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Welcome to our Philosophy Catalogue, 201415
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Romantic Biology,
Maurizio Esposito
Number 1
Iisrov .x Iniiosovnv or Bioiocv
Ineability and
Religious Experience
Guy Bennett-Hunter
Iicvixc Sruivs ix Iniiosovnv or Rviiciox
Computing and
Information Science
Edited by Ruth Hagengruber
and Uwe V. Riss
Number 3
Iisrov .x Iniiosovnv or Tvcnxoscivxcv
Iumanity in the
Age of Enlightenment
Edited by Alexander Cook,
Ned Curthoys and
Shino Konishi
Number 28
Tnv Exiicnrvxxvxr Voi
Dear Academic,
I am delighted to present to you our frst Philosophy
Catalogue. This is a rapidly growing area of publishing for
us with an exciting range of new series. These specialized
series demonstrate our commitment to identifying emergent
and innovative areas of research, with lists that span science,
religion, history and culture.
Romantic Biology, 18901945 is the frst title in our History
and Philosophy of Biology series, followed by a fascinating
edited collection, Natural Kinds and Classifcation in
Scientifc Practice. We are also especially pleased with the
development of our History and Philosophy of Technoscience
series; this already contains six titles, with more on the way.
The signifcant and diverse scholarly activity in this area
is clearly shown by the range of titles: Scientists Expertise
as Performance: Between State and Society, 18601960,
Spaceship Earth in the Environmental Age, 19601990 and
Philosophy, Computing and Information Science.
New books in Pickering Studies in Philosophy of Religion
contain works on Hegel, Cambridge Platonism and Natural
Theology. The frst title, Ineffability and Religious Experience,
has received excellent reviews. In addition I would also
encourage you to look at International Perspectives on
Science, Culture and Society and to fnd out about the latest
work on the moral philosophy of Mary Wollstonecraft in The
Enlightenment World series.
Considering the breadth of new work included in these pages,
I trust there will be something of interest to you. I welcome
new proposals for monographs and essay collections on any
topic in Philosophy, so do get in touch to discuss your research
and project ideas.
Sophie Rudland
Follow Sophie on Twitter @CommissioningSR
The Mysterious Science of the
Sea, 17751943
Natascha Adamowsky
The depths of the oceans are the
last example of terra incognita on
earth. Adamowsky argues that post-
Enlightenment discourse on the
sea was still subject to mystery and
wonder, and not wholly rationalized
by science. She portrays the sea as a
theatre of mystery, accessible only
with considerable technological effort.
It is this unknowable quality which
locates the sea at the intersection
between science and our imagination.
History and Philosophy of Technoscience
c.256pp: 234x156: June 2015
HB 978 1 84893 532 7: 60/$99
Spaceship Earth in the
Environmental Age,
Sabine Hhler
Spaceship Earth was a key metaphor
in the late twentieth-century debate
over the worlds resources and the
future of humankind. This idea of
the earth as a vessel in space came
of age in an era shaped by space
travel and the Cold War. Hhlers
study innovatively brings together
technology, science and ecology
to explore the way this latter-day
ark was invoked by politicians,
environmentalists, cultural historians,
writers of science fction and many
others across three decades.
History and Philosophy of Technoscience
c.256pp: 234x156: December 2014
HB 978 1 84893 509 9: 60/$99
Scientists Expertise as
Performance: Between State and
Society, 18601960
Editors: Joris Vandendriessche,
Evert Peeters and Kaat Wils
Modern society cannot function
without experts and yet we
increasingly question the authority
of those who advise us. This study
explores our reliance on experts within
a historical context and across a wide
range of felds, including agriculture,
engineering, health sciences and
labour management. Contributors
argue that experts were highly
aware of their audiences and used
performance to gain both scientifc
and popular support.
Jennifer Karns Alexander, Katia Bruisch,
Raf de Bont, Margo De Koster, David Freis,
Graeme Gooday, Frank Huisman, Martin
Kohlrausch, Per Lundin, David Niget,
Niklas Stenls and Martin Theaker
History and Philosophy of Technoscience
c.256pp: 234x156: March 2015
HB 978 1 84893 527 3: 60/$99
Philosophy, Computing and
Information Science
Editors: Ruth Hagengruber and
Uwe V Riss
Over the last four decades computers
and the internet have become an
intrinsic part of all our lives, but
this speed of development has left
related philosophical enquiry behind.
Featuring the work of computer
scientists and philosophers, these
essays provide an overview of an
exciting new area of philosophy that
is still taking shape. Topics covered
include the ontology of computing,
knowledge representation and
artifcial intelligence.
Holger Andreas, Selmer Bringsjord, Micah
Clark, Francis C Dane, Gordana Dodig-
Crnkovic, Luciano Floridi, Frederico
Fonseca, Klaus Fuchs-Kittowski, Kai
Holzweiig, Ludger Jansen, Ludwig
Jaskolla, Jens Kohne, Jakob Krebs, Jens
Krger, Klaus Mainzer, Vincent C Mller,
Tillmann Pross, Matthias Rugel, David J
Saab, Barry Smith, Joshua Taylor, Uwe
Voigt and Aziz F Zambak
History and Philosophy of Technoscience: 3
304pp: 234x156: June 2014
HB 978 1 84893 508 2: 60/$99
Experiments in Practice
Astrid Schwarz
Traditionally experimentation has
been understood as an activity
performed within the laboratory,
but in the twenty-frst century this
view is being challenged. Schwarz
uses ecological and environmental
case studies to show how scientifc
experiments can transcend the
laboratory. She explores the historical
development of the concept of
experimentation and argues that it is
time for us to rethink the traditional
Baconian view. The study offers
insights into the epistemological,
metaphysical and ethical implications
of extending the concept of the
experiment, as well as its effect on
the relationship between science and
History and Philosophy of Technoscience: 2
272pp: 234x156: May 2014
HB 978 1 84893 485 6: 60/$99
Error and Uncertainty in
Scientifc Practice
Editors: Marcel Boumans,
Giora Hon and Arthur C Petersen
Assessment of error and uncertainty
is a vital component of both natural
and social science. Empirical research
involves dealing with all kinds of
errors and uncertainties, yet there
is signifcant variance in how such
results are dealt with. Contributors
to this volume present case studies
of research practices across a wide
spectrum of scientifc felds, including
experimental physics, econometrics,
environmental science, climate
science, engineering, measurement
science and statistics. They compare
methodologies and present the
ingredients needed for an overarching
framework applicable to all.
M Bruce Beck, Yakov Ben-Haim,
Alessandro Giordani, Bart Karstens, Luca
Mari, Deborah G Mayo, Leonard A Smith,
Aris Spanos and Kent W Staley
History and Philosophy of Technoscience: 1
272pp: 234x156: 2013
HB 978 1 84893 416 0: 60/$99
History and
Philosophy of
Series Editor: Alfred Nordmann
This series addresses historical and
philosophical issues surrounding
technoscientifc research and explores
the rich and complex interconnection
between science and technology, a
connection that has been moulded by
centuries of engagement with real-
world problems.
Eighteenth-Century Dissent
and Cambridge Platonism
Louise Hickman
Hickman traces the infuence that
seventeenth-century Cambridge
Platonists had on eighteenth-century
radicalism. She shows how Platonist
ideas passed from lesser known
nonconformists through to more
infuential fgures such as Mary
Wollstonecraft. This new perspective
on the development of natural
theology not only challenges the
accepted view of the Enlightenment as
a period of rationalization, liberalism
and increasing secularization, but also
has important implications for current
debates in the philosophy of religion.
Pickering Studies in Philosophy of Religion
c.256pp: 234x156: February 2015
HB 978 1 84893 506 8: 60/$99
Hegel, Love and Forgiveness:
Positive Recognition in German Idealism
Liz Disley
Disley offers a new interpretation
of Hegelian recognition a central
tenet of German Idealism focusing
on positive ethical behaviours, such
as love and forgiveness. Building on
the work of Simone de Beauvoir and
Jean-Paul Sartre, Disley reassesses
Hegels work on the subject/object
dialectic and the previously neglected
theological dimensions of his work.
Her new interpretation offers
an innovative reading of Hegels
stance on the relationship between
intersubjectivity, forgiveness and
repentance in his social theory.
Pickering Studies in Philosophy of Religion
c.256pp: 234x156: December 2014
HB 978 1 84893 520 4: 60/$99
Natural Theology in the
Scientifc Revolution:
Gods Scientists
Katherine Calloway
In the seventeenth century new
scientifc discoveries called into
question established Christian
theology. In the past it has been
claimed that contemporary thinkers
contributed to this confict model by
using the discoveries of the natural
world to prove the existence of God.
Calloway challenges this generalized
view through close examination of fve
key texts from the period.
Pickering Studies in Philosophy of Religion: 2
c.256pp: 234x156: July 2014
HB 978 1 84893 464 1: 60/$99
Ineffability and Religious
Guy Bennett-Hunter
Ineffability that which cannot be
explained in words lies at the heart
of the Christian mystical tradition. It
has also been part of every discussion
of religious experience since the
early twentieth century. Despite this
centrality, ineffability is a concept
that has largely been ignored by
philosophers of religion. This is the
frst book to engage with the concept
of ineffability within contemporary
philosophy of religion and provides
a starting point for further scholarly
remarkable in the width and sympathy
of his approach to the highly various
thinkers whom he invokes to
illuminate it. Mary Midgley
Pickering Studies in Philosophy of Religion: 1
224pp: 234x156: May 2014
HB 978 1 84893 471 9: 60/$99
Knowing Nature in Early
Modern Europe
Editor: David Beck
Today we are used to clear divisions
between science and the arts. But
early modern thinkers had no such
distinctions, with knowledge being a
truly interdisciplinary pursuit. Each
chapter of this collection presents a
case study from a different area of
knowledge, including the acceptance of
the Gregorian calendar, Shakespeares
use of science and magic in The
Tempest, and the use of scripture to
refute Descartes claims in A Discourse
on Method (1637). The book comes
out of an ongoing project, Scientiae,
examining the nexus of Renaissance
Europe and the history and philosophy
of science.
Jakob Bek-Thomsen, Stephen Boyd Davis,
Donald Carlson, Micha Choptiany, James
Dougal Fleming, Angelica Groom, Kevin
Killeen, Stephen Pender, Adam Rzepka,
Lloyd Strickland, Svorad Zavarsk and
Mike A Zuber
Warwick Series in the Humanities
c.256pp: 234x156: January 2015
HB 978 1 84893 518 1: 60/$99
Studies in
Philosophy of
Series Editor: Russell Re
This series embraces new research
that engages with historically and
theologically informed perspectives
and which goes beyond the confnes
of mainstream analytical philosophy
of religion. Books acknowledge
the roles of situation and context,
emphasizing the importance
of understanding the historical
backdrop to issues and debates.
The Biological Foundations
of Action
Derek M Jones
Jones presents an innovative study
into the role of action as distinct
from mere movement in the natural
world. Primitive (non-intentional)
action in humans is discussed as a
form of agency common to many
organisms an area of overlap
neglected in recent scholarship. This
intersectional approach makes an
important contribution to current
philosophical debate on the nature and
origins of agency.
History and Philosophy of Biology
c.256pp: 234x156: July 2016
HB 978 1 84893 534 1: 60/$99
Natural Kinds and
Classifcation in Scientifc
Editor: Catherine Kendig
Natural kinds are an important
topic in current philosophical
debate. Previous work on kinds has
looked at the relationship between
concepts of kinds and the contents
of the world. This edited collection
examines kinds from a new focal
point, that of the empirical activities
and categorizations used by scientists
to defne them. An esteemed group
of contributors explore the nature of
kinds and kinding across chemistry,
physics, engineering, mathematics,
evolutionary biology, neuroscience,
linguistics, and race and gender
Jordi Cat, Hasok Chang, Sally Haslanger,
Joyce Havstad, Sergio Fernando Martinez
Muoz, Bernhard Nickel, Josipa Petrunic,
Samuli Pyhnen, Thomas Reydon,
Quayshawn Spencer, Jacqueline Sullivan,
Michael Wheeler and Rasmus Grnfeldt
History and Philosophy of Biology
c.256pp: 234x156: November 2015
HB 978 1 84893 540 2: 60/$99
Romantic Biology, 18901945
Maurizio Esposito
Organismal biology stemmed not
from the work of Darwin and his
circle, but was inspired by Romantic
natural philosophers, embryologists,
anatomists and physiologists. Esposito
presents a historiography of organicist
and holistic thought through an
examination of the work of leading
biologists from Britain (Haldane,
Thompson, Russell and Woodger)
and America (Ritter, Child, Lillie and
Just). He shows how this work relates
to earlier Romantic thought and sets it
within the wider context of the history
and philosophy of the life sciences.
History and Philosophy of Biology: 1
272pp: 234x156: 2013
HB 978 1 84893 420 7: 60/$99
Latin American Perspectives
on Science and Religion
Editor: Ignacio Silva
Latin America plays an increasingly
important role in the development
of modern Christianity yet it has
been underrepresented in current
scholarship on religion and science.
In this frst book on the subject,
contributors explore the different
ways that religion and science relate
to each other. It will appeal to those
researching theology, divinity,
philosophy, history of science and
Latin American studies.
Oscar Beltrn, Jaime Laurence Bonilla
Morales, Lus Corra Lima, Eduardo
Rodrigues da Cruz, Miguel de Asa,
Juan Francisco Franck, Heslley Machado
Silva, Eduardo Mortimer, Juan Alejandro
Navarrete Cano, Claudia E Vanney, Jess
Galindo Trejo and Hctor Velzquez
International Perspectives on Science, Culture
and Society: 1
208pp: 234x156: May 2014
HB 978 1 84893 499 3: 60/$99
History and
Philosophy of
Series Editors: Dawn M Digrius
and Rasmus Grnfeldt Winther
This series brings together insights
from historians and philosophers
to shed light on signifcant
developments and issues in the life
sciences. It includes all aspects of
the biological sciences as well as
philosophical studies from both the
analytic and continental traditions.
Perspectives on
Science, Culture
and Society
Series Editors: Fern Elsdon-
Baker, Salman Hameed and
Ignacio Silva
This series brings together insights
from historians, philosophers and
social scientists and seeks to build
an understanding of the social
and cultural context of science,
technology, medicine and religion.
Intentionality and Myths of
the Given: Between Pragmatism and
Carl B Sachs
Intentionality is one of the central
problems of modern philosophy.
How can a thought, action or belief
be about something? Sachs draws on
the work of Wilfrid Sellars, C I Lewis
and Maurice Merleau-Ponty to build
a new theory of intentionality that
solves many of the problems faced
by traditional conceptions. In doing
so, he sheds new light on Sellars
infuential arguments concerning the
Myth of the Given and shows how
we can build a productive discourse
between American pragmatism,
analytical philosophy and European
Studies in American Philosophy
c.256pp: 234x156: November 2014
HB 978 1 84893 507 5: 60/$99
Richard Rorty, Liberalism
and Cosmopolitanism
David E McClean
Richard Rorty was one of the
most controversial and infuential
philosophers of the late twentieth
century. Known primarily for his
attacks on truth and the idea that
knowledge is a mirror of nature, his
contribution as a humanist and a great
moralist has been overlooked by recent
scholarship. McClean re-evaluates
Rortys work in the light of his liberal
cosmopolitan outlook, showing how it
can be applied to a range of social and
political issues, including international
terrorism, religious fundamentalism,
neo-liberalism, sexual politics and
business culture.
Studies in American Philosophy
c.256pp: 234x156: December 2014
HB 978 1 84893 489 4: 60/$99
The Globalization of Space:
Foucault and Heterotopia
Editors: Mariangela Palladino and
John Miller
The work of Michel Foucault has been
infuential in the analysis of space in a
variety of disciplines, most notably in
geography and politics. This collection
of essays is the frst to focus on what
Foucault termed heterotopias, spaces
that exhibit multiple layers of meaning
and reveal tensions within society.
Contributors explore the concept of
heterotopia by examining a range of
contested spaces, including foating
asylums, hospitals, nomadic camps,
wind farms and national borders.
Stella Bolaki, Tom Bristow, Iain Chambers,
Fabienne Collignon, Abdulrazak Gurnah,
Diane Morgan, Mauro Pala, Roger Palmer
and Zo Wicomb
c.256pp: 234x156: December 2014
HB 978 1 84893 462 7: 60/$99
Wall Street, Reforming the
An Ethical Perspective
David E McClean
The scandals of recent years have led
to a variety of reforms to fnancial
institutions. But without an industry-
wide commitment to something other
than pure proft, calls for a greater
emphasis on ethics will be largely
ignored. McClean argues that a
collective move towards stewardship is
necessary to restore ethical behaviour
and public confdence. Drawing on
practical examples and offering new
policy recommendations, this unique
philosophical study paints a picture of
what a truly ethical trading culture of
the future might look like.
c.256pp: 234x156: March 2015
HB 978 1 84893 505 1: 60/$99
Why Race and Gender Still
Matter: An Intersectional Approach
Editors: Namita Goswami, Maeve
M ODonovan and Lisa Yount
Intersectionality, the attempt to
bring theories on race, gender,
disability and sexuality together,
has existed for decades as a
theoretical framework. Despite this
it remains almost entirely absent
from contemporary philosophical
thinking. The essays in this volume
explore how intersectionality can be
applied to modern philosophy, as
well as looking at other disciplines
political science, education, law,
art and history where work on
philosophical intersectionalism is
already developing.
Anna Carastathis, Tina Chanter, Kristie
Dotson, Marie Draz, Kathryn T Gines,
Janine Jones, Iveta Jusov, Melissa M
Kozma, Heather Rakes, Jeanine Weekes
Schroer, Jennifer Scuro and Kristin Waters
272pp: 234x156: February 2014
HB 978 1 84893 451 1: 60/$99
Studies in
Series Editors: Willem deVries
and Henry Jackman
America as a nation has had a huge
infuence on the development of
modern philosophy. Yet it also
has its own distinct philosophical
tradition. Frequently associated with
pragmatism, this also encompasses
many other schools of thought. This
series of monographs and essay
collections covers all aspects of
this distinctive national tradition
from both historical and theoretical
Mary Wollstonecraft and
Feminist Republicanism
Lena Halldenius
Halldenius explores Wollstonecrafts
political philosophy, focusing on
her treatment of republicanism and
independence, to propose a new
way of reading her work that of a
feminist republican. Wollstonecrafts
works of fction and non-fction are
analysed and the use of her own
experience of a lack of freedom
(the lot of an eighteenth-century
woman) is examined as a valid line
of philosophical enquiry and not as
others have viewed them as a form
of autobiography.
The Enlightenment World
c.256pp: 234x156: March 2015
HB 978 1 84893 536 5: 60/$99
Representing Humanity in
the Age of Enlightenment
Editors: Alexander Cook,
Ned Curthoys and Shino Konishi
The Enlightenment era saw European
thinkers increasingly concerned with
what it meant to be human. This
collection of essays traces the concept
of humanity through revolutionary
politics, feminist biography,
portraiture, explorer narratives,
libertine and Orientalist fction,
the philosophy of conversation and
Vanessa Agnew, Peter Cryle, John Docker,
Kate Fullagar, Jonathan Lamb, Henry
Martyn Lloyd, Jon Mee, Mary Spongberg,
Nicole Starbuck and Hsu-Ming Teo
The Enlightenment World: 28
256pp: 234x156: 2013
HB 978 1 84893 373 6: 60/$99
The Poetic Enlightenment:
Poetry and Human Science, 16501820
Editors: Tom Jones and
Rowan Boyson
As scholarly disciplines began to
emerge anthropology, linguistics,
psychology the ancient art of
poetry was invoked to create new
ways of defning and expanding this
philosophy of human science.
These essays brilliantly demonstrate
why we need to think much harder
about the resources of poetry as a form
of knowing ... The collection as a whole
will make a signifcant contribution to
our re-enlightenment. Peter de Bolla,
University of Cambridge
Christopher J Berry, Pierre Carboni,
Philip Connell, Nicholas Hudson, Avi
Lifshitz, Christian Maurer, Maureen N
McLane, Catherine Packham, Simon Swift,
Christopher Tilmouth and Stefan Uhlig
The Enlightenment World: 26
224pp: 234x156: 2013
HB 978 1 84893 404 7: 60/$99
Dialogue, Didacticism and
the Genres of Dispute: Literary
Dialogues in the Age of Revolution
Adrian J Wallbank
Focusing on non-canonical British
writers Wallbank examines the
evolution of dialogue as a genre during
the Romantic period. He demonstrates
its infuence in the development of
such innovations as the realist novel,
philosophical perspectivism and the
advent of psychoanalysis.
Wallbanks study offers an important
addition to Romanticism criticism. It
will enrich our understanding of the
cultural landscape of the period through
its careful attention to the textual and
political nuances of a genre whose
important role has too often been
overlooked. Paul Keen, Carleton
The Enlightenment World: 25
304pp: 234x156: 2012
HB 978 1 84893 279 1: 60/$99
Enlightenment and
The English Deists and Reform
Wayne Hudson
The writers known as the English
deists were not simply religious
controversialists, but agents of reform
who contributed to the emergence of
modernity. This title claims that these
writers advocated a failed ideology
which itself declined after 1730. It
argues for an evolution of their ideas
into a more modern form.
an important contribution to our
understanding of not only deism but
also the religious climate of eighteenth-
century England ... essential reading.
English Historical Review
The Enlightenment World: 13
240pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 635 6: 60/$99
Series Editor: Michael T Davis
The richness of the Enlightenment
experience makes it a signifcant
topic for study. Some of the key
themes that this series embraces
include the scientifc revolution;
philosophical origins and progress of
the Enlightenment; high and popular
culture; the political impact of the
Enlightenment; and its comparative
impact in a broad European context.
The Evolution of Sympathy in
the Long Eighteenth Century
Jonathan Lamb
This work represents a concise history
of sympathy in the eighteenth and
early nineteenth centuries, considering
the phenomenon of shared feeling
from fve related angles: charity, the
market, global exploration, theatre,
and torture.
The Enlightenment World: 12
192pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 854 1: 60/$99
Adam Ferguson: Philosophy,
Politics and Society
Editors: Eugene Heath and
Vincenzo Merolle
Contributors examine Fergusons
philosophical, political and
sociological writings and the discourse
which they prompted between
Ferguson and other important fgures.
an admirable job in providing Scottish
Enlightenment scholars with much
valuable material on Fergusons life and
work. Eighteenth-Century Scotland
Christopher J Berry, Bruce Buchan,
Michael Fry, Lisa Hill, Michael Kugler,
Vincenzo Merolle, David Raynor and
Jack Russell Weinstein
The Enlightenment World: 8
256pp: 234x156: 2008
HB 978 1 85196 865 7: 60/$99
The English Deists: Studies in
Early Enlightenment
Wayne Hudson
Hudson interprets the works of an
important group of writers known as
the English deists. He discusses these
writers within the context of the early
Enlightenment, which was multivocal,
plural and in search of self-defnition.
for readers who appreciate meticulous
intellectual histories animated by
complex characters adopting various
personae as circumstances demand, Mr.
Hudsons book will be a pleasure to read
The Scriblerian
The Enlightenment World: 7
224pp: 234x156: 2008
HB 978 1 85196 619 6: 60/$99
Adam Ferguson: History, Progress
and Human Nature
Editors: Eugene Heath and
Vincenzo Merolle
Contains essays that range across all
of Fergusons works to investigate
his engagement with contemporary
events and his contributions to our
understanding of history and human
The essays in this new collection are of a
uniformly high quality, written by some
of the very best contemporary students
of Ferguson. Journal of Scottish
David Allan, Yasuo Amoh, John D Brewer,
Jeng-Guo S Chen, Jane B Fagg, David
Kettler, Iain McDaniel, Annette Meyer,
Fania Oz-Salzberger, David Raynor and
Craig Smith
The Enlightenment World: 4
256pp: 234x156: 2007
HB 978 1 85196 864 0: 60/$99
The Cosmopolitan Ideal in
the Age of Revolution and
Reaction, 17761832
Michael Scrivener
This is the frst scholarly study of
cosmopolitanism to take into account
recent feminist and post-colonial
critiques of the Enlightenment.
offers a complex, frst-person
discussion of European cosmopolitan
views ... examination of lesser-known
authors and venues are valuable ...
recommended CHOICE
The Enlightenment World: 2
288pp: 234x156: 2007
HB 978 1 85196 833 6: 60/$99
Alchemists of Human Nature:
Psychological Utopianism in Gross, Jung,
Reich and Fromm
Petteri Pietikainen
This is the frst book-length study
of Modernist utopias of the mind.
Pietikainen places the utopian
impulse with the historical context
of the large, violent socio-political
narratives of the early twentieth
A fascinating historical analysis ...
extensively researched, well written,
and well documented, this will be a
valuable resource to those interested in
these four men or in utopian societies.
Highly recommended CHOICE
304pp: 234x156: 2007
HB 978 1 85196 923 4: 60/$99
The Enlightenment
World 110
Series Editor: Michael T Davis
Contains: Harlequin Empire:
Race, Ethnicity and the Drama
of the Popular Enlightenment;
The Cosmopolitan Ideal in the
Age of Revolution and Reaction,
17761832; Writing the Empire:
Robert Southey and Romantic
Colonialism; Adam Ferguson:
History, Progress and Human
Nature; Charlotte Smith in British
Romanticism; The Scottish People
and the French Revolution; The
English Deists: Studies in Early
Enlightenment; Adam Ferguson:
Philosophy, Politics and Society;
Rhyming Reason: The Poetry
of Romantic-Era Psychologists;
Liberating Medicine, 17201835
10 Volume Set
2912pp: 234x156: 2010
978 1 84893 123 7: 500/$840
Save 100/$150 on the
individual volume price
Economics and Other
Branches In the Shade of
the Oak Tree: Essays in Honour of
Pascal Bridel
Editors: Franois Allisson and
Roberto Baranzini
This major new essay collection
refects Bridels wide range of interests
and his seminal contributions to
economic theory. It is the work of
more than thirty of the most senior
scholars of economics working
today. This volume will be a standard
reference work for all those working
in the areas of economics, political
sciences, sociology and philosophy.
Amanar Akhabbar, Richard Arena, Roger
E Backhouse, Sandrine Baume, Daniele
Besomi, Giovanni Busino, Jean Cartelier,
Jacques Coenen-Huther, Francesca Dal
Degan, Jean-Pierre Danthine, Michel De
Vroey, Pierre Docks, Nathalie Dongois,
Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira, Biancamaria
Fontana, Jean-Pierre Gaudin, Bruna
Ingrao, David Laidler, Jrme Lallement,
Pierre Livet, Maria Cristina Marcuzzo,
Steven G Medema, Pierre Moor, Fiorenzo
Mornati, Solne Morvant-Roux, Emmanuel
Picavet, Pier Luigi Porta, Jean-Pierre
Potier, Jean-Michel Servet, Francesca Sofa,
Philippe Steiner, Sophie Swaton, Maria
Tortajada, Jan van Daal, Donald Walker
and Amos Witztum
536pp: 234x156: June 2014
HB 978 1 84893 533 4: 210/$375
Free Will and the Human
Sciences in Britain, 18701910
Roger Smith
Smith takes an in-depth look at the
problem of free will through the prism
of different disciplines. Physiology,
psychology, philosophy, evolutionary
theory, ethics, history and sociology all
played a part in the debates that took
place. His subtly nuanced navigation
through these arguments has much
to contribute to our understanding of
Victorian and Edwardian science and
culture, as well as having relevance to
current debates on the role of genes in
determining behaviour.
Science and Culture in the Nineteenth Century: 17
288pp: 234x156: 2013
HB 978 1 84893 359 0: 60/$99
Utilitarianism and the Art
School in Nineteenth-Century
Malcolm Quinn
Quinn explores the ways in which
members of parliament applied
Benthams utilitarian philosophy to
questions of public taste. The study
offers a new reading of utilitarianism
and assesses the extent to which it
presented a viable solution to issues of
cultural policy in nineteenth-century
This is a fascinating, original study. It
penetrates to the radically democratic
core of Benthams aesthetic ideas.
Journal of Bentham Studies
256pp: 234x156: 2012
HB 978 1 84893 298 2: 60/$99
Utilitarian Biopolitics: Bentham,
Foucault and Modern Power
Anne Brunon-Ernst
The works of Foucault and Bentham
have been regularly examined
in isolation and in reference to
Panopticon; or The Inspection House
(1791), yet rarely has the relationship
between the two philosophers been
explored further. This study traces the
full breadth of that relationship within
the felds of sexuality, criminology,
ethics, economics and governance.
224pp: 234x156: 2012
HB 978 1 84893 169 5: 60/$99
Hobbes, the Scriblerians and
the History of Philosophy
Conal Condren
Condren uses Hobbes as an example
to demonstrate that an examination of
the persona is needed to understand a
writers philosophy. He demonstrates
that satire and philosophy were closely
linked, offering a new perspective on
the nature of philosophy during this
Mr Condrens study will interest
philosophers, historians and literary
scholars with its impressive sweep,
detail and theoretical sophistication.
The Scriblerian
240pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 84893 223 4: 60/$99
Hume and the Enlightenment
Editors: Craig Taylor and
Stephen Buckle
There are many books on Humes
philosophy, but few that deal with
his infuence on Enlightenment
thinking and ideas more generally.
The infuences of Humes empiricism
stretch from encouraging the
exploration of sentiment in literature
to being a forerunner to the new
discipline of cognitive science. This
volume of ten original essays aims
to re-examine and clarify Humes
infuence on the thought and values of
the Enlightenment.
Mark Collier, George Couvalis, Karen
Green, Ian Hunt, Dale Jacquette, Robert
Phiddian, Anna Stoklosa, Stanley Tweyman
and Anik Waldow
256pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 84893 084 1: 60/$99
Theory and Practice in the
Eighteenth Century: Writing
Between Philosophy and Literature
Editors: Alexander Dick and
Christina Lupton
This work analyses how the
philosophers of the Enlightenment
viewed their writing; and, how their
institutional positions as teachers and
writers infuenced their understanding
of human consciousness.
timely and much needed
The Scriblerian
Mark Blackwell, Adam Budd, Joseph
Chaves, Eva Dadlez, Alexander Dick,
Maureen Harkin, Nicholas Hudson,
Jonathan Kramnick, Brian Michael Norton,
Adam Potkay, John Richetti, Jonathan
Sadow and Nancy Yousef
336pp: 234x156: 2008
HB 978 1 85196 938 8: 60/$99
The Enlightenment in
America, 17201825
Editor: Jose R Torre
Given the signifcance the new world
held in the minds of Enlightenment
thinkers, it is remarkable that scholars
have not more fully documented the
Enlightenment in America. So far,
the body of work on the American
Enlightenment has focused almost
exclusively on two areas politics
and religion. In contrast, scholars
have paid little attention to the
polyglot efforts of American doctors,
scientists, engineers, botanists, poets
and other Enlightenment actors. The
Enlightenment in America flls this
signifcant gap in the discourse.
a serious contribution to scholarship.
Essential. CHOICE
Winner: CHOICE Outstanding
Academic Title Award, 2009
4 Volume Set
1360pp: 234x156: 2008
978 1 85196 936 4: 350/$625
Mercantilist Theory and
Practice: The History of British
Editor: Lars Magnusson
England is a nation of shopkeepers.
Long before Napolean disdainfully
paraphrased Adam Smith, British
commerce had become a motor for
economic growth and increased state
power. This four-volume facsimile
edition brings together a range of rare
seventeenth- and eighteenth-century
documents about the mercantile
4 Volume Set
1600pp: 234x156: 2008
978 1 85196 927 2: 395/$725
The Manuscripts of Adam
Editor: Vincenzo Merolle
In this authoritative collection,
Fergusons views on disparate
philosophical, anthropological and
historical topics can at last be viewed
in one impressive volume.
a high-quality contribution to
eighteenth century studies that
demonstrates careful scholarship
and a clear affection for its subject
Eighteenth-Century Scotland
The Pickering Masters
460pp: 234x156: 2005
HB 978 1 85196 817 6: 110/$195
A Critical Bibliography of
Adam Smith
General Editor: Keith Tribe
The problem with Adam Smith is not
one of attribution but the re-shaping
of his work by the accompanying
commentary and notes or the effect
of translation and abridgement. This
critical bibliography hopes to bring
order to this process.
the product of extensive scholarly
detective work ... essential reading for
all serious Smith scholars, and it further
deserves to be in the selves of historians
of economics. History of Political
416pp: 234x156: 2002
HB 978 1 85196 741 4: 110/$195
Adam Smith: An Inquiry into
the Nature and Causes of the
Wealth of Nations: Edited by
William Playfair
With an Introduction by William Rees-Mogg
This is the frst opportunity for
modern scholars to have easy access
to the frst edited edition of The
Wealth of Nations. Edited by William
Playfair (the Scottish economist and
inventor of the bar and pie-charts) and
published in 1805, it is the frst and
most important early critical edition
of Smith.
3 Volume Set
1744pp: 234x156: 1995
978 1 85196 342 3: 250/$440
The Reception of Lockes
Politics: From the 1690s to the 1830s
Editor: Mark Goldie
In these volumes can be traced the
manner in which Locke became both
the idol of the Whig Settlement of
1689 and the key to unravel that
settlement in the name of radical
populism: a Locke made safe for Whig
gentlemen, as well as a Locke who, in
Mary Astells words of 1706, prompted
the question, If all men are born free,
how is that all women are born slaves?
Locke is debated across a gamut of
genres: in formal treatises, polemical
pamphlets, newspaper essays, political
sermons, and cheap tracts aimed at
politicizing the masses.
a most valuable collection of texts
that deserves to be in every major
library visited by scholars and students
interested in the political discourses
of the eighteenth-century anglophone
world Enlightenment and Dissent
6 Volume Set
2512pp: 234x156: 1999
978 1 85196 495 6: 495/$875
The Political and
Philosophical Writings of
William Godwin
General Editor: Mark Philp
Contains all the major political,
philosophical and educational
writings of William Godwin, one of the
foremost philosophers of his age.
Mark Philp and the volume editors of
the Political and Philosophical Writings
are to be praised for the scholarly good
sense with which they have ... enforced
a selection which allows wide play to
Godwins talents The Times Literary
The Pickering Masters
7 Volume Set
2632pp: 234x156: 1993
978 1 85196 026 2: 525/$925
Pickering & Chatto is pleased to announce that over 180
major works are now available electronically.
Pickering & Chattos major works are
made up of primary resource documents
or critical editions of rare or unpublished
Scholarly apparatus usually includes
an extensive introduction, volume
introductions, headnotes, endnotes and
an index.
Covers a wide variety of subject
areas, including literature, history,
empire studies, history of science
and medicine, religion, economics,
theatre and American studies
700+ volumes are available
electronically for the frst time
Each title is available as a combined
and searchable fle
Only available through ebrary and EBL
For a full list of titles and sample pages please visit
Tea and the
Tea-Table in
Eighteenth-Century England
of Africa,
Science and Literature
Part I
Te British
Cotton Trade,
Call for proposals
We are very happy to receive proposals for any of the series listed in this catalogue. If you have
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Theology and Philosophy
Series Editors: Craig Bartholomew,
Alan Mittleman and Meena Sharify-Funk
The aim of this series is to promote work at the interface
of theology and philosophy, across all philosophical
traditions and all religions. With a critical focus on the
foundations of both theology and philosophy, it attempts
to foreground and explore their inter-relationship,
showcasing examples of constructive engagement
between the two. It publishes works in philosophical
theology, philosophy of religion, and studies that engage
sacred texts in theological-philosophical dialogue.
Philosophy of
Mathematics and Physics
Series Editors: Elaine Landry and Dean Rickles
Recent years have seen a surge of interest in the philosophy
of mathematics and physics and the way in which these
disciplines intersect. Titles in this series cover a wide range
of exciting and dynamic issues such as category theory,
mathematical proofs, computability, emergence, time
travel, quantum black holes and string theory. Authors
explore new directions in the philosophy of mathematics
and physics, with the aim of presenting clear, concise and
original monographs for an advanced audience.
New series
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