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Definitions of Attenuation on the Web:

The process of weakening or reducing the amplitude of a sonar signal. It is caused by

numerous factors, including material dispersion, beam spreading and absorption. The
attenuation of a sonar signal makes its detection more difficult. Reflected signals from
far away are sometimes attenuated to such a degree that system noise in the sonar
receiver electronics can be a problem.!onar"rimerdatagloss#$c.htm
%oss of signal power. &ttenuation is typically measured in decibels per kilometer
'd(km) at a specific wavelength.
The loss in power of electromagnetic signals between transmission and reception
The decrease in the power of a signal, light beam, or light wave. *easured in
decibels. +pposite of gain.
& weakening 'of meaning). %at. teneo ,to hold, weakens to become the general verb
of possession tener in !panish.$spanishlinggloss.htm
The dissipation of the power of a transmitted signal as it travels over a wire.
Reduction of sound pressure level as in 1hearing protector attenuation1
In physics, any process in which the flu0 density 'or power, amplitude, intensity,
illuminance, etc.) of a 1parallel beam1 of energy decreases with increasing distance
from the source. &ttenuation is always due to the action of the transmitting medium
itself, mainly by absorption and scattering. In meteorological optics, the attenuation of
light is termed e0tinction.
The reduction in intensity of a beam of 32 or gamma radiation during its passage
through matter caused by absorption and scattering.
The reduction of noise.
& decrease in signal magnitude between two points, or between two fre6uencies. The
reciprocal of gain.
& measure of the drop in specific gravity which takes place as the wort ferments. +ne
of the characteristics of yeasts which brewers concern themselves with is the average
attenuation, which can range from yeast to yeast. $78 would be a low attenuation,
while 978 would be very high. :o brewer,s yeast ferments all the sugars in the beer.
!electing a yeast strain with a certain average attenuation is another tool the brewer
has to control the body of the beer.
The process by which a compound is reduced in concentration over time through
adsorption, degradation, dilution andor transformation, usually by natural processes.
is the decrease in signal strength as the signal travels through any medium such as a
&ny process in which the flu0 density 'power) of a beam of energy is dissipated.
(locking or modulation of the e0citation light intensity can be accomplished with a
series of filters that transmit increasing percentages of the incident light or with an
acousto2optic tunable filter 'see &+T=).
The total light lost from a beam of light propagating through water. These losses are
due to scattering from suspended materials and the molecular scattering of the water
itself, and to particulate and dissolved materials and the water itself absorbing the
light. The amount of attenuation is primarily dependent upon the wavelength of the
propagated light, the concentration of suspended materials and the concentration and
composition of both particulate and dissolved absorbing materials.
& reduction in amplitude or energy caused by the physical characteristics of the
transmitting media or system.
Decrease in intensity usually of such wave phenomena as light or sound.>"2;7glossary.htm
%oss of signal power between points. In optical cables, attenuation is a ratio of input
power vs. output power, measured in decibels per unit length, usually d(km.
a decrease in the energy of light due to absorption and scattering in the water column
the reduction in the peak of a hydrograph as it moves downstream, resulting in a
more broad, flat hydrograph.
The amount of light loss e0perienced in an optical fiber or optical media as a function
of length. =or optical fiber it is usually e0pressed in d( 'decibels) per kilometer 'km).
!ee Transmission.
& general term indicating a decrease in power from one point to another. In optical
fibers, it is measured in decibels per kilometer at a specified wavelength.
%oss of power. &ttenuation is usually measured in d( loss per length of cable 'e0.
</.@ d(/@@=t.). &ttenuation increases as fre6uency increases.
weakening in force or intensityB 1attenuation in the volume of the sound1
the property of something that has been weakened or reduced in thickness or density