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Installing Happiness Installing Happiness Installing Happiness

Do YOU want to be happy? Most people answer yes to this question. It is a common goal that humans attempt to
achieve on a daily basis.
What makes you happy?
Assignment Steps:
Take a look at the following article on Barbara Kruger and view her work.
What type of message does Kruger convey to her audience?
How does Barbara Kruger use typography to convey her message to the audience?
Write concise slogans that convey, remind, or altert a person to happiness
Decide which slogan would be most efective in alerting students to the small pieces of beauty that surround them.
Create a sketch of the slogan using various typography.
Te typeface you choose should refect the inteded message and should be illustrative but not distracting.
Consider the location of the installation and create a 2 point perspective drawing of the slogan in the desired space
or location.
Create each letter out of cardboard and complete with plaster gauze or paper mache.
Paint the phrase with colors appropriate to the message and exhibit.
Once your installation is up, create a plan of how you can gauge reaction.
Figure out a way to answer the following questions:
How did the public react to your installation?
How did diferent age groups within the population react?
What could you have done diferently to get your message across?
Typographic Installation class work rubric
Skills: Demonstrat-
ed efective use of
materials, tools, and

Creativity: Expressed
an individual style using
personal experiences and

Exhibited evidence of
ideas/methods dis-
cussed in class.
Crafsmanship: Creat-
ed a fnished work that
adheres to guidelines
and completed work to
the best of their ability.
To receive a 5, the student must determine what is necessary to go above and beyond expectations.
How well did you use
the materials?
Work shows attention to
detail and proper use of
Work shows high level of
creativity and original thought.
Ideas are clearly illustrated.
Student used all class time
to complete project. Student
provided original input in
class discussions. Student
performed to the best of his/
her ability.
Student set a high standard to
help others and to be respon-
sible for class supplies and
materials. Student displayed
excellent behavior.
Student showed responsibil-
ity for supplies and materials
and displayed good behavior.
Student showed little
responsibility for supplies
and materials and displayed
below average behavior.
Student was unsafe, disrup-
tive and/or showed behavior
which had a negative impact
on the class studio.
Student used some class time
and to complete project. Stu-
dent provided some input in
class discussions. Student put
in a solid amount of efort.
Student used little class time
and to complete project.
Student did not participate in
class discussions.
Student did not use class
time wisely to complete the
Work shows creativity and
original thought. Ideas are
Work shows little creativity
and some original thought.
Ideas are somewhat illustrated.
Work shows no creativity nor
original thought. Ideas are not
clearly illustrated.
Work shows some
attention to detail and/
or inconsistent use of
Work shows little
attention to detail and/
or inconsistent use of
Work shows no attention
to detail and/or improper
use of materials.
Is your work creative
and original?
Efort and
Did you meet your
Studio Partnership:
How well did you
work in your space?