Electronic Filing - Public Access to Records - Violations - Court Recordings 5-21-14

I don’t know i I e!er "entioned t#is beore$ but I asked t#e clerks oice %counter troll & w#oe!er answered t#e '#one(
or e-iling ca'abilit) at t#e beginning o ") case and s#e told "e onl) law)ers are allowed to E-ile* +#at is den)ing
"e e,ual access to t#e court and in !iolation o t#e Florida -u're"e Court order AOSC09-3.
Order No. AOSC09-30
Florida Supreme Court Standards for Electronic Access to the Courts June 2009
3.1. E-Portal Functionalit
The E-Portal has the following minimum functionalit!
". Process for non-attornes and for self-re#resented users to access the sstem
!.3. C"#S$%E&A'$"# "F &EC"((E#%E% C")&' &E*)$&E(E#'S
!.3.1. Access
The cler$ will #ro%ide free #u&lic access to court records as authori'ed in state statutes
and in (ule ".)"0* +lorida (ules of ,udicial Administration to the electronic case file
according to statute or rule of court or Administrati%e Order of the Su#reme Court. The
cler$ will #ro%ide access to doc$ets* calendars and other electronic court records as
authori'ed & statute or rule of court or Administrati%e Order of the Su#reme Court.
- will &e contacting the cler$ of the court and as$ing again for e-access and then raising hell if the don.t gi%e it to me/
+ollowing are some other informational statutes0rules regarding access including and highlighted for our
con%enience - free #hotogra#hing* fees for co#ies 1notice it states 23 cents for du#licate co#ies and u# to 42 for
CE(T-+-E5 co#ies6* #enalties for %iolations* and camera recording allowed for court #roceedings!
119.07 Inspection and copying of records; photographing public records; fees;
(1)(a)Every person who has custody of a public record shall permit the record to be
inspected and copied by any person desiring to do so, at any reasonable time, under
reasonable conditions, and under supervision by the custodian of the public records.
(2)(a)As an additional means of inspecting or copying public records, a custodian of public
records may provide access to public records by remote electronic means, provided eempt
or confidential information is not disclosed.
(!)(a)Any person shall have the right of access to public records for the purpose of
ma"ing photographs of the record while such record is in the possession, custody, and
control of the custodian of public records.
(#)$he custodian of public records shall furnish a copy or a certified copy of the record
upon payment of the fee prescribed by law. %f a fee is not prescribed by law, the following
fees are authori&ed'
(a)1.(p to 1) cents per one*sided copy for duplicated copies of not more than 1# inches
by +1,2 inches-
2..o more than an additional ) cents for each two*sided copy- and
(c)An agency may charge up to /1 per copy for a certified copy of a public record.
119.10 Violation of chapter; penalties.—
(1)Any public officer who'
(a)0iolates any provision of this chapter commits a noncriminal infraction, punishable by
fine not eceeding /)11.
(b)2nowingly violates the provisions of s. 113.14(1) is sub5ect to suspension and
removal or impeachment and, in addition, commits a misdemeanor of the first degree,
punishable as provided in s. 44).1+2 or s. 44).1+!.
(2)Any person who willfully and "nowingly violates'
(a)Any of the provisions of this chapter commits a misdemeanor of the first degree,
punishable as provided in s. 44).1+2 or s. 44).1+!.
(b)6ection 113.11) commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s.
44).1+2, s. 44).1+!, or s. 44).1+#.
Florida Rules of Judicial Administration
'a( Electronic and &till %)oto*ra+), Allo-ed. S"#$e%t at all ti&e' t( the a"th(it) (* the
pe'i+i,- $"+-e t(.
/i0 %(,t(l the %(,+"%t (* p(%ee+i,-' #e*(e the %("t1 /ii0 e,'"e +e%("& a,+ pe2e,t
+i'ta%ti(,'1 a,+ /iii0 e,'"e the *ai a+&i,i'tati(, (* $"'ti%e i, the pe,+i,- %a"'e, ele%t(,i%
&e+ia a,+ 'till ph(t(-aph) %(2ea-e (* p"#li% $"+i%ial p(%ee+i,-' i, the appellate a,+ tial
%("t' (* thi' 'tate 'hall #e all(3e+ i, a%%(+a,%e 3ith the *(ll(3i,- 'ta,+a+' (* %(,+"%t a,+
te%h,(l(-) p(&"l-ate+ #) the S"pe&e C("t (* Fl(i+a4
'.( E/ui+ment and %ersonnel.
/!0 At lea't ! p(ta#le tele2i'i(, %a&ea, (peate+ #) ,(t &(e tha,
! %a&ea pe'(,, 'hall #e pe&itte+ i, a,) tial ( appellate %("t p(%ee+i,-4

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