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M Mu us st ta af fa a K Ka am ma al l P Pa as sh ha a
R-249, Plot# A-42, Scheme #33, Gulistan-e-Umair, Near Karachi Race Club Malir Cantt Road, Karachi, Pakistan;
C Co on nt ta ac ct t T Te el l N No o: +92.21.3490 4403 (Home), +92.347.2019894 (Mobile), +92.335060118 (Mobile)

B B. . T Te ec ch h ( (M Me ec ch ha an ni ic ca al l) ) 1 19 99 90 0; ; D DA AE E ( (M Me ec ch ha an ni ic ca al l) ) 1 19 98 84 4

O Ob bj je ec ct ti iv ve e
Mechanical Maintenance, Mechanical Equipments Installation, Project Planning &
Supervision works - Cement industry and Heavy Process Industry
S Su um mm ma ar ry y 26-years of hands-on experience of mechanical maintenance,
cement plant fabrication, erection and commissioning works of
several cement plants in Pakistan and Malaysia
Demonstrated ability of Project supervision (complete
fabrication and installation) of three cement plants in Pakistan
Proven achievements in trouble shooting of mechanical
equipments; repairing of gear boxes, pneumatic pumps,
compressors, transport devices, other mills & kilns

E Ex xp pe er ri ie en nc ce e 1/2007 contd. Lucky Cement Ltd Karachi, Pakistan
S Sr r M Ma an na ag ge er r M Me ec ch ha an ni ic ca al l
Responsible for leading mechanical maintenance team of 3-lines 3000-tpd for the largest &
most profitable cement manufacturing group in Pakistan
Recent jobs completed:
Modification & fabrication of belt conveyor of lime stone dome yard (60 meter long)
Replacement of gear Reducer of VRM (75 ton weight)
Replacement of kiln supporting Rollers and kiln hot alignments
Repairing and resurfacing of kiln supporting rollers
Repairing of trunion of cement mill
Repairing of damaged tyre of line G
Replacement of kiln tyre 2
pair of line G
Fabrication of dip tubes of Pre-heater cyclone 2,3,4&5

Fabrication of cooler VRM system fan
Fabrication and Installation of conditioning tower of E & F line
Installation of Pre-heater of Line E & G

3/ 2005 - 12/2006 Allied Engineering Works Karachi, Pakistan

Site In charge (Manager Mechanical)

Replacement of Kiln supporting rollers and inlet and outlet seals of Cement Plant
Cold and hot alignments of Kilns of Cement Plants
Installation of Equipments of Pak Chemical Industry


2/2001 2/2005

Dadabhoy Cement
Industries Ltd

Karachi, Pakistan
D D G G M M M Ma ai in nt te en na an nc ce e ( (H HO OD D) )
Responsible for providing mechanical maintenance of plant and mobile machineries
(covering matters related to maintenance planning, scheduling, engineering, trouble
shooting and improvement) of integrated cement plant

Responsibility includes condition monitoring, planned and preventive maintenance and
departmental budget preparation. Responsibility also includes proper modification for
upgrading of equipments based on its defect analysis, frequency of failures e.g.; kiln shell
replacement, preheater cyclones enlargement
5/1997 11/1999 Tenggara Cement
Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Johor, Malaysia
M Me ec ch ha an ni ic ca al l E En ng gi in ne ee er r
Responsibility includes supervision and commissioning of plant extension; Blending
complex (CPAG), Dynamic Separator (Christian Pfeiffer); Dome Silo extraction device
(Aumund); Pipe Conveyor (KOCH); Responsibility includes upgrading and modification of
transport devices of plant; design and installation of water pond pumps; hydrant water line;
raw material and finished product Transport device; Cooling Tower and Packing plant

Kedah Cement
Sdn. Bhd.
M Me ec ch ha an ni ic ca al l E En ng gi in ne ee er r
Worked as a plant maintenance team for commissioning of second line of 1.8 million tons
per year cement & clinker manufacturing plant and overseeing its commissioning & taking
over from equipments supplier. Responsibility also includes trouble shooting of
mechanical problems of Line-1 (1.5 million tons plant); repairing replacement of kiln shell,
installation of fans, repairing of gear reducers and other heavy mechanical jobs.
Cement Industries Ltd
A As ss si is st ta an nt t M Ma an na ag ge er r ( (W Wo or rk ks sh ho op p) )
Responsibility includes overall incharge of workshop providing backup to complete field
maintenance of plant; manufacturing of spare parts, alignment of kiln, gear reducers
inspection and repair, fabrication and fixation of pan conveyor parts, preparation and
installation of crusher rotor units, repairing of buckets and rails of reclaimer, repairing of
kiln seals and other related items of plant. Coordinated well with Fuller and Onoda experts
during plant upgrading from 1100-tpd to 1500-tpd.
IPDO, Fabricator and
Erector (Mechanical
M Me ec ch ha an ni ic ca al l S Su up pe er rv vi is so or r
Participated as a Contractor for installation and fabrication of 3-newly build cement plants
namely; Thatta Cement, Dadabhoy Cement and Attock Cement. Responsible for
supervision of installation as per schedule including its test run.

E Ed du uc ca at ti io on n


Mehran University of
Engineering and Tech

B Ba ac ch he el lo or r o of f T Te ec ch hn no ol lo og gy y ( (H Ho on no or rs s) ) i in n M Me ec ch ha an ni ic ca al l T Te ec ch hn no ol lo og gy y
9/1984 Karachi Polytechnic Pakistan

D Di ip pl lo om ma a o of f A As ss so oc ci ia at te e E En ng gi in ne ee er r i in n M Me ec ch ha an ni ic ca al l T Te ec ch hn no ol lo og gy y

G Ge en ne er ra al l
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S Sk ki il ll l N Na am me e

S Sk ki il ll l L Le ev ve el l

L La as st t u us se ed d

E Ex xp pe er ri ie en nc ce e
Microsoft Professional Office Professional Currently 10 years
20 years
P Pe er rs so on na al l
D De et ta ai il ls s
Married with two kids, Born on 5
May 1963, Fit, Pakistani Citizen