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Job/Career Opportunity

USC McNair Scholars Program, Office of Undergraduate Programs

USC Graduate School, Diversity & Academic Professional Development

Department/Program Website:
Titles: Advisor/Coordinator/Assistant Director
Job Function: Higher Education, Student Affairs, Academic Development, Counseling, Advising, Administration, Project
Management, Diversity Outreach, Graduate School Preparation, Early Research Training, etc.
Description: Student Affairs, Academic Development Programs, Advising, Counseling, Career Development,
Financial Aid/Scholarships, Diversity Outreach, Research Training, Summer Programs, Administrative office
and budgetary support, Website and Marketing work, etc. Assist administrators, advisors, and instructors
with: program planning, event hosting, administrative support, working directly with graduate and
undergraduate students, assisting with supplemental funding for students, website design, student data
management, budget and finances, etc. Work closely with directors, advisors, instructors, and deans. Acquire
intense training, mentoring, and career guidance. This is a unique, leadership and professional development
position for someone interested in student academic services, student affairs, diversity outreach, multifaceted
program planning.
Position Type: graduate students, recent graduates, professionals early in their career
Details: Multiple position available. (1) Full-time, June September (4 months) & (2) Part-time starting June
September. October June, positions contingent upon funding for academic year 2014 -2015 & performance
during summer months.
Salary Level: $20 30 per hour (full-time based on $40-50K annually) & $15 - 25 per hour (part-time 20 35 hours)
Qualifications: Experience with or strong interest in student affairs, academic services, outreach, advising,
counseling, financial aid, summer programs, office support, budget and finance management, website and
marketing related projects, facilitating undergraduate research & graduate school preparation, etc. Must be
responsible, enthusiastic, possess leadership traits, comfortable collaborating, someone that can work
independently and in groups with minimal supervision.
How to apply. Submit cover letter and resume to: Dr. Richard Andalon, Associate Dean/Director,
University of Southern California, at