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1. What is the name of your organization?

2. Whom it was named after?
3. When your organization was started?
4. Who took the initiative to start this business?
5. Are you running your business jointly or solely?
6. Do you use information technology in your organization?
#Yes #No
7. What types of information technology you use in your organization?
8. Do you have information system in your organization?
#Yes #No
9. (If yes), Why do you need information system in your organization?
10. Do your information systems satisfy government regulations (like safety, employment & ethical
# Yes # No
11. What is the timing of your information systems flow?
# Real-time processing # batch processing # both.
12. Do your information systems serve the purpose of e-commerce?
# Yes #No
13. What type of e-commerce your organization follows?
# B2B # B2C #P2P # C2B # All
14.Do you face any problem using information systems?
# Yes #No
15. What is the most irritating problem?
16.What is your opinion for new entrepreneurs regarding the use of information system?

1. Name of the organization?
2. Name of owners?
3. Age of the business?
4. Main products of the business?
5. Number of outlet?
6. Do you have any information system?
7. What type of information system you're using?
8. What are the main software you are using?
9. Purposes For which information system is used?
10. Do you have any Website?
11. What are the context and content of your website?
12. Do you have online based marketing?
13. what is your main marketing process?
14. Do you take any decision based on information system?
15. Are you getting any competitive advantage from information
system? 16. What are the main problems of you'r information
17. Are you satisfied with your information system?
name of industry: 1:Bangol leather emporium 2:Apexadelchi
footwear industry 3:Gunuine leather industry 4:RMM leather
industry 5:Capital tannary 6:Chowdhuary leather complex
7:Apex tannary Questionears: 1:Hellow sir,how are u ? 2:what
is your name? 3:what is the name of your leather industry?
4:how many capital you had needed for starrting this leather
industry? 5:how many workers working in your industry? 6:do
you use information technology ? 7:what kinds of information
technology you have to use? 8:how many IT experts you
have? 9:what kinds of benefit you get from IT? 10:are the IT
experts qualified? 11:what is the process of using IT in your
industry? 12:is IT helpfull for your industry? 13:how IT helps
you? 14:is IT increasing your productivity? 15:do you get
quality product by using IT? 16:is IT enough for you???
17:how can you improve your IT system? 18:is IT matching
for your industry? 19:do you any lacking for your IT system?
20:will you improve your ITsystem in future?