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PET Practice Exam: Reading
Part 1
Questions 1-5
Look at the text in each question. What does it say? irc!e the correct !etter A" B or C.
The #ur#ose o$ the notice is to:
A he!# #eo#!e use the !i%rary
B in$orm #eo#!e o$ the !i%rary ru!es
C gi&e #eo#!e ad&ice
What does Mandy 'ant (!ice to do?
A to text her immediate!y
B to %uy the tickets $or Tuesday or Wednesday
C to meet her at the ticket o$$ice
A )$ you smoke" you 'i!! ha&e to #ay a $ine.
B *ou can get out o$ your car i$ there aren+t any
anima!s near%y.
C Peo#!e 'ho &io!ate the ru!es can+t stay in the #ark.
A The a##ointment is cance!!ed %ecause the c!inic is
B ,ane can ca!! and get a morning a##ointment on
-th ,une.
C The doctor isn+t 'orking at the c!inic on -th ,une.
What+s the $irst thing (ndrea has to do?
A %uy cris#s and $i..y drinks
B #hone Lisa
C organise her co!!ection o$ /s
A (!exander is se!!ing his %icyc!e %ecause it+s
01 years o!d.
B The %icyc!e 'as damaged in an accident.
C (!exander has a di$$erent %icyc!e no'.
No smoking eating or
!rinking in t"is li#rar$%
Lisa rang. She wants you to bring some crisps
and fizzy drinks to the party on Saturday.
She also wants to know if you can bring some
CDs. Please call her as soon as you can.
Bicycle For Sale
2 10 years old 2 Excellent condition
2 Has never been in an accident
2 Selling because owner bought new bike
Call: Alexander 3458987
Ms 3o!!o'ay"
*our a##ointment $or -th ,une at 4.11 is
cance!!ed. /r 3hore 'on+t %e in the c!inic on
that day. P!ease ca!! the c!inic to make a ne'
a##ointment. 3orry $or the incon&enience.
,ane 3o!!o'ay
/r 3hore+s c!inic
Safari Rules Safari Rules
1. Do not feed or touch the animals.
2. Do not smoke or litter.
. Do not leave your vehicle or o!en the windows.
". Drive slowly # s!eed limit $ km an hour.
%nyone caught breaking these rules
must leave the !ark immediately.
)+m at the ticket o$$ice. No tickets
a&ai!a%!e $or 3aturday night" on!y $or
Tuesday or Wednesday night. Text me
right a'ay. Which do you #re$er?
PET Practice Exam: Reading
Part 2
Questions &-10
The teenagers %e!o' are a!! !ooking $or a summer cam#. 5n the next #age" there are descri#tions o$ eight
summer cam#s $or young #eo#!e. /ecide 'hich summer cam# 'ou!d %e the most suita%!e $or the $o!!o'ing
teenagers. 6or questions &-10" mark the correct !etter 7A-'8.
(!ex is 0-. 9e+s #!anning to study marine %io!ogy at uni&ersity. 9e is &ery
interested in 'ha!es and sea!s. 9e 'ou!d !ike to see these anima!s in their
natura! ha%itats.
Marissa is keen on horses. 3he has a!'ays dreamed o$ !i&ing on a horse $arm.
3he 'ants to !earn more a%out horses.
Next year" Linda 'ants to study cinema at uni&ersity. 3he doesn+t 'ant to %e
an actor or director. 3he 'ants to %e a sound technician.
Nathan !o&es the ocean. 9e en:oys 'ater skiing and di&ing. 9e 'ants to !earn
to sai! a %oat.
Matthe' has %een studying c!assica! #iano since he 'as $i&e. Matthe' !o&es
c!assica! music" %ut he 'ants to !earn more a%out #o#u!ar music.
&hotos' $( )' * Digital +ision
,( -' * Shutterstock( .nc.
10' * & / 0u!iter .mages
PET Practice Exam: Reading
Do you en1oy sea s!orts2 3ome to %dventures on the 3aribbean Summer 3am!. 4earn to surf( scuba dive and sail
a boat. 5et scuba diving certifications ranging from beginner to instructor. 0oin us for an ama6ing three7week
summer cam! on a yacht.
B &%RSE &EA"E#
3ome to Horse Heaven Summer 3am! and discover the uni8ue connection between man and horse. %t Horse
Heaven( our cam!ers don9t only learn to ride a horse( they also learn how to take care of it. 3ome to Horse Heaven
and make friends with a horse.
3alling all classical musicians: 3ome to ;randywine <usic 3am!.
Study music with !rofessional musicians. <eet !eo!le with the same interests. &erform in the cam! orchestra.
3ome and !lay with us at ;randywine.
! &%**()%%! AC$%RS+ CAM
Do you know what actors ;rad <itchell( =iona =ogg and >egina ?aters are doing this summer2 @hey are going to
be working with young actors at the Hollywood %ctors9 3am!. Do you want to be a star2 3ome and 1oin us and
get a chance to work with the !ros.
3ome to Acean %dventure Summer 3am! to learn about seals and whales.
%t our cam! we have got'
B kayaking ex!editions to the seals9 secret caves
B voyages on a whale observation boat
B fascinating lectures from local ex!erts and marine biologists
%nd for fun( there are cam!fires and barbecues on the beach.
Do you want to be a rock star2 3ome to >ock 3am!. ?e9ve got a s!ecial !rogramme for young musicians.
3am!ers can study !iano( drums or keyboard. ?e also have s!ecial classes for singers. 4earn how to read music
or !re!are for an audition. 0oin us at >ock 3am! and learn all about today9s most !o!ular music.
- C%)B%( CAM
Have you ever wanted to be a cowboy2 3ome to 3owboy 3am!.
%t 3owboy 3am!( you9ll learn how to ride a horse and ro!e cattle. ;ut that9s not all. ?e9ll also teach you how to
set u! a cam!site in the wild and cook a delicious meal on a cam!fire.
& F'*M CAM
@ired of sitting in the audience2 Do you want to make your own films2
3ome to =ilm 3am! and learn all about making films. .f you want to be a director( you can direct your own film.
.f you want to be an actor( you will have lots of o!!ortunities to act. %nd for all you techies( there are courses in
camera( lighting and sound. Sign u! today:
PET Practice Exam: Reading
Part 3
Questions 11-20
Look at the sentences %e!o' a%out a ne' ty#e o$ ,a#anese ne's#a#er. Read the text on the next #age
to decide i$ each sentence is correct or incorrect. )$ it is correct" tick 7 8 A. )$ it is not correct" tick 7 8 B.
11 )n ,a#an" most young #eo#!e read the ne's section o$ the ne's#a#er.
12 Manga No 3him%un is a #a#er ne's#a#er.
13 Many #eo#!e read comic %ooks in ,a#an.
14 The stories in Manga No 3him%un ha&e got %ig #ictures and s#eech %u%%!es.
15 The stories in Manga No 3him%un are usua!!y $iction.
1& Many artists he!# to create the Manga No 3him%un ne's#a#er.
1( The Manga No 3him%un 'e%site a!'ays !ooks the same in the morning and at night.
1) Manga No 3him%un is on!y in %!ack and 'hite.
1* The Manga No 3him%un artists a!! dra' the same ty#es o$ #ictures.
20 There might %e an Eng!ish &ersion o$ Manga No 3him%un soon.
PET Practice Exam: Reading
?hat section of the news!a!er do you read first2 Do you start with
the news( entertainment or s!ort section2 Ar maybe( you don9t read
any of these sections at all and 1ust turn to the comics. <any young
!eo!le today aren9t interested in reading about world news or
!olitics. @hey !refer comic books to news!a!ers. .n 0a!an( this is
seen as a !roblem. ;ut an interesting solution has been found #
<anga Co Shimbun # the online news!a!er in comic form.
<anga Co Shimbun( meaning <anga Cews!a!er( uses the manga
comic style to !resent news and current events. % manga is a
!o!ular ty!e of comic book in 0a!an( with large drawings and
s!eech bubbles. Dsually( manga comic books are collections of
adventure( fiction( science fiction or fantasy stories. ;ut in <anga
Co Shimbun( the EstoriesF are serious news articles.
@he <anga Co Shimbun website uses over one hundred manga
artists to !re!are its news!a!er. .t takes about eight hours to
!roduce a two7!age news story and changing news means that
changes are made to the website 10 or 1G times a day. Stories are
!resented in a variety of styles. Some are in colour( others in black
and white. Some have realistic !ictures of !eo!le( !laces and
things( others are more imaginative and fun.
%t the moment( <anga Co Shimbun is only available in 0a!anese(
but there are !lans for international versions in Horean( =rench and
English. So( maybe one day in the future( we9ll all read comics to
find out what9s ha!!ening around the world.
.mages' * Shutterstock( .nc.
PET Practice Exam: Reading
Part 4
Questions 21-25
Read the text %e!o' and the questions on the next #age. 6or each question" mark the correct
!etter A" B" C or +.
) ha&e :ust come %ack $rom an day in Ne' /e!hi" the ca#ita! o$ )ndia. ) sa'
many #!aces in the city and ) took some great #hotos in one o$ the markets.
9ere are some o$ the #hotos ) took;
The most interesting #!ace 'e 'ent to 'as the Nationa! <andhi Museum. ) had
heard the name <andhi %e$ore" %ut ) didn+t kno' much a%out him unti! today.
(t the museum" ) !earned that <andhi 'as a &ery s#ecia! #erson. 9e 'as a sma!!
and quiet man. 9e dressed in sim#!e c!othes and !i&ed in a &ery sim#!e house. 9e
didn+t !ook or %eha&e !ike a great !eader" %ut he changed the history o$ )ndia. The
)ndian #eo#!e !o&ed and admired <andhi so much that they ga&e him the name
=Mahatma>" 'hich means =<reat 3ou!>.
Mahandas ?aramchard <andhi 'as %orn in )ndia in 0-@A. When he 'as 0A" he 'ent
to London to study !a'. Then he mo&ed to 3outh ($rica" 'here he 'orked as a
!a'yer. )n 0A0B" <andhi returned to )ndia. (t the time" )ndia 'as ru!ed %y the Critish
and the Critish o$ten treated the )ndians %ad!y. <andhi %e!ie&ed that his country
shou!d %e $ree" %ut he didn+t %e!ie&e in using &io!ence. 3o he organised #eace$u!
demonstrations against the Critish.
)n the end" <andhi succeeded. The Critish !e$t )ndia and it %ecame an inde#endent
country in 0A4D. 3ad!y" <andhi 'as shot and ki!!ed in 0A4- %y a man 'ho didn+t
agree 'ith his %e!ie$s.
The next time ) ha&e to 'rite a%out a #erson ) admire" ) think )+!! choose <andhi;
*ynn+s Blo. *ynn+s Blo.
Mahatma Gandhi
&hotos' 5irl' * Shutterstock( .nc.
5andhi' * .ngram &ublishing
PET Practice Exam: Reading
21 Why has the 'riter 'ritten this text?
A to descri%e )ndia
B to te!! us a%out <andhi+s !i$e
C to #ersuade #eo#!e to come to Ne' /e!hi
+ to ex#!ain the history o$ )ndia
22 6rom the text" 'e !earn that <andhi:
A gre' u# in 3outh ($rica.
B 'as unkno'n to most )ndians.
C 'as an im#ortant #art o$ the history o$ )ndia.
+ !ooked and acted !ike a #o'er$u! man.
23 (ccording to the 'riter" <andhi 'as gi&en the name Mahatma %ecause:
A the )ndians cared a%out him.
B he had died.
C he agreed 'ith the Critish.
+ he 'as a re!igious man.
24 9o' did Lynn $ee! 'hen she !e$t the museum?
A %ored
B con$used a%out )ndia+s history
C im#ressed %y 'hat she had !earned a%out <andhi
+ sad that <andhi had died a$ter a !ong i!!ness
25 Which o$ the $o!!o'ing statements sums u# <andhi+s %e!ie$s?
A )t is #ossi%!e to $ight E and 'in E 'ithout guns and 'ars.
B )$ you 'ear sim#!e c!othes and !i&e in a sim#!e house" you 'i!! change history.
C *ou shou!d shoot and ki!! #eo#!e 'ho don+t agree 'ith your %e!ie$s.
+ 5n!y use &io!ence i$ #eace$u! demonstrations don+t 'ork.
PET Practice Exam: Reading
Part 5
Questions 2&-35
Read the text and choose the correct 'ord $or each s#ace. 6or each question" mark the correct
!etter A" B" C or +.
0 A 'hen B 'here C 'hy + 'hich
$/e -reen Frui0
@he ;ra6ilians !ut it on their ice cream( the =ili!inos mix it with sugar and milk and the 0a!anese use
it in sushi. 3an you guess I1J ............... food has got so many I23J ............... uses2 .t9s the avocado:
Hundreds of years ago( the %6tec .ndians used the avocado for I27J ............... !ur!oses. Cot only was
it the I28J ............... !art of their diet( I29J ............... they also used the avocado skins and leaves to
make their medicines. .n addition( the %6tecs used the seed of the avocado to make a red dye to colour
their clothing.
@he avocado was first I31J ............... in Euro!e about $00 years ago. S!anish ex!lorer <artKn =ernLde6
de Enciso I1",0 71G2-J I34J ............... this fruit while travelling in 3entral %merica. He liked it and
decided to I32J ............... it back to S!ain.
I33J ............... ( the avocado is grown in South %merica( the DS( %frica( %ustralia and the 3anary
.slands. %ccording to nutritionists( it is one of the I34J ............... fruits because it has !otassium( iron
and vitamins ;( 3 and E. Each avocado has got 2G grams of fat( but it is monounsaturated fat. @his
I35J ............... that it9s good for your health. So the next time you feel like eating something which is
tasty and nutritious( try an avocado.
2& A %eauti$u! B un!ike C di$$erent + another
2( A much B some C any + many
2) A main B c!ear C dee# + unim#ortant
2* A and B or C %ut + since
30 A taught B discussed C sai!ed + introduced
31 A cooked B %ought C dre' + tasted
32 A #!anted B %ring C %rought + eat
33 A Then B Tomorro' C Today + Last
34 A hea!thier B hea!thiest C as hea!thy as + hea!thy
35 A means B te!!s C says + !earns

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