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1. Which statement is correct?

bag permits duplicate element values

2. The Spring MVC framework:
Implements validators as application otlects.
Supports several view technologies, such as JSP, Velocity, 111es, and JSF
Provides a clear separation between the controllers, models, and views.
3. The following figure shows the interaction between the presentation and business layers of
a Web
Not All
4. Spring is a modular framework and has the following features:
Dependency Injection (DI)
5. The following table shows the comparison between Spring and EJB.
The spring framework is a popular . .
EJB does not provide . .
Spring enables you . .
6. What does <generator class=native /> means?
generate primary key
7. what does create this means?
create tables automatically
8. Wath is JSF architecture?
Was developed using mvc . . .
Is driven by java . . .
9. Which statement is correct?
Only the Session that you obtained with sf.getCurrentSession() is flushed and closed
10. Which component of the MVC design pattern represents data that an application persists?
11. The cross-cutting concerns of an application can be modularized into special objects, called
12. The following figure shows how the Spring beans are exposed to the JSF pages.

13. How can get a session object ?
14. Which Spring class allows you to define pointcuts by using regular expressions?

15. Which of the following components of AOP is a point or a location in the application, where
an advice can be plugged in?
16. The features of Hibernate are:
It operates in only non-managed enwonments it can run outside an appIcation server
container and within
17. Which of the following classes of the Hibernate API enables you to add a restriction in a
criteria query?

18. Which of thc following elcmcnts is the parent element of the <aop:after-throwing> clcmcnt
in the Spring configuration file?
19. What does sess.delete() do?
remove from database
20. Which of the following code snippets can be used to set the isolation level as read

Which of the following actions must be taken to make the directory structure valid and
resources accessible?
Move the program JAR file
Move the Header tag file
22. How can you make a property be read from the database but not modthed in anyway?
By using the insert=faIse and update= false attributes.
23. The MVC design pattern is made up of the following components:
24. What is HQL?
HQL stands for Hibernate Query Language
25. Which of the following features of Spring enables you to create separate modules for each
cross-cutting concern?
26. What are POJOs?
POJO stands for plain old Java objects

27. The most important part of Web application development is
Implementation of the business layer

The core module:
Contains the most important component of the Spring framework, the bean factory
Provides the fundamental functionality of the Spring framework.
29. An object in the persistent state can be transformed into the detached state by invoking any
of the class
30. The following figure shows the integration of Spring with Hibernate.

31. A Web application is spread across the following architectural layers:
Relational database layer
Presentation layer
Business layer
32. Using EJB and servlets to implement the business logic for a Web application may lead to
the following :
The code for these applications is dependent on the J2EE container.
Unit testing s difficult for such Web applications because the application code is closely
associated with the J2EE
33. What do you map in the ORM process?
Tables with classes
34. There are core interface are used in just about every Hibernate application Using these
interface, you can store and retrieve persistent objects and control transactions. Select the
interface that you see
Configuration interface
35. The second parameter of the get () method accepts a ____________ reference, which is an
36. Hibernate:
Enables the application to access data from any database.
Provides data persistence.
Is a powerful Object Relation Mapping (ORM) tool.
37. Problem Statement:
You have to develop a Web application for ICHD Bank. Using This application, title customers of
the bank should
Costumer: To store information about the customers of the bank
Account To store information about the existing accounts of the bank
FundTransfer: To store information about the funds that are transferred from one account
to the other
The preceding entities need to work together to achieve the desired goal of the Web
application. For this, you
To develop a Web application for ICHD Bank, you need to perform, the following tasks.
Create a new project
Create the Customer
Create Account class

38. The database layer:
Communicates with the relational database.
Provides data persistence.
39. What does session.evict() method do?
remove the object and its collections from the first level cache
40. The Spring framework:
Takes care of all the Hibernate transactions.
Is placed between the application classes and the ORM tool
Enables you to use its features, such as DI and AOP to configure objects in your