Dearborn, Montana Metis Scrip Claims

Desnomme, Marguerite; for her deceased children; claim no. 474; Norbert, born: 1872 at
Touchood; died: March, 1874; !ouise, born: 1874 at "ift #urrent; died: 1$ %une,
1881; &sidore, born: 187' near Moose %a; died: %ul(, 188$; address: Touchood; father:
)a*ier Desnomme +M,tis-; mother: Marguerite .ouin +M,tis and de/onent-; heir: their
father: )a*ier Desnomme; scri/ cert.: form 0, no. 88 for Norbert; scri/ cert.: form 0, no.
1$ for !ouis; scri/ cert.: form 0. no. 12 for &sodore 2 Desnomm,, Marie; au nom de ses
d,funts enfants; r,clamation no 1414; Marie 3ilda, n,e: en 1877 au4 collines du #(/r5s;
6d,la7de, n,e: en 187$ au 8laine; d,c,d,e en 1812 au Montana (Bassin de Judith-;
r,sidence: Dearborn, Montana; /5re: Thorias 9ocheblanc +M,tis-; m5re: Marie
Desmarais +M,tisse et t,moin d,/osant-; dossier 1''4$:.
Desnomme, Marie; for her deceased children; claim no. 1414; Marie 3ilda, born: 1877 at
#(/ress ;ills; 6delaide, born: 187$ on the 8rairie; died: 1812 at Judith Basin,
Montana; address: Dearborn, Montana; father: Thorias 9ocheblanc +M,tis-; mother:
Marie Desmarais +M,tis and d/onent-; file ref. 1''4$:.
.er*ais, #leo/has; heir to his deceased children: <illiam, born: 187' at =uffalo !a>e;
died: 181: at Medicine ;at; ?ictoire, born: 1878 at =atoche; died: 1882 at Mac!eod;
address: Dearborn, Montana; father: #leo/has .er*ais +M,tis and de/onent-; mother:
!i@a Mc.illis +M,tis-; scri/ cert.: form 0, nos. A24 and A2'; claim no. 1417
Nomme, ?eroniBue; address: Dearborn, Montana; born: 1882; father: <illiam Mc.illis
+M,tis-; mother: &sabelle 8iche +M,tis-; scri/ cert.: form #, no. 1:$; claim no. 14:7.
"ansregret, Cdard; address: Dearborn, Montana; born: 187A at =atoche; father: 8eter
"ansregret +M,tis-; mother: #aroline 8arenteau +M,tis-; scri/ cert.: form #, no. 1$2;
claim no. 14$A.
#om/iled and edited b( !arence =ar>ell
#oordinator of Metis ;eritage and ;istor( 9esearch
!ouis 9iel &nstitute

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