost is more demands
on your time, is worth it.
Assess your skillset.
Professionals over 50 have lots
to offer, but its still important for
such men and women to make an
honest assessment of their skillset
and find a career in which those
skills are transferable. Some men
and women might want to pursue
a second career that will make
little to no use of their skillset, and
thats perfectly alright. But extra
schooling might be necessary in
such situations, and going back
to school oftentimes requires a
considerable commitment of both
time and money. For those who
simply want to put their existing
their second act is as successful as skills to use in a different field or
environment, assess those skills
the first.
and look for lines of work in
which they figure to be especially
Decide what you want, and
not just what you want to do. The valuable. If there are any particular
aspects of your current job that
desire to pursue a second career
you want to avoid in the future,
no doubt stems from more than
consider that when assessing
just dissatisfaction with a current
your skills and choosing a second
profession. Many people switch
career. Even if they dont know it,
jobs or even careers because
established professionals over 50
they find their current careers
too demanding, leaving little time have many transferable skills, and
such skills can be a considerable
for family or hobbies that have
asset when pursuing a second
nothing to do with work. If what
career, especially when those skills
you really want is more time at
have been assessed and can be
home or more time to pursue
applied to a new profession.
a particular hobby, then keep
this in mind when looking for a
second career, and make sure that Make a trial run. Nowhere
does it say that professionals
career wont demand too much
of your time. For example, if your cant take a trial run at a second
career while still fully engaged in
goal in finding a new career is to
their first career. In fact, testing
get more work-life balance, then
starting your own business, which the waters before you jump in is a
good way to gauge your interest
can require long hours at the
outset and even after the business in a potential second career and
has established itself, might not be how well your skillset applies to

Starting Your Second Act

How to Choose Your Next Career
The days when professionals
would spend their entire
professional lives with a single
firm are largely a thing of the past.
In fact, many people not only
switch companies multiple times
before retirement, but some even
switch professions before retiring.
As exciting as it can be to pursue
a new career, men and women
over 50 know that such a decision
is not without risk. While younger
professionals with few obligations
can often handle bumps in the
road on their way to a second
career, older professionals
making a similar move often must
consider the potential effects such
a pursuit might have on their
families, finances and futures,
including their retirements. But as
difficult as it may seem to pursue
a second career after your fiftieth
birthday, there are steps men and
women over 50 can take when
pursuing a new career to ensure

May 18, 2014

that field. A trial run, which can be
conducted by volunteering with a
nonprofit organization or through
a part-time job or simply offering
your services to a company
free of charge in exchange for a
chance to learn how the business
operates, can shed light on the
inner workings of a particular
industry, showing you how things
work behind the curtain. Testing
the waters may reaffirm your
belief that a certain line of work
is for you, or it might send you
back to the drawing board. Either
way, its valuable experience that
may reassure you that whatever
decision you ultimately make is the
right one.
Dont go it alone. Switching
careers after 50 carries some risk,
but its certainly a risk that many
before you have been willing to
take. If you know any people,
be it a friend, family member or
former or even current colleague,
who has reinvented themselves
professionally, then speak with
these people and ask for any
advice they might have. If you
know you want out of your
current career but arent quite sure
of what you want to do next, those
who have faced a similar fork
in the road may be able to help
you narrow down your options.
The notion of changing careers
is exciting, and you can expect
your personal and professional
confidantes to share your
excitement and be willing to help
you in any way they can.
Making a career change after
50 can be a risky yet ultimately
rewarding move, especially for
those men and women who take
a thoughtful approach to finding
their second careers.
Metro Creative Connection | 25


May 18, 2014

Replacing Your Paycheck in Retirement

need to manage multiple income
A key step for retirees is figuring
out how much they can safely
take out over time and still avoid
running out of money. Retirees
today generally live longer than
their parents did, so they may be
at greater risk of outliving their
savings. To address this longevity
risk, consider how you plan
to convert your nest egg into a
reliable income source.
By Jim Rash, President, Heritage
Planning Associates, LLC
Many people have not thought
much about how to replace
their employer paycheck in
retirement. Some close to retiring
are unnerved by the prospect
of not having a steady stream
of income. The ING Retirement
Research Institute released a 2011
study called Shedding Light on
Retirement. The study uncovered
that 85 percent of people say
they need help understanding
their potential sources of income
in retirement. The truth is, most
retirees will need to create their
own income stream.
There are various sources of
potential retirement income
Social Security, pensions, taxable
investments, annuities, bank
certificate of deposits (CDs), IRAs,
employer plans and more. Its also
important to consider whether
youre going to continue working
during retirement. One or a
combination of these sources will
ultimately provide your long-term
retirement income, so you may

Timing is important when it

comes to deciding which income
source to tap when. They each
may be taxed differently and
have set rules around the timing
of withdrawals, so you should
factor that into your retirement
plan. For example, Traditional
Individual Retirement Accounts
(IRAs) allow retirees to tap funds
at 59 without the 10 percent
IRS early withdrawal penalty tax,
but you are also required to take
distributions at age 70.
Health care expenses can also
dramatically impact retirement
income. Retirees become eligible
for Medicare at age 65. If one
spouse is two years younger than
the other, they may face a twoyear gap in medical coverage for
the younger spouse.
How do you make your savings
last? As a rule, the longer the
retirement planning horizon,
the less one should take out of
a retirement portfolio. This is
because the money needs to last
throughout retirement so you do
not want to deplete reserves too

early. However, as the planning

horizon shortens over the years,
larger withdrawals could be taken
from the portfolio. Systematic
withdrawals can help bring
discipline to a retirement income
plan. An example is automatically
tapping different income sources
to make regular deposits into
your checking account.
To begin understanding what
goes into planning for retirement
income, use an online income
needs calculator. ING Financial
Partners offers one at http://ing.
Self-help tools can help you think
about your personal scenario
and help prepare you for a more
comprehensive discussion with a
financial advisor, who can play a
valuable role in helping create a
retirement plan.

Securities and investment advisory
services offered through ING
Financial Partners, Member SIPC.
Heritage Planning Associates,
LLC is not a subsidiary of nor
controlled by ING Financial
Partners. Jim Rash can be reached
at or
(828) 328-4622.
This information was prepared by
ING and has been made available
for ING Financial Partners
representatives for distribution
to the public as educational
information only. Neither
ING Financial Partners nor its
representatives offer tax advice.

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May 18, 2014

targeting a
of life

C CelebrateLif !!
l l
C b b t t Life!
Kingston Residence of Hickory Is THE Place In
Hickory For Independent And Assisted Living.

AIM is a palliative care consultative service that helps patients in Caldwell

and surrounding counties manage symptoms of chronic, debilitating illness
and improve their quality of life. AIM is appropriate for anyone, at any age,
at any point in the illness. To learn more, talk to your doctor or call us at
828.754.0101, or visit

Private Apartments with Bathroom & Kitchenette

3 Chef Prepared Meals Served
All Utilities (Cable TV, Power & Telephone) Included
24/7 Emergency Call System
Routinely Scheduled Exercise Programs
Licensed Nurses On Duty 24/7 For Assistance
Transportation Services
Weekly Housekeeping
Wide Range of Activities

904 Second St., NE | Hickory, NC 28601

AIM is a collaboration between Caldwell UNC Health Care and Caldwell Hospice and Palliative Care.

Genuine Care ~ Dedicated To You

At Medicap Pharmacy we think

Your Health Deserves a Personal Pharmacist.

See Ron Harwell, R.Ph.

See Melinda Long Travis, R.Ph.


828.466.1500 | 27


May 18, 2014

be a sure sign of allergies.

The presence of bumpy, yellowish
patches on the eyelid, known
as xanthelasma palpebra, is a
warning sign of high cholesterol,
which is often initially diagnosed
during a routine eye exam.


Eyes On Health:
What Your Eyes Can Tell Doctors
People who have been putting off
eye examinations may want to call
their opthalmologists to schedule
an appointment. Thats because
vision checkups can do more than
protect your eyes. By examining
the eyes, doctors may have a
window into health problems
affecting other areas of the body.
Researchers recently discovered
a link between detected retinal
amyloid plaques and the onset
of Alzheimers disease. While
evidence was found in lab
mice, autopsies of at least eight
Alzheimers disease patients have
also shown amyloid plaques,
which are known to interfere
with memory and other mental
functions, present in the retinas.
Doctors at Cedars-Sinai Hospital
in Los Angeles, Calif., are gearing
up for larger studies of humans
to determine if an Alzheimers
imaging technique can be
Dementia is not the only thing
that doctors may be able to
detect through an eye exam.

Jaundice in the whites of the eyes

may indicate liver disease, and
early warning signs of diabetes
may be detectable in the eyes.
The American Academy of
Opthalmology says the eye is the
only place where doctors can see
veins, arteries and a nerve without
surgery, and eye examinations
are increasingly being relied on to
gauge overall health.
The following are a few additional
conditions that may be detected
through the eyes.

Patients may be referred to an
allergy specialist if they exhibit
dark under-eye circles. While
this can be a sign of aging, dark
circles, sometimes referred to as
allergic shiners, also may indicate
certain allergies. When clogged
sinuses cause a blockage of blood
flow in the nasal passages around
the eye, darkness may result. This
symptom in conjunction with
persistent nasal congestion could

Some cancer metastases can be

detected during an eye exam. The
presence of a bump or brown
spot on the eyelid also may be
indicative of skin cancer. Many
malignant eyelid tumors are
basal-cell carcinoma. If the spot
is brown, its more likely to be
malignant melanoma.

Thyroid issues
When the outer one-third of
the brow (the part closest to the
ear) begins to disappear on its
own, this is a common sign of
thyroid disease. The thyroid helps

regulate metabolism, and thyroid

hormones are essential to hair
production. Hair loss may occur
elsewhere, but is much more
visible in the brows.

Blockages in the smaller veins
in the retina may indicate clogs
caused by arterial plaque. This will
show up as a retinal occlusion
in a visual exam. If blood vessels
in the eyes are blocked, clogged
arteries may be present elsewhere
in the body, so a cardiology
workup may be ordered.

Bells palsy
The inability to close one eye
or to control tear production in
that eye may be a sign of Bells
palsy. This is a condition of the
nervous system that controls
facial muscles, causing temporary
paralysis in one side of the face.
Sometimes Bells palsy follows a
viral or bacterial infection.
Metro Creative Connection

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May 18, 2014

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